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    Server Script Update (v6.5.0.0) | November, 2018 Thanks for your continued support everyone! We've been hard at work on GTA:V but that doesn't mean we forgot about MTA! Media Features Online Banking from any laptop or phone Toggle-able Login Sound (Community Vote) Remove all textures button and highlight textures Dynamic lighting returns with performance improvements Added a vehicle interior for the Benson Phone now has a browser and banking app All languages available in character creation New custom animations Faction members can now create interior keys at locksmiths Rewriten advertisements Adjustments: Changed character name limit to 22 as it's the max MTA supports Changed the interiors for SEMC Improved hiding the DMV questions and answers on the client Show inactivity protection only to admins and interior owner (Community Vote) Allowed /goto while reconning Disabled some world sound effects (fountain, torch, and absent wind) Vastly improved server startup/shutdown time Fixes: Fix for skin 290 being in the Asian category Resolved some issues with /ticket not working properly (#1674, #1672) Resolved an error when a player logs out while dead Allow admins to use freecam in the regular world after dying Fixed vehicles getting a random color after previewing a texture (#1578) Resolved an issue when paying for your tickets in some cases not going through Fix for the language when speaking into a phone Removed the deprecated setVehicleTurnVelocity Special thank you to @yannickboy15, @SjoerdPSV, @Unitts, @Sergeant, @DrJoseEviI, @FAILCAKEZ and @Eloquent, for contributing to this update! Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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    [GUIDE] So You Want To Join?

    The 'братва востока' or 'Bratva' was formed in February 2018, after what is known as 'the fall of the Temple.' The organization came together under the leadership of former Khram OPG big-man Marat 'Veliki' Morozov and thrived off of the storied traditions, loyalty and tenacity of Khram OPG's surviving members. Since then, the 'Bratva' has grown to dominate the Los Santos underworld, and has created a complex network of allies, informants, associates and soldiers throughout... and now you're thinking of joining: Well, let me start off by saying that 'The Bratva' is, in it's truest form, an 'evolution' of the revered Khram OPG, and has been successful to date mainly due to the traditions, strategy and 'culture' refined in no small way by @LokiHavok. Bratva members represent a 'brotherhood' of typically, Russian expats, or Russian-speakers from other nations such as Armenia, the Ukraine, Georgia, and other former Soviet-Bloc countries. At it's roots, the Bratva is like any other Mafia organization, a pyramid of respect, social status, and most importantly money. Cash is the language of the underworld; every man has their price, and every man is weighed on their abilities to prove their value. Most complete this by either pushing illicit products such as weapons, narcotics, and prostitution, or by handling jobs which are handed down to them by the Bratva 'elite.' Not unlike the infamous Italian organizations of La Cosa Nostra, the Bratva maintains power through secrecy and violence, and gains membership typically through blood-relations or 'family' ties. This could be 'your cousin Pavel' or 'your neighbor growing up in little Moscow'... so the odds of 'outsiders' making it into the ranks, become very slim. Below you will find some 'Do's & Dont's' of character creation, and some tips on how to organically work your way into favor with the organization. DO: Your character should be male, white, Russian-speaking (if not in addition to other native languages). Women are rarely considered to hold any power in a Mafia environment, and the power they do hold comes from sexual relations and influencing high-rollers. Your character should have ZERO involvement with Law Enforcement, the Government, or any kind of 'authority' such as the former KGB, SVR, CIA etc etc. There are minor exceptions to this such as a crooked cop earning the favour of the Mob, but they will forever been an outsider. Your character should have a believable background, reflective of his social standing & HAVE MOTIVATION to earn membership. Being loaded, driving nice cars & all that is fine to start, IF you have a believable reason to still seek membership. Otherwise, you'll likely become a target of extortion. Your character should be willing to put in the time, network, and earn the trust of those above him in the organization. Simply put, nobody is handed anything. Your character might have done jail time or be a felon etc. This is more of a 'trust' thing as criminals are always more likely to trust 'one of their own.' Your character will always benefit from being a 'local.' DONT'S: Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, approach a 'theoretical' member of the organization or someone you suspect to have connections openly, especially if you are asking them for assistance with a criminal task. THIS WILL GET YOU CLIPPED AND BURIED FASTER THAN IT TOOK YOU TO GOOGLE-FOO YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME Your character should not be entitled to anything they didn't pay or bleed for. The 'I deserve ______' attitude is rarely rewarded unless your character already has pull within the organization. Your character should not be a rabid thug, or uncontrollable 'loose cannon.' Being a liability will earn you a bullet. (( @Portside ❤️ )) Your character should be prepared to make financial and physical sacrifices. Nothing says loyalty like cash, and the willingness to sit behind bars for a job needing done. Your character should realistically fear leadership & the consequences of going against or pissing off a well connected criminal organization. This includes ratting, working against them, disobeying direct orders, refusing work etc. Your character should understand that most Mafia members only leave the life in a wooden box, and the biggest killer of mob-members is their own kind. I hope this gives some of you with interest in joining us something to think about as you ponder creating a character. You can always contact myself, @FAILCAKEZ or another Bratva player that you might know, and they should be able to give you some solid advice on the topics I covered above. At the end of the day, our goal is to create an environment that encourages character development, offers dynamic opportunities for a variety of RP styles and creates interesting Role-play for the community at large. Thanks for taking time to read!
