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    Press Release - 12th of August 2018  Hello,  In the following article you are going to be hearing about the current situation Dinoco Ltd is in and how we are going to progress further as a business and involve our local community as much as we can. Dinoco & JGC Last month, Dinoco Limited acquired 100% shares in JGC as part of an aggressive takeover. The takeover took little over a year to fully complete, however with endless work from executives at DInoco as well as multiple investors we were able to takeover our largest competitor with relative ease. Upon reviewing JGC as a whole, we have only decided to keep to following subsidaries under Dinoco's name: JGC Mall (To be rebranded) ClubX REC (Rebranded to Dinoco Exotics) The other subsidaries will be closed immediately, and their assets are to be liquidized. Dinoco Cargo Services Dinoco Cargo Services will absorb JGC Logistics, making it one entity. This makes DCS the only logistics company in the county, however we are preparing our workforce and adjusting prices to deal with potential competitors. Overall out profits have seen a considerable rise, and we've opened more business accounts & loyalty accounts than before. Dinoco Imports Imports have continued to maintain activity over the months. As of recent the imports team have been tasked with taking over and running REC under it's new brand. Bluewater Co. Bluewater Co. is currently working on very interesting and promising projects that should be officiated in the next few weeks. Projects such as The Grand Whale project that Dinoco requested, or the Angel Pine public dock construction, and even the Wildlife Preservations Project in accordance with the CPQL's District 4 supervisor. They are also working on a partnership with LSIA to offer CPL students a unique chance to become a pilot. Company Structure Shareholders: Huw Edwards - 60% Alejandro Vallarino - 15% Valentin Payne - 12.5% Scott Murphy - 12.5% Current employees: Dinoco Limited currently employ sixty-two (62) people across all subsidiaries. Current Subsidiaries: Dinoco Imports Dinoco Exotics Dinoco Cargo Services Well Stacked Pizza Company CityScape Red Rose Funeral Home Agazzi Ice Cream ClubX Mall Bluewater Company. Executives: Chief Executive Officer - Huw Edwards. Asst. Chief Executive Officer - Valentin Payne Chief Operating Officer - Rose Cantarella Chief Marketing Officer - TImothy Moreno & Mario Blackman Business Manager - Kayla Clark & Namira Carter Asst. Manager - Mohammed Khan Statement from our A.CEO: If you have any queries, questions or wish to seek employment within the company you are more than welcome to call our hotline #5500 for further assistance. Regards, Dinoco Ltd. **Comments would be open & unmonitored**
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    PRESS RELEASE Friday, August 10th, 2018. #1, Pershing Square, Los Santos Chief of Police Vincent Bishop, Office of the Chief. Los Santos: Another series of unfortunate events strike the Idlewood area, as the LSPD lose another officer this past week. The LSPD is saddened to say we have lost yet another member of the department to the criminal activity of the area. Police Officer Stefan von Alvensleben was shot and killed within his cruiser on the 6th of August. This is another tragic death following after the Acting Chief Hank Smith was murdered in cold blood only days earlier. Alvensleben was a dedicated officer that sacrificed a lot of his spare time to help the recruitment and training division in training the new recruits. As an officer that dedicates this much to help cadets and recruits improve and better themselves to be what the city deserves - he was a role model that should be looked at with respect. We thank him for all his hard work and we cannot urge the fact that we wish to pay our utmost respect to both Officer Alvensleben and Captain Smith. Their devoted time and experience to the department may only carry on through the people they have taught and the deeds they have done, everyone at the LSPD thank you for your service. A funeral for both Alvensleben and Smith will be held this Sunday the 12th of August. The location will be the Red Rose Cemetary in Vinewood. We wish those of you that want to pay your respects to them both welcome. The time set has yet to be determined, but it will be held in the evening. It is a public event and the following procession has been planned and is in the works of being set up; Closed casket session. Transport convoy. Hostess speech. Gun salute. Speech by the Chief of Police &/or Assistant Chief of Police. Speeches. Casket lowering. We wish you all welcome to this gathering event where we can all pay our respects to the two fallen officers. As mentioned, a more specific time will be announced where we will include invites and necessary information. Stay tuned via your local news and radios. The LSPD will not tolerate the current wave of crime, and as it has been mentioned before we will fight back with all means necessary to make sure the neighbourhoods remain in the control of the public and the city - not these violent individuals and groups. The LSPD is working alongside multiple agencies as well as the District Attorneys Office to actively put in resources and tools to shut down crime and deal with violent individuals in these targeted areas. The LSPD will not stand idle by when situations like this arise, whether it is an officer or a member of the general public that pays the price - we are here to respond and prevent it from happening. We urge the public to work with us and expect more regular patrols and heavier armed units in the areas where this type of crime has seen rise as of late. Warrants for both searches and arrests are being filed on a regular basis against people we believe is a danger to the community. On behalf of the Los Santos Police Department and specifically the Detective Division - which is working incredibly hard to solve and wrap up the investigation to both aforementioned deaths, the LSPD is offering a reward to anyone that wishes to contact us with any information leading to the cases being solved quickly. The LSPD offers a reward of up to $40,000 for information leading to these cases being solved. Please contact the LSPD with any information you think may assist investigators in their work. Anyone with vital or helpful information is urged to contact us through either of the numbers mentioned below during regular hours; Lieutenant Casper Newman - #747104 Detective Sergeant Alexei Valeksandrov - #444579 During non-business hours, it is urged you call #311 to get directed to where best suited. Should you wish to remain anonymous with your tip or information, contact us via the CRIMESTOPPERS link, where any information is kept anonymous. (( Forum PM Shanks. )) Acting Chief Smith's shooting and press release:
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    ***A publication would appear on various sites on the internet*** ***Upon searching the IP and location of the post, it would lead to an Internet Cafe in Los Santos, username: nicholasyeung101***
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    The Infamous Pagan's Biker Gang

