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    The Pyrite Metal Minds

    Rules Upon associating yourself with The Pyrite Metal Minds on a criminal or interpersonal level you automatically agree to a Character Kill clause. The leadership reserves the right to Character Killing your character for any reason at any time. All ties to the faction should be made In-Character. Don't break the server rules. Screenshot permission is REQUIRED. Faction hoppers are not welcome. If you are not committed to play with us, then don't play at all. During your time in The Pyrite Metal Minds you need to develop your character to the fullest, this is a serious faction. If you intend on shooting and making DM videos, consider joining some other faction.
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    Cartel Del Suroeste

    "Today, Los Zetas are not what they used to be. The fragmentation of the Zetas has been enormous. The Zetas Old School and the Southeast Cartel are now the most important factions of the Zetas. It's hard to identify, due to this severe fragmentation, whether or not some elements of these groups were even part of the original Zetas." "It’s difficult to link them to the personnel of the initial members because most of them are dead or in jail now." - Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera Lazcano Era Lazcano was placed as third in command in Los Zetas and after the famous capture of Rogelio González Pizaña in 2004, he became the commander. Under the leadership of Lazcano, Los Zetas recruited more people into the organization, most of them were former soldiers of the Mexican military. Lazcano instilled "military culture" in his squadron due to his military background. They were professionally trained using real military tactics and later used in criminal activities. This made Los Zetas one of the deadliest Cartels in Mexico alongside with the famous Sinaloa Cartel. Lazcano was famous for his brutality, massive violence and torture methods. "La Paleta" ( The Popsicle ) is torture method that was invented by Lazcano. Victims were tied to objects and stripped naked while getting beaten with a board to death. ( Los Zetas members with tortured victim ) - LiveLeak Los Zetas infighting 2010 - year when Los Zetas started to slowly crumble into pieces. Miguel Treviño Morales was one of the leaders in Los Zetas along with Lazcano himself and Eduardo Manzanares. Miguel had the power and respect to do anything. He used them to get himself the loyalty and respect of many people in Los Zetas and eventually they stopped paying loyalty to Lazcano. The rumors started appearing, about Miguel removing Lazcano from leadership, in mid-2012, when public banners and music videos about betrayal between the two leaders were published. After the death of Lazcano it was confirmed that the leaders kept alliance with each other. Regardless their relationship, Lazcano was killed by Mexican Navy soldiers. However, many think it was inside job made by Miguel. Shortly after, Omar Treviño Morales, one of the main leaders along with Miguel Treviño Morales was arrested in 2015. Due the arrest of Omar, Los Zetas fragmented and got at the weakest point that we see today. Most of the original top brass of Los Zetas either vanished, went to prison or died during the infighting. ( A timeline of the Zetas’ ) Cartel Del Suroeste Eduardo Manzanares - one of few who made out alive during the Los Zetas infights between leaders. Before the Zetas fragmentation, Eduardo was third in command under Lazcano leadership. He took the opportunity, while others were fighting, and settled himself in Los Santos, Paleto Bay with all his contacts and established a new cell of Los Zetas, Cartel Del Suroeste. Eduardo continued his operations in Paleto under new Los Zetas leader, Miguel Treviño Morales for quite a while. After the arrest of Omar Treviño Morales, which caused the famous fragmentation of Zetas, Eduardo pushed Cartel Del Suroeste for independence with the help of his people and succeeded, making Cartel Del Suroeste independent. Today, Eduardo Manzanares is considered one of successor of the notorious Los Zetas leader, Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano. Eduardo managed to keep low profile as he was establishing his organization in the US while the media was focused on the Los Zetas infights and their mass murders. Cartel Del Suroeste is currently running in Los Santos county, Paleto bay. Organization is known for their activity such as extortion, murder for hire, drug and human trafficking, arms dealing. Apart from the activities, Eduardo seeks to continue the culture he lived in and spread it across USA.
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    The Costelli Crime Family

    "When a man assumes leadership, he forfeits the right to mercy." - Gennaro "Jerry" Angiulo Gianfranco Costelli, born in 1888, was a man of honor in Sicily. In 1932, Costelli and most of his extended family immigrated to Chicago. The Costelli clan began extorting businesses across their own neighborhood and other neighborhoods in addition to hosting underground casinos across the city. In 1956, with the rise of Las Vegas as the prime gambling hotspot, Gianfranco decided he wanted in on the action. He sent his nephew Dominick Costelli and a small crew to Las Vegas with a large sum of money in an attempt to get in on the mafia’s action in Vegas. Costelli’s crew was able to buy into the operation of a high profile casino in 1957 after a lot of effort and persuasion, as well as 2.3 million dollars, but by the end of 1957 the gangsters controlling Vegas decided to expel the Costelli clan from Las Vegas. This was done with full knowledge that the small and decidedly powerless Costelli Family would not be able to retaliate. Vincent Botini (left) and three undisclosed associates. Captured by an FBI surveillance team, 1983. The Mafia in Las Vegas was correct that the Costelli Family would not retaliate, but instead, an outraged Gianfranco Costelli ordered Dominick and his crew to move further west and attempt to establish a new and better gambling hotspot. Gianfranco decided to establish his “Baby Vegas” in Los Santos, and in 1962, The Bighorn Casino and Resort opened its doors. As the overseer of The Bighorn Casino, Dominick became a sort of boss in San Andreas. Although he still kicked up to Liberty City, he was allowed to establish a few street crews in the Los Santos area that engaged in extortion, murder for hire, loan sharking, and sale of goods on the black market. Gianfranco Costelli died in 1979 in Chicago, leaving his underboss Vincent Botini in command of the Chicago branch of the family. Dominick Costelli controlled the San Andreas operation until 1985 when he died of a massive stroke. In recent years, Botini’s grandson Thomas controlled the Chicago operation and had placed Stogie in charge of the San Andreas operation, including The Bighorn, in 2008. To this day, The Costelli Crime Family continues to engage in illegal gambling operations, vehicle theft, and black market trading, including narcotics and firearms. About a decade after Stogie had taken control of the San Andreas operation, he had piled up a large amount of debt with the Chicago branch, creating a minor tension between the two. In 2014, Arturo was found dead in his home with 8 gunshot wounds scattered throughout the upper-body and head area. It is assumed that his son has recently taken the reigns of operations and some theories within the family have surfaced that it was he who orchestrated the murder of his own father. By joining this faction you automatically agree to a CK clause. Any questions feel free to contact myself, @AlbanianMafia @Kevin or @Immaculate CC BY Image courtesy of The Courtroom Sketches of Ida Libby Dengrove, University of Virginia Law Library
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    obligatory music Nicklaus Wuttemberg, pictured in early 2016, featured in the Los Santos Times article "Wuttemberg Rally Attacked by Antifa" Nicklaus was born April 20th, 1960 in the Los Santos County, on his family farm in Grapeseed. Nicklaus spent most of his childhood and late teens in a small town called Paleto Bay, where later in life he worked at the lumberyard near Mount Chiliad. Nicklaus depended on his family and his own income to help fund his schooling. Nicklaus obtained a Bachelor in Political Science and in his 30s, a Ph.D. in Medical Science. Eventually, Nicklaus began working as an apprentice at the Goldman Pharmacy, he was employed for less than a year, after Nicklaus caught Mr.Goldman corruptedly selling opioid prescriptions to mobsters, and threatened to expose him if he didn't stop. The mobsters intimidated Nicklaus into staying quiet, and forced him to quit his job. By this time, Nicklaus lost both of his parents, his father to pneumonia and his mother to breast cancer, they were unable to afford treatment and medicine due to being to ill to work, and Nicklaus being unable to find work. During this time, many establishments refused to hire Nicklaus, due to Goldman spreading lies about him, saying he stole from his pharmacy and was a total dunce. Nicklaus decided to sell his family farm, and opened a small furniture business, which became successful up until late 2008, during the Great Recession. Wuttemberg was forced to declare bankruptcy and sold his assets from the company. Between 2008 and 2012, Wuttemberg began doing small investments in blue collar businesses, it was due to his support of lower class and middle class workers, he gained a reputation as a good guy, helping the smaller groups with investments, and very low interest. The main reason for this is that he had a strong belief in the importance of education, and also good work ethic, he invested wisely and only into companies with skilled workers. In late 2014, Wuttemberg became more vocally political, voicing his opinions on economics, social care, anti-immigration, pro-christian, environmental protection, anti-globalization, preserving tradition and so on. 2015 was a heated political year and it is what sparked his passion to become an advocate for his beliefs. Nicklaus formed a new patriotic party known as the Rationalist Homeland Workers Party, which promoted Nicklaus' beliefs. The party amassed many members in its security ranks, primarily veterans of the Iraq War, and people of blue collar trades. Nicklaus threw his hat into the ring, in the 2016 Presidential Elections, this is when he gained the most traction and attention during his political career. Wuttemberg's first rally had an audience of a 162 people, he spoke against large fast food chains and the health effects of eating shitty foods on a daily basis, he promised to shut down these businesses and incentivize healthy foods to help tackle the nation-wide obesity problem. Antifa attacked this rally labelling Wuttemberg as a body shamer and a racist, but his security force managed to defeat the attackers through combat. This rally was held in front of the Cluckin Bell factory farm in Paleto Bay. During this rally, Wuttemberg spoke about the dangers of unhealthy lifestyles, junk food, and promoted physical activity, sports, martial arts, and various sciences. Harold Fitzgerald, ex-County Commissioner (impeached) Sadly, for Nicklaus, he did not gain as much attention, support and traction needed to make it anywhere in his campaign, so after that he stuck to local politics. The RHWP helped many local businesses and held various charity events. Nicklaus eventually got elected into the District Council, as Councilman of District 1 (Paleto Bay). Wuttemberg won against John Hubbard. Within the following year, members of his party began to fill up the other council seats. Much of the current legislation was written by members of the RHWP and Wuttemberg himself, but the corrupted Commissioner Harold Fitzgerald took credit for most of this work, this angered Wuttemberg and his party. Eventually after doing a long under the table investigation against Fitzgerald, Wuttemberg managed to expose and impeach him for embezzling money from the County Government tax credits system by using false identities and taking out loans which he never repaid or would mark as repaid. Fitzgerald fled the country to Israel, where he held citizenship to avoid the embarrassment and harassment by US Media. Fitzgerald stole over a million dollars and was never brought to justice in the US, Israel never extradited him, this happened between July-August of 2019. Nicklaus Wuttemberg, County Commissioner. On August 31st of 2019, Wuttemberg, won the elections again, against John Hubbard, and was elected County Commissionner. Nicklaus Wuttemberg's story now continues as the current County Commissioner. He has vowed to dedicate his life to this position, until the day he dies. Once elected, Wuttemberg resigned from his Councilman position to focus on being the Commissioner, and promptly, one of his own candidates won by default as the Councilman of District 1 as no one else campaigned against the candidate. The RHWP now occupies the entire elected portion of the County Government. This story will be updated on the government screenshots thread, posting pics occasionally of this character's on goings in the government.
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    Ruben Fuentes

