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    Server Script Update (v6.6.0.1) | May, 2019 Media Please see Unitt’s dev blog for media in this script update! The Wearable script is still in progress as mentioned by Yannick in the post. Features /setwheelstate allows admins to set a vehicles wheel to be slashed/destroyed Paged vehicle library improves performance of searching and editing vehicles Hotline and Badges for Sparta Inc. Pay N Spray now supports ATM cards New bug report tab in the report panel Saudi Arabia typing icon You can now see how much tax you will be charged before registering your vehicle in the DMV window Improvements for monitoring, creating, and managing elections This will make it easier to run elections for smaller events All new ANPR system (see the dev blog post above) Adjustments: Improved aimbot protections Hide some anti-cheat measures we use Use the real item name for logging of generic items in Elasticsearch RC Goblin and RC Raider can now be used with the thermal script Removed 3 unused hotlines Only admins can now see inactivity protection on interiors Autofill the generic spawner with the generic object model by default The generic spawner now outputs a confirmation message Moved the SAN news NPC to a new interior VT members can now use /setvariant to set vehicle variants Added Sparta Inc. to the generic food spawner No longer push adverts when you make edits /togspeed improved to support MPH vs KPH depending on the users setting Added the dufflebag and medical bag to objects that are being “worn” when you /look someone On duty admins can now use the mechanic options when via right-click Wearing a full-face helmet prevents cameras from identifying your person Fixes: Fix for an error in some factions resulting from the tax system Tweaks to getting the snow level Added improved prevention for users getting more vehicles in their F3 than their limit Fixed an error in /makeveh outputting nil data Prevent login music label from appearing in the bottom right if the resource is restarted as the user is logged in Resolved an endless loop when searching for a parent interior Performance improvements in the items system Fix for /opm messaging the whole server Fixed orphaned faction ranks when deleting a faction Security fixes for rogue MTA clients No longer show basketball court messages if an admin is flying over the area Fixed a random backpack sometimes spawning on your ped Prevent /recovery escaping if you use the antifall feature Removed shellcasing for paintballs Fixed an issue where a user could rebuy a drivers license after the payday if it was suspended Fixed a bug where /stats of GCs would not be updated when rewarded for report counts Fixed using snake cams in sub-interiors Fixed a log issue when PD gives a ticket to a player Fixed an exploit where illegal weapons wouldn’t be removed on death if you had a CCWP weapon Prevent locked items from being moved Fixed chatbox reappearing on minimizing and maximizing your MTA window Improved /goto when reconning Moved many resources to the “new" MTA Database functions A special thank you to @Unitts, @Yannick, @SjoerdPSV and @DetectiveSGT for contributing to this update! Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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    PRESS RELEASE Thursday, May 23rd, 2019. Los Santos, SA 95249. #1, Pershing Square. Telephone, 311. Chief of Police Vincent Bishop, Office of the Chief. ONE POLICE PLAZA: On May 2nd the Chief of Police got a visit from the newly appointed County Commissioner, Klaus Wunnenberg and his associate, Harold Brandt. In this meeting there were serveral topics being discussed, regarding the future for the government, as well as the future for Los Santos Police Department. Chief Bishop signed his first contract when he was appointed by former County Commissioner Nicholas Howard back in August. The terms of the contract leaves him to lead the Los Santos Police Department for another year, meaning his contract expires in April, 2020. "It is a pleasure for me to see that the new Commissioner takes initiative to meet with me personally and to show such dedication and care for the county and the work myself and others have done for the department. Usually it is me that would have to ask for a renewal of employee contracts, but not this time around. It was a pleasure meeting with Commissioner Wunnenberg and I am pleased to say we could come to an agreement so quickly. I'm glad we share a common interest in the improvement of the county and all that comes with it. I am thankful to get to serve another year for this great city." - Said the Chief after the meeting with the County Commissioner. LSPD Website - LSPD Press Releases Published by: Commander Charlie Webber, On behalf of the Public Relations Division.
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    Who are we? BeatersLS started as a group of four to five friends who were having a boring evening until the idea of buying cars for cheap and having fun with them by doing inappropriate modifications which they would not do to their normal everyday use cars came through. After the cars were bought and started to get "beaten" on every one and each member was having too much fun and surely never wanted to end it. As expected most of the cars did not last any long due the modifications and the way they were being driven so the fun ended approximately quick. All of the BeatersLS members are extremely friendly and welcome to new members, which helped the team grow quickly up to twelve to thirteen people. Easily to notice, every member of BeatersLS is a car enthusiast which is lead to the fact that everyone of the team is a lover of a certain motorsport activity. Why are we here? As previously stated, BeatersLS is a really welcoming community which wants to give a good time to the other car enthusiasts in Los Santos by hosting series of automotive events such as car shows and BBQ meetings, outside LS cruisings and ecetera. As of how BeatersLS is sitting right now, we currently have an autoparts store at West Broadway in which we sell alot of car accessories. For the future BeatersLS is planning on opening an automotive racing school in which we're going to be giving out lessons on multiple motorsports such as drifting and autocross racing. We're working with our own closed terrain and also with our own vehicles which would be able to be used by our students. How to contact/support us? You can contact the administrative team of BeatersLS by e-mailing the following: Leon Carter - ((Forum PM at @Brazzers)) Drake Santos - ((Forum PM at @dawid1000)) And when it comes to suppoting us, just leaving a few nice words is more than enough. ((All unnecessary and toxic comments will be reported))
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     LSIA Update and O'Wan Golden. Office of The County Commissioner May 30th, 2019 Greetings Fellow Citizens! On May 16th 2019, I initiated a emergency recruitment phase for the Los Santos International Airport due to it being left neglected for several months without a Administrator. This negligence is because of the lack of public information and internal documentation, a void if you will. But worry no longer, my fellow citizens, for I have made it my priority to fill these voids. I have been working the past few weeks, corresponding with several candidates and individuals who have expressed interest in aiding the Los Santos International Airport, from both a leadership position, and general staffing. I am excited to announce that I have chosen to appoint Alice Grace (( @Sergeant )) as the new Administrator for the Los Santos International Airport. Miss Grace has served within the ranks of the LSIA in the past, as the Chief of Staff and at one point, the General Manager. Miss Grace is also a certified Flight Instructor, with a large range of pilot certifications. I am confident she will be able to provide valuable leadership, managing our airport's operations, ensuring safety, quality service and security. Her experience spans beyond the boarders aviation, once serving as the CEO of JGC Logistics as well as assisting with their other subsidiaries. During my campaign, I promised to eradicate corruption in our midsts. This is a promise I will never break, even if it were to cost me my life and career. My job is to ensure that we, as a government are doing everything in our power to protect the public interest, the integrity of our County and it's people. I have been elected to serve, to lead, to represent and to make sure that all of us can live our respective lives in a way that is meaningful to us. I am committed to working with the Council and all of our respected leaders to end any form of corruption that dare tries to infiltrate our County. Only together, in unification we are able to achieve these ambitions. I will continue to fight for the common good of our County in every aspect of my life. I will work tirelessly to ensure that you, this County is safe and secure. I will be your voice on issues that matter to you, I will protect this county. We must not allow the power of money to dictate our decisions. We must not allow the influence of big business to control our government. The people of this County deserve better than that. You deserve better than being treated like criminals. You deserve better than being ignored by your elected officials, my predecessors have failed you time and time again, by the end of my term, when the election cycle begins again, I can assure you that everyone, will remember me, Klaus Wunnenberg, as the man that saved this County, and restored it to its rightful place in history. I am proud to be an American citizen and proud of what I, as the County Commissioner have accomplished in my very little time in office so far. I know that I am not alone in this fight against corruption. On April 3rd, 2019, a complaint was sent to Interim (Former Assistant) Commissioner James Cambell. As ignorant as Cambell is, he ignored this complaint. This complaint was left to sit for well over a month, and it took an entire election cycle for a competent individual, like myself to actually do something about it. (Former Captain) O'wan Golden was accused of illegitimately assigning himself a personal vehicle, a 2017 Mercedes-Benz G550 SUV that was apart of the LSFD's Special Operations 'Urban Search & Rescue' division. Golden had taken the vehicle, made it his own for personal use. The vehicle was found to be damaged, due to the unauthorized operation of it by Golden. I acted swiftly on this complaint, and contacted the accused, asking for his statement on the situation and what he has been accused of. O'wan Golden's story was that he was assigned the vehicle for personal use, by Chief Steven O'Reilly. There was no evidence confirming this, and the Chief himself, proven these claims wrong when approached by myself, stating Golden was only allowed to use the vehicle, for a specific emergency call, due to it being a requirement at the time, Mr.Golden abused this one-time special privilege. Having a zero tolerance for corruption, I have dishonorably discharged Captain O'Wan Golden from the Los Santos Fire Department immediately. Keep this demonstration of leadership DONE RIGHT in your minds, for you will see more to come in the future. Employment Termination of O'Wan Golden. Copy of ESOC Chain Email For the initiative of Los Santos Fire Department very own Antonio Johnson (( @Jordan ))and Steven O'Reilly (( @Yannick )), I hereby declare them both, recipients of the Los Santos County Distinguished Service Award, for their efforts on exposing this scandal. Klaus Wunnenberg, County Commissioner.
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    ゆのしのぶ Yuno Shinobu

