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    Hey. I don't need them so I'm giving away 2000 gamecoins on Christmas Eve. To enter, you have to drop a comment down below and like this topic If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on discord: Krakkfaen#2366
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    meme owl video :)

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw6AN-RqMtSFVlZpWG9VeXJyc2s/view cant upload on youtube because of copyright :PPP i made the meme on the turkish movie "Dügün Dernek 2"
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    The title says it all. 100% REAL 100 likes and I will -
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    Aces Street Familia 13

    The Aces Street Familia, or ASF-13 was founded in San Andreas, Los Santos. As a result of a decrease in crime within the city, there became an noticeable gap within the food chain allowing certain members of the El Corona neighbourhood to take advantage. ASF-13 is primarily formed from the children of Mexican migrants who fled to the states when civil war broke out in the early 80’s. Due to poor living conditions and low income within the area, the children of those working less than minimum wage jobs were left to the streets whilst money was earned. This lead those that were young enough to be corrupted by the elders into delivering unknown packages from A to B, for nothing more than small sums of money in return to help make ends meet. All of this adding onto the characteristics of a modern day criminal. With all this corruption in the younger ages from those more knowing, the foundations of what would become a larger street organisation began to form. Those original children began to reach the peak of their teenage years, some even older, and were now able to teach down to those younger generations freshly brought into the gang. They also began realising the potential of expansion, taking up jobs and acting as subcontractors for an even greater organization. Gaining more money but doubling the risk began to cause a tactical separation of the ranking structure, in turn beginning to steer the top half towards more modern day organised crime, while the lower portion sharing characteristics of a more common street gang. The neighbourhood itself has undergone major reconstruction from the flurry of occupants it’s housed within its years. Yet still, there have been multiple street gangs struggling to form a way of life that can ascend their members over the desperate poverty line. It is on those exact streets though that the battles ensue from the Los Santos Police Department: Attempting to regain order and halt any attempt of illegal activity taking place. Conflicts arise, life is lost, a new gang forms from the old ones ashes. It’s a continuous cycle of the upper classed citizens looking down on those ‘less fortunate’, the minority, as they go about their day to day life. In these streets, it’s that very drive to prove them wrong, to become more, in whatever way possible, that most men and women wake up for in the morning - attempting to make that little bit extra, to become something in life, and giving back to the community through it be means of illegitimate business or outright crime. By joining this faction you automatically agree to a faction CK, meaning that you agree that if murdered by a leader/higher member of this faction you will be CK’d. The second rule is that you agree to a general attitude of good roleplay and non-hostile OOC attitude, meaning that you agree to all server rules and follow them to the letter. This is to ensure that the roleplay standard visible to the rest of the server is to a high quality. ---------------------------------------------------EDITED VERSION---------------------------------------------- --- Background The Aces Street Familia or ASF-13 for short, was founded in San Andreas, Los Santos during 2017, with roots back to the 80’s when many Mexican migrants fled to the states after civil war broke out in their home towns and cities. With poor living conditions in the area and a decrease in vacancies for jobs, amongst racism and other factors, the children of those struggling were left to fend for themselves while parents worked excessive hours to make money for bills. With the children left to look after themselves for the majority of the day, it left them susceptible to corruption from the streets and opportunities that might arise, be it offered some pocket change for moving a package from one location to another, or small wallets of money to act as eyes and ears. With the younger generation being corrupted slowly over time, this set the foundations of what would later become ASF-13. As they grew older, it opened up more and more chances and opportunities, allowing better structure and organization to allow for more operations and income, as well as expansion into other markets. With the older members of the group starting to take a more organized approach to their roles, it left the younger generations that had now been corrupted into the community to handle the less desirable tasks. This split ASF-13 into the higher tier being heavily based around organization and planning, while the lower tier would be the footmen out in the field executing the elders requests. Throughout their years in the area, they took their time to sit in the background and watch the other gangs rise to glory only to end up crushed by their own mistakes. The whole time, having themselves quietly work in and out of the shadows with smaller deals and agreements to allow slow progress. With the fall of other gangs in the area, ASF members decided to increase traffic in their area, pushing their deals and coverage to make a name for themselves yet ensuring tracks are covered. With the now open market, they took the time to increase in numbers. Mimicking history by corrupting the current younger generation into following in their footsteps to help push packages and deals to help make ends meet and to bring in that little bit extra income. OOC - Roleplay within the community Those who are interested in roleplaying in the area while not being affiliated with the faction are welcomed to join us in the local area to promote passive roleplay in the area. We aim to bring passive RP to the area (not all just gun / drug crime) through local street parties and other small events. The 2017 Era ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS INGAME THAT WOULD BE OF IMPORTANCE CAN BE WRITTEN INTO THE STORY AND ADDED AS CHAPTERS HERE The Encounter It’s still early days, having only really been picking up the pace with progress in the last week, but already contacts and links with other groups were being formed. The group went on their usual routine, planning on checking out the other local streets nearby to see what information could be gathered. While with one of the first groups, another group from further North decided to drop by to stir issues. A quick, small heated argument immediately started, with insults being thrown from either side. Within minutes, the first punch was thrown, promptly followed by pure mayhem as the two sides collided. In panic, local civilians fled to the safety of their cars and homes, some taking time to quickly call the police to the scene, while the two sides continued to clash together, punches swung to and fro while some opted to withdraw blades and knuckledusters to give them the advantage. ( http://puu.sh/vbA9s/5bff485b45.png ) Within minutes the local Los Santos Police Department had dispatched units to the scene. At the sound of sirens, the brawl quickly was split and those involved dove into their cars before quickly speeding off. The group promptly ducked their way in and out of the cars to get to their vehicle, before making a hasty retreat away and out of the way before the police could gather any details or witness them on scene. Once clear, the group made their way to a small local building to recuperate and tend to their cuts and bruises. Initiation As more and more youth flood to the ever growing group seeking guidance and aid from their local community, more and more were required to prove loyalty. Periodically the area would fall silent as members make their way to a quieter, more secluded area of the Crown, where they would be required to hold their ground for thirteen seconds against their friends. All to be considered one of the family. Show offs The Lowrider quickly became an iconic vehicle for the local community. It is cheap, efficient, low cost and low maintenance, making it ideal and an easy vehicle for any member to acquire. Some of those more acquainted with vehicles quickly decided it was worth seeing how far they could push their vehicles, by modding them out with hydraulics, extra suspension, handling changes, and general aesthetic changes. Once this theme began to spread about the local community, car meets began to arise, becoming more frequent. The locals would bring their cars out to the main yard, set up some music, grab some drinks, and host a street party, where everyone would show off their vehicles, their modifications, and generally interact. ( https://forums.owlgaming.net/uploads/monthly_2017_05/mechanic.thumb.png.22dc09fb9a283213d99739cc3f865939.png ) Family The key part to the local community was the similarity to that of family. Even those who had not yet been initiated officially were still recognized as family. In a world where no one else would look out for them, they took it upon themselves to look after each other. If you know your neighbour was lacking money for rent, your family would be there to support you. If you lost your car, your family would be there to support you. Family runs deeper than just blood. Beef Now and then various other groups throughout the city would think it wise to make their way to the Crown with the pure goal of creating issues. Some felt the local community there required external guidance and protection, while totally unaware of the true nature of what happens to the extensive family living there. All those who would attempt to oppose the local family were quickly shown just how wrong they were, with them frequently having to retreat from the area, some left pleading for their lives and freedom, begging for forgiveness. Unfortunately, those trying to cause beef with the local family would not back down quite so easily. One particular group decided to use the cover of night to damage local property. Through legal means, the family would find out what they needed, to pursue their endeavours of vengeance and control. Crazy Girls With an ever growing population within the crown, local businesses began starting up with ties to the group. These ties varied, from full on control by the members of the family, of as little as merely receiving occasional donations or security for any issues. One of the key ventures that started was the opening and refurbishment of Chicas Locas. The local strip club for any member of the community of age. Within the first opening, it drew attention from all over the city. The Market As with any business venture, it doesn’t just stop with just one. The family wanted, and needed income to support themselves and their local community. With the Crown being not too far from other local gangs, what better venture than to head into the drug trade. After buying and selling on initially, the higher members within the family felt it more suited to begin growing their own. Produce their own drugs to gain yet more profit, and to control the flow within the area. It wouldn’t be long until this became more than just a side hobby. New Faces As with any local community, new faces are always appearing. A group of three appeared late one evening, with one being clearly the alpha male of the group. Unfortunately for him, he clearly thought he was bigger than anyone, even while still having a group of the family’s girls humiliate and beat him on the local court in front of the entire neighbourhood. With his friends kept to the side by the elders of the family, the young male was beaten, pinned, and humiliated in front of everyone. Expansion With their local drug production and trade growing as each day dawns, others turned to bringing in extra, additional income. Extortion, was one of few. Local businesses that were not fully tied to the family were extorted for protection of their lives and businesses. Those who feared for their life, willingly threw money at the family to continue trading. Others would learn the full power of the family. Of course, what better compliments trade with drugs, than trading firearms? One of the key elders in the family promptly found himself in contact with a powerful group from the other side of the city. This group had means to have firearms as well as drugs bought into the country and city undetected. This allowed the local family to better arm themselves for protection against others, as well as selling on excess for profit. The Captives - Chapter One - The Contract As the Crown grew more popular, people all over the city began to fear the power of the family residing there. Some however, felt it suited to try and harness said power. One day, one lucky individual found her way down to the court, where she met the elders of the family. There was but one plan on their mind at the time. The individual mentioned had issues with others in the city and seeked vengeance and retribution. With the notoriety of the local family spreading throughout the whole city, they came to the family asking for help. The large sum of money paid only helped sway the decision in their favour. Within hours, the family had tracked down their target, and promptly captured her, dragging her off in the van into one of their hidden locations. After quickly checking her, and tossing her in the cell, the individual was brought to the cell for her revenge. Deciding not to end it there and then, she toyed with her victim, beating her, and eventually stripping her. The next day they would return to the cell, with their original girl, with intention of forcing her to end her targets misery. Afterall, it was only business. With their contract and promise fulfilled, and payment completed. The girl was allowed to head back to her life, knowing she’d paid for revenge on the one who had ruined her life. The Captives - Chapter Two - The Snitch Only days later, a certain individual had decided to cause issues for the local family through spreading lies to people he knew. This unfortunately bought the FBI and DEA down onto the locals, making business that much harder. This could not be allowed. The family aimed to get to the root of the cause, find out who had created confusion, issues, and deal with them once and for all. After a day of searching, interrogating, and gathering information. They finally felt they’d found the truth. Knowing the cause of the issues they tracked their new target, and much like with the contract, kidnapped him and return him to their cell. Unfortunately for him, being an officer of the law, he wasn’t used to being on the other side of the bars. When his time came, they picked up one of the local youths on their route to the cell to finish business. The local member had wanted to prove his loyalty. Whether or not this is how he had it in mind, is down to him. However it became one day he wouldn’t forget. After maiming their victim through means of the youth with the blade, they felt it was time to finish im. They had him pleading, making deals for his life with promise of information for his survival. Yet no matter his pleads, they would never be enough to compensate the problems that he had caused through his lives.
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    DISCLAIMER: Feel the need to write a disclaimer as I can tell I'll get shit from members of the PD, I was asked to make it and is supposed to summarise robocops in general, the image above doesn't share my views on all of the PD and the names were provided by a member of the community. Ages 3 and up, Batteries Not Included. If anyone wants the .psd file, hmu.
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    I have autism but it doesn't make me disabled, autism just means my brain works differently than the average person plus I have been rated by occults to have an exact iq of 9,000+, I'm currently studying in college for an job that makes $100,000 a year in plus when ever I'm not working in irl I'm always looking for skills to put in to my quiver.
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    Game Administration Team Roster

    The OwlGaming Administration Team Upper Administration Head Administrators Chaos Daniels ThatGuy Wright Lead Administrators zac Shanks Swanker Game Administration Senior Administrators EvilScotsman Vubstersmurf Administrators DrJoseEvil EPICxNUTS Ixosis Mogs MrFocus Script Trial Administators BusterAces CoronaCanadian FAILCAKEZ QueenC Salsa ZuclyaHD
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    Server Script Update (v6.5.0.0) | November, 2018 Thanks for your continued support everyone! We've been hard at work on GTA:V but that doesn't mean we forgot about MTA! Media Features Online Banking from any laptop or phone Toggle-able Login Sound (Community Vote) Remove all textures button and highlight textures Dynamic lighting returns with performance improvements Added a vehicle interior for the Benson Phone now has a browser and banking app All languages available in character creation New custom animations Faction members can now create interior keys at locksmiths Rewriten advertisements Adjustments: Changed character name limit to 22 as it's the max MTA supports Changed the interiors for SEMC Improved hiding the DMV questions and answers on the client Show inactivity protection only to admins and interior owner (Community Vote) Allowed /goto while reconning Disabled some world sound effects (fountain, torch, and absent wind) Vastly improved server startup/shutdown time Fixes: Fix for skin 290 being in the Asian category Resolved some issues with /ticket not working properly (#1674, #1672) Resolved an error when a player logs out while dead Allow admins to use freecam in the regular world after dying Fixed vehicles getting a random color after previewing a texture (#1578) Resolved an issue when paying for your tickets in some cases not going through Fix for the language when speaking into a phone Removed the deprecated setVehicleTurnVelocity Special thank you to @yannickboy15, @SjoerdPSV, @Unitts, @Sergeant, @DrJoseEviI, @FAILCAKEZ and @Eloquent, for contributing to this update! Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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    We hear you. Here's what's changing.

    We hear you. Here's what's changing. Faction Team The Faction Team has not been operating at all in the capacity it should have been. The team is too important to roleplay, and the server to be running poorly. Myself and the rest of UA are now taking direct control of FT and working alongside current leadership while we work on some major restructuring. You can expect better faction support, better response times, and more transparency. We are reevaluating the current factions and reaching them to determine how we can further aid and support them. New factions should find it easier to get an F3 for organizational purposes, get feedback and support on their RP to help them reach official. We want to be a lot more transparent about what FT is up to as well. Who they are helping, and what they can do for you. FT members will be assigned certain factions to look over, ensure they are meeting RP standards and have the support they need. Vehicle Team Vehicle dealer imports were put on hold for the snow season. We are going to begin processing these immediately. We are already half done all the backlogged requests and will be done before Tuesday. VT will soon be announcing and changing their policy so dealerships will be able to file a requisite anytime of the month, and they will be processed at the time they come in. No longer on the specific dealership import dates. VT has recently announced an all new aviation import system making it way easier to get into aviation RP. More here: Roleplay Support We are offering RP support for anyone that needs assets. Have business you want to bring to life? New restaurant idea? Send us a Public Contact here: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/9-faction-team-contact-ooc/ This applies to legal RP, AND illegal RP. Please let us know if we can help you at all. Also remember that the government offers Tax Credit/Rebates as well as loans for anyone that needs it: It wasn't that long ago that I saw a Youtube video, where an experienced RPer @DarkYouth was helping out a new player and showing him the ropes. I sent DarkYouth some GCs as thanks so I thought why not do that for anyone? If you've been helping a new player get the ropes, let me know with some logs and I'll send some GCs your way. I know MTA RP can be hard to get into for new comers so I'd love to see more of that. Admin Team We know you haven't enjoyed long report times. We are currently accepting applications and are in the interview stage for some. We are looking for reinstatement too, so please shoot us one if you are wanting to join the team. We are continuing to be strict with who we let in the team. We continue to issue internal infractions for fucks ups and remove trials that don't work out. We interview all admins before joining the team for the first time. We have added a command for everyone to teleport to the interior exit so you no longer have to wait for an admin to teleport you back up if you fall. Use /antifall to get back up to the top! No waiting. We are working on a feature so you can preview wraps without an admin. That way you can see how well your creation fits on the vehicle, without waiting for an admin! Development You've been worried about if we will be leaving MTA in the dust when V launches. The answer is No, not at all. We have accepted 3 new trial scripters, @yannickboy15 @SjoerdPSV and @Portside. @Eloquent has joined on to help as a full scripter for MTA. We will be working on processing script suggestions that have been backlogged. Election Controversy Many people have questioned the election results. Although it was already confirmed to be a rumour just made up by Urshankov. Regardless, here are the election results. These same numbers were confirmed by @Exciter as a third party. We also discussed how the voter turn out wasn't what we wanted it to be. How are we going to improve that? We already have discussed that we want to keep it open longer and announced more next time. Transparency Monthly Newsletters We will now begin doing Monthly Newsletters. The newsletter will include a wrap up of the updates we do that month, some fun stats, maybe a highlight of an IC situation that happened this week, and Spotlight! Spotlight is where we showcase a few interactions with staff(anonymously if you choose). Want to show your appreciation to an admin for being great? Send it to us so we can include it in the newsletter! Spotlight can be used to show off frequent questions or issues we were having reported to us and what we did to resolve them. I will throw up a small form where you can submit a spotlight for a member of staff. Open Discord PM Policy As always, all of UA have their discord PMs open at all times to anyone in the OwlGaming Discord server. PM us at anytime. We may direct you to the ticket center because it has programmed features to process bans or history removals but it is not us trying to get rid of you. Please send us a PM if you want to talk about how you can help the server out or if you have any ideas. Khram & Illegal Khram is officially shutting down. There will be an IC sendoff happening soon to close the faction. The illegal market is up for grabs. We have seen an MC popping up, and we hope to see more cartels, gangs and mafias starting up soon. More actively assigning CKs We now will often be checking up and assigning CK apps and appeals to admins. It seems like us trusting that they would share the workload wasn't working out. We will be doing this ourselves from now on(although admins are still encouraged to help). Reducing CKs for Disregard The CK Rules are being updated soon. We want to see less CKs for disregard across the board. We recently completely changed our decision on a recent CK that happened with @EverettTheUrban after he was denied and he filed a ticket and we reassessed it at a UA meeting in his favour. This sparked the changes with our CK rules. Reducing Jail Times We are reducing jail times and fines by about half. This will hopefully provide more roleplay by both sides. Not satisfied? Shoot me a PM, discord or the forums and I'll do my best. We are open to suggestions below. Please keep your criticism constructive. Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Upper Administration
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    Developer Diary #8 - Major Milestone

    Developer Diary #8 - Major Milestone This week marks a major milestone in our development goals for OwlGaming V. Closed beta testing is about to begin with administrators, faction leaders, and certain VIP community members to ensure the script is as bug-free as possible and we have a wide array of features by the time we launch, assuring as smooth a release as possible so everyone can have quality roleplay on day one. This transition from alpha to beta has been a meticulous process, which explains the lack of recent Development Diaries, which have only showcased a small portion of what has been worked on thus far. We expect a reduced amount of diaries going forward towards the full public launch. Media Showcase Drunk Daniels SWAT hunting down a high risk person Cruiser Gathering Dirt Character Selection / Preview Deputy on Patrol Deputy on Patrol Shootout with an armed suspect (ThatGuy) Patrolling with ThatGuy Patrolling Accessing vehicle trunk Armed suspect vehicle pursuit Creepy Angry Passenger SWAT Gas SWAT Gas SWAT Riot World Items Special Thanks to the staff As always, the UAT has been awesome in helping us test new features. A special thanks to @ThatGuy who has been playing the server >= 8 hours per day to help us test features. We'll buy him a beer later. As always, feel free to reach out to us below or via Discord with any questions, concerns, ideas, etc. Stay tuned for future updates!
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    My GAT Experience

