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    The Bloods street gang began at the Centennial High School in Compton, California and were originally known as the Piru gang - Piru meaning Piru Street in Compton, California. The Bloods street gang has become one of the most violent and notorious street gangs active in North America today. With active chapters stretching from the southern United States border into Canada’s larger cities such as Montreal and Toronto, the Bloods continue to further expand their influence by opening new chapters. Emerging Bloods subsets form per the influence of larger Bloods gangs with organizational hubs in cities including Los Santos, New York City, and Chicago. Originally a gang with membership exclusive to African-Americans, many Bloods gang sets today recruit Asian, Caucasian, and Latino members. The Bloods were initially formed in the City of Los Santos during the 1970's to protect neighborhoods from rival gangs and anti-civil rights protests. After the introduction of crack cocaine in the 1980's however, the Bloods along with other street gangs became central drug shops and middlemen for large-quantity suppliers. Throughout this time the Bloods rivaled many other gangs including other Bloods sets for drug territory. As Latino street gangs grew in membership and power, fighting amongst African-American street gangs fell in terms of priority. Many of the 78 identified Bloods gangs in South Los Santos during the 1990's unified in several gang networks to defend against Latino gangs, some even including long-time gang rival the Crips. Despite warring against Latino gangs in South Los Santos, Bloods gang sets continued to grow while new ones emerged. By 2000 six new major Bloods gang sets had been identified, three of which were reported to be based in East Los Santos. Most prominent of these three is the Money Made Mafia Bloods set. Comprised of two subsets, the Money Made Mafia Bloods are a Piru-affiliated street gang headquartered in the 300-unit Crystal Gardens housing project lot of the South Side and is one of two Bloods gangs currently active in the South Side. The Bloods present a significant threat to correctional administrators not only due to their predatory and violent behavior but more importantly due to their intense rivalry with the Crips. As do the Crips, the Bloods have a strong fascination with assault-type weapons. California Bloods sets are typically from South-Central Los Angeles; they have similar attitudes about group loyalty and violence. Like the Crips, the Bloods love to be in the limelight. They are especially arrogant and believe that acting naive about them conveys weakness. Bloods members will seize every opportunity to lie and portray the image that they respect only those who are “bigger and worse”. Traditionally, the Bloods Street gangs have always worn red colors, using red bandana's or red rags; similar graffiti and graphics styles, expressing their disrespect and resentment for Crips and Crips symbols. Recently, a new trend appears to have arisen. Bloods in some eastern states have reportedly been known to wear brown, tan and rust or burnt orange colors to represent "Dried" blood.
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    Server Script Update (v1.3) | New Barber & More | April, 2020 This update adds in a new barber shop with extra functionality! and more! Missed OwlV 1.2? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.1? Click here for more info! Features & Adjustments Added new Barber Shop You can find barber shops in Paleto and Los Santos. Look for a scissors icon on the map Barber shop will let you change: Head hair styles, colors and highlights Chest hair styles, colors, highlights and opacity Facial hair styles, colors, highlights and opacity NOTE: If your character was created prior to OwlV 1.0, you will be given a token on spawn for a one time free visit to the Barber. After which, in-game currency costs will be applied based on the changes made. Added automated advertisements for taxi drivers Added /togplate for admins This command lets you hide your vehicle plate, to RP having a covered/removed license plate. Command is admin only to avoid abuse Make an admin report (F2) to have your RP / request reviewed. Refreshed the player list Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team (Yannick, Chaos, Jer, Daniels)
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    Marlowe Valley Estate Winery is the most exclusive winery in San Andreas and is heralded for providing one of the most informative and educational experiences in the states wine country. - - Our history begins with the vision of Indro Monaldo... Indro Monaldo, originally from Calabria, Italy, remembered the vine-covered hills of his hometown fondly, deciding that the hills of Marlowe Valley could also be suitable for growing grapes. Though the region was not known for wine-making, this didn’t deter Indro. He followed his instinct and planted some test vines with his late friend, Frank. Before long, those vines grew and in early spring, Indro knew that the vines were hearty enough for extended planting – and so, in 2014 Marlowe Valley Estate Winery was born. We are a small-batch boutique winery with over 28,000 vines, focusing on organic and bio-dynamic practices. Starting with the best fruit from our estate, and from some of the top growers in San Andreas, our fruit speaks for itself in our terroir-driven wines. We offer a beautiful retail space and tasting bar featuring our award-winning wines, as well as our event and meeting spaces overlooking the vines, our tanks or the cellar. Take in the scenic beauty of our region, tour the winery and taste the fruits of our labor! - - At Marlowe Estates, from the moment you step foot on the grounds of our hillside property, you’ll feel like you’re a part of our family. From thoughtful tips from your guide on how to best enjoy our wines, to unexpected culinary treats from local vendors, our wine & culinary tours, experiences and dining events will make you feel like a true insider. Make a reservation for your wine and dining experiences in advance to avoid disappointment. Contact our concierge service ((Forum PM)) to help plan your visit.