    ゆのしのぶ (Yuno Shinobu) 約 First Name: Shinobu; Last Name: Yuno; Age: 18 years; Birthdate: September 17th 2000; Place of birth: Kyoto, Japan; Current residence: Glen Park, Los Santos.; Family: Father: Alive in Tokyo, Japan; Mother: Dead, buried in Tokyo, Japan; Yuno Shinobu is a 18 years old teenager, she recently moved in Los Santos. 幼年期. Yuno's Childhood. ((LISTEN WHILE READING)) 始まり... This is where it begins... 2017 7 months later 2018 2019 April 2019 May 2019 24 May 2019 26 May 2019 **I will update this as the character develops**
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    Hot Cash Movement

    Young Loco Records is a name of a rap studio which takes place in Los Santos. Hot Cash Movement was founded by a El Corona youngsters Blade and El Bato. Hot Cash Movement welcomes any type of qualified rappers and Hot Cash Movement services will be sponsoring the rapper. Hot Cash Movement is currently new to the business, the company is currently looking out for qualified rappers to push out some rap songs under the name of HCM company. Chief Executive Officer - El Bato E-MAIL :[email protected] (( @noahcool111)) Chief Operations Officer - Blade - E-MAIL: [email protected] (( @Norm )) We are currently hiring musical and lyrical artists. If you are interested please contact us on e-mail.
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    Spectre Motorsports

    Spectremotorsports, would like to bring you the service you've always been waiting for! Want a high Horsepower car? Want a nice low car? Don't have the mechanical skills to take on the task? That's what we're here for! There is no task that is too big to take on here at spectre motorsports, we're willing to give everything ago! Myself James Nat, has a very large portfolio of the cars I have built in my time, this including high HP drag cars to, cars specially built for drifting. Here is a few to show the work I've done in the past. 200SX S14 - 1987 Nissan Skyline R31 Estate GXE - And many many more! Built RB26DET Built 1JZ-GTE Hollinger transmission Enjuku Racing top mount manifold 69mm Garret turbocharger 94mm Turbocharger from precision turbo Z1 Platinum drive shaft Spec E Upgraded clutch Fully stainless exhaust system. Platinum 1-piece drive-shaft BC Racing coilovers. Haltech Elite 2500 Are you wanting the car of your dreams then? Fill out a application below, and send it over to [email protected]((Forum PM @Frankie)) Name: Age: Vehicle you're planning the work on: Parts list you're wanting: Would you like to supply the parts, or would you like us to?
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    Character Kill Appeal - Roy Baker

    This is locked until both parties can behave like reasonable people instead of petty name calling. The handling admin will post his verdict soon enough.
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    Mariana Raquel Castillo

