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    Server Script Update (v0.1 Hotfix 11) | September, 2019 Yet another build that focuses on resolving bugs and improving security. This time we include some of the UCP fixes/changes we've done recently. Instead of doing just hotfixes we'll be setting an actual version soon. Throughout this week and over the weekend we specifically will be trying to tackle improving the workflow for admins who are handling reports. We've been getting @Eloquent on board to assist in both UCP and V development, so expect even more updates soon. Features: Graceful shutdowns for updates result in a warning for all players and save all dynamic objects, giving you a chance to stop driving before the restart. [UCP] Updated Elasticsearch to 7, including a new KIbana panel for UA [UCP] Now reports if a character is CKed [UCP] Admin history is now visible on the UCP Adjustments: Experimental server build from rage to improve vehicle streaming Record a new history type when a ban is removed Admin history is now more descriptive and include the original reason for the punishment in all cases Allow compacts to be rented [UCP] All Elasticsearch traffic within the cluster is now encrypted including log ingesting from MTA and V [UCP] Added instructions for installing Rage and playing [UCP] Added some better security to our internal APIs for game servers [UCP] Added sidebar links for V houses, vehicles and skins [UCP] Disabled stat transfers on V until CKs become well supported on V Fixes: Removed a debug chat message that would get output when reviewing apps Clarified achievement descriptions 0003002: Dropping any spawned drug reduces its amount to 1 0003007: Moving items to pocket from trunk causes inventory to appear blank Fixed a weapon ammo hud calculation issue Fixed a server crash on creating a character Fixed a server crash when creating a property in some cases Better sanitation of client side inputs [UCP] Fixed a bug with player and staff reports [UCP] Fixed an issue with the RSS feed for the forum devblog posts [UCP] Fixed the footer covering some content on the ticket center Fixed a bug with dragging items Fixed "Tab" playerlist not sorting by ID 0003019: Can access vehicle inventory while it's locked 0003056: Not able to /park rented vehicles 0003055: Can't get a rental car out of the impound lot 0003047: Dealership takes more money than the down payment GUI states Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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    Said it before, and I'll say it again. Our lovely community abandoned MTA because ''some'' players left, followed by friends of those who decided to drop the war hammer. Although, in meantime those who left MTA are still to be found on the social media such as FindBook or LinkBook. There are a lot of excuses thrown around by people that they don't have time to be active on MTA, as they have exams (some of those have school exams 365 days a year it seems.). If everyone, GAT and UA included, will show some effort to login to roleplay (trolling isn't classified as roleplay) I guarantee this lovely community grows once again. :K
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    MTA is not abandoned nor is it being abandoned. The reality is that MTA as a platform, as a whole, has a declining English speaking playerbase. This is evident by the top servers listed if you look at any given time. The vast majority of them are not roleplay and if they are, they are some other language, notably Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Arabic. Other English roleplay servers of any stature are virtually non-existent, further showing that as well. The quality of applications received on MTA directly reflect this as well. Copy pasted applications are quite common and appeals made on denials in the UCP are almost impossible to read. The English MTA roleplay community as we all now know is relatively small. The same people transitioned from vG to rG to uG to Owl, etc. Many of those people roleplaying from years ago lost interest. I don't blame them, I've been on MTA since 2009 and it is an old platform, no doubt. This does not mean that we are abandoning MTA. There are plenty of people who still want to play it or who will experience it for the first time. This has been said dozens of times at this point in various announcements, Discord messages, etc. We will continue to have MTA for as long as people wish to play it. We cannot force staff members to play only on MTA or V, we cannot force players to log on. All we can do is continue to provide it as a platform to roleplay on, which we are doing. We even have very recent script updates for MTA, so the idea of it being abandoned is just not true.
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    Hello, I'd like to address the situation of MTA, and in general the future of it, as most can say that it is outdated, the playerbase is declining and so forth but, that does not matter that the project should be completely abandoned and eventually be closed. Even with the new platform, and the main point brought up these days that MTA is outdated, that does not mean it should be completely abandoned, and even at the current stage of OwlV, it seems that the UAT and staff in general hoped to achieve something with the new project, completely leaving MTA behind, which will more than likely cause MTA to shut down in the upcoming months or so if nothing changes and no incentive will be put from the UAT and staff itself in general. Now I'd like to address people like @Chaos questioning, is there any incentive or motivation whatsoever of keeping the platform alive, or active ? Because at the current moment, it seems that the project is completely abandoned, and left for it to be eventually closed, because there is simply no actions being taken and absolutely zero effort is being put to ensure that the project stays well or at least active. And even anything related to MTA, most of the time gets ignored by staff, as it would almost appear that the project does not exist for them anymore. Lastly I'd like to hear other people's opinions on this matter, and perhaps what actually should be done, instead of complaints about how MTA is old etc, If you have anything you'd like to point out and wish for it to stay active and well as it did before please feel free to voice your opinion on this matter, because there will be always be people that wish that it keeps active, but they cannot do it themselves, as some effort has to be put in from staff itself.
