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  1. When I'm searching someone as a cop without cuffing them (pat-down for hard objects) I don't frisk them. I rely on their response in /do when I ask them about hard objects because trust is what makes roleplay beautiful.
  2. Happy Birthday my old pal, have a good one!

    1. Lancelot


      Thank you, mate!


  3. happy birthday dude-ck

  4. happy birthday big boy

  5. A faction company would most likely lose activity and we will reach times when people are not active and all cars run out of fuel. There's also desync and the problem with RS Haul drivers driving like they would be on a racing circuit. If every major crash is roleplayed and cnsidering the tankers can explode, Los Santos will turn into Baghdad.
  6. I voted limited removal because I feel like changing the accuracy of pistols in general will fix the issue. If you want to headshot someone from miles away, it would be impossible. The closer you get, the higher the chance to hit him where you want.
  7. Can't believe I voted no and the percentage is 50/50. Spin it in a /status.
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