    I. Basic Information Your Name: Mariana Castillo Date of Birth: 03/11/1991 Place of Birth: Alcala de Henares, Spain Employer: Los Santos Police Department Job Role: Police Sergeant Grade One Height: 5.9ft Weight: 90kg Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue Ethnicity: Hispanic II. Al Principio Mariana Raquel Castillo was born on the third of November 1991 to a heavily religious Roman Catholic Family in a small city in Spain called Alcala de Henares. Her family was made up of herself, her Madre (Maria) and padre (Alejandro) however Mariana's godmother (Julia) also lived in the same house after running into financial trouble with her tailoring store. Mariana's father was a soldier in the Spanish Army (ejercito de tierra) and always seemed to be away on training, often being called away at short notice. Because of this, Mariana never developed the typical father-daughter relationship as all her friends did. She relied heavily on emotional support from her godmother because her mother had night shifts as stock replenisher at the local supermarket. Mariana and her godmother were close, and she considered her godmother to be her main parental figure. Despite the circumstances with her parents, Mariana managed to have a positive and normal childhood. Mariana went through the public school system, attending both primary and secondary school. She received above-average school reports; her grades were always positive. She was described as a model student by her head of year. It was here Mariana met an American exchange student named Michael who had arrived from Los Santos and they both clicked almost instantly. When Michael returned to America, Mariana and Michael wrote to each other frequently over a period of three years. The letters were about anything from the weather to family and life at home. Michael wrote to Mariana about Los Santos and the seemingly endless opportunities it offered and would often bring up his passion of becoming a car salesman. Mariana was at first sceptical however after researching the city at her local library, she was hooked. She remained a Roman Catholic and regularly attended church the worship, befriending the local sacerdote (Priest) who gave her guidance in her times of need. Eventually, Mariana became a respected member of the church and the local community, running catholic workshops and after-school clubs in and around the local area. After finishing school Mariana was given one thousand euros by her mother who expressed how proud she was of Mariana, encouraging her to use the money to kickstart a career. After finding suitable shared accommodation, Mariana said her goodbyes to the church community, friends and family before setting off to Madrid. For weeks Mariana slept on nothing but a mattress in her small apartment until she landed a job in the city centre as a tour guide. It was Mariana's responsibility to show tourists, mostly British and American, around the city of Madrid whilst pointing out landmarks and explaining their significance. As it was a requirement to do this whilst speaking English, Mariana quickly developed the basic English skills she learned in school into fluent English speaking ability. On Mariana's eighteenth birthday, she moved the city of Los Santos in the United States of America. III. The American Dream Hearing an announcement on the tannoy aboard the plane, Mariana opened the window blind as she stared out upon the city of Los Santos with a large smile upon her face. Mariana was the first one to disembark the aircraft after the flight attendant as she briskly walked towards the baggage collection point in excitement. Whilst doing this, Mariana reached into her pocket before removing one of the many letters she had received from Michael years before. She quickly read off the address in the top right corner, noting it down on her hand with a customer service agents ball-point pen. Mariana quickly took ahold of her suitcase as she made her way to the taxi rank, getting lost several times on the way. Sitting in the back of the taxi, Mariana unzips her suitcase as she removes a new pair of RayBans sunglasses, staring out of the windows on the scenery along the journey. After handing over an excessive amount of dollars over to the taxi driver, Mariana climbed out of the Yellow Cab Company© taxi with her suitcase and letter in hand. She quickly approached the apartment block in downtown Los Santos, checking the ink notes stained on her hand once more. Mariana quickly banged on the door labelled "54" waiting in silence. When the door opened, Mariana wasted no time and rushed into the apartment whilst greeting Michael with a hug. After chatting with Michael for a good few hours, Mariana had agreed to spend a few weeks sleeping on the sofa rather than paying the extortionate prices for a hotel room every night. After unpacking her suitcase into neat piles across Michael's living room, they both headed down to the local bar to celebrate. Mariana made a toast to her new life with her non-alcoholic cocktail whilst Michael, already drunk beyond belief, downed his rum and coke. Mariana essentially dragged Michael home that night, laughing hysterically whilst he was busy embarrassing himself in front of a squad car. Around four years later, Mariana throws herself down onto the sofa inside of her small flat in East Los Santos. She begins to clean the hairdressing equipment that she had been forced to bring home after a long day at, putting it tidily away afterwards. She throws a microwavable burger into the microwave cooker and opens the lid onto her laptop, beginning to browse the internet on job seeking websites. After a short while of searching, Mariana soon shakes her head in disappointment and slams the laptop screen back down, looking towards the microwave and staring at the processed beef inside. In a heartbeat, Mariana threw the burger into the trash can as she changes into her gym clothes whilst tuning her walkman to Radio Los Santos. Whilst steadily jogging to the music featuring on the radio, a Los Santos Police Recruitment advertisement abruptly interrupted her music, informing listeners about a Live recruitment event at Verona Mall the next day. Mariana took a moment to catch her breath, listening to the recruitment before taking a moment to think. Mariana nods to herself a couple of times as she continues her jog. IV. To Serve and Protect To be continued... (( First Character story so feedback is welcome, will be updated as of when I have time ))
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    About Us: Watson was founded in June of 2019, Chance has years of experience from working in numerous garage's located all over San Andreas. Watson strive's to offer the best services to all the people interested in having work done on their motor-vehicle. Watson's lead mechanic Chance has multiple certificates from well known performance companies, making him certified to install their products. Services We Offer: Performance Installations: Turbo-Charger Kits. Supercharger Kits. Complete Builds. (This is just a small list of the performance modifications we specialise in.) Security Installations: Dash-cams. Real-Time GPS Trackers. If we haven't listed what you're after feel free to email the information provided below. While we mainly focus on performance installations we're more than happy to do vehicle security installations. Location: Watson - #1 Forth Street, Blueberry Located within the Watson garage we have a small store that sells tires, dash-cams, trackers and much more! Contact Information: Email: [email protected] Contact Number: 658792 Companies Partnerships: T.B.A (Thread will be updated after the floods disabled.)
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    The Aftermath of A Disaster Manjot Singh and Haley Brown Los Santos June 11, 2019 The city of Los Santos and surrounding areas were hit by a catastrophic sequence of floods which rendered the whole city into a disaster area. During this disaster, an assassionation attempt was undertaken on the County Commissioner, Klaus Wunnenberg. The assassination attempt was conducted by O'wan Golden, the former Captain of the Los Santos Fire Department, who was relieved from his duties by Wunnenberg due to allegations of corruption. This attempt on the commissioner’s life occurred in the area of Northern Rock, where a relief camp was initiated by citizens of that region. Wunnenberg and his staff personally went to Northern Rock to deliver a care package containing food, water and other necessary supplies. It was during this encounter that O’wan Golden had an altercation with Wunnenberg which lead to several heated exchanges of words. This heated exchange changed after O’wan Golden accused Wunnenberg and his staff of trespassing, which led to O’wan grabbing his gun and firing towards the commissioner. The security detail of Wunnenberg was able to neutralize O’wan Golden, he is the only person to have died in this exchange of fire. Although one civilian was caught in the crossfire, who escaped the scene with injuries. Even though Klaus Wunnenberg was badly injured due to the attempt on his life, he still decided to go live on television to address Los Santos and it’s citizens. During this live broadcast he emphasized that this attempt will not stop him from achieving his goals with the county of Los Santos. A transcript of this event will be attached below. As the flooding took place, officials found that many Los Santos locals had set up separate camps around the area, including a large camp in Northern Rock, just south of Palomino Creek. Wunnenberg would go on to declare any camp not set up by the Government officials were unsafe, and that they were to be evacuated. This lead to the decision to have everyone evacuated to the camp on Commissioner Hill, which was the only camp to be under the direct control of the County Government. Among the amenities and essential needs offered on the hill would include three free meals per day, FEMA trailers for shelter, and emergency medical staff on hand. Some flooding can still be seen on the roadways. Another road hazzard we’re seeing is, believe it or not, boats blocking lanes in the roads around Los Santos. So be careful on any planned trips into town until these road hazards are dealt with.
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    #6, New Leadership Take Over