    *Video tape* ((NSFW WARNING)) ((I will continue to update this over time, enjoy and give me some feedback))
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    Jordan Olivier

    ( Jordan Olivier, 18 Years Old, 2014 ) ⊰ Before Birth ⊱ Born on the 17th of May 1971 in New Orleans, Louisiana to French Parents, Adria Olivier grew up in the neighborhood of the French Quarter. Growing up around the area, Adria quickly took a liking to the French Quarter which was regarded to be the historic heart of New Orleans. During the 70s, the crime rate in New Orleans was rampant with close to 150 people being murdered each year and the French Quarter being popular for vehicle break ins, with the crime rate rising each year in the 70s, Adria's parents were considering moving to a safer neighborhood and considered leaving New Orleans all together but ultimately decided to stay due to the culture that was present, especially within the French Quarter which had a vibrant nightlife and colorful buildings flooding the streets such as Bourbon street which was and still is home to jazz clubs and various eateries from different cultures. During Adria's teenage years in the 1980s, the culture present around her such as the festival of Mardi Gras would inspire her and would lead to her picking up a hobby of drawing. What started off as simple sketches, turned into colorful drawings of the scenery at Mardi Gras which then eventually turned into graffiti on city walls and the street cars of New Orleans. In 1989, doing well with her studies and education, Adria ended up moving to the state of San Andreas at the age of 18 to pursue art even more as she had got into a college located within Los Santos. ( French Quarter, New Orleans, LA, 1970s) When moving to Los Santos, Adria would live in the neighborhood of Rancho due to the cheap rent but the cheap rent came at a cost, the neighborhood had a large gang presence along with a high crime rate to match. whilst living in Rancho, Adria would start to pick up part time jobs within the various small time businesses that were present in the area whilst also focusing on her studies. During her years of college, she began to familiarize herself with the area and continued her hobby of graffiti by placing it on walls whilst staying cautious so that she wouldn't tag on the wrong street and come into contact with the Latino gangs present but failing to do so, in 1991, at the age of 20 she would end up meeting Luis Cabrera (22 years old at the time), a member of the Hispanic gang running the neighborhood of Rancho. The gang was involved in a range of criminal activities, these being drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, contraband, vehicles trafficking, document forgery along with low level street crimes such as muggings and store hold ups which only low level members partake in to prove that they're ready and capable enough of moving up in the hierarchy. With Adria and Luis falling in love with each other, Luis would do everything to ensure that Adria was kept away from the gang and that she would remain safe and wouldn't be affected by any of the criminal activity taking place around the area. ( Rancho Projects, Southern Rancho) ⊰ Birth of The Brothers ⊱ in 1992, a year after meeting, Adria and Luis would have their first son, Hayden Olivier, who would take the surname of the mother due to the two not being married. Three years later, on the 19th of November 1995, Jordan Olivier would be born at the Central Los Santos Medical Center. The two brothers would grow up and would start to get highly influenced by their father within their teenage years and would start to spend time around the Hispanic gang and would chill with all the younger kids around the area. Due to still being a fairly poor family, their parents wouldn't have the money to buy Hayden and Jordan the newest shoes or nicest clothes so the brothers took it into their own hands. In 2008, with Jordan being 12 and Hayden being 16, the two started their own side hustle inside school, they would acquire full cigarette packs from gang members that they used to spend time with and would then go onto sell the cigarettes to other school kids, this was something that was going well for both brothers and would bring them in some money, this would go on to impress their father Luis and other gang members but their mother was unaware of what the two brothers were doing so they would have to hide the money and would have to pretend that any clothes or shoes they brought, were gifts from the gang. This side hustle of theirs would continue until Hayden got into a fight with another schoolboy over the price of the cigarettes, this is where the school would find out that Hayden had been selling cigarettes within the school and would lead to him being expelled. Hayden would completely give up on education at the age of 17 and would start to get more involved within the gang, due to his father being impressed by how he managed to sell cigarettes in school, he was given the job of selling drugs on street corners around Rancho. Jordan however would continue to sell cigarettes on a smaller scale within the school for another year before completely stopping whilst he was still ahead. Jordan would start to focus on his studies more before also picking up on art just like his mother. During his free time, he would spend time with the gang and would start to head out with members to tag the walls with graffiti, marking the territory. Jordan would start to make sketches of Hispanic culture before placing graffiti of them onto the walls of Rancho and the Los Santos Storm Drain. The sketches and graffiti done by Jordan, especially the Hispanic culture inspired work, would start to catch the eye of Samuel Reyes, the main tattoo artist who would ink all of the gang members in the area. Samuel took Jordan under his wing and started to teach him how to do tattoos, this sparked a passion for Jordan and he would start to ink gang members alongside Samuel, getting better at it one tattoo at a time. The gang members would love the work done and would even come to Jordan for unique designs but no one loved the tattoos more than his own family, his father and brother would come to Jordan to get gang related tattoos done whilst his mother was proud that he was pursuing art and staying out of trouble by not getting involved in the more serious criminal activity carried out the gang, not the same could be said about Luis and Hayden... ⊰ The Downfall⊱ In 2014, with Hayden climbing the ranks of the gang, He, their father and various other gang members set out for a meeting with another criminal organisation to set up more distribution of drugs and other contraband, bringing some product as a sample. This meeting would turn sour however as it would be ambushed by the police which would result in a shootout. Hayden, Luis and a few more gang members would end up getting arrested with Luis getting charged for second degree murder due to killing a police officer during the shootout. They would later on receive additional charges with some members receiving minor drug possession charges and others getting drug trafficking and distribution. Everyone involved would also receive charges for criminal possession of a weapon. With the main source of income gone, Jordan and his mother, Adria could no longer afford to work minimum wage and live in poverty whilst struggling to pay off rent, this resulted in Adria moving with Jordan to Paleto Bay, a small town in Los Santos County. Jordan being 18 at the time, saw this as a fresh start, he would drop all studies and would no longer pursue higher education but would still have one goal in mind. Keeping his passion of tattooing and becoming skilled at it over the years, he planned on opening up his very own tattoo parlor, however in order to do that, Jordan needed money, something his family didn't have so he started to pick up jobs in the businesses located around Paleto Bay, working minimum wage. He would do this for a few years, earning enough to help his mother out and have some left over for himself, but at the age of 23, he knew that he'd never reach his goals of opening his own tattoo parlor by working minimum wage so he went back to his roots of selling contraband, however this wouldn't be as easy as selling cigarettes to schoolkids. Jordan got in contact with and reached out to the younger members of the gang, the kids that he grew up with back in Rancho. He seeked out a favor from them, small quantity of marijuana so that he could start small scale independent distribution of it in Paleto Bay with them acting as the suppliers and getting a small cut out of the sales made. This is where it begins, Jordan's journey to his goals. ( Paleto Bay, Los Santos County, 2019) ( Jordan Olivier, 23 Years Old, 2019 ) ⊰ To Be Continued⊱
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    Alfred Friman

