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    Ban Leniency and Reminder of the Open Door Policy Ban Leniency In accordance with our announcement on stream, we are introducing a leniency on current ban records. This means if you are currently banned for any reason (that isn't a blacklist) you are eligible to received a much lighter sentence of a unban on the spot. If you think an admin is still being overly harsh with your ban please reach out to me. I would love to hear it. To give a couple examples, Bob was banned for powergaming after gaining > 20 points on the ban system. Even though his infractions were minor, they built up to a long term ban. Bob is perfectly eligible to be unbanned, today. Peter was banned for alt-alt with a 20 point infraction. He was since unbanned but received a couple of points for MG resulting in a perm ban. This is a misuse of the system if his ban was to be upheld for longer than necessary. Peter can be unbanned after only a couple days or a week. We will be continuing this policy up to the release of V. Open Door Policy I wanted to take a moment to remind players about Owl's open door policy with members of UA and specifically the Head Admins. If you have any concerns of suggestions to bring up to staff, please reach out to myself or another Head Admin. At the very least we can help direct you to where on the forums such an idea could be posted so the whole community can get involved. I have been hearing concerns of corruption within the GAT ranks. I take these seriously, please reach out to me ASAP if you have proof of such an event. I can ensure you remain anonymous in your report and we can look at resolving it. Just to re-iterate, I'm always available on the OwlGaming Discord with my PMs open. I also will respond to any forum PMs I receive. I know many are adverse to creating a formal ticket for complaints, so this is a way for you to write something short and sweet to see immediate results. Thank you everyone, we're a community together. We have to work together, not against one another to improve the quality of the server. You make a difference in shaping the direction of oG. - OwlGaming Community
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    VT Update - July, 2019 Hey, It's been a while since we released our last update for the Vehicle Team, we've been working hard behind the scenes to improve our work efficiency. We're still a very small team, but we encourage everyone with knowledge to apply for the Vehicle-Team, if you've been denied in the past please don't get discouraged, just reapply and see where it goes, I'm sure you'll get the answer you want if you continue to try. Applications will continue to remain open, we wish everyone the best with their application for the team. "Never give up. People will always discount you, and you'll always get rejected. But set your sights high. Be boldly ambitious. Be relentless and never give up." Application Form: http://owl.pm/fm/22 Dealerships: Recently, we've launched an internal investigation into dealerships to check that the rules are being upheld and perks are not being abused. We're pleased to say we've concluded this investigation and all dealerships are following the basic rules we have in place. If you feel a dealership is abusing their position please make a Vehicle Team - Contact with your concern and any evidence you may have gathered. We aren't able to do anything against dealerships if they're breaking rules without having actual evidence. Members: dylzion EPICxNUTS Nachtfalke Trial Members: Frankie Auctions: We'll be working on getting the Vehicle-Team's auctions back up and running, we did one a few months ago however it didn't seem to get any interest. We'll be making a google form soon you're able to give you input on the type of vehicles you'd like to see us auction off. Current Dealership Rules Current Dealership List Thank you for taking your time to read our update, if you have any issues or concerns please make a contact and it'll be handled accordingly. -Vehicle Team. (Thread credits go to @dylzion & @Nachtfalke)
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    __The Mint, Nightclub_-_BLACK&WHITE_-_Gala 2019 __ The Mint Nightclub is hosting our first Gala event Saturday the 13th of July at 8PM! To make sure our guests will have a perfectly safe and enjoyable evening, people will not be allowed in if they: Got anything that can hide their identity. i.e. masks, bandanas, etc.. Carrying weapons or other dangerous items. Carrying drugs. Carrying a bag, duffelbag etc. Having stinky or torn clothes. Under 21 years old. Please note that not all reasons are listed on the list above. Tickets: We got 50% discount on entrance tickets, daily VIP tickets and Monthly VIP tickets. At the entrance, we will be selling Entrance tickets. It is mandatory to get a ticket if you wanna be allowed into the club itself. Entrance tickets will be $40 per ticket. VIP Tickets: We got 50% discount on entrance tickets, daily VIP tickets and Monthly VIP tickets. We will be selling daily VIP tickets along with monthly VIP tickets at the VIP ticket booth. A daily VIP ticket is sold for $750 and a Monthly VIP ticket is sold for $2000 Giveaway ticket: We will be giving away a 2013 Aston Martin V8 Vantage. In order to enter the giveaway you must grab one of the giveaway tickets at the VIP booth. A giveaway ticket costs $1500. Please be aware that you are only allowed to buy one ticket per person. If anyone is caught obtaining more than one per person they will be disqualified and the prize will go to someone else.