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    Server Script Update (v1.2) | Tattoos | March, 2020 This update adds in tattoos! Visit a tattoo artist for some sweet body artwork today! Missed OwlV 1.1? Click here for more info! Features & Adjustments Added tattoos You can find tattoo parlors in Paleto and Los Santos. Watch the tutorial or look for a 'T' on the map NOTE: If your character was created prior to OwlV 1.0, you will be given a token on spawn for a one time free visit to the Tattoo Artist. After which it costs $25 per tattoo. Added tattoo tutorial steps Fixes 0003504: Watch item displays the wrong time Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team (Yannick, Chaos, Jer, Daniels)
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    In order to celebrate our latest server announcement, we're hosting a giveaway to prepare 3 lucky individuals for our server launch. The keys provided by @Jer are going towards people who don't already own a Minecraft account, please don't take advantage of this by taking part while already in possession of a Minecraft account. In order to take part, simply comment below that you'd like to be counted in and that will make you eligable for random selection. The keys include Bedrock Edition, this will allow you to play on a variety of platforms with the same account. Ends: 10/04/20 - 5:00 PM BST Go Here For Minecraft Server Suggestions & Discussions!
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    Starting off on Owl V - Things to do first & locations Starting off on any new server can be daunting, especially because you have no clue what to get next or even where things are. This guide is designed to help new and old players alike in finding their feet on OwlV and getting started with their characters. Locations of main areas such as clothing stores or Barber stores will also be included. The guide will be continously updated as more features are added! If there is something missing from the guide or you feel something needs further explaining please feel free to reach out to me on Discord or by Forum PM. Things to do first Getting a Drivers License: After creating a character one of the first things you’ll want to do is get setup with the basics, such as a house, vehicle alongside the needed licenses. There are three licenses you can get; Car, motorbike and heavy vehicles which include lorries. You need a heavy vehicle license in order to partake in most scripted jobs. All three licenses can be obtained at the City Hall in Los Santos and the DMV in Paleto Bay. Los Santos DMV: Los Santos DMV is located inside the Los Santos County Hall, inside you will find 3 NPCs for licenses - Car, Motorbike, Heavy. After speaking to one of the NPC's to start your vehicle test, you will need to go outside and go to one of the vehicles that is specific for your test (Such as the Lorry for Heavy license) Images of the locaion Paleto DMV: Paleto DMV is located inside the Paleto City Hall, inside you will find 3 NPCs for licenses - Car, Motorbike, Heavy. After speaking to one of the NPC's to start your vehicle test, you will need to go outside and go to one of the vehicles that is specific for your test (Such as the Lorry for Heavy license). Images of the locations Buying a vehicle You can purchase and even rent vehicles from the Dealership in Los Santos and Paleto. Upon character creation you receive a token which you can use to buy any vehicle under the token category in the dealership. Just like buying a property, you have three methods in which you can choose to buy vehicles, however the token can only be used on selected vehicles and can only be used once. You also have a separate side of the dealership where you can rent vehicles for a selected number of days, which is perfect for the times where you fancy going off roading with friends! All dealerships are located on the map by a car icon. Paleto Dealership: Los Santos Dealership: Buying a house When buying a property you have the entire map to choose from, however remember if you wish to use your token it must be within the $50,000 budget. If a property you have found doesn’t already have an interior you can request an admin to create you one by heading to the report panel or reaching out on discord if there are no staff online. Once a property has been created, you can go up to the marker and make your purchase using whatever method you prefer. The purchaser is who you are buying the property for, this will either be yourself or a faction you are leader of. There are three purchase methods to choose from: Bank Token Credit Remember the token can only be used once therefore ensure you use it wisely! After purchasing the property it will appear in your /stats and you will get a key in your inventory. Credit System The credit system was designed in order to allow players to pay costs off in chunks each hour when you are in game. This gives you a lot more choice if