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    515 Washington Block Piru

    UPON READING THE FOLLOWING; YOU AGREE THAT YOU WILL NOT USE ANY OF THE VITAL INFORMATION IN-CHARACTER WITHOUT CONSULTING ME FIRST. FURTHERMORE, THE STORY BELOW HAS BEEN PARTIALLY FICTIONALIZED THOUGH MOST OF THE EVENTS DID OCCUR IN-CHARACTER & IN-GAME. The Washington Block Piru street gang was formed in early 2019, within the western Panoptican Avenue apartment complexes. It is the successor of the Brimstone Block Piru street gang that controlled the majority of Idlewood back in 2008 to 2015, their headquarters being within the Brimstone Apartment Complex. It's roots technically go back to 2005, when the Brimstone Projects's illegal activity was controlled by four individuals named Terrance Dontrell, Hakem Wright, Eric Clay and Damian Ramsey. Terrance Dontrell became the symbol of the crew and eventually they rose to power within their projects, recruiting the many impoverished residents of the area into the street gang. Before long, Terrence Dontrell was influenced by gang culture, and by following the Bloods culture, those who looked up to him soon took after him. They began to call themselves the Brimstone Block Piru, the 'Brimstone Block' part being for the roots of their gang, and the 'Piru' moniker being used as tribute to the original Bloods. Eventually, the Brimstone Block Piru grew into half of Idlewood before finally meeting its border with the Spook Town Murder Squad, a Ganton street gang. When they first interacted, they immediately became rivals. Shortly afterwards, as the feud grew more violent... Terrence Dontrell was shot and killed by an STMS member. As his right hand man, Eric Clay led the Brimstone Pirus into war with the STMS although the war would be cut short by the LSPD. Though they were targeted by the LSPD, the Brimstone Pirus were still fresh at the time, and as a result, they weren't left completely broken after the LSPD raids. The same could not be said for the Spook Town Murder Squad. The Brimstone Pirus acknowledged their victory and began to rebuild. Seeing this war from afar, was the other half of Idlewood's underground. This street gang was named the 'Mercy' projects, founded by Andre Russell. Much wasn't known about the gang however, it is known that they tried to take advantage of Brimstone when the previous war left them less then qualified. Nevertheless, Brimstone had acquired the weapons necessary to fight this new war brought onto them by Andre Russell and his gang. Unfortunately, the LSPD has used the previous war as cause to investigate the Brimstone Pirus further, and as a result, the LSPD put a stop to this war quickly. Through it's lifespan, the Brimstone Pirus were referred to by numerous names, such as the Brimtown Made Mafia, the Brimstone Block Pirus, the Brims, and Brim Gang. It also went through a respectable amount of leaders, most notably Terrance Dontrell, Eric Clay, Lavaughn Humphrey, and Kendrick Oates. The Brimstone Pirus would soon die out, as the high ranking members were met with death by the hands of the 'Mercy' street gang, or incarcerated by the hands of the Los Santos Police Department. The remnants of the Brimstone Piru relocated to the Panopticon Avenue apartment complexes, where the culture of the Brimstone Pirus would carry on. UPON JOINING; MEMBERS WILL AGREE THAT ANY LEADER OF THE FACTION HAS THE ABILITY TO CK A MEMBER DUE TO ANY IN-CHARACTER REASON IF DEEMED FIT.
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    213 Hoodlums

