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    10 likes and ill personally CK rose cantarelalal
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    OwlGaming community in a nutshell
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    Alright mates his email is fixed thanks for the heads up owlGAMERS
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    Super busy with school lately, sorry for not doing as much as I should. Still around though if anyone needs to shoot me a PM
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    Fuck all the OOC shit. Long live CHM.
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    Eliyah North: (( rape perms? )) Kendrick Hughes: (( not this time, people in the room :/ )) Kendrick Hughes: (( they already think i'm gay for things like this, I just want to prevent )) @Resident [English] Roscoe Milburn says: Any hole is a goal.
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    Hi, is this Facebook because I'm going to update my life story and emotional feelings on here with maybe a song or two, maybe some words, each and every day.
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    To anyone reading this: hi, hope you're doing well! Since my health has been getting better, I'm planning on playing again so now and then. Hope to see you in-game.
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    Happy new year to everyone now and in the next few hours, all the best.
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    Got my new mouse pad for them niggas claiming harassment:
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    Just passing through. Here you see: Baby Swanker Knight. He is pretty cool...
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    Just a heads up if you buy a new interior or your friend does. Ensure an admin checks the interior if theres security equipment there. A lot of the time they haven't been installed properly and then you get messed up when someone breaks in. Better to warn people as I see this happen too many times.
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    open the picture in another tab to zoom in Credits to @Ambidextrous for the picture in the middle
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    Shoutout to all these awesome people for making my RP fun, y'all the best. @Serx @senseidoge @eoozy @Ted @Flluroz @Random @Tajiri @LeiFeng @crasy
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    2018-09-04 03:00:48 You can close this report at any time by typing /er. 2018-09-04 03:00:49 Trial Admin Joshua Baker (CourtezBoi) has accepted your report (#1) at 00:00, Please wait for him/her to contact you. Fastest man alive. @Eloquent
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    I never like to talk about things until we're already successful. The moment you announce what you're thinking about doing, you've already created a ticking time bomb.
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    How you know you've won an argument. <21:19:52> "Rinkk": Tell me the last noteworthy things about your last 5 characters apart from ALL being lesbians <21:20:18> "Nudafon": I don't have to prove anything to a degenerate cunt like yourself. <21:20:27> "Nudafon": Have fun doing you. <21:21:13> Chat partner has closed the conversation <21:21:18> insufficient client permissions (failed on i_client_needed_private_textmessage_power)
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    i knew it, leonard stewart is innocent [PUNISH]: A hidden admin issued 3 points to Donald Wells. [PUNISH]: Reason: Metagaming
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    Back home after a few weeks in the hospital. Yay for my sanity.
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    You becoming UAT is the most wholesome thing i've seen on owl this year, proud of you, proud of seeing someone that gives their skin and teeth to make it enjoyable for the rest, unlike some UAT that have done nothing beneficiary the entire year. Thank you for being a Lead Administrator to look up to vubs, keep it up, proud of you!
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    instantaneous flashbacks to RP actually being fun but RPing is boring
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    congrats on your promotion to member
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    used to be dead broke, now my bank full of dead folks
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    how the fuck do yall actually be roleplaying lawyers like if you roleplay a lawyer and are successful at that shit hats off. looks like from where im sitting you gotta take law school to know about this shit but yall go HAM ON THEM threads
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    Zebulon got shut down faster than his plans for downtown
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    This just in, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack in Palomino Creek, Red County.
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    Nibbas be making so many script / rule suggestions on the forums that they forget we have a fully working and playable server? maybe they just enjoy complaining...
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    "Those who succeed, party. Those who fail, ponder. And all greatness comes from pondering." - Tony Robbins.
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    read my old posts and realized how cancer i actually am bye
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    Sort of good news. I can take a short leave from the hospital, to celebrate Christmas with the family. I can leave on sunday morning and have to be back on tuesday.
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    You don't realise how fast time goes until you look at your property inactivity scanner time and realise its almost at 14 days again already
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    Check out the new changes in the dev blog post! http://dev.owlgaming.net/merge-develop-master/

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