    My GAT Experience When I first discussed of potentially posting this, I got advised not to by other former members of the staff. It would only further paint the team that already struggles with its image in a bad way. Then again, all staff members who resign or have been removed don’t talk about their experience, good or bad. If this is something the community finds interesting, they’ll give it a read, maybe a like, a question, and if not - well, this would just disappear in the archive of general discussion; if not removed by the staff team first. I’d also like to add that I’m going to keep names out of this where names don’t belong. I’d like to start from the beginning, me being a player. Before applying for the administration team (April 2017), I didn’t have many contacts within the staff team, meaning I didn’t have much history with staff members. Of course, I’ve had a good relationship with the admin team as a player, being clean of admin history till this day. You’re wondering what that has to do with my experience in the admin team but this is where I’ll start with my first point. Ease of Joining GAT It goes without saying that you’re more likely to be accepted/vouched for, if no UA member has anything against you. This means that newer players are at a much greater advantage when applying for the team. I guess I could say I was one of those “newer players” because there wasn’t much of a relationship between me and the admin team - well, at least I thought. When I first applied to join the game admin team, I still vividly remember for what reasons and what my true intentions were. It was simple, opened the application, sat there for 10-15 minutes just typing what comes to the top of my head, before you know it, I wanted to join the admin team so I can further help the community not only in-game but OOC’ly. For those who do not know, it’s a month’s cycle before new trials are chosen, in that time, you have 4 weeks to prove yourself as a trial. Oh and for those who also don’t know, when you submit an application, there are around 5 UA members who vote, not sure if Chaos does. Anyway, I submit my application, the next day, I get a response. Just when I thought I had no relationship or history with the admin team, I’m soon to be contacted by a UA member. Although this story seems too good to be true right? A reply the next day, from the UAT? Well, you’re not wrong because this day was the start of constant verbal abuse as to why I shouldn’t be an admin and why that individual was voting that I shouldn’t be accepted. I don’t exactly remember the time span of how long it takes for all UA members to vote before they’re welcomed to the team. But it's something like: 3 weeks into the month, players are given the opportunity to submit an application, then UA has a week to interview and on the 4th week they promote/extend/remove current trials, whilst announcing the new trials. In my case it was a bit different, I’ll get into this later. It would be random days where this UA member would contact me, rinse and repeat the same reasons why I shouldn’t be an admin, why I’m stupid for even applying and so on. Of course, as most of you know, I’m the type of person to fire back at stuff like this, making myself feel like I was making the situation worse by being sandwiched by either accepting the constant bombardment or firing back. Having sat on this application, waiting for an actual formal response, I couldn’t take it anymore since this had been going on for days. In my head, I didn’t want to run to other UA member and cry, even though I had all the discord screenshots; (which would easily get a regular admin demoted if they were to do this to a trial admin). So, there I am, telling another UA member to have my application voided with no given reason. So having applied on the 3rd week of the month, I decided to have my application withdrawn just before the 4th week of the month which is when new trials would be interviewed and accepted. Skip 2 weeks into the new month, I’m no longer getting any messages from the UA member since I have served them a favour by pulling back my application. Most trials have been already getting settled with their seniors when I get a message from a different UA member asking why I’ve decided to void my application. Trial Admin Stage I was amazed, they actually care? Well, apparently one did because after explaining the situation without having names involved, we worked out a way to pull my application out of the archive. Being a late arrival, I was assigned probably the best senior admin which is of course Jokerr. Since I was 2 weeks late, I was only a trial admin for 2 weeks before being promoted to full admin. I learned the community’s view on trial admins, I remember one specific scenario where I took a report for a CK request because someone walked into their garage. Me using common sense denied the request and probably received the most demotivating response which was “Can I have a real admin deal with the report?”. Of course, it was crushing as I stood there in their large group, waiting and feeling like an idiot - but eventually, a full admin came and said the same thing I did in which they didn’t protest to. This was probably the only scenario to really click something in me to be the best and not trigger the “Can I have a full admin” response. That’s exactly what I did. This is also when I learned that in order to have an impactful ‘say’, you need to have a reputation in order for players to listen to you. I know this piece is all over the place but I applied for admin at the same time that Hurley had. Many of you remember him as well as I do because he was a really solid administrator; everywhere from scripting to general report answering. I can’t lie, wanting to be the best admin made me view Hurley as competition, why? - Because he was good, really good. Full Admin Stage Moving from my trial stage into my full stage (June 2017), I was seeing in colour, I could refer to it as my golden age. At the early stages of becoming a full admin, there were some demotivating times when we lost Jokerr as a senior (July 2017); mainly because he was on Owl so consistently that he had solved more reports than any staff member had. I don’t agree with the approach that was taken by the UAT to remove him. Of course, I had no say in this decision so let's fast forward a bit. Senior Admin Stage September 2017, promoted to senior admin with Hurley? Wait,- what? After putting in hard work with a mentality of competition against Hurley, I was so relieved to be promoted with Hurley. I was so pumped to have received a promotion in recognition of my hard attempts. Of course, with this came negative views from my peers since they viewed it as “I’ve been here for longer, you don’t deserve it”. Again, demotivated for some time but I kept my mouth shut and just carried on. Let me tell you how my experience in the senior team was. This is because my full admin stage went by way too fast than I can recall, possibly because I was so focused on doing the most reports, as quickly as possible. A lot of the new admins that I, Hurley and Yannick received, had shown a fair amount of respect. Surprising? No, because once they get past the trial stage, they’re no longer at a need to behave themselves nor show respect to other admins. Normally, not a big issue, personally, really big issue. On the topic of respect, there are 3 types of reward in the admin team. One, x amount of game coins by completing an x number of reports. Two, respect. Three, promotion. If you were to receive the third reward, you would automatically receive the first two rewards because getting promoted required a consistent amount of reports being done, as well as some external assistance. And in order to be promoted, you needed to have respect from the majority of the team; whilst showing it. To get respect alone, all you needed to do was go beyond your duty and receive credit in some form of work, usually being development. The way that would work is doing something for Chaos or the team in general, having your name be known to the community for doing x,y and z. Of course, now that I’ve left the team, I can confidently say that the wrong people were getting this reward, or at least some weren’t getting the recognition they deserved. Respect is everything in the team, I bet a lot of the team don’t even know where I put my time to help Chaos take down communities copying Owl’s content. It was pretty much up to the community to credit staff members in the Admin Appreciation topic. Now that I’m reading this, it was pretty much the community giving this reward the most. Boom, it’s November 2017, Hurley strangely resigns from the admin team. Similar situation as with Jokerr, only that the GAT update doesn’t tell you that he was demoted before he decided to resign because it happened within the month; again; the approach on demoting by UAT was incorrect in my eyes. The rest of the senior team didn’t have much say on this, we just had to deal with the lack of communication. I mean I would have resigned too in his situation but I won’t go into it unless he wants to talk about it. It was also at this stage I realised how driven someone can be if you put a promotion with their name on it, letting them know this is an opportunity they can have if they come get it. Once I got senior, it was one of those moments where I rubbed my hands and said to myself, “what’s next?”. Only to realise there was nothing “next” for me. Not going to lie but this community is what made me smile the majority of the time, seeing “Law4UAT” was somewhat comical and motivating but knowing my personality; sensitive to hate, open to criticism, bold, sarcastic and overall just a mess, I knew I was halted from reaching up to where I was aiming. I didn’t want to change how I say or do things just to get promoted, and that’s what has always restricted me in the team. I wasn’t just imagining that I’m not going to reach my full potential based on my personality, oh no. I was made well aware by a UA member that I wasn’t likely to be promoted again because I was “Senior Material” unlike Yannick. I saw what he meant though, Yannick scripts, he does so much more for the community than it seems, his personality is what UAT accepts. Makes me smile just typing this but it’s true in a way. Privacy There is none, once you join the team, forget it. You’re probably reading this and knowing extremely well what I’m on about. There are certain staff members including the upper administration who actually do waste their time spectating you in-game, everything from roleplay to you doing reports. I’ve had players come to me with concerns that some admins are reconning them, teleporting to them and ruining their roleplay in doing so. Of course without proof I couldn’t do much other than drop the concern in senior and general admin chat. Why they didn’t make a staff report is beyond me but I know not all players are the type to submit a report; especially trying to prove they are being reconned. How? It's actually fairly simple to make it in the admin team. What a lot of community managers have is a simple system, basically “My way or the Highway”. You either fit in their agenda and show them what they want to see or go down the path I went down. I didn’t make every correct step because I rebelled, a lot. I didn’t want to change how I did or said things which held me back from becoming what I wanted to become. I protested to a lot of the choices UA were making, not like it had any impact because it was more talk than action. In the end, I reviewed where I started and where I’ve ended up. My journey as an admin for a game community was stagnant because I was me and well - I didn’t want to back down from that, it could have been my ego or it could have been just me being true to myself. Every day that I sat as a senior admin, I was exposed to more and more bullshit within the admin team which was enough for me. I didn’t want to stay negative about something that’s not being changed. Yes, it’s cringe but I viewed Owl as a family, for a long time actually, having reviewed why I joined the admin team, it was because I wanted to help more than just in-character. If you plan to be a part of any group, just walk in knowing you will be taken for granted and people will only show attention when it’s too late. End There’s a lot of stuff I could add if I were to recall them accurately but I’d rather keep it away than misinforming the reader. I left a lot of what Chaos already knows out, such as current issues within the team, not worth mentioning in my experience. Shoutout to the real ones. @Jokerr - Was constantly online to carry the weight even as a regular admin, not rushing reports, staying to socialise even when he had no idea who I was, also, give H2. @Hurley - Scripting and using the best of common sense we’ll never see again, true to your friends more than the group who took your efforts for granted. @yannickboy15 - Scripting, testing, all since I first started playing in this community, was always up to discuss issues within the team. @SjoerdPSV - Taking the lead in most scenarios, in-game, forums, whatever it was, he was on it. Took a break but came back with decent common sense and good self-awareness. @OhhPixelz - Even other UA members can’t hack this fella but that’s because he’s the most real, that’s all there is to it. If someone was to call you a square-headed speccy cunt, it would be him. Oh and… Smash that like button, subscribe, hit that notification bell and support me on patreon.
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    Why OwlGaming!?

    It's a video blog where I explain why I'm here! Enjoy ! LMK below what ya think of me doing more of this!
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    Will you be there?

    Will you be there? Over the past couple months the Upper Administration Team has been working alongside the creators of vG, @cat and @Daniels, to bring you an all new roleplay experience. We will have more details in the near future. However, some answers to a few questions you might have right off the bat. What mod are you using? Currently we are building the server using GT-MP. How will accounts work? Accounts will be shared among MTA, the UCP and V. Bans will also be shared among both games. Admin history is specific to each game, however punishment points will be shared globally across your account. Who's working on it? Myself, Daniels and Cat are working on the programming along with assistance in other areas from the rest of UA. We are looking for designers! We are looking for anyone who is good in HTML, CSS and JS to help design GUIs alongside @tree. Shoot me a PM if you think you'd be a good fit. What about MTA? We have no plans to close the MTA server so don't worry! We can't wait to share more with you about what we have in store, and we hope you come along for the ride in defining serious roleplay on a new platform. Regards, - Upper Administration Team, - OwlGaming Community
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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    UPON READING THE FOLLOWING; YOU AGREE THAT YOU WILL NOT USE ANY OF THE VITAL INFORMATION IN-CHARACTER WITHOUT CONSULTING ME FIRST. The Crimstone Hoovers street gang was formed in 2016, based out of the San Andreas Boulevard projects. Originally, they identified as the Avalon 40's Crips, and was founded by a group of adults aged in their mid-twenties. As far as these Idlewood gangs went, there was always a need for leadership and thus it always brought change. The result of this cycle are the Crimstone Hoovers street gang, the remnants of previous gangs that resided in Idlewood. Crimstone Hoovers came to being as the Avalon 40's Crips came to an end, with shotcaller Roscoe Milburn's death. Since Milburn's death, the gang has taken up a more organized structure although continues to perform as a street gang, claiming the Brimstone apartment complexes in Northern Idlewood. Months after their rise to fame with record label "Outta Town Money", the Crimstone Hoovers would be in the middle of the spotlight flashed by law enforcement. Notable member Enzo Reyes was imprisoned for murder in the first degree, after a shooting where officer Stefan Von Alvensleben was targeted. Eventually, on August 20th, 2018... Marcel Woods, a high-ranking Crimstone Hoover member would be arrested for his involvement in the shooting. Before the death of Stefan Von Alvensleben, a shootout between the Crimstone Hoovers and an unknown party had left officer Hank Smith dead. The crime rates involving the African-American ethnicity are on a steady incline within Idlewood. On August 29th, 2018, the Crimstone Hoovers entered an alliance with the Eight Deuce Hoovers located in Jefferson. The highest concentration of these Hoover gang members reside in the Brimstone housing complexes although most generally hang out on Washington Street where the vast majority of the shootings of Idlewood take place. 515 SHORELINE CREW is an african-american mob which is orginated from the development of the Crimstone Hoover Mafia. Reasons behind the step into organised crime came from events where numerous high ranking members of CHM went missing without a trace. These events lead the few remaining members in power to reform the grasp they had on the streets in Mid-East Los Santos. With the new structure within the area, Eight Deuce will be in charge street level crime while classified members of the black mob will lead the operations from above. Area of operation is unknown but the future is clear, the mob aims to gain power and raise to the top of the food chain within the illegal underworld. -This faction has a CK-Clause, anybody who is associated with -515- SHORELINE CREW, the leaders of this faction have the right to CK your character out of the faction. -Upon affiliating with this faction you automatically agree to rape and disgusting/gore role play. - Credit: Craazy, TPG
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    Developer Diary #4 - Bits & Pieces