    213 Hoodlums is a long-standing African-American street gang founded during the late 1975 in the southern district of Los Santos, San Andreas. Vol I. About The 213 Hoodlums. The 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood claims Metropolitan Ave, Verdant Bluffs and shows their activity and attendance nearby districts, even though they're situated in a tight rough spot due to the fact their gang is entirely surrounded by neighboring gangs. Without uncertainty, The 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood was a figure in gang violence that increased crime rates around Verdant Bluffs, Idlewood and Commerce in the late 1980s. Residents affirmed that the gang-affected the neighborhood so critical, that it shifted the homicide rate to proportions unheard of in Los Santos. An extensive portion of 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood affiliates was promptly incarcerated in the late 90s due to the rising tensions. How the conflict sprouted is unknown to many, including the modern-day members of the 213 Hoodlums Neighbourhood. Most of those who were interned were within the ages of 13-17, they hold an, even more, greater residence in Juvenile Institutions, and Juvenile Camps across the state of San Andreas as a result of the heavy embroilment in poverty-riddled activities. Vol II. Metropolitan Ave, Verdant Bluffs Riots. SOUTH CENTRAL Contrary to widespread belief, the Verdant Bluffs District drew a low number of visitants and civilians throughout the early 1960s and 1970s. Residents at Metropolitan Ave claim that the area is hard to live in, while others completely stay away from the area. Verdant Bluffs' history dates back to 1953, at that time Metropolitan Ave, Verdant Bluffs was a multicultural neighborhood Metropolitan Ave packed with a heavy presence of Hispanic Americans, with a minority of African Americans, Caucasian, and a few others mixed in between. Even then in the midst of the early-late 60s, Idlewood possessed a very high crime rate, because of the war against the Black Panthers and the government. Prostitution, robberies and car crime (especially carjackings). In the 1980s drugs (especially weed-cocaine) became the main issues. The area is deeply under scrutiny by Police aviation, aka "Ghetto Bird" or "The Bird." Manufacturing jobs were popular during the 1950s and 1960s. However, an unplanned reduction in jobs around 1963 also helped The Metropolitan Ave Riots. Once jobs caused began declining, this depressed the area; at the same time, the concentration of poverty-stricken residents, blended with a pervasive feeling of disenfranchisement and official indifference or hostility, caused the housing projects to become a breeding ground for criminal activities. Verdant Bluffs Riots In the implacable & black southside region of Metropolitan Ave, the racial tension stretched to another level after a fight between African-Americans and Caucasian residents of the Glen Park Homes. Law enforcement arrived at the scene of the riot, and Gerald J' Henry, a Caucasian police officer interlaced in an uproar with an African-American mechanic speculated of elevating the fight. However, as a crowd of Metropolitan Ave, Verdant Bluffs onlookers watched the brutal & dishearten death of Lamar Harrison (20) conflict spread & a riot roused by residents of the neighboring housing projects, and houses who were angered after years of unfair economic and political treatments. The Home Street District Riots was privately filmed by a helicopter, footage showcases how pedestrians & Law enforcement brutally terrified the streets of Verdant Bluffs and Commerce. Multiple people were shot, beaten or arrested, individuals in those riot events eventually ranged a bigger area of Verdant Bluffs, looting stores, torching buildings and markets, brawling police and firefighters. Around 120 rioters were injured, 10 were injured.Vol III. Neighborhood. As of 2016, the 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood is still an infamous and prominent African-American street gang. Most new affiliates of the street gang who have become known to the police through monitoring and arrests are within the ages of 14 and 24. 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood appear to have a higher interest in recruiting young men and young women who are in their late teens and early 90s rather than youths who are still in childhood or early adolescence. It stands to reason that the street gang, through recruiting this relatively older age group, are looking for more experienced and seasoned members. Their territory extends a larger amount than before.Metropolitan Ave is still known for its density, as such, it should be no surprise that many of the local youth are affected by this culture either through acquaintances or family. The latter being the case for many, be it an older brother, father or uncle that had ties to the Neighborhood. Not only that, but the 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood still remain strong within the area and kept it that way for almost 45 years. The 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood is one of the most murderous gangs in South Central, according to law enforcement.