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    Did another small update tonight and added to the post. Figured they were important enough not to wait for tomorrows update.
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    You'd have to be a maniac to say MTA is trash. Honestly, it is kind of sad to see such a potential get so crapped on as of lately. And it is a fact that people shit on MTA, just look at Owl Discord, everyone is toxic about it. There can be so much done about it, but frankly there isn't anything done. Faction leaders are inactive, meaning factions are becoming inactive too because frankly, nothing to do without proper leadership. It's nearly impossible to catch an admin in-game, because, according to QueenC, they are busy with life. The only consistant admin you get to see is QueenC, but she's usually "too comfy on the couch and watch the telly to refund guns" (lol jk). But we all know the majority is usually on OwlV erping lol (just joking, before someone legit gets triggered). Things become monotone after a while. Introducing a small, simple Game Master-like system, where generic players (who are known to roleplay properly) are able to create RP scenario for the whole community (lol yes all the ten people) would be soo beneficial. Like at this point we have to use our own assets to set up community events and roleplay scenes, because no one with authority cares to do it. Dont get mad, but I dont think yall gonna care if mta owl gets shut off, imo its mta>owlv but oh well. QUICK EDIT: If I was a war veteran who lost both arms in war, I would be able to count the amount of staff activity on mta on one hand lol (((((dont get triggered, i feel like it hasnt been said enough)))))
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    I feel like this hasn't been said enough.
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    I highly doubt it'll cause lag however I do think we should focus on other things before looking at scenery aesthetics. This is still beta and also scenery mods would be cool I do think we should be looking at actual script suggestions that help improve peoples roleplay. Once we are out of beta stage then maybe (and a very big maybe) we could look at improving the surroundings.
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    now that's effort there. good job, Doug.
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Improvement of the credit system What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Vehicle script. What is the suggestion?- The suggestion is to allow people to not have to wait for all the paydays to pay for a car they got on credit. But to be able to pay sums of money into the total price, to knock paydays off of the paydays remaining, or pay it fully so the vehicle is no longer on credit and is fully owned by the player. What are the advantages?- - Realism, as this is literally something that is possible IRL. What are the disadvantages?- None which i can think of. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- I do not. No. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Able to help out with suggesting with ways this can be done.
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    Thrills & Bills Due to the Clubhouse bar gaining so much popularity from the public, it wasn't long before they started running out of alcohol to sell so to keep costs low and profits high, the Vikings Motorcycle Club decided to best way to do so was by hitting a liquor delivery truck supplying supermarkets with stock at midnight and managed to pull it off, providing a large supply of alcohol, allowing them to continue running the open bar.
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    I've said this here and there, you guys need to advertise owlgaming on different platforms instead of sitting here and complaining all day. Secondly, you've asked Staff's opinion about MTA, the answer is ''NO LOL''. Staff doesn't give any kind of fuck If MTA dies or not and we are in owlgaming, where the people will move along with their ''groups'' (can say circles). Owlgaming needs to change, first of all UAT should destroy all the friend circles like they did back in 2015, so people can finally have peace and motivation to login to server. Literally! Everything is owned and controlled by those ''circles''. And no, please don't come up to me and ask for evidence when It's legitimately clear friend circles do exists. We are also talking about friendly admins here and there? Friendly who? Most of the admins has issues with players, even though they will deny all of my claims using ''doing my job'' card. If you want to revive the Roleplay start making up your bed first before attempting to judge anyone. This community was once user friendly, lovely and decent. If everyone can man up and be the person who they were before I believe this community will be much better than what it is right now and truly will give people motivation to login. Owlgaming is last standing English Roleplay server in whole MTA and It's in our hands If we want to kill it or not, this is not up to me, not up to him, not up to her, but this is up to ''us''.
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    It's only trash because the PD activity was horrible. You could get robbed daylight, cops wouldn't come lol. Or they'd say "no units available". I do agree that illegal roleplay is kind of shitty, too many gangbangers who'd do nothing but petty theft. I've lived in rough areas, and the most they stole was tic tacs mate.
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    Some people have grown up with MTA and although GTA V is fancier and looks better it still doesn't feel the same, not in a good way. The simplicity and the user friendly interfaces and how everything is easier there can't be matched onto V. To be fair my favorite thing about V is how big it is and how many more things you can do. Still doesn't make up to MTA. Would go back anytime.
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    Going to be honest it's sad to see the state MTA is in now. Was going through screenshots not long ago, V is nice and all. But will never match the moments of MTA.