    Pagan's Motorcycle Club The Pagans are a 1%er Motorcycle Club that proudly proclaims it's outlaw status. It all started in Prince George's County, Maryland in 1959 and it quickly expanded to other states, including San Andreas. Before the Pagans evolved into an outlaw club in 1965, they were a friendly non-violent club. The club has grown vastly through merging with smaller outlaw clubs. The structure and disciplinary actions of the Pagans are the most harsh and rigid of the four biggest motorcycle clubs. The Pagans have been known for the production and smuggling of numerous drugs and narcotics, methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, and others. The club has also been noted to often take use of smaller affiliated motorcycle clubs or small street drug trafficking organizations. Besides the drugs and narcotics business, the Pagans have also been known for engaging in assault, arson, extortion, weapons trafficking and much more. "99% of the people in this world live by society's rules, obligations and socially accepted behaviour, 1% do not, 1% are outlaws, f*ck the world, this is what we live by, we are the baddest motherf*ckers in the valley and we back that up!" Posted by Daniel Gallows, 14-03-2018, 15:35 P.M
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    Morra Organized Crime Group

    ♫"We are the champions No time for losers"♫
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    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A long time ago Ivan Pavelich, Niko Pavelich and Robert Syanchuck met each other in a bar located in East Los Santos. They started hanging out each other after they've met each other for the first time, they shared their personal information such as phone number where they live and such. Not quite long after they met they started doing illegal activities in Los Santos, Red County, Blueberry, Palomino Creek, Dillimore, Angel pine-... More people started joining their business so they decided to start an illegal group called Bratstvo. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What we do most of the time is assign one of our Narcotics Dealer to sell our Narcotics for an fair price. They do that in Los Santos, Red County, Blueberry, Palomino Creek. Beside that we also sell guns for a nice and fair price aswell we also assign one of our members to sell the firearms for us, we sell those firearms at the same places where we sell Narcotics. Besides the Narcotics and Firearms we also have special Hitmen in our mafia, we will kill people for you who you'd like to get killed for an amount of cash. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We are located in East Los Santos, in our free time we hang there around most of the time or we sell some of our items here. ((By joining the faction the leaders have rights to CK)) ((All credits to @Peixoto))
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    Morra Organized Crime Group

