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  1. Dear Mr. Miller (( @ItsMelodyy )), If you are receiving this e-mail, it means you have been accepted and paid for your Flight School program at Los Santos International Airport! Congratulations and welcome aboard! For the theory part of training, make sure you read the chapters that belong to your license(s) in the handbook HERE. After lecturing the manual, respond to this email and inform us about your availability in order to schedule the first hands on training session. The following sessions will be discussed and agreed upon with the assigned ins
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  2. Hello folks! I've cleared out some space on the old streaming server This gave me room to create a couple of niche stations. There's an Italian/Jazz/Oldies station that would be good for atmosphere in an Italian place. I also put together a country station for anyone wanting to do anything up in the County. I don't have the cash right at the moment to add the stations on the server but if anyone else wants to make use of them in the meantime just get your custom radio and I'll send you the pls link. If my financial situation improves like I think it might in the next few months I'll gladly
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