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    Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- DylanW Character Name- Andy Sims Date of Incident- 06/02/2019 Supervising Administrator- Vubstersmurf Narrative- As I'm in my right to appeal my CK, I thought I'd do it on the forums this time instead of the ticket centre. Basically, my character was CK'd by a leader that's inactive within The Yokel Mafia and has been for the past few months. The fact the situations being brought into justify the CK is ridiculous when if it was a black RP'er from Idlewood performing a PK under the same reasoning it'd fall under Death-Matching. Situation: Andy Sims (DylanW) and Cleavon Byrd (TheNeonGuy) character's haven't liked each other for a while, we had a physical/verbal altercation, based upon Cleavon mocking Andy's military accomplishments and him turning down work from Andy. The situation happens around 4 months ago, Cleavon continues to be inactive on his character but makes these assumptions that I'm untrustworthy and not Loyal? How can you make these assumptions when you aren't even on your character roleplaying and when you do, your in Cliff-Town 99% of the time? Makes no sense what so ever. Official Faction's are meant to hold a high standard within roleplay and clearly this situation lacks that from certain sides. Sadly, in this situation it's lacking a high-standard of roleplay completely, the fact DM is able to be justified based on a CK Clause is just ridiculous, how can the server have a double standard for rules when they're all meant to be enforced fairly? Makes no sense what so ever. The fact you can push a faction CK Clause over pretty much anything now is just plain stupid. Ticket CK Appeal: (Large amount of images containing walls of text. Read at your own will.) Before you ask yes, since it's my ticket that I created I'm allowed to freely share it so I have done within my Appeal. Anyways feel free to make your own opinion of the situation. Evidence- Feel free to refer to above for evidence. Method of Death- Shot in the head. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes (Might add more stuff later, not long woke up.)
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    Closing this since it's already been denied.
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    "You're safer in the race when you've your car serviced" Services Provided:- Installation of General Components - Both exterior and interior. Performance Modifications - Turbocharger, Supercharger, Fuel Kits/Injectors/Pumps, Engine Swaps, Air Intake Kits, Air Filters, Carburetors, Intercoolers, ECU, and much more. Security Installations - Alarms, Trackers, Dashcams, Steering Wheel Lock, etc. -..and much more. Address: Business 2180, opposite to Vinewood Burger Shot, Vinewood. Contact Us: Cellphone: 737647 LSChat Application: Uproar#7018 (( Discord )) E-Mail to Steven Hopkins (( Forum PM )) Working Hours: When you'll find the garage open. For works like coilovers, turbo installation, etcetera, please either bring the items yourself or give a percentage of the fees so we can get it imported for you. More details provided upon request.
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    9th June 2019 Flight School of the Los Santos International Airport Los Santos International Airport (L.S.I.A), Interstate 42, Los Santos, State of San Andreas Greetings, This press release will include the new structure and new procedures of the airport with the new leadership. As many of you know and has noticed, LSIA has gone quite inactive recently. After the county & council supervisors elections, Mr. Wunnenberg has decided to revive the department and look for experienced members to lead it. Alice Grace has reinstated as the new administrator along with Mr. Cunningham as Head of FS (Flight School) and Sophia Sage as the Services Coordinator. After discussing and overseeing the current department's situation and working on an efficient and a productive structure with the new leadership and Mr. Wunnenberg, we've come up to the following decisions: LSIA Security does not exist anymore since TSA (Transportation Security Administrator) is present at the airport. So LSIA Security will be replaced by LSPD if needed. (( You'll still have to RP NPC guards as TSA Agents. )) For LSIA Maintenance, it will be currently down since it is found very useless, it'll be temporarily replaced by Government's Public Works. And as for Air Traffic Control division, it will be less present but however checking LS Tower availability is still mandatory. ATC Controllers will be present in case of emergency situations, high traffic or other. The air radio will always be watched and you still do need to use the format and follow it correctly! Finally, most importantly, LSIA's Flight School. Ranks structure and licenses will stay how they are, the only change is in education procedures, applications process and education resources. For this, I'll let Mr. Cunningham's quote explain the new structure:- We are also currently hiring flight instructors, if you are interested, don't hesitate to give it a try:- Sincerely, Alice Grace, LSIA Administrator, Anthony Cunningham, Head of Flight School, Sophia Sage, Service Coordinator.
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    I am sorry, totally not involved in this situation but why stat transfer and sell all of your vehicles already if you were going to CK appeal? How do you contuine your development? Stat transfer again? Also talking from the cartel persective, being a liability or disrespecting people above you can surely cause your death. About the CK clause, people will surely use that ''opportunity'' If they already deemed you suspicous.
