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    Gamers!, Haven't posted here yet and wanted to say hello to everyone! Name: Maxwell25 Nicknames: Maxwell, Max, Rob, and when I'm in trouble - Maxwellian ( @Vubstersmurf ) Age: 28 years old Country: United States Zodiac: Sagittarius. Discord: Maxwell25#2508 In-Game Name: Maxwell25 IRL, I am a full-time workaholic (police officer, emergency vehicle equipment installer and volunteer firefighter). I am a true adrenaline junky as well. I love motorsports, skydiving, shooting, swimming and just about anything else exciting and/or dangerous. I have happily been an admin since earlier this year but, I have been playing with OwlGaming since 2014. I am proud to say that OG is where I began my GTA roleplay and most of what I know/learned has come from the great community that surrounds OG and the staff that keep it going I believe I speak for everyone here but, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or for assistance. I ALWAYS monitor my discord and if I can't help, I will surely find someone who can. As always, GAME ON !
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    J-town NHP & Angels Of Chaos drama // Jamestown Golden Glove boxers.
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    Sold the Bravado Buffalo S to Roy Melendez Dealership bought Devonte's Vapid GTX. Stock updated.
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    Thanks Maxwell for sharing. Anyone else has something to share to Alcoholics Anonymous today?
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    As most of us knows, the origin of every success story is an idea, a dream mixed with ambition which if given the sufficient determination that dream could become a reality one day. That story is the origin of the Angels Of Chaos Motorcycle Club.. The crew's original members are deeply connected with each other as their bonds of brotherhood were forged long ago from since their childhood. "Thomas Miller" which is the current president of the MC has a step brother whom he grew up with whose name is "Clay Mayson", they were almost the same age and they always shared the same goals and ambition which was the love for the two wheeled vehicles. Motorcycles were something they always wanted to have despite the dangers of that specific vehicle. They were always amazed when ever they saw a couple of bikers with Harleys and leather vests thrusting their engines on any road. The sound of the engine, the similarity in their patches and the unity of their colours have always inspired the two young men encouraging them farther towards their dream which began as little as dreaming to just own a Harley Davidson Motorcycle and then gone to as far as hoping to have their own motorcycle club one day. When the two young men where at the stage of High school but they realised that their shoes doesn't fit in the education system nor they are good at studying, Infact they have taken a liking to the road of corruption and the need for money to live a better life, They also thought it was the best way to reach their dream and buy the club house which they needed to start their own MC. They stopped their education at the high school stage and They began their road towards the outlaw world and along that road which they took, three more friends joined them whom shared the same ambition, love for motorcycles and dreams, also they shared the same liking to the outlaw activities that they usually do, Those three were "Alexander Bullock", "Vincent Schrader"and "York Marston". The five men worked hard in both legal and illegal activities to gather the money for the clubhouse needed to establish their motorcycle club, They bought the clubhouse in Los Santos and so they began advancing in their story at a much greater rate with a much better way under the name of Angels Of Chaos Motorcycle Club.. CK Clause: - By joining this faction you agree that your character can be CKed at any time under any valid circumstances.
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    Hello there fellow Owlgamers. I am Valkyr. Ive just been promoted by our wonderful administration crew into trial admin, and i'd like to share this occasion by introducing myself to those who may have not met me yet(note that word, yet). Ill start off with short bits of details about myself. I got a fair few nicknames, Val, Valk(For the ones who know me from 2017-18, Jason), but all work! I am aged 23, half way to 24 already, from a small northern european country called Estonia. I work at a little furniture factory as a plate cutter in my daily basis, 8 hours a day, im about as average as a man gets. But not really. I love helping people, i get true joy and enjoyment in assisting others, hence the reason i applied for Owl Administrator spot. I hope i can help all of you lads out, no matter what the issue might be! If any of you need help or just wanna talk, my discord is: Valkyr#5476 Ingame you can reach me by my characters Jenna Woods and Lorenzo D'Alesio, if you cant find me IG otherwise, lets have a blast together and hope i can help as many as i can! Valkyr Out.
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    yeah I will soon upload my Lead Masturbator Novarnards Nice to meet you Maxvell
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    Express or Expression93 Hey everyone, a lot of people probably know (of) me but I thought I'd do things properly and introduce myself here. My name is Dale and I am from the UK, I am married and work as an IT Engineer. I'm a bit of an oldtimer when it comes to Roleplay having been into it now for more than a decade, I've taken a few breaks but I always end up returning. I am definitely most commonly known in the realms of Law Enforcement and Court RP. Not to mention my very outspoken personality and blunt attitude, but we'll not go there... I look forward to getting the chance to meet you all whether it be in-game or not, you can find my character names in my signature box or on my user profile. Otherwise please do hit me up if you're ever wanting to chat, I am always happy to help where I can.