    Alfred Friman pictured in a U.S. newspaper concerning successful entrepreneurs in 2017 Alfred Friman (born January 1st, 1970) is a 49-year-old technology entrepreneur, investor and engineer. He is politically active in the Rationalist Homeland Workers Party, most notably in questions concerning free trade, freedom of expression and natural equality. Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden, on January 1, 1970, Friman moved to the U.S. in 1988, in order to attend the University of Pennsylvania where he studied dual programs and obtained an economics- and physics degree. He complete a Ph.D. in applied physics and material sciences at Stanford University in 1994. He acquired citizenship in 1996. He subsequently pursued an entrepreneurial career where he started a company trying to commercialize the molten salt reactor concept, first established in the 1950s. With relative success, he moved on to other projects with new companies (while still developing the ones he started), such as a highly contraversial stem cell regeneration program abroad in Central America during the Bush Jr. Administration, a more on-the-low quantum computing program for en- and decryption when predicting close to infinite integers for the National Security Agency and Department of Defense and as of lately a lithium-sulphur battery program for the next generation of energy storage. Simultaneously he became politically active in the U.S. and joined the Rationalist Homeland Workers Party, despite his views as a classical liberal, he's sought to influence the party in order to better adhere to a pre-1950 Swedish approach to government, small, that is. Ensuring that the macro-economy would automatically dictate any social security affairs so that the failures of the micro wouldn't harm the low-income citizens, giving free and unhindered to power to the individual for their own innovation and alas the nation's economic growth. Friman prior to a press release of his installment in 2019 In 2016, he befriended Nicklaus Wuttemberg and has since advised on several topics. He became the party's first installed Minister for County Research & Development in 2019, at the same time as his now close-friend Nicklaus Wuttemberg was elected the County Commissioner. Since then, he has resigned as chief technology officer at his previous companies, but remain a majority share-holder.
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    Harold Braun

    Harold Braun was born in August 16, 1965, at Los Santos county, He was raised by beloved parents and he was the only child they had, his childhood was spent in a small town known as Paleto Bay which is located in the southern part of Los Santos. He attended school along with Nicklaus Wuttemberg until he was 14 years old and then his life started to fall apart as his father died in a car accident, inheriting nothing but more responsiblities. That's when Harold started to work in a butcher shop in able to provide himself and his mother, which later on, she lost her battle against cancer. Harold was known to be a very good worker and always had a good attitude towards others, he was also very ambitious and everyone laid high expectations on him, during high school, Harold was an outstanding student. He was also a very intelligent man who never gave up on anything, he always managed to get through any problem or challenge. After graduation at the age of 17, Harold decided to become a computer scientist, of course, money stood in his way which then, he received an offer from Nicklaus Wuttemberg to work in his furniture shop as a sales manager. After saving for a while, Harold was then able to attend university of Los Santos, where he chased his dreams and studied Computer Science. After graduating, Harold was hired by an IT company and worked as a software engineer, gradually ranking up until he was offered a well paid position by Nicklaus wuttemberg. However, it wasn't long before he realized that this was not the right choice for him. He felt emptiness inside himself and decided to take a step back from the job. Being so ambitious, he decided to take a chance on himself as he slowly started to lean towards the political side. In late 2015, Harold Braun was invited to a new patriotic party known as the Rationalist Homeland Workers Party by Nicklaus Wuttemberg and he was given the rank of deputy leader, the party shared the same beliefs that Harold grew up with and it was known for its good reputation, which were made up of people who had been working in the county for years, everyone in the party worked so hard and they all shared the same ideas and values. As in 2016, The party became very known and popular among the people, the first rally that was led by Nicklaus Wuttemberg has witnessed a lot of supporters who share the same values and beliefs the party was offering. The party first focused on health care and education, then it moved to the welfare reform and social security, it is said that the party's main aim was to make sure that every citizen would have a better standard of living and also to ensure that the government would be able to provide them with a better quality of life. This is why the party has been so successful in its efforts to achieve these goals, Harold was totally blown up by the success of the party and that's when Nicklaus Wuttemberg was elected as the County Commissioner, Wuttemberg promptly announced the council elections, which were held in August 2019. Harold had a talk with Nicklaus and they both planned Harold's campaign, at that time, Harold already had popularity in the local area and he wanted to get his message across. In early August, Harold began working on his campaign and it was clear that he needed to make it happen. He had Nicklaus's support as always to help him reach his goal. He also had a plan for how to win the council election by having a strong presence in the community. He knew what the people needed and worked hard to address their issues, mainly focused on the importance of education for all children and how it should be taught in schools, as well as focusing on farmers who are not able to afford their own land and promised them a better future. In late August, Harold has won council elections and became the councilman of district one by default as no one campaigned against him. *This backstory will expand as the character develops, screenshots will be posted in government section as well*
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    The Yankee Mafia