you want to buy a specific vehicle or property but don’t have the full amount at that time. However if you choose to go down the credit route, the total cost will be more expensive than the actual purchase price you would have if you paid it all off in full, this works similarly to how loans work in real life. The more money you put as down payment for the asset, the less you’ll have to pay each hour! If you do end up receiving or gaining money after you’ve bought something under credit, you can pay it off at the bank in large sums, meaning you pay off the credit a lot quicker. Disclaimer: Just remember, if you do choose to sell the vehicle or property to another player, that player will end up having to pay the rest of the credit. Locations Detailed below are some of the locations for clothing stores, tattoo parlours, barber store as well as where to get certain items. Clothing Stores If you wish to change your Character’s clothes head over to the clothing store to buy new ones. NOTE: This is for custom characters only, clothing for Stock Characters is limited. NOTE: There are multiple clothing stores throughout the map,open your pause menu’s map and look for the t-shirt icon (see the minimap on the screenshot for the icon) Tattoo Parlor: Want to give your character some cool tattoos? This is the place to go! General Items (Phone, backpack etc). In order to buy a phone and other general items head over to any Gas Station or General store and speak to the NPC inside. NOTE: You must have enough inventory space to buy items, this is aimed to be realistic since naturally you wouldn’t be carry 10+ items in your pocket. Barber Shop Fancy treating your character to a new hairstyle? Head over to the Barber shop located with a scissors icon on your map. Vehicle modification shop. Wish to modify adjust the look of your car, or modify your brakes, tint your windows or perhaps replace your rims? Open up your map and head to any wrench icon to locate a modification shop. Scripted Jobs: There are several scripted jobs for players to start off with in order to gain some income, currently the following jobs are available: Bus Driver Delivery Driver Mailman Taxi Driver Trashman Truck Driver Below are the locations for each job in Paleto and Los Santos. NOTE: You need a heavy drivers license for Bus driver, Delivery Driver, Mailman, Trashman and Truck driver. Bus Driver Paleto: Los Santos: Delivery Driver Paleto: Los Santos: Mailman Paleto: Los Santos: Taxi Driver Paleto: Los Santos: Trashman Paleto: Los Santos: Trucker Paleto: Los Santos:
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    Server Script Update (v1.3a) | New PayDay + World/Business Blips! | April, 2020 This update adds in a new pay day system as well as world/business blips. Missed OwlV 1.3? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.2? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.1? Click here for more info! Features & Adjustments New pay day system Pay days no longer show / spam in the chatbox, instead the player receives a notification and can then use /ShowPayDay to see a more detailed overview Added world / business blips This allows blips to be created in real time for RP hotspots and/or businesses/points of interest (e.g. Pink Swan) to allow them to be more easily found by players Contact a member of the UAT / make a report to have your blip request reviewed Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team (Yannick, Chaos, Jer, Daniels)
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    Server Script Update (v1.2a) | April, 2020 This update contains bug fixes and contains various quality of life improvements. Fixes 0003514: keybinds not being set right 0003511: weird nametag? 0003515: Random guns desync - Causing vehicles to crash Fixed bug where player ids weren't being re-used in some cases after a player left Fixed bug where government blips would go out of sync Fixed a client crash Fixed general report type not working Fixed wrong info about CK apps in F2 Adjustments Added /backup for government factions Blip flashes, draws GPS route, plays an alert sound and notifies all government factions Government duty blips now show direction of the person Government factions can now set a unit number /setunitnumber A random unit number is assigned upon going on duty Government duty blips now show the unit number /setvehcolor cmd for admins /setage cmd for admins /setplayerinveh for admins Allow copy to clipboard of item value from inventory Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team (Yannick, Chaos, Jer, Daniels)
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    trailer for upcoming make a wish team as done by yours truly
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    Items Mobile banking Requirements Be able to do cash transfers via your mobile and check previous transfers. Creates more realism and allows people to not have to run to an atm constantly.