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    Great mindset to have going into Owl V however, the only downside to this is a particular bowl cut headed mong most likely making a return here
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    cause it is YOUR history of YOUR previous behaviour
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    Ford Raptor : The Car To Do It All The 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor only requires one look and you can already tell what it's used for, off-road driving, it's a no-brainer but what if we told you that the Raptor was able to handle everything that the road throws at you, from daily use to road trips and everything in between, the Raptor takes it head on. Looking back at the previous generation of the Ford Raptor which started in 2010 and ended in 2016, you'd say that both the current generation and previous generation look exactly the same from the exterior but that isn't the case, the generations are completely different when it comes to all the technical aspects. Starting off with the smaller aspects, the interior offers new Recaro seats. Usually when people think of Recaro, they think of the bucket seats that they produce and believe that these seats would be quite uncomfortable, especially on road trips but just like everything else on this truck, the seats are over sized which means that people of all heights will fit and have an enjoyable drive whether it's off road or if it's just a drive down the highway. Source : Ford Adding to the comfort of the truck, the new 2019 model comes with updated and new Fox shocks, they offer the same amount of travel as the models from the previous year, this being 13 inches in the front of the vehicle and 13.9 at the rear but with these updated units, you get a big difference, mainly, the Live Valve technology which means that the Fox shocks are able to enhance the existing suspension system by automatically adjusting suspension damping based on the terrain and how aggressively you attack it. The internal bypass mono-tube shocks get adjusted electronically which means that there's continuous variable compression damping allowing the suspension to change as the road underneath you changes, allowing you to go straight from the road to attacking sand dunes. The 2019 Ford Raptor is now able to handle hairpin turns of a mountain pass with precision and ease which you don't usually get with other trucks, especially trucks the same size as the Raptor. Additionally, with the suspension, the 2019 Raptor is 500lbs lighter than the previous generation with its new updated military grade aluminum alloy body and most impressively, brand new tech which sets the vehicle apart. Brand new Trail Control technology makes it easier than ever to do what the Raptor does best: take you off-road. Similar to cruise control, Trail control will allow the driver to set the off-road speed and the vehicle will take over the acceleration and braking based on the terrain for enhanced off-road trekking which allows the driver to focus more on the course and the steering. Source : Ford To address the elephant in the room, you have to talk about the size of the Raptor, a lot of people may not understand the fun of driving a large truck around but it's something you have to experience in order to understand. This vehicle is not only the king of the wastelands, it's also the king of the road, when you drive down the street, it turns heads of people nearby, people are quick to get out of your way and it's the closest thing you can get to a monster truck straight from a factory. Secondly, a big complaint that people had about the previous generation of the Ford Raptor was the soundtrack of it, the previous generation came with a V8 and if anyone read the "Chasing Cars : Living with a Hellcat" article, you would know that driving around with a loud V8 isn't always the best and how you feel obligated to keep the car quiet when driving in quiet residential areas but a V8 isn't always easy to mask the sound of so the brand new generation of the Ford Raptor comes with Twin-Turbo V6 Ecoboost, although you're losing two cylinders, you're gaining more power. When the 2010 Ford Raptor came out, it had a 5.4 V8 which only produced 320HP, with the later 6.2 V8 producing 411HP. The brand new V6 Raptor comes with a strong and bold 450HP / 510LB-FT whilst also being more economical than the previous V8. Source : Ford Finally, the 2019 Raptor continues its legacy of being the most fun you're able to have with your clothes on. The best part of it is, the Raptor is a variant of the Ford F-150 and it's not one of the most expensive ones either. The base price of a Ford Raptor is $52,855 with the Ford F-150 Platinum and F-150 Limited being more expensive. The Ford Raptor has seating for five people and you can also customize your own model on the Ford website ( https://ford.to/2Y4a2q9 ). One of the first options you have is adjusting the configuration of the Raptor, where you can either go with the SuperCab configuration or upgrade to the SuperCrew configuration for an extra $2,985. You're also able to add extras to your vehicle such as unique decals, specific paint and other interior/exterior features. Do yourself a favor, go to your nearest Ford dealer, place an order for a brand new Ford Raptor and then go out attacking sand dunes, it's an experience that you won't regret. Source : Ford Order your brand new 2019 Ford Raptor and other Ford vehicles from Ford of Los Santos today :https://bit.ly/2NuNdrh Written by Ryan Myers, Public Relations @ Ford of Los Santos.