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    What Requires A Modification Request And What Doesn't? Hey everyone, over the few years and my experience whilst being in the Vehicle Team, I’ve noticed that there’s still a grey area and confusion among players when it comes to the what modifications require an in-game report and what vehicle modifications must go through a modification request. As of now, all this information has been on a private guide, so I’ve re-done it. Here I present the up to date and revised guide: In-Game Report All the modifications that will be listed within this section can be processed through an in-game report. If you’ve RP’ed these modifications, ensure that you have all your RP logs within a pastebin and you have the generics on hand. If you’ve got everything ready, make a report via F1, under the section of Vehicle Build/Import Request so that VT members can see it and get to you. Exterior: Cosmetic modifications such as body panels, widebody kits, car aerodynamic parts and wheels (Actual wheel generics, not wheels purchased from NPCs) can be RP’ed and processed in-game, report once you’ve got the logs and the parts you’ve put onto your vehicle will be added to its notes on /checkveh. (Some of these modifications can result to vehicle stats being adjusted such as the weight of it) Interior: Changing interior components such as the steering wheel, steering wheel adapters/ quick release wheel hubs can be done in-game. These components are only cosmetic, but you can RP them for more realism. Changing the seats from factory seats to bucket seats can also be done in-game via a report, doing this will reduce the weight present on your vehicle’s stats. Handling: All suspension components such as coil overs, lift kits, tie rods, control arms, sway bars, etc can be done in-game via a report. If you’re modifying your vehicle in order to get more angle on your vehicle, the maximum angle you can get through an in-game report is 45, if you wish to get 55 angle, you’ll be required to make a modification request with realistic parts to get you to that stage. All tire changes can be done via an in-game report aswell. (Generics with the names “Universal Tires” or “Drift Tires” are not accepted, the generics used should have actual names including the brand of the tires and the line-up they’re in such as “ Toyo Proxes R888R Summer Tyres” or “Bridgestone Potenza S001 High Performance Tyres”) Brand new brake installation, such as performance brakes can be done through an in-game report aswell. Modification Request All of the modifications that will be listed below, will require you to submit a modification request over on the forums (https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/5-vehicle-team-modification-request-ooc/). Before I start off listing everything, modification requests require you to have 75 hours on your character, this is something that is listed within the modification request form itself. Handling: I’ll start off with the most simple one as I’ve already mentioned it in the previous section. If you wish to get 55 angle on your vehicle, you will be required to make a modification request and have realistic parts such as camber arms, modified knuckles and modified control arms, etc. Interior: The only aspect of interior modifications that requires you to make a modification request is if you’re trying to strip the whole interior or removing parts of the interior such as the rear seats/ passenger seat. Performance Modifications/ Engine: Anything related to the engine, such as an engine swap itself (Even the removal of engines), turbo kit, supercharger, exhaust/intake manifolds, exhaust system, etc will require a modification request. If you’re trying to modify your vehicle for high power figures, remember to have supporting modifications to make it realistic as possible so that