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    Shapeshifters - @rosemarie - Mewiee + looking for 2 more
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    Item/Inventory World Objects Requirements Could be a command admins give to players just like we had on MTA, this way we can ensure exterior objects aren't abused. Would be good to be able to place some furniture outside interiors, just to create some roleplay events.
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    Thread has been updated to include information of a new crew. This is not to be used as IC info, any use of such info without the proper RP will be considered metagame as per usual.
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    Pink Swan Bar & Nightclub Since 2019 ___________________________________________________________________________ ** This advertisement and the future advertisements would pop up on your internet browser while browsing the internet. ** - The Pink Swan Bar & Nightclub has been introduced in late 2019 and opened in 2020 as the Entertainment Part of the Balistrieri Corporation. - The Bar is located on the corner of Hawick Avenue and Del Perro Boulevard. - There is a private parking for up to five vehicles along with a secluded parking in a back alley which's capacity is up to about six other vehicles, however parking is also allowed infront of the club on the sidewalk. - Pink Swan hosts various events such as dance-nights or dancing competitions ever since it was open for the first time and it's considered as a nightlife hotspot throughout Los Santos. - It is also known as a local hotspot for rather more known people, minor / local celebrities. - Everyone who is interested in nightlife should follow this advertisement for official event advertisements, however the club is roughly open every day. - Keep in mind, only important and massive events will be advertised through this web-site. (( This thread is a W.I.P. and is a subject to be edited in due time, also events held in the Pink Swan will be posted as replies to this thread! ))
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    Next Server Results (28/03/20) Well that concludes our first ever 'next server poll' which had an outstanding response from the community, with the amount of people that voted it provided us with a much clearer perspective on what you're all looking for from the Game Cave project. For a few days the leading vote was at a deadlock between Minecraft and DayZ however Minecraft took the number one vote on the final days of the poll. While this was happening, the gamemasters discussed between the two games and we've come to the decision to start working on providing servers for both Minecraft and DayZ immediately with huge input coming from the community as we develop them. I've created this announcement and specifically posted it in the suggestions section because this is where we're asking for all of your input yet again in coming to a conclusion for what we're wanting out of these two servers. What are we looking for from you? Ideas of themes or mods to use, plugins you want included etcetera. We want to make the servers as bespoke as we can for the community, continue helping us in providing some of your valuable feedback. I'll start off the discussion by throwing ideas around like DayZ Roleplay either Vanilla or Stalker, Minecraft RPG with a Hypixel-esque twist or just a sandbox? Let's start discussing!
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    I would like to participate in this giveaway. Thank you.
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    i swear to god if i dont win ill fucking burn ur diamonds down a lava pit including you @Jer
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    Characters Date of birth system - Just allows for better information for PD, EMS and for applications to factions. Requirements Allow all players to select DOB from character creation, existing characters after the update also get prompted on initial start up for DOB selection. Just gives more realism, since DOB is final and people can put that on applications etc. Currently we are just stuck with age.
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    Characters Damage output information, basically if your character gets shot, knifed or any other form of damage it outputs in general chat so people can know what's going on. Basically helps around rage sync (I would imagine anyway). EMS or whoever can then get accurate information by either having their own command to see the damage on someone else or have the player tell them. This should also be logged so admins can check. Requirements Have damage output to chat so it tells the player what limb got damaged, by what, and how much damage. Also allows us to have more accurate knowledge on the type of wound (Since different bullets for instance cause different damage). CK'd characters to have the damage visible for PD or EMS via a command, this way we can tell cause of death and continue RP without admins digging around for ino. Helps roleplay, ensures people know what damage has been caused and by what, also helps roleplay around CK'd characters as it allows people to try discover cause of death.