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    The News That Matters, Today CIRCULATION: 145,000~ SUNDAY, MAY 10th, 2020 DAILY 35ยข Los Santos County Public Town Hall #1 Written and transcribed by Ray Costa County Commissioner Casey Hughes arriving to the town hall with his security detail LOS SANTOS - County Commissioner Casey Hughes held his administrations first public town hall this Saturday at 8:00 PM. The town hall was well attended by members of the public and emergency services. Also in attendance was Chief of Police Altman, Chief Justice Whitney, and District Attorney Masterson. Commissioner Hughes stressed the importance of staying true to his platform "to be open and honest with the people of Los Santos" and has "been working diligently over these first couple of weeks to get an accurate budget of government spending every week put together" and that they "will be sharing the first weeks' results Monday". Commissioner Hughes aims to drastically reduce the amount of money spent each week and has begun to do so by "moving our internal security department to a third party contract, and reducing the scope of our research and development group". Plans to reduce bureaucracy are also in play by removing red tape on paperwork and bureaucracy between inter government departments. Town halls can be expected bi-weekly to inform citizens on what is happening. Chief Altman took to the stand afterwards and provided a brief update on the Los Santos Police Department, stating that "crime trends are constantly increasing however, in turn the LSPD is ensuring that sufficient officers are patrolling round the clock to handle any emergency calls". A big recruitment drive was announced as well to further increase the number of officers in the department. Chief Altman also stated "I've personally been keeping in close contact with Commissioner Hughes who has been a great help in improving the department in the recent few weeks". Chief Altman stressed an open door policy and encouraged everyone to step forward if they wish to speak to him. District Attorney Patrick Masterson used the town hall as an opportunity to announce an update on the suspected serial killer in Los Santos, citing Detective Melendez of the Los Santos Police Department as having been incredibly helpful in taking one suspect into custody. The District Attorney went on to say that it was a joint investigation by the Los Santos Police Department, District Attorney's Office, and Los Santos County Sheriff's Detectives. An honorable mention was made to the Los Santos County Coroner's Office who provided "invaluable forensic analysis". The District Attorney's Office and Los Santos Police Department will release a joint statement within the next couple of days. County Commissioner Casey Hughes then opened questions to the public, primarily addressing concerns of remaining transparent and ensuring future announcements are made public. The Commissioner shared his schedule in good faith stating that he meets with heads of every government department at least once a week to understand their budgets and concerns. The reassurances from Commissioner Hughes seemed to quell any concerns the crowd had and after no further questions were asked, the town hall was concluded. Below is a transcript of the public town hall recorded by journalist Ray Costa. County Commissioner Casey Hughes and Chief Justice Irma Whitney during the town hall address Have information that can improve the accuracy of this article? Want to see something else reported on? Looking for a career with us? Send us an e-mail at contact.globalmedianews.com (( @Wright ))
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    First successful Government event!
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    All about girls and money
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    *This thread will hold all relevant Daily Globe Media tweets by our employees*
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    Much love to my best mate
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    I came up with this system a while back while fiddling with my brother for a personal project of ours - we were trying to run a tabletop campaign based on hackers in the 1980s (more Sleepers meets Synthwave rather than Sleeping Dogs or Uplink) and we wanted to make the actual hacking into a "minigame" of some sorts rather than just having it as a simple skills contest made by dice rolls. We came up with this maze concept (made at http://www.mazegenerator.net/) that was supposed to represent the server hacking process - the player (my brother's character) had no idea of how the maze was designed and his job was to pretty much enter the "maze" from the top and make his way to the bottom to have his character successfully invade the server and either steal the data/funds or shut it down all together. The mazes could be solved in a solitaire-like mode (the hacker needed to exit the maze in a x number of moves or the par in order or risk being disconnected and possibly traced by the system administrator) or in a multiplayer mode - in this multiplayer mode players may use programs (or risk a turn and code them on the spot - the green barriers on the image are the BLOK3R program that hinders progress for the hacker unless he uses a CRACK3R program of higher or equal level) to lay traps for either the defending administrator or the attacking hacker and the situation unfolds in a very dramatic battle determined by actual skill. I'm gonna leave you with an example of the first system of the campaign below (a small government server) in order for you to get a better example of how it works - don't have the logs right here at the moment. I figured I'd suggest this because I feel like while something that wouldn't be used by the majority of the server it'd probably help the few people who in the past have tried to roleplay hackers and cybercriminals and were intimidated by trying to figure out research on the matter or honestly couldn't get their heads around it - this is one of the few types of roleplay who shouldn't be one hundred percent realistic for obvious reasons. How do you feel about it?

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