    9th June 2019 Flight School of the Los Santos International Airport Los Santos International Airport (L.S.I.A), Interstate 42, Los Santos, State of San Andreas Greetings, This press release will include the new structure and new procedures of the airport with the new leadership. As many of you know and has noticed, LSIA has gone quite inactive recently. After the county & council supervisors elections, Mr. Wunnenberg has decided to revive the department and look for experienced members to lead it. Alice Grace has reinstated as the new administrator along with Mr. Cunningham as Head of FS (Flight School) and Sophia Sage as the Services Coordinator. After discussing and overseeing the current department's situation and working on an efficient and a productive structure with the new leadership and Mr. Wunnenberg, we've come up to the following decisions: LSIA Security does not exist anymore since TSA (Transportation Security Administrator) is present at the airport. So LSIA Security will be replaced by LSPD if needed. (( You'll still have to RP NPC guards as TSA Agents. )) For LSIA Maintenance, it will be currently down since it is found very useless, it'll be temporarily replaced by Government's Public Works. And as for Air Traffic Control division, it will be less present but however checking LS Tower availability is still mandatory. ATC Controllers will be present in case of emergency situations, high traffic or other. The air radio will always be watched and you still do need to use the format and follow it correctly! Finally, most importantly, LSIA's Flight School. Ranks structure and licenses will stay how they are, the only change is in education procedures, applications process and education resources. For this, I'll let Mr. Cunningham's quote explain the new structure:- We are also currently hiring flight instructors, if you are interested, don't hesitate to give it a try:- Sincerely, Alice Grace, LSIA Administrator, Anthony Cunningham, Head of Flight School, Sophia Sage, Service Coordinator.
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    Rule Discussion Subject: Agricultural Farms Immersion I want to...: Discuss Elaboration: I'll be brief as possible about this topic considering it's been spoken about so many times by now. Today out of interest I checked around all of the notable farms in Whetstone and Los Santos, and it's actually pretty horrible to see that some of them are still being treat like conversion projects considering the limited amount of farms available. Just below is an example of the one in front of RS Haul, everything was obviously inactive as the argument in the past is that people just kept these as highly valued assets overall prohibiting anybody with agriculture in mind of their character from having a place to operate unless if they were willing to pay out on average around 500k+ for said property if the owner was to ever get bored of the place. As you can see in the screenshots above, the barn is now a private pool of some kind. The rest is of the actual farmhouse which is somewhat fair in resemblance to any generic farmhouse however you can just easily recognize what the previous owner wanted the property for if you keep in mind the private pool in the barn and the fact this property is heavily inactive. This is just one of a few, most of them tend to be gated off so obviously this was the easiest of example for me to provide. I figure that mapping team should encourage some sort of immersion rule for farming properties, or perhaps business interiors in general if you want to broaden it. What I mean by that is it enforces people to use these properties specifically for their purpose, this farm is surrounded by crop fields so obviously it's meant for arable farming and not what it's currently being used for. There's a virtual market for farming and what's the point of it existing when nobody can find a place to take advantage of the system? What's the point in people trying to encourage these roleplay ventures if people are just going to clutch onto these farms? Go ahead and continue discussing, I just wanted to lay down the specifics and evidence.
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    Los Santos Auction House - Box of Burger consumed by the Comissioner Item Name Box of Burger consumed by the Comissioner An important piece of memoribilia up for an avid collector. Starting Bid 100 Minimum Increase 10 Buyout 1000 Auction Ends 04/06/2019 Contact Information Given to winner
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    Username: Klaus Wunnenberg Comment: Captain O'Wan Golden literally stole a vehicle from the LSFD headquarters, and totaled it. You are telling me that is not an act of corruption? The efforts done to expose this corruption is very well deserving of a medal, such as those given to Antonio Johnson and Steven O'Reilly. Golden was under investigation by the Emergency Services Oversight Committee, and he was fired by myself because of the clear cut evidence. O'Wan Golden claimed to have been assigned a 2017 Mercedes-Benz G550 SUV that belonged to the department, by Chief Steven O'Reilly, O'Reilly directly denied these claims, and because there was zero evidence of O'Wan being assigned this vehicle, it was obviously a case of vehicular theft. It's like being found driving a car that does not belong to you, and the owner clearly states he never gave you permission to drive it. During the unauthorized usage of the vehicle, O'Wan had severely damaged it, leading it to written off and sold by the department. You're also implying, that a high ranking member of a government agency, should be let off with a warning, just because of their rank...? That is corruption itself, everyone is held to the same standards. If you are implying that this is not an act of corruption on behalf of O'Wan, then you are a Anarcho-Communist. Where have you even obtained these inferences of precedence, you aren't employed by the LSFD, nor any form of government agency, due to your name missing from their public rosters. Do you even live in the Los Santos County? If you did, you would know the DPS was renamed to the LSFD many months ago. You're not even a proper journalist, due to your lack of research. You're a stooge.
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    Azteca Nightclub

    Azteca Club is the name of Latin club which takes place in Little China, China Town. It was founded by young investors in the El Corona Community, main purpose of the club is reviving the night-life in Los Santos once again and allow our citizens to meet with true Mexican Culture. Azteca Club welcomes all the citizens of Los Santos, where they can have real tastes from Mexico and also meet with the mexican food culture. In Azteca Club, you can easily find all kind of Latino drinks and latino foods even. We offer our customers a great place where they can truly enjoy their stay and the great latino music. Our experienced DJ El Bato will be holding special night events from time to time and we guarantee that will be the one of the greatest experiences you'll ever witness. Also our grand opening soon to be announced on advertisments, we suggest you to have an eye out. Located At; Sponsored By;
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    Las Venturas Race Nights