your vehicle would be able to handle it all. (One-run builds, meaning high power vehicles that need to be rebuilt every few races on the drag strip due to not having supporting modifications or parts that aren’t capable of handling that power are not allowed, the reason for this is because it leads to really over-powered builds that are constantly used as this isn’t something we can regulate or enforce) ECU: Anything related to the ECU such as making a new tune on your vehicle, using a preset tune from a device or messing around with the factory ECU to remove a speed limiter also require modification requests to be made. Drivetrain: Modifications involving the drivetrain, such as new flywheels, clutch kits, transmissions themselves, driveshafts , axles, differentials, etc will all require modification requests, stats for these will be set accordingly in order to improve the vehicle. Safety: Modifications intended to protect the driver during motorsports such as half cages/ roll cages and harnesses have to go through a modification request. Vehicle Repairs/Restorations We know that there’s a few people that like to roleplay damages of their vehicles correctly or they purchase damaged vehicles to repair/restore them. This section is for them to show them what repairs can be done in-game and what will require modification requests. Body Panels : Like stated above, any body panels such as fenders, bumpers, crash bars, doors, etc can be done through an in-game report as long as you have the RP for it all and have the correct generics. Interior : Putting the interior back together, such as putting new seats in, dash, steering wheel, interior lining, etc can also be done through an in-game report. Suspension : All suspension components can be done through an in-game report as long as you’ve done the RP for it and have the generics, this goes for both factory suspension set ups and aftermarket ones. Engine/Drivetrain/Supporting Modifications: Whole engines, engine parts/components, transmissions, driveshafts, differentials, fuel tanks, fuel pumps, etc will require modification requests as they will affect the performance of the vehicle and they will also make the vehicle drivable (meaning the vehicle is no longer disabled) The only part that will not require a modification request is a battery, installation of a new battery can be done through an in-game report. Hope this guide has helped out a few people and has gotten rid of the confusion that some players have. If you have any further questions, feel free to comment down below and I’ll try my best to get back to you regarding it.
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    About Andy Sims: Veteran Assistance Program: Community Outreach: Outdated and Lacking Ordinances: & More. Signed:
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    NEWS RELEASE Monday, January 29th, 2019 #1 Police Plaza, Pershing Square, Los Santos Los Santos Police Department MISSING 26-YEAR-OLD WOMAN **The following information is based on a preliminary and ongoing investigation, which continues to evolve as investigators interview witnesses and review evidence. The Department's understanding of the facts and circumstances may change as additional evidence is collected and analyzed** Richman, Los Santos: The family of Rose Moreno and the Los Santos Police Department's Detective Division are asking for the public's assistance in locating her. Rose Moreno was reportedly last seen on Sunday, January 27th, 2019 at around 19:30 at her residence in the Richman area. She was at home with friends as company when police received reports of a shooting at the residence, where two people had been shot. It is our understanding at this present moment in time that Rose Moreno was kidnapped by the assailants who had opened fire inside of the Richman residence. Rose is described as a 26-year-old female with long brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5 foot 4 inches and weighs around 110 pounds. If have any information pertaining to the whereabouts of Rose Moreno, please contact the Los Santos Police Department's Detective Division through the following channels: Non-emergency hotline (311) for information. Emergency hotline (911) if sighted. Online by filing a tip HERE. UPDATE - 29/01/2019: Rose Moreno has since been found and returned safely to her friends and family. FOLLOW @LSPD - LSPD WEBSITE - LSPD PRESS RELEASES END OF RELEASE. (( Comments would be disabled. ))
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    [YouTube & WSHH] Fight Night

