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    No, the point of the jobs are to give you money to start. Not be a constant income. This is sort of the point, you shouldn't be able to drive a lambo by delivering mail Join or start a faction mate, we offer starter packs of a lot of help and resources to people that want to create RP
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    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Since 2019 The Balistrieri Corporation is a fresh company founded in late 2019 by Anthony Balistrieri and Alfredo Boriello. It was formed as a company with an intention to provide entertainment for the citizen of Los Santos. In early 2020 the company changed it's aim at security solutions and public services, however entertainment is still one of the future aspects of the company. Everything that works under the name of Balistrieri Corporation is owned directly by the company itself, not by subjects or partners or shareholders to provide complete safety when investing into the company on the stock market. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The corporation is currently divided between two shareholders, Anthony Balistrieri - the CEO with 51% of the shares which makes him the majority owner, and his long time business partner Alfredo Boriello - the COO with 49% of the shares. The current price per stock shares is unknown due to being a recent addition to the stocks market. - To invest into this company, so to buy shares - visit your local financial broker. To inquire about the shares and investments, contact #1569-180-931. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Currently operating sections of this company are the Balistrieri Security Solutions, which provides a fat list of security services such as, personal security, property security, CCTV monitoring and also installation of various electronic security systems for your properties only! Not vehicles. The company has also announced a public service section to be opened up midway through Q1 2020, providing waste collection and disposal. According to the latest press release, the company is also looking to step into the world of fashion with a very own fashion brand - projected for mid Q1 2020. Recent press release also unveiled the plans to open a restaurant chain with the finest Italian cuisine, more information is a subject to be released in the next press release - projected for late Q1 / early Q2 2020. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ (( W.I.P. - will be updated almost daily both on main post and replies. ))
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    Before talking to @Unitts I recommend you reading this: The English Learner’s Guide to UK Slang: 18 Must-know British Words for Casual Use Below are some slang words to get you started. Because slang is casual language, some of these might not be appropriate for younger learners. Also, some words that are fine to use in Britain may be considered offensive in other places! We will explain all of that, though. Have fun learning! 1. Chuffed When someone is chuffed, they are very pleased or happy about something. “I’m absolutely chuffed with my birthday present. Thanks!” 2. Knackered Knackered (or sometimes “ready for the knackers yard”) means that someone is extremely tired. This comes from “knacker,” which is an older word. It refers to a person who slaughters old worn-out horses who can no longer work. “I’ve been up half of the night with the baby. I’m totally knackered.” 3. Bants “Bants” is an abbreviation (shortened version) of “banter.” “Banter” means to joke or to exchange witty (quick and fun) remarks with others. “I’m going to Nando’s for some bants with the lads.” 4. Cheeky When someone is cheeky, it means that they are being a little rude or disrespectful, but usually in a way that is funny and endearing (cute). “That is a cheeky smile…are you up to something?” “Did you just take the last biscuit? That was a bit cheeky!” It can also be used if you are eating, drinking or doing something that you maybe should not or that is not good for you. “I’m just going to have a cheeky burger on the way home.” “Are you coming to the pub tonight?” “On a Tuesday?! Well OK, just a few cheeky drinks.” 5. Fag In American English, “fag” is a derogatory (insulting or mean) term for someone who is gay. In British slang, however, it just means a cigarette. “I’m going outside for a fag.” 6. Cuppa Cuppa comes from the phrase “cup of.” The implied (suggested) meaning is a cup of tea (because we love tea…sometimes stereotypes exist for a reason). The word “tea” is not actually needed. You only need to make it clear if it is a “cuppa” coffee or a “cuppa” something other than tea. “Would you like a cuppa?” “I’d love one. I’ll get the kettle on.” 7. Bum You may already know that this word is the informal word for “bottom.” It also has another meaning. It is used when somebody uses or gets something from someone else without paying. “Can I bum a fag?” “How did you get here?” “I bummed a lift with Tony.” Here, “lift” means “ride.” 8. Mate While in standard English a mate is a life partner, it is commonly used in Britain to mean a friend. It is also often used to address strangers in informal situations, such as in bars or on public transport. It is particularly used between men (but not always). A similar word is “pal” (which is also used in American English). “What are you doing this weekend?” “Hanging out with some of my mates.” “Excuse me, mate, is anyone sitting here?” “Hey pal, could I get a whisky and a beer please?” 