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    not sure if this is already a thing since i havent used a veh token in ages. but make is so a person is required to have a valid bike/vehicle license before being able to purchase a vehicle.
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    I'll most likely get a group together and make a guide/ videos. I remember when I first started owl I had no clue and you're completely correct with what you said in terms of new players most likely coming to try for the first time. If anyone has any other ideas on how we can help teach people then let us know and we can look at implementing something. ( I will also be making a commands guide for V since things will be working a bit differently).
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    As Chaos noted on the stream, an account's punishment history will remain the same. We still require the ability to keep track of past offenses, and punishment points on a player's account will be reduced over time with good behavior Someone who is unbanned through this leniency will eventually have zero points on their record. We have a post about this in our previous announcements if you're interested. If you think a punishment is invalid, you can always appeal it. If the appeal is successful, then it will be removed from your history entirely.
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    Name : Charlie Carter Comment : perfect truck for running those Nancy boys and darkies off the road while toting my m4 and singing sweet home alabama God bless america
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    End of June 2019 Newsletter Community & Script Updates OwlV Stream We recently hit a pretty big landmark and had our first live stream showcasing our progress thus far with the script for our upcoming GTA V server. We think it went quite well and we ask that everyone who is able, fill out the Google Form we have put up on the thread there. We want your feedback! Thanks a bunch to everyone who watched and helped make the live stream a reality. Faction Team Update We've just posted a Faction Team Update, go check it out. There's LOTS to do on the virtual market both legally and illegally. You're sure to find something that suits you and your faction. Cartel De Sinaloa Congrats to Cartel De Sinaloa on receiving official. Everyone should check out their new subforum. Game Administration Team Update Since our last newsletter, we've had two big GAT updates. Congrats @Salsa and @CoronaCanadian on your promotions. Thanks to everyone who left as well for your contributions to the community. Flood Event We had a flood event, eluded to by an article thanks to @Chaos It was a TON of fun and we look forward to more events like this. We always appreciate eveyone's input on what kind of events they want to see. Of course, we cannot have a flood every other month, but if there's demand for something fun, we'll find ways to make it happen! Below you can see lots of screenshots of the event. Community Spotlight Ford of Los Santos There was a great article written by @DxRK promoting the Ford dealership in Los Santos. Take a gander at it. Covington Trucking Update Covington Trucking continues to be unique in their practices and do public press releases as things change in the faction. Something more in line with what companies do in real life. We appreciate the effort and invite you to read their latest publication. Los Santos Government There's actually been quite a lot going on with the government. Their activity shows and they have some good publications about the flood, their elections, new commendations, and the passing of Andy Sims, a councilmember. RIP @dylzion Character Stories There's been a nice influx of character stories recently here in June, check 'em out. @Resident & @Urshankov have written some good stuff! Custom Skins @rainydays is making some really amazing looking custom skins. Media To have your media featured in the next newsletter, submit it on the #media channel on Discord! Stats 2,053 reports handled in the month of June! We're happy to say that player reports still remains a relatively small portion of the tickets! (note: this does not include support tickets.)
