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    Rule Discussion Subject: Agricultural Farms Immersion I want to...: Discuss Elaboration: I'll be brief as possible about this topic considering it's been spoken about so many times by now. Today out of interest I checked around all of the notable farms in Whetstone and Los Santos, and it's actually pretty horrible to see that some of them are still being treat like conversion projects considering the limited amount of farms available. Just below is an example of the one in front of RS Haul, everything was obviously inactive as the argument in the past is that people just kept these as highly valued assets overall prohibiting anybody with agriculture in mind of their character from having a place to operate unless if they were willing to pay out on average around 500k+ for said property if the owner was to ever get bored of the place. As you can see in the screenshots above, the barn is now a private pool of some kind. The rest is of the actual farmhouse which is somewhat fair in resemblance to any generic farmhouse however you can just easily recognize what the previous owner wanted the property for if you keep in mind the private pool in the barn and the fact this property is heavily inactive. This is just one of a few, most of them tend to be gated off so obviously this was the easiest of example for me to provide. I figure that mapping team should encourage some sort of immersion rule for farming properties, or perhaps business interiors in general if you want to broaden it. What I mean by that is it enforces people to use these properties specifically for their purpose, this farm is surrounded by crop fields so obviously it's meant for arable farming and not what it's currently being used for. There's a virtual market for farming and what's the point of it existing when nobody can find a place to take advantage of the system? What's the point in people trying to encourage these roleplay ventures if people are just going to clutch onto these farms? Go ahead and continue discussing, I just wanted to lay down the specifics and evidence.
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    Terrence Howlett

