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    The Red County Mob

    The Garland Abermurly... ULTIMATE COLLECTION PART 1
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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    "All bark no bite"
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    Yeargan's Fine Burgers

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    Yakuza Yamaguchi-Gumi

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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    "Oink Oink Bang-Bang"
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    Paradise Lounge

    There'll be changes happening so now and then, sorry for any inconviences. About Paradise Lounge We'll keep you up-to-date. Events at Paradise Lounge None yet. Private parties can be arranged at Paradise Lounge! Please, contact our management. How to find Paradise Lounge Work with Paradise Lounge Share a drink with Paradise Lounge Sneak Peak with Paradise Lounge Code of Conduct Copyright © Paradise Lounge. All rights reserved.
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    "Be Cool" Muzyka Bar

    Where To Find Us About Us Share A Drink With Us Events With Us Code of Conduct Work With Us
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    Super busy with school lately, sorry for not doing as much as I should. Still around though if anyone needs to shoot me a PM
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    Los Santos International Airport Negotiations (Commissioner Mosley with Administrator Grace Kingsford of LSIA) On Saturday, the 17th of March, 2018, County Commissioner Keira Mosley, Chief of Staff Donovan O'Sullivan along with Councilmen Peter Bauer met with the administration of Los Santos International Airport to negotiate plans for financing, work regulations and reassigning current representatives. Commissioner Mosley and Sir O'Sullivan, the newly coronated Chief of Staff brought up concerns about new bonafide requirements for hiring civilians, how funding will be directed throughout the branch sensibly and conceivable proposals for new fleet vehicles. LSIA Administration expressed their concerns over their current inventory of strobe lights and having them replaced with newer models with appropriate colors. Councilmen Bauer, along with Commissioner Mosley and Chief of Staff O'Sullivan expressed with great interest to the Los Santos International Airport Administration that they refine their current hiring process in order to help vet out delinquents and potential indolents. With the new year looking well so far, the newly appointed Commissioner Mosley has been living up to her predecessor Thomas Mengele, one of the longest standing and foremost productive, savant Commissioner that Los Santos has ever been graced with having coordinate our fair county. Council Elections of 2018. Sadly, due to the lack of interest with the latest announcement of the council elections, all districts have been uncontested. Councilmen Bauer of District 2 and Bryson Silverman of District 1 have retained their respective seats on the council. Ex-Councilmen Logan Graves has been discharged from his position due to receiving a felonious charge. The elections have been pushed back and put on hold until further notice by Commissioner Mosley. Los Santos County Government Press Release Los Santos County Government Ministry of News Los Santos County Government Publication Committee
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    Bratva Vostoka

    Just wanted to say congratulations and a huge thank you to everyone who has supported the faction in our first month, appreciate ya!
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    Bratva Vostoka

    The first week in Los Santos. I was introduced to new people. Constantly felt like there were eyes on me. US, UK, French and German leaders blame Russia in Spy poisoning. Yeah right.
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    [Vehicles] - Admin /ed (Current one)

    Thought it was like this, oops. Changed for next update.
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    Majestic X8