    BROUGHT TO YOU BY SPONSORED BY INTRODUCTION Las Venturas Race Nights is a drag racing event hosted by Myers Loans & Investments and sponsored by Chase's Burgers & Sparta Inc. This event is focused on reviving the legal racing scene which used to be present in Las Venturas back when LSMA hosted events at the drag strip. Due to there no longer being any events hosted at the drag strip, we took it upon ourselves to host one. Within our Las Venturas Race Nights, we'll have "Everything Goes" races, this will be a period of time where anyone can race anyone they want, no matter what classes the vehicles are in, during this "Everything Goes" period, we'll be carrying out tech inspections on the vehicles participating in the brackets. The tech inspections will determine if your vehicle is fit to race and to determine what bracket it will fall under. After all the tech inspections are done on all the vehicles which are participating, we'll go into the bracket races. EVENTS & BETTING Everything Goes : These races will take place whilst technical inspections are going on, you may join these races if you're not participating in the brackets (Race Ticket is still required) and you may join these if you're waiting for your technical inspection or if your technical inspection has been finished. Within these races, you'll be free to race anyone you like and they can be from any of the bracket classes. (Races won in Everything Goes do not count towards the leaderboards) Brackets: Within brackets, there are three different classes, these classes are Stock Class, Street Class and finally Pro Class, all of these classes will have their own set of requirements and limitations, these will be discussed down below. When entering brackets, you will be going up against people in the same class as you, if you win, you proceed to the next stage, if you lose, you're out of the bracket, win the finals for your class and you walk away with the prize money. Rack up wins to climb your way up the leaderboard. We'll be posting updated leaderboards after every event we host. Every single class will have its own leaderboard which will show off the racers with the highest win streaks. Call Outs: Call Outs will take place once all the bracket races are finished, during this period, you can call out and challenge any other racer to a drag race, no matter what class they're in. Racers will also be able to bet on their own races during this period if they wish to win more money. Within our events, if drag racers want to gain even more money, they can place bets on their own races. The bets will be managed and controlled by us, in order to place a bet, both of the racers will have to come up to the booth and place the same amount of money down which will generate the money pool, once the race is done, the winner will take all the money that was placed down in the bet. As we're controlling the bets which are being placed, a 10% commission will be deducted from the final prize pool. Bets may only be placed during brackets or during the "Call Outs" period where racers can challenge other racers, no matter what class the vehicles are in. The Call Out period will occur after all the brackets have finished. 7PM : Event Start : Everything Goes and Technical Inspection 8PM : Everything Goes, Final Technical Inspection and Brackets 9PM: Brackets and Call Outs 10PM : Event End THE VENUE AND PRICING Race Ticket : $1,500 (This ticket allows you to participate in Everything Goes, Brackets & Call Outs, you'll also be allowed to park your vehicle in the car show section of the venue) Display Ticket : $500 (This ticket will allow you to park your vehicle and display it in the car show section of the venue) Spectator Ticket : Free (You'll be allowed to come into the venue and watch the races but you will be required to park your vehicle in the spectator parking section of the venue) At the venue, Chase's Burgers will have a food van present, providing food and drinks to both racers and spectators. VEHICLE CLASSES AND LIMITS To be eligible to participate on the leaderboards of Las Venturas Race Nights, your car must fit into one of three classes that we have available, to be placed into a class, you’re required to bring in a recent dyno sheet of your vehicle on the tune that is used during the races, the dyno sheet must be dated and vehicles will be tested on the dyno during future events. Secondly, your car will have to undergo a technical inspection which will inspect the car and ensure that your car meets all the requirements of a specific class to determine what class you will be placed in. Down below, the requirements of each class will be listed: Stock Class · Your vehicle must have under 500HP (Horsepower) · Must have a secure driver's seat and passenger’s seat if you intend on having a passenger. · Must have a roll bar installed if your vehicle is a convertible with a soft top. · Must have a harness for both seats if your vehicle is a convertible with a soft top. · Must have a suitable amount of tire tread on your tires. · Your vehicle must not have loose or missing body panels. · Your vehicle must have its full interior, bucket seats and steering wheels are exempt from this rule. Street Class · Your vehicle must have a horsepower rating ranging from 500HP to 1000HP (Vehicles with 1000HP will be transferred to the next class, see below) · Your vehicle must have bucket seats installed for both the driver and the passenger. · Your vehicle must have a harness for both seats. · Your vehicle must have a fire extinguisher bracket bolted in behind the driver within arm's reach or on the passenger’s footwell. · A fire extinguisher must be present within the bracket. · The vehicle’s battery must be secured in place, especially if there has been a battery relocation. · Your vehicle must not have loose or missing body panels. · Your vehicle must have suitable tires with a suitable amount of tire tread on your tires. Pro Class · Your vehicle must have a horsepower rating ranging from 1000HP to 1500HP · Your vehicle must have a full roll-cage installed with a window net · Your vehicle must have a bucket seat present for the driver, passenger seat can be removed as no passengers are permitted within this class. · Your vehicle must have a harness for the driver with a quick release. · Your vehicle must have a fire extinguisher bracket bolted in either in place of the passenger seat or in the passenger’s footwell with a quick release. · A fire extinguisher must be present within the bracket. · The vehicle must be fitted with a drogue parachute with controls being accessible from the cockpit. · Your vehicle’s battery must be secured in place. · Your vehicle must not have loose or missing body panels. · Your vehicle must have drag/street radials for your vehicle to be eligible for this class. PRIZES Winner of Stock Class : $5,000 Winner of Street Class : $8,500 Winner of Pro Class : $12,500 Any bets placed during the event have a 10% commission and handling fee. (This money will put forward to improve the prize pools and to host future events)
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     The Heroes, The Killer, The Disaster, The Restoration and The Future Office of The County Commissioner June 11th, 2019 Fellow citizens, we have survived yet another colossal flood. Daryl Martin, the Lead Geologist of the Earthquake Data Center was right with his report. When we were first informed about the disaster ahead, I immediately contacted the Council of Supervisors, Los Santos Police Department and Fire Department about the situation. They were all in agreement that it what were about to face was a serious hazard to our community and we needed immediate action. I am grateful for their support and hope that this will be the last time we experience such a disaster. I received an approved budget to procure emergency supplies for the public, such as rations, water, emergency equipment, shelters, and more. I erected a temporary hospital and precinct for police and medical services as well, which proved to be useful during the flooding. In preparation for the storm, I had a resolution passed by the Council for emergency powers during the flood. The only measure I acted upon was to protect citizens from looters and violence. During the flood, I banned private civilian camps due to the various reports of looting, armed robbers and other crimes that occurred. I enforced the evacuation of these private camps via the LSFD and LSPD, which I thank them very much for. Many citizens helped with the evacuation as well, I had witnessed first hand citizens being brought in by helicopter and trucks, and that has made me very proud, to know that our fellow citizens are doing their part to help out. I am grateful for all the support we have received from the public and community. The Public Works, lead by their new Commissioner, Nick Gordan has already began making efforts to help clean up the streets of debris, which is spectacular. We will continue to work on restoration issues until the County can get back on track. This is was a great display to show everyone that even the ordinary citizen can do something for greater good of their community. During the flood, many men and women within the ranks of the Fire Department, Police Department and National Guard partook in evacuation efforts, and I am thankful for all that they have done. We are very lucky, that we suffered very little causalities in the past few days. It was a very hard time for us, but we are grateful to God, who has blessed our fair County, for he has given us strength and support during a time we needed it the most. We hope that everyone who has lost a relative or loved to this tragedy the very best, and we want you to know that we will continue to pray for your safety. On the subject of death, a life was not taken by the storm, but by myself. I am sure that you are all aware of the assassination attempt against myself, perpetrated by O'Wan Golden, marking it as the fourth attempt against my life so far. During the early onset of the flood, I had rallied the Commissioner of Defense, Security Sentinels and Billy McBob of the Fire Department to deliver a care package of rations to a encampment located at North Rock. The plan was to drop in, deliver the rations and offer evacuation back to Commissioner Hill, all went well until our pilot informed us we would not have enough fuel for the return trip. The trip would cost us 25% fuel, of which we were only 29% capacity. I called in for a fuel resupply, and as we were waiting, former Captain O'Wan Golden had appeared from the camp. Golden shouted derogatory terms at myself and my security, screeching at me to "get out", telling me that we were unwelcome there. I found O'Wan's attitude to be very ungrateful, considering I had gone out of my way to deliver supplies for all the people there, so I confronted him about it. After a heated exchange, I returned to wait at the helicopter with my security. O'Wan shortly returned with a handgun and opened fire towards me, missing and hitting the helicopter. A female was injured in the firefight by O'Wan when he attempted to shoot me. Me and my Sentinels sprung into action and returned fire, having survived these kind of attempts in the past, I charged O'Wan head first with great confidence, throwing myself in harms way to protect the female, and killing O'Wan with my own handgun. A emergency evacuation was called for myself, the LSPD came quickly and returned me to Commissioner Hill, where I was treated by Sophia Sage, of the Los Santos Fire Department. If it were not for the speedy response of the LSPD and Miss Sage's medical expertise, I would have perished as a result of my wounds. Despite me suffering from these wounds, I still ventured out with citizens to check on the welfare of others, and witness rescuers. I even went to the extent of appearing on live television an hour or so after being shot to address what had happened. Moving on, I would like to announce that within the upcoming weeks, I will be working with the Council and Finance Commissioner to institute a new loan system, benefits and criminal insurance. The loan system is planned to be 0% interest rate, the only requirement to obtain such loan will be having collateral to pay it off if you are unable to. We believe in a fair loan system for all citizens. Benefits will extend to the homeless, elderly and medically disabled, to help cover their monthly bills. Criminal Insurance will be offered to all citizens across the county, this insurance type will fully cover you from any damage that is a result of criminals, against the property, such as vandalism, arson or total destruction. Special District Elections will be announced within the next week or so, to fill the vacancy left by the passing of Andy Sims, for District 3. I would like to issue several awards to the following individuals for their efforts during the flood. Los Santos County Bronze Star Award Sophia Sage - For saving the life of the County Commissioner while he suffered from potentially fatal injuries. Los Santos County Distinguished Service Award Andrei Mednikov - Demonstrating great leadership skills when being tasked with maintaining peace and order, effectively policing Commissioner Hill. Thomas Wallace - Evacuating the County Commissioner as he was injured. Heinrich Eichmann - For protecting the life of the County Commissioner during an assassination attempt. Gunter Muller - For protecting the life of the County Commissioner during an assassination attempt. Los Santos County Good Samaritan Award Hugh White - Assisting with the evacuation of citizens Wyatt Henderson - Assisting with the evacuation of citizens Nikolai Georgiev - Donating vast amounts of ration supplies, assisting with evacuation. Klaus Wunnenberg, County Commissioner.
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2007 Vehicle brand: Toyota Vehicle make: Tundra Limited 4x4 VIN: 25897 Mileage: 115,189 Description: Serviced & DOT Inspected: 16/05/19 3UR-FE V8 Dual VVT-i - 381 HP @ 5600 RPM 4-Wheel Drive - AB60E/F 6-Speed Automatic - Tracker Installed Mileage: 115,189 Towing Capacity: 10,000 lbs Being Sold For: Auction - Test Drives Available 2015 Northwood Arctic Fox 1150 Camper Installed Images Starting bid: $60,000 Minimum increase: $5,000 Auction end date: 5:00PM - 07/06/19 Contact details: 839155
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    Name: Blueberry Truck Plaza Comment: Just a disclaimer, this was bought from us for $4,590.
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    so it seems