    Name : Terrence Howlett Age : 26 DOB : 18/06/1993 Backstory Terrence "Terry" Howlett, born 18th of July 1992 ,was the only son of Jacob and Maria Howlett.Jacob was in the U.S army, so he was always away from his son Terry in his childhood. They lived in Angel Pine where Maria worked in a local 24/7. Jacob didn't have enough time to spent with his son due to his work. So whenever he came home he took Terry and traveled around the place, bought him toys and other gifts. But disaster hit the Howlett family when Jacob died in a car accident in1997. Unaware of what to do, Maria took then four year old Terry and moved to San Fierro. During his time in San Fierro Terry completed his studies and acquired a Bachelors degree in English from the San Fierro University. He also worked part time to financially support his mother. When Terry was 25 years old, Maria was diagnosed with a kidney failure and required surgery. Terry desperately looked for money, he worked day and night to save his mother, but he couldn't.Maria passed away in November 2019. Left alone, Terry was pushed into a depression. After thinking a lot he finally decided to move back to Angel pine. Roy and the Jackals After arriving at Angel Pine Terry bought a Harley and started roaming around. He went to places where his father used to take him when he was a child. He was also in search for a job, that's when he met Roy. Roy Baker was the president of the Jackals motorcycle club. They became good friends. Roy offered Terry a job in the clubhouse which he gladly accepted. After a while Terry started helping Roy in his garage, doing small works such as repainting cars and applying tints.After a while Terry was prospected into the club.Roy always guided him in his life like an elder brother. They had a brotherly bond. But that bond didn't last long as the club business lead to Roy being killed. Roy's death was a huge hit on Terry. He was again left in the dark unaware of what to do. Melendez connection Bruno Melendez was another friend that Terry found in Angel pine. Bruno also had a close relation with Roy. Seeing that Terry was troubled with Roy's death Bruno decided to help him. Bruno was planning on starting a business in which he offered Terry a job. Feeling he has left nothing else to do Terry joined Bruno in a new business work..
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    I lack the funds to actually get vehicles to do some farming RP. I've been asking for over years if I could get a budget or vehicles from FT, but I was always ignored. I put a protection on mine as I am not always around. If there would be a possibility to actually get vehicles provided, there could be RP all the time on them. And yes, I did get requests to sell it. But no way I am parts of it to criminals, as I know how that'll end up. @BusterAces owned farms before aswell and he was busy bundling all farms together to host farm RP, but that was somehow off track. Probably because we had the lack of support. If FT would be willing to help us with farm RP by getting vehicles and stuff, it could actually get going.
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    Majority of large farms are used for family RPers. The large farms up in the hill have inactivity protection on them all the time, meaning that players cannot make use of that particular plot. I know that cliff town had interest in one property for farming and such and tried to go about getting the property ICly, but the player never logged on and it still has activity protection till this day. Properties such as that should be realistic, and shouldn't be used for private pools and such. Not many people have gone into agriculture RP though and typically give up. However there is a niche who do want to do it, but cannot due to these ints being hoarded. Certain large farms however, to keep with immersion, could perhaps be monitored and controlled by FT to ensure that only players who wish to RP that sort of thing can make use of it.
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    Norm don't be retard, I've made the thread for a reason.
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    I agree that rules need to be changed when it comes to properties like these. I've personally encountered a lot of such type of properties all being stat-whored by ONE SINGLE PERSON who I am not going to name (but everyone knows who it is). These properties should be exclusively given to those players who are willing to do farm RP and whatnot. The rule for these properties can be changed in such a way that these properties will be set to 'owned by NO ONE' and if a player shows interest in farm RP, they can approach UAT with a contact and ask to be given the property for an IC price then they can RP on the property as long as they can and once done they can give it back to UAT and get 66% of the price. That way, the property will be of some use and won't be stat-whored. But yeah, then comes the question of how do we categorize which type of property will come under this rule and stuff. tl;dr - i like the idea of getting a new rule for this and i am all for getting these properties removed from people who stat-whore them.
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    I’ll be starting a farming company soon boys.
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    i duno about forcing ppl to do something if they own a farm. but i did attempt to start farming rp but got 0 help from FT which lead to me taking a break (i contacted a few farm owners to create a farming community). now that im back i realized that if i truly wanted to start farming rp i shouldn't heavily depend on FT, however the major issue with farming is the amount of vehicles you need and the vehicle slot stops you from doing it (unless you spend buttloads on GCs). agriculture is still something i personally would love doing and if anyone is also interested feel free to shoot me a pm.
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    Don't be a pantomath, just admit that you missed the point of the thread, I'll say it for the third and last time now. The thread is meant to encourage and bring about change.
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    Missing the point of the thread.
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    Name: RoboCop Comment: Honestly this happened 3 months ago, and it was pretty much solved already. Seems like Antonio Johnson is trying to get rid of the competiton, to get himself up there. He hasn't done shit in the past 5 months, yet he's being awarded for being such a great Firefighter. Los Santos Fire Department has been lacking members for the past 4 years, yet nobody is working to a solution for it. Instead they discharge valuable members from their department. Also why is no action being taken against the robocops that were on duty that day and patrolling however for some reason not responding to Cap. Golden's numerous attempts of getting a hold of them trough 911 and the departmental radio? Seems like a bit of negligence of duty there. If ESOC's going to investigate an issue, the investigation should be executed properly. Other than that keep up the great work!
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    Bandidos MC

    Yuno is a richard
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    ゆのしのぶ Yuno Shinobu

    ゆのしのぶ (Yuno Shinobu) 約 First Name: Shinobu; Last Name: Yuno; Age: 18 years; Birthdate: September 17th 2000; Place of birth: Kyoto, Japan; Current residence: Glen Park, Los Santos.; Family: Father: Alive in Tokyo, Japan; Mother: Dead, buried in Tokyo, Japan; Yuno Shinobu is a 18 years old teenager, she recently moved in Los Santos. 幼年期. Yuno's Childhood. ((LISTEN WHILE READING)) 始まり... This is where it begins... 2017 7 months later 2018 2019 April 2019 May 2019 24 May 2019 26 May 2019 **I will update this as the character develops**
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car **IC & OOC Comments Disabled** Vehicle year: 1993 Vehicle brand: Toyota Vehicle make: Supra Mk IV VIN: - Mileage: 66k Description: Very nice car for y'all JDM lovers. Images Starting bid: $30.000 Minimum increase: $1.000 Buyout: - Auction end date: 10/6/2019 Contact details: 396-666 **IC & OOC Comments Disabled**
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    Showing off my older and newer artwork

