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    Liberty Style Pizza is a fast casual, family owned & run pizza business located in Vinewood. We operate in a quick service environment, with a focus on customer service and quality ingredients. All of that while creating a community around our pizza. We opened our doors in the pinnacle of Los Santos in January 1947 and we quickly became a regular stop for the noon lunch crowd, meeting up for pizza and drinks with friends in the evenings and gathering with family on Sundays. Liberty Style Pizza was started by Guido Magliano, (a first generation Italian immigrant who moved from Italy to Liberty City) in the late forties, for several generations it has been one of the best pizza establishments in the entire city, because of our focus on customer service and nothing but the BEST quality pizzas for our patrons. Liberty Style Pizza has recently reopened its doors earlier this month and has resumed normal operations. We're always looking to improve customer service and quality in our food. Let us know how we did in your latest visit by leaving a review!
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    The reason that scripted jobs are created aren't to make a living off of. Scripted jobs are there for players to get a head start and make easy money, so they are able to continuously develop their characters. Making illegal NPC jobs would basically remove the whole purpose of roleplaying and illegal factions, as players would be able to just join and make "a lot" of money from just going to an NPC (not to mention the rate it will be abused when no police are on). If you want to get into drug trafficking, create a faction. FT and the virtual market are there to help. If you want to rob a store, you can simply just rob a store and have an admin there to play as the NPC. However, having illegally scripted job NPC's removes a lot of the RP aspect and leans it more toward RPG.
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    Escape from Reality Tourism & Activities Est. 7th August 1971 Escape from Reality is a company established within the fine state of San Andreas, many years ago, to provide an authentic experience for those who want to adventure out to see the landmarks we're fortunate to have, as well as to have the opportunity to enjoy them in ways that perhaps not everyone would. Whether your interest be seeing the entire county from the top of Mount Chiliad or to see the Alamo Sea and its nearby Waterfalls or maybe you prefer the City's unique buildings and the view to the Ocean from its pier? As you can see above, we have plenty of experiences for you to get a comprehensive taste of what's on offer, more detail will be included soon about the tour packages we provide and what each one includes, we will offer our packages in two methods, either an AD-HOC booking for each event, or you will be able to become a subscriber, which will offer all the events the company runs at just one set monthly fee (and the best part is, by subscribing you lock in your price so it never increases for you!). Subscription Package Our subscription package is priced at $4,000 per month and it allows you and up to 2 friends (yes, that is 3 people total!) to attend all of the events we provide, at no additional cost, we will also pick you up from a location of your choice (within reason) in our Mammoth Patriot Stretch Limousine and take you all the way to the event to enjoy and then take you back to the pick-up location as a drop-off service. As we operate a regular schedule you will be able to enjoy our events exclusively to yourselves and get the very finest experience that our fine county has to offer! Events List Please see here for our Events List, this will be updated as and when new events are added. All events will likely recur at regular intervals and please be aware that due to the nature of our events we may require you to sign a Waiver of Liability. We're Hiring! We are looking to hire staff, to fill the roles listed below: Trainee Tour Guides Tour Manager Bookings & Enquiries If you would like to book slots on any of our events or have any enquiries (including job opportunities), please send an email to [email protected] ((Forum PM @Express)).
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    !! VIP Memberships are now closed as we have reached member capacity, Regular & Junior Memberships available !! MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM
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    Suggestion: Illegal Scripted Jobs Explanation: Like the regular scripted jobs, I think we should have some illegal ones to do, ones that play alot of money, higher than the regular scripted jobs, but you could be arrested if caught doing them by Law Enforcement. Not only that, but these jobs would only be available if a certain number of police officers were online, and perhaps you could only do a certain number in a set time-frame. I've had a few ideas for these types of jobs - for example; - Drug Trafficking for an NPC crime organization (You're given a package and asked to take it somewhere on the map for a reward, upon arrival you have to wait 2 minutes in which police are notified about 'suspcious activity' in a set search region around the marker, then they'd have to 'Search' that area to try find you. - Robbery (NPC crime Orgiization sends you to a store on the map for you to steal from, you'd have to RP holding it up ect and have to wait while the clerk empties the register - meanwhile police are notified ect) These are just two ideas, but i'm sure you could think of some better ones. - Hood Ornament Theft - You go around to cars and do a command and you're put in an animation and have to wait a few seconds while a /ame is shown about your head about the action's your taking to remove car hood ornaments. You can do this to several vehicles then send them to a factory or something to be melted down or sold. Each ornament generates a specific amount of money depending on the class of car it is taken from. Some vehicles like bikes ect wouldn't have them.
