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  1. Name: Red, ShadowSix Nicknames: Red, Hey You, Nikki Bishop, Hey that cop is hot Age: 34 years old (Not old enough to be a boomer, not young enough to be a zoomer) Country: United States Zodiac: Almighty Capricorn Discord: Dr. Walker#8133 In-Game Name: ShadowSix I come from a long line of old RP platforms, starting from MUDs, to Ultima Online, Wow, Final Fantasy, Guild Wars 2, Champions Online, and /many/ others. You name an MMO, I've played it, and RPed in it. Have a home in VA with my fiance and our dog and I work as Management at an auto parts compa
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  2. Hey! I've been role playing since October 15th, 2009, starting with Valhalla Gaming. I joined Owl in 2014 when it opened, and went on to lead the administration team, and script for the MTA server, making some things like the MDC, /ads, and vehicle auctions. I've been on and off the team a number of times over the years as life has gotten in the way, but as of late, I've been on the V server as an administrator, and scripting features for our website and the game. I look forward to sticking around and making some cool stuff and helping you all out as an administrator.
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  3. Ivar "Iv" Ostroski Ivar was born 30.10.1998. He was born in Selekhard, a small City in Russia. Ivar was alone most of the time, he didn't have any friends around him. Sometimes he hated himself due to being a complicated person. Always having his own opinions, not following anyone else's opinions made him a different person from everybody else. Ivar was arguing with his parents before they wen't onto a trip to another City. He was mad at them because they didn't want to take their own son with them. His mind was full of evil notions, Ivar even wished to
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  4. Fitness & Terrain training
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  6. Goodluck with this guys! Take it far
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  8. sexxx!! keep goin hard homies
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  9. yall kick it far, had a solid interaction yesterday
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  10. you will never get a trunk on your coquette
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