    What be Piney doing nowadays? I do commissioned art work n shit As some of you may remember, I used to do skins here but I sorta moved on from that. Here are some of my earlier works from 2018 that I made of my old Windows XP PC before I went to uni. Here are a few commissions I have done. I even do hand drawn stuff sometimes So, what do I do nowadays? Currently animating and directing an animated short. It will probably be completed by December. I'll release some stuff I've done in January (though some of the stuff here is just test footage) It's called ''Girl Scout''. I'm going for a very loose style so I could do many dynamic poses, camera rotations, etc. I animate everything alone so the process isn't as fast as on a bigger production. This is mainly test footage from january, though I did use the top right Scene in my other short film, since I cut it from the main film to reduce runtime. If you're interested in seeing more of my work or if you wanna commission or something, let me know and we can arrange that. If you wanna see my film, I'm not sure when it'll be public. I know that it will probably premiere to some audiences in the summer of 2020. I'll probably share more concept art and character sheets, if people are interested enough.
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    DCS Perms

    Done. @Chaotropy, @LilManiac
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    DCS Perms

    Sorted. @cosmin2000 @Chaotropy
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    Either a virtual market system for farming didn't exist or it did make your mind up. I created the system and it was fine for some time in regards to monetary payments, I understand it was eventually stopped for some time however it doesn't mean the faction team have ever shy'd away from supporting it. Just for some further clarification, you can currently earn money from farming and it has been like that since the last faction team update as I've quoted below. All you need to do is just have evidence of your roleplay sent via a public contact and it's all handled from there.
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    Terrence Howlett

    Few grammar mistakes but story is really good, good job mate :)
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    Yeah, if you buy older equipment farming can actually be gotten into fairly cheaply... People always think you gotta buy newer or brand new equipment, which is false... I do like the idea of agricultural roleplay, but the FMT never helped out with the idea much until recently... But by the time they did introduce FT assistance, the farms were already owned by statwhores or by people who have seemingly quit the community and spent all of their GC on protection.
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    I was actually into agricultural roleplay a long time ago with @Tidemo when he owned that massive farm overlooking the San Fierro airport, it was pretty fun while it lasted... Sadly, the VM for agriculture wasn't that far advanced when he owned it, so he sold it for some reason... Guess he got tired of paying the taxes on something he earned nothing from... Wouldn't mind getting into farming roleplay again, as it is pretty fun to me, farming is a large part of the economy where I live in the real world. I've a few characters with 7-8 vehicle slots. If you're still looking to get into farming when I get unbanned, I'd happily roleplay with ya and sacrifice some of them slots to house equipment for the farm.
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    I would love to see more farm RP as a whole and would like to see more discussion on how we can change things to get this running. At the end of the day opportunities should be made for people to expand and develop as they see fit. Those stating 'this will never change things', well it already is by getting a discussion going. We have to have the mindset of not saying 'no' to everything but look at saying okay how can we get this sorted. Perhaps we could look at other unmapped areas where people could potentially buy land for a price that is discounted by government as long as they sell Gov part of their product e.g. legal VM. This then brings opportunity for Gov to get more involved with people. You could then have public works and any construction companies building farms and pitching in (or this could be passived). Once a farm has been built people can work there and build their own business up. Gov then could buy product there that could be turned into other business deals just like real life - again could work like legal Vming. As for the price of vehicles this could be added to a government incentive or be discussed by ft as at the end of the day us in FT want to encourage different roleplay. Obviously this would need further discussion and development.
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    [Agricultural Farms Immersion] - Discuss

    I feel like it could also be done that way that the players who own the farms get refunded the price of the farms in full if they aren't using it, though it'd be very hard to do any of it without causing major outrage in the community from the players who own the farms. Though, the whole ''FT giving out farms to people when they need them'' thing sounds very good to me: as long as there's active RP, it stays on the person.
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    @ResidentPeach The one you're on about that's owned in the story mode has like 600+ days of inactivity protection on it, so sadly it'll never be un-togged due to the person not playing the server.
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    [Agricultural Farms Immersion] - Discuss