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    The Vikings Motorcycle Club - Promo-Video Hope you enjoy this folks; I wrote and produced the music myself, along with producing the video. Massive thank you to everyone involved.
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    The Vikings Motorcycle Club Better to fight and fall than to live without hope It all started with a simple thought, the one you only have with a rattling fuel tank between your legs and a long road ahead. Marcus Sullivan was tired of sharing the asphalt alone, and despite being inspired by the several clubs he came across throughout his travels around the US, he never felt he really fitted in with them. All he wanted was to have a sense of brotherhood that you can only get when sharing the road with likeminded people. Cattle die, kinsmen die; the self must also die. I know one thing which never dies: the reputation of each dead man Within a few days of riding around Paleto Bay, Sullivan bumped into a man called Asai Yoshimoto, aka “Jap” who he found shared his obsession for Motorcycles. After only a couple of days of knowing each other they founded The Vikings Motorcycle Club, with the goal of building their own valued club and shaping it into one that others would be inspired to join. Whilst setting up the foundations in San Andreas’ finest, Stab City, they began to recruit members to ride for their cause. Working out of a pithole of a trailer wasn’t easy for them, but due to low funds they worked with what they had, with the continuous aim of helping others and becoming a supporting role in their local area. Where you recognise evil, speak out against it, and give no truces to your enemies During a midnight ride, the three current members of The Vikings; Sully, Jap and Cheeks, stumbled across a bar on the outskirts of Sandy Shores. The building itself was large enough for the club, with a full stock of alcohol to keep them drinking for the next week. Truth be told the bar was perfect and was everything the club was looking for as a foundation. As time went on Sully realised he wanted to explore more of the world so gave the reigns to his old friend Rico in order to ensure the club lived on during troublesome times. Both of them made a pact that the club would forever live on in the hopes of providing a safe haven for those who needed it in San Andreas. It is better to live than lie dead. A dead man gathers no goods. I saw a warm fire at a wealthy man’s house himself dead at the door. Rico arrived into the city with his brother Dexter with one goal in mind, to take over the underground scene and grow the club into being the main supplier of illegal goods in Los Santos and the surrounding areas. The club itself is now growing at an incredible rate with new members joining every day. With their fortune going from strength to strength only Odin himself can tell what will happen next. The club now has plans to do several heists each month to grow their name with signature masks being used, alongside hosting community events to connect with members outside of the underground groups. One thing Rico does know is that he will use any means possible to protect those who matter the most to the club. The Community and family. (( This thread will be continuously updated with screenshots and backstory as the faction develops - Anyone who roleplays with the club may post screenshots on this thread)) Faction CK Clause: Those who associate with the faction may be CKd by leadership at any time if they fall under one of the below guidelines: 1) Provoking members of the faction/associating with the faction in illegal activities. 2) Betraying the faction through snitching, leaking information or stealing from higher-ranking members. 3) Attracting unwanted attention by rival factions or Government Departments such as the Police department by provoking or actions that were not authorised by leadership. OOC Rules: This faction has a zero tolerance policy on trolling and rule breaking, those found breaking server rules or trolling will be booted from the faction ((Vubstersmurf is a boss))
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    Couldn't ask for better RP'ers to be surrounded by.. You guys make this faction, so let's keep it up. Much love
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    I think you mean [BR] sir Also.. to respond to the original poster.. Yes, MTA had it's time, and you'll go back to screenshots to relive memories, but there's also memories to be made on Owl V (i sound like a faggot, shit) . Using a platform allowing you to do the same as MTA did but in GTA V is far better and more immersive roleplay wise. Just let the UAT and everyone involved into making Owl V figure out and fix what needs to be fixed or added. When things start rolling you'll notice that this platform is not bad at all.
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    It was bound to happen. Thankfully the majority of the community has stuck together and at least moved to another platform united. It's sad to see the MTA server vacant, but as many above me have already said times are changing... MTA's English RP playerbase is very much in decline. The only way I can see a GTA: SA roleplay server realistically surviving is to switch to SAMP where there is more active English speaking roleplayers, but that would be a huge effort with rewriting scripts, and would cause mayhem in regards to players losing their stats. Although I would suggest that the UAT have a sit down, and find a solution for the MTA server having no administration in-game. Perhaps recruit staff members who will be solely administrating on the MTA server. Have those who are staff on both RageMP/MTA simultaneously drop some of their roles within the staff team to hand over to administrators who are solely here for the MTA server.
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    We very specifically opened up GAT apps for those who focus on MTA. It even states in the recent post that you can specify which you prefer. The staff of OwlGaming do what they do out of their own time, voluntarily. As I said before, we cannot force admins to only choose to play one platform vs the other.