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    Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Residential Address: Mulholland Intersection Description: nice trailer right under the highway, guaranteed sleepless nights theres also a container next to it you can buy from the government for $10,000 or have removed Images: Starting Bid: $9,999 Minimum Increase: $499 Buyout: $19,999 Auction ends: 15/06/2019 Contact Information: [email protected] ((OOC&IC Comments Disabled.))
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    food luck yea aight shut up @Residentlol
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    14K TRIAD The 14K is a triad group based in Hong Kong which moved to Los Santos lately but active internationally. It is the second largest Triad group in the world with alot of members split into thirty subgroups. They are the main rival of the Sun Yee On, which is the largest Triad. Criminal focus: The 14K is responsible for large-scale drug trafficking around the world, most of it heroin and opium from China or Southeast Asia. This is their primary business in terms of generating income, but they are also involved in illegal gambling, loan sharking, money laundering, murder, arms trafficking, prostitution, human trafficking, extortion, counterfeiting and, to a lesser extent, home invasion robberies. History: The 14K was formed by Wang Lei with Zhao Kui's help in Guangzhou, China in 1995 as an anti-Communist action group. However, the group relocated to Hong Kong in 2001 when Wang fled from the Communists following the Chinese civil war. Originally there were fourteen members who were part of the Wang Lei, hence the name 14K. However, some[who?] say that 14 stands for the road number of a former headquarters and K stands for Kowloon. Compared with other triad societies, the 14K is one of the largest and most violent Hong Kong-based triad societies, and its members appear to be more loosely connected. 14K factional violence is actually out of control because no dragonhead is able to govern all factions of 14K worldwide. While Hong Kong's 14K triad gang dominates its traditional areas of operation and has expanded far beyond the former British colony, its focus remains Sinocentric. Hong Kong triads, including the 14K, have also expanded their activities in mainland China; a key motivation for members to cross into China is to avoid police security and anti-gang crackdowns in Hong Kong. During 2005 it was the "largest Triad in the world". In 2007, there were a number of gang-related attacks that left 14 people dead. Under Wan Kuok-koi, the 14K was being challenged by the smaller Shui Fong Triad. The next year, a gunman believed to be connected to the local 14K killed a Portuguese national and wounded another at a sidewalk caf? in Macau. In 2008, a Portuguese court convicted 45-year-old mob boss Broken Tooth Koi on various criminal charges and sentenced him to 15 years' imprisonment. His 14K gang was suspected of drive-by shootings, car bombings and attempted assassinations. Seven of his associates received lesser sentences. Since the crackdown in Macau, the 14K triad resurfaced in various cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago in the United States; Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto in Canada; Sydney in Australia and also the UK. In response to the massive publicity generated by Broken Tooth Koi, the 14K dramatically lowered its public profile. Meanwhile, loan sharking and money laundering continue to be the primary sources of revenue for the 14K in North America. The 14K coordinated with some gangs in the 2012 Sipadan kidnappings. In August 2017, the 14K was allegedly involved in a high-profile kidnapping of a Chinese family in New Zealand near Papatoetoe, Auckland. The plan was to demand a ransom, but they doubted that cops may come, so they quickly left and migrated to Los Santos away from they were . now they are present at Lawrence St Blvd, trying to get their glories again. UPON JOINING; ALL MEMBERS HAVE TO AGREE ALL TERMS OF ANY LEADER OF THE FACTION TO CK A MEMBER BECAUSE OF ANY IN CHARACTER REASONS
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    About Us Myers Loans & Investments is a financial institute established in 2019 by Los Santos resident, Ryan Myers, which specializes in providing loans to individuals, families and business owners. At Myers Loans & Investments, we believe that everything should kept simple, here we have no hidden charges and are transparent when it comes to our fees. We want to give you a helping hand in making your dreams become a reality, whether you're hoping to purchase the sports car of your dreams, want to purchase a brand new house, have a renovation done or want to open up your very first business, we'll be there to help. Loans In order to make your dreams become a reality, we offer personal loans which range from $1,000 to $40,000. We have no hidden fees and our rates are listed down below : Loans ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 : 2% APR Loans ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 : 3.5% APR Loans ranging from $20,000 to $40,000 : 10% APR Representative example : If the representative rate is 10% APR and you borrow $25,000, at the end of loan term, you'll have to repay a total of $27,500. (( Due to the nature of the servers economy, all repayment installments will have to be done weekly)) If you would like to request a personal loan from Myers Loans & Investments, press on the link (https://bit.ly/2VXhG09) and fill out the application. Investments Here at Myers Loans & Investments, we aim to support small and local businesses and improve business for everyone overall, giving everyone a chance at running a business of their dreams. If you're an owner of a small business who has plans of expanding or are an individual which has a business idea but is scared of pursuing it, we will provide a helping hand and help you out along the way. If you wish to seek an investment from Myers Loans & Investments, contact us through email at [email protected] (( Forum PM DxRK)) Within the email, please include the following information: Full Name Name of Business (Optional if you haven't started the business) What your business specializes in how and it operates Future plans and goals with the business If the previous two points don't apply to you (i.e you don't run a business yet) then inform us about your business idea. What type of investment are you looking for from Myers Loans & Investment? Contact Website : W.I.P Loan Application Form : https://bit.ly/2VXhG09 Email : [email protected] (( Forum PM DxRK)) Myers Loans & Investments is a licensed financial institute under the Los Santos County Government.