9. Ledge This is a shortening of the word “legend.” A legend is someone who is well-known, often for doing something great or incredible. The slang word “ledge” is often an exaggeration, or used to make things and people sound more important than they really are. It can be used not only to describe a famous person, but also a friend or family member who is not famous. It is often used when the friend or family member has done something particularly good or impressive. “That final goal was amazing, mate. You’re a ledge!” “Thanks for the tickets, mum. What a ledge!” 10. Gutted The original meaning of “gut” is to remove the insides of an animal before eating it (gutting a fish, for example). It also has the meaning of being bitterly disappointed about something. “I was gutted when I failed the exam.” 11. Sherbets In Britain, “sherbet” is a word for a fizzy sweet or sweet powder. However, inviting someone to go to the pub for a few sherbets is not an invitation to eat sweets, but an invitation to drink a few beers. It is possible that this comes from the fizzy, frothy top on beers. “Do you fancy a few sherbets after work tonight?” Asking someone if they “fancy” something is a way of asking if they would like it. 12. Trollied A “trolly” is the word the British use for a shopping cart. However, when the noun “trolly” is turned into the adjective “trollied,” it is used to describe someone as being drunk. “I had a few too many sherbets last night, mate. I was trollied.” 13. Narky Narky is another word for moody or bad-tempered. “She won’t speak to me. She’s been narky with me all day.” 14. Fluke A “fluke” is something caused by chance or luck. Something can also be described as being “flukey,” meaning that it is particularly lucky or coincidental. “I hit the bullseye (the red target on a darts board)!” “That was a total fluke! You wouldn’t be able to do it again.” “I won 10 pounds on the lotto again!” “That is so flukey!” 15. Arsed “Can’t be arsed” is a less polite version of “Can’t be bothered.” It is used to express that someone really does not want to or has not got the energy to do a particular thing. “Would you like go out today?” “Can’t be arsed. It’s Sunday. I’m not getting out of bed.” 16. Gagging The original meaning of this word is choking or retching (making movements and sounds like vomiting). However, it also means to desperately need or want something. “I’m gagging for a cuppa. I haven’t had one all day!” 17. Cracking When something is cracking it is particularly good or excellent. People can also be described as “cracking.” For example: “He’s a cracking lad.” It can also mean to get started on something (and this meaning is also used in American speech). Another variation is the word “cracker.” Describing a person as a “cracker” means you think they are fantastic. (But watch out! This is completely different in American slang. In the U.S., “cracker” can be an insulting term for white people from rural areas.) “That was a cracking dinner. Compliments to the chef.” “I have lots of Christmas presents to wrap. I’d better get cracking!” 18. Bloody In standard English, “bloody” usually refers to something covered in blood. In British slang, though, this is an intensifier (something that puts stress or importance on another word) and a mild expletive (swear word). “Bloody British English is bloody confusing! Bloody hell! Why do they have so much bloody slang?” British slang may seem confusing. It is not always the same as American slang. As you can see, the same words can mean very different things depending on whether you are talking to a Brit or an American, so be careful! We all know improving language skills is no fluke—it takes practice. It doesn’t have to be boring, though. Just follow my advice and check out some of the clips in this article. When you feel confident, you could always try some of your new words out on a real Brit (either in person or on the italki website). Much love unitts
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    Hey been an admin for awhile and scripted for the MTA server a bit beside my mates @Yannick and @Chaos and @Eloquent fav movies: Star Wars (all of them), The Intent, Simpsons Movie fav tv series: The Office US, Sons of Anarachy, Top Boy, The Mandalorian Always about in the owl discord for a chat
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    Looks damn nice fellas. Had the honor to interact with both of you. So having some high hopes on this one and I hope to see y'all more often o/ Best of luck on this.
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    I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.