    old asf video idk if it ever got put on here though so i just kinda did this
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    Almighty Black P. Stone Nation.

    When new people join the illegal scene, memes start raining on them, when illegal RP dies, everyone goes nuts.
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    14K TRIAD The 14K is a triad group based in Hong Kong which moved to Los Santos lately but active internationally. It is the second largest Triad group in the world with alot of members split into thirty subgroups. They are the main rival of the Sun Yee On, which is the largest Triad. Criminal focus: The 14K is responsible for large-scale drug trafficking around the world, most of it heroin and opium from China or Southeast Asia. This is their primary business in terms of generating income, but they are also involved in illegal gambling, loan sharking, money laundering, murder, arms trafficking, prostitution, human trafficking, extortion, counterfeiting and, to a lesser extent, home invasion robberies. History: The 14K was formed by Wang Lei with Zhao Kui's help in Guangzhou, China in 1995 as an anti-Communist action group. However, the group relocated to Hong Kong in 2001 when Wang fled from the Communists following the Chinese civil war. Originally there were fourteen members who were part of the Wang Lei, hence the name 14K. However, some[who?] say that 14 stands for the road number of a former headquarters and K stands for Kowloon. Compared with other triad societies, the 14K is one of the largest and most violent Hong Kong-based triad societies, and its members appear to be more loosely connected. 14K factional violence is actually out of control because no dragonhead is able to govern all factions of 14K worldwide. While Hong Kong's 14K triad gang dominates its traditional areas of operation and has expanded far beyond the former British colony, its focus remains Sinocentric. Hong Kong triads, including the 14K, have also expanded their activities in mainland China; a key motivation for members to cross into China is to avoid police security and anti-gang crackdowns in Hong Kong. During 2005 it was the "largest Triad in the world". In 2007, there were a number of gang-related attacks that left 14 people dead. Under Wan Kuok-koi, the 14K was being challenged by the smaller Shui Fong Triad. The next year, a gunman believed to be connected to the local 14K killed a Portuguese national and wounded another at a sidewalk caf? in Macau. In 2008, a Portuguese court convicted 45-year-old mob boss Broken Tooth Koi on various criminal charges and sentenced him to 15 years' imprisonment. His 14K gang was suspected of drive-by shootings, car bombings and attempted assassinations. Seven of his associates received lesser sentences. Since the crackdown in Macau, the 14K triad resurfaced in various cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago in the United States; Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto in Canada; Sydney in Australia and also the UK. In response to the massive publicity generated by Broken Tooth Koi, the 14K dramatically lowered its public profile. Meanwhile, loan sharking and money laundering continue to be the primary sources of revenue for the 14K in North America. The 14K coordinated with some gangs in the 2012 Sipadan kidnappings. In August 2017, the 14K was allegedly involved in a high-profile kidnapping of a Chinese family in New Zealand near Papatoetoe, Auckland. The plan was to demand a ransom, but they doubted that cops may come, so they quickly left and migrated to Los Santos away from they were . now they are present at Lawrence St Blvd, trying to get their glories again. UPON JOINING; ALL MEMBERS HAVE TO AGREE ALL TERMS OF ANY LEADER OF THE FACTION TO CK A MEMBER BECAUSE OF ANY IN CHARACTER REASONS
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    Myers Loans & Investments

