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  1. that's why I don't work in the field on direct customer service. It's your own choice to be an admin so yeah. It's no argument to say "WELL DUH SPEND A DAY IN MY BOOTS". no I don't because I know it's shit.
  2. It's about "customer service". If you can reason and articulate, I think most people don't have issues when things don't know as they wanted to.
  3. Joined vG back in 2009. I remember when Nathan_Daniels attempted to sue other servers for stealing his script/RP concept/design or shit like that. I don't know if you guys remember Mabako (ex. vG dev who leaked the script that boomed like quadtrillion other RP servers) but damn he was legendary in MTA community for a while. I think he was even MTA developer at some point.
  4. " More abilities to assassinate someone i.e. from a rooftop and/or distance without being very much heard; " ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ really niche and I think not needed.
  5. If you choose to be illegal immigrant I think you shouldn't be allowed to use bank (or own bank account at least), get any legal job or get any drivers lisense. Interesting opportunities - or maybe difficulties. also inb4 people start using illegal immigrants as hitmen etc. shady stuff
  6. Does anyone remember when Daniels actually sued (or attempted to) some guy for copying his vG script or shit? lmao. around 2009 or 2010
  7. even if you had 100 cctv's, you get robbed when you are offline anyways lmao so +-0 and info you get from cameras is absolutely useless cameras are just giving you a false sense of security in most cases
  8. you can withdraw BTC and get €€ or ££ or $$ or shekels once you buy GC you get nothing except IG stuff lmao this thread is so sad I might just donate 5 bucks to get me a place in virgin heaven
  9. hahhuli

    City change

    wasn't owl in SF for a brieft time in 2014 or 2015 iirc? It moved back to LS pretty shortly after. SF didn't work at all imo
  10. I would say YES if it was like this: - owner has to order gas from external company (/orderpetrol or such) with fixed price and set price per gallon that he sells to gas station customers but absolutely NO if this is like free money machine
  11. Name: Purdo Pore Comment: talking about cringe when you are literally posting memes from 2008 lmao nigga square up
  12. I'm just "self-employing" myself and doing some niche survey-RP. Might post more later.
  13. Name: Jacob Jacobson Comment: I sure hope Vostok company gets FUCKED
  14. name: huutis Comment: lmao, somebody is screwed
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