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    Modshops/Mechanics access to LS Customs Players atm can just go to any LS Customs and mod their vehicle off the fly, and it wouldn't require any RP for them to do so, at a downside of people who would want to open a modshop and do it for other players. My idea is to allow people to have a mechanic job, so that they could have access to LS Customs via their own marker (linked to their interior or to a mechanic faction they're in) or via a menu and being able to modify other player's vehicles. They'd pay for the parts, at a fair discount so they could charge players for the parts and make a small buck while at it. Requirements Adding a mechanic job with access to LS Customs Adapting the LS Customs system to provide people with the mechanic job the ability to have their own marker or menu to mod vehicles from.. Which would only be accessible by any interior key holder or by any faction member (if it's linked to the faction.) Anything else that would require adapting, in order for it to work.
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    _______________________________________________________________________________________________Balistrieri CorporationSince 2019 Press Release - 30.3.2020 CEO of Balistrieri Corporation, Anthony Balistrieri has announced co-operation with Sabre Ltd. on a Festival Project which is going to be held in a date which is 'to be announced'. He refused to give any further information on this matter, however what is certain, it will be one of the greatest events to happen in the near future. Balistrieri Corporation has also announced the opening of the Pink Swan Lounge which is supposed to be a start-up for their entertainment section. Information for investors - Due to recent expansions of the company, the value of each percentage of share has grown to $14,400, however the stock dividendas have fallen below the positive numbers into a small -0.44%. The situation around the stocks of the company should brighten up in the near future and is expected to hit positive numbers again.
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    The Vinewood Mob is a collection of organized crime groups located in Los Santos, San Andreas dating back to the 1930s and ‘40s. The groups are largely composed of Italian-American, Irish-American, and Jewish gangsters from the Vinewood district of Los Santos. Originally led by Aldo Ricci, and later by feared mob boss Frank “The Undertaker” Udinesi, the Vinewood Mob is thought to be responsible for over 2000 contract killings, racketeering of hundreds of businesses, drug and gun smuggling and various legal fronts since their inception. The Pirozzi Crime Family Michael Trentino was the son of the former Fillipelli caporegime, Benicio "Benny" Pinto. He was the brother of mobster Valerio Capon, a former underboss of the family. No other details of his early life are available. On March 4th, 1989, boss Joseph Pirozzi was shot at an Italian American restaurant, Pizzeria Roma. Pirozzi survived, but in a vegetative state. Joseph De Luca and his family essentially took control of the family after the Pirozzi shooting. However, unlike Pirozzi, De Luca preferred to hide behind figurehead bosses. At this point, De Luca designated Trentino as the front boss for the Pirozzi family. On June 5th, 1996, Trentino was convicted of perjury in state court. Prosecutors had charged that Trentino lied to a grand jury when he claimed to have not visited a Pirozzi family safe house in Spring Valley, Las Venturas, before the murder of Emelyan Demidov. He was later sentenced to seven years in state prison; however, his sentence was cut short after rival gang member Artem Shubin strangled him in his bunk. It is speculated that the Pirozzi Crime Family is still in operation to this day; however, the identity of any leader(s) is currently unknown. The Balistrieri Crew The Rockford Hills area has a history of organized crime dating back to the 40's when it is believed that the Pirozzi and Zito families were battling for control of the drug market. The area has been relatively quiet over the years but now law enforcement investigations have reported a rise in illegal activities including; firearm distribution, petty theft and drug trafficking. The LSPD believes the rise in criminal activity to be related to organized crime, although no investigation has been able to prove the existence of any group as of yet. The LSPD does have suspicions that a local bar, The Pink Swan, may have ties with the speculated group as there has been many reports of suspicious activity by the locals of the area that pertains to the management and employees of the bar. This faction is our interpretation of how a modern crime organization might exist, meaning we are not adhering to common tropes seen in media in regards to Italian-American mafia-esque crime families. We will work with anyone from all different backgrounds including things like gangbangers, Asian mobsters, bikers, civilians, etc, to facilitate the RP we're trying to have. Everyone is welcome to become affiliated and work within our organization. As this is a new faction on a relatively new server, we are currently accepting OOC membership. Please message me if you are interested in becoming a member or starting your own affiliate crew in the faction. Any person or group willingly associating with the Vinewood Mob, whether by membership, repeated interactions or prolonged business arrangements can be subject to a CK at the discretion of the groups leadership.
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    If you need some guide on how to make screens with some sort of content, I don't mind helping at all and using F7 / [-] to hide the HUD and names would be fine too. Hit me up anytime if you want help.