    Shout out to everybody involved in this scene was great RP regardless of the bs. Also show's that there's a lot more Illegal RP going on than we think.
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    ((OTM Rambo)) [00:16] Young nigga took off now we got hella Kilos kick down your door we don't use a key hoe got the game on lock don't need no cheat codes in love with guap I can't love these freak hoes Niggas be snakes so who do I need to expose? stay in my lane, I only fuck with the bros when I hit the scene they be like there he go Opps hit the bloc now they like where he go? ((OTM Harvard)) [00:34] Got the glock call me tough I'm with bronem movin kilos in my trunk I'm the dope man I'm sippin that drank just poured a fo' in that tec got me movin' slow motion that pipe stay right by my side I might blow 'em he talked but he don't want commotion send shots at his head, buss it open rob him for his bread, boy he shoulda be totin' [00:50] they stains, I get rich off of stick ups if this fourty hit you, you wont get it up hollow tips and I fillied the whole clip up let it spit, let it rip till it click up My clip empty don't let Ro' pop up straight to his face now he can't see a doctor actin' funny it'll get yo ass shot up bussin them glocks and duck off from the coppas ((Rambo)) [1:07] Young nigga took off now we got hella Kilos kick down your door we don't use a key hoe got the game on lock don't need no cheat codes in love with the guap I can't love these freak hoes Niggas be snakes so who do I need to expose? stay in my lane, I only fuck with the bros when I hit the scene they be like there he go Opps hit the bloc now they like where he go? ((Rambo)) [1:23] If the laws jam me up I ain't snitchin nigga If the laws jam you up you start bitchin nigga I don't internet beef we leave you missin nigga run up kill him dead leave the witness with 'em wrap that boy up and leave 'em with the fishes you was in school I was in the kitchen scored a pack had to flush it in thirty minutes In the trap I'm like nino with all these chickens ((Rambo)) [1:41] Put a clip in the fifty a young nigga ain't tryna die today but if a young nigga do we gon' find out where yo partna stay it's gon' be a holiday, you gon' find out out we operate send him to the doctors and let them operate I ain't tryna argue, I ain't really got a lot to say I'll let them choppas spray if you ain't tryna cooperate ((OTM Young Von)) [1:58] Pull up on your block and let it blow-I'm on go my young niggas just heard what you got we gon' scope No I don't front lil' homie I stand on ten toes I stay ten toes and its red on my feet Nigga play me with put red on his teeth Rambo took off and it pissed off the streets Hit 600 we got Kilos for cheap Call up the plug put the play on repeat Ro' just hit my line now we on 'em on his head took him off know I don't know them.
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    Morra Organized Crime Group

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    Iron Giants MC

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    Anti-Capitalists in Palomino Creek From the SAAN News Desk ''DON'T FLAUNT YOUR WEALTH'', was the name of a publication by an unknown person that could be seen on several sites. Today on the ninth of August, two houses were completely vandalized in Palomino Creek. Both houses were completely covered with graffiti. The text on the sides of the house said that the rich should leave Palomino or else they will be killed. The person who wrote it made clear that he was anti-capitalist and that the rich weren't welcome in Palomino, even though Palomino is known for their above average income living area. One of the houses had 4 cars parked outside. These cars were almost entirely destroyed. The second house looked like it was the average house that wouldn't deserve to be vandalized. One of the text on that house said that it was justified, since the person owning the house had a super car. The second house had all of its grass removed for some reason. There were also dicks drawn on the houses. Cars demolished, windows cracked, walls painted over with various text, thrash all over the place. The police is currently investigating the cases of vandalism, but we here at SAAN have a few suspects in mind. First of all, since the texts are anti-capitalist, we can assume that the culprits are socialists. They could be members of Antifa that have made their return to San Andreas after a short absence. Another possibility is that the suspects are sympathetic to a terrorist who spread fear in Los Santos in April 2016. The terrorist was convinced that Los Santos was filled with greed and pride, prompting him to detonate explosives at the Idlewood Pizza Stack, killing five people in the process. The final possibility is that the locals of Palomino Creek are banding together to rid it of the rich. A similar case occurred several years ago in Angel Pine, when the locals enforced an "Anti Rice Law". They harassed and assaulted owners of modified vehicles, which is known as "rice" to some. A man was even murdered over his possession of a modified car. The ground is dug up and the house is sprayed with text telling the owner to move out. Want to read the last update? click here. saan.news
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    **Upon roaming towns in Flint County & Red County, you would occasionally come across this poster stuck to a light pole or flyer board** (( for ooc reference ))
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    Iron Giants MC

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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

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    Username: JHTimeTraveler Comment: I am willing to go back in time and force all business owners to register their business at gun point, for a yearly salary of 5 million dollars
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    LST | Two Officers murdered in Idlewood

    Name: OT comment: Lol we have people murdering people, trafficking drugs and you're worried about GTA
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    Iron Giants MC

