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    Divines bless you, friends. I suppose I am announcing my return to the tribe as a humbled man. I've had a rather adventurous time since we last spoke - having became a real world Deputy Sheriff, gotten married, and dealing with the hurdles of life as they have been thrown at me. I'm eagerly awaiting the GTA 5 platform of things, and plan to get involved with the roleplay community once again. In conclusion - hello again.
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    Ace Vision is a new company located in Los Santos. Many citizens of Los Santos may have heard of Redeye Corporation and the falling of the company due to internal issues. However, many corporate members of Redeye have joined forces in sparking up Ace Vision Corporation. Ace Vision Autos Ace Vision Autos is seeking to bring citizens of Los Santos the best vehicles on the market to date. With the previous success of Redeye Corporation, Ace Vision will only improve on what the team at Redye had established. Our corporate staff is working very hard to learn from our mistakes and only build upon them to bring the best vehicle dealership to Los Santos. At Ace Vision, we will work with customers to find a vehicle that suits their needs along with payment options which fits around their budget. Employees within Ace Vision will be trained to provide the best attitude towards customers and fulfilling what a customer wants. Our Location: Ace Vision will be located across Verona mall, where this will feature our main dealership. This building will feature more mainstream vehicles. Grand Opening: With everyone in the corporate team, we are working very hard to have every single thing ready for the grand opening. With that, job opportunities will be available once Marco Smith (( @Zuclya )) finalizes the hiring process and starts accepting applications for employment at Ace Vision. Our Team: The names of employees are listed below. These employees are the corporate members apart of Ace Vision. All employees listed below have the right to hire new members into the company and operate any business. Chief Operations Officer: Thomas Warren Email: [email protected] (( @Thomasmith )) Chief Operations Assistant: Marco Smith Email: [email protected] (( @Zuclya )) Chief Administrative Officer: Marco Smith Email: [email protected] (( @Zuclya )) Chief Marketing Officer: Sam McGinty Email: [email protected] (( @Chaotropy )) Chief Financial Officer: Alex Huggins Email: [email protected] (( @Awesome )) Chief Human Resources Officer Marco Smith Email: [email protected] (( @Zuclya )) Ace Visions Manager: Alex Scott Email: [email protected] (( @ElQersh ))
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    Next update pal staged The idea of the thread was more guided towards non suggested suggestions, but I know what you're like so no clue why i'm giving you the attention. I'll be working on accepted suggestions as well.
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    Quick fix for this one, I can do it now.
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    Hey, all! Used to be a gamer here until life gets in the way. Now that I got some free time and miss the hobby, I might get into playing again. Here to check out the new trends. I'll be reading around.
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    Points to address that I've seen here, sorry if I missed someone or something. Please PM me if I did. - Illegal Rolepaly is inactive: Some people mentioned that it's too difficult to run an illegal faction and get official. What is the area we can improve this? It's basically, make faction reports regularly which details your activity, have a faction thread where you share roleplay. FT will recognize it as you develop and you'll be granted support. I understand I'm making it sound easy but it's also not meant to be hard. There's def illegal RPers that we are missing, but many just get bored of MTA and there's not much we can do about that. - Corrupt admins Please report them, I've seen no evidence of corrupt admins. I'm swift to handle them if they are. - Lack of events We do a lot of events. But we had a GAT meeting today and spoke to admins about creating their own roleplay scenarios with other people playing to help eliminate the ghost town feeling. We also need the players help here to create events too. - Too many bans As mentioned on stream, we are going to do a very slack unbanning process leading up to V. However, if there are some overly harsh bans made, please staff report so we can investigate. - Too many trollers Sort of conflicts with other reports made here about too many bans. We are doing our best to find a balance but harmless trolling is usually ignored among friends. If it is really affecting RP we will and do take that seriously. The OP requested this be closed, so it will be. If there are specific suggestions to discuss then please make rule discussions, script suggestions, general discussions, or staff reports. There are so many avenues we have for discussing new ideas and we ENCOURAGE them. Thank you for making this thread, it does show there are many people here that care about the longevity of Owl, as do I.
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    this wouldnt have been an issue if john man was elected for county commissioner
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    Welcome, nice to see you back.
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    It'd be like Christmas for me if any of these were added or in official planning. But I personally would like to see scripts that would give fresh air and improve quality of life to the RP within the server Preferably ideas that are already laid on paper so little time is needed in planning, such as Craazy's drug overhaul ((Talk to this guy for more info on it ;D)) Or how about new scripts that would improve the use of firearms? ((Please make the rifles get a 5 round capacity, I been asking since 2015)) For example we had the really cool bullet system Or how about weapon attachments? I remember there was a nice discussion on making suppressors a toggle-able item for the colt ((I Personally would love to see a whole script for weapon attachments to expand gun running RP, and so no one can pull that Deagle-Sniper BS)) How about an entire overhaul on guns? There was this really cool suggestion on revamping the guns so everyone can have more than just ~13 guns to play with. Another cool thing I have always wished for to be added was a Manual Transmission for vehicles ((this is for all you Mechanophilliacs)) This one seems to have it's resources ready, but idk how you would go about adding into the server https://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=952 I don't script, so I have no idea how all this actually works. Y'all know better on how to actually go about and implement these. P.S. Shout out to the Scripting team for devoting time and energy to improving the server.