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    CQS X3

    "There is a time to fight and there is a time to be clever."
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    UPON READING THE FOLLOWING; YOU AGREE THAT YOU WILL NOT USE ANY OF THE VITAL INFORMATION IN-CHARACTER WITHOUT CONSULTING ME FIRST. Cartel de Contreras (CDC) is a formerly successful cartel, consisting of only Mexican ethnicity and recognized as one of the first cartels to control the majority of drug trafficking in some American states. The Montalvo Cartel was an offspring of the Contreras Cartel, who in turn, was an offspring of the notorious Guadalajara Cartel, similar to the powerful cartels. It had great influence throughout the state of New Mexico, and it still has great influence in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Being on the other side of the border, the Villegas Organisation received big shipments of various drugs from the Contreras Cartel and distributed it throughout the state of New Mexico. In return, they would ship back citizen-grade weaponry to fuel the Mexican Drug War back home. Along with the Contreras Cartel's help, the Montalvo Cartel of Los Santos profited heavily from selling drugs and guns. With the help of lieutenants, soldiers, and sicarios like Theodore Callabero, Carlos Estrada, Pablo Iglesias, Hernando Chikira, and Raphael Andrades, the Montalvo Cartel quickly became feared and successful throughout Los Santos although they ultimately caught the eye of the Federal Task Force, and fell inactive. Pablo Iglesias was one of the numerous sicarios sent by the Contreras and despite his fame in Los Santos, he was still well and deeply connected with the Contreras. Having seen a city that's easy to control, it was only a matter of time before Pablo Iglesias expanded the successful Contreras Cartel beyond Jalisco and New Mexico. The daily schedule of the Contreras Cartel included various illegal activities, shadowed by their many legal fronts. These illegal activities consisted of the stereo-typical bulk trafficking of narcotics, human trafficking, arms trafficking, extortion, money laundry, kidnapping, murder and various other vicious crimes. This string of consecutive vicious crimes had been put to a prompt stop after the fall of Benjamin Contreras' reign in 1989 after his conspicuous way of business had been compromised over the phone by the state police of New Mexico. The fall of Benjamin Contreras led to a period of chaos and anarchy within the organization. Eventually replaced by the successor Arturo Mendez whom enforced a more discrete way of doing business. This enforced discretion led to a prolonged reign for Arturo Mendez, merely had been put to a full stop by the apprehension of Eduardo Echevarria, nowadays referred to as Lieutenant Rat. Ten members were revealed to broad daylight, leading to another period of severe chaos and disperse. In an effort to prevent the chaos and disperse, a new head had been appointed under Mendez’s orders, Sebastian Calvillo, also referred as “El Toro” due to his appearance. The Villegas Organisation in Albuquerque, New Mexico was known to be led by a lieutenant of the Contreras Cartel, Roberto Villegas, who formed a large drug smuggling operation between Mexico and the United States with the help of Sebastian Calvillo. At the beginning of 2008, the local DEA office started to build a case against Villegas, keeping him under constant pressure, which led to multiple arrests within the organization due to the missing leadership, causing the smuggling operation to be put to a complete stop. Multiple members were advised to flee to the state of San Andreas by the acting head of operations, Sebastian Calvillo. UPON JOINING; MEMBERS WILL AGREE THAT ANY LEADER OF THE FACTION HAS THE ABILITY TO CK A MEMBER DUE TO ANY IN-CHARACTER REASON IF DEEMED FIT. I forgot to credit: @LikeMike, @DutchLars, @ertidog, @Kevin, @Mirazoka
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    making skins/wraps again

    hey there, hi there, ho there i recently somewhat returned to owl and i felt like making this thread to give me a reason to start making skins again. i do want to let you guys know that i will do these requests at my own pace and do not appreciate ppl that keeps bugging me. i only ask that you keep it simple since I haven't made skins in over 6-8 months. the skins i make is for that person only and i will not be sharing it with other people so you do not have to worry about that. also, don't have high hopes for top quality skins because i do not consider myself good at it. toss me a pm with your ideas. i do not freehand skins because my creativity is as good as a rotten potato.
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    CQS X3

    before u call me trigger happy - this character is wanted for two premeditated murders = two life sentences, so in this case it was either kill that detective or get caught.
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    Majestic X8

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    [Auction Rules] - New Rule

    Rule Discussion Subject: Auction Rules I want to...: New Rule Elaboration: Simply make a rule against all the trollish information in auctions. Too many people have the “fuck” attitude when it comes to auctioning their stuff. Things like “Mileage: Fuck knows”, or “VIN: Wtf???” And also the daft descriptions like “Fast as fuck, don’t like the price then fuck off.” ^^ If you’re going to have someone moderate the auction forum, at least make them moderate it properly and realistically. No actual auction house would allow such details. I personally think it should be a requirement for the plate, VIN and mileage etc should be mandatory. It doesnt exactly mean much in a game such as this, in regards to the mileage as the car’s going to work just like it would usually because there’s no script to trigger fuck ups with the performance and reliability of the vehicle. Issue more auction bans for shit like this. @Tailor
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    [YOUTUBE] CHOP - Step With Me

    Listen to CHOP's new track, Step With Me! Also available on Soundcloud! Listen to CHOP's previous track.. "Only Worry"
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    ** Would open up as an E-mail flyer ** ** Forum PM for more information **
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    [GUIDE] How To Approach Us