    The Yankee Mafia is a century old organization that is deeply rooted in the Los Santos County, spanning back all the way to the early 1900s. The Yankee Mafia was not always a formally organized group, and it was instead formed through dominance, and survival of the fittest amongst several cliques and groups. All those associated with the Yankees in the early 1900s, their goal was to simply make money. They went by one rule, which was; no snitching on your fellow outlaws. The early years of the Yankees is known as the first chapter, where the group aimlessly operated. The Yankee Mafia consisted of various families and groups of friends who worked on various illegal businesses, mostly disorderly robberies. The Second Chapter of the Yankees was when the Irvine family entered the scene. The Irvines were a farming family, with over twenty members, fourteen of which were fathered by Leroy Irvine, the head of the family. The Irvines were comparable to the Rothschilds on a local level, rather than oil, their profits were in the farming business. The Irvines owned or controlled most major farming companies within the State of San Andreas, at one point they were literally the major exporter of beans within the state. Leroy invested his profits into the bootlegging business, which turned out to be a smart move, as the Irvine family began to amass unprecedented profits. The Irvines became the established leading family of the Yankees, due to their influence and profits. They were good diplomats between the various sub-groups, being able to convince them or intimidate them into aligning themselves with the Irvines. For many years to come, the Yankees bought out politicians, corrupt officials, and businesses to maintain power. Chapter Three consists of the downfall of the Yankees in the late 50s and early 60s, prohibition ended three decades prior which was a massive hit to the Irvine's profits. With the downfall of bootlegging, the Yankees focused on things like cargo theft, drugs and other lucrative businesses. Over time, these businesses became less and less profitable as port security went up and crack downs on drugs became more frequent. Many of these sub groups began to disband, disappear or die out. Without these groups, the Irvines were unable to maintain power for much longer. Profits were seriously dwindling. Chapter Four "The Resurgence". During the 80s, the eldest son of Leroy, Houston Irvine began to take over the family business. He made good attempts to try to revive the Yankees by bringing back the liquor business. Since San Andreas has no liquor tax, it was the genius idea of Houston to export liquor to other states, which began to pick up the profits again. Low priced corn whiskey and beer, sold to other groups from various states in the middle of the ocean. Houston was proud of his sons, and hope to eventually pass on the family business to them, but things would go down an unforeseen route. Business soon became more hostile as profits began to dip once again, and newer groups weren't interested in aligning themselves with an organization that didn't provide arms and drugs on a large scale. Houston was eventually chased off after repeated attempts by the feds to seize his money, he fled the state with all of the Irvine family fortune. The eldest son of Houston Irvine spent a majority of his time in the San Andreas National Guard, never being deployed anywhere and mostly just training. Earl (the eldest), Preston and Stephen are the sons of Houston Irvine, Earl was serving in the local National Guard detachment for training to utilize in the criminal world, Preston was running a failing liquor business alongside Stephen, who was hoping to get into the used car market. When Earl returned when his contract ended with the NG, he was made aware that Pa had left, the feds were on his tail, trying to seize his money. Whatever money Houston got away with, was the little bit he had stashed for a rainy day, the rest got taken by the feds, and so did the family businesses. Luckily, the Irvine sons were not on the federal radar, so they were never a target of law enforcement. With the eldest son being the wisest, Earl decided to band together with his brothers and take over the family business after laying low for a few months. We are now living in Chapter Five of The Yankee Mafia. A group looking to establish as many alliances as possible. The Yankees understand the true importance of cooperation and teamwork, and they will stop at nothing to rebuild what they once had. From shipping ports, liquor, booze, gun and drug sales, protection rackets and drug production, as well as various legal fronts, the Yankees have their eyes set on a massive empire in the Los Santos County. Guns, drugs, vehicles, cargo and the whole nine yards, the Yankees will conquer it all.
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    The Pyrite Metal Minds

    A mock interview conducted by Chad Gates with Dexter Wall, uploaded to youtube and titled "what keeps me going".
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    The world is yours

    Million Dollar Thoughts
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    Paleto Connection

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    Ajahni "Father" Jackson

    Ajahni "Father" Jackson Minor Information: Name: Ajahni Jackson Nick-Name(s): "Father" - "Shooter" Birthdate: August 21st, 1964 Place of Birth: Kingston, "Trench Town" - Jamaica Younger Years: Ajahni Jackson, was born in Kingston, Jamaica to his mother (Serena Jackson) & Father (Emmett Jackson), the family lived withing the poverty slums of Trench Town, Kingston. Ajahni's father worked as a garbage man within the city of Kingston, trying to save to move the Jackson family into a proper apartment. Around eight years old, Ajahni was running around with his friends within the slums, stealing from random shacks, looking for goods to flip for food. Ajahni and his friends continued to run around the slums, till they was around twelve when they was approached by one of the Trench Town Yardies and offer Ajahni and his friends small amounts of Marijuana to sell around the slums. Teenage Years: (Story will be updated soon.)
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    Irvine Industries

    Irvine Industries is a company based in the Los Santos County area of San Andreas. They are the oldest/long lasting farming company in the state, operating since the early 1900s. Historically, the largest exporter and cultivator of beans and whiskey in the state. The modern era of Irvine Industries focuses on vehicle dealerships, fishing, cargo/transport, aviation, security, alcohol production, farming and the restaurant business. The company has been around for over 90 years and continues to grow every day. They have a strong presence in the area and are known for their quality products. Irvine Industries is a family owned business that seeks to deliver products of the utmost highest quality and services at the most affordable prices, with the best customer service. We are committed to providing you with the finest quality products at reasonable prices. If you want to know more about Irvine Industries, or have business inquiries, please email us at [email protected] ((forum PM @DrJoseEviI @TheNeonGuy @MrFocus, PM all three of us. ))
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    Caroline Krieger

    Caroline Krieger during Operation Southern Focus in Iraq, late 2003 Caroline Krieger, (born 1st January, 1977) is a 42-year-old, Deputy Administrator for the County Air Administration. Introduction: Outskirts of Baghdad, 2003: It was a night flight and Caroline was one among four other F-16's providing escort for F-18 and F-14 strike aircraft hitting targets in Iraq. During the mission, the F-16 pilots received a "time-sensitive tasking", part of Operation Southern Focus, to drop bombs on a surface-to-air missile site. It was the first time their squadron had carried bombs during the war. Caroline piloted one of two fighters that went in to drop the bombs while the other two provided escort. Poor visibility forced them to fly at a low altitude. Through night vision goggles, Caroline could see gunfire and tracers on the ground. Immediately after dropping munitions, the pilot leading the formation reported a missile was tracking him. He ditched his fuel tanks to avert a strike. "It was a close call," she would reminisce in 2019. Childhood: The planned daughter of a married Air Force colonel, Caroline, was born and raised in River Falls, Wisconsin, on January 1, 1977. She later became the oldest sibling in 1982 when a her brother was born. The core family did not expand further and was a stable household. Naturally, as the oldest child, Caroline was taught, for example chores, first. Alas the responsibility landed on her alone, rather than her brother, to complete them even after he came of age. Caroline quickly learnt to balance out the impulse to act immature and instead enacted the demanour that of a serious adult. She was instilled that "discipline is freedom" by her father and embraced the philosophy. Through her younger years at school, she was on top of her game, at all times. Maturing quickly, she became an independent soul with her father's work ethic as a foundation. Caroline was popular in school and didn't have issues in connecting with her peers. She was exceptional at hiding her own ego and rarely ompared herself with others. This lead to success overall and particular in sports. She didn't expect to get praised and Caroline managed school with a remarkably silent resolve. Producing good grades without ever bragging to other about it, besides her father. Likeso, she handled her sports team with grace. At this time, she also learnt to be aggressive following minor conflicts and harassment in school. Doubt kills, was one of her father's words of wisdom and Caroline didn't have any time for that. The young individual was set to become an up and comer. Adolescence At the age of fifteen, she moved to Milwaukee to enroll the Aviation Heritage Center, where a program in aeronautics at the Sheboygan County Airport was hosted. The program sought to foster knowledge in science, technology, engineering and math trough the world of aviation. Moving away from her parents reminded her of her independence and reinforced the dogma that discipline is freedom. She flew mostly Cessna 172's with a fligth instructor through the years up until her graduation in 1995. Upon graduating, she immediately moved again, at the age of eighteen, to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Caroline certainly didn't have anything against moving around. What to others might have been uncharted and frightening territory, to her it was a new and thrilling experience. She enrolled in a free four-year college education, paid for by all expenses thanks to Uncle Sam, at the U.S. Air Force Academy, aimed for future commissioned officers. Krieger, 21-years-old, in Colorado Springs, 1997 She entered the Air Force in 1998 as a graduate of the academy with a Bachelor of Science degree. Adult life: Caroline moved for the third time in 2002, only to serve as a T-38 instructor pilot, for barely a year before deploying in 2003 to relieve pilots in Operation Southern Watch, an operation that had been active since the end of the 1991 Gulf War. The mission was to monitor and control the airspace in southern and south-central Iraq. Krieger's first mission pre-flight during Operation Southern Watch, Iraq, early 2003 Military engagements in Southern Watch occurred with regularity. Caroline and other coalition aircraft was routinely being shot at by Iraqi air defense forces utilizing surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) and anti-aircraft artillery (AAA). During her deployment, an intensification was noted as the operation received a fragmentary order, renaming it Southern Focus not surprising as preparations for the 2003 invasion of Iraq was immiment. On one night flight, Caroline was among four F-16's providing escort for F-18 and F-14 strike aircraft hitting targets in Baghdad. During the mission, the F-16 pilots received a "time-sensitive tasking", this was part of Operation Southern Focus, to drop bombs on a surface-to-air missile site. It was the first time their squadron had carried bombs during the war. Caroline piloted one of two fighters that went in to drop the bombs while the other two provided escort. Poor visibility forced the pilots to fly at a low altitude. Through night vision goggles, Caroline could see gunfire and tracers on the ground. Immediately after dropping munitions, the pilot leading the formation reported a missile was tracking him. He ditched his fuel tanks to avert a strike. After her deployment she continued to serve as a T-38 instructor pilot and moved to Wichita Falls, Texas, and later served as the Assistant Flight Commander for Air Force Reserve Command’s 340th Flying Training Group, 80th Flying Training Wing, at Sheppard Air Force Base, TX. She had logged more than 3,100 flight hours as an Air Force pilot, with 400 hours of combat experience in the F16C. Krieger during a pre-flight of a night-flight training mission in 2008 Change of heart: In 2014, at the rank of Major, Caroline suffered a myocardial infarction in her office, with symptoms such as back-, neck- and jawpain, heartburn, lightheadedness and shortness of breath. She survived thanks to early intervention from colleauges but lost her aviation medical certificate, following the check-up, to continue her work as a pilot in the armed forces. Having lost her certificate, she was delegated mostly office work and became mildly depressed throughout the year. But even if she couldn't fly, she still liked the challenge of managing flights and naturally applied to various Airport Manager listings at smaller airports. Armed with a Bachelor of Science, extensive education and experience in both flying and managing operations both in air and on ground it was an easy choice for most employers. With a certificate of release from active duty, she began working at McKenzie Field Airport in Grapeseed, San Andreas, from 2015 to 2017, when she moved on up in the world of work as Deputy Airport Manager for the Los Santos International Airport. As of 2019, she was invited to work for the County Air Administrator, as the Deputy Administrator.
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    Лунное братство (BoTM)