    Youtube Channel: Phantom Entertainment -Fight Night- *Spectator faces in the video would be blurred out and sound replaced with music* *Location of the IP comes up in Indonesia due to VPN being in use*
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    Award Citations Resulting From The Events of October 30, 2018 January 25, 2019 Federal Task Force Agents Duncan Vance and Hamish MacTulloch were in the process of conducting an arrest of Marlo Ward as part of an investigation pertaining to a potential illegal weapons dealing ring in conjunction with Officers Justin Stars and Mackenzie Ferris of the Los Santos Police Department when two masked males identified as Sjon Hulzinger and Stefan Lowey armed with firearms and an explosive device launched an attack on the scene. During this intentional attack on law enforcement, Sjon Hulzinger threw an explosive device and fired his weapon while Stefan Lowey also fired his weapon, appearing to target Justin Stars. Stefan Loewy (the gunman) was partially caught within the blast radius and later became incapacitated while fleeing, sustaining gunshot wounds from Duncan Vance, and injuries as the result of being struck by the patrol vehicle of Mackenzie Ferris. The second suspect, Sjon Hulzinger (the explosives carrier), was chased down after the detonation and neutralized by Officer Mackenzie Ferris. Sjon Hulzinger later died of his injuries. Duncan Vance, Justin Stars, and Marlo Ward were all injured as a result of the detonation of the explosive device and Justin Stars suffered additional wounds as a result of gunshots fired from Sjon Hulzinger and Stefan Loewy. The first responder who arrived on the scene, Avery Hansley, provided first aid to those injured at the scene in conjunction with Hamish MacTulloch. All of these injured persons, including the suspect, Stefan Loewy, were treated at the Saint Ernest Medical Center by Doctor Roger Drummond and his staff, without prejudice. Undoubtedly, Avery Hansley, Hamish MacTulloch, and Dr. Roger Drummoned's contributions in first aid and surgical intervention saved the lives of the victims and the suspect. Because of the heroic actions by those at the scene of the terrorist attack, awards are being given to the following individuals. Duncan Vance - Gold Star Medal Without regard for his own safety, he incapacitated a gunman prior to (and during) the detonation of an explosive, preventing further shots being discharged upon the Agents, Officers, and Civilians on the scene, potentially saving many more lives. He had the opportunity to retreat further but continued his duties by standing his ground, willing to give his life in the defense of others. Duncan Vance was wounded in action after the detonation of a grenade at the scene. Hamish MacTulloch - Medal of Valor Without hesitation and regardless of the the traumatic circumstances of the incident, he instantly jumped into action delivering life-saving first aid up until the arrival of ALS level EMS. His actions likely resulted in several lives being saved whilst risking his own, as he was unaware if all of those involved had been neutralized or incapacitated. Avery Hensley - Silver Star Medal As the first EMS member on scene, she utilized her life-saving knowledge and quick wit to direct other first responders, delegating the care of many of the victims, giving instructions on how they could be saved during an incredibly stressful situation. Without her medical attention, it is likely that people would have died on the scene as a result of their wounds sustained. Dr. Roger Drummond - Silver Star Medal As the only available trauma surgeon at the Saint Ernest Medical Center, Dr. Roger Drummond performed life-saving operations and procedures on several critically wounded victims and one suspect, who would have died without this medical intervention which was fulfilled without prejudice. Mackenzie Ferris - Silver Star Medal Without regard for her own safety and life, she gallantly drove her patrol vehicle towards the explosive in an attempt to incapacitate the two perpetrators and shield any civilians from sustaining critical injuries. Following the detonation, she then chased down the carrier of the explosives and neutralized him without worry, despite the possibility of further devices which would have likely resulted in her own death. Gold Star Medal Medal of Valor Silver Star Medal The Gold Star Medal is awarded for serious injury sustained in the direct line of duty from a physical confrontation with criminal adversaries, an injury inflicted by weapons, gunshot wounds inflicted in the line of duty, or a severe injury. The Medal of Valor is presented in recognition of an exceptional act of heroism or voluntary risk of personal safety and life, and this act must have occurred in the direct line of duty in the face of criminal adversaries. The Silver Star Medal is presented to someone outside of the Federal Task Force as recognition of bravery and courageous acts, exceptional acts of heroism or service, or as the result of injuries from adversarial action while assisting or working with the Federal Task Force. The Federal Task Force thanks those both within the branch and outside of the branch for their extraordinary conduct. *The medals would be mailed to the cited recipients or given to them at a formal ceremony conducted at the Federal Task Force HQ in Los Santos.*
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    Uploaded on the account: BrazyBray
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    Certified Cop Killer Matey.

    make sure the cops typing before you shoot lads
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    Screenshoots from Rose Moreno kidnapping, enjoy!
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    515 Washington Block Piru

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    515 Washington Block Piru

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    515 Washington Block Piru

    "I'm color blind."
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    515 Washington Block Piru

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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    (Wanted to cover all the roleplay aspects but there were over 100 lines I couldn't fit in those screenshots)
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    515 Washington Block Piru

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    515 Washington Block Piru

    "Pretty motherfucker with the gold links."
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    Certified Cop Killer Matey.

    Matey be like
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    515 Washington Block Piru

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    South Side Aztecas

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    515 Washington Block Piru


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