    Time for another OwlGaming V Developer Diary! This one has a bit of everything... so let's get started. Be sure to tick "HD" on the video player settings if you want to watch in higher quality. Spike Strips Since the last update, we've added in a 'spike strip' item for our law enforcement agencies to use. This works similar to in real life and doesn't instantly deactivate the vehicle like in MTA. Instead, we let the vehicle roll for a bit as the tires deflate & pop. Additionally, as demonstrated below, only tires which actually hit the strip are punctured. Full Hit: Partial Hit: Development shot: Police Searchlights Police cruisers now have a searchlight like in real life which can be used during traffic stops or when searching the neighborhood for people. You can aim the spotlight where ever you like using your mouse. Property Purchasing We've changed up the property purchasing UI to allow the user to select both the purchaser and payment method. The purchaser can be the player ('Premade Char' in the demo below) or a faction ('SD' in the demo below). Currently, payment methods allow for outright cash purchases or purchases made on credit where the character or faction will make monthly payments towards their mortgage. Vehicle Purchasing Check out the vehicle purchasing flow below. As above, vehicles can be bought by players and factions and may be paid in full or on credit. If you're not feeling particularly flush, you can also rent a vehicle for a limited period of time. Redesigned World Prompts We've redesigned the world prompts to be cleaner & more readable. Check out the new design below. Website, UCP & Admin Chaos has been working hard on making our website & UCP ready to support V and we're happy to say that we're at the point where the website fully supports V. On top of that, great progress has been made on ‘behind the scenes’ features such as logging & administration tools/commands in the script. As we wait for the 0.4 release of Rage, he’s also been working on our UA beta server on linux as well as deploying with Docker. Special Thanks to the UAT The UAT has been working extremely hard on our beta by testing the full range of features present and testing our capabilities with regards to roleplay. This is an on-going effort and will continue to be so until release but even to date, this has helped us a lot in ensuring the quality of the script. As always, feel free to reach out to us below or via Discord with any questions, concerns, ideas, etc. Thanks for taking the time to read the developer diary and we look forward to making OwlGaming the number one place to roleplay in both GTA V and MTA.
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    Server Script Update (v5.7.3.4) | May, 2016 Highlights New features createObject function for interiors now supports object scales, collisions and setting as breakable objects(more to come in the scripting wiki) Added 26 new fire missions for LSFD(Smithy) MTA will flash on your taskbar when nudged Elevator and Garage remotes can be given a name using metadata Added a new sitable chair, ID 1562 New item: Ammonia, used as a solvent for removing tint(or drinking) Faction Leaders can sell their own vehicles Mechanics can set and remove tint if they have the right items Improvements Added SACMA Badge Added Lamborghini Automotive badge Added SL Incorporated Badge SL Incorporated hotline Plugged some holes in interiors 155, 156 and 157 Improved the MySQL resource, allows for socket setting for our unix server, production server flag to connect to the forum DB and reconnects on connection lost LS County Jail can issue badges and access dispatch DMV now has age limits Better compatibility with multi-faction by using faction duty for generic spawning Metadata will now be taken into consideration for show item Superman limited to admins on duty Adjustments /dep restructuring Removed starter resource, reintegrated with the conf. Adjusted the distance for opening the doors on an AT-400 Changed the debug warnings in the MySQL resource notedescription-system now will start on server restarts Bug fixes Fixed recon logging Quit reason fixed for logging Fixes for elevators Removed an old file in carshops Fixed guied launch errors Fix for the scoreboard % Fixed right-clicking a player ignores "invite only" setting for friend requests Text fix for licenses Fixed/Improved ATM interactions Resolved some minor issues with test driving vehicles Fixed interior shouting with /s1 - /s3 Fixes to interior previews Fixed some minor issues of /recovery Fixes for generic item spawning Fixed an issue with spawning price always being paid by Cargo Group no matter what faction actually spawned it Fixed collision checking for dufflebags Server script version v5.5.8.5->v5.6.8.4 Kind regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Scripting Team
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    Hey all and welcome to the first ever developer diary for our GTA V Project. I wanted to use this opportunity to provide you all with an update on where we are at and what our grand vision is for V. Not An MTA Clone Owl V will not be a direct copy of MTA. While the server will feature a familiar experience to MTA, the script is not a port of the MTA script and will offer new features & different features. Everything we do falls under one of two categories: New or Upgraded. For new, we are looking at implementing new features which may not have been possible on GTA SA. For upgraded, we are revisiting & modernizing every feature as we code it on a high level and asking ourselves questions like How do players buy a house? How do they interact with their inventory? Not An MTA Replacement Some may be concerned that V will supersede MTA and we will close MTA down, others are spreading this around as factual. However, this is not the case and this is not something that has even been discussed or entertained as a possibility. When we think about V, we think about how can we grow Owl - right now we peak at ~80 players - how do we get that to 200 across our community? How do we bring extra, high-quality players into our community? MTA as a platform is not attracting many new players at this point which makes acquiring additional players difficult - you essentially have to acquire them from the existing pool of players in MTA / on other servers, whereas V is still an active/frequently updated game with a wider demographic of players who are currently not in our ecosystem. On the other hand, people will continue to play MTA and we don't see it dying out anytime soon. MTA has a very feature rich script with a strong history, lore and excellent game world and a lot of people enjoy playing in San Andreas to this day. The above is partially why we have chosen to expand into V, whilst continuing to not just support but also actively develop MTA. We want to get as many people into the OwlGaming ecosystem as possible. Modern & Clean Modern day gamers don't expect to open up a console and enter a bunch of commands, with mastering the syntax of them being critical to enjoying the game. With V we are aiming to make gameplay as fluid as possible. Do you want to use the bank? Hit one key. Want to interact with a player (e.g. to arrest)? Right click on them, move your mouse over the option and let the button go. We want learning our script to be something that takes minimal effort so that you can spend more time enjoying your roleplay. Now coming onto the clean portion. We are utilizing modern web technologies such as the latest version of HTML & Javascript which allows us to make clean looking GUI's, with smooth animations & interaction, whilst having technically complicated functionality (e.g. complex inventory systems), for minimal effort. Our current GUI efforts are bright and uncluttered and fit in well with GTA V itself. Reliable & Efficient We have spent a great amount of effort in optimizing our code base to make use of modern day PC capabilities such as multi-threading. This will help speed up portions of the code which previously on MTA had to be single threaded and would slow the response time down for other players until that task was complete. With this, we hope that even with a large player base, players will still receive timely responses to any action they perform on the server. We've also made efforts to reduce the amount of bandwidth being used by our script and also to reduce the complexity of code running on the client side so that our script will have less impact on the framerate of V. Easy to Start, Harder to Master, Less of a Grind We have been investigating how we make roleplay easier to get into. Currently, even as an experienced roleplayer, joining a new community is tedious. You have to grind to get your money back just to be able to afford a simple car or property. It's hard to get into your first faction, which is where a lot of roleplay stems from. We are looking at ways of decreasing the 'time to achievement' as I like to call it. That is, how long after I register do I have to wait before I can afford my first entry-level property? my first entry-level car? How soon can I join a reputable faction and start contributing to roleplay throughout the server? What does the first hour, day, week, month look like for a new player? We are aiming to make this more accessible, more engaging & more fun so that a new players first month is not one big grind with little time to actually roleplay and contribute to the experience of others. However, the end game is important too. Achievements have to be earned on a curve, the longer the time I invest in the community, the better my gains should be. We don't want a new player to tire out just to acquire a 20-year-old car, but we want it to be an effort to gain a large luxury automobile so that users feel rewarded for the many hours they spent as a police officer, medic, gangster, etc. More on this will follow in the future. Transparent & Approachable I want to be clear that it is a priority across Owl, not just V, to be transparent and approachable. Over the coming months, I am going to do my best to be as open with you guys as I can without giving away information which may impact/limit our success compared to competitors. In line with UAT policy, I am completely approachable and if you have any suggestions we can discuss them & I will take them on board. The same applies if you have any questions or concerns, I will do my best to answer them as transparently as possible. My discord is always open, just like the rest of the UAT. Team Update We are happy to announce that Eloquent has joined the development team and will be helping out Chaos & myself with scripting, as well as helping out on MTA. FAQ Which modification are we using? We are using RageMP (www.rage.mp). I recommend that you go check it out, it's the closest thing to MTA for V right now and during testing, we've found that it provides a stable client with good sync & performance as well as strong scripting functionality. RageMP is updated frequently and the team behind it are currently working on & showing off more advanced features like adding new synced models to the game. Which city will be used for Owl V? We are going to be roleplaying in the Paleto Bay area. Our reason for choosing this location is due to Los Santos being very large in GTA 5 and we feel that having a smaller area will result in more interaction. We may revisit this in the future if the player base becomes large enough to support a larger area. Who is Daniels? I made the original script that Owl and every other RP community uses as their base, 10 years ago. I'm also the newest UAT member here at Owl and I deal directly with V in terms of both development & administration. Will my MTA/OwlGaming account work for V? Yes, your account is shared across both games. Will there be stat transfers from MTA to V? No. Whilst your core account data is shared (e.g. username, password), nothing else is. Will the admin team be the same for V as it was on MTA? For the most part yes, Admins will be able to switch between both and we will have to load balance between servers as required. Will V have all the same features as MTA at launch? No. MTA has had 10 years of development, V will not have had that. We have a very active development team with aggressive goals though, so expect development iteration to happen fast, like the early days of MTA. Will there be a beta phase? There will be a few staff betas as we test our script for both bugs & feature support (e.g. does it have what we need to roleplay fully?). There are currently no plans for a public beta. Will my GC be usable on V? Existing donator perks will not transfer over. However, any GC acquired, even prior to release, can be redeemed on V. Sneak Peeks General Store Interface (and feeding our taco habit) World Interactions & Banking Property Interactions Dirt System Vehicles will build up dirt over distance, depending on your driving style, driving location (e.g. road vs off-road) and current weather. Rain will reduce your vehicles dirt. Car Wash Thanks for taking the time to read the first of many development updates. 2018 is going to be a great year for Owl across the board and we look forward to going through this journey with you.
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    Life will never be what it was. Broken alliances forged in blood, brotherly bonds destroyed. Out of the shadows, growing once again - hunting for what was once theirs. Death will always find its way. By joining this faction you automatically agree to a faction CK, meaning that you agree that if murdered by a leader/higher member of this faction you will be CK’d.
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    (UPON READING; YOU AGREE TO NOT USE ANY OF THIS INFORMATION IN-CHARACTER UNLESS APPROVED BY MYSELF OR OTHER LEADERS) Back in the 1990s when the notorious Ace Street Locos XIII held power over the El Corona district, Carlos Flores was a high-ranking member of the gang. He ran a little group under ASL13, called the El Corona Aztecs. After the collapse of the Ace Street Locos XIII by the will of law enforcement, the El Corona Aztecs came into more and more power. Even though shotcaller Armando Montez had died from a drive-by and other notable leaders were dead or incarcerated, the ECA13 still pledged allegiance to Armando Montez and the ASL. El Corona Aztecs later developed into a street gang in the early 2000s, fractions of what they had come from. It was led under the command of Carlos Flores, who's ultimate goal was to keep the culture he believed in, alive. Under a gang injunction enforced on the Ace Street Locos, the El Corona Housing Projects were raided by the Special Weapons And Tactics unit of the Los Santos Police Department. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of weapons and narcotics, seized and loads arrested. Included in the list of perpetrators, was one Carlos Flores. He was charged and incarcerated for a total of six years, in 2012. Without the appropriate leadership and literature previously provided, both the Ace Street Locos and El Corona Aztecs ceased to be and ultimately split off into numerous sets. Throughout the years, these street gangs would come and go, some dismantled by their bitter rivals, others dismantled by the long arm of the law. The most famous of these gangs would become the Ace Street Familia XIII who's reach supposedly passed that of the Ace Street Locos XIII, but like all things, the Familia too, came to an abrupt end. In August 2018, Carlos Flores was released from the San Andreas Detention Center prison with high hopes of finding the remnants of his friends and family although when he arrived, he was disappointed at what he saw. There was no correlation between El Corona and the Ace Street Locos. No correlation between El Corona and Corona Aztecs. Nothing of relevance. Just another neighborhood with what appeared to be meaningless graffiti, and rundown projects. At that moment, Carlos had promised himself that he would continue what his friends had started. THE BEGINNING After Carlos arrive to the barrio, Everything was unorganized, people didn't quite know who to call a leader. That was when Shorty ( Carlos ) came back to the place where he belonged and reinstated peace and calm for everyone in place. A group of people was often seen playing basketball or just chatting on the benches or around the neighborhood. As time flew the gang grew up in membership and with it, attention spiked around the gang within each side of the law and as relationships rose and were beginning to rise in importance and convenience as the gang saw a short period of time where everything was going right. THE OBSTACLE As the gang saw a period of prosperity, they began aiming higher and higher but with recognition, Comes the unwanted attention. The gang saw it's path blocked by PD when they were involved in a situation which was nothing but a really awkward and stupid situation but that lead to multiple members being arrested due to one running his mouth. The gang saw it's dream of a peaceful and prosper life being taken away from them on a blink of an eye as multiple members were arrested, other wanted. It is rumoured that they have not yet given up and that they are taking chances somewhere else, in Los Santos. Today As the Cartel De Sinola Los Santos Connection saw a period of prosperity on the gang and the El Corona itself Cartel De Sinaloa decided to take over the El Corona vicinity, doing a peaceful transition between two organizations. The gang is now aiming for higher, and gain their reputation back they've lost in the streets. Due to the gang had so many internal issues and fights between the high-ranking leaders, resulting in a power loss comes along with minus respect. With the CDS involvement and their support, the El Corona community is hoping to take back what belongs to them. 2019, March 27th "Everyone is gone, my best friends, people I hanged out with... Even the business is dead and money is running low as well... Huh. I hope Lando will pick up his phone... Of course if he's alive." As the South Side Aztecas family went into the shadows, all the business and contacts were lost and stopped. Luis knew he had to do something and it wasn't right to leave everything like that. Calls were made to his close criminal friends and they met in secret location for a private meeting. After that night, La Ganancia organization was born. La Ganancia La Ganancia - organization that is mainly assembled to make profit from trafficking drugs. They don't limit themselves and also participates in dealing illegal goods and exporting them. Group was created in late March, 2019 when former leader of South Side Aztecas appeared again in Los Santos. Organization consists of ex-members from South Side Aztecas family and other Hispanic criminals. Group is only restrict to Latino-Americans. CARTEL DE SINALOA - LOS SANTOS PRESENTS After the cartel's existence slowly disappeared from the City, a few phone calls were made towards to Pedro Cruz and Luis Trejo from Mexico, asking for to continue their operations. After a long discussion between the top leaders Pedro and Luis was approved to continue the activity in Los Santos. As Luis was cooperating with the Seville crew, they showed him the true power and potential they had. Luis took the chance and offered them to work with him as one big organization. He used the chance that was given by Mexico criminal leaders. UPON JOINING; MEMBERS WILL AGREE THAT ANY LEADER OF THE FACTION HAS THE ABILITY TO CK A MEMBER DUE TO ANY IN-CHARACTER REASON ((Leaving the faction without permissions leads to CK clause.))
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    515 Washington Block Piru

    UPON READING THE FOLLOWING; YOU AGREE THAT YOU WILL NOT USE ANY OF THE VITAL INFORMATION IN-CHARACTER WITHOUT CONSULTING ME FIRST. FURTHERMORE, THE STORY BELOW HAS BEEN PARTIALLY FICTIONALIZED THOUGH MOST OF THE EVENTS DID OCCUR IN-CHARACTER & IN-GAME. The Washington Block Piru street gang was formed in early 2019, within the western Panoptican Avenue apartment complexes. It is the successor of the Brimstone Block Piru street gang that controlled the majority of Idlewood back in 2008 to 2015, their headquarters being within the Brimstone Apartment Complex. It's roots technically go back to 2005, when the Brimstone Projects's illegal activity was controlled by four individuals named Terrance Dontrell, Hakem Wright, Eric Clay and Damian Ramsey. Terrance Dontrell became the symbol of the crew and eventually they rose to power within their projects, recruiting the many impoverished residents of the area into the street gang. Before long, Terrence Dontrell was influenced by gang culture, and by following the Bloods culture, those who looked up to him soon took after him. They began to call themselves the Brimstone Block Piru, the 'Brimstone Block' part being for the roots of their gang, and the 'Piru' moniker being used as tribute to the original Bloods. Eventually, the Brimstone Block Piru grew into half of Idlewood before finally meeting its border with the Spook Town Murder Squad, a Ganton street gang. When they first interacted, they immediately became rivals. Shortly afterwards, as the feud grew more violent... Terrence Dontrell was shot and killed by an STMS member. As his right hand man, Eric Clay led the Brimstone Pirus into war with the STMS although the war would be cut short by the LSPD. Though they were targeted by the LSPD, the Brimstone Pirus were still fresh at the time, and as a result, they weren't left completely broken after the LSPD raids. The same could not be said for the Spook Town Murder Squad. The Brimstone Pirus acknowledged their victory and began to rebuild. Seeing this war from afar, was the other half of Idlewood's underground. This street gang was named the 'Mercy' projects, founded by Andre Russell. Much wasn't known about the gang however, it is known that they tried to take advantage of Brimstone when the previous war left them less then qualified. Nevertheless, Brimstone had acquired the weapons necessary to fight this new war brought onto them by Andre Russell and his gang. Unfortunately, the LSPD has used the previous war as cause to investigate the Brimstone Pirus further, and as a result, the LSPD put a stop to this war quickly. Through it's lifespan, the Brimstone Pirus were referred to by numerous names, such as the Brimtown Made Mafia, the Brimstone Block Pirus, the Brims, and Brim Gang. It also went through a respectable amount of leaders, most notably Terrance Dontrell, Eric Clay, Lavaughn Humphrey, and Kendrick Oates. The Brimstone Pirus would soon die out, as the high ranking members were met with death by the hands of the 'Mercy' street gang, or incarcerated by the hands of the Los Santos Police Department. The remnants of the Brimstone Piru relocated to the Panopticon Avenue apartment complexes, where the culture of the Brimstone Pirus would carry on. UPON JOINING; MEMBERS WILL AGREE THAT ANY LEADER OF THE FACTION HAS THE ABILITY TO CK A MEMBER DUE TO ANY IN-CHARACTER REASON IF DEEMED FIT.
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    MTA Server Script Update (v5.5.8.5) | March 6th, 2016 Highlights New features Too many to go through and name.. Highlights of main features for the MTA server are above. Improvements Removed all traces of text to speech! /look will now show weight in both lb and kg /911 calls will now appear in MDC call history MDC APB no longer includes the character name if none is provided Changed shop prices for discounted items: Old: buy a spoiler, which has a set price of $8000 with a 50% discount You pay $4000 The business profit increases by $8000 This takes supplies that cost $5600-8000 New: buy a spoiler, which has a set price of $8000 with a 50% discount You pay $4000 The business profit increases by $4000 This takes supplies that cost $2800-4000(30% - 0%) Localized versions of /s, /c, and /w (/s1, /s2, etc) that use the language in that slot. Show the caller's phone number when you receive a call Show the caller's name when you receive a call from a contact Show radar during DMV tests Reworked computer system/CEF browser Extensive FPS improvements for when you are using your mouse Adjustments Archived and cleaned up a lot of old features, more restructuring to still be ongoing. Character creation is labelled as lb's. Adjusted character name check warning if the name is too small or too long Seatbelt can only be buckled once in the vehicle, not while entering Fuel cap adjusted, big vehicles like buses now will properly consume fuel Renamed IGS and DMV bus stops Hide phone apps that are not complete Inactivity Scanner enabled Changed text displayed for when you have no sms' Inventory processing disabled while viewing the F11 map Disable CEF browser resizing Cleaned up some unused images You will fail the DMV test if you're in a different vehicle than what you started with Log SMS messages Phone no longer will be hidden when you enable private numbers /sms re-enabled as a shortcut to open your phone and send an SMS Disabled weapon & radio scrolling while the friends list is active Bug fixes Fixed paying double for items as a shop owner Fixed a K9 loop bug Fixed characters sometimes not spawning with default items Fixed MDC GUI being the wrong size Resized the MDC APB box to properly fit the width Text fix for opening the MDC without an account Fixed inconsistent trailer storage weight Fixed a warning for missing shaders for snow Fixed character description for CK'd bodies Fix for characters spawning at the wrong location(0,0,0) Fixed Vodka and Whiskey not being consumable Fixed sms not working after you hung up a call Donations text box size fix Fixed F11 map recalculating visible street nodes on each frame, instead of each map bounding box change Fixed new banadansas not showing up correctly Patched a possible security exploit in phones Fixed some firearm license issuing issues with the GUI Over 390 changes were not mentioned in this update. Only changes since I took ownership are listed here(minus the highlights section). Remember that even though we might not always have time to make a formal update post, we are always improving the script. Thanks! Server script version v5.1.5.0->v5.5.8.5 Kind regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Scripting Team
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    Developer Diary #6 - Community Feedback

    This development cycle took a bit longer than our usual ones due to summer trips taking up a lot of our time. However that doesn't mean we don't have some awesome stuff to show off Ask Us Anything We'd like to take some of our time to answer your questions as well as let you all participate a bit more in development. Please feel free to leave some questions below and we'll do our best to answer them! We have a question for YOU as well: Should using drugs give you scripted consequences? For example, should taking a drug like speed make your character have additional stamina? Should LSD give you screen distortions or control input swapping/confusion? Either way I would like to make visual effects for taking drugs. However finding a balance in what benefits some drugs might give you to damage resistance or stamina could become too OP to regulate or easily abused, simply spamming drugs with only benefits. For launch I don't believe we will be supporting addictions but that's definitely something I am interested in looking into. Shield A fully functional SWAT shield and RIOT shield have been added to the script. This shield protects the officer while still allowing the officer to shoot a handgun, similar to how you would in a SWAT raid in real life. See below for a demonstration. Running with shield on back + shooting at a shield: https://streamable.com/97mbw Walking, firing & first person: https://streamable.com/uesmf Walking with shield on arm: https://streamable.com/ub6rb Riot Shield model: World Objects We previously showed off the new inventory coming to Owl V. We've since expanded upon that so any objects in sockets will be shown on the players character (e.g. backpacks, holsters, firearms). M4 on player: Backpack on player: Support for latest GTA 5 DLC We added in support for the latest GTA 5 DLC ('After Hours'). This includes adding new vehicles for both purchase and rental as seen below: Bloopers & Misc. Not everything 'just works' the first time in development... I think we may have more shields than officers: Unfortunately, we currently have zero support for dogs who wish to carry a backpack: Nice touch: When it snows in GTA V, world objects gather snow also: If you're hungry, GTA 5 now has high definition tacos.
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    Server Script Update (v6.3.5.7) | July, 2018 Redesigned Faction Ranks An all new faction ranks system allows for dynamic ranking so you can go over the 20 rank limit in the previous system. It also allows for easy permissions and reorganizing! See Sjoerd's post for more information: New fishing system The new fishing system allows you to use fishing as an item, opens up rivers and bays as fishing spots and more! DMV Records Factions with access can now view DMV records in the MDC for information on when a vehicle was registered. Pay n' Spray reworks A UI has been added to the Pay n' Spray so you can get a quote for your damages and pay after. Other Changes: Removed hideadmin from trial scripters Added Saint Ernest Medical Center Fixed vehicles not going into dimension 0 after unimpounding Added an armour icon to HUD with the percentage of your armour Fixed the faction manager showing Unknown on usernames Fix for your inventory freezing when dropping the riot shield Fixed the ambulance siren that may turn into a PD siren on exit Disabled binds when typing a name at the SAN NPC Added Angel Pine road names Added a civilian dog item Player renamable watches Fixed an issue where a phone call would not be ended when the player dies /movesafe improvements to prevent abuse Added Red Rose Funeral Home to issue badge and hotlines Fixed the unjail command for those characters who are still spawning into the legacy system Added additional logging to Dupont Some skins were swapped around for the proper race /goto for MT of only the report creator Prevent users from having gloves over their characters by using F10 Fix for adding trucker points Antifall for vehicles is now possible Prevent phone conversations from being heard while the windows are rolled up Performance improvements for gates Adjusted pricing rewards of dupont skins Prevent the use of item move while in jail Fixes resolution issues with /ticket Remove status when F10ing in game Ability for admins to use /check while the user is offline Allow players to use /freecam while previewing an interior Special thank you to @yannickboy15, @SjoerdPSV, @Unitts, and @Portside for contributing to this update! Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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    Time for another OwlGaming V Developer Diary! This one is all about fire. Be sure to tick "HD" on the video player settings if you want to watch in high quality. Introducing Fire Missions We have added a variety of missions for the fire department to undertake including forest fires, churches on fire, etc. Each mission requires a unique response and requires the use of different vehicles & techniques. Fires spread and behave differently, some may reignite as you're fighting them, others will spread to trees, foliage and roofs of buildings. Certain missions will require the use of the FD helicopter to attack the fire in hard to reach areas for example the roof or deep in the forest where a fire truck cannot reach. These fires are 100% synchronized, including the spread of the fire and progress made fighting the fire. Creating scenarios is simple and can be done in minutes by a staff member. The creator does not have to specify each fire node, instead they specify basic meta data (a mission name and description), a root starting position and the modelling of the fire (how does the fire spread). We have many models for spreading and many places where a fire can start, or a fire could be started from a dynamic event (e.g. your car caught fire). This means that fire missions should not be repetitive, should create additional roleplay in the server and require no admin involvement (fires ignite, spread, reignite etc all on their own). Fire Department Helicopter To assist with fire fighting, we have added in functionality to the EMS helicopter. While hovering over a fire, the pilot of the helicopter can hit a button to drop extinguishing material on the flames. Media Words are never as cool as pictures & videos. Note that for testing, we've sped up the fire fighting process in the videos below. Fire Fighting: Fire Helicopter: Fire Fighters ready for action: Sadly, we had to ban ThatGuy after this screenshot for famous name. Deploying to the scene: FD Helicopter: Rural Fire Spreading Development Shot: Urban Fire Spreading Development Shot: Early Development Shot: Red = Root / Fire start position Yellow = Fire Spread nodes Green = Latest Fire Spread node Community Input We need your help in designing this feature. We want the communities input on what the reward should be for fighting the above fires? For example, should the faction bank balance get a boost? Should the participating players get a reward? How can we expand this feature and make it more interesting? Let us know what your ideas are! How is the development of Owl V going? Development is going good, making a good, content rich script which relies on nice intuitive user interfaces rather than complex SAMP-like commands is a massive task, similar to that which we undertook back when we made the MTA script. We really only focus on 'cool' things in these developer diaries, but a lot of smaller things go on behind the scenes which aren't as interesting to cover - for example, we recently expanded vehicle auto loans, vehicle rentals, property mortgages, and banking to include factions. Aside from that, the on-going UAT beta is helping us find and resolve bugs before launch rather than at launch. Got skills in GTA V Mapping or Web Development (HTML, CSS & Javascript)? If so, I am very interested to hear from you. Please reach out to me on Discord and show me what you can do. Special Thanks to the UAT As always, the UAT has been awesome in helping us test new features. As always, feel free to reach out to us below or via Discord with any questions, concerns, ideas, etc. Thanks for taking the time to read the developer diary and we look forward to making OwlGaming the number one place to roleplay in both GTA V and MTA.
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    [BRATVA] Bratva Vostoka