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    Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Residential Address: #30, San Pedro Ave Description: nice trailer in san pedro avenue for a very cheap price (comes with 10 wallpapers) 1 bedroom 1 livingroom 1 bathroom Images: Starting Bid: $6,999 Minimum Increase: $299 Buyout: $9,999 Auction ends: 15/06/2019 Contact Information: [email protected] ((OOC&IC Comments Disabled.))
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    Need GOV perms for @Brazzers & @Nick55
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    Username: Klaus Wunnenberg Comment: I’m glad to see the public has well received the return of LSIA. Perhaps I’ll take the time to obtain my pilots license.
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    Name: Anthony C. Comment: I hope this learning method will be appreciated by all. Theorically this means, if you are super motivated, that you could get the ARC, ROT and SER licenses in a very short short time! We couldn’t dare to do the same mistakes as before. We knew it was a problem to be able to match availabilities between a student and his instructor (( timezone )). Hoping this will solve it!
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    Leave of Absence Report - Surname Forename Full name: Marco Smith Rank: Import Supervisor | Exotics Manager Reason: Was recently involved in a shooting near my house where my wife, daughter and myself got injured. As a result of this, I'm taking the time off to watch over my family until we have fully recovered. (( OOC Reason: Exams coming up. )) Starting Date: June 9th, 2019 Ending Date: June 24th, 2019
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    I don't really know whats the point of this, we have already discussed it all with @BusterAces and he came up with a decision after he discussed it also with a senior admin, what could change by submitting one in forums now?
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    Name: Valentin Comment: nice one alice and anthony
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    Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Business Address: 1047 Pasadena Blvd Garage Description: A nice property next to Verona Mall. Has 2 floors garages (one underground). Also has an additional floor upstairs containing: 2 Empty Rooms, 1 Living Room, 1 Kitchen, A pool table, 1 Office and an empty room next to it. Comes with all 3 lifts and remotes to the lifts along with a newly installed elevator that can take your vehicles from the ground level floor to the lower half of the garage that's very useful for work space and storage! Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: $50,000 Minimum Increase: $2,000 Buyout: $100,000 Auction ends: 6/21/2019 Contact Information: *Will be given to winner of auction*
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    Sorted, @Chaotropy!
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    Name: Nikolai Georgiev Comment: Glad to see that LSIA is currently being well taken care of. Wishing you best of luck for future, Miss Grace.
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    Loving the new picture mate really brings out your inner self. Hope you have a good christmas this year. Love Junitt
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    well nah because I still can't find any screenshots. Dead before it started.
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    Old friends, new acquaintances...
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2018 Vehicle brand: Rolls-Royce Vehicle make: Wraith VIN: Withheld Mileage: 12XX Description: The Wraith is billed as “the most powerful and dynamic Rolls-Royce in history”. The first bit is easily dealt with: a turbocharged 6.6-litre V12 sends 624bhp to the rear wheels, ten percent more power than you’ll find even in the new Phantom and Cullinan. Images https://i.imgur.com/tzHtqsu.png?1 Starting bid: $200,000 Minimum increase: $5,000 Buyout: $230,000 Auction end date: 13/06/2019 Contact details: Will be given to the winner. (No comments allowed thanks.)
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2018 Vehicle brand: Ford Vehicle make: Shelby F-150 Super Snake VIN: 24423 Mileage: 398 Description: Very nice truck. Images Just an FBI Rancher ye Starting bid: 80.000 Minimum increase: 2.500 Buyout: 100.000 Auction end date: 14.06.2019 Contact details: Will be given to the winner.
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    hows that a woosh you fat retard

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