    Red County Mob was started back July of 2017. Red County Mob is a organized redneck crime ring that carries out mercenary work, traffics narcotics and weapons while trying to live as far as possible from the long arm of the law. We've been operating over seven months and throughout my time running the faction I have always been asked how to approach us or how to roleplay with us. I'll split this guide up into a few separate sections detailing certain aspects of Red County Mob and its sub-faction (Cliff Town). We tend to hang out at the outskirts of Los Santos or deep in the rural area. Cliff Town (Private community created on the Montgomery Farm) Approaching Cliff Town is perfectly fine if you've made a character to come roleplay with us and want to roleplay around blue collar folk and some wacky types. Cliff Town isn't a spot we designate for illegal roleplay and time after time we've had people come to the front gates of Cliff Town demanding to be sold guns or drugs (if you do this, expect to be told to fuck off or be shot). We take our privacy very seriously and consider Cliff Town a treasure or major achievement for in-character reasons and can not have it compromised at any point. Cliff Town is to help facilitate our passive roleplay, and give off that lawless cowboy town vibe (with a hint of Jonestown Cult vibe). Cliff Town attempts to draw in blue collar and country folk through online advertisements on pornography sites, newspaper ads and posters. Folk come and work for free in exchange they receive free housing and care. Members of Red County Mob are essentially recruited through Cliff Town. The recruits work their way into Red County Mob by showing reliability, dedication and loyalty. Once a Cliff Town recruit has enough trust invested in them by members of the Mob, they are selected to be assigned more mischievous work. The ranks within Red County Mob are merely OOC place holders. The structure of Red County Mob is close to the generic Italian mob structure with capos and soldiers. The ranking in Red County Mob is based off visual perception. You understand who is in charge by the amount of respect they are treated with ICly, how they show leadership and so forth. The Head Honcho and his associates lead the mob, delegating products and operations to be ran and sold. Anywho, you can essentially find us at anytime ingame and finding us in person is the best way to approach us. This thread is still a WIP so I'll make some updates to it soon.
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    Azrael Connection

    "You do mistakes in life, you stand up for it. So is life, is it not?" Extra:
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    Cool way to unlock your classic!

    alright so this is an original idea, dont think anyone's using this steps are eh /animselect > BD_FIRE > wash_up left click, favorite then set as 'carlock' /bind [KEY] ame [your own unique car unlock rp]. /bind [SAME KEY] anim carlock @ZythuM dont tell me you've been using this too cheers
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    The Red County Mob

    The Garland Abermurly... ULTIMATE COLLECTION PART 2
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    Bratva Vostoka

    Life is full of surprises: one day you might drown, other day you might fly
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    Majestic X8

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    Majestic X8

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    CQS X3

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    Liverpool Savages

    Giving some tasks to the outside world
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    [00:13] Better hope I don't catch you, fuck nigga die slow, took my niggas from me so I'm ready for smoke pullin on shit if you think it's a joke, Got that heat on my waist and I'm ready to blow can't tesitfy cause I ain't see a soul vision not clear I don't know where to go I said show me the path, so i hopped on the road. OG stayed solid so I never broke just dropped a track, but I'm coming back harder, I was young a crash dummy, but I'm older and smarter up in the kitchen whippin' dope like a scholar, niggas is snakes like on gucci collars [00:35] young nigga about paper, no one can stop it hand in the pot, get some soft and I rock it got the Mac-11 and it's tucked in my robins niggas hate status cause a young nigga popin' my style too expensive you can not jock it Don't walk in the trap if you niggas ain't shopin'. sell by the zone, bitch I been bout my profit up in the kitchen, my wrist steady lockin' [00:49] my flip doing numbers, my bando go crazy, was born in the 90's sell dope like the 80s hatin' and plottin that shit do not faze me. pull up real easy cause I think you fugazi we light your shit up and that's on bro and he crazy murder block savage throwin' sets like he crazy I'm off of these pills and my mind going brazy
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    Bratva Vostoka

    Old Dogs die hard...
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    Bratva Vostoka

    The way is lit. The path is clear. We require only the strength to follow it
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    CQS X3

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    Rule Discussion Subject: VT Import Limit with cars still on lot I want to...: Remove Elaboration: The limit of how much you can request in your bi-monthly Requisition should not be impacted by vehicles that are still within the show room. If there are eight vehicles imported, and seven are sold, meaning one is left still and not sold by the next in-take, why should it stop you from importing another full eight, why should it limit you to only seven?
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    Majestic X8

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    CQS X3

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    CQS X3

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    Majestic X8

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    Majestic X8

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    The Red County Mob


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