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    I'm sure @Draxx would be more than happy to show you.
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    Sometimes I wish I owned an actual Minecraft account.
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    aye aye aye. Finnaly some OG style gangsters coming to LS.
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    What if on the taxi app on the phones showed how many cabs are on-duty like how some IRL cab apps work?
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    ___________________________________________________________________ Vinewood Automotive Used Car Dealership & Authorized Benefactor and Gallivanter Dealership Since 2020 ____________________________________________________________________ Vinewood Automotive is an automotive dealership, mainly buying and selling used automobiles however the company also has an Authorized Dealership License for Benefactor and Gallivanter make automobiles. Vinewood Automotive also offers mechanic services to their clients such as regular vehicle condition checks along with regular Auto-Service services and least but not last body-workshop which is focusing on body-work such as re-painting the vehicles or fitting on custom aftermarket body-parts. You can check the stock directly at the Vinewood Automotive shop in Los Santos just beside the Mail-Depot. Sincerely yours, Vinewood Automotive Executive Staff. (( The thread is still W.I.P. and is a subject to be edited in the future with additional information and possibly the current stock! ))
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    Shoutout to the Development team, onwards and upwards.
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    Tournament Results Team Make A Wish Round 5 Team Leggo Squad Round 28 Team Leggo Squad Are The Winners! Stream Replays
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    Many of you have ranted and raved and asked and begged with regard to my Visual mod, their setup, and so on. Currently, all I'm running is Nvidia GTX 2070 Super on Ultra Settings in game. The visual mods I am using are as follows: Natural Vision Remastered (NVR) (Seems outdated now but may still work) ReShade PRSA Visual V (An alternative to using NVR if you'd like) along with a few tweaks using the built-in Nvidia GeForce Experience Now if you don't have a machine that's FULLY capable of running GTAV med, high, to maximum settings, I'd not even attempt to bother with any of these. HOWEVER GeForce experience will work wonders for you and it won't cause any frame loss and you can still get great visuals and color correction with brighter brights, and deeper blacks simply by adjusting a few sliders with regard to contrast, exposure, details, etc. My suggestion would simply to play around with the sliders and find a good point that looks good to you. Attempting to use NVR, ReShade, and PRSA will cause you to have major frame issues if your system is a bit of a toaster. For those of you with higher end computers wanting to push your V experience to the limit with regard to beautiful visuals, we can go that route by using the aforementioned links posted above. Most of these mods will have an included ReadMe within their download as well as there being plenty of tutorials ranging from how to install, to pre-sets you can use, to figuring how to tweak it perfectly for your visual pleasure. Therefore, don't ask me as I don't have the time or the crayons to explain it all to you. Happy Modding and don't break your game. Note: As these are simply visual mods and do not require modification of origial game files, they will NOT get you banned from playing GTAO if you so choose to. Also, remember to back your shit up! Don't come crying to me if you can't "fix" what you broke.
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    Characters Languages, for characters. Essentially people can choose to speak a different language which shows up for others who speak the same. Creates more diversity. Requirements Can work like MTA where you have a GUI to choose what language you want to speak in or just have a simple command that you put in front of the text. It shows as gibberish for anyone who hasn't learnt the language. Players should be able to learn at least 3 languages seperate from English (Or have the ability to further down the line, since some people's backgrounds would fit multiple languages depending on their character story. Promotes more immersion especially for groups who predominately speak one language or want to be secretive about it.
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    Free Until 9th Of April Free Until 9th Of April Free Until 8th Of April
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    Date and time for the event has been decided, it will be held on Friday 3rd April - 6:45 PM (GMT+0).
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    Sabre Limited is proud to announce her next event: Motocross Derby! The event will be held at the Redwood Lights Track on Senora Road. Come down and enter first place for a prize! Event is being held on Sunday, April 5th, 2020 at 4 PM. (( Server time ))
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    Player Customization Animation selection list - So players can select any animation within GTA V and use it Requirements GUI similar to what we had on MTA, you select animation and your character does it. Also ability to add it to a hotkey. I think this is needed as we really need more animations considering there's tons of animations out there that we aren't currently utilising.

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