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    whats really de-motivating about the server is the amount of trolling happening. nothing is being done to avoid trolling even admins are doing it nowadays in populated areas and lets not forget how illegal rp has just died out, its practically being beaten while down. everyone now just runs around with a ccwp license and millions in their pockets in dangerous areas like idlewood without a single concern crossing their mind
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    Owl needs to move to minecraft imo
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    all they will find is the same issues with a "different" location and upgraded graphics.
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    i dont think owl v will change anything. it will still suffer from the same issues mta is suffering from.
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    Isn't it obvious why the server is dead? Remember when the illegal scene was last active? It was sorta active with the remaining of players who decided to give this server another chance when Crimstone and a bunch of other illegal factions were around along with Wright's cartel and cliff town faction but what happened? Over a small dispute the cartel decides to kidnap everyone who went against them for months ( RL months) because they simply couldn't CK them. They even broke several rules during the kidnapping, my character was one of these who was kidanpped for 2months for literally no reason with a total RP time of at most 30mins during these 2months. Not to mention that she wasn't fed in anyway so i had to report it because it's obviously against the rules to keep someone without feeding them, and what did we get off these reports? a PK which forced our characters to forget without any sort of punishment to these who kidnapped us for months. I'm not talking about my character here, a whole faction and few players who had nothing to do with it left the server because of their corruption and their own made up rules. This is only one out of many examples where UAT abused their power for their own interest or their faction's and i'm sure there were tons of reports made about it, but what did Chaos do about it? I honestly don't care anymore but we can't really blame GAT when the leadership ( UA/Owner ) are corrupt theirself, don't go around making up your own rules to ruin certain factions and banning them then expect everyone to overlook it.
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    Everyone asking for more events is autistic, since when do u get an earthquake everyday irl?
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    not really, look at how annoyed ppl were with the latest event. yes the first hour or so were decent but it was dragged out and ppl wanted it gone. the flood lasting 1 day and being much much lower would've been enough to satisfy ppl
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    i generally disagree with the "event this event that", the staff team shouldnt need to spoon feed u rp. sure an event or two a year is cool n all (if kept realistic), but that's enough.
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    ((To avoid this fucking derail in a constructive thread)) I'd like to add on this part by mentioning that Illegal RP'rs get somewhat crippled with what little they have to work with during this time of low inactivity. Also, it can potentially lead to instances of inactivity because it's gets to a point where there is nothing really left to do for the day and you just sorta stare at each other IC and go into an OOC chat. Again this is all my opinion on the matter so I'm speaking based off of what I have seen.
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    damn people really have faith in owl
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    Remember, we are here to discuss the playerbase. Not here to talk about someone. Keep it low. If you have an issue with someone, UCP is your way to go.
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    this aint gonna bring the playerbase back damn calm down
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    And there we go once again. Staff vs players. That's why we are reaching nothing.
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    shut the fuck up genius monkeys what i said is right, yall wrong
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    Norm, what the fuck does his personal relationship have to do with him making a comment, in all fairness QueenC get's a shit load of harassment and insults constantly from players. I agree I'm sometimes involved in the messing around, but it's past the point where it has to stop, she does the best she can do as an admin and actively takes report, if she didn't I'm sure reports would be sitting for hours like they used to. Get your head out off your stinking shitty arse and leave QueenC alone, enough is enough.
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    Once again, events will be never permanent solution. If Chaos wants to take advice from players I am going to say this and keep my mouth shut. 1- Immediately remove all the corrupt admins and get rid of their friend circles. 2 - Advertise OwlGaming on Different platforms.
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    Yeah, they should give more opportunities to smaller and upcoming companies so they have the incentive to continue RPing on the server.
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    Doing more events that are held at clubs or anywhere in particular would create a more realistic environment for the entire server, I think encouraging companies to do events about anything really would be better than having the entire server meet up at a pizza parlor in a ghetto.
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    Rules don't apply to everyone. Some of you guys know what I mean. Because everyone knows that you guys are letting MTA die and it is going to be worse after V release. On the other hand players need more roleplay support. They need to be entertained.
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    You should also do more events, encourage companies to do so. You could also do events for Illegal RP, such as a large batch of weapons accidentally distributed into an unintended location and rumour spread of it, so organizations can fight over getting them. Just a thought.
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    We don't need more events. You are missing my point.
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    I generally noticed the playerbase dropping b4 everyone else did honestly, I mainly connected it with the new punishment system and I still am convinced that it has to do something with the current playerbase, I personally witnessed lots of perma bans being given left and right, yeah now someone gonna jump with the typical "quality over quantity" response, well its not like we are getting any of those anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    It seems like UA abandoned the ship. Haven't seen any newspapers, script updates, etc. If you ask me, here is what you guys should do. Again.
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    I just answered that. No offense, but I can already tell you don't speak very good english so this is sort of only confirming my point..
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