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    in spirit of my good pal @LMontana /me pops hood
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    2019رام تحمي_ مجاني_download_nvidia_aftereffectsproلحظة بروهcompressed10kbعرب سكس_free_in_urdu.htm
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    Unfortunately, RP schools were never a super effective way to ensure new players are trained. They require a lot of time and sync up between when admins (or supporters) would be online. I'm interested in other solutions for this. Obviously we'd be less strict with punishments but it would be cool if Owl released some sort of video tutorial series for new comers if they really wanted to improve their RP.
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    Since we are moving over to different platform, how are the admins going to deal with such things? Since you know GTA5 has a huge playerbase and probably most of the incomers will be unaware of what RP is, it applies on the players that play in Voice RP servers. Do you have plans of bringing supporters back? Any plans of hosting roleplay schools? Also It's good to see you guys are changing the ban pressures.
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    Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: Pasadena Blvd, Market Description: Great interior for anyone looking to own a personal business or start a security company with. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: $35,000 Minimum Increase: $100 Buyout: $60,000 Auction ends: July 16, 2019 Contact Information: Will be contacted by email. (( Forum PMS ))
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    I loved the idea of actual supporters, that are just there to answer simple reports. The only thing I liked about my time as a trial.
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    "The Return of Aiden2000. Part VII." Yes, I like it. @croozerdog oh, and you owe me a Frikandelbroodje. @Chaos hi cutie. Do you still despise my existance?
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    my point still stands that sup is useless, we have trial admins. we dont need trials for our trials
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    sup role was never really needed, its like a trial stage for trial admin which doesnt make any sense, plus there isnt a lot of reports atm due to the pop.
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    - Range ban Finland styll! - Whens release?
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    Imagine getting banned in the first place
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    Because it's your OwlGaming account, not an MTA specific or V specific account.
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    name: eamon comment: think i'll buy one of these with my next winnings
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    fortnite movie 360p in hindi bruh الملحملحظة ب
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    just quoting you to let you know that pepega is superior
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    name: 12 comment: hopefully this is the end of mongs puttig up ads of wanting to buy a truck
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    woah what an awesome character story haha! i cannot wait to see more of the return of chm ahah! keep it up residental!
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    GAT Update - June 2019 Hello, It's been a while, we know so sorry about that and we've been re-jigging things around in the trial stage of admin. We've been applying additional questions after the trial period, the questions have been mainly situational based. This allows us to gauge what knowledge is and isn't there with the trials before we accept/deny them. It's something we may continue doing. With that out of the way, below will be the recent changes within the Administration Team. This will be all of the changes within the GAT from April up until now. Promotions CoronaCanadian - Promoted to Administrator Salsa - Promoted to Administrator Demotions FAILCAKEZ - Demoted to Trial Administrator QueenC - Demoted to Trial Administrator Departures Andreww(Resigned) BusterAces(Resigned) JohnM(Resigned) SjoerdPSV(Resigned) Unitts(Resigned) Mahjarrat(Resigned) Notorious(Resigned) Zuclya(Removed) All in-game and forum perks will be set as soon as possible. OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Upper Administration Team.
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    if ur experienced with farming related stuff or have interest in it holler.
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    For a better preview and quality, check it on our FORUMS.
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    Estonia - a country which is losing few millions to Latvia every second due alcohol price. Even finns are travelling now to Latvia for cheaper alcohol.
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    @@Rinkk kill yourself
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    You still don't have any clue on how to roleplay.

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