    Лунное братство Russians have been flocking to Brighton Beach since the early 1970's when the Kremlin bowed to Western pressure and allowed jews to emigrate to avoid prosecution. The KGB used this as a tactic to send hundreds of hardcore jewish criminals to the states under fake passports and documents. Not soon after their arrival they gained control over the area of Brighton Beach. The group of well-educated and hardened men took quick advantage of their countrymen. Through a wide connection that involved government officials, businessmen and the men of god, many rackets within the underworld were grasped upon by the small Russian groups that were formed in the timeframe between 1972 and 1992. At this time the Vorovskoy Mir in the United States of America was not reporting to any connections overseas and worked as a network of different groups. This brought down the profits that could have been made at the time and there was a drastic need of change in the Russian criminal underworld that was located in Brighton Beach. Many conflicts between the ethnic clans within the U.S lead to power-struggles between larger groups in Moscow. Vyacheslav Ivankov who was a made thief in the Russian underworld had gained the priviledge to organise similar ethnic groups in the United States of America. Ivankov was arrested in 1982 for posession of illegal firearms, forgery and robbery, sentenced to fourteen years in prison. He was given an early release in 1991, sources say it was due to a high ranking soviet official and from a reccomendation from a judge in the supreme court in Russia. a matter of months, Ivankov was on his way to the US. In 1992 he arrived in the JFK Airport and was on his way to Brighton Beach. Pictured above is Vyacheslav Ivankov with a known businessman in Moscow, he is holding his seventh godson. The FBI believed that Ivankov's aim was to make the smaller criminal groups report to Moscow's leadership and create an international network not just with Brighton Beach but every Eastern-European group in the United States of America. Soon after the talks between made men in the connection, a structure formed and with the collapse of the Soviet Union, made mobsters made their fortune selling the arms that were left over from the arms race between the US and Russia. These events made it possible for the groups to expand their reach all over the world and eventually become the most feared and biggest underworld connection the world has ever seen till this day. Los Santos County has seen a few arrests made in connection to the Tsapok gang in Russia following the Kushchyovskaya massacre in 2010 after a handful of Russian nationals attempted to flee to New Jersey to cover their tracks and not be prosecuted by the other groups in Moscow. This bust is one of the most prominent ones the police department has had in connection to the Eastern-European criminal underworld. Due to the bad international press of the massacre in 2010, the Tsapok gang was denounced by the criminal underworld and made a target by the organization in Moscow. In 2012, Semion Yudkovich Mogilevich saw an opportunity to expand his each in the US and took the outcasts under his wing to operate within the Mogilevich organization. Semion Yudkovich Mogilevich is a Ukrainian-born, Russian organized crime boss, believed by European and United States federal law enforcement agencies to be the "boss of bosses" of most Russian Mafia syndicates in the world. Even though most of the syndicate members are ex-Tsapok's, Mogilevich has great influence over them and the organization in Los Santos County. Men involved in the Kushchyovskaya massacre in 2010, these five men were handed off as trophies to the Russian government by the alliance of the underworld groups. The sub-organ of the Mogilevich organization is now called Лунное братство, there are no official documents released on the organization but it is widely known that the syndicate is involved in extortion, fraud by wire, mail fraud, money laundering, human trafficking, securities fraud, heavy distribution of illegal chemicals and narcotics, fencing. Although the group is still fresh, it is on the right path to make a name for itself in the eastern-european connection. By involving yourself in the faction you agree to be CK'd for any reason, at any time by the leading party of the faction. This faction promotes a very high standard or roleplay, therefore players who are new to roleplay could find it hard to fit in and join. This disclaimer is made to prevent new players losing interest or getting the wrong idea about the underground factions on Owl V.
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    SOMALI THREADS - Custom clothing for sale

    Somali Threads is run by the Gullet and Abdulrahman family. We can be contacted through phone or mail Phone: #820562 Mail: [email protected] ((Pm to @Shabo)) We do requests for between $3000 - $4500. Contact for more info. We only have single units of every piece, unless stated otherwise. Once sold it's only yours. Suit 1 - $3000 Suit 2 - $5000 Casual wear 1 - $1000 Appropriate clothing for women $250 (Unlimited stock) Casual wear 2 - $4000 Casual wear 3 - $2000 Casual wear 4 - $3000 Custom MC Vests - $3000. Custom text and logo, text and style of patches included.
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2002 Vehicle brand: Cadillac Vehicle make: Eagle Coach Kingsley VIN: Mileage: Starting bid: $20,000 Minimum increase: $1000 Buyout: $70,000 Auction end date: August 16, 2019. Contact details: Will be contacted via email. (( Forum PMs )) *IC & OOC comments off.*
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    Greggs Motorsport Park, powered by RSR Corp. Greetings citizens of Los Santos! And welcome to the first ever Banger Racing event hosted in Los Santos where the winner takes ALL! It's winning or losing in this event where only the mad and the lucky will survive. Put your helmets and seatbelts, and rev your engines, because you're in for one hell of a ride! What is Banger Racing? Banger racing is a tarmac, dirt, shale and chalk track type of motorsport event where old scrap vehicles are raced against one another, with the winner being the first to the chequered flag after a set number of laps. Contact to damage an opponent's car is permitted and encouraged within the formula, with cars progressively becoming more damaged throughout the meeting. Races are usually held at an oval or tri-oval circuits that are usually up to 440 yards (400 metres) long, however on some occasions, races are held in a figure of eight configuration. The Track: Date? 25th of August 2019. At 6:00 PM. ((Yes, server time.)) Location? Greggs Motorsport Park, located between the Prison and RS Haul. Regulation for the event? A full face helmet is required for the drivers. Seat belt must be worn. T-Boning and hitting other vehicles on the driver's door area is off-limits. Head-on collisions are not allowed! All vehicles must be going in a counter-clock wise rotation at ALL times! (If pitted, make sure it is safe to turn around before continuing.) All moving windows of the car must be down for the race, or removed. You must pay the participation fee if you're interested in being a driver on the event. You may not ram the opposition into the outside of the side ramps. If you don't move for more than 10 seconds, you have lost. You must stay inside your car at all times unless the officials say otherwise. When the arena gate closes, spectators may not enter the arena area, nor may they leave. Last car standing wins. (There is no lap limit, vehicles must take each other out while going around the track.) Payment of $5,000 by the drivers is obligatory in order to participate, this money goes towards the winner's price, the exceeding money will be donated to the LSFD and LSPD. "Knocked out" drivers may not handbrake their vehicles at any time. ((To prevent the handbrake script abuse, and to also have the vehicles move around if hit. [You may use the spacebar of course])) All participating vehicles must fit within the size box! (You will be required to place your car inside it before entering the track, failure to partake in this will render you disqualified. How can i Participate in this event? Send the participation fee to: https://forms.gle/aw8TPE2ttFMJqx5s6 (Limited to 25 drivers!) At the venue, your name will be called, report to the track officials, and they will tell you when to enter the track and where to stop at the starting line. Spectators may watch at the price of $0! And that's a great price! ((Major crashes such as falling off the track (falling off the ramps) MUST be roleplayed, same for major crashes that give you, or your vehicle major damage.)) Godspeed drivers!
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    Kosher Syndicate