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    "rip mta owl" in discord chats will not help the current state. Got pretty tired of these jokes to be honest and most of the people are. Not going to repeat QueenC here but like she said, if you want to RP, hop with your friends and do it. MTA server is not going anywhere, it will stay there just like ThatGuy stated above. Personally for me, MTA got boring after playing for few years. As Owl 5 launched, I got addicted to roleplay again. We all get it that Owl 5 is not MTA Owlgaming. Give Owl 5 some time and it will be the same like MTA or even better. It's still in Beta. This topic is quickly turning into Staff bashing type one. But srsly though, stop with that "rip owl mta" jokes, trust me its not even funny
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    MTA OwlG was great. The management seemed poor to me, specially 2018--->
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    Alright well, as Chaos has said over and over again, the MTA server will be kept up as long as there's players who are interested in playing on the server. - So there's that. I can only speak for myself here, but sometimes people forget that staff got other stuff to do as well and can't be there 24/7. Sure you can debate that the admin team and UAT for example got more than 1 or 2 admins, but majority of the admins and UAT got family and work to focus on too, as we are only humans some are also dealing with illness etc. I for one hasn't been playing games or been on any RP servers lately I've just been focusing on myself and my family since there is something going on that someone like Gopnik1919 is well aware off. Although I've been keeping an eye on the MTA server, and sure I've seen you and a few others online still I've even gone on to do reports and help out as I usually would. I know BremboBG has probably been on MTA once or so since the V launch, but honestly if you are gonna sit here telling us you miss MTA then do something about it, nobody has denied you to log on MTA and have fun, you are not banned, so you are perfectly free to log onto the server and maybe gather some mates asking them to jump on while you are at it. I myself doesn't mind logging onto MTA to have some RP, and I'm pretty sure others are feeling the same way even with them being on V and stuff. Yes, maybe of the MTA RPers has grown up someway with Owlgamings MTA server, some people would never abandon the server until it would be shut down, while others are ready to move on to something more modern and better looking RP servers like for example the new OwlV server. For me both servers are great, it all depends on personal preferences It all comes down to what people like and what they don't like and the fact that we as staff can't control the players and where they fancy RPing. We can't just tell them to log on MTA every now and then its up to themselves.
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    [UCP] Disabled stat transfers on V until CKs become well supported on V Stat-transfers shouldn't be a thing anyway, but yeah a lot of statwhores would be crying after they get their precious character killed if there was no way to transfer your assets.
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    Enjoyed my interaction with yourselves, look forward to seeing what else you develop into.
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    What would be the name of the script(s)?- Cruise Control What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Add a script that allows you to hold a constant speed on motorcycles and cars, Just like in real life. What are the advantages?- - Easier to stick to the speed limit - Makes long drives less annoying What are the disadvantages?- None I can think of
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    MTA itself was not trash in any way. I feel like what was trash and triggered the decrease in players was when people wanted "Legal Virtual Market" That was the first hint that players wanted to roleplay something new. Which got denied in the first place. Only when people left, we got Legal VM and in-game auction house, but ofcourse that was too late.
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    Alright.. With the evidence I've been given, and the talk I've had with @LaPulga. I don't see any wrong judgement here done by the handling admin, nor do I see any rule breaking which is why I have to deny this CK appeal. If you got any questions etc. I will be available in forum PMs. Sincerely QueenC
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    some clothing objects and details can be a huge ass to see up front only(not saying do this ASAP,just something to consider in the future when other stuff is fleshed out well)
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    Good stuff right here. There should be a clerk on the bank that would show all the payments you're doing, and you should pick one, then place how much you'd like to knock out, e.g. I have a car payment where i owe 20k, i visit the bank, and i pay as much as i want to, if i wish to knock 2k off or even the 20k, removing the payment i have, or, if not paid fully, knocks the payday down (if not possible due to too much math, the money you owe would diminish, meaning, if i only owe 1k after i paid 19k, once it's done, it would stop.)
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    Should work the same with interiors as well. Get bonus at work? Pay more of it off.
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    Have a picture from April, it's a bit older but yolo:
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    Thank you guys for the amazing roleplay last night. I really enjoyed it. And when faced with adversity, never give up. This faction is truly something special for Owl V. Much love and respect to those my character had the luxury of RPing with.
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    Thanks mate, We've driving the number of crashes way down the past day and should be even more stable by the end of today as well. The auto login/reconnecting is something we wanted as well so you can just pickup where you left off quickly if the server went down. It is a beta, we're adding features. But we feel that what we have right now is enough to do some roleplay in. This is about the state of vG was when it launched and see how far it has come after 7 years of development with Owl MTA. Imagine what OwlV will be like as we keep developing features

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