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    you just reminded me, haven't had one in yonks will be making one tomorrow
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Give-able items What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Items What is the suggestion?- As of right now, a player has to drop the license item to give it to another player. For example, You are pulled over by the police. The cop asks you for your license and registration. Unlike MTA, the player doesn’t have the option to drag and drop it onto the cop and the cop doesn’t have the option to drag and drop it into the car. I’m suggesting that when you right click on the item (a license for example) it will says “Give to” and it will have all players within a certain amount of distance listed in or out of a car. What are the advantages?- *This allows items to be given in a more role play scene. *It also prevents players from having to drop things out of their vehicle or get out of their vehicle to pick things up. *Players can no longer just walk by when trading is happening and pick something up and run. What are the disadvantages?- Players might click on the wrong name to give the item to and have to ask ooc to give it back. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- No. How would you go about implementing this idea?- I’m not sure besides just making a script for items to be give able
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    Well the title is essentially it. If it's possible to get more hair and accessory options. Well I can't imagine why it'd NOT be possible but I guess you guys get the point. More hair options (for both males and females) is pretty self explanatory. More accessories would be items such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and so on. I feel also if these things are something that COULD be done, the inventory system would need an overhaul as with how it currently works, would be way to big and cluttered as there's no real way to organize "anything" properly, let alone adding earnings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, etc into an already cluttered and chaotic space. A way to sort and/or organize things may potentially help that if not looking to change how items are held in "pockets" as it is, however.
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    I'd like to suggest if it to be possible to implement regular vehicle maintenance. It could work in such a way when say, vehicles hit around a certain mileage (to be chosen by Admin as they please ofc) and would need to be worked on / taken to a Shop to have work done. In the vehicle, they could have some sort of small "check engine" symbol on their screen (That only the driver sees). The shops could exist in a player aspect to promote more RP and give job to those who want to RP as mechanics, perhaps coinciding with was posted here in some way: In this option, I could see PC working at shops and when a vehicle rolls through onto a location (be it outside of the shop building, or if a shop has a garage door that opens / elevator TP point) and the mechanic who's working would get a notification. Shows the parts in need of repair ie: air filter/oil change, spark plugs & wires, exhaust leak, wheel hub, whatever. (Doesn't have to actually be specific) And the employee could RP and emote making the necessary fixes. The Vehicle's owner, on their end would have a menu open to where they could see it as well, and select the bits they want repaired based on the severity and/or cost. They select the item/part/damage from said menu and the PC working there get's paid into their bank acct. And the two would Roleplay it accordingly as they please. The other option, if no PC mechanics are online/available to where there could be locations where you could take your Vehicle to an NPC shop, They'd roll onto a spot and it'd show say...needing an air filter/oil change, spark plug replacement, timing job, exhaust leak, whatever else other random internal issues (I say random for the sake of simplifying it without having to go TOO far in depth. And show severity so the player can choose which items they'd want worked on based on said severity (and depending on price set, some folks can't afford things right away and would like to RP this mayhap, despite how much money they ACTUALLY have on them at the time). And once vehicle is fixed/repaired, it'd auto take money off of their person. (Unless some sort of debit/credit card system is to be used/implemented?). This could also work decently for factions and their fleet vehicles to again, promote more RP for others.
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    dont know you but welcome to owl and enjoy your stay
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    Let's get it. Hope I don't get glassed again.
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    Alright, short and sweet as I can put it. 1. Corpses leaving directly after death. Today, during a PK, I noticed something. Almost directly after the target was killed, his corpse almost immediately disappeared, and he wound up right in front of the hospital. For some reason, immediately after a player dies, they go right to the hospital. I've even seen something like this transpire after being accidentally killed by a misclick. This is horrible for people who like to take screenshots of their kills, and also horrible for people who wish to actually roleplay their death. Perhaps there can be a command that takes the player back to where they were dropped. Or maybe, we can implement a corpse system which allows players to move corpses freely, into a car or behind a building in the area. 2. Mouse scrolling issue, line settings changing. As you scroll through your chatlog, sometimes you can notice the amount of lines changing as you scroll. In the chat settings, you can decide how many lines of dialog you want by setting the numbers. I keep mine in the 20's area, but as I scroll up and down my chatlog to get a good screenshot of it, I notice the amount of lines visible changing. Perhaps this can be looked into. 3. Phone issue. People's phone conversations are not spoken outloud when they use /p, therefore cannot be heard by the people standing around the callers. This is a major blow to screenshots and awareness of the situation, because some people can figure what's being said on the phone just by off the conversation alone.
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    The corpse leaving is the auto respawn we have. I am working on a few changes in that system, as FD should be able to RP with the corpses also. The phone conversations is known, we have it on the bug tracker and I believe a few more things had this. I'll look later into it after I done my other tasks. For the scrolling, as most said please drop it on the tracker Thanks for reporting!
