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  1. Demolition derbies are like the Colosseum gladiator fights of the car world, cars enter the arena, close to the end of their life knowing that they're about to have the worst retirement with most of the cars emerging the arena on the back of a flatbed or by being pulled out by a tow truck. These derbies are a perfect way to have some fun during the weekend, even if you're only a spectator, getting to witness all this mayhem infront of you is a thrill, leaving you on the edge of your seat waiting to see if the next hit knocks a car out of the running. These Demolition derbies have a colorful pa
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  2. Name: Rico Comment: Articles just keep on coming and smashing it out the park. Keep them coming brother!
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  3. I've been part of this community for coming on 6 years at this point, i've been here since we hit 200+ players daily on the MTA server and i had great great fun. I've been here in the big DDoS scandal when Chaos took over from Maxime and he went off and got a real life. When I first joined i was a younger fellow for sure, i defo did cringy shit, but i think the main thing is a lot of the people i used to play with are gone now, and thats why i never really joined OwlV, i have left RP in it's entirety at this point. I played a lot with @Dolt and @Piney back in the day, and then the
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  4. We have one life… so go and live it.
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  5. OwlGaming V 1.7.7 | Character Looks & Bug Fixes | February, 2021 This update adds /look and many bug fixes! Features & Adjustments /look [player] and /setlook allows you to clarify aspects of your character's appearance that are not evident from their Grand Theft Auto appearance. Added towing faction duty spot Added /towtruck to request a tow from on duty towtruck drivers. Moved inventory actions to not be within a dropdown Added /showinv for administrators Fixes Not reported /uat command /setfacti
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