    “I have been to the Summit of the Mountain, Veliki. I have heard the words of God. I have mistaken the message. I have brought nothing but misfortune to those souls given to me… In my hubris, I did not consider my mortal fallibility. I was trying to build the Third Temple, as I thought was my calling… But as I sat in the hallowed earth, where the dead lay, a vision came to me. The End of All Things, my son.” Founding The Temple has fallen. Torn apart at its very foundation, through greed and treachery, complacence and neglect. What was once one of the largest and most powerful criminal organisations Los Santos had ever witnessed was now little more than a handful of lost souls. Marat ‘Veliki’ Morozov watched helplessly as the fraternal brotherhood he worked tirelessly to help create was at first picked apart through internal politics and in-fighting, and finally destroyed as those who remained faded into obscurity. Marat thought to himself that it was almost as if powers beyond his comprehension were at work, there seemed little other explanation for this sudden and unbelievable turn of ill-fortune. But Marat would not be cowed into submission so easily. His devotion to his mentor, and to the few loyal men that remained, would never be broken. And so he looked to the mistakes of the past, and returned to Rodina, to Little Moscow. There he established the Bratva Vostoka, the Brotherhood of the East. A return to the traditional ways of the Vor V Zakone, to the old ways of the rossiyskaya mafiya. Structure The Bratva Vostoka follows the structure of the traditional Russian Mafia, led by the Pakhan with his ‘two spies’ at his sides. Their job is to maintain operational security, collect profits from the Brigadiers and organise the mobs criminal activities. Below them are the Brigadiers (or captains), each one controlling at least one working unit of men. These working units are lead by a Bratok and consist of Shestyorka, the equivalent of an associate in other criminal organisations. They perform all manner of criminal activity, from extortion, to drug trafficking and murder for hire. Each of these ranks are arranged into the following groups: The Working Group The blue collar criminals of the Bratva. They perform the majority of the organisations criminal activities, in order to amass wealth for the Bratva. They are also responsible for recruiting new members. Bezymianny - Nameless. Unknown to the organisation and unrecognised by even its lowest members. They must gain favour with a Bratok by proving themselves in order to become a Shestyorka, the lowest rank in the Working Group. Shestyorka - Worker. The lowest official rank in the organisation. They report to a Bratok, or occasionally a Brigadier and must pay them tribute, an agreed percentage of their monetary earnings. Also referred to as the 'Six'. There are a few specialist roles that a Shestyorka can be assigned to depending on their abilities, they include: Byki - bodyguard, Krysha - enforcer, Torpedo - hitman. Boyevik - Soldier. Each Bratok controls one or more Shestyorka and organises their criminal activities. They are also the primary recruiters of the Bratva, and must seek out connections with other criminal groups. They also pay tribute to their Brigadier. Brigadir - Captain. The highest rank in the Working Group, each Brigadier runs their own criminal cell. They distribute weapons and narcotics and organise whatever criminal rackets they choose to participate in. There can only be up to four Brigadiers in operation at any time. The Elite Group The upper echelon of the Bratva's command structure. They organise the Bratva's criminal activities, collect debts and maintain security within the organisation. They also protect the Pakhan, as well as offering him advice when the situation calls for it. Obshchak - One of the Pakhan's 'two spies'. Leads the 'Security Group', Maintaining security within the organisation by monitoring internal politics as well as relations with other criminal groups and gathering intelligence. Sovietnik - The other of the 'two spies'. In charge of the 'Support Group', their duties involve watching over the Working Group to ensure its members remain loyal, whilst planning the Bratva's criminal activities and selecting who carries out specific jobs. Avtoritet - Governs the Working Group, acting as an intermediary between the Brigadiers and the Pakhan. Also works with the Sovietnik to plan jobs for the Working Group. Pakhan - The Patriarch of the Bratva. They hold dominion over the four criminal cells through each of their Brigadiers. They rarely interact with other members of the Bratva, except for the Brigadiers and other members of the Elite Group. By associating with this faction criminally or on an interpersonal level you automatically agree to the CK clause, and may be subjected to a CK at the leadership’s discretion, for whatever reason they deem necessary. not khram
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    Hey all and welcome back! It's time for another OwlGaming V Developer Diary! This one has been a long time coming but is more than worth the wait, today we're going to be unveiling the Inventory. Let's begin with a video: Note: The above is a WIP and will change before launch. Everything Has Its Place We designed the inventory with the idea that everything you have in your possession, belongs to a location. Characters no longer have a 'global location' for storing items and amassing weapons which they can /me pull from anywhere. Instead, everything is in a container or socket. Items are also restricted from being placed in unsuitable/unrealistic containers & sockets. Easy to Use The new inventory is super easy to use. Despite having complex functionality such as item splitting, merging and container management - performing these actions is intuitive and done with only left mouse button clicks. Moving items between containers is a simple as drag and drop. Navigating containers inside containers is made easy by the container history shown on top. Item stack sizes & container sizes are shown via badges. What are Containers & Sockets? Containers are items that can hold other items - for example, backpacks, holsters, wallets. Sockets are positions on your character's body which, depending on the socket type, can hold containers or individual items. For example, you can only put a backpack on your back but you can store individual weed baggies in your back pocket. What about firearms? If they aren't in your hands, they will have to be stored in a suitable socket or container. For rifles, you may want to visit Ammunation to buy a sling for storing it on your back. For handguns, we offer various holsters which can fit onto various sockets (e.g. hip holsters, leg holsters). Can I drop items in the world? Yes. Drag the item you want to drop, onto the world and voila. Are there containers in the world/interiors? Yes. What about vehicles? Vehicles will run the same idea, where the vehicle will have various sockets for item storage. Are items visually represented on the character? It depends on the item & socket, but yes. What inventory limits does my character have? Your character will only be able to carry a certain number of items (expandable by using containers such as backpacks, suitcases etc). You are also only able to carry a set weight, this does not increase. Each container also has a limit on how many items it can hold, for example, a holster takes one gun only, whereas a backpack can carry multiple items and of various types. How is the progress? Progress is good. We are currently testing internally with multiple people. This is an on-going test with frequent updates (every script change gets pushed) to ensure that we get good coverage on our features/script. So, when is the next Developer Diary? We don't have a set cadence for these currently. We try to do them in our spare time without impacting the progress of our development. Additionally - unfortunately not everything we have to script is exciting enough for a developer diary! Special thanks to @ThatGuy who worked tirelessly on this with me. As always, feel free to reach out to us below or via Discord.
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    Liverpool Savages

    (First time ever writing a story/faction thread, appreciate any constructive messages via PM) Use of this information ICly is metagaming. This thread is still under construction so please keep criticism to a low level, any unneeded comments or hate will be reported and removed. [Backstory about Jerry] Jerry has been around illegal activities and gangs since a young age due to his dad and older cousins being part of a Piru affiliated gang that introduced him to the crime scenes, making him start with petty shoplifting and pick pocketing and as he got older he started to get more involved with crimes and gangs, going from selling dope in the streets to guns and even armed robbery, getting affiliated with 99Spades which got him introduced into more serious crimes as murder, which he ended up committing twice while representing them, as 99Spades started to slowly fade off, Jerry made an attempt of joining a known gang from Seville, SMM, as he already knew Kaiden from before when they met back in Spades to talk about some random tags that appeared, he ended up helping Kaiden get rid of a dog, burrying it by a tree, upon finding him rather alone he ended up creating his own set. Liverpool Savages which are not affiliated with any other set. Example, Jerry robbing an innocent female inside her own house. [Early January, 20XX] Upon Jerry meeting his high school colleagues after a couple of months, they started to hang around a lot with locals as they moved in with their family's in Liverpool, after a couple of weeks of getting their trust as they didn't see each other or kept contact for months, Jerry introduced his most trusted friends to the crime, getting them drugs to sell around Ganton and Idlewood. Soon enough, Jerry met a local bar owner that ended up offering him "protection" for a couple of money, at that time Jerry was struggling with money so he ended up offering a couple of services as hitman for that man, after gaining that man's trust, Jerry started to get ahold of heavy weaponry for rather cheap prices. Jerry getting the heavy weapon from the local barman. Getting ammo from the Irish Mob. [Mid January, 20XX] Jerry ends up discovering that his dealer and friend died, being quite shocked, not knowing what to do, sooner or later, that local barman's trusted friend shows up, offering the same services as the bar owner used to, Jerry, knowing that he was a trusted one by the bar owner, ended up working along with him, getting cheap weaponry from them to resell for almost no profit. Selling a bunch of pistols and ammo to a Japanese group. [Late January/Early February, 20XX] As Jerry was sitting in Liverpool chatting with his friend Levi, a kid he knew came crying to Jerry, claiming that an older dude that is around Idlewood Pizza Stack punched him multiple times, Jerry tells the kid to calm down and that he would beat the other guy up, Levi joins Jerry and both go along with the crying kid heading towards Stacks. After their arrival, Jerry spots a group of dudes around his age, looking at the kid as he pointed at the individual, Jerry smirked, quickly rushing towards the individual, attempting in getting into a fight, after a couple of fair fighting rounds, both of them stop and end up shaking hands, becoming friends shortly after. After a couple of days of hanging with that guy, he got to know he went by the name "LS" and that he was trying to do the same as Jerry, but in a different location, in the North East Side of Idlewood. Both sets became allies and help each other mutually as both leaders are good friends. [Mid/Late February, 20XX] Jerry and Jas join each other in armed robberies outside Los Santos, ending up getting a couple of phones, money, and vehicles. Jerry keeps doing his usual daily stuff, being less aggressive and trying to control his temper to this day. After some days without fighting, he ended up beating two guys up as they started to flirt with Jas, upon noticing that Jas disappeared for a couple of hours, in an attempt of calling her phone, he noticed she was hanging somewhere with someone else, Jerry lost his temper, ending up finding Jas hanging out with a random young guy, apparently from Liverpool, after trying to calmly approach to understand what was going on, they denied to tell him. At this point, Jerry was completely pissed, went home, grabbed a small sub-machine gun, went back to the park, threatening the random guy to get inside the car, Jas jumped in front of him in a protective manner, telling Jerry to go away, so did Jerry, Jerry went away, placed the gun away, went back to grab Jas from that location and knocked the dude up, upon beating him up, when he got home with Jas, he pulled her on the floor sending a firm hard slap to her face. [March, 20XX] After a couple of days, Jerry ended up getting into a fight with Jas, leading Jerry to get shot by her twice, one bullet to the stomach and one to his left thigh. Upon spending a night in the hospital, Jerry ended up getting out in a wheelchair, being told to rest and not stand up during twenty-four hours, so he wouldn't force his body. After recovering from his injuries, Jerry got into another disagreement with two Irish dudes that approached him in a truck, one of this males came out, aimed a gun at Jerry and told him to go to the back. As the Irish male lost the vision in Jerry, he took advantage quickly brandwishing his firearm, getting into a shootout with the male, the Irish male died and Jerry got injured in his arms. After staying in the hospital for a week, Jerry was picked up by his crew, went to a safehouse he owned and started to think of what happened, remembering that the males were related to an old satanist dude that used to sell ammo to Jerry. This male was Sam Sullivan, and at that moment, Jerry provided everyone from his crew automatic guns to chase Sam and the Irish that worked with Sam, also talking to his allies to help him find Sam and his friends. Sam was then killed and Jerry started to hang outside again as he was told that the other Irish male was back in his home country. At this moment another male that worked with Sam, Neal, decided to reach Jerry in an attempting of fixing what Sam started because he knew that Jerry would hunt him down, so Neal got a meeting with Jerry, they talked and everything got fixed. Noticing that his group was growing larger each day, Jerry decided to ask his old friends that he knew he could trust to help him lead the crew along with him and Jas, it was at this time that Slick and Frankie started to work with Jerry, Slick taking care of the drugs and Frankie dealing guns. [Early April, 20XX] As the month starts, Jerry decides to travel to visit his mom, while Jerry was away, his crew got divided into two smaller groups which were competing against each other, ending up in exchanging shots between them that got most of a group to die. Now, that Jerry came back to town, he has reached Frankie to try to fix everything and get people back on the streets of Liverpool. [Meantime] Upon trusting his clique to his members, Jerry went to jail for murdering a detective, while spending that said time in jail, he ended up meeting with his old friend Crooks, trusting him on bringing his clique back together once he was free, keeping it in Liverpool. After 7 years of Crooks' sentence, he came out and is trying to get everything back together so they can get back active on the streets, as well as trying to find some lost friends from their time. Meanwhile, Jerry has to keep himself entertained in jail, waiting for his answer about parole, otherwise, he has to lead his clique from jail through whoever Crooks' will trust. Jerry hanging out with some friends around town. A shootout that led to a house raid and Jerry got in trouble after calling the suspect's phone. [TO BE CONTINUED...]
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    (Shooting Cops?) We got em

    tra iron giants x - yours truly (also credits should be given to @Mogs for working with on this casefile with me x)
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    Twisted Devils Motorcycle Club

    Twisted Devils Motorcycle Club The Twisted Devils is a 1% Motorcycle Club founded in Los Santos by Clayton Swanson in December, 2018. The MC is primarily based in Santa Maria Blvd although they have other spots spread across the county. Clayton has always had a passion for motorcycles due to his upbringing and loves to ride whether that be alone or with his MC. Clayton had a harsh life growing up as he was always the odd one out, being bullied in school and robbed by thugs on multiple occasions. This has led to Clayton forming his 1% MC and plans to develop the Twisted Devil's into a well known and feared Motorcycle Club. Devilish Customs On the side, the MC run a legitimate business known as Devilish Custom's. This is a garage where anyone can come along to have work done on their vehicles whether that be resprays, new alloys, tinted windows and much more. This business is an attempt to keep all illegal actions under the radar. Twisted Devil's Clubhouse This is where the guys can relax, ease their mind and ultimately bond together to help create a better MC. This is a place for honesty, trust and drinking lots of alcohol. The clubhouse is the MC's social spot where most folk are welcome, however, if you mess with any member don't expect to make it back out in one piece. Character Stories Richard Martin Finlay Lynch Bray Douglas Sander Smith Clayton Swanson CK CLAUSE APPLIES - PM @Phixed for more information.
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    Time for another OwlGaming V Developer Diary! This one has enough media to kill your browser. Be sure to tick "HD" on the video player settings if you want to watch in high quality. Chatbox We implemented a new chatbox. The new chatbox lets you customize many elements including: Number of chat lines Number of chat tabs Display name of each chat tab Filter which types of messages are shown in each tab to help reduce spam and improve readability so you can focus more on your RP Inactive tabs show how many unread messages you have so you can be sure not to miss anything! Check out the video below to see the new chatbox in action. Note that the settings page design is still a WIP. Achievements We are introducing an achievement system for V which rewards players in a purely cosmetic fashion for actions performed in game and progression made throughout their time spent on Owl. These achievements do not impact game play in anyway and achievements points can not be spent on any in game item or content. They are purely an OOC progression system. We're interested to hear what you think about this, so please give us feedback below. Police Radar Police cruisers now include a radar system which reads the license plate of the vehicle in front and within range, as well as the speed. This system also allows the officer to easily run an MDC check on the plate when driving behind a vehicle. Officers are also able to manually position a trigger zone for the speed/plate detector rather than using the automated one, enabling officers to perform speed traps. Below is a screenshot of the system during development to show how we pick a target for the automated system. Check out the beta screenshots below for more examples of this system, including speed traps. Duty System & Clothing Stores Clothing stores have been added, allowing players to change their clothes on both premade characters and custom skins. We also added support for skin customization with regards to Duty skins, for all government factions. Check out examples of the cool uniforms you can create below: UAT Extended Beta We've been hosting larger 'everyone on' beta test periods, similar to how we schedule UAT meetings. These sessions involve getting the entire UAT and V Development Team on to both RP and perform non-RP actions to try and break things / find bugs as well as determining how suitable the script is for roleplay. This test went well. We found a couple of bugs which have since been resolved and overall we were impressed with the stability of both the script and the modification itself. Now for the fun... Character selection Character selection preview CKed character preview Achievement list Unlocking an Achievement Fighting with a suspect We pulled out the tank for this one... but he sort of caught himself for us... Rocket cars - this needs no description (NOTE: these won't be available at your local car store, sorry) Buying an Ammunation, complete with a Realtor sign Stunting with a rocket car and backhoe Police ASU taking off Duty skin Running a speed trap with ThatGuy Music Festival (and an example of notifications) The latest PD vehicle purchase... Traffic stop An Ode to GTA San Andreas Pulling out the big guns for this felon A visit to the Sheriffs dept RIP, the first CK of Owl V Worst Uber driver ever Catching a ride Arresting ThatGuy with $10 bail Ticketing Group fire fighting Hoverbikes and chases Using the police searchlight Our player list Out on patrol Outtakes When we script a lot, we end up with a few funny bugs along the way: This dog is pretty dank with his backpack and M4 Gingerbread men With our new item system, you have to carry your weed on your genitals Got skills in Mapping ? We are hiring mappers for GTA V. This is your chance to have a direct impact on the project and make your mark. Reach out to me on the forums or on Discord to find out more information! Special Thanks to the staff As always, the UAT has been awesome in helping us test new features. A special thanks to @Chaos and @Eloquent for their efforts in scripting the above. As always, feel free to reach out to us below or via Discord with any questions, concerns, ideas, etc. Thanks for taking the time to read the developer diary and we look forward to making OwlGaming the number one place to roleplay in both GTA V and MTA.
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    [General] New Bullet-System

