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    The title says it all. 100% REAL 100 likes and I will -
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    I have autism but it doesn't make me disabled, autism just means my brain works differently than the average person plus I have been rated by occults to have an exact iq of 9,000+, I'm currently studying in college for an job that makes $100,000 a year in plus when ever I'm not working in irl I'm always looking for skills to put in to my quiver.
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    Developer Diary #4 - Bits & Pieces

    Time for another OwlGaming V Developer Diary! This one has a bit of everything... so let's get started. Be sure to tick "HD" on the video player settings if you want to watch in higher quality. Spike Strips Since the last update, we've added in a 'spike strip' item for our law enforcement agencies to use. This works similar to in real life and doesn't instantly deactivate the vehicle like in MTA. Instead, we let the vehicle roll for a bit as the tires deflate & pop. Additionally, as demonstrated below, only tires which actually hit the strip are punctured. Full Hit: Partial Hit: Development shot: Police Searchlights Police cruisers now have a searchlight like in real life which can be used during traffic stops or when searching the neighborhood for people. You can aim the spotlight where ever you like using your mouse. Property Purchasing We've changed up the property purchasing UI to allow the user to select both the purchaser and payment method. The purchaser can be the player ('Premade Char' in the demo below) or a faction ('SD' in the demo below). Currently, payment methods allow for outright cash purchases or purchases made on credit where the character or faction will make monthly payments towards their mortgage. Vehicle Purchasing Check out the vehicle purchasing flow below. As above, vehicles can be bought by players and factions and may be paid in full or on credit. If you're not feeling particularly flush, you can also rent a vehicle for a limited period of time. Redesigned World Prompts We've redesigned the world prompts to be cleaner & more readable. Check out the new design below. Website, UCP & Admin Chaos has been working hard on making our website & UCP ready to support V and we're happy to say that we're at the point where the website fully supports V. On top of that, great progress has been made on ‘behind the scenes’ features such as logging & administration tools/commands in the script. As we wait for the 0.4 release of Rage, he’s also been working on our UA beta server on linux as well as deploying with Docker. Special Thanks to the UAT The UAT has been working extremely hard on our beta by testing the full range of features present and testing our capabilities with regards to roleplay. This is an on-going effort and will continue to be so until release but even to date, this has helped us a lot in ensuring the quality of the script. As always, feel free to reach out to us below or via Discord with any questions, concerns, ideas, etc. Thanks for taking the time to read the developer diary and we look forward to making OwlGaming the number one place to roleplay in both GTA V and MTA.
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    GTA:V Public Beta Release Date

    GTA:V Public Beta Release Date What is the release date? This is the #1 most asked question we get every day. We have a new answer: watch the trailer above. What is the duration of the public beta? There isn't one. Once we're out, we are out. We'll continue to provide frequent script updates and when we're happy with removing the beta tag, we'll do so. Is there any wipe involved in the transition from public beta to full release? No. Will my MTA/OwlGaming account work for V? Yes, your account is shared across both games. Will there be stat transfers from MTA to V? No. While your core account data is shared (e.g. username, password), nothing else is. The logic behind this decision is that V is a separate universe from MTA/GTASA and it would not make sense that characters/factions exist as is within both, vastly different, universes. Will my GCs be usable on V? Existing donator perks will not transfer over. However, any GC acquired, even prior to release, can be redeemed on V. How do I connect to the server? How do I install the modification? We will be providing a connection guide closer to when the public beta is launched. Can I reserve MTA character names? MTA Characters that have been recently used and have a large number of hours played, will be unavailable to create on V. This is to prevent users from lazily using the exact same characters and character development (which doesn't make sense in a parallel universe) and to prevent trolling. We look forward to welcoming you all onto the V server shortly! Kind Regards, - OwlGaming Game Administration - OwlGaming Development Team
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    Server Script Update (v6.3.5.7) | July, 2018 Redesigned Faction Ranks An all new faction ranks system allows for dynamic ranking so you can go over the 20 rank limit in the previous system. It also allows for easy permissions and reorganizing! See Sjoerd's post for more information: New fishing system The new fishing system allows you to use fishing as an item, opens up rivers and bays as fishing spots and more! DMV Records Factions with access can now view DMV records in the MDC for information on when a vehicle was registered. Pay n' Spray reworks A UI has been added to the Pay n' Spray so you can get a quote for your damages and pay after. Other Changes: Removed hideadmin from trial scripters Added Saint Ernest Medical Center Fixed vehicles not going into dimension 0 after unimpounding Added an armour icon to HUD with the percentage of your armour Fixed the faction manager showing Unknown on usernames Fix for your inventory freezing when dropping the riot shield Fixed the ambulance siren that may turn into a PD siren on exit Disabled binds when typing a name at the SAN NPC Added Angel Pine road names Added a civilian dog item Player renamable watches Fixed an issue where a phone call would not be ended when the player dies /movesafe improvements to prevent abuse Added Red Rose Funeral Home to issue badge and hotlines Fixed the unjail command for those characters who are still spawning into the legacy system Added additional logging to Dupont Some skins were swapped around for the proper race /goto for MT of only the report creator Prevent users from having gloves over their characters by using F10 Fix for adding trucker points Antifall for vehicles is now possible Prevent phone conversations from being heard while the windows are rolled up Performance improvements for gates Adjusted pricing rewards of dupont skins Prevent the use of item move while in jail Fixes resolution issues with /ticket Remove status when F10ing in game Ability for admins to use /check while the user is offline Allow players to use /freecam while previewing an interior Special thank you to @yannickboy15, @SjoerdPSV, @Unitts, and @Portside for contributing to this update! Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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    (Shooting Cops?) We got em

    tra iron giants x - yours truly (also credits should be given to @Mogs for working with on this casefile with me x)
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    [Vehicles] - Realistic Gas Pumps

    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Realistic Gas Pumps What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Vehicles What is the suggestion?- Create a script similar to the ATM script for Gas Pumps, and remove Gas NPCs completely. You would have to exit the car, right click on the gas pump to bring up a UI where you can choose how you want to pay. After paying, a progress meter would fill at a certain speed depending on your tank size. What are the advantages?- 1. Deters player's trying to fill a $100,000 sports car at a gas station in Willowfield, due to the risk of being robbed or carjacked. Going to gas stations in shady areas is risky IRL, I think this might simulate that some. 2. Would create more RP interactions at gas stations between patrons or bystanders. 3. Would prevent criminals from quickly filling their tank up when running low in a police chase. 4. Would create more opportunity's for criminals to rob, carjack or just harass patrons filling their tanks in low income areas. What are the disadvantages?- 1. Might be hard to script filling the car while being outside and not interacting with it directly. No real IG disadvantages I can see. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- N/A How would you go about implementing this idea?- Removing all gas NPCs and adding the script to each gas pump that is currently usable to fill your tank.
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    [CPQL] Operation Homeland

    Operation Homeland My fellow Los Santosians, The sudden surge of violent crime in Idlewood and Ganton has resulted in numerous shootings that represent the highest crime rate in the past three months. The cause of this, as District Attorney Steven Spade confided to me, is the rise of arms trafficking syndicates in the lower East Side. Our police department works tirelessly to combat crime and dedicates many resources to keeping the city safe, as does the Fire Department and All Saints Hospital, but it is simply not enough. This is why I will be working in conjunction with the Police Department, the Federal Task Force, and the Courts to see through the utter destruction and complete dismantling of local arms trafficking syndicates. The arms trafficking syndicates were threatened with war in early March and continued to defy our great City, and for this, they will suffer dire consequences. There are those who will criticize our ruthless retaliation, but they were warned. The life of one citizen of Los Santos is priceless to the CPQL. No amount of money will bring back a lost life or lessen the severity of the situation. It does not matter if you are a private citizen, a law enforcement officer, an emergency services technician, or a government worker. It is the CPQL's duty to protect every citizen to ensure liberty, security, and justice for all. This is why an attack on any citizen is an attack on all citizens. What these syndicates forget is that this city belongs to law abiding citizens. The largest attack on organized crime this city has seen has officially begun, "Operation Homeland" will take back our streets. Our law enforcement will be requesting gang injunctions to help contain affected areas, and utilizing our Stop and Frisk laws to combat crime. The Public Works department will increase cleaning patrols to help maintain areas. The police department will be offering cash rewards for anonymous tips that lead to major arrests on arms traffickers. The government will soon pass legislation to prevent barricaded homes that are used as drug dens, and a full plan will be released to the public as the operation develops. There will be increased partnered patrols, community policing, and interaction with our communities to ensure this operation is a success. Signed, County Commissioner Thomas J. Mengele
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    Black Gangbanger RP Guide

    If you want to join the faction, read this first please. Also good for anybody wanting to RP a black gangbanger anyplace else. - Most people don’t know jack shit about RPing a black gang member. Some attempt and put in a good effort to be realistic but just end up falling short, and then some just base their characters off of what they see in “Boyz n The Hood” and “Menace 2 Society,” which (first) both highlight the 90’s black gang culture, and (second) which they also portray incorrectly. So after some intensive research and about 3 years of trial and error of RPing a black gang member, here you go. As much as everybody loves The Wire, myself included, you can’t learn what you need from just that. Season 4 of The Wire (as much as that’s my favorite season) doesn’t even scratch the surface of what being a 15 year old in a gang torn neighborhood is actually like. Why Join The Gang? Now if your character is living in the projects, (s)he obviously comes from a poor family. Your character also probably comes from a fractured family. This doesn’t always mean that daddy isn’t around. The family may have both parents, but they may be absent much of the time working, using either drugs or alcohol, or may purposely avoid playing a role in their child’s life. This is the case much of the time and is the main driving force that sends both young black males and females into the arms of local gangs. Males - Why join your local gang? Assuming your character is between the age of 12-16, it’s quite simple – All the seemingly respected people in the area are doing it and you want to be cool like them. Respect is important. But if the respect from being in the gang isn’t enough, the money is. In many states, you have to be 15 before you can even apply for a minimum wage job where you may pull in $20-50 a day and work 4 days a week. Funny enough, this is also the age when most kids start working on drug corners for gangs. Compare $30 a day to $300 a day, and what do you think a young man who has probably never seen that much money in a single sitting is going to do? It’s easier to stand around on a corner and pass vials and baggies to addicts than it is to submit an application to Stop n’ Shop and bag groceries and show customers where the canned peaches are. Also, as stupid as it may sound, some young boys are just drawn to fights and violence until people start going to the hospital and dying, which also links back to the respect aspect. This is where I introduce the 5 C’s for the males. Cash – You need money to do anything, and to get the other 4 C’s. Clothing – Clothing is a less obvious way of flaunting cash and status. Cars – Though younger members may not be able to drive, older members pride themselves on good looking vehicles. Try to stray away from new model Mercedes and BMW’s, though. You’ll look like a statwhore. Chains – Jewelry in general is also a means of displaying status and wealth. More obvious than expensive clothes. Chicks – Girls. In reality, if you had the first 4, ladies would come flocking, but this is MTA, and every guy in LS has the best clothes and the fastest car, so this one is a little more complicated, also considering the fact that most female characters are either white, police officers, or both. Beyond that, though, males in any walk of life focus a massive amount of their attention on women. Gangbangers are no different. Females - – Females aren’t always the sex toys of the gang. They yearn for money and respect as much as any male. Females naturally market better than males thanks to the sex appeal aspect. Not that it matters since a drug addict will buy what they need anyways. Women, however, play a larger role than people tend to display. But in a lot of cases, they are girlfriend to a hustler and that may be as deep as their affiliation goes. Growing up in a poor neighborhood and most of the time, in a poor family, many girls will look for nothing more than a provider – that being someone with money. Vying for the attention of the richest hustler can be a fierce game that could end in some ugly catfights that end up on Worldstar. Let me shorten this down – Females don’t always need to be the pass-around whores of the faction. They make good workers though aren’t soldiers in many cases. Females intrigued by the lifestyle also tend to forge relationships with members. Attitude This shouldn’t be necessary, but somehow, people manage to fuck this part up the most. Teenagers are naturally moody thanks to the hormones pumping through their growing bodies. Mix in constant violence and (most of the time) a poor home life and you have a really angry, volatile human being. Put five or six of these fellas together and they cause trouble and fights. Of course a gang of six angry cocaine dealers is going to tell you to fuck off or take off your shoes, why be surprised when it happens? This shouldn’t be an excuse for hyper-violence, but many adolescent gang members will try to start fights just because they can, more will start fights and jump people to prove themselves to older, more respected companions. Respect for imprisoned or dead gang members is also extremely important. Dialect This is by far the most butchered part of gangbanger RP. Please listen to me. I live in America, I know what the fuck I’m talking about. Apostrophe splicing is NOT okay. It’s only to be used when combining two words or to cut words off. On top of that, the initial use of showing possession. “Hey mane’, yo’ got sum’ mari’juawna?” is not pleasing to the eye or ear. Fucking stop it. Nobody even talks like that. Let me give you a quick lesson on what I guess we’ll call modern day Ebonics, even though this is what most Latinos and white trash Vice-Lord wannabe specimens talk like as well. People do not speak in slang and non-words because they’re uneducated or illiterate, they speak like that just because it’s how people spoke around them growing up, whether they were uneducated or illiterate is not the topic of conversation at the moment. On the left I’ll leave the slang or whatever you want to call it, on the right I’ll leave the closest translation for those a little slow on the draw. “Go on then, you’ll be caught leaking man.” – “ Let’s fight, I’ll make you bleed.” “Les geddit!” – Happy/excited exclamation. Essentially a “Woohoo!” “He took a L man, he up innat jailhouse now.” – “He was charged with a felony, he’s in prison now.” "What I'm doing?" - "What do you need me to do?" “I stay working, dog.” – “I work regularly.” “He stay tryna get put on, but he’s straight rocks.” – “He’s still trying to get work, but he’s incredibly stupid.” “Man, ain’t nobody want it, take your ass someplace with that.” – “Nobody wants what you have, leave.” “I ain’t want it.” – “I don’t want it.” “Y’all think I’m lost but I’m hip.” – “You think I don’t understand, but I do.” “That’s money, playboy.” – “That’s fantastic, <male>.” “I ain’t give a fuck, my mans can catch a hot one too.” – “I don’t care, I’ll shoot <male subject>.” “Dude got some artillery up innat, some dope too.” – “He has high caliber weapons in there, drugs (usually cocaine) as well.” “That shit’s straight fire.” – “That song is fantastic.” “I been searching for a legit weed plug, you onnat?” – “I’ve been looking for a marijuana dealer, are you a dealer?” “I got the hook-up.” – “I have someone who specializes in what you’re searching for.” “I’m aboutta smack they face. They don’t know that that’s mines? For real?” – “I’m about to smack them in the face. They don’t know that’s mine?” Development Everybody loves to be the baddest on the block. Stop that shit, too. It’s not an interesting gang experience if literally everybody totes around a deagle and kills people with no remorse. If your character for whatever reason decides to go out and kill someone, at least roleplay the fear, stress, sickness and urgency of the situation. Roleplay the paranoia. If your character is about to get in a fight, roleplay the adrenaline, roleplay the excitement, anger, fear, jitters and uneasiness. Not everybody is a hardened criminal right off the bat, especially roleplaying a younger character. Older Members Now if it’s 12-18 year olds running around killing each other and dealing drugs, where does that leave our adults? Really only in one of four places. -Dead -Imprisoned -Living Straight -Running operations within the gang Now since the first three are pretty obvious, let’s dig into that last one. Anybody who, by the time they’re about 20, isn’t dead, in prison, or living a quiet life away from the gang for whatever reason, is probably AT LEAST a corner captain. (Disclaimer - THIS DOESN’T FUCKING MEAN IF YOU WANT TO RANK UP FASTER TO MAKE YOUR CHARACTER OLDER, YOU’LL LOOK STUPID AND WON’T GET SHIT. ) Now, if you actually put in effort, roleplayed with the faction for a while, and your character ages up after an extended period of time roleplaying with the faction, then you may just end up in a leader’s or shotcaller’s role. I use the word leader very loosely. Being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean you’re running the entire faction, it could just mean you’re well respected enough to be able to run your own corner, for example, or handle your own operations without being baby-sat by the executives of the group. Older members, if they’re put in an authoritative position, should be almost universally respected by younger members of the gang. Younger members may try to do things to impress older members to gain respect in their eyes. Whether or not they look like a moron while doing so is a question for another day. Older members rarely, if even ever go out to do a soldier’s work. Why put yourself in danger when you can put someone else in the line of fire? Granted, there may be older members who chose to remain a soldier and collect on gang bounties, but that is an uncommon phenomenon that I’m not even completely sure still happens in modern day LA. Older members are seldom work on drug spots unless they’re overseeing the operation. Fuck The Myths One last thing I wanted to touch on is people calling other roleplayers out for not roleplaying a gangbanger realistically because apparently a 17 y/o getting in a shootout is unrealistic. Uh. Fuck off and do a little digging, you’ll find out it’s not like it’s portrayed in Boyz N The Hood. It’s not 18-28 year old grown men shooting one another because one is red and one is blue. Maybe that was the case 20 years ago. Nowadays, it’s 12-20 year olds shooting at one another over drug turf. Yes. There are in fact areas in the US where the soldiers are 13 year olds. Namely Chicago and many areas of the south, and let’s not forget about our gang capital, Los Angeles. So it is not by any standard unrealistic to see a 16 year old executing a gang hit for older members. Children are huge assets to gangs because they make for fantastic couriers and errand boys, and let’s not forget how impressionable a 14 year old is and how easy it is to give him a .22 and tell him to go throw pot-shots at a rival. Of course there’s older soldiers as well, in their 20’s and such, but at that point, they’d be running their own smaller operation, why be on the streets themselves? Corner captains can be as young as 15 or 16 and pull in the equivalent of a lawyer’s salary just by running a corner. More in some cases. Proof That I'm Not Bullshitting Though this is Chicago, it highlights how gangs play a major role in kids lives at as young as 11. Watch all the episodes if you want to fully get in the mind of a violent youngster. You only need to get as far as 3 minutes into the video to understand how violent and impressionable these kids are. This is more relatable due to Los Angeles being the subject city. Highlights how nonchalant and common gang violence is. "And then the dude just shot the other boy. He was like, probably like fifteen. He just shot him in the back of the head, he was laid out." If any more media is necessary, I can get some videos, documentaries and new stories. -if i'm missing anything anybody would like to see or know more about, let me know.
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    After discussions in this thread and with members of UA, we will be banning sexual roleplay involving those younger than 16. 16 is the minimum non-admin approved age, is treated as an adult for our crime sheets ICly, and is the age of consent in many countries. Thanks for the interesting opinions and responses! Changes are live now in the following commit: https://github.com/OwlGamingCommunity/docs/commit/b67b7099631e6ee79e66e4b0d003341d9c650d71
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    Newsletter - End of August 2018

    August 2018 Newsletter All of the Upper Administration are back from their vacations and personal time, kicking things into full gear. Lots of UA contacts have been handled / resolved, the GAT is running well and there have been a ton of bug fixes and stuff added to our MTA script lately! A quick reminder, Game Administration Applications are open. Check that out HERE. Community & Script Updates Faction Team Update - Early September 2018 (Lots of these changes were discussed and worked on at the end of August ;P) Vehicle Team Update - August 2018 Owl V Development Diary Community Spotlight Oldie but Goodie These two topics have been around for quite a while but we haven't ever touched on modding in the newsletter and since applying vehicle wraps is such a large part of vehicle roleplay, I want to just remind everyone that if you want to get into vehicle wrap making to check out these two topics! Thanks to @BusterAces and @JohnM. Every now and again these are good to share with new players especially so they can partake. Entertainment Another glorious video from our resident meme film maker @DrJoseEviI. News & Publications We have lots of interesting news articles, government publications, newsletters, etc, as usual. Lots of drama and exciting stuff. Thankfully SAN has recently begun a spike of activity since @Eloquent took over with in-game broadcasts as well as articles, so hopefully that trend continues. Government Announcement Regarding Business Penalties Department of Public Safety Newsletter FBI Most Wanted Update Los Santos Friends of Liberty Organization Update General News Character Stories @Theory has begun a Character Story where he documents his progress as a law enforcement officer. Lots of cool screenshots and stuff to check out, highly recommended. @Serx has also been working on his Character Story, writing in chunks that have accompanying music to give you a feel for the tone he intended you to feel as you read the story. Check it out as well. Factions We're seeing a return to construction roleplay VIA Pozzalo Construction thanks to @Wright, a type of RP that has its ups and its downs but when it does exist, it provides a very immersive experience. @Urshankov has recently opened a legal faction geared towards protecting citizen's rights, much like the ACLU in America. This is a unique concept in Owl and they're worth checking out. They plan on doing rallies and events in game so keep an eye out if you want to participate. Dinoco has merged with JGC, a big change for legal factions. Have a gander and their press release about it. Media To have your media featured in the next newsletter, submit it on the #media channel on Discord! Stats 5,012 reports handled in the month of August! (note: this does not include support tickets.) 38 UA Contacts Processed!
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    Oak Ridges HGC

    UPON READING THE FOLLOWING; YOU AGREE THAT YOU WILL NOT USE ANY OF THE VITAL INFORMATION IN-CHARACTER WITHOUT CONSULTING ME FIRST. The Oak Ridges Hoover Gangster Crips street gang was formed in 2018, based out of the Oak Ridges apartment complexes. It was founded by a group of teenagers, heavily associated with high ranking HGC members. It was created as a subset of the neighboring Eight Deuce Hoover Gangster Crips. The Oak Ridges apartment complex is home to Euro-American and African-American communities, and explains the multi-ethnic diversity in the Oak Ridges HGC. Previous criminal organizations based in Oak Ridges date back a long time, although during the 1970s, before Little Moscow was developed, the East Los Santos area was predominantly Asian-American, where immigrants had been fleeing their countries as the Vietnam War ended, similar to 1992 when the fall of the Soviet Union ultimately brought a massive influx in Eastern-European immigrants, leading to Little Moscow's development. During these periods of time however, East Los Santos always had a minor population of African-Americans. Street gangs such as the Benjamin Crew, St. Catherine Piru Family, 115 Blocc Neighborhood Crips, and Timberland Heights never really caught law-enforcement attention although all three gangs did assume some power at some point during their run. While the Oak Ridges HGC may be a new player in the East Los Santos region, it may be no coincidence that the Oak Ridge HGC was preceded by the Eight Deuce HGC, previous rivals of the Benjamin Crew. Sometime during the fall of the loosely-organized Fame Street Crew, residents of the area began associating themselves with members of the Eight Deuce HGC. Guided by the previous and current Eight Deuce gang members, the Oak Ridges Hoover Gangster Crips plan to involve themselves in the prosperity of crime within the region they reside. The highest concentration of the HGC gang members reside in the Oak Ridges apartment complexes where members are usually born and raised within, where residents as young as 13 years old are still being recruited. UPON ASSOCIATING WITH US, YOU AUTOMATICALLY AGREE THAT ANY LEADER OF THE FACTION HAS THE ABILITY TO CK YOUR CHARACTER DUE TO ANY IN-CHARACTER REASON IF DEEMED FIT.
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    ABOUT US Light Connection Corporation is a car dealership or vehicle local distribution; simply a business that sells new or used cars at the retail level, based on a dealership contract with an automaker or its sales subsidiary. It employs automobile salespeople to sell their automotive vehicles. It may also provide maintenance services for cars, and employ automotive technicians to stock and sell spare automobile parts and process warranty claims. The company was launched in the early 90's by Scott Urban in the state of Los Angeles. Has become a flourishing business with hundreds of thousands of customers who love cars and modification. It had a rocky start just like every-other company on the rise. However Jonathan managed to bring the company to glory after establishing a good trade route with the Japanese and German car companies "Nissan" Toyota" and "Audi" and it skyrocketed the company to next level in the international car transport and maintenance scene. The company is now in most state's of the great U.S.A (Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah) and it has decided to spread its activities, now to the state of San Andreas. "Light Connection Corporation" wanted to expand to San Andreas not only for the variety of the new trade routs and business chances it brings, but it is also a chance for Brandon Scott, the current owner of Light Connection Corporation to prove his worth to be equally good as his deceased father Scott. His father managed to transform a small repair garage in to a very professional company now worth more than 10,000,000 million dollar. Light Connection Corporation is now located at Marina, Panopticon Avenue across the burger shot and is currently ran by Brandon Scott & Katherine Malloy, an ex Lieutenant of the Los Santos Police Department. LOCATION CONTACT US Website - http://lightconnection-corp.cf/index.php Email - [email protected] Chief Executive Officer Katherine Malloy Phone Number: 756-758 Chief Operating Officer Brandon Scott Phone Number: 373-674
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- 20 floor Skyscraper in Glen Park What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Properties What is the suggestion?- I think we should have a custom modelled Skyscraper next to Glen Park, which has a working elevator and the ability to travel to 20 seperate floors. The skyscraper can be used to rent out apartments, offices or other types of properties. I think this decision should be up to the Mapping Team, although the skyscraper can be a very nice location to furnish your own penthouse. Each floor can be passworded if needed, so only the owner of the floor can travel to it. This prevents random players from travelling to somebody elses apartment without permission. What are the advantages?- - The download size for the modded building, textures, collisions and scripts are only 1 megabyte. - It replaces a building that has been disabled for a long time. It could actually put the building to use. What are the disadvantages?- - The value of each floor/apartment would probably be expensive, which could be unrealistic, because realistically every skyscraper should have this feature. - The script is only dedicated to the one building and needs to be maintained for the one building. - The skyscraper could end up privately owned and not used very often (this can be prevented if the Mapping Team make sure the apartment owners remain active and the skyscraper is used on a regular basis). - Each floor will require mapping, which will have to be limited to a small amount of objects at the discretion of the Mapping Team. Although if these disadvantages do outweigh the script, it can be removed easily. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Yes. How would you go about implementing this idea?- -
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    Newsletter - End of June 2018

    June 2018 Newsletter This newsletter comes a bit later than usual (which isn't such a bad thing, we've been busy busy busy with MTA! ) but nonetheless is full of information that we want to share with the community, showing what's been going on over the last month or so. Rule Changes Clarified Break-in Rules Recently a warehouse was broken into and there was some apparent confusion regarding what residential means, so that was clarified. What this aims to do is make it so that houses, apartments, and other things of that nature, which people live in, fall under the break-in protection while other more commercial or non-residential places do not, because realistically of course, you would not live on a concrete floor and hear someone breaking in. https://gitlab.com/OwlGamingCommunity/docs/commit/b80d05197576e80b78ff93f163efade2b90e4ece Clarified Robbery After PKs There was some confusion regarding the interpretation of no PKing after petty robberies. In general, this is still not allowed, to prevent abusing the amnesia effect that occurs with PKs, however, this change makes clear that if you already have justification to PK the person before the robbery, then you may rob them and then PK them. Two examples will be given below. Example 1: Player A gets into a fistfight with Player B over a dispute between the two. Player A pulls a gun towards the end of the fight because he starts to lose and PKs Player B. There in this case is justification for the PK and thus, if he robs the person's body after, it is valid. Example 2: Player A runs up to Player B and robs them of their cash, shooting them afterwards, PKing them. This is still not allowed and is an invalid PK because there was no justification for the PK. If Player B on the other hand tried to fight with Player A who was robbing them for their gun, this becomes a disregard scenario and while there was no PK justification before the robbery, in the middle of it there is one, and Player B can still be robbed after they are PKd if they lose the fight over the gun. Admins will be keeping a close eye on scenarios that fall under this new change to ensure that poor PK reasons are not used. The PK justification beforehand (or if one is generated in the middle of the RP scene) must be very clear. https://gitlab.com/OwlGamingCommunity/docs/commit/269b6ddf4a074d2b551d253f04192c6dfac2fd86 Sale of Impounded Vehicles An out of date provision in the rules that allowed factions to sell vehicles that are impounded is now removed. The Bureau of Traffic Services for a very long time now has been banned by the Government from selling the vehicles they impound, but the OOC rule was never removed when that happened. It was a simple oversight. The reason for this is to remove as many vehicles from circulation as possible from the server, to reduce inflation and help the longevity of the economy. Vehicles seized through law enforcement are still treated the same as they always have been, they're able to be used for undercover operations and transferred to the PD, but cannot leave the possession of the PD. https://gitlab.com/OwlGamingCommunity/docs/commit/c2b2bfcca9e2ddab68728b69eafe2f3c9806a18d Community & Script Updates Mapping Team Update - June 2018 Mapping Team Update - Late June 2018 Vehicle Team Update - June 2018 GAT Update - June 2018 Developer Diary #5 - Burning Down The House Community Spotlight News Sadly, Don Pinto of ANAL News has been CKd as a result of his rivalry with SANN so those articles won't be appearing anymore it seems as of late, however, SAN has been well at work generating interesting articles for the community to digest. Check a few of them out below. https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/94759-san-shocking-suicidal-attempt-ends-heroic/ Character Stories @DanielV has uniquely used video (a far more time consuming medium to create with) to portray his character story. I highly recommend checking it out and giving his thread a like and comment. @Freebird has broken up his experiences in character into interesting little minute by minute snippets with great detail, showing the life of a medical professional. Terrorist Event The terrorism event is now over. The event ended in the arrest of a prominent terrorism suspect who is now serving a life sentence after having a shootout with police. The event created multiple large scale roleplay situations for many members of the server and overall was quite enjoyable. Some finer details that were planned did not quite pan out due to timezone issues but overall it was a success and we'd like to thank everyone who assisted behind the scenes and publicly in the roleplay scenarios that popped up! Factions Check out the factions below, there's quite a variety in the server at the moment. Additionally, be sure to check out https://pd.owlgaming.net/ - Recruitment is open for those that wish to participate in law enforcement roleplay. Media & Screenshots Stats 5,767 reports handled in the month of June!
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    During the 70's, under the Soviet period, many corrupted clerks made connections within the criminal underworld in order to source the black market. But in fact, the elite criminals known mostly as ''Vory v Zakone'', their Code of Conduct strictly forbade them to accomplish cooperation with any kind of the official authorities. Decade later, this led the georgian underworld to divide in two, one half collaborated closely with the authorities meanwhile the other was following the COC(Code of Conduct) strictly. Shortly after, meanwhile Georgia was prospered, it earn a name as one of the most corrupt countries. In the 90's, Georgian government was weak, they had to accept and advantage the nationalist militias formed during the ethnic Abkhaz and Georgia conflict. The militias were pushed into racketeering and smuggling due the lack of funding. With the Rose Revolution which started in 2003, it put Mikheil Saakashvili in power. Saakashvili soon started to implement actions against the high level of crime and corruption. He successfully managed to get many officials behind the bars along with members of the underground authorities in 2005. In order to avoid prosecution, Georgian's ''Vory V Zakone'' emigrated and fled to either Russia or Western Europe, with small gaps in USA. As the arrival of a small ethnic group of georgians in the US, a few personas have established themselves in San Andreas, Los Santos. In a not long gap of time, they managed to create stable business relations around the city, either to invest funds into legal businesses, considered such as legal fronts which advantaged them to avoid the prosecution of their illicit activities for the time being. OOC: With any kind of personal association with the faction, you automatically agree the CK clause and the organization's leadership has the enough power to proceed a CK for every solid reason they have/find good.
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    Rule Discussion Subject: Require character authorizations for unusual characters I want to...: New Rule Elaboration: Require authorizations for 'special' characters (Much like the way mental characters currently require authorization), which basically you need to verify the backstory and that you know what you're doing. This can be for characters like: -Ex special forces -MMA fighters -Martial arts people -etcetera. Basically anything that would give you a out-of-the-box (and arguably unfair) RP advantage over the average character should require at least a basic "yeah this is ok" to deter every character from being a MMA fighting spetznas urban warfare specialist.
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    Evolution Tuning

    Evolution Tuning Evolution Tuning is a new company created to Tune cars to their full potential. We are working under the company Evolve LLC. Location What do we do? Our work topic is ECU tuning and unlimiting your car to its full potential! If you have a car that you think is too slow or needs a little boost to get around the corner quicker, this is the perfect place for you. Around town, there are several people who complain about their car being too slow or that it shouldn't be limited because it hides the potential of the car. Drop by and we will fix that issue for you, we have really low prices! What we've done so far! 2013 BMW F10 M5 This got a performance chip installed, making it unlimited and it gained over 100 Horsepower! 1991 Nissan Skyline HR32 GT-E This bad boy was built by a lass in town but it needed an ECU tune to run properly and make the power she was looking for, this was a nice car to work on. How do we contact you? If you want your car modded or have any questions regarding what we do and how, Send us an email either on: Manager : [email protected] (( @Cryotich )) Mechanic : [email protected] (( @christhebanana1 )) Feel free to message the manager to apply for a job.
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    ABC Abu Baker Corporation

    Abu Baker Corporation History: The beginning, early autumn, 2018 Abu's Fast Food is a food shop opened by Abu Baker on the 02/09/2018. Abu really loves food, so he decided to open a food store himself to please himself and others. It all started out in Grove street, with a small shop there. Abu is planning on getting more workers and large food vans to expand his business. Abu has always dreamt of opening his own food store and has finally managed to get one after working as a bus driver and going to jail a couple of times. Abu has now put his past away and is ready to live a new life. Abu's Fast Cars, late Autumn, 2018 On the 10/10/2018, Abu Baker decided to expand his food store and made it into a corporation. He bought a garage next to his food store and hired a guy named Alexander Bankowski to run the dealership, under Abu's name. Abu's fast cars have the best and fastest vehicles in town and they always have the best service in the world! Abu Partyman, Early winter, 2018 After opening a dealership and fast food chain, Abu Baker decided that it was time to expand even more and bought a local nightclub and renovated it himself. He hired someone to lead the nightclub for him, and also got some people inside to keep the club up and running. His goals are to open more job opportunities and revive the nightlife in Los Santos after some dead nights lately. W.I.P Contact: CEO: Abu Baker Phone: 515601 Email: [email protected] (( Krakkfaen )) Location: Abu's Fast Food Gates Street Abu's Fast Cars: Gates Street Abu Partyman: Gates Street
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    Video coming
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    ASK4SECURITY is a company of guarding and private security of persons and goods. Specialized in the event industry, guarding and close security, we meet your needs through a range of solutions tailored to your expectations and our know-how and our qualified teams. We ensure a particularly careful follow-up of the construction of the security project of our customers to its effective realization. Because of its concern to adapt to satisfy its customers, ASK4SECURITY endeavors to respond in real time to any additional request, any modification of organization, team or equipment composition. ASK4SECURITY focuses on the individual behavior and image that the security agent returns. An elegant, sober and identifiable dress code adapted to each position. As an agent of action but also of human contacts, the agent must adopt a respectful, courteous behavior, be available, with a non-discriminatory attitude while retaining a certain authority in the exercise of respect and applications of safety rules. He must have a spirit of observation, discernment, analysis, and synthesis to anticipate, prevent or eliminate a particular or critical situation. Our main missions are: Control Protect Filter Our services EVENT AGENT We secure all types of events such as sporting or cultural events, exhibitions, congresses, fashion shows, concerts, parties ... The Event Agent is at your disposal to secure your events. Physicist, he controls access during events. The agent must be rigorous while maintaining a high quality of welcome. It may be responsible for checking the validity of the access titles to enter the site but also between different areas of the site, depending on the contract desired by the organizer. His missions: Prevent and intervene Control access and circulation of the event Monitor and secure the facilities Manage crowd, panic or other conflicts Parking management GUARDIAN AGENT The security guard is responsible for enforcing the regulations of the site he is monitoring. If he notices infractions, his role is to report them, to enter them in a register explaining their terms. It ensures the protection of movable and immovable property as well as that of natural or legal persons directly or indirectly related to the security of property. He can verify the smooth running of his mission through video surveillance. Otherwise, it can intervene or prevent with this tool. In case of major inconvenience, he must appeal to the police. He may have to bring first aid. He works alone or in a team day or night. His missions: Remote monitoring management Round of surveillance Asset and Value Surveillance Welcome and manage traffic Manage first level technical issues Issue badges to visitors and outside companies Check the validity of badges Inform, guide and accompany visitors to the site Manage phone calls for security reasons Ensure the management of keys and means of opening To prevent the rescue PROTECTIVE AGENT CLOSER The Close Protection Officer or Bodyguard is fully dedicated to protecting his client. They comply with the wishes and desires of the VIP while applying the necessary procedures for security in all circumstances. He anticipates and analyzes each trip and meeting while respecting the privacy and privacy of the client! Trained in hand-to-hand combat skills, he is an expert in close combat. It can be armed under certain conditions in a highly regulated environment. Contact For all your specific requests (quote, recruitment etc ...), please fill in the fields below, our sales department will contact you as soon as possible. You can also contact us by phone at (701-456). Or by Email : [email protected] (( @Nikkehd )) © Copyright 2019
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    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

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    Board of Supervisor Elections Requirements Board of Supervisor applicants must meet the following criteria to run: Must be at least 21 years of age on the date of swearing in. Must reside in the district they are running for. Must not have a felonious criminal record. Elections One supervisor will be elected for each of the four districts listed below. All applicants must submit their platform with solified proposals for their respective District to County Commissioner Mengele (( @Wright )) by Sunday, 7th of May to be approved prior to the elections which will be held from Monday May 8th to Monday May 15th. Contact Please forward any questions or inquiries to Chief of Staff, James Vandross. Districts
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    You're not the only survivor lol. Only 3 people got killed.
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    Started from the bottom Now we herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEpDiHNoSkw Thanks to everyone who joined Belview past the week. Cheers to us.
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    The logs have been slightly edited, not so much that it would dramatically change the RP situation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKWpQDBvBbM&list=PLiedvXkrIYvZ0Ub1rXLuU8FYlgmZFKPvA&index=107
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    (( Sorry for the spam of SS's, alot happened today ))
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    Also known as - The Braggo Crime Family or The Braggo Organized Crime Family. ( Name after the current Boss of the ''Family''. ) ''Chi dorme non piglia pesci.'' About us: - L'equippagio di Pasadena is an organized group of former members of other groups from the Los Santos area - mainly the di'Maggio Sindicatti di Criminale, Beverly Avenue Gang. The group is focusing on operations around the Pasadena Boulevard in Los Santos, and only rarely operate outside their ''turf''. The groups hierarchy resembles to a traditional Italian-American mob structure, however the quantum of members is much smaller, for example like a bigger crew. The group is led by a single person which operates in the background and is rarely seen between his members, he has two men considered as generals operating in the field - they are called classically, Caporegimes and those have the rest of the enlisted members below them, Made-Men who are full time and proven members and of course Associates and other hang-arounds or outsiders. The groups ranking structure. (Names and pictures not included to prevent any sort of metagaming.) The thread is a work in progress, you may see changes in the upcoming days to the main post. Detailed information is not posted to prevent metagaming and any other sort of rule-breaking. Screenshots are due to be added as the faction makes progress. Upon initiating roleplay with this group, with an intention to become a member or be any-how associated with the faction, you agree with the CK Clause. This means, you may get CKed when deemed fit by the leadership of this group - that means, the three highest ranked people of this group. Only the Boss and Caporegimes can mark people affiliated with the faction to be CKed. Screenshots of Roleplay that led to forming of this group. Credits for the graphics go to @WickJeffe.
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    Andy Sims

    Minor Information: Name: Andy Sims Date of Birth and Birth Place: Born in 1970, Whitefish, Montana Finished Education: Graduated high school in 1988 Completed Marine Sign-up Exams: Completed ASVAB, Passes Physical Medical Exam, goes to MEPS Testing @ Boise MEPS Boot Camp: Did 13-week boot camp period in San Diego Recruit Depot, CA Recruitment: Recruited and assigned to I Marine Expeditionary Force (I MEF), 1st Marine Division (1st MARDIV), 11th Marine Regiment. Camp Pendleton in October 1988 First Promotion: Promoted to E-2 (Private First Class) in April 1989 First Deployment: Deployed in Operation Desert Shield to the Middle East, supporting I MEF, defending Saudi Arabia. 1st MARDIV stationed at observation posts 4, 5, 6. At the observation post, the Marines noticed armored vehicles through night vis. goggles, trying to speak to Batt. headquarters but no response. At 20:30, post 4 observation soldiers opened fire, retreated South due to returning fire. LAV-25s and LAV-ATs engaged the Iraqi tanks after the retreat, damaging them so they couldn't fight back. Second Deployment: In 1991, invaded Kuwait City straight on, then began advancing towards Kuwait International Airport, fought Iraqi 15th Mech Brig. advancing North, Attacked by the Iraqi 449th Artillery, killing a comrade and wounding 12 others, Artillery and Tanks destroying enemy vehicles, capturing Prisoners of War. They made it to the airport. Second Promotion: Withdrew to Camp Pendleton, promoted to Lance Corporal in March 1991. Third Deployment and Third Promotion: Deployed in Operation Sea Angel to Bangladesh to give International Aid to Cyclone victims. Withdrew in April 1993, promoted to Corporal upon return. Forth Promotion: Promoted to Sergeant in June of 1994. Promoted to Staff Sergeant in July of 1996. Failed Forth Deployment and Retirement: September 11, 2001 attacks caused the 11th Marine Regiment to anticipate deployment. Andy didn't want to deploy back to the Middle East, 9/11 prompted thoughts of deployment. The deployment didn't happen until 2003, so Andy got an honorable discharge which he was already eligible for in January 2002. After The Marines: Joined the National Rifle Association (NRA) in March 2004. Opened a small mechanical business within Whitefish, Montana in June 2005, business operations ran until September 2015. November of 2015 Andy Sims moved to Mount Chiliad where he purchased a cabin half-way up the mountain. June of 2017 Andy become a resident of Cliff-Town working as a volunteer. January of 2018, Andy was introduced to The Yokel Mafia by Earl Irwin. June of 2018, Andy was promoted to Yokel within The Yokel Mafia. December of 2018, Andy was promoted to Senior Yokel. January of 2019, Andy was promoted to Overseer within The Yokel Mafia, he works directly alongside the leader Earl Irwin. January of 2019, Andy purchased a large farm from his boss Earl Irwin where he continues to do personal mechanical work. January of 2019, Andy Sims was given the position of District 3 Supervisor, within the Los Santos County Government. February of 2019, Andy introduces a Donny & Brody into The Yokel Mafia, making Donny his right-hand man. March of 2019, Andy becomes a partner in Fishery Security with his longtime friend's son Chase Fisher. May of 2019, Andy continues to be a Council of Supervisor in the Los Santos County Government. May of 2019, Andy launches his new automotive dealership Sims Auto's. June of 2019, Andy is unexpectedly gunned down over some internal beef with the Yokel Mafia leadership. Retired Associations:
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    Rennsport Motorcars

    Rennsport Motorcars Rennsport Motorcars is San Andreas' newcomer, providing the city with a service of top exotic vehicles. We are proud to announce that our arrival is one of the best ones based on the current market of exotic vehicles. We are looking forward to providing the best service in obtaining your dream car and settling the deal on a fairly priced basis. To achieve our goal of satisfying the customer with their purchase, we provide an importation request in respect of not having the wanted exotic on dealership grounds. This means that if the dealership doesn't already have the car you seek, we are able to import your dream car through a form given just below. Allocation To clarify the importation request process, the customer will have to find their dream car which they wish to import. Then, the process from there on is simple, this includes filling out the contact details and the vehicle details which will be sent off to the dealership to process. The aim of this importation form is to give customers what they've been longing for by processing the desired vehicle and importing them into San Andreas. Our importation terms of service require the customer to acknowledge that by signing the form, each customer is required to pay an additional 10% of the listing to the price which is contributed to deposits, holding fees, auto transporters, and additional MRS fees. Any further questions regarding this agreement can be directed to our contact form. Rennsport Motorcars - Allocation Contact Rennsport Motorcars is always looking forward to working with its customers, this means we are willing to hear from our customers, granting if the subject is about a vehicle, the service or just a general question. In order for the contact to be effective, the customer will require to fill out their contact details and list their enquiry under the appropriate subject. By using this form, our team will be able to see what enquiries come in, allowing us to contact you back as soon as possible and in the most appropriate way possible. Rennsport Motorcars - Contact Form Location Rennsport Motorcars, West Broadway, Los Santos Inventory SOLD: ((Credits to @DylanW for the Logo)) ((Credits to @Jokerr for the Interior))
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    Preciso Ink

    INFORMATION Preciso Ink is a local tattoo parlor located in Las Colinas. The store was founded in late 2018 by Ramiro Montalvo when he moved to the city of Los Santos after spending years tattooing. Ramiro began learning to tattoo in the Summer of 2014, his career adventure began by making designs, practicing them and showing off his work, eventually, he began gathering customers in his home city of Albuquerque. In the summer of 2018, Ramiro moved to Los Santos and began working on creating his own parlor in Los Santos to which he has now achieved. Prescio Ink prices their work on an hourly scale, this depends on the type of tattoo & how much detail is required. Prices are decided at the consultation appointment before tattooing starts. LOCATION Want a tattoo? Book an appointment today! https://goo.gl/forms/rxbaSr9H9tUmK8iz2 (( Screenshots & Roleplay will be posted below ))
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    ErnieTheMighty's Sketchbook! - V2

    It seems I can't find my older thread, I guess I deleted it back then. XD Here's newest arts. And some studies: And some older arts:
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    Exciter Query String (EQS)

    Introduction to Exciter Query String Exciter Query String (EQS) is a query string format used to define advanced, custom patterns for access checks on players. This can be applied to for example gates and item permissions. Most users will be fine by just using the other more user-friendly options. In some cases however, an advanced user might have a very specific idea about how a gate or item should be accessed, to which EQS is the solution. EQS has been around for years on different MTA servers, but was first only used by admins. It is now publicly available for some uses, such as for item permissions. It is also used by admins/MT for gates, but it will be helpful if you can have the EQS ready for them upon creation if you want to use EQS on the gate. EQS is just a text string written as a code that defines who can access something. More technically speaking, it is a condition that will return a boolean result (true or false, meaning access granted or access denied). Below follow a list of what you can do with this. Check for items Simply enter the item ID of the item. You can also require a specific item value for the item, by adding = after the item ID, like this: 2=123456 (will open if player has a phone (item ID 2) with number 123456). You may ask an admin if you don't know the item ID of a specific item. Check all of multiple conditions: AND To check for multiple conditions and require them all to be true, use the AND divider. Example "2 AND 7" will open for anyone who has both a cellphone and a phonebook in their inventory. Check any of multiple conditions: OR Like AND, but only one of the conditions need to be met. Example "2 OR 7" will open for anyone who has either a cellphone or a phonebook in their inventory (or both). Note that OR is checked at the level under AND. Check for pilot licenses The text PILOT will open the gate for anyone with pilot license of rating SER or ROT or higher, or a Airport Driving Permit (ADP). You can also check for a specific pilot license by adding a = and specifying either the 3-letter name of the license (example: "PILOT=TER"), the number ID of the license, or check for a typerating by using "PILOT=7-TYPERATINGID" (you find typerating IDs and pilot license types in the FAA forum, whereas the typerating ID is the 3-digit number of the MTA vehicle model). Check for faction Use the letter F, and a = followed by the faction ID or name. Example "F=1" will work for every member of the LSPD faction (faction ID 1). So will "F=Los Santos Police Department". To work for faction members of a specific rank, add a - followed by the rank number, like "F=1-2". If you want to only allow faction leaders, then use FL instead of F. Check for character name Use the letter C, and a = followed by the character name. Example "C=John Doe" will grant access to the character named John Doe. Examples: "64 OR 65" Gate will open for players with item ID 64 (LSPD badge) or 65 (LSES badge). "F=1 AND PILOT OR 127" Gate will open for players that are member of faction 1 (LSPD) and have a pilot license, or who has item 127 (LSIA/FAA badge). Variables Variables lets you use dynamic values for your permission check. Variables are used within curly brackets ( { } ). For example, to grant access to a player who has a keycard (item 170) with the value being "Awesome Club membership" followed by current date in format YYYY-MM-DD, use the following query string: "170=Awesome Club membership {Y}-{m}-{d}". See below for list of available variables. Time variables (current date and time) Day d Day of the month, 2 digits with leading zeros (01 to 31) j Day of the month without leading zeros (1 to 31) l (lowercase 'L') A full textual representation of the day of the week (Sunday through Saturday) D A textual representation of a day, three letters (Mon through Sun) Month m Numeric representation of a month, with leading zeros (01 through 12) n Numeric representation of a month, without leading zeros (1 through 12) F A full textual representation of a month, such as January or March (January through December) M A short textual representation of a month, three letters (Jan through Dec) Year Y A full numeric representation of a year, 4 digits (Examples: 1999 or 2003) y A two digit representation of a year (Examples: 99 or 03) Time G 24-hour format of an hour without leading zeros (0 through 23) H 24-hour format of an hour with leading zeros (00 through 23) i Minutes with leading zeros (00 to 59) s Seconds, with leading zeros (00 through 59)
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    Shooting cops?

    and to top it off
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    It's called Saint Ernest's Hospital now, so that's powergaming.
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    Character Kill Appeal - Manjot Singh

    Nothing like a good CK to bring the community together.
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    Next big chapter in my life

    Well, after 4 years..... sorry, 4 amazing years, I decided it was time to take that next step with the love of my life. When you find someone you have so much in common with, its easy to see why some people fall really hard. Don't know how many people here believe in fate, or a higher power, but I no longer have any doubt. Let me explain why. I'm not what you would call a maverick when it comes to the fairer sex. I've only ever had 2 girlfriends, and the first one didn't end up so well. Then I met the most incredible woman you could ever meet. We have so many of the same interests, but even scarier though, was how many times we crossed paths in our lives, and had no idea. We went to the same elementary school and had no idea, went to the same high school and never knew it. Then I started at the Community Living London support program, and she caught my eye. As I have *ahem* confidence issues, I decided to ask one of the staff if they knew if she had a boyfriend. At the time, she did. But that didn't deter me, because when we were together that day in the program, I could sense something between us. Honestly I wasn't sure what it was, but something told me to not give up. A year later, I learned that things didn't work out between her and her previous boyfriend. I knew it was now or never. So I asked her if she wanted to go to the movies. Now here we are, 4 years later, and I couldn't imagine being with anyone else, or being without her for that matter. I believe from my very core that someone up there wanted us to be together. Theres no other way to explain it. So, on April 18th, 2019, I asked her if she'd marry me. I didn't really have to wait for the answer, because I knew it would be a resounding yes. I know she won't see this post, but I'm just to happy not to share this with all of you, because even though we've never met, and I've had my differences with some of you, I consider each and every person on here a friend. After 4 years, here we are. Starting our life together, not knowing what this world has in store for us.
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    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

    ★ Ronald would wake up from the dream, gazing towards the laptop as he would see that "OSRS" would be turned on with music. [English] Ronald: Holy fuck I need to stop playing this...
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    Torture in the middle of Los Santos From the SAAN news desk ''You will transfer fifteen thousand dollars to miss Michelle's bank account.'', demanded a hostage taker from Bruce Dewitt. On the seventh of September our CEO got a disturbing demand. A hostage taker wanted money from him, because he had one of the employees held hostage. The employee was at the Brittney's Bakery in Marina when two masked and armed men arrived and took our employee hostage. They blindfolded her and took her to a basement. They forcefully striped her and stole her ATM card and her radio. They tortured her relentless for the code. After hammering a nail through her foot she gave the code and the hostage takers noticed that it only had five grand on the account. They called for anyone on the company radio to send fifteen grand to our employee's bank account. Our CEO immediately called the police and informed them of the threat. Officers aiming their guns at one of the hostage takers behind the car A detective met with our CEO and he informed the detective what happened. The police tried to track the signal but no one was found yet. The hostage takers then let our employee on the radio and made her beg for now fifty grand to be transferred within an hour. The police transferred the amount of money to the account and kept an eye on the ATM's in the area. They finally found one of the hostage takers and arrested him. He was armed with a handgun and didn't resist. Not long after they busted in the house where the hostage was kept. They found her locked in the basement behind a metal door. They smashed down the door and saved her. She was in a bad state and was first treated on the spot before being rushed to the hospital. After a heavy surgery and a lot of painkillers she went to sleep. She is now resting at home thanks to the brave state troopers and police officers and the skilled people from SEMC. Want more SAAN? click here! saan.news
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    Looking around for development.
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    28th of July 2018 Office of The Commissioner Chief Of Police Suspended, To Undergo Public Hearing _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ After a detailed review, regarding the conduct and competency of Los Santos Police Chief Scott Murphy, the County Commissioner’s Office has temporarily suspended Chief Murphy, as he awaits a Public Hearing, to be conducted at County Hall, by a panel committee. In the interim, Captain Hank Smith of the Los Santos Police Department, has been designated to conduct all duties, and responsibilities otherwise held by the Chief of Police. More information shall be made available regarding the date and time of this hearing, which shall be open to the public and the media. Any media requests may be directed to the County Commissioner’s office. County Commissioner, *Comment section would be heavily monitored. Users would need to use realistic names for comments to be approved by moderation.*
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    Rule Discussion Subject: Disgusting Roleplay - Pedophilia. I want to...: Revise Elaboration: Change pedophillia from being able to be consented to OOCly to being a outright bannable offence, indefinite/temporary, or warnable, depending on severity. People wanting to roleplay sexual activity as or with a character that is a minor deserve no ability to do so. Pedophilia is one of the most disgusting, lowest level scummy piece of shit things you can do (in a rp server) and it’s absurd people participate in it rply. I disagree with Esex to every degree but PEDOPHILIA is to far. I propose adding punishment options depending on severity Sexualized /look messages - Warning, forced to change their look. Participating or solicitation of sex - Bannable or forced to age up to 18. Possibly a blacklist from roleplaying a minor?
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    [PRESS RELEASE] District 3 Results

    District 3 Election Results Office of The County Commissioner January 31st, 2019  Greetings Once Again, After a tragic week, candidate Rose Moreno withdrew her interest to focus on spending time with her much loved family, and so, the one other approved candidate shall win the seat by default. Andy Sims (( @DylanW )) Congratulations to Mr. Sims on becoming the member of the County Council for District 3, and he shall be sworn in shortly. Regards, James Bradford, County Commissioner
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    Eight Deuce

    "Ain't no nigga above a Deuce..."

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