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    FinalWaste Sanitation Co.

    "The final solution in sanitation" Mission The FinalWaste Sanitation Company aims to keep its customers and the general public satisfied with their environment whether it's residential or business. FinalWaste Sanitation and its team-oriented structure will work tirelessly to keep said environments clean and free of pollutants. When it comes to the city's waste, FinalWaste is there to take care of it. Specializations The FinalWaste Sanitation team is fully capable of completing various tasks related to waste management and disposal, including: Transport of commercial/industrial waste/hazardous materials. Disposal of all commercial/industrial waste/hazardous materials via various disposal methods. Removal of graffiti. Water supply/sewage treatment. Recycling/resource recovery. Roles There are various job positions available at FinalWaste: Waste Collector Collects waste materials. May be required to operate a heavy duty vehicle (must be authorized). Loads waste materials into heavy duty vehicles for transport. Operates heavy duty vehicles for transport of waste materials. Disposal Specialist Disposes of given waste materials. Requires knowledge of waste disposal methods. Operates various types of waste disposal equipment/machinery. Equipment Technician Conducts diagnostics/repairs on heavy duty vehicles. Conducts diagnostics/repairs on waste equipment/machinery. Requires knowledge of heavy duty machinery/mechanics. Applying If you're looking to join the FinalWaste Sanitation team, fill out the following application in the given format: Contact Information San Andreas Blvd. | LS Offices [email protected] (( forum PM @Lotto )) Phone: (682) 402
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    New ventures 🤤
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    OwlGaming's MTG Cards

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    Written by: T.Cassidy At approximately 5:00PM on Saturday February 16th 2019, members of the Los Santos Fire Department, Los Santos Police Department, as well as members of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, responded to the area of Pacific Ave, just east of the Bureau of Transportation Services for a report of a vehicle explosion. Upon arrival, firefighters discovered a single vehicle fully involved that had exploded. At this time, it is unknown whether the was anyone inside the vehicle at the time of the incident. A request for a statement at the scene was declined by LSPD. We will update the article when information becomes available ----- Have a Story you wish to share with the Community? Want to be featured by Sparta Media? Email us at: [email protected]
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    The Yokel Mafia

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    Just a heads up if you buy a new interior or your friend does. Ensure an admin checks the interior if theres security equipment there. A lot of the time they haven't been installed properly and then you get messed up when someone breaks in. Better to warn people as I see this happen too many times.
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    Klippan's showroom

    posting more skinmods just because i can
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    open the picture in another tab to zoom in Credits to @Ambidextrous for the picture in the middle
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    213 Hoodlums

    I'm living everyday like a HUSTLE. Another drug to juggle. Another day, Another STRUGGLE.
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    *This Episode would be found on the Team WolfCub Main Page, uploaded on February 14th 2019* Team WolfCub, Harlend Who and SAAN Present The Submissions are open (Link found down below) And the fans are going wild! I suggest signing up if you're interesting in becoming a millionaire! Anyways, this will be the 1st out of 4 revision lists! It won't everything you need to know, But some of the key moments will be here! It will help you during the show! Here is our list of our Top 10 picks for WolfCub's Whackiest moments!: We decided to not include The Young Kill, because that deserves it's own list! Number 10 Porn Star Not known to many, WolfCub was actually a porn star at one point! How crazy is that? But it only lands at the top 10 spot due to it's mere existence as it's just bizarre. Number 9 Music Sensation WolfCub isn't just a talented artist, filmmaker or actor, he is also A Rap Legend! His most popular song ''Money N' Bitches'' broke records across the board! It has a rather deep message and it even broke some listeners into tears. Number 8 YouTube Drama The heat was real as WolfCub confronted one of his biggest rivals in town! The Dreaded Yaysian! The video got rather heated between the two, though WolfCub emerged victorious! Number 7 Mengele Vs Ramerov Being only the second video WolfCub ever uploaded, it was incredible what it achieved at the time! It featured two political rivals mid campaign confronting each other but it also had a shocking twist, where a man ROBS Mengele! Number 6 Extra Dip Another episode featuring some political moments, this episode took the city by storm! The comment sections went wild! The style was also different for this episode and at the time, it was the most polished episode to date! Number 5 Ricers Not only was this the episode that first featured WolfCub's co-host Jess, but it had a unique take on the Ricer community. It didn't include any recent news as WolfCub tried to stray away from such things as there were many other news outlets that already covered them. It was geared more towards entertainment and education than anything. Doing this episode wasn't easy though! Many ricers threatened to beat WolfCub up, if this episode were to air! In the end nothing bad happened and the episode was somewhat successful. Number 4 The Hillary Clinton of LS Standing as the last piece of content WolfCub made in his MS Paint style, it brings together all of it's strengths, to make a memorable piece of entertainment! It talks about a ''greedy and powerhungry'' woman in Los Santos as well as comments on some key issues present in the city's society. Number 3 Where it all began This is truly where it all began! WolfCub's first video uploaded onto YouTube. Though it was somewhat controversial as it was uploaded during a heated political race, it got a lot of people invested into the personality of WolfCub, including a rival. Number 2 WolfCub needs a girlfriend It was the second piece of content of it's kind that WolfCub created in his MS Paint revolution and for a long time stood as the most popular piece of WolfCub media. It mainly tries to point out the issues with Los Santos' social norms in hopes of getting WolfCub laid. Number 1 Revolution All though the follow up to CITY HALL MASSACRE was popular in it's own right, this piece of WolfCub Content Is by far the most popular one. The content focuses on a larger scale riot featuring extreme violence between Antifa and Racial Purists. Not only did it set a high bar for the episodes to come with it's style, but it was also the first episode recorded in the old studio! The content brought new in new fans and the new ones also seemed to be happy with the direction. Being probably the longest episode of TWCN, it can stand tall as the most successful piece of WolfCub media to date! What did you think of our list? Did we miss anything? Let us know down below! Be sure to Drop a Like! *Comments would be ENABLED* *SUBMISSION FORM*
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    515 Washington Block Piru

    From JibZ24's snapchat story
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    213 Hoodlums

    I can be mean as fuck. Sweet as CANDY. Cold as WATER. Evil as HELL. Or loyal like a SOLDIER. It all depends on you.
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    The Rustavi Network

    The more , the better , the richer.
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    OwlGaming's MTG Cards

    the most inaccurate mtg card yet
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    213 Hoodlums

    Mix the gas with the lean, call that gasoline.
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    213 Hoodlums

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    Name: Dutchass Comment: I miss SAAN
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    The word has been said, sun is rising soon.


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