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    Just a note we are certainly looking at ways to improve things for illegal roleplay and give players a lot more things to do. Having said that I don't believe scriped illegal jobs that have a huge pay reward is the route as that'll easily ruin the economy and get players to stop roleplaying with others. Our main goal is to encourage player interaction and get people roleplaying together, and that's what we will continue to aim to do with our scripts, we have a LOT coming up in the future.
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    Job opportunities Always wanted to work in the aviation industry? County Air Administration is looking for new employees. We are currently looking for people that want to purse a career in aviation. The following job openings are available: Aircraft Engineer - Required: Any experience regarding aircraft engineering. - Description: The aircraft engineer is to provide regular maintenance to the entire aircraft fleet of the C.A.A. . The job involves, as well, duties that consist of airport's maintenance. Aircraft Engineer Trainee - Required: Nothing - Description: You will receive free training from an experienced Aircraft Engineer who will teach you the ropes. Pilot (PIC and F/O) - Required: 200h total flight time - Required: PPL-A, CPL - Description: Act as Pilot in Command or First Officer on one of our plane to perform our daily scheduled commercial flights, such as weather reports, charter, flight inspections and more! ATC Operator - Required: Nothing - Description: You will be controlling the air traffic above LS. It involves knowledges (already existing or will be obtained) of radio utilization protocol, radar utilization and constant weather checking, adapting the traffic to it. For any person interested you may submit your application on our website: County Air Administration - Careers using the format below: The County Air Administration is an equal opportunity employer and will consider all applications without regards to race sex age color religion national origin veteran status disability sexual orientation gender identity genetic information or any characteristic protected by law. We will consider for employment all qualified applicants including those with criminal histories in a manner consistent with the requirements of applicable state and local laws within the City of Los Santos. Signed, HR & PR Consultant, County Air Administration
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    This basically. Not to mention the suggestion goes against the vehicle theft rule already in place. You are only allowed one attempt of stealing a vehicle within a 24 hour limit. - And the LEO rule about having at least two on-duty officers online. Faction Team is already working with illegal factions to do these kind of things without a script being needed. If you wish to do something like this submit an FT Contact telling us what you fancy doing and we will check it out. - But a script is not needed, regardless if you want to rob a store or steal a vehicle etc you can report to consult admins.
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    I don't know, personally I am on the fence here. Considering that Vex and John did made a few fair arguments in regards to all of this. But honestly, I wouldn't mind if illegal side was shown some love, but we have to take it very very cautious and I wouldn't exactly support "Jobs" idea that could be easily farmed and causing havoc all around the server not to mention abused when we do not have cops on 24/7. If anything, said "jobs" should be still initiated by admins and admins only. Drug trafficking for example sounds alright. Maybe weekly or monthly could through command initiate an NPC call for faction leader giving him a GPS location where a group should deliver drugs? (It could really work AS VeX described) YET! I would cut down on the money (Give out like 60-70% value of said drugs?) That could somewhat help to keep a control over things and selling dope for players would still be more profitable than simply going for NPC... Or even it could work like that. Deliver dope > NPC says that you will get money after XX:XX:XX time. Aka NPC simulates selling it to HIS customers and it could act like a passive income (Every risk stays i.e police is notified, 60-70 per value thing) Stores stick up? Hard to tell, I am a bit wary on this one. Another idea I could think of is usage of docks. Docks of Los Santos is a wonderful place and could be used for illicit activities as well. Like breaking into containers which could get you some useful stuff I assume? (Furniture/phones or w/e and could be resold for "interested benefactor" aka NPC for a certain amount of sum). Tbh, if we didn't shun an idea of NPC's a I would think of more stuff. And in general, I would still believe that groups or solo players would have to do investments into their equipment and interiors to actually get into more profitable activities (I know drug growing will be a thing... Which means to make more potent drugs players would have to set up a lab, buy equipment, get chemicals and etc. Plus a timer to make a batch of let's say crystal meth would be much more longer than for example weed and to continue on getting better quality drugs organizations would have to invest into maintenance of their equipment or get better one). Keeping things somewhat fresh for organizations and consistent activity to take to keep things going.