    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- New Bullet-System What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- During the discussion of the headshot many concluded that the actual shooting-system is also a main problem and that it is not that much realistic. Several things like bullet-drop, recoil, etc. were mentioned. I suggested that the entire system behind it gets reworked and supplied steps to do so Since it somewhat went down during the whole discussion, I set myself to work yesterday and tried to bring the general idea into a script. What are the advantages?- - More realistic gun and shoot-behaviour [see below] - You can actually have more properties assigned to the gta-sa guns ( ie. a deagle can have multiple ranges, accuracies, depending on the ic model) - No more "wallbugging" What are the disadvantages?- - In case of implementations on owl it needs to be done very carefully Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- I explain the script that I wrote in detail below. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Of course the whole script I wrote deals with it in more depth than explained above and there is alot more which had to be taken into account. Features: Bullet-Drop: The following video that I captured demonstrates the bullets exponential path and its fly time. Note how the bullet is not hitting the end position immediatly but is rather flying through the air. Also the subrays which were mentioned can be seen marked with different colours within the ray. Bullet-Penetration Bullets are penetrating through thin walls and even through players meaning that a high caliber rifle can harm more than one player. Also the path is adjusted accordingly after each penetration Recoil-System: I implemented the recoil-system as well which is kind of like in CS:GO where the spray will follow a certain pattern upwards which needs to be compensated by countering this pattern No more wallbugging With the term wallbugging I refer to the behaviour that you can shoot through walls just because your crosshair is not behind the wall despite your guns barrel beeing behind it. New gun-effects I added several more impact effects trying to provide a more realistic shoot-experience. The effects depend on the materials hit ( like the video shows, sand will emit dust and asphalt will cause more sparkles. Also note the crack sound that is caused by the bullets speed and the gas in front of the guns barrel. Suppression-Effect Now I think this would get scraped due to the arcade nature but I implented it nevertheless. If a bullet comes very close to you, your screen will get blurry as this should be somewhat a suppression effect. This only happens when the bullet comes really close to you as demonstrated in the video below. Bullet-fly time alternative video The following video should demonstrate how the bullet flies through the air rather than just popping up which is how it is currently. More explanation on how the script works: So as I already told the whole deal is to have many subrays which improves performance and is also more precise as you can detect many more things than you could with one big ray like it is currently in gta-sa. As for the performance again I implemented other techniques to keep it as smooth as possible. One example is the bulletqueue which only deals with each subray frame for frame as we don't need to calculate any collision for all subrays at once. This is due to the fact that the bullet is flying and giving us time to calculate each subray one by one. The queue itself processes different subrays from sveral shots in one frame and then moves up to the next subray for every shot that is inside the queue at the next frame. NOTE: the above shows two shots and it does not mean that you can only process subray1 from shot1 with subray1 from shot2, because this would make no sense as shots would get delayed due to the need to sync every subray of each shot. It's basically like this Shot1 = { ak47, 18th bullet, 1 mile } * several seconds after * Shot2 = { ak47, 19thbullet, 1mile } * divide shot 1 into many little subrays spanning across 1 mile * * divide shot 2 into many little subrays spanning across 1 mile * <onFrame <... bullet queue check collision for subray3 of shot1 check collision for subray1 of shot2 <.. bullet queue end <on Frame ends The whole script was written in OOP-Style (pseudo-oop rather considering lua and its way to simulate oop). Patterns like the Singleton were realised inside this as well and each "component" of this script can be regarded as an object (ie. calculation-class, draw-class, hitregister-class) Overview ( open in new tab to enlarge it or visit the documentation [To the documentation] )
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    Developer Diary #2 - Character Creation

    Welcome to our next Developer Diary. Instead of lots of text, here's a video: Note: The above is a WIP and will change before launch. Certain UI elements will change to be buttons rather than sliders, character heads will not move during customization, and additional customization options will be added. As always, feel free to reach out to us below or via Discord.
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    MTA Development Blog #1 Introduction Hello and welcome to the first Development Update/Blog post for the Multi Theft Auto server. These development updates will work similar to the V updates where I will showcase features, improvements and some behind the screens stuffs the scripting team are working on for the Multi Theft Auto server. Let’s begin this update with showing off some upcoming features! ANPR System Recently @SjoerdPSV began working on a automatic number plate recognition system. The system adds ANPR checkers at each toll booth and also adds an ‘ANPR’ item which can be placed inside of LSPD cruisers. The ANPR system also adds a new section within the MDC where LSPD Officers can now add plates to which the ANPR scanners will look out for. Here is a screenshot of what the tolls triggering ANPR looks like: Vehicle Library Improvements A few months ago I began working on Improvements for the vehicle library due to the way it grabs the data and sends it to the client. The vehicle library has now been improved and also now has a search feature! Below are some screenshots of the improvement! Election Improvements As of recent there has been some backend improvements to the way the election script works, sadly these isn’t a flashy feature or anything but the new improvements allow the election system to be managed without Scripting Team involvement. There hasn’t been many public interface changes to elections but here's a screenshot of the manager GUI! Wearables The original idea came from Portside to have wearables in OwlGaming. After the split between Portside and the Scripting Team, Yannick decided to pick up the idea. Here’s his story: “After the split, I decided to pick it up. I had to start with clearing all the unnecessary functions and code that was in first. And yes, this was a pain in the ass. After I managed to get some clear sight on the script, I started with new features and upgrades to the code. As I had a lot of other things besides Owl, I didn’t really had the time to do it quick. After I managed to patch everything up, I decided to submit it for review. As I was at that time busy with my university, I didn’t really had the time to look into it. After looking into our Gitlab, I noticed I had over 40 discussions on the script. These were mainly code issues, but bugs as well. As I didn’t have a lot of time, these took ages to solve. Then I started working on it in between my lessons. As I didn’t had bug testers, I got help from DrJoseEvil. He was the guy that helped me out finding bugs and making new wearables, shoutout to him for that! So yeah, we’ve had this up’s and down’s with wearables. Let's say this script took us a year, while it could be done way quicker. Anyway, I hope this can be released soon. It needs a bit more code review before it can be dropped. In the meantime, enjoy the screenshots.” Changes to shops In the background I’ve been working on changes to the way shop system works, this includes how custom shops charge the store owner and also a new feature which allows players to add their own shop NPC’s based on the NPC limitation rule. Custom shops will be changing so you don’t have to pay them an hourly rate, instead they will take a percentage of the item on sale but will also require a minimum number of items within the store. Custom shop NPC’s will also cost a fee to install, this will be handled via the shop manager that I’ve created, I’ve attached a video & screenshots below that showcases this. There will be more media for this to come, there isn’t any new UI changes to the actual custom shop windows as of yet. (Maybe in a future dev update ) Bug fixes While we’ve not been working on features some of us have been working on bug fixes for various bugs found in the server. If you do find a bug on OwlGaming please report it at https://bugs.owlgaming.net OR use the Bug Reporter tab in F1. Looking to contribute? The scripting team is always looking for new talent, if you have a decent understanding of MTASA Lua & MySQL please complete the Scripter Qualification Test and Forum PM it to @Chaos . Final Notes Thanks to @Chaos, @Yannick, @Eloquent and @SjoerdPSV for all contributing to help the continuing development of OwlGaming MTA. Just as a side note the Script Update will be following this soon. Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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    The Rustavi Network

    The Rustavi Network of San Andreas is a Eurasian TOC trafficking ring operating in the City of Los Santos. It is a part of the larger Rustavi Network which operates internationally. The Rustaveli around the world owe their allegiance to the Tibilisi Clan, which was formerly headed by the infamous Vor: Grandfather Hassan. It's primary operations are the importation and sale of the various contraband that is found in it's region of origin. The plethora of surplus Soviet firearms still in circulation. The pure heroin imported from the nearby Iran. The many exotic whores of Turkish delight. The counterfeit goods of Central Asia. The fraud of the Armenian mind. All is available. All is in stock. The Network's birth lie in the war-torn streets of a Civil War Georgia. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the nation was struck with a number violent internal conflicts that left it's populace in disarray. It was during this time that the Vors descended upon the land, picking the Caucasus clean as if it were carrion. As the wars raged on in the early 90s, the post-Soviet Vory began to fleece the new nation. Surplus Soviet arms were funneled into the streets. Every rebel had a Kalishnakov in his hand. And while the common Georgian people starved in the streets, the Russian crime bosses lined their pockets. However, not all were content to stand by idle as their misery was capitalized upon. It was during this time that many Vory began to work with the local criminals. During the Soviet period Georgian Vors were a minority in the Thieves' World. This wouldn't last for long. As the USSR fell the Vory in Russia slowly became irrelevant as the line between businessman and criminal became blurred. In Georgia this was not the case. The Vory grew in the Caucasus like no other, but so did the new breed of criminal. Hand-in-hand they forged the new paradigm that would shape the Georgian mafia for decades to come. The two major cities in which criminality flourished were Kutaisi in the West and Tbilisi in the East. A series of alliance began to develop that would see the smaller criminal groups side with the developing figures of each camp. The criminals of Rastavi were no different. As the wars raged on in South Ossetia and Abkhazian, the power of those in Rustavi began to grow as well. Rustavi was just a small suburb from the capital, but they forged a name for themselves as being particularly crafty. They avoided the tumultous period in one of the most dangerous cities in the wake of the fall of the Berlin Wall. By the late 1990s, only 3 major crime bosses from the old guard remained. Seeing themselves as denizens of Rastavi first and the capital second they made pact to work together as best as wolves can. Since then many bosses of the Rustaveli arrangement have come and gone. Their members flowing from one figurehead to another. From one country to another in a constantly changing shifting of alliances and betrayals. The Rastvelii ethic and code is still followed to this day, even if the traditions of the Vors are but a distant memory. The Rastavi Network now stretches to nearly every corner of the West and some areas of Russia. Wherever there is conflict; there's a Rastveli to sell you the means to end it. If there is a need to self-medicate, a Rastveli requires no prescription. And you can always find comfort between the thighs of a Rastveli's whore. The Rastveli is a merchant of all things. A Rastveli never goes hungry. It's been that way for generations. And it will always be. Rebels of the Abkhazia War The Rastavi Network is comprised of roughly a dozen Georgian crime bosses members scattered across the globe. Many of it's members entrenched in major metropolii in the richer Western nations. The bosses are collectively known as the Rustveli, despite many of their members hailing from Eastern Georgian, predominantly. Among their number are also the Kartvelian speaking minorities of Georgia. Such as the Yezidi or the Abkhaz, for example. All together this puts the Rustveli between 30-50 members globally. It is widely believed that a sizable percentage of these Rustveli are also Vory v Zakone. It is believed that this figure is in direct correlation with the large amount of Georgian Vory divided between the Kutaisi and Tibilisi criminal clans of the country and those Georgians abroad who are unaligned.. Though small, the Rustavi owe a great deal of their influence to connections with prominent members of the much larger Tibilisi Clan. The alliance that was once headed by Aslan Usoyan, the last true "Godfather of the Vors." Also due to their strategic location in the Caucasus the Rustaveli are able to manuever the Eurasian underworld with much more gravitas than many others. As such, they often ally themselves with other regional and ethnically, culturally, or linguistically similar criminals. Once this is considered, the number of organized criminals in their sphere swell from under a hundred to a legion of Eurasian criminals. that is estimated to be tenfold. The Rastavi Network in San Andreas The core of the Rastvelis in Los Santos are no different than those cells abroad. Mainly comprised of ethnic Georgians hailing from Tbilisi. It is rumored though that an hulking and terrifying Yazidi is amongst them, an overzealous fanatic of a demonic Peacock Angel. Some tell tales of a strange man in black with eyes so pale that they almost see through you. The Russians affiliated with the network are primarily found in Little Moscow. It is there that a man of Tatar origin is said to command respect amongst the local criminals. Another prominent figure is the Wolf. It is said ability to sniff out coin is unmatched Whatever the case, the influenced Russian criminals in Los Santos number in the dozens. One of the largest group that patronize the wares of the Rastavi Network. The Armenians. Unlike in other countries where the Rastavi make use of Armenian immigrants, those of San Andreas employ those of Armenian descent. In fact, two prominent members of the Armenian Power gang have found themselves doing business with the Georgians. While having grown out of their former lifestyle, these Armenians have become more professional but still command respect with their former peers. The Snake and the Hound play a game only they know. Chasing each other too and fro as rivals. There are always those that don't get along with the others. The three ethnic groups are largely compatible. For the reasons listed below, these groups have maintained a healthy distance and their own autonomy within the Rustavi hegemony. The Chechens piss off just about everyone. Militant Islamists aside, the Chechens of the Eurasian underworld are sometimes to valuable to ignore. Sometimes, even the most brutal Russian mobster fears the violence and brutality that the Chechens are capable of. For that reason, they are kept at an arm's length until they are needed. The Turks are comprised of mainly Anatolian Turks, but other Turkic peoples from Central Asia work with them as well. Most Armenians are not pleased to work alongside the Turkish in any capacity though. Due to a history of genocide, the relationship between the two groups is strained. Naturally. The Azeri have an intense dislike of Armenians. Much like the Turks this may be mutual. They are invaluable as the top producers and traffickers of Iranian heroin though. Some things must be put aside for the sake of profit. Firearms Trafficking Narcotics Trafficking Human Trafficking Financial Crimes Counterfeiting By associating with this faction criminally or on an interpersonal level you automatically agree to the CK clause, and may be subjected to a CK at the leadership’s discretion, for whatever reason they deem necessary.
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    The Morra Crime Family

    The Italian-American Mob (La Cosa Nostra) has never actually made Los Santos it's home, it comes and goes. Several individuals have tried to make a mark in the city but have never stuck to it, most of them eventually get incarcerated or end up heading back to the big apple. The Morra Crime Family seemed to have broken the curse for a moment making a mark in a city infested with gang bangers and cartel operatives but the disappearance of prominent figureheads caused there to be a halt in what was once a booming criminal enterprise, other known figures have been spotted around the city but they have not seemed to have the sting that they once had as a group overall. Many forget that the Mob has always known how to adapt. This is what they do, this is who they are. Many also forget that this is all they know. Some people die, some people get incarcerated, some people become a state witness, but for some reason, they never seem to go away. The more law enforcement and other entities try to bring this group down, the more this group seems to find ways to pick themselves back up. They may not have the influence that they once had but they're still the ones who gave that gang banger the gun he used to rob you yesterday or were apart of supplying the cocaine that your twelve step following, two year sober cousin relapsed on. They're still the scumbags that we always knew, regardless of the businesses and the clean income, don't you think for a second that these guys will ever change. OOC Information; We intend to portray a small scale Italian American clique with ties to a defunct Crime Family. We do not plan to solely base our RP around two factors, like guns and drugs for example. We intend to roleplay modern ways to generate income. There's this stigma about this rp being different or hard, it's not once you get into it, understanding how things work is easy. Upon joining the faction as an outsider you agree to be CKd if events lead up to that, we understand that people put time into their characters and we intend to honor that but we also intend to keep it realistic. If you have any inquiries feel free to contact me on discord - Gleee#0590.
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    213 Hoodlums

    213 Hoodlums is a long-standing African-American street gang founded during the late 1975 in the southern district of Los Santos, San Andreas. Vol I. About The 213 Hoodlums. The 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood claims Metropolitan Ave, Verdant Bluffs and shows their activity and attendance nearby districts, even though they're situated in a tight rough spot due to the fact their gang is entirely surrounded by neighboring gangs. Without uncertainty, The 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood was a figure in gang violence that increased crime rates around Verdant Bluffs, Idlewood and Commerce in the late 1980s. Residents affirmed that the gang-affected the neighborhood so critical, that it shifted the homicide rate to proportions unheard of in Los Santos. An extensive portion of 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood affiliates was promptly incarcerated in the late 90s due to the rising tensions. How the conflict sprouted is unknown to many, including the modern-day members of the 213 Hoodlums Neighbourhood. Most of those who were interned were within the ages of 13-17, they hold an, even more, greater residence in Juvenile Institutions, and Juvenile Camps across the state of San Andreas as a result of the heavy embroilment in poverty-riddled activities. Vol II. Metropolitan Ave, Verdant Bluffs Riots. SOUTH CENTRAL Contrary to widespread belief, the Verdant Bluffs District drew a low number of visitants and civilians throughout the early 1960s and 1970s. Residents at Metropolitan Ave claim that the area is hard to live in, while others completely stay away from the area. Verdant Bluffs' history dates back to 1953, at that time Metropolitan Ave, Verdant Bluffs was a multicultural neighborhood Metropolitan Ave packed with a heavy presence of Hispanic Americans, with a minority of African Americans, Caucasian, and a few others mixed in between. Even then in the midst of the early-late 60s, Idlewood possessed a very high crime rate, because of the war against the Black Panthers and the government. Prostitution, robberies and car crime (especially carjackings). In the 1980s drugs (especially weed-cocaine) became the main issues. The area is deeply under scrutiny by Police aviation, aka "Ghetto Bird" or "The Bird." Manufacturing jobs were popular during the 1950s and 1960s. However, an unplanned reduction in jobs around 1963 also helped The Metropolitan Ave Riots. Once jobs caused began declining, this depressed the area; at the same time, the concentration of poverty-stricken residents, blended with a pervasive feeling of disenfranchisement and official indifference or hostility, caused the housing projects to become a breeding ground for criminal activities. Verdant Bluffs Riots In the implacable & black southside region of Metropolitan Ave, the racial tension stretched to another level after a fight between African-Americans and Caucasian residents of the Glen Park Homes. Law enforcement arrived at the scene of the riot, and Gerald J' Henry, a Caucasian police officer interlaced in an uproar with an African-American mechanic speculated of elevating the fight. However, as a crowd of Metropolitan Ave, Verdant Bluffs onlookers watched the brutal & dishearten death of Lamar Harrison (20) conflict spread & a riot roused by residents of the neighboring housing projects, and houses who were angered after years of unfair economic and political treatments. The Home Street District Riots was privately filmed by a helicopter, footage showcases how pedestrians & Law enforcement brutally terrified the streets of Verdant Bluffs and Commerce. Multiple people were shot, beaten or arrested, individuals in those riot events eventually ranged a bigger area of Verdant Bluffs, looting stores, torching buildings and markets, brawling police and firefighters. Around 120 rioters were injured, 10 were injured. Vol III. Neighborhood. As of 2016, the 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood is still an infamous and prominent African-American street gang. Most new affiliates of the street gang who have become known to the police through monitoring and arrests are within the ages of 14 and 24. 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood appear to have a higher interest in recruiting young men and young women who are in their late teens and early 90s rather than youths who are still in childhood or early adolescence. It stands to reason that the street gang, through recruiting this relatively older age group, are looking for more experienced and seasoned members. Their territory extends a larger amount than before.Metropolitan Ave is still known for its density, as such, it should be no surprise that many of the local youth are affected by this culture either through acquaintances or family. The latter being the case for many, be it an older brother, father or uncle that had ties to the Neighborhood. Not only that, but the 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood still remain strong within the area and kept it that way for almost 45 years. The 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood is one of the most murderous gangs in South Central, according to law enforcement. Upon entering and conspiring with 213 Hoodlums you automatically agree to a Character Kill (CK) Clause upon departure of 213 Hoodlums or betrayal against 213 Hoodlums.
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    Gang Injunction - Crimstone Gang