    About Us Myers Loans & Investments is a financial institute established in 2019 by Los Santos resident, Ryan Myers, which specializes in providing loans to individuals, families and business owners. At Myers Loans & Investments, we believe that everything should kept simple, here we have no hidden charges and are transparent when it comes to our fees. We want to give you a helping hand in making your dreams become a reality, whether you're hoping to purchase the sports car of your dreams, want to purchase a brand new house, have a renovation done or want to open up your very first business, we'll be there to help. Loans In order to make your dreams become a reality, we offer personal loans which range from $1,000 to $40,000. We have no hidden fees and our rates are listed down below : Loans ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 : 2% APR Loans ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 : 3.5% APR Loans ranging from $20,000 to $40,000 : 10% APR Representative example : If the representative rate is 10% APR and you borrow $25,000, at the end of loan term, you'll have to repay a total of $27,500. (( Due to the nature of the servers economy, all repayment installments will have to be done weekly)) If you would like to request a personal loan from Myers Loans & Investments, press on the link (https://bit.ly/2VXhG09) and fill out the application. Investments Here at Myers Loans & Investments, we aim to support small and local businesses and improve business for everyone overall, giving everyone a chance at running a business of their dreams. If you're an owner of a small business who has plans of expanding or are an individual which has a business idea but is scared of pursuing it, we will provide a helping hand and help you out along the way. If you wish to seek an investment from Myers Loans & Investments, contact us through email at [email protected] (( Forum PM DxRK)) Within the email, please include the following information: Full Name Name of Business (Optional if you haven't started the business) What your business specializes in how and it operates Future plans and goals with the business If the previous two points don't apply to you (i.e you don't run a business yet) then inform us about your business idea. What type of investment are you looking for from Myers Loans & Investment? Contact Website : W.I.P Loan Application Form : https://bit.ly/2VXhG09 Email : [email protected] (( Forum PM DxRK)) Myers Loans & Investments is a licensed financial institute under the Los Santos County Government.
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    Chance Watson

    Minor Information: Name: Chance Watson Nick-Name: "Wats" Birthdate: March 29th, 1993 Place of Birth: Buffalo, New York Current Residence: Dillimore, San Andreas Education: Chance attended South Park High School, but was kicked out in his last year. After High School: August of 2011, Chance got an internship within L & G Garage Ltd located in Buffalo, NY. After a few months of his internship, Chance was hired to be a full-time mechanic in the auto-repair shop. June of 2013, Chance leaves L & G Garage Ltd and begins to work from his parent's house garage, continuing to pursue his passion. Chance continued to work out of his parent's garage until early 2016. September of 2016, Chance moves to San Andreas and works for a few small mechanic garages that were open at the time. February of 2017, Chance's grandmother passes away, Chance receives her house in Dillimore where he begins to set down his routes. March of 2017 - April of 2019, Chance has actively worked in mechanic garages across San Andreas. Life From Today: May of 2019, Chance has saved enough money from working in a few local garages to finally build/renovate his own. June of 2019, Chance's garage is ready to begin working on automobiles, but is waiting for the website to be completed. Current Place of Employment: (Thread for this will be posted shortly. Still working on a few things to get this running.)
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     Earthquake Warning - Possible Flooding Office of The County Commissioner June 2nd, 2019 ATTENTION, Fellow Citizens! We have been in contact with several research centers, in-regards to a report by Daryl Martin from the Earthquake Data Center. Contact has been established with the Council of Supervisors, as well as the heads of the Los Santos Police Department and Fire Department, to prepare for a large-scale flood. Looking back at the seismic activity from last year, we have strong reasons to believe that we are facing yet another flood. Funding has been approved by the Council of Supervisors, on my proposition to procure emergency supplies for the public. Evacuation plans will be ready in time for the storm, we will putting to use almost every agency under our jurisdiction. If you are concerned about your personal property, safety and health, we urge you to begin preparing your home or business. Emergency legislation is being written and forwarded to the council, which will allow you to protect your property from flooding and fortify against looters. The Los Santos Police Department and Fire Department will be on standby to help with evacuations, medical emergencies and any other incidents that require their attention. When, and if flooding begins to occur, it is important to have an immediate response plan in place. You must be focused on moving to high ground, and evacuation. If you are stranded by the flood, you will be able to get in touch with emergency personnel via the disaster-help radio channel '911 or by calling the emergency hotline, 9-1-1. It is recommended that you keep a walkie-talkie or cellular phone on your person in preparation for the storm. A evacuation camp will be established on Commissioner Hill. Food, water, and miscellaneous rations will be handed out to all at the camp. Medical and law enforcement services will be available on site, functioning as a miniature hospital and precinct. If water levels begin to significantly rise, begin making your way to Commissioner Hill. The entry gates will be left open to the public when disaster strikes. Please cooperate with the authorities and other emergency personnel during the evacuation period. If you plan to bring any valuables with you, do so at your own discretion, anything left behind stays behind, your safety and lives are more important than material possessions. FEMA trailers and tents will be erected on Commissioner Hill, it is expected that you may have to share a quarters with strangers. More updates regarding the earthquake and flood will be added to this article. The public letter form for Fireside Chats is now available. Fireside Chats will not occur this weekend, due to the flooding being top-priority. If you wish to send in a letter of concern, which will be addressed on air during the next broadcast, please click HERE. Klaus Wunnenberg, County Commissioner.
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    Name: ItsAMe Comment: Since ever you got elected, this city has witnessed nothing but death and corruption, i hope the flood arrives and finds a way to yout so we can get rid of you and your gang members, fucking swine piece of shit
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    Andy Sims

