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  1. Express or Expression93 Hey everyone, a lot of people probably know (of) me but I thought I'd do things properly and introduce myself here. My name is Dale and I am from the UK, I am married and work as an IT Engineer. I'm a bit of an oldtimer when it comes to Roleplay having been into it now for more than a decade, I've taken a few breaks but I always end up returning. I am definitely most commonly known in the realms of Law Enforcement and Court RP. Not to mention my very outspoken personality and blunt attitude, but we'll not go there... I look forward to
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  2. As most of us knows, the origin of every success story is an idea, a dream mixed with ambition which if given the sufficient determination that dream could become a reality one day. That story is the origin of the Angels Of Chaos Motorcycle Club.. The crew's original members are deeply connected with each other as their bonds of brotherhood were forged long ago from since their childhood. "Thomas Miller" which is the current president of the MC has a step brother whom he grew up with whose name is "Clay Mayson", they were almost the same age and they always shared the same goals and ambition
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  3. 14/5/2020 15/5/2020
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  5. Ivar finds himself a new friend!
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  7. Welcome back homie, shouldn't need luck for this.
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  9. Ivar meeting his crew "Angels Of Death" for a ride.
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  10. “Rolling Neighborhood” The West Side (W/S) Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips are an active and long standing African American street gang founded in Los Santos during the 1970s. Their territory covers a large area from Brouge Ave. in the west to Figueroa Avenue in the east, between Roy Lowenstein Blvd in the north towards 52nd Street in the south; an area which falls under the jurisdiction of the LSPD’s Southwest Division. The 40's fall under the NeighborHood Crips and West Side Crips "card" and are friendly towards most Deuce(2x) gangs. The 40's are an active street gang with a reputati
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