    There's 1 farm place, on the side of mountain/cliff that was burnt down, etc. It was owned by someone but by now no-one owns it I believe. Fairly good size of farm + plenty of opportunities there. Also, why isn't MT creating more farms? There has been a lot of player/faction requested mappings from 1 cab size up to a private gated community farm (or whatever they are being called as). It's always easy to point the finger and say you want this or that, but a lot of people worked hard to get those properties (time-consuming mostly). I like the idea, but it's again another of those ideas, how to restrict people from keeping to their properties when they are busy with RL or have possibilities to return to the gaming (just takes some time). Bigtone also brought out a fairly clear point, the vehicles already are going to be pretty price at the total. Along with to count that you can't run a farm solo from day to day basis, proper functional farms have employees to keep the growth steady and healthy. Just giving my opinion about that discussion. No need to start bashing me cause I won't be taking part in this discussion anymore.
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    Name: Auction Creator  Comment: Congratulations you have won the auction with the bid of $80,000, please transfer the amount to the 'Blueberry Truck Plaza' account at the Bank of Los Santos and then contact us via our website or on 839155.
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    Terrence Howlett

    good faceclaim
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    Modern equipment/vehicles without a doubt, however the older stuff which does just as good of a job is very affordable. But you're right along with what Mogs has touched on, you have to be someone who has a specific interest in it. Or perhaps for free considering the actual work that would go into the roleplay would warrant it. Good idea though mate, at least some team needs to have some consistant oversight on these kind of properties.
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    I am sorry I am not being a 'retard' just being honest lol. You can never enforce players to RP farm stuff if they doesnt want to. As long as they own the propety that cant be taken off them neither unless they are force-sold. Do I like suggestion, yes I personally do. As mogs made it very clear above all the farms got inactivity protection and owned by statwhores.
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    Agricultural RP requires you to have a major amount of money to back it up. The equipment and vehicles needed to do it can already go into hundreds of thousands, and then probably paying a few players to help along with the farm. Though, yeah, a lot of them are inactive right now and not used for the agricultural aspect of it.
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    Doesn't change anything because as long as they own the farms nothings gonna change.
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    Name:Capo Golden Comment:I am glad they discharged me for no reason before I exposed all corruption in FD. I was going to resign eitherway, couldn't stay in a department where command barely shows up and having a chief that only comes around once a month. Also having some Captain with fetish who thinks Search & Rescue division could save whole earth. Fire department will be never fixed, it never did. We all know the fact, even If I did a little mistake that was never punishment-worthy but most likely a warning. I mean I understand having some nazi fuck as your county comissioner makes sense. I do also believe he targeted towards my race. Still find it hard to understand how it was ESOC report though. This Nazi comissioner really needs to do some research of what ESOC is.
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    Name: Jeff Bid: $15,000
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    Showing off my older and newer artwork

    Looks pretty good.
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    Kane "KitPloit" Floyd

    06/06/2019 06/06/2019
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    Archiving as the property was force-sold.
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    Owlgaming playerbase survey

    what playerbase
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    DCS - Policies & Useful information

    "Logistics through innovation, dedication, and commitment" Policies Refund/Cancellation Policy Order is eligible for a refund/cancellation if: Order wasn’t yet processed (i.e no invoice was sent to the customer/account holding ownership thereof); ergo, no processing fees will be applied. Order is processed and within a timeframe of 4 days (( 12 hours )), a cancellation request is made; thus, a percentage of the invoice total cost must be transferred to Dinoco Ltd.’s bank account as processing fees. Order is processed and paid for by requester, 80% of its total value shall be refunded to the customer. Order has been paid for and wasn’t delivered in a timespan of 10 days (( 48 hours )), customer is to contact Chief Executive Officer, Huw Edwards (( @Mogs )), and/or DCS Manager, Sam McGinty (( @Chaotropy )), for a refund that is worth 50% of total invoice cost. Order is not eligible for a refund/cancellation if: Order was processed and a cancellation request has been made after given time frame mentioned prior. Order has been processed, paid for and freight set out for delivery by a DCS courier. Processing fees: For orders of a total cost less than or equal to ten thousand dollars (<=$10,000): 15% For