    Andrew Jackson Court House Official Press Release Injunction - #107 AIMS OF THE GANG INJUNCTION Reduce the rate of criminal and weapon offenses. Reduce the visibility of the Crimstone Gang. Reduce resident intimidation and fear of confrontations with the Crimstone Gang. Increase residents' sense of control over their community; and Provide an excuse for some members to get out of the Crimstone Gang. AREAS OF GANG INJUNCTION AFFILIATED GANG PERSONS INCLUDED IN GANG INJUNCTION *Pictures for the people whose names are listed below would be present in conjunction with the names.* Elijah North LaMonte Jones Diontray Tillman Armani Washington Ja’Taveon Hampton Enzo Reyes Marcel Woods Darnell Hamilton Clevon Hamilton Travis Harvard Jermaine Chambers IT IS ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED THAT: Defendant Crimstone Gang, all of its members, and all persons acting under, in concert with, for the benefit of, at the discretion of, or in association of Crimstone Gang, are enjoined and restrained in engaging or performing directly or indirectly any of the following activities: Do Not Associate Standing, sitting, walking, driving, gathering or appearing anywhere in public view or any place accessible to the public with any known member of Crimstone Gang; No Intimidation Confronting, intimidating, annoying, harassing, threatening, challenging, provoking, assaulting or battering any person known to be a witness, known to be a victim of, or known to have complained about the Crimstone Gang; No Guns or Dangerous Weapon(s) Anywhere in public view or accessible to the public. Possessing any gun, ammunition or illegal weapon as defined in the SALT Act.s Knowingly remaining in the presence of anyone who is in such possession of such gun, ammunition or illegal firearm or Knowingly remaining in the presence of such gun, ammunition or illegal firearm. No Graffiti or Graffiti Tools Damaging, defacing, or marking any public or private property of another, or possessing any spray-paint can, felt-tip marker, or other graffiti tools. Stay Away From Drugs Selling, possessing, or using any controlled substance or related paraphernalia, without a prescription. Do Not Flag Down Cars Approaching or signalling to any vehicle on any street, alleyway, or other areas of public passage, thus causing the vehicle to stop, unless a legitimate emergency so requires; No Loitering Being present, or causing others to be present, or in general, loitering on the private property of others or public property (both residential and commercial),except With the prior written consent of the person in lawful possession of the property, or; In the presence of and with the voluntary consent of the person in lawful possession of the property. No Noise Making, causing, or encouraging others to violate noise restrictions including playing loud music, participating in loud parties, engaging in exhibitions of speed making loud noise, such as roaring engine and screeching tires, etc. No Vandalism Damaging or vandalizing the property of another, including public property. No Fights Fighting in public or any place open to public view or hearing. VIOLATIONS OF THIS GANG INJUNCTION Any violation will result in being charged with MO041 - Contempt of Court and the predetermined sentencing guidelines are as follows *, Fine of Up To $5,000. Imprisonment in the San Andreas Couny Jail for no more than 1 year. ((1 - 2 Days)) * The charge of MO041 Contempt Of Court is not a substitute to other criminal charges, rather an addition. Dated on SEPTEMBER 22, 2018 Chief Justice of the Superior Court For more information: Public Relations Officer Superior Court of San Andreas Courthouse Building, Pershing Square City of Los Santos, State of San Andreas [email protected] (( PM ThatGuy )) Hotline Number: 211 Disclaimer This publication was brought to you by the Office of Publications within the Superior Court of San Andreas. Further updates for additions or removal from this injunction will be listed as amendments.
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    Shooting cops?

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    Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- Cross125 Character Name- Dmitri Nasonov Date of Incident- 08/28/2017 Supervising Administrator- ThatGuy Narrative- Introduction: Around two to three days before the CK I was involved in a Felony stop. To be more precise I received recorded audio/footage of someone with an eastern European/Slavic accent asking a manager, of a Hotel, 10 grand a month for 'protection' and after the earlier mentioned manager denied, the person with the Slavic accent responded with "We'll meet soon". The same day the manager has contacted another person, who at the time was at Santa Maria Beach, asking about their location. After the person told his/her location (not naming names to prevent MG) a black SUV followed the manager's vehicle all the way to Santa Maria Beach. At the time I & two officers were at Santa Maria Beach, out of our cruisers, on break. That's when I saw the manager's vehicle and that black SUV which has honestly caught me off-guard. You can even check logs of how we didn't take the manager seriously what so ever and didn't even believe that a Black SUV occupied times four was following him. The manager jumped out of his car and shouted "That's them", when that SUV drove into the parking lot fairly confident considering the two cruisers at the time were hidden behind a parked vehicle. The SUV drove into the parking lot enough to pass the parked vehicle and saw the two cruisers, when it decided to slam on the brakes, do a 180-turn and drive away going Eastbound, only slightly speeding, pretending not knowing what was going on. I & the other two officers had a split second to think before running towards our cruisers. I was close to mine and was the first one to follow the SUV and the other cruiser with the two other officers following me shortly after. - Evidence of on-going extortion of the manager. - Recorded indirect threats that they will "meet again soon". - Black SUV occupied times four following the manager after passing by his business slowly. - Black SUV leaving the scene after what looked like he noticed the cruisers. Which is enough for 'Reasonable Suspicion'. The Reasonable Suspicion alongside the circumstances justifies a felony stop. It was never "illegal" how Hurley claimed at the time. Let me further elaborate this. From the LSPD Handbook; "Felony Stops: A Felony Stop or "high-risk" traffic stop occurs when there is a strong reason to believe the vehicle contains a driver or passenger suspected of having committed a felony/serious crime, especially of a nature that would lead the officer to believe the suspect(s) may be armed (such as an armed robbery, assault with a weapon, or an outstanding felony warrant for the registered owner)." We had a reasonable suspicion that the SUV was involved in extortion which according to the penal code is a felony and punishable up to 5 years in prison. (5 days OOC'ly.) If needed, I also got a recording of a Sergeant (who now got promoted to a Lieutenant) and 3 other officers talking with Salsa that the felony stop was absolutely justified. I was also not scene-command during the felony stop. There was a Sergeant with a 'Sergeant'-Badge on the scene the whole time who was scene command. _____________________________________________ The CK: It was around 22:20 when I decided to hop InGame to get one or two more tickets for a ticket quota. I drove out of the PD's garage when I responded to another officer's location who was involved in a traffic stop with a wrapped BMW. We were west of DB, just next to it. As we all know that part of town is extremely crowded. As a secondary unit in the traffic stop, I was more busy watching my surroundings than the traffic stop itself, which is what you do. It would be impossible to pass the traffic stop in a vehicle or on foot without me noticing it. During the traffic stop of the BMW north-west of DB is when I rolled down my windows to catch what the initiating officer was saying. There was only a single vehicle which drove past the traffic spot slow enough while my windows were rolled down to properly see my face and I even got a screenshot of that vehicle. I got a reason of why I know that the vehicle wasn't involved with the CK but more to that at a later point. The traffic stop was about to end with the driver of the BMW getting a ticket for reckless driving when I saw an RS Haul van racing past me, skipping an intersection later on in the process. Of course, I decided to follow the van and pull it over. The van came to a halt east of the County General Hospital. At this point it is easier to explain with logs: [2017-08-28 00:32:37] [Output] : ✪ Dmitri Nasonov rolls their windows up. [2017-08-28 00:32:37] [Output] : ✪ Doni Provacci rolls their windows up. [2017-08-28 00:33:17] [Output] : * Doni Provacci buckles in their seatbelt. * [2017-08-28 00:33:30] [Output] : [English] ((Dmitri Nasonov)) Megaphone <O: This is the Los Santos Police Department, pull over to the side of the road and tur [2017-08-28 00:33:30] [Output] : n your engine off! [2017-08-28 00:33:50] [Output] : * Dmitri Nasonov reaches his right hand to a chest mounted "Motorolla" radio as he presses on the PTT button, speaking into it * [2017-08-28 00:34:06] [Output] : * Marko Bezruchko takes out his cellphone. * [2017-08-28 00:34:17] [Output] : * Marko Bezruchko puts down his cellphone. * [2017-08-28 00:34:28] [Output] : * Marko Bezruchko removes their helmet. * [2017-08-28 00:34:30] [Output] : [English] [#**] Dmitri Nasonov ((In Car)) says: T-607 to Dispatch, 10-55 on a RS Haul Van, plates reading '..- 10-6. [2017-08-28 00:34:32] [Output] : * Dmitri Nasonov reaches his right hand to a chest mounted "Motorolla" radio as he presses on the PTT button, speaking into it * [2017-08-28 00:34:44] [Output] : * Marko Bezruchko withdraws the Fort-12B from his dufflebag and takes aim with haste. * [2017-08-28 00:34:49] [Output] : * Dmitri Nasonov's head was blown off. * ( Note that the ***'s are there to prevent possible MG of the PD's radio frequency. ) I have already addressed the rolled down windows but I want to point something out. There's almost a 1-minute gap between rolling my windows up and pulling over the van. I already rolled up the windows before even starting to chase the Van. As I said I literally was about to clear from the traffic stop, when the van flew past me. Anyhow, why am I addressing this? Simple. How did Marko knew it was me? I strongly believe that Marko has made a genuine mistake in terms of knowing who I was. Marko wasn't involved in the felony stop, so I'm not quite sure how he knew who I was in the first place and how he managed to know that it was me in that TED-Cruiser. Let me elaborate. I was driving a TED-Cruiser. A different one than the one from the felony stop. We have more than one of the white TED-cruisers. Also, the cruisers are completely tinted especially from the back. Please explain this to me. _____________________________________________ My third point is the fact that the CK-procedure itself was unfair. Let me explain by taking a closer look at the logs. [2017-08-28 00:34:30] [Output] : [English] [#**] Dmitri Nasonov ((In Car)) says: T-607 to Dispatch, 10-55 on a RS Haul Van, plates reading '..- 10-6. You can ask absolutely anyone from the PD and they can confirm that this is not how you radio-in/call-in situations. There was a very good reason why this radio message was so vague. I couldn't read the vehicle's name, nor plate via pressing 'alt'. The driver's name blocked the information of the vehicle. That's why I just said RS Haul Van and didn't specify what so ever. 10-6 means stand-by. Also the same reasoning behind it. I couldn't read the vehicle's plates and was forced to face my camera south, making it possible to read the "alt"-information but also limiting my view, especially what was going on on my left. I also was writing. [2017-08-28 00:34:32] [Output] : * Dmitri Nasonov reaches his right hand to a chest mounted "Motorolla" radio as he presses on the PTT button, speaking into it * This is my bind when I press "Y". Note my RP. I RP'ed having a chest mounted radio which means that I would still be normally sitting in my cruiser and RP'ly just reading out loud the plates of the vehicle. I would have easily seen Marko approaching me from behind through my driver's side side-mirror and reaching for his duffle bag as seen by his /ame. I was typing and not able to physically defend myself. I don't want to sound ignorant but I've been involved in 4 different shootings where I was able to put multiple rounds into suspects without even get hit once. It would be very likely that IC'ly I would have some experience regarding handling a gun and OOC'ly I can more than definitely assure that if I wasn't typing nor was forced to have my camera at an awkward angle, the outcome would be completely different. After my first CK (where I got shot because I decided to think for a second and not to shoot someone who shot me shortly after) I have a tendency to be trigger-happy. Hell, I almost shot two guys with less than 5 hours the other day at RS Haul because they decided to approach my cruiser from behind during a speed trap near some trees. _____________________________________________ TLDR; -What was the actual reason for the CK? -How did Marko knew it was me even though he didn't personally knew me, me using a different cruiser and my cruiser having window tint? -Was the CK situation really fair? _____________________________________________ A couple words regarding the "private" CK application. Is there a special reason why the CK application was "private" through contacting a UAT member instead of through the open-forum-contact when the CK application can be reviewed by multiple admin (UAT) members? I can also recall that on CK applications you have to be somewhat specific on how the CK is going to be executed. Does the CK application really say "Follow random cruisers until Dmitri was found and shoot him on sight"? Because quite frankly that is what has happened in the CK. I also would like to talk about the fact that it was late, 22:30 to be more precise. I do have a genuine belief that the people executing the CK didn't search for me until they most likely used /id (or similar) to find out that I was online. What are the odds that I was found literally 20 minutes after me leaving the PD Garage in such a large city. I even once complained the other day in /f how the town feels so empty even though 130 people were online. _____________________________________________ I would like to thank you for reading and taking your time. Evidence- -Refer to the Narrative. Method of Death- 9mm (?) shot. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes
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    The Jackals Motorcycle Club

    The Jackals Motorcycle Club The Beginning Founded by Douglas "Sully" Sullivan, in March 2019. After leaving Nevada and the US Military behind, Sully discovered Angel Pine - Forming a quick connection with the town. Feeling a personal mission to revive the town of Angel Pine, Sully soon formed The Jackals Motorcycle Club (The Jackals). With his love for Motorcycles, Brotherhood and the road - The Jackals quickly grew, with a solid core of loyal individuals. The Jackal’s initial goals and ambitions were to be a charitable and a non-profitable organisation to put back into the community of Angel Pine; with the likes of charitable events, fundraisers, employment and more. These goals slowly but surely became clouded, with the unforeseen future of illegal distribution of contraband, such as; narcotics and firearms. The money and allurement nature of illegal activities soon appealed to the members of The Jackals. Before long, they discovered themselves travelling down a slippery slope of illegitimate acts. The Aryans Shortly after forming The Jackals, Sully was approached by a familiar face, “Kappi”. The two first met when Kappi was thrown from his Harley Davidson, by a reckless driver. Sully assisted him by the roadside, repairing his bike, and their alliance grew ever since. Being a Councilman for the neighbouring Aryan Knights MC, Kappi approached Sully with a proposition; that the Aryan Knights MC would support The Jackals MC - under the condition that Sully was able to demonstrate his ability to manage and maintain The Jackals fully, along with proving his strengths and competence towards the Aryan Knights. Now under the watchful guard and support of the Aryan Knights Motorcycle Club, The Jackals Motorcycle Club grows stronger and lasting with each day. The Future As The Jackals continue to thrive in the heart of Angel Pine, they have successfully been able to retain their founding and charitable goals in which they first set out to accomplish - however, not without the expense of remaining legitimate. Since their founding days, The Jackal’s have since been intoxicated with the unforeseen, but embraced changes of becoming a strong illegal organisation. With Sully’s family members close to being released from Nevada State Prison, who knows what the future may hold for The Jackals? ((If you’re involved with this Faction, whether that be membership, or prolonged interactions / business - you could be subject to a CK, after being heavily discussed by Faction management))
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    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

    The Southside Asian Boyz 1226 Prior to 1975, most of the few Cambodians in the United States were children of high-income families or had government-funded scholarships sent abroad to attend school. There was no history of immigration from Cambodia into the United States. After the fall of Phnom Penh to the communist Khmer Rouge in 1975, a few Cambodians managed to escape but it was only after the régime was overthrown in 1979 did large waves of Cambodians began immigrating to the US as refugees. Between 1975 and 1994, nearly 158,000 Cambodians were admitted. About 149,000 of them entered the country as refugees, and 6,000 entered as immigrants and 2,500 as humanitarian and public interest parolees. To encourage rapid cultural assimilation and to spread the economic impact, the US government settled the refugees in various towns and cities throughout the country. However, once established enough to be able to communicate and travel, many Cambodians began migrating to certain places that the climate was more like home, they knew friends and relatives had been sent, or there were rumored to be familiar jobs or higher government benefits. Consequently, large communities of Cambodians took root in cities such as Long Beach, Fresno and Stockton in California, Providence, Rhode Island, Cleveland, Ohio; as well as Lynn and Lowell in Massachusetts and Seattle and Portland in the Pacific Northwest. Since 1994, Cambodians admitted into the United States have entered the country as immigrants and not as refugees, but the number per year is small. Most of the increase in the ethnic Cambodian population in the can be attributed to American-born children of Cambodian immigrants or of people of Cambodian descent. The 2010 census counted 276,667 persons of Cambodian descent in the United States, up from 206,052 in 2000. Of them, 231,616 (84%) are all-Cambodian and 45,051 part-Cambodian. S/S Asian Boyz 1226 is a street gang situated in Ganton, Los Santos. The Asian Boyz in Los Santos have been until 2018 non-existent, as majority of the sets have been defunct or focused primarily on small and diversified crime, whereas the Southside Asian Boyz have made a name for themselves during the recent years. The set in Ganton, like the other sets of the Asian Boyz, was originally founded as an effort of protection for Southeast Asian immigrants and refugees from the more numerous American gangs in their localities. According to the FBI, the gang consists predominantly of Cambodian members, while Filipinos, Vietnamese, Laotians, Thai and Japanese members comprise sizable numbers. Edward Huynh photographed on Freedom Street, circa 2018. As an alternative to the nearly non-existent old school representatives of the Asian Boyz, Edward Huynh setup his own cell of the Asian Boyz in Ganton with his collection of young delinquents. This new and violent crew overran the other gangs in Ganton and took over, starting a new era for the Asian Boyz. The era of Edward Huynh. The gang would prey on young teenagers who lived in struggle, providing a feeling of being apart of something larger and powerful to the youth in the area, the intoxicatingly easy money and the sense of a brotherhood manipulates the foolish and the young easily. The gang profited from stealing cars and electronics, and slowly started to transition into drug trade. As the gang stepped into drug trade, they were met by completely new issues, the presence of larger and fearsome drug trafficking organizations and territorial problems forced the group to invest into firearms, which is where the ABZ displayed their violence. The set was now recognized by neighboring gangs, but like for many, fame and power makes people do stupid things, Edward Huynh started to become careless and was eventually gunned down by his supposed allies on November 23rd, 2018. Thomas Pham photographed in front of Lil Cambodia Recordz, circa 2018. After the death of Edward Huynh and several other key people in the Asian Boyz, Thomas Pham took over. He had learned from Edward's mistakes, and instead of flaunting the groups power and provoking fights, he encouraged the men under him to focus purely on profiting and to only fight if provoked, Thomas Pham raised the status of the gang in the underworld, and made them seen as more professional criminals than braindead savages, although the group is still seen as disorganized and violent, they are a far cry from the group that Edward ran. Rules Upon associating yourself with S/S Asian Boyz 1226 on a criminal or interpersonal level you automatically agree to a Character Kill clause. The leadership reserves the right to Character Killing your character for any reason at any time. All ties to the faction should be made In-Character. Follow the server rules. Understand that upon joining the faction officially you give consent to all forms of disgusting roleplaying. Screenshot permission is REQUIRED. Faction hoppers are not welcome. If you are not committed to play with us, then don't play at all. During your time in S/S Asian Boyz 1226 you will develop your character to the fullest, if you intend on joining an illegal faction for shooting and making quick money, consider joining some other faction.
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    Drug Epidemic Hits Los Santos A young woman has sadly lost her life after taking a mix of Heroin and Cocaine that had been cut with the opiate medication Fentanyl. Cheap market prices has seen a large batch of Heroin and Cocaine appearing on the streets of Los Santos for junkies to get their fix. Unfortunately, it appears that the recent batches have been cut with a mix of Fentanyl, a pain medication that is said to have been 50 times stronger than Heroin. The 18 year old female was found unconscious in an alleyway in Idlewood and was later declared dead by EMT’s on scene. Drug paraphernalia found nearby was tested and came up positive for traces of both Heroin and Cocaine. An autopsy was done as part of the investigation into the cause of the woman’s death. Results showed that the cause of death was due to an overdose with high traces of Fentanyl in her system. What is Fentanyl? Fentanyl is a powerful opioid drug used in the treatment of severe pain. However it is being used more and more as a mix with Heroin or Cocaine due to how powerful the effects are - Fentanyl is said to be 50 more times more concentrated than morphine. The effects of the drug are rapid and roughly last for one to two hours. Over the past few years, Fentanyl has appeared in the streets, often laced into the illicit heroin supply. Law enforcement officials believe that most of this Fentanyl comes from labs in China, where it’s produced without being under the supervision of US drug regulators and law enforcement officials who aim to stop the drug being used for recreational purposes. Fentanyl is then shipped from China to the US, normally through Latin America where it is then cut into heroin by drug traffickers and dealers. These groups can then make more money out of their newly cut heroin due to it having more of an effect in lower doses, making it a must buy for any user. In 2016 New South Wales State Coroner Michael Barnes in Australia issued a warning about a "deadly" batch of heroin, saying that in each overdose case the person was found slumped on the floor with a syringe in their hands, or needles and other drug paraphernalia nearby. This echos similarity in regards to the recent incident on our doorsteps in Los Santos. An estimated 13.5 million people in the world take opioids (opium-like substances), including 9.2 million who use heroin. How did the batch come to Los Santos? According to sources and LSPD investigations, the fentanyl laced drug shipments were brought into Los Santos by drug traffickers who then supplied several gangs and criminal organizations in Los Santos. Drug busts by the LSPD are becoming more frequent where large quantities of illicit drugs are found laced with fentanyl. This was brought to light recently when several raids by the LSPD in conjunction with the DEA led to the discovery of several of several kilos of Heroin and Cocaine. Unfortunately it appears that the group had been dealing with other criminal parties in Los Santos for quite some time, meaning that there is a high chance of potential lethal batches of Heroin and Cocaine circulating Los Santos and the surrounding areas. Speaking to one individual who wished to remain anonymous, our reporter was told that there have already been signs of a decrease in sales in regards to Heroin and Cocaine due to the death of the young woman, along with dealers not wishing to be the cause of potential further deaths due to not knowing whether their supply is part of the bad batch. Due to the recent implications in regards to Class A drugs, there has been a large increase in demand for so called ‘Party Drugs’ which has started making more of an appearance on the street’s of Los Santos. The drugs such as Ecstasy, hallucinogens, and prescription pills often alter the users perception of reality, making it a hit for those who often want a break from real life struggles and instead feel more ‘confident’ and ‘excited’. Since users of Class A’s have starting to look for other options to feel ‘high’, there has been more of a supply and demand for these types of drugs, meaning that people are willing to pay a higher price in order to get their hands on them. The advice given out by the Drug Enforcement Agency is to remain vigilant and to report any potential drug related incidents to the authorities. Sparta News warns it’s readers that taking these kinds of drugs can be extremely dangerous due to the difficulty of being able to predict the drug’s strength, what the effects will be and whether they contain poisonous ingredients, and therefore to avoid taking any illegal drugs at all costs. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you or someone you know has a drug problem and would like to seek advice please visit the Saint Ernest Medical Center. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have a Story you wish to share with the Community? Want to be featured by Sparta Media? Email us at: [email protected] This is an FT sponsored event.
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    Year In Review 2018