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    Almighty Vice Lords

    The "Almighty Vice Lord Nation" is a gang which was originally formed in chicago, in the early 1957s, The gang was formed by african american youths, and the "AVLN" is the branch of the "People" nation, which they claim the five point star, when the gang was formed, it started spreading over until it got into LS, in the late 2008s, A group of african american males decided to form the gang around John Paul St It's founders are Quantrell Von and Qushown Brantrell, The members of the gang can be identified by the colors they wear either black, red, or yellow, including gang signs which are the "V" and the "L" and so, The gang is known of commiting horrible crimes such as: Murder, robberies, money laundering etc.., After qushown was gunned down around Washington street, Quantrell decided to name the hood after him "Stain Block", after the project was seized for almost 3 years, the gang came back in the early 2018. And now, the members of the gang have taken the rap culture as a way to get money, and to tell people what they been through in the street life, Quantrell has made a rap career and started taking it seriously in 2016, he started rapping, and the community seemed to be liking his music that he produces, and he gained enough recongintion to be a local LS rapper, he have been gaining attention from the social media. After a while, the gang has grow its membership, and gained unwanted attention by the LSPD, Now, Quan has left the rap industry to take the street buisness seriously, And he started making deals with several dealers, And so.
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    Hello, On the 20th of November, Dinoco Limited published a press release announcing the support of James Bradford in the upcoming election. This has, unfortunately, resulted in the termination of our current contract that we had between the government to provide coroner services in the state. Firstly, I'd like to point out that the company has never had any big issues with the current government and the county commissioner until now. However, during his entire term, we never received any contact from the government in regards to any contract negotiations, any things they can help with etc until recently. This was an issue for us, as we'd ideally like a government that's willing to help us out when we need, not when they need us for good PR. The day before I posted the press release, I received the following email from the County Commissioner: The County Commissioner Nicholas Howard was fully aware that our Red Rose contract was a big deal for Dinoco, and he used this to try to sway our support. Red Rose has never received any complaints that I am aware of and has consistently assisted the LSPD with coroner services and funerals. The cancellation of our contract was nothing but Nicholas Howard getting his revenge, and doing so has harmed our business. Moving on from this, Dinoco will NOT continue doing business in the state of San Andreas if Nicholas Howard wins the upcoming election. His reckless action is slowly killing the business, and it would no longer be viable to stay in the county under his leadership. Our employees have been made aware of our decision, but we're hoping that it does not come to this extreme measure. For a business that has contributed a lot to this city through taxes, employment, and services we do not appreciate being treated this way, especially under the circumstances. We originally were on good terms with the current government, and we even partly funded CC Nicholas Howard's campaign. However, I do not believe that he has been acting in the best interest of the state in his 6-month term, and as a citizen and business owner in the state of San Andreas, I am able to express my personal and professional opinion. Our decision to not support Nicholas has been totally valid, with huge fines being issued during his first month of the term, to the contract being terminated based off a personal feud in the last month of the term. I know for a fact that other businesses in San Andreas feel the same way. A lot of small businesses this year have been destroyed due to high fines after the government decided to randomly enforce business licenses after months of not doing so, and not having a fully working system to do so. Their decisions are extremely arbitrary, and they have a clear disregard for businesses in the Los Santos and the surrounding areas. **Comments would be enabled** Regards, H. Edwards, S. Murphy, V. Payne.