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    Hello, my name's Colonel and I've been RPing for a couple of years now. I've had this account for a while now because I checked out the server before (thanks to @Poffy) who brought me over from LSRP. Anyways, I checked out the server in-game and I like what I see. The RP is serious here and I like the community vibe. Catch y'all in game.
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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    . . . [2018-08-09 20:05:58] [Output] : [English] Dallevante Knox says: Did I ask you to get in the car? ... [2018-08-09 20:06:04] [Output] : [English] Dallevante Knox says: Get out, nigga, I ain't kidding. ... [2018-08-09 20:08:00] [Output] : [English] Dallevante Knox says: Just get the fuck out. ... [2018-08-09 20:09:30] [Output] : [English] Dallevante Knox says: I'll sort it out. ... [2018-08-09 20:09:35] [Output] : [English] Charlie Dakota says: Can I kill'em? [2018-08-09 20:09:56] [Output] : [English] Charlie Dakota says: I wanna scoop out his eyes with a spoon. [2018-08-09 20:10:10] [Output] : [English] Dallevante Knox says: I'll get him, then you can do whatever you want. ... [2018-08-09 20:10:38] [Output] : [English] Dallevante Knox says: I got a lot of known people around here. [2018-08-09 20:10:48] [Output] : [English] Dallevante Knox says: If you get in troubles, hit me up. [2018-08-09 20:10:53] [Output] : [English] Dallevante Knox says: I can get you strap if you need to. ... [2018-08-09 20:12:10] [Output] : [English] Dallevante Knox says: Alright, move on then. . . . [2018-08-09 20:13:14] [Output] : * Terrance Mackey reaches under his hoodie and grasps onto the grip of his S&W 625 2.5, before drawing it out and cocking the hammer. * [2018-08-09 20:13:21] [Output] : * Dallevante Knox presses on the key to unlock the vehicle. ((2018 Lincoln Navigator Black Label)) * [2018-08-09 20:13:24] [Output] : District IC: You'd hear a series of loud pistol gunshots echoing throughout the vicinity [2018-08-09 20:13:24] [Output] : * Dallevante Knox's head was blown off. * [2018-08-09 20:13:38] [Output] : * Terrance Mackey safes the revolver, then tucks it by his waistline and covers it with the hoodie. * . . .
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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

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    Camilla Monroe v. Emily Carter [08/11]

    SUPERIOR COURT OF SAN ANDREAS Civil Petition Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos Camilla Monroe Versus Emily Carter Subpart 1. Accusation. In the matter of this civil petition, Camilla Monroe on the August 11th, 2018, accuses Emily Carter of: Breach of Contract. Subpart 2. Demands. The plaintiff, Camilla Monroe demands the following: $50,000 to be compensated as a violation of the contract. Lawyer fees ($500/h). Subpart 3. Narrative. On the 5th of August, 2018. Ms.Camilla Monroe placed her property on auction (1067 St. Lawrence Boulevard) as can be instructed in Exhibit 1. Ms.Emily Carter made a first starting bid on the 7th of August which is $150,000, and upon being outbid by another bidder, she made another bid of a sum of $230,000 which was acknowledged by the auctioneer and therefore by the auction regulations, the bid cannot be withdrawn neither can the bidder lower their bid (Exhibit 2). Furthermore, the bidder must have the money or assets available at the time of the bid, and must maintain this throughout the duration of their bid (Exhibit 3). However, after multiple failed attempt in contacting Mr.Carter, she finally responded to Ms.Monroe and stated that she does not possess the required assets or money to purchase the property, therefore violating the binding contract that was made when the auction was created, Mr.Carter bid on, and later acknowledged by Ms.Monroe. It turned out that Ms.Carter neglected the contract and instead decided it would be smart to purchase another property during the duration of her active bid. Subpart 4. Evidence. Exhibit 1. Exhibit 2. Exhibit 3. Exhibit 4. Recorded Phonecall: Subpart 6. Ancillary Information. Defendant Legal Representation: Iveanna Lawrence. Plaintiff Legal Representation: X. Contact Information: Presiding Judge: X. Subpart 7. Declaration. I, Iveanna Lawrence, affirm that the foregoing is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. (( @ThatGuy @Zebulon @EvilScotsman @Urshankov @Alaina @Gameplayer0575 ))


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