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    Official gamer.
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    top bloke sells sniff on the side
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    This seems to be more of a bug, this should be reported on https://bugs.owlgaming.net if not done already. these two would be a cool addition though!
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    Personally, I suggested a possible solution to this. If we actually added property storage (which could be roleplayed as wardrobe for example) you could just put clothing up in there. Which would definitely help to control your inventory In regards to more customization options? Hands down to this (I know that many GTA:O clothing have different variants of every model which would drastically boost up your customization options at this point) Not to mention adding up tattoos and more haircut options (hell, on rage forums there's even fellers posting up even more haircut options). Nevertheless, you have my +1 on this.
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    he's a big fan of this being plastered in a sandwich by itself
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    very low PMA on this individual would not recommend chatting with
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    I can understand that, totally. It was just a thought I had. If we're portraying as a realism server, it was a thought.
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    Server Script Update (v0.1.2k) | January, 2020 This update adds advert location sharing / GPS support, removable duty hats, and multiple bug fixes. Features & Adjustments Duty hats can now be put on / taken off using /togdutyhat Added GPS support to adverts /ad now takes a true/false parameter to specify whether to share your location or not If a person created an advert while inside an interior, the GPS location will be the interior entrance /adgps <advert id> allows you to add a blip to the advert location & set your GPS to that location /adcleargps allows you to clear your current GPS target Advert GPS will also clear when you arrive at the destination Fixes: Clientside performance optimization for weapon attachments Fixed a clientside error when crouching 0003329: FPS lag spikes - caused by a script Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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    San Andreas Motorcycle Association - For the rider The San Andreas Motorcycle Association was formed by three riders. The organisation is to help organise charity events, better legislation, insurance, repairs and restorations. To join, please contact Leonard Thornton (( @FlickIDaWrist)) by email using the attached application form. Joining is free, however the services provided has to be paid for. All riders are welcome to join, whether you own a trike, a cruiser, a litre bike, etc. One of the main objectives of the organisation is to promote the brotherhood that comes with riding motorcycles. Please note, our services such as insurance are only available to those who are already members. Making A New Rider
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    Partly implemented in todays update!
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    By Lillian Armstrong 12/14/2019 Snow continues to fall throughout Los Santos! Snow! If you have been in Los Santos over the last week you would have noticed that we are experiencing quite a phenomenal weather event. There have been reports of snow spanning from Mirror Park, in Los Santos, to Sandy Shores in the county. Also, the snow could not come at a better time, as the city has recently just put up its giant Christmas tree in downtown Los Santos! We would highly recommend that you head to Pillbox Hill to see the magnificent work the city has done to put Los Santos into the Christmas spirit! As seen in the photo below, the Christmas tree is huge and well decorated. Also, Santa Claus and his lovely reindeer are here greeting everyone that stops by. Finally, you will find a ton of wonderful Christmas music being played in Pillbox Hill at all hours. Los Santos is truly an international city. Therefore, this might be the first time someone has experienced snow. Therefore, we have wrote up some safety tips in the event you have to drive in this snow. First, wear your seat-belt. Second, ensure your vehicle has good tires that are for driving in the winter. Third, take your time to arrive at your destination. Fourth, be very careful driving over bridges as they can ice faster than a regular road. Finally, ensure you have a safety plan in place if you are travelling. It might be save your life to have a phone with you, spare battery, safety vest, and perhaps some safety cones in the event your vehicle is to get stuck in the snow when travelling or you skid off the road. From all at Los Santos Free Press, Happy Holidays! Los Santos Free Press is hiring aspiring and experienced writers for staff reporter,blogger, and editor positions. Apply today! [email protected]((zoezoegigantic)) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ What do you think about the snow event that Los Santos has been experiencing the past few days? We would love to hear your thoughts below! Username: Comment: SUBMIT
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    It is with a heavy heart to announce that I will be announcing the closure of The Redwood Mob. Over the course of the last few months, our members have lost interest and not many new individuals have begun to show their interest in joining. Given the circumstances, I believe the best two options were to step down from official or shut down, I have chosen to shut down as I myself have lost interest. I instead will be focusing on my government alt, Richard Turner and I may open a new illegal faction in the future. May another faction prosper and flourish into the status of official as did my faction.

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