    Updated with the death of Andy Sims. I'd like to thank everyone who got involved and knew this character. This personally is a bitter pill for me to swallow due to the amount of effort and development I've put into Andy over the last year. "My crimes will always remain unsolved and my secrets will now rest with my body. - Andy Sims"
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    Name: Blueberry Truck Plaza Comment: Just a disclaimer, this was bought from us for $4,320.
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    Server Event - 2019

    Hey! I tend to annually do a major server event and poll from the community which idea we will commit to. I’ve added some options to the poll but if another idea comes up in this thread that gains a lot of support (please like the person that posted that original idea if you want that idea) then that could be done too. Thanks for your input
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    CK CLAUSE those who dont own a 5.0L V8-powered 1995 subaru impreza super track triple double automatic shift drift car bought without a vehicle token that no slide well is liable for a ck **japanese sounds**
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    El Kevlar presents, episode VII
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    Martin Caine

    Name: Martin Jacob Caine Nicknames: Marty, McFly DOB: July 4th, 1986 Childhood/Early life: Martin was born and raised in Palomino Creek, Red County with his parents Jacob and Helen Caine. Palomino Creek, at the time, being a peaceful neighborhood, gang activity was minimal, if not, non-existent, so his upbringing was mostly normal. He attended high school at East Palomino High School. Martin had a passion for motorcycles since his father used to own one, as he would take little Martin on trips ever so often. Picture found in Martin's family photobook: 1980 Harley-Davidson FXB Sturgis Edition Late Teens/Young Adulthood: Around his late seventeens, Martin's father had developed a drinking problem. Martin did not really think of it much, since he thought "he's just an old man" at the time. He started getting worried soon as tension started rising in the house, with his parents both getting constantly into fights. Two years pass, and Jacob's drinking habit has gotten worse. At the time, Martin was attending college, barely passing the semester due to bad grades, and mostly stress. Not only from the immense amount of homework he had, but also Jacob's problem. Verbal fights between his parents turned physical, as Martin had seen Jacob attack Helen on a few occasions. Martin couldn't stand his family going to 'literal hell' as he described multiple times, so he dropped out of college, and moved away from his family in Sandy, Utah. Early Twenties/Late Twenties: Martin had financial struggle at his first months at Sandy, barely getting by with State Benefits, living in a crappy apartment. He had to find a job in order to help himself financially. That's when he found Ray's Garage. Picture of Ray's Garage taken in 2008, when Martin was just 22. Despite his lack of knowledge about cars, Martin had knowledge about something he really loved: bikes. Martin had finally managed to find a job at Ray's in the Bike Department, as he'd spent most of his time there. Even if the pay wasn't exactly what he had hoped for, he loved his job. Of course, there was also a period where predominant street gangs were on the rise, generally making a fuss around the area. Martin was known to get in a lot of fights, due to his nature of 'never backing down from a fight', as his dad had taught him. The same nature is also the one that almost got him killed, with a fist fight between an African-American. 'A buncha kids with a fuckin superiority complex.' is what he thought about street gangs. Around when Martin was 29, he had found a rusty, smashed up 2014 Harley Davidson Dyna Fat Bob. Despite the bike's poor shape, he decided to get the bike, and restore it to its former glory. It took him nearly two years to restore it. Photo of his restored Dyna Fat Bob taken in 2017. Early Thirties/Present day: At this point on, Martin was living a normal life, still in the same apartment that he owned since he came to Sandy. Someday however, due to several bad decisions done by the Ray's Garage owner, it shut down. Martin didn't know what to do at the time, having no job. As much as he regretted his decision, he took the decision to return to Palomino Creek, to check up on his family, having not spoken to them in fourteen years. To be continued..
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    Character Kill Appeal - Andy Sims

    Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- DylanW Character Name- Andy Sims Date of Incident- 06/02/2019 Supervising Administrator- Vubstersmurf Narrative- As I'm in my right to appeal my CK, I thought I'd do it on the forums this time instead of the ticket centre. Basically, my character was CK'd by a leader that's inactive within The Yokel Mafia and has been for the past few months. The fact the situations being brought into justify the CK is ridiculous when if it was a black RP'er from Idlewood performing a PK under the same reasoning it'd fall under Death-Matching. Situation: Andy Sims (DylanW) and Cleavon Byrd (TheNeonGuy) character's haven't liked each other for a while, we had a physical/verbal altercation, based upon Cleavon mocking Andy's military accomplishments and him turning down work from Andy. The situation happens around 4 months ago, Cleavon continues to be inactive on his character but makes these assumptions that I'm untrustworthy and not Loyal? How can you make these assumptions when you aren't even on your character roleplaying and when you do, your in Cliff-Town 99% of the time? Makes no sense what so ever. Official Faction's are meant to hold a high standard within roleplay and clearly this situation lacks that from certain sides. Sadly, in this situation it's lacking a high-standard of roleplay completely, the fact DM is able to be justified based on a CK Clause is just ridiculous, how can the server have a double standard for rules when they're all meant to be enforced fairly? Makes no sense what so ever. The fact you can push a faction CK Clause over pretty much anything now is just plain stupid. Ticket CK Appeal: (Large amount of images containing walls of text. Read at your own will.) Before you ask yes, since it's my ticket that I created I'm allowed to freely share it so I have done within my Appeal. Anyways feel free to make your own opinion of the situation. Evidence- Feel free to refer to above for evidence. Method of Death- Shot in the head. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes (Might add more stuff later, not long woke up.)
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    Name: Auctioneer Comment: suck a fat one
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    Server Event - 2019

    I like. Fuck the concert, it doesn’t create rp. Just some mong copy pasting text and doing animations, anyone can do that icly without being a famous character.
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    Server Event - 2019

    The flood event usually tends to be the easiest one to Roleplay since no generics and mapping need to be created on the end of it, that being said, I remember the last flood event we had on owlgaming, I felt the last one was somewhat unrealistic since the water reached the chilliad mountain to a unreasonable height, instead of having it reaching impossible heights for around 3 hours, it would be way nicer for the flood to go around the height of the idlewood roofs, somewhat as a mimic to hurricane catrina's flood level, giving players the chance to easily save themselves, and creating Roleplay for LSPD and LSFD for a week, having them create a shelter where everyone would hang around and Roleplay amongst other things. This would give the players some freedom to walk and drive around what's left of the city above water, and meet new people (such was the situation of the new Orleans Super dome, where people from everywhere met each other). After said week is done, gradually begin to lower the flood, a day at a time, being roleplayed the drainage system being unclogged. I don't really expect many of you being into disaster roleplay, but it would bring the entire community closer together as you'd have to literally be in a limited space. TLTR : The flood event can last a week keeping you role-playing with the others members of the community in a Roleplay hub created by the LSPD and LSFD along with the national guard.
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