    Year In Review 2018 Community & Script Updates 2018 has been a fantastic year for OwlGaming and I wanted to take the time to thank everyone for continuing to play. Even if you aren't on the MTA server anymore it is nice to see the community grouping up and playing games together on teamspeak or our discord. If someone would be interested in hosting a game night, I would be interested in helping out and joining! Throughout the year we have made numerous rule changes. If you're interested in seeing a summary of all the rule changes that have been made this year take a look at the following link: https://gitlab.com/OwlGamingCommunity/docs/compare/91f420acd0cfe6b96e37a95538008ef51fcdbdb9...master All of the rule changes have been from community votes, suggestions, or as situations occur in game. Further more we've made a number of GTAV update posts and MTA script updates! This year we launched a refresh of our UCP design to highlight the work we are doing on launching a GTAV server: The MTA server alone has had over 35 thousand lines of code changed in this last year: The V project with nearly just as much! Please take some time to look at the dev blog updates and MTA server updates from the past year: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1602-grand-theft-auto-san-andreas/ https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1603-grand-theft-auto-v/ At the start of the year we committed to improving things in the community with an announcement: We have kept our promises, one of which was to continue doing a monthly community newsletter. We hope we could satisfy some of your concerns with the changes we made! Also at the beginning of the year we had a community Q&A on teamspeak which discussed GTAV in more detail than the announcement on the forums. Community Spotlight Events This year there were a few community events. We had: Easter Bunny Gas Leak Terrorist Event Christmas Santa Paintball New Golf Course Ice Skating We are open to continuing this tradition and are always looking for new fun ideas that we can mix in to keep the roleplay fresh! In Character Content I'd like to see YOU reply with what your favorite post, roleplay situation, or faction was in 2018! I would love to feature it in this thread. Personally my favorite bit of content in 2018 has been the rise and success of Craazy's gang. Their IC updates and screenshots have been a welcome read! Media To have your media featured in the next newsletter, submit it on the #media channel on Discord! Stats 3,189 reports handled in the month of December! 45,173 reports handled in the year of 2018! (note: this does not include support tickets.) Concluding I can't wait to see what 2019 brings for OwlGaming. Thank you all for being a part of it and for all the hard work of the staff team this past year. We've come a long way as a community and have done nothing but improved from our mistakes. ❤️
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    Hassan Darius "Scar" Brewster

    Name: Hassan Darius Last-name: Brewster Age: 31 Aliases: Scar, Hass, Lil Fella, Pretty, East Los Santos Santa, Darius Affiliation: Hoover Crip Charges: WF002 - Carrying a Unlicensed Firearm or Weapon. DF002 - Illegal Drug Possesion. GF001 - Assault. WF002 - Carrying a Unlicensed Firearm or Weapon. SF005 - Attempted Murder - Second Degree "I admired the crack sellers." A life of crime is pretty much what everyone growing up in Willowfield had, and for Hassan "Scar" Brewster life was no different. From the age of 8 the older boys in the area would send him on jobs to collect stuff, giving him sweets or money along with praise for doing a good job. What Hassan didn't know at the time was that he was delivering drugs. Later, Hassan started living with his moms and grandmoms along with his uncle and cousins after his Father got sent to prison for second degree murder. Due to his elder cousins having the hood mentality, that affected the way Hassan thinks and lives, he kind of admired them. "Lesson to be learned." The first time Hassan ever held a gun aged 13, he pointed it against the mirror, looked at his reflection while throwing up gang signs. He wanted to be like the big boys out in the trenches. Soon enough his moms busted him and took the empty .38 away from his hands, she hit him for the first and last time in her life. "Nigga you know what the fuck did your pops paid for this gang shit? You want to end up like him? Like these rats in trenches?" his mom yelled, tried to save her only son from the hole that swallowed her husband. But that did nothing but made Hassan mad, he knew where his moms could hide that .38 so he went up for it, tucked it in his dirty shorts then he left his grandma house. Went outside to get active with the local goons and youngins of Willowfield. For a time Hassan felt untouchable, despite being somewhat smaller than the rest of the group he was packing, nobody in this world could touch him. "I got red tops, red tops yo." That didn't last too long, one of them soldiers already been making him push that weight around. "I got red tops, yo want to buy some red tops?" he was asking the fiends walking past him. Then cops pulled up after getting complaints about noise so they lined all the kids on corner against the wall, patted them down. Hassan thought he was clean because he didn't have the "red tops" on him, but he forgot about the .38 tucked in his waist. Patting officer found the gun and cuffed him, tossed him like a dirt bag in the back of his cruiser and they took off. "Big bank take little bank." Due to being 14 at the time of sentencing, Hassan was sent to the local Juvenile Detention Center. As soon as he stepped through the doors he knew he was in for a rough ride. The other teenagers looked at him like a target, and he soon found himself being pushed around by the older kids who wanted to make themselves look big. Six months into his sentence and Hassan had decided enough was enough. He walked over to one of the main bullies and punched them in the face as hard as he could, breaking their nose. Although he got placed in solitary for a couple of days. From then on he tried to continue to stick up for himself, fighting back when possible and seeing himself get into further trouble with the staff at the Juvenile Center. What he didn’t know was that the kid he punched, named "R-Loc", was plotting his revenge after feeling humiliated from getting his nose broken by the ‘weaker kid’. "Never sleep, because sleep is the cousin of death." Towards the end of his sentence, Hassan was walking down the hall when R-Loc dragged him into a nearby Cell along with his squad, slashing Hassan’s face from his right eye down to his lips with a makeshift shive. By the time the guards had arrived Hassan was covered in blood with R-Loc about to finish the job off. The attack left Hassan with a nasty wound, earning him the nickname of ‘Scar’ along with teaching him that you should expect an attack from anyone at anytime. Soon his time at the centre came to the end and he was a free man. Stepping out of the doors for the first time after years, Hassan would have liked to think he had changed for the better. Even so, he couldn’t shake the street mentality. He moved back home with his family but soon returned to life on the street. He promised himself "Imma run that shit" while cruising through the streets of Willowfield in his moms SUV. Wishing to become "Rich Porter" of Los Santos. "Ay, you good blood?" After getting assaulted by "R-Loc" and his crew, a Piru affiliated kid called "Omar" and his companions got friendly with Scar due to him standing up against a Crip affiliated guy and his squad. As you can notice by looking at his name "R-Loc" was Crip affiliated, or you could call him and the other young duns inside wannabes. All of them were young kids whomst looked up to gang members, trying to be like them by dressing like them, throwing up the gang signs, etcetera. So far Scar adapted the way they talked, repped red in his juve days. Like the rest of his squad of wannabes along with other folks. Back and forth trash-talking, fights and such took place in juve between parties. Scar was all passive on it due to his character and he just didn't want to get in trouble because the guards ain't no friendly, nor giving you candies. It's all about getting beaten by nighsticks and such. But you know how game works, once you are in it you can't get out of it. "You down for the Hoovers?" Weeks passed, Scar has earned respect in the set. Proved his loyalty to set, did put in some work. He was young but somehow had the mentality of a grown man. Growing up in a life like that made him man the fuck up to say. One day, when all the squad were getting it down in Pizza Stack, Jojo approached Scar. "Gonna talk to the niggas later, but you down for the hoovers... for good?" Jojo asked. Scar didn't wait a second, straight up answered with confidence "Yeah mane.. y'all my niggas and shit. We got eachother.". Jojo replied "I know that, not gonna lie. I see you, you loc as fuck." looked at him proudly with following words " You official hoover now nigga, rep your set.". Scar greeted his big homie with a grin and brotherly dap "Ah-alright." he said. Before parting the dap, Jojo said something to Scar that made a good place in his young mind "Don't let me down out there my nigga." "You have to be little paranoid to survive." Days after days, night after nights Scar's been enjoying his life. Making money, driving in a presidential SUV, getting some play with girls around. What could he wish for? He is living the life of a hustler. But you know how things works in that side of town, murders, gun fights, mothers crying. That's Los Santos for you, you either make it out or die trying. Scar was aware of that, after getting involved in some situations he started to plan every move of his, locking the door twice, checking out the window in every 10 minutes. Even walking in his crib with a niner on his hip. "You have to be a little paranoid to survive." words of his father had a place in his confused young mind. All he do is the muscle work, use the brute force but what is he going to earn in the end? Be the Omar Little of Los Santos? Control people with fear only? Nah, he know this won't last forever. You do not need fear to control people, make your reputation take the lead. That's a motto for him. He want to run that shit along with his homies, want to shake the ground when he walks around. Make the kids look after him. That's a dun's dream. "You come at the king, you best not miss..." On a sunday night, Scar was cruising through the slums of Los Santos along with his homies Dee, Sef A.K.A Redman and Trell. Doing nothing but bumping to loud music and having fun. It was all coonery when a white trash in Idlewood offered them guns to sell. There is a rule in the hoods of Los Santos, a rule that every hustler know. If you ain't paid your tax to Deuces or if you ain't cool with them in any means, do not try to push your shit in Idlewood, that will result you ending up in a body bag. Dude had no idea, Scar fronted on him by saying "You trying to sell shit in my area? Without paying up?". His day ones also backed him up then bullied the white dude, throwing insults after insults, putting pressure on him. White folk ditched after getting humiliated enough and shit got calm. They started chilling then guns blazings echoed throughout the streets of Idlewood, shit got real dark in a second. White guy decided to pull a Klebold on Scar and his homies and made that nine mili bark on them. Luckily he had shitty aim and Scar was in drivers seat, his car was riddled with holes and he was just shook, his big homie Dee grabbed his tool and aired the shooter out. Scar got his shit together then hop out of his car all cold blooded, took his revolver out and put 2 bullets in the back of shooter when he was on the ground, half conscious. After getting his mind together once again, he dashed along with his homies. Ditched every evidence, shells and everything. Took a shower and looked himself in the mirror, grinned. "You come at the king, you best not miss.." came out of his lips. They missed the king and he put an end to them. "The Fall." For Scar things been going on good. His organization was eating good, business was booming. They had the street corners on lock. But you know what they say, more you reach harder you fall. All started after Scar was locked up cause of an attempted murder charge. He ate his mind inside, losing an eye.. seeing his old friend Nasir made him regret choosing this life style. He got out after serving some years, doing what he been doing. He didn't know one thing that caused his life, alliance between some organizations. He played both sides, tried to outrun one of them to rule whole LS for himself. His arrogance and dedication bested out his mindset, he fucked up there. Tried to fix things but apparently it wasn't enough.. One night he was called outside by one of his associates, he trusted him with life so he got out with only a pistol on his hip, kept on waiting... Minutes after minutes then a white van pulled up to the scene, Scar got suspicious. Called his associate to ask about van, he said "I don't know a van". That's when Scar realised end was near, he dashed to nearest cover and was about to reach out for his gun.. One loud rifle shot and a bullet penetrated Scar's skull, riddled with 9MM's after he was on the ground. A glory life, money.. cars... women... respect all went out in a second. He shared the same fate as his role model Rich Porter. A murder planned by his friends and took place in beach. In his life Scar has mentored too many youngins out in the streets, taught them the unwritten rules of the "game". Individuals shaped Scar's life: Marwan "Ali" Shalaby - More than a brother to him, they led 8DS together. Scar was loyal to him till his last breath. Derrick "DK" Flaymore - More than a brother to him, Scar looked up to him during his younger days. He also saved Scar's life once, they were both "smart asses" in 8DS. Shared the same mindset. Jovan "Jojo" Campbell - More than a brother to him, they did many years in cell together. Dareion "Coin" Boykins - More than a brother to him, even though they argued about most things it was Coin who had Scar's back all the time, saved him more than once. Scar caught his first body with him. Javel "JB" Brown - A youngin mentored by Scar and DK. Scar seen him as his replacement. Maris "Cobain" Jekabs Liepa - A white Latvian guy from the ghetto. Scar was the one recruited him. He made Scar earn too much money on his corner captain days, always called him "Golden Boy" cause of the work he put in. Quincy Meeks Jordan - One of the old soldiers from 8DS, Scar also recruited him. Was a spotter at first then become one of Scar's bodyguards. Caught a body along with Scar after coming back. Susti "Ed" Edwards - One of the youngins also recruited by Scar, he had Scar's back till his last day. Scar always kept him around. Doran "Dice" Foster - Another youngin got recruited by Scar, he looked up to Scar too much and was loyal to his last breath. Always wanted to prove himself, dedicated soldier. Zay "Zeek" Hanley - An oldschool enforcer of 8DS, him and Scar had so much in common. He was also under Scar's hit crew called "Hanleys". Nasir "Nas" Jefferson - Used to be a rock hard enforcer of 8DS, Scar and him were cool back in the day. Nas wasn't thinking straight many times, caused him a life sentence in pen after. Scar had a bounty on his head after finding about some sick facts. Latrell "Trell" Myers - Another soldier from 8DS, Nasir's student. He had Scars back too many times but he shared the same fate as his mentor. Scar also had a bounty on his head after finding out what he been doing along with Nasir inside. Kennedy "Kiki, Kenny" Hanley - Cousin of Zeek and Scar's muscle. Member of "Hanleys". Dedicated soldier. Malik "Mal" Thompson - An old Crimstone OG, been tight with Scars and had supplies for him back in the day. Duo were close during the hunt of Travis Harvard and Clevon Hamilton. Quashawn "Rover" Harvard - A guy from hood, Scar recruited him in 8DS. He took apart to become a rapper, repped his set still. Thomas Pham - "A jit grow'd into become an OG" according to Scar's words. They worked together for a long period of time. Alexis Taylor - The girl kept Scar off the grid on his youth, more than a friend for Scar. Vivianna "Vivi" Fernandez - Scar's weakness to say, they go back together to poverty days.. Kept on beefing at one point. One day Vivi almost shot Scar cause of what Scar been doing to her. Scar dragged her out of the game. Namira Carter - A friend from downtown, helped Scar with many things. Miscellaneous: Scar had a tattoo of his daughters birthday above his right brow. In his entire life, Scar never did put his gun up against a civilian. He was homophobic, had anger issues too. Scar was a Sunni-Muslim from family. Character theme: s/o to @Vubstersmurf for helping me out with some parts.
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    Idlewood Crooks

    Upon reading the following, you agree that you will not use any of this information in-character unless you have already been ICly informed of such information, or the events that have taken place. The Idlewood Crooks street gang was created out of the Armstrong Apartment Complexes by Leonard Stewart and Aiden Scott in early 2017, as a common drug trafficking crew which escalated into something more. Since its discovery in both underground and in the media, the gang is known to have ties back to early 2000s when the original Crook Town Murder Squad was created in Ganton. The gang is also commonly connected to "Killowfield" or "Saint Francis", names referring to the notorious Saint Francis Crook Squad of Willowfield. The Crooks are known to commit all sorts of crime ranging from robbery, theft, grand theft auto, murder, and minor arms trafficking. However, the Crook gang and its affiliates are notorious for drug trafficking. In recent months, collaborating with Leonard's release from prison on May 27th, 2017, the crime rates involving African-American ethnicity have been on a steady incline within Idlewood and Ganton. In mid-2017, after the fall of Jerriel Thornton and the Liverpool Savages, Leonard was approached by Kendrick Johnson Jr in an attempt to stop the ongoing beef between Idlewood Crooks and Liverpool Savages... in return, Kendrick would execute OG Savages and finish the beef, before starting the Liverpool sub-set of Crooks, in chase of the almighty dollar. In early November, collaborating with Leonard Stewart's arrest, the crime rates involving African-American ethnicity were on a steady incline within Idlewood. Leonard's parole meeting is scheduled on the 27th of December, serving 4 attempted murder charges, alongside numerous separate trafficking charges. Common traits in the Crooks remain traditional blue, orange, or purple clothing or rags alongside tattoos that resemble members ranks, or placing in the gang. Upon joining, members will agree that any leader of the faction has the ability to CK a member due to whatever in-character reason.
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    The Yokel Mafia