    Indictments Hit Los Santos based Criminals Hard Written by Matthew Rockwell An Empty Throne?
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    "Very well, I shall now pass judgement, do take note of the precedents established in the summary." (( @Restrepo @Zebulon ))
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    Cartel Del Suroeste

    i think its "here we go" p.s good luck gamers
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    Username: N.Carter Comment: Sparta inc would love to sponsor this event please email me how we can help. [email protected] ((forum pm me boi)). Will also bring an ambulance on standby in case too many noggins get bashed.
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    Ezequiel Cavalleria

    This is Ezequiel you're looking at, I'll comment when the story is completed fellas
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    Show yourself!

    Just as edgy as all my characters ingame
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    Date: March 3, 2018 The man behind Sanitatem Therapeutics: Alfred Friman Written by: Kennedy Casio Published by Project Discite Steam-cell therapy: In the late 1990s and early 2000s, there was an initial wave of companies and clinics offering stem cell therapy, while not substantiating health claims or having regulatory approval. By 2012, a second wave of companies and clinics, had emerged, usually located in developing countries where medicine is less regulated and offering stem cell therapies on a medical tourism model. Following the initial discovery of stem cells potential, there has been many who researched this further, but unfortunately few in the United States. Any research in stem cells, regardless of intent, is prohibited in for example Arkansas, Iowa, North and South Dakota; and generally looked down upon. One man, who disregarded the scientific consesus is Alfred Friman, who started Sanitatem Therapeutics in 2012 with the second wave and today boasts a market cap of $28.40 millions as of 2018 and today we sat down with him for an interview in his office in Panama, Central America. *** The interview has been edited to clarify questions & answers. *** For those unfamiliar with stem cell research, what is it? Stem-cell research is the continuous development of various therapy methods, where the use of stem cells, that is an unspecialized cell that can become one or more different types of specialized cells such as blood and or nerve cells, to treat and or prevent a disease or condition. It's seen some major developments since 1999. Out of all the fields in stem-cell research, we at Sanitatem Therapeutics chose to focus solely on mesenchymal stem cells, called MSC's, from umbilical cords. What is Sanitatem Therapeutics? It (Sanitatem Therapeutics) is a biopharmaceutical company, seeking to develop and commercialize new chemical entities, with regenerative potential. Our cellular therapies have been successful in producing to name a few cartilage, heart and liver cells but also heal tissue injury and reverse the effects of immune disorders. Another one of our focus have been to use this technology, by collecting data, to make human health predictions. So far we've been successful in accomplishing both. Who is behind all of this? It's obviously me, a handful of specialists that I've known for quite some time and various other local health care providers down at our office and clinic. We run the research and development section in the same building as our actual clinic. It's proved to work out fine for us. Where are you doing all of this research? We're currently operating out of Panama, Central America, but as of 2018 we've received a FDA fast track designation to treat major depressive disorder in the U.S., but only that and nothing else. Our treatment is meant to act as a ketamine-like antidepressant without its negative central nervous system side-effects. The bulk of our business is still in MSC's and that we will continue to do in Panama up until the federal government allows us inside the U.S. Who typically goes to Panama for this treatment and how? The typical customer is hard to pin-point. We receive customers from all classes, nationalities, gender and age. We're also seeing a great diversity in their health conditions. Usually they take the first and best flight down to Panama and get admitted. It's actually a really uncomplicated business transaction. I know of a couple famous persons in the U.S., actors and the likes who've brought family members for treatment. But also some folk who are at the last stop, in terms of medical interventions and come down to try our treatment alternatives. All in all, we've seen no signficant adverse effects, only variations in improvement. Why aren't you doing this research in the U.S.? Any research is illegal in some states and applied therapies in most. It's illegal for us to conduct expertimental therapies. The only treatment, with stem cells, that is legal in the U.S. is for wound covering thanks to a federal exemption. Regardless of our promising results. I believe, that the national conversation suffered a significant stigmatization, following the President Bush remarks on stem cell research all the way back in 2001. So I assess that this is a stigmatized conversation that we as Americans have been unable to have ever since. We've seen some interest in the conversation but nothing that would change the game. Just this year I've seen the FDA sending warning letters to a laboratoy in San Diego and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission issuing a fine to a health center. We're a business like all others, we're dependent on a net positive to continue, so we try and avoid the slow bureaucracy and lobbyists of the U.S. That's why we're operating out of Panama. Isn't it contraversial to attract U.S. citizens down to Panama for experimental treatment? It depends on how you look at it. Most people are ignorant about stem cell research and believe that it's all about harvesting aborted babies. That the cells are tainted somehow. But that just isn't the case, we collect ours from an umbilical cord with the parents consent and then the cells are multiplied in our laboratory. I wanna be diplomatic, of course, so we don't receive any repecursions here in the U.S. in the future. But this is how I look at it: the FDA is being used by the pharmaceutical companies in what's called chronic capitalism, where companies use the government to either deter or shut down any competition in the market-place. Today, you require an extensive testing, certification and then more testing of any new entity that you produce and that costs. A lot. In average, we're talking about $2.5 billions to get a drug to market. That wasn't an option at all for us (Sanitatem Therapeutics) at that time, nor is it today. And that cost furthermore, is without us ever selling a single product or treatment. So it's an emcumbersome system that effectively deters any new players in the game and alas ensures the monopoly of the already big pharmaceutical companies who've already acquired the funds for these tests. The big pharmaceutical companies are absolutely terrified of cheaper treatment options that cure instead of delay the onset of their problematic health conditions. Billions of dollars would be lost if we started curing people in the U.S., "heal a patient - lose a client". Big pharma is not interested in your overall health, just your pocket book and that's why it is painfully obvious that our federal government agencies no longer represent the people. So ultimately, one could say that it is contraversial, but it really isn't. Already in 2004, U.S. physicians, scientists and entrepreneurs had the opportunity to go down to Panama for this business and some did. We did it relatively lately, in 2012. What does your company offer that other don't? Well, the general concept of operations have been for a long time that, you collect mesenchymal steam cells and transfuse immediately. Any delay would have a reduced function and decreased efficacy in treating diseases. So what we did was that after we collected ours, we just decided to cryopreserve them, sorta like in a Sci-Fi movie, up until the time of transfusion in our patients. It didn't thaw or diminish so that was one of our first big successes. We're a small company and we're not really that special, but we get more customers than we can handle and most that we schedule with fly overnight to see us. Our reputation in terms of success stories proceeds us and so I believe that must mean that we're doing something right. It's just a matter of time before the national conversation back in the U.S. has to be taken like adults. Project Discite, started in 2017, features cutting-edge technologies developed by innovators within NASA, the military, federal laboratories, universities, and commercial companies. The project reports new technologies from NASA and other leading R&D sources worldwide.
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    The Mechanic - Jeremy's story