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    I disagree, people who want to develop their characters as criminals, this would be a good (more realistic) way to start off their characters, without them having to go get a job as a bus driver, ect which wouldn't make sense for an Eastern European Illegal Immigrant to be driving a bus, would it? And by 'A LoT' of money I mean more than the legal jobs pay. This feature would work if it was restricted in its use. And I very much doubt that this feature would make the game more like an RPG. My suggestion can be changed or adapted differently. Maybe illegal factions will give out the jobs, who knows? All i'm suggesting is something more immersive for those illegal roleplayers who are just starting out, and perhaps don't want to associate with any factions. Think Lone-Wolf type.
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    Microwave Pizzas full of Salmonella have never tasted better!
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    Server Script Update (v1.6.3) | New Inventory, Furniture Storage, Seatbelts & more! | May, 2020 This update adds in a new inventory, furniture storage items, seatbelts and more! Related items also coming this week: Masks & generic items! Additionally, be sure to check out the roadmap! Lots of cool things are being worked on, such as drug grows, etc. OwlV Roadmap OwlV Bugtracker Missed RAGE 1.1? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.6? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.5? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.4? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.3? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.2? Click here for more info! Missed OwlV 1.1? Click here for more info! Free Grand Theft Auto V In-case you missed it, Epic are currently giving away Grand Theft Auto V, for free, and you get to keep it forever! Click here for more information! Features & Adjustments Updated inventory UI Weapon attachments/mods now show weapons to attach onto Keys are now on a separate tab Your existing keys have moved here Added a wallet slot Your on-hand cash is shown here Your existing drivers permits, firearms licenses are now moved here Move item, merge etc. now show a list of valid targets rather than leaving the user to guess Furniture and clothing are now shown on separate tabs All inventory tabs are now scrollable All inventory windows (e.g. containers) are now scrollable Improved support on lower resolutions Lots of inventory bug fixed Split item now lets you type the number to split Item badges are more descriptive Furniture shows preview of name Keys show vehicle/property id Clothing shows if it is being worn or not Seatbelt feature - /seatbelt to toggle when in a vehicle, automatically unbuckles when leaving a vehicle It actually has a benefit and will stop you from flying out the windshield Added furniture storage Existing furniture bought and/or placed which is now purchasable as storage, automatically has storage Press E to interact with a storage Furniture store now has a category showing everything with storage Furniture store now shows how many storage slots the furniture has Edit interior now has a category showing everything with storage Edit interior now shows how many storage slots the furniture has Notifications now show on the right hand of the screen to avoid covering the chatbox Added a warning when playing on an extremely low resolution Fixes /air doesn't work for police heli or FD heli Everyone could see "extended" /thiscar Fixed a server crash 0003755: PD does not have /dearrest or /unarrest command Fixed a bug with GPS Fixed a bug where HUD location could appear twice Added extra low resolution support for character creation UI Added extra low resolution support for barber Added extra low resolution support for tattoo artist Added extra low resolution support for clothing store Added extra low resolution support for plastic surgeon Moving item to furniture & accessing it Removing item from furniture Furniture Store Main Inventory Wallet Clothing Keyring Furniture Accessing Container: Splitting Items Merging Items Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team (Yannick, Chaos, Jer, Daniels, Eloquent)
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    Light RP I associate with roleplay that doesn't really involve a lot of text, or minimal text roleplay. I think of it as basically playing the game, and your characters do what they do in the game. Say you do Maw of Lorkhaj. Light RP would be basically what your characters do in the maw outside of guild chat, or maybe including guild chat. It might provoke some guild banter like "Hey, remember when Oglorg got knocked off the cliff by that Anka'Ra last week? Are your legs fixed?" cps test This also goes with your other systems of roleplay that go the same way. Garry's Mod's infamous DarkRP, Trouble in Terrorist Town, and others are prime examples of this. Medium RP is something interesting, and I don't know where to throw the line. I 'personally' throw it out there for things like your hardcore tabletop groups. The ones where roleplaying is secondary, and min-maxing the game is the primary. Like, yeah, we'll roleplay - but only so far as my OoC goals deciding what I do. We roll the dice, we hit the shit, we get out. Keep it simple lads. This is probably biased, or outright silly, but it's just where my head sits. And then Heavy RP is any RP that's almost entirely text-based, focused on emotes, and set within a specific setting.

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