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  1. Event Date: 30/05/20 Event Time: 6:45 PM (GMT+1) Yeah we're going to host another Garrysmod event, if you remember back to our occasional Game Nights, Trouble In Terrorist Town was a popular choice. This time however we're going to give you the choice that you didn't clearly have presented to you before, you can choose any of the gamemodes that you think you'd enjoy. Considering the circumstances we're unfortunately facing right now with COVID-19, I have done away with voting for the date and time as I can only assume that everybody is more available than ever. For those still working in
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  2. PRESS RELEASE - Public Defender's Office is Hiring For Public Release May 22nd, 2020 The Public Defender's Office is currently hiring lawyers to participate in the justice system to assist in defending those who cannot defend themselves in the court of law. As of the date of this press release, compensation is as follows: $15,000 For Every Completed Case $500 Every Hour (( Every Meaningful Post During The Case )) Those wishing to join the public defender's office or be on call to defend a member of the public should contact the Publ
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