    (last known photo of Jeremy) 𝓙𝓮𝓻𝓮𝓶𝔂 "𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓜𝓮𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓷𝓲𝓬" 𝓚𝔂𝓹𝓵𝓮 - 𝐵𝒶𝓈𝒾𝒸 𝐼𝓃𝒻𝑜𝓇𝓂𝒶𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃 - Full name: Jeremy Kyple Age: 36 Place of Birth: Stuttgart, Germany. Current Residence: Unknown Facial Features: Bright blue eyes and Blond hair. Physique: Muscular Known Aliases: The Mechanic, Bolt, J. Notes: Swatstika tattoo on his neck right under his collar. Family: Joseph and Sofia (parents) - 𝒥𝑒𝓇𝑒𝓂𝓎'𝓈 𝒞𝒽𝒾𝓁𝒹𝒽𝑜𝑜𝒹 - Jeremy is an only child. He was raised by his father called Joseph. Joseph was a nazi in his blood because of his father that was a SS officer in the second world war. Joseph and Sofia met in Stuttgart, Germany. Sofia died in a car accident on the Autobahn when Jeremy was 7 years old. Joseph and Jeremy moved to Los Santos when he was 9. In these years Joseph is teaching Jeremy all the ins and outs of Nazism. What they believe in. And why it is for the greater good. At this time Joseph works as a mechanic in a small garage in Los Santos. - 𝒥𝑒𝓇𝑒𝓂𝓎'𝓈 𝒯𝑒𝑒𝓃𝒶𝑔𝑒 𝒴𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓈 - Jeremy had trouble in school because of the language barrier. He got bullied for not being able to speak english. Jeremy started practising different kind of fighting techniques. Jeremy starts helping his father at his work as a mechanic. Joseph gets depressed because of the death of his wife Sofia. - 𝒥𝑜𝓈𝑒𝓅𝒽'𝓈 𝒮𝓊𝒾𝒸𝒾𝒹𝑒 - When Jeremy was 20 years old after he came back from work he was looking for his dad as he wasn't able to contact him all day. He entered the bathroom to find Joseph's lifeless body hanging from the ceiling. Jeremy blamed the government and all the "𝒰𝓃𝓉𝑒𝓇𝓂𝑒𝓃𝓈𝒸𝒽𝑒𝓃" as he started to grow hate for them even more. - 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒫𝓇𝑒𝓈𝑒𝓃𝓉 - Jeremy opened his own mechanic shop after working for someone else all his life. Jeremy looked for people of his kind as he found a guy named Andrew. He introduced him to Fortress. The leader of Fortress leaves town because of some issues with rivalry. Andrew aka Matthew Fields gives leadership to Jeremy. Jeremy is the new leader of Fortress. (information can be added at any point)
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    Appreciate a Staff Member!

    First of all muchas gracias to any and all administrative staff for keeping on with the keeping on. Great job so far, YDY. That said, I'd like to especially thank the ones I've had the most contact with: @Vubstersmurf - For being a gem. @EPICxNUTS - For having the patience to deal with my whack RP logs. @QueenC - For being a merciful beast. And big love to the scripters.
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    Username: J.Mello Comment: Buyout
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    https://soundcloud.com/voss-5/maia-kicklighter-x-brooklyn-white-hate ~ACTAVIS ANGEL!!~
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    Cartel Del Suroeste

    Let's go hermano! El Chapo Shit right here holmes!
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    Волчья стая -The Wolf Pack

    "There is a new king in the streets."
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    Forum Premium Perks

    Requesting: Diamond Member - 15000 GCs / "Premium Hub" MTA Account: riley
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    Appreciate a Staff Member!

    @Vubstersmurf - for the quick answers whenever I need them and for liking my doggo pics @QueenC - for always helping out whenever I need it the most. Even when I make 10 reports one after another @CoronaCanadian - just sexy af @EPICxNUTS - for when I steal cars he always comes to open them up @DrJoseEviI - my hitler I love you. Fuck me with your cane
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    hmmm 😋 https://open.spotify.com/track/6Db8IlZ7YY1pfIjJllejyH?si=JjXRkX0ZSl-swTihkHWjmAspan widget
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    The Pyrite Metal Minds

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    The Pyrite Metal Minds

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    Appreciate a Staff Member!

    is okay here is the full version of my discord pic
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    400 Block Black Disciples

    yeah it's great
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    closing my faction for only being inactive for like a year or two? not cool vubstermurf!
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    Faction Team Update - August 2019

    You can't have a discussion via FT public contact, you can't see replys, you can't expound on your points. There is also no obligation for FT to run their ideas though the community before they implement it they just vote on it within their own circle but fuck it lol I won't be going though the circle of 'FT doesn't need help we're perfect', it literally looks like people are begging to help, do you.
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    The Devil's Legion MC

    i cant even make myself a salami sandwich, let alone u 1v1'ing me in league. i feel enough embarrassment in my life mate
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    I agree. A long time ago, which was the reason why myself and many other people were added into FMT, when @Lewis was running the team he had allowed a non-admin application option. Fact of the matter is just because you're not an admin doesn't mean you're not qualified to provide advice or knowledge or implement ideas that can help the server's roleplay. The virtual markets were first created and implemented by 3 guys who weren't even admins but rather just FMT members. I believe the criteria before used to be you only needed an admin rank if you were an illegal/legal supervisor because that work involved spawning items. Being an admin would certainly make you slightly more credible but it shouldn't be necessary. If you have more engaged people on the faction team supporting RP and creating new ideas, then you're going to see a similar turnout in game. Everything I'm mentioning here though is more directed towards what I want to see on GTA 5, as it's of my opinion that the MTA server's playerbase has been dropping too hard to be able to cultivate any worthwhile RP and thus has resulted in lower standards/ slow response times.
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    Rationalist Homeland Workers Party

