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  1. *The posters that were previously posted would now have a note attached to them that would read: "Thank you to everyone who showed up for making the grand opening of Sapori D'Italia great!"*
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  2. +1 It seems like a good suggestion. iirc, you can at this moment put your property up for auction through the forums. At-least, it is an option in this IC Auction House subsection of the forums -> . https://forums.owlgaming.net/forum/1608-auction-house/
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  3. Community Video Contest We're looking for community members to create a video about OwlGaming! This could be anything on our GTAV server as long as it contains gameplay in good faith. Ideas such as: A how to video about one of our features Some video of you and your faction roleplaying A server trailer etc Factors your video will be judged based on: Length (ideally not too short and not too long 3-7mins) Editing The features demo'd etc We're giving out 1000 Gamecoins for your video! Please submit
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  4. For some, the Eighties in the car industry were undoubtedly the best decade but this was also a time where music, film and fashion were all so eccentric, meaning the cars had to be aswell. This resulted in us getting wedge shaped cars like the Pegassi Torero or futuristic renditions like the Imponte Deluxo but you can't talk about 80s cars and not bring up the Grotti Cheetah, a car that shaped the culture of the Eighties, a car that the Italians believed represented the American Dream, a car reminding you of a time where perms were mandatory and wearing a tight T-shirt under a white blazer was
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