    The Yokel Mafia or The County Mob is a loose group of rural criminals operating on the outskirts of Los Santos. It is mainly comprised of career criminals with generational ties to the land. It is said that it's success it somewhat due to the "good ol' boy" tradition. A form of backwoods cronyism in practice in regions of the American South. This sort of reputation makes the group particularly ingrained in their local society and this degree of loyalty makes it hard for the criminal underworld of Red County hard to penetrate.. So while it also boast various yokels, vagabonds, convicts, marauders, and men of ill-repute it can be said that these men are simply chasing their version of the American Dream. It's hard to hold that against a man when you've known him your entire life. The bad seeds in Red County are often viewed as outlaws and living folk heros. Growing up in the country, youngin's want to be the cowboy, not the lawman. It's this kind of mentality that allows this organization to thrive. Regardless, these men have have banded together for a variety of reasons. The usual fantasy of the freedom and success that quick riches provides. Many are renegades who wish to live life on their own terms. Having rejected the ideals of mainstream society, they wish to pursue their own means of climbing the social ladder. Many view Los Santos and it's urbanite culture as disdainful and indicative of the cultural shift that their country is undergoing. For this reason, many members of this organization have retreated from the wider world and have grown distrustful of all governments due to the abuse that many believe they have suffered, and have began to develop a cult style following of their leader. The group wishes to secure land in which they can call their own, fortify themselves from the outside world and live in peace. One such man is the venerable Clyde Dickens. Many local criminals have banded together around this patriarchal figure in search of guidance. This has recently brought this nebulous network of Red County criminals into a tighter cohesion. A veteran of multiple armed conflicts, he was a man who felt used by his government and alienated on his return home. This sort of detachment is common to many who engage in longstanding criminality. His expertise and contacts to other former service members have resulted in the organization proclivity towards various rackets. They are known to take part in various illicit activities in order to satisfy their lifestyle. Drug trafficking in the form of clandestine meth or crack labs, to prescription opiate distribution, even ties to heroin trade of the Golden Crescent. Strong armed robberies, burglary, extortion, and other physical thefts. Even something as sophisticated at credit card fraud and other forms of forgery. They have been known to bootleg and dabble in prostitution. From after hours bars to country brothels. Nothing is beyond consideration for the county's criminal elite. Beyond The County After extreme loss of profits and halting business procedures, hierarchy of The Mob have concluded that establishing strategic business relations with the city is needed for their best advantages to help support their ventures. From drugs to weapons and prostitutes, nothing was left out of consideration for trade and distribution. The Mob has chosen that if they want to proceed with their way of life, outside of the law they have to remain discrete and reinforce their originally planned ideas for business to continue on, while still raking in the profits. It is a massive change to the Mob's standard of business but it is a risk they're willing to take in order to improve their organization and underworld relations. The Mob will do what they must to achieve their goal, and they aren't ready to take jobs from city slickers or the government. Clyde's Law The following are laws known commonly amongst members of the mob. 1. No faggots or city slickers 2. Have pride in America 3. Salute only to the American flag 4. God's word is law 5. Logically, Clyde's word is also law 6. No foreigners 7. Sacrifice will benefit or ensure rewards. Lore - Leaders & Notable Members. Clyde Dickens - 62 Years of Age. Vietnam & Afghanistan Veteran. Former US Military Sergeant. Discharged due to the accidental killing of a member of his unit, and blowing the arm off another because of hesitating while throwing a grenade in a firefight. Suffers from severe PTSD, violent outbursts and anti-social behaviour Clyde Dickens is a sixty two year old veteran, he served in Vietnam and Afghanistan. Due to the violent death of his pregnant wife and pet dog, he has no other living blood relative left, thus feeling hopeless and suicidal at times. Clyde spent nearly three decades of his life (28 years) serving in the military because he refused to retire. The only desires Clyde had prior to the death of his wife was to return home to his new child and loving wife after the war ended, but his only motivation to keep hoping of returning home was completely abolished after his pregnant wife died in a car accident, because of a drunk driver t-boning her vehicle. After the end of Vietnam and the peace keeping period, Clyde would remain as a hermit in his apartment, drinking and abusing medication as he can only wait to be recalled so he may resume service. Clyde refused to accept love after the death of his wife, and he no longer felt welcome in normal society, leaving him with a very small handful of people he can call associates or friends. Due to the tragedies of September 11th, Clyde was able to partake very shortly in the invasion, due to being discharged. During a firefight with enemy forces, Clyde decided to toss a grenade but had hesitated when doing so. When Clyde finally threw the grenade, it detonated once it traveled far enough to kill one member and blow the arm off another member of Clyde's unit. Clyde sustained a concussion, along with some minor wounds. Due to the incident, Clyde was dishonorably discharged, after using the excuse that his sleeve was snagged on a piece of wood, the real incident was kept from the media and the grenade was claimed to be thrown by the enemy forces and not a member of the unit. From 2002 and after, Clyde survived as a homeless vagabond. Clyde would travel by foot, performing crimes ranging from theft under 1,000$ to first degree murder, doing whatever to survive. During 2017, Clyde rejoined with a member of his Vietnam unit, Randy Boyle and a few new homeless friends. Boyle was a childhood friend of Clyde who served with him till the end of Vietnam, and now serves with him as a partner in crime. Randy Boyle - 60 Years of Age. Vietnam & Afghanistan Veteran. Former US Military Combat/Field Medic Discharged dishhonorably for prescription medicine abuse - and discharged due to injuries and PTSD. Suffers from severe PTSD, and anti-social behavior. Randy Boyle is a 60 year old Afghanistan and Vietnam US Military Veteran, who intends to do anything in order to survive. Randy's childhood was filled with abnormal like behavior. Randy was a child which loved and was fascinated by gore and horror, blood, severed body parts and all things alike where a normal occurrence in Randy's childhood coloring books, where he'd depict battle scenes from various war stories he had heard, all gore filled and bloody alike. His relationship between his parents had been very good and his parents cared for him, and loved him very much even though he was indisputably an abnormal child. Randy's love for gore and horror lead him to entering the military as a field medic in Vietnam, where he could get a fix for his anti-social horror filled mind. He was fascinated by the human body, the anatomy of it, the way it worked, and he got to see far too much of it in Vietnam. This lead to him denying his normal self, and caused him to frown upon his former thoughts, although he still loved medicine, and the way the army operated, and was undoubtedly a honest and loyal man he threw away the gore and horror. Getting through Vietnam along with Clyde Dickens, the duo ventured forth and many years later joined in, participating in the war on terrorism in which Randy still served as a combat medic. Randy's love for the military lead him to suffering with slight PTSD, and whilst still in the military abusing prescription drugs. Randy was dishonorably discharged for abuse of prescription drugs. Leaving him on the street, with slight PTSD, injuries and a need for prescription drugs. He and his life long partner in crime Clyde Dickens accompanied him, and they have survived together for the majority of their life, still operating together to this day. Justin Devion (Right) Jack Gabriel (Left) Both former Private 2nd Class of the US Military. Discharged for drinking and getting high on duty. Suffers from anti-social behavior. Justin and Gabriel are both long time friends who came from families with relatives in the military. The two aspired to become soldiers to aid the war effort in Afghanistan, which they managed to achieve by signing up for the military. The duration of the duo's service was short lived after they were discharged for multiple infractions of consuming alcohol and prescription medication on duty. Justin and Gabriel were forced to the streets after their discharge, because their families refused to take them in due to being heavily ashamed of their actions. The two families disowned their sons and kicked them to the curb. For the next sixteen years, Justin and Gabriel lived in multiple homeless shelters and the streets as they tried to get back on their feet. The duo eventually found it helpless on trying to get handouts, and they decided to take a stand and pile their money together to purchase a old rusty van off a scrapyard lot. The van served as a home and business for the two, they sold various items at The Stacks and were doing alright for the time being. Clyde Dickens encountered the duo at Stacks after being released from prison and decided to become acquainted. The relation between the two and Clyde grew strong, Clyde became a great friend and business partner with the two, living on the streets together and making money. Clyde taught the two new ways of gathering food, such as hunting small animals with a pellet rifle. Soon after Randy was found, living in a hole in the sand, waiting for Clyde to return, the trio became a quartet. The four became the best of friends, and to this day they have become the soul leadership of the Mob. Earl Irwin - 43 Years of Age Lucrative and low profile sociopath, arms trafficker from Springdale, Utah. Around October 9th 2017, Earl Irwin arrived in Red County upon call of the mob. Irwin being a long time friend of Randy Boyle, his assistance was requested to oversee firearms and drug trafficking operations. Earl is a lucrative low profile firearms trafficker from Springdale, Utah. Irwin has successfully expanded the operations of the mob since his arrival and has earned the respect and envy of his associates in the mob. Due to Earl's success, he has been appointed leadership of Cliff Town, the private community the mob established to help shield themselves from outsiders and keep their puritan ideology safe. Within a month or two of Earl's occupation of Cliff Town he was able to essentially brainwash his associates into following his puritan ideology and beliefs of mythical creatures. Earl currently resides in Cliff Town, ensuring it is protected at all times. Garland Abermurly - 42 Years of Age Short tempered slow thinker who served in the military, born in South Dakota, raised in Monahan Texas. ((OOC))
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    Iron Giants Motorcycle Club

    Iron Giants Motorcycle Club Information & Operation Iron Giants MC is an african-american 1% Motorcycle Club based in San Andreas, Palomino Creek. The club was founded in 1991 by Huey Illomeyrs and five of his friends in Wisconsin. As time went on the club expanded due to the nature of it being for minorities, chapters began to pop up in different states such as Louisiana, Nebraska, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and San Andreas. The club has had a reputation of being very proud of their race and social status within the community in different states. The operations within the club vary but the most popular is handcrafting beers and beef jerky. Origin The chapter in San Andreas was created in late July 2018 by Warren Clifford - son of the founding member Jackson Clifford. Warren moved to Los Santos after a conflict with his father about impregnating a teen back in Wisconsin. He tried to get into association with gangs and different criminal groups but nothing lasted long due to his heart being around motorcycles and the way of life around them. Warren went back to Wisconsin in search for a right path through being a father to his daughter. San Andreas His father Jackson thought that Warren could stay but the other founding members believed that Warren was not fit to stay in Wisconsin and offered him to be sent back to San Andreas to start a chapter with two trusted advisors from the mother-chapter. Warren went to San Andreas with his wife and daughter, Jackson funded the start of the chapter in Palomino Creek but after the money was given to Warren - there was no trace of Jackson. Due to Warren being fooled by the other founding members, he is not eager to talk to his father as he thinks that he is well respected. The whereabouts of his father are unknown and unspoken of till this day. ck clause ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Blacksmith's Bar & Grill The Blacksmith's Bar & Grill is the base of operations for the Iron Giants MC. Throughout years it has and remained as an entertaintment facility - now for the MC. Even though the club has a memberbase filled with african-american and hispanic individuals, everyone is welcome to spend time in the bar. This is the main way to have direct contact with the faction and create interesting and new roleplay experiences within Palomino Creek. The bar is open every other evening for a couple of hours, events are being held every two-three weeks and will be heavily advertised throughout the community. The menu in the bar is very short and that said - it is not a place to go and have dinner, it's a place to get wasted and act stupid. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Wise Giant Foundation The Wise Giant Foundation (SA) is a charity organisation formed by the Iron Giants Motorcycle Club in 2018. The aim of the foundation is to provide needed facilities to areas which are not as populated such as Montgomery, Blueberry, Dillimore and Palomino Creek. The money is raised through normal donations, public auctions and charity events which are held in Palomino Creek. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EVENTS
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    Your ultimate guide to Virtual Market!

    Hi. My name is Kavian, but you can refer to me as Master Poon Slayer 4/20. I'm here to teach you the basics of the virtual market on OwlGaming. What is the virtual market? The virtual market concept was brought to OwlGaming in 2015 by the Faction Management Team. The concept of virtual market is selling drugs or making drug sales to the realistic drug abusing "NPCs". In clearer words, it is you, representing your character and/or faction, and selling drugs to passive-roleplayed characters. Similar to the PD's use of NPC 911 calls and NPC witnesses which would be common in a location where the crime is occurring and the NPC is usually roleplayed by an admin... the VM's use of NPCs includes you, the player, passively roleplaying the characters via your own roleplay and therefore, you are the one controlling the character interacting with you. A drug-abuser of your choice can be roleplayed via a /do, and this drug-abuser can be any figment of your imagination, as long as it is realistic of course. This can range from your friendly neighbourhood crackhead, to your daily teen pothead, maybe a hippy, some party fanatics, etc. Alright, now that you understand what virtual market is, the rest of the guide is to help you virtual market successfully and begin making $$$ like a regular. You're going to need the following items... 1. At least a 100 grams of any drug. In the case of pills and hallucinogens, you'd need at least a 100 tabs. 2. A location. This can be on a street or most commonly a street's corner. It can also be inside a house, most commonly a trap house or abandoned house. Or you can even virtual market out of a store. Remember, the amount of drugs you try to sell is determined by you, but the amount of drugs you DO sell is determined by FMT and it is dependant on realistic factors. For example, not a lot of people go inside a store looking for crack-cocaine so you may not make as much sales in a business location than on a street in the ghetto. Be realistic. Okay so now we've got 100 grams of... let's say it's cocaine. And you've also got a location... let's say it's a street. We're going to go ahead and stand on the corner of this realistically popular street, and await. Now the most basic of all plans is to generally wait until you are approached by the characters that you plan to passive roleplay. It is more looked up upon if you create your own unique way of obtaining customers and handling them. Some people passive-roleplay contacting their customers with phones, where a meetup is scheduled. Others who run a "trap house" just wait for their customers to step into the house, and place an order. Now that we're on the corner of the street, we're going to go ahead and begin our journey to virtual market. You'll want to start by writing /time or utilise your watch if you have one in your inventory. You should get something like this... After you've gotten a time stamp, that means you're ready to begin passive roleplaying. I personally enjoy having a few lines of roleplay with your own character before you want to passive-roleplay a drug-abuser to come up to you, but for this guide, we'll get straight into it. Your roleplay with yourself and the passive character should go something like this. Notice how I did not specify the amount I sold or the amount I was paid? It is recommended to be done this way, as the Faction Team determines all your sales and income. Anyways... the roleplay above was completely finished by me after around 6 minutes. You can take a one-two minute break after a roleplay like so, or you can passive roleplay something else while you think of another customer to passive-roleplay approaching you. During this roleplay, you're going to want to take a few screenshots to send along your logs to the FT. After 45 minutes to 60 minutes, you'll have a long set of logs of you roleplaying with your passive customers, and you can finish your session of virtual market by typing /time or utilising the watch if you got one in your inventory. And now, we can move on to getting paid for our virtual market! You're going to want to start by gathering your logs of the entire session. You can find logs up to a week from here (C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\logs) or (C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\logs). Logs may be found from other sources too in the MTA San Andreas 1.5 folder however, C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\logs is a 100% source for logs. You can post your logs into the Faction Team form directly or you can simply place them into a paste-bin at (https://pastebin.com). Then take your screenshots, and place it into any image-sharing website... most people use imgur, at (http://imgur.com) Now save the link to your logs and screenshots and you can go ahead and create a VM contact to the Faction Team using this form. After you're halfway done through the form, it should look something like this... Once you're completely finished the form, you can then go ahead and press the SEND button and that's when you'll begin waiting until the Faction Team responds to you via a Forum PM or other things. And... that's just about it. If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this thread and I'll get back to that ASAP. Hope this helped.
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    FT Update - September 4th, 2018 TEAM CHANGES Salsa - Added to team Mowafy848 - Removed Restrepo - Removed BeyondSalvation - Left team MrFocus - Added to team Unitts - Left team Skateboard - Added to team FACTION CHANGES: Dinoco & JGC > Corporate Buyout/Merge (Official) SLI > Disbanded (FT decision due to inactivity) LSPD (@Shanks is the new Chief after CPQL intervention) SAN (@Eloquent is the new Director after FT intervention) Azrael Connection > Established (given extension for established phase due to UCP ticket, please send update) Morra Organized Crime Group > Established (formerly "Pasadena Boulevard Crew" grew from confirmed to established) Eight Deuce Hoovers > Confirmed (potential merge with Crimstone in the works) Public Enemy No. 1 > Confirmed (given extension for confirmed phase due to member activity, please send update) Cartel de Sinaloa > Confirmed (given extension for confirmed phase due to inactivity, please send update) NOTE ON UPDATES Every illegal and legal faction (official or not) is required to submit monthly updates to the Faction Team via This link. Starting with the new year, this will be more strictly enforced and infractions will start to be handed out. If updates are not sent in an active manner the FT will not support factions with additional aid. ALT CHARACTER RULE The Faction Team is working on creating rules/guidelines for alternate characters for legal and illegal factions based on the circumstances of the faction, what it does, who is in the position, how it affects the community, etc. Members of legal corporations may be given more leniency for an alternative character vs illegal mob bosses who die due to a power vacuum struggle and wish to return. Legal factions such as car dealerships generally have lesser repercussions for alts being approved than heads of illegal factions. FACTION BUYOUTS Faction buyouts to gain the perks that official factions have (scripting, insurance, etc) will now require FT permission. It is unfair to those who work hard to get an F3 and have it undermined by those who buy one and sell out to make profit. Roleplay must be put into a faction buyout and approved by the FT from now on via public contact. A good example of roleplay leading up to a faction buyout would be Dinoco vs JGC where a majority of shares were purchased through the length of a year, leading to a corporate merge. LEGAL FACTION STANDARDS The Incorporated phase of legal factions will now be removed due to abuse and mishandling by several players. The standards of legal factions to be created or moved to the next "step" will be increased in the near future. An internal guideline will be followed by FT members to determine if a faction provides quality RP and services to the community to be promoted to the next step. More updates to follow. ILLEGAL VM CHANGES The dynamic between organized and less organized criminal groups will be emphasized in the upcoming VM changes. Street gangs will be able to sell lesser quality drugs in larger volumes whereas more organized groups will sell higher quality drugs at lower volumes. The ultimate goal is to have an array of different tiers of illegal factions working together to purchase, sell, and distribute drugs to promote player interaction with drugs prior to VMing them straight away. If a certain drug becomes popular and as a result the price drops, factions will be able to work with one another to barter for other drugs. The Faction Team wishes to see more role play put towards the production and distribution of drugs that are easily attainable. People are encouraged to perform low end grow ops or shake and bake productions. However, when making these drugs if something goes wrong the batch may be deleted or significantly reduced (meth lab explodes, missing chemicals, etc). Due to recent feedback with certain VMs if a price fluctuates and the player gets a price they do not agree with for the drugs they sold they can refuse to sell the drugs and instead keep them (so as to not lose money). We understand that players would not realistically sell at a loss and we will not penalize players if they refuse the VM price offered to them. The Faction Team will now offer a buy back option for drugs and guns if players are in need of quick cash. Holding onto a large stash you rather get rid of instead of sell to individual players? No problem. Bought too many drugs and can't sell them? We'll buy it back! Remember this is reserved for large amounts! ESTABLISHED DRUG NPCS Established factions will now have the option of having a NPC spawned in an interior to sell illegal goods like drugs, stolen electronics, jewelry, etc. Interior notes can be used to describe what the reaction of the NPC would be to police, violence, and other situations alike. Signed, OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Faction Team.

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