    The Rationalist Homeland Workers Party **upon visiting the page, the music below would play** Party Leader and County Commissioner: Nicklaus Wuttemberg Meet The Party Leaders: My name is Nicklaus Wuttemberg, I am a resident of Los Santos, just like you. I believe the main duty of every single person in the United States of America is to serve for their country, whether it be in the the army or following the law and paying your taxes, it is essentially the same thing, because you are helping your country, despite what group you are apart of. I am not a tremendous business visionary running an expansive enterprise and I don't own several organizations, instead I am an American citizen who has worked for my wage and am currently reinvesting what I can into my city. Unlike others I am not looking for a position to pick up power or a status, I am looking for a position to represent the people! To achieve a decent society we need a perfect environment for all individuals. Including a solid domain, youth welfare, and flexibility of belief without dread of System oppression or persecution. Party Platform: A fair economy: build the economy from the middle out, stimulate economic activity, and maintain a strong social safety net. Government oversight: civilian empowerment, anti-corruption, transparency, and public investigation into state agencies. Firearms control: the RHWP would aim for a system that empowers ordinary law-abiding citizens to own and purchase a firearm for protection, without excessive red tape from law enforcement. Drug policy: The war on drugs has not been a success. Extremely permissive policies and accepting behavior merely provide criminals a market to operate in. Future changes will occur, including heavy crack downs. Nicklaus Wuttemberg has a extensive education in law enforcement, ethics, business, a degree in philosophy, these are adequate m skills for a perfect leader willing to bring major and much needed improvements to this city. The Spectrum The Rationalist Homeland Workers Party is a mix of right and slightly center ideologies with the basis being true Democracy. In order to show a simplified or easy understanding of where the RHWP is winged, we will provide easy written definitions. Economic and Market Standing The Rationalist Homeland Workers Party, is a right-wing party, as we 100% do advocate for private ownership, and free enterprise but in productive means as well as tradition. The term Supply and Demand is a term that helps express our economic platform, and it refers to "the amount of a commodity, product, or service available and the desire of buyers for it, considered as factors regulating its price". Simplified meaning of what we, the Rationalist Homeland Workers Party support would be "Private ownership, and free enterprise but directed towards the needs of public consumers as well as welfare for those who need it (i.e a demand for agricultural supply or raw materials and providing assistance to those who need it)", however there are modern needs for humans in order to maintain a healthy and successful population such needs can be met through public funding or services provided be by the Government (healthcare, homeless sanctuaries or religious institutions) Government support, unemployment insurance/welfare, yes/no. The RHWP wishes to provide financial support, for individuals who are victims of false employment termination, unable to legally obtain a job (medical disorder or permanent injury) or are unable to financially support their family and children. No man or woman should ever be destitute and ineligible for assistance until they are able to find a source of income via family or work. Those who refuse to contribute to society should not expect anything from us. Social Net & Crime The modern society we are apart of is influenced negatively by "crime culture" and urban trends. We do not believe in and will not impose restrictions against any trending influences (music & arts, brands, ect) , we are concerned about the crimes that happen because of the smallest things that go on. Daily shootings and violence repulsive crime is happening every day and it is affecting our youth, elderly and every other class of citizen we house in our great city. We care deeply for victims of all crime and desire dearly to see eye to eye with the many victims in Los Santos because of the broken or unstable individuals who are driven to commit crimes. Youths are also a majority of the people who are raised in areas burdened with crime or are addicted to hoodlum life style, and we hope to establish the Wuttemberg Youth Program (WYP), a free program that will teach kids life skills and offer a comfortable a place to enjoy instead of hanging around the streets. Values The Rationalist Homeland Workers Party holds a strong passion for democracy as it is what The United States was built upon, many morals and values that help influence people to stay on the right track, and do what is best. We believe in positive mentality, old morals that help people live a productive and happy life style. Tradition We favor old American Tradition, where the provider for their family can work for their honest day's pay and come home to enjoy dinner with their family, and relax. The American Dream may be hard to accomplish, but if we as a whole can help improve society, lower crime rate and create new jobs, people will be able to resort to doing legal work and feel proud of it! Wuttemberg Administration General summary pledges that will be established once elected: - Improve social society through public events -Establish better community relations and more socially approachable discussion sessions (Q&A's and community feedback letters) - Community Events - More Frequently Publicly Addressed Issues - Improve Emergency Medical Services - Fix taxes, based on class of wealth or revise the tax credit/return system. - Welfare for poverty stricken citizens. - Raise the social standards of today. - Science Initiative. HOUSING CRISIS We value saying that we will handle this issue head on and make more homes for the meriting people. We are committed to the construction of new properties over the county, The development of the new properties will create a large number of new employments and thusly businesses of traders and greatly improve local economies. SCIENCE INITIATIVE With great lack of innovation in modern times, under the Wuttemberg Administration, Commissioner Nicklaus Wuttemberg will initiate a immediate science program and division of the County Government. The proposed division will be named "County Ministry of Research & Development" (CMRD), it's core focus will be to help create, innovate and develop mechanical, chemical/medical, energy and health contraptions, products and resources. Funding for the CMRD will be allocated at the demand of the council and it’s Minister. As apart of the science initiative, Commissioner Wuttemberg will propose plans and budgets to construct a Atomic Fission/Nuclear Energy Plant. BUSINESS LOANS & TAX RETURNS The Rationalist Homeland Workers Party will work upon the current business loan system in order to make loans more easy to obtain, and less intimidating because of internal bureaucracy. A long term tax return program will also be incorporated for citizens of our great county. For individual citizens, businesses (large or small), we will provide tax returns on scheduled dates. Taxes are your money, you deserve that money back once it has been rightfully invested. 100% PURE TRANSPARENCY The Rationalist Homeland Workers Party has fought corruption, time and time again. We will not tolerate corruption. Evil trickery and thievery stands no chance against the Wuttemberg Administration. All agencies under the new government will abide by a 100% transparency policy. The only exemptions from these policy are the obvious ones such as on going legal cases/criminal investigations (unless it is a public trial, or falls under the sunshine laws, etc) Major changes under this policy will include - Approved budgets and spending (you must know where your money goes). - Outcome of IA cases of all agencies will be made public. - Council activity (proposed, accepted and rejected legislation) - Direct feedback from the Citizens. EMPLOYMENT & INDUSTRY The Wuttemberg campaign shall be devoted to genuine focus on the condition of business and the industries that provide it inside Los Santos. We realize the issues of crime, violence, and the strain on social administrations can't be tended to without additionally tending to the condition of work inside Los Santos. Compared with other urban communities in different states the opportunities available are essentially not what they ought to be for the thriving of the general population of Los Santos. The Wuttemberg campaign intends to work with both private and public organizations to facilitate the difficulties of working inside Los Santos and additionally give motivating forces to organizations to give sufficient business. We expect to do a full monetary audit and execute vital projects to address the deficits in different financial divisions of Los Santos. Just by empowering the development of a wide assortment of business and industry will a full scope of chance be accessible to the subjects of Los Santos. Employment that can give a safe and significant presence should not be an extravagance or irregularity. The path forward to a more beneficial, quiet, and genial city is by guaranteeing that each subject has an opportunity to excel and apply their abilities and gifts to productive closures. The Family Farm As the foundation of any society, we recognize the supreme importance of a healthy farming community. Accordingly, we demand protection of the family farm by eliminating speculation in land and commodities, and by assuring a stable market and fair prices for the farmer, as well as the consumer. We believe that farming is more than a mere economic proposition, that in fact it represents a way of life vital to the community as a whole, and that its real value lies not only in producing food, but in providing social, and environmental stability while serving as a constant source of spiritual renewal for man in close rapport with nature. Hence, we believe that a farmer's land and the fruits of his labor must remain inviolate and above commercial speculation and exploitation, just as the economic viability of the family farm must be re-established so that significantly larger numbers of our people can once again find a good life upon the land. Energy And Environment It is our goal that the city be totally self-sufficient in energy, and that the types of energy it employs be non-polluting. Towards these ends, we demand a phasing out of all forms of energy which befoul the environment, such as coal and petroleum. To replace them, we demand an immediate and massive program to develop new, CLEAN energy sources and atomic fission energy plants. We believe that all citizens deserve to live in a healthy environment, with clean air, clean water, and clean land. We also believe that the responsible energy needs of our people must be met. At the same time, we do not believe that the environment should be sacrificed for quick profit, cheap economic growth, or an extravagant, materialistic lifestyle, only projects that will be beneficial to all citizens will be honored. We believe in honoring, not despoiling Nature. We firmly believe that with the wonderful resources of the North American continent at its disposal, people genius is fully capable of developing those sources of energy we need - from the sun, the earth, the wind, and the water - without disturbing the natural order. Community Reaching out to and connecting with the community is a important and vital part of any city or town. The people who live in their city must not feel as if they're just robots paying taxes and following the law but should be given the chance to attend public/community gatherings where they can enjoy themselves or discuss concerns they have with fellow members of their community. Fellow citizens are important to me but should also be important to you, because without them there is no social order or system we abide by, such as the one this country was formed by. I plan to dedicate and invest my time and fullest effort into aiding this community, and will stop at nothing to make sure that we see a glorious future. Fighting The Crime We strive to make our districts one of the most safest and economically productive place in the state. In order to combat crime we must crack down on supervision of areas patrolled the least to help detect and deter crime, as well as implement new forces or programs to aid this effort. Crime does not always occur openly and can goes undetected quite frequently. To put an end to any class of crime, as well as white collar crime we must call for more active usage of our constabularies spread through the district. Despite attempts to combat crime, it is only sending officers to their death, day after day. We require a system that will help improve the way crime is tackled as well as the ability to protect officers who do their job. Crime has purged many areas, and it is due to financial failure or neglect. Under leadership of the RHWP, no part of the city shall ever lack any plans to revitalize run down areas will also be put in place. Posters

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