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    Los Santos' Friends of Liberty 'Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness' Introduction It is with great pleasure that following confirmation from the Supervisor of Elections for the State of San Andreas earlier this morning that our Chairman, James Bradford, has been approved to run for the Office of County Commissioner for Los Santos County. A few months prior to this, we announced our intentions to stand in this election and following this, we received a vast quantity of messages and concerns from a diverse amount of people, ranging from some of the largest of business owners to our least fortunate citizens. After weeks of deliberation with these constituents, we assembled a Platform which was presented at the Friends of Liberty National Convention in the afternoon of the 20th of November where it was approved and then sent to the Supervisor's Office. And as promised, this Platform is to be announced today. James Bradford pictured at the Friends of Liberty National Convention Five Points of Patriotism 1. Taxation Cuts 2. Commissioner Hill 3. Government Re-branding 4. Evaluation of Internal Rules 5. Business Incentive Subsidiary Points Alongside these '5 Points of Patriotism' we also have a number of Subsidiary points, and they are as follows: When possible, Legislation passed at the County level shall be reviewed and then any necessary amendments will be made to make them more suitable for modern times. Work alongside the elected County Council to pass legislation and delegate funding to benefit all constituents of all 4 of the districts. Maintain full transparency with regards to Government activities including that of regular financial records, as outlined within State Legislation. Whilst terror and gang violence are unfortunate crimes in this modern day and age, LSFL will not treat every citizen as if they are a criminal, and we shall open a dialogue between the Public, District Attorney’s Office and the LSPD to see if there is a way in which time can be tackled at a much more effective, and safer, manner without so many lives needing to be put at risk. Each and every citizen shall be afforded their constitutional rights and they shall not be infringed by any Government agency through oppression or overreach. We shall aid our agencies in whichever way possible to prevent constitutional violations. We shall pass legislation to aid Veterans of our Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies and other Government Departments (and their families) to ensure that they are being provided enough support for traumatic incidents they may have witnessed. We would like to pay back those who risked everything for our freedoms. We would like to thank-you for taking your time to read our platform, if you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies, or would like the opportunity to suggest some, please do leave a comment below within the appropriate format. We appreciate the continued support and look forward to engaging with each and every one of you. Dearest Regards, LSFL
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    Preciso Ink

    INFORMATION Preciso Ink is a local tattoo parlor located in Las Colinas. The store was founded in late 2018 by Ramiro Montalvo when he moved to the city of Los Santos after spending years tattooing. Ramiro began learning to tattoo in the Summer of 2014, his career adventure began by making designs, practicing them and showing off his work, eventually, he began gathering customers in his home city of Albuquerque. In the summer of 2018, Ramiro moved to Los Santos and began working on creating his own parlor in Los Santos to which he has now achieved. Prescio Ink prices their work on an hourly scale, this depends on the type of tattoo & how much detail is required. Prices are decided at the consultation appointment before tattooing starts. LOCATION Want a tattoo? Book an appointment today! https://goo.gl/forms/rxbaSr9H9tUmK8iz2 (( Screenshots & Roleplay will be posted below ))
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    Also known as - The Braggo Crime Family or The Braggo Organized Crime Family. ( Name after the current Boss of the ''Family''. ) ''Chi dorme non piglia pesci.'' About us: - L'equippagio di Pasadena is an organized group of former members of other groups from the Los Santos area - mainly the di'Maggio Sindicatti di Criminale, Beverly Avenue Gang. The group is focusing on operations around the Pasadena Boulevard in Los Santos, and only rarely operate outside their ''turf''. The groups hierarchy resembles to a traditional Italian-American mob structure, however the quantum of members is much smaller, for example like a bigger crew. The group is led by a single person which operates in the background and is rarely seen between his members, he has two men considered as generals operating in the field - they are called classically, Caporegimes and those have the rest of the enlisted members below them, Made-Men who are full time and proven members and of course Associates and other hang-arounds or outsiders. The groups ranking structure. (Names and pictures not included to prevent any sort of metagaming.) The thread is a work in progress, you may see changes in the upcoming days to the main post. Detailed information is not posted to prevent metagaming and any other sort of rule-breaking. Screenshots are due to be added as the faction makes progress. Upon initiating roleplay with this group, with an intention to become a member or be any-how associated with the faction, you agree with the CK Clause. This means, you may get CKed when deemed fit by the leadership of this group - that means, the three highest ranked people of this group. Only the Boss and Caporegimes can mark people affiliated with the faction to be CKed. Screenshots of Roleplay that led to forming of this group. Credits for the graphics go to @WickJeffe.
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Changing /district and District ICs What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Posted on behalf of @Craazy The suggestion is to change the current script, so that gunshot districts and other districts can go through interiors. For example, if shots are fired inside of a Jefferson interior, then the gunshot district would also show in the district of Jefferson. Furthermore, my suggestion would include adding white-to-grey system, similar to the shout script. When the source of the district is far away, then the text is grey-ed out, and as the source gets closer, the text becomes more white and clear. --- I'd actually also suggest showing the interior and 2 nearest interior names as possible sources for the /district made, thus helping NPC 911 calls, regular 911 calls, and law-enforcement so that they can pinpoint shootings to a location. Additionally, regular districts should give a source for the district as well. I remember using whistles in some of my factions to signal if a member needs help in the area. This would work most of the time because we'd usually hang in a specific spot and the trouble would be there, and we would look there in the event of a whistle. But that's not always the case, and we'd have to look all over the district to find our whistle source. What are the advantages?- -Basic walls aren't soundproof, and gunshots would be heard from outside a house. -Realistic and immersive. What are the disadvantages?- -Unfortunate for those who installed soundproof walls RPly, but that can always be accounted for in the script. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- nah son How would you go about implementing this idea?- when mommy and daddy love each other hard enough, make script baby is born
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    Sol Colinas Construction LLC

    WHO WE ARE Sol Colinas' aim is to provide its wide range of experience and comprehensive expertise to our customers in an increasingly large variety of fields and specialties, committed to becoming your first choice in the construction and contracting world. We are a locally owned and operated company with a passion for pursuing excellence in our craft through hard work, dedication, and disciplined employees who strive for the highest quality at the best possible prices. SERVICES Here at Sol Colinas, we specialize in many fields, including but not limited to- Commercial / Residential Construction & Renovation Installation of Security Equipment & Security Structures Cameras, Motion Detectors, Alarm Systems, Panic Buttons, Hardened Doors, Electronic Entry Access Safe Rooms, Hidden Rooms, Security Gates, Security Fences, Bollards, Barriers Permanent Safe / Vault Installation & Ballistic Panel / Glass Installation Public Infrastructure Road Paving, Patching, Painting, Maintenance Water, Electrical, Internet, Sewer, Gas Line Installation / Maintenance Traffic Light, Road Sensor Installation / Maintenance General Public Utility Installation / Maintenance Sanitation, Industrial Cleaning, Waste Disposal, Graffiti / Garbage Removal We utilize skilled workers, quality materials, and the best brands for every project to ensure the highest durability and the utmost quality in everything we do. Don't see a service listed that you wish to have done? Contact us below and we'll work with you to see if we find a solution that meets your needs at the best possible price. CONTACT E-Mail Us At [email protected] (( Forum PM @Wright or @ThatGuy )) Call Us At 888444 OR 444888
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    SUPERIOR COURT OF SAN ANDREAS Civil Petition Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos Dinoco LTD Versus Los Santos County Government Subpart 1. Accusation. In the matter of this civil petition, Dinoco Limited on the November 28th, 2018, accuses Los Santos County Government of: Misuse of the Eminent Domain Clause Failure to comply with Government Transparency ordinances Subpart 2. Demands. The plaintiff, Dinoco Limited demands the following: Immediate nullification of Eminent Domain proceedings against the plaintiff. Investigation into County Commissioner Nicholas Howard for a conflict of interest Reform of the county committee to allow for greater transparency and oversight by the public, as implied in previous legislation. Subpart 3. Narrative. On the 20th of November, 2018 the plaintiff was contacted by the County Government extending an open hand to them in the hopes of improving their relationship. In this message Commissioner Howard expressed his desire to "continue a strong relationship" with my plaintiff and to "...help Dinoco Ltd strive to achieve it's full ability within Los Santos." The Commissioners attitude changed, shortly after Dinoco Ltd published a press release in support of the policies of the opposing candidate and therefore the candidate himself. This press release caused a complete 180 degree turn by the Commissioner, which promptly decided to cut all ties with Dinoco Ltd, terminating the Red Rose Funeral Homes contract using the aforementioned press release as the reason for the termination. On the 22nd of November, 2018 the plaintiff received a notice from the District Attorney regarding eminent domain proceedings which would condemn the plaintiffs 1258 Holy Cross St. Market, Los Santos property. While the DA asserted that the property would be used for public purposes and would be "...beneficial to the population at large..." there has been no official publication regarding the public plans for the plaintiffs property, nor has there been any publicly recorded council meeting about these plans. The plaintiff believes that a comprehensive assessment into the land usage has not been properly carried out and no study as to how the acquisition of the plaintiffs land will provide a benefit to the public has been conducted. Without participation from the public at large through open meetings and published transcripts, there has been no input from the public meant to benefit from this condemnation. As such, it is believed that the current Eminent Domain process should be nullified as it seems like nothing more than a government land grab from a private entity which conducts extensive business ventures from it. The nature of the acquisition is also brought into question, as it appeared shortly after the plaintiff vowed to support the opposing candidate for office. Limitations and oversight are an important part of government, and when the public can't see what is happening it is unable to hold the elected officials accountable. The lack of information regarding the plans for public development or transfer of property show that there is a problem with the current levels of transparency and oversight. Subpart 4. Evidence. Exhibit 1. Exhibit 2. Exhibit 3. Subpart 6. Ancillary Information. Defendant Legal Representation: UNK Plaintiff Legal Representation: Gabriel Stefan Krakowski Contact Information: 369120 Presiding Judge: X Subpart 7. Declaration. I, Gabriel Stefan Krakowski, affirm that the foregoing is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. (( @Mogs @Zebulon @DylanW ))
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    A Word From Padre Benito Good Evening, Los Santos. My name is Father Benito. I am the Priest of the Church of Jesus Christ The Savior on San Pedro Street in Las Colinas. Currently, we are funding our efforts as a church, and efforts for our community. We'd like to begin with the start of a homeless shelter and soup kitchen out of the church, as well as funds to continue our services to the good Christians of Los Santos. We've been hosting a donation drive to fund these operations, and we are pleased to announce the current top donors so far: Top Donor Huw Edwards, Dinoco Ltd | $100,000 Runner-Up(s) James Bradford, LSFL | $35,000 Nicholas Howard, County Commissioner | $30,000 We also hold an offering during every church service, and recognize and give the Lord's blessings to our smaller donors. The donation drive is still going on! Remember, the Vatican believes roughly 10% of your income should be invested into the church so that it may continue to do miracles. We understand not everybody can donate, and that is perfectly acceptable. However we do call upon those Catholics that have found success in this life to give back to your community and help feed the hungry, house the homeless, and take care of the neglected! Gracias, Padre Benito
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    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

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    My music beats yours @ResidentPeach 😁
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    Iglesia Pentecostes

    Church Pentecost is a historic Roman Catholic church in Las Colinas, San Pedro Avenue in northern East Los Santos, San Andreas, United States. The church was founded by the Spanish in the early 19th century when modern-day San Andreas was under Spanish rule and known as Alta San Andreas in the Viceroyalty of New Spain. Throughout the 20th century, the church operated under the auspices of the Claretian Missionary Fathers to this day. The church is a part of the Archdiocese of San Andreas and serves as a neighborhood parish church, as well as a very important cultural landmark. Since the 1960s it has been carefully retrofitted against earthquakes, something the original friars knew nothing about, like many other old San Andreas missions. Masses are said in Spanish as well as English for the large Hispanic community in San Andreas. The store that operates inside the Church itself earns a not-for-profit revenue stream that entirely goes back into operating the Church, employing staff and renovations where it counts. The store has a big variety of inventory ranging from jewellery, rosaries, bibles and scented candles all sourced from reputable companies such as Yankee Cadle, AV Jewellers or Swarovski. Any donations patrons or visitors wish to share can be placed in the donation jar. In Catholic teaching, the Sacrament of Penance is the method of the Church by which individual men and women confess sins committed after baptism and have them absolved by God through the administration of a Priest. The Catholic rite, obligatory at least once a year for serious sin, is usually conducted within a confessional box, booth or reconciliation room. This sacrament is known by many names, including penance, reconciliation and confession (Catechism of the Catholic Church, Sections 1423-1442). While official Church publications usually refer to the sacrament as "Penance", "Reconciliation" or "Penance and Reconciliation", many laypeople continue to use the term "Confession" in reference to the Sacrament. The Mass, known more fully as the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the central liturgical ritual in the Catholic Church where the Eucharist (Holy Communion) is consecrated. The Church describes the Holy Mass as "the source and summit of the Christian life". It teaches that through consecration by an ordained priest the bread and wine become the sacrificial body, blood, soul, and divinity of Christ as the sacrifice on Calvary made truly present once again on the altar. The Catholic Church permits only baptised members in the state of grace (Catholics who have recently confessed all mortal sins) to receive Christ in the Eucharist.
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    **As you browse the web, you'd see a advert to the right side of the screen, displaying the following picture.** **When clicked, the following would show.** Spectators! EVERYONE IS INVITED TO WATCH FOR FREE. After the event ends, you'll be given a 15 minute window to leave the property. Parking spot. Regulation for the spectators: Drivers! Looking to become a human crash dummy? HERE'S YOUR SHOT! For just $500 you get to become a driver of one of the 7 vehicles we have available. And win a PRIZE OF $10,000 How to become a driver? 15 minutes before the event starts. (8:45 PM) be at the gates, and request to become a driver. IF YOU'RE NOT ALONE, MAKE A LINE OF ARRIVAL. Items required by the drivers: Regulation for drivers: 7 CARS IN, 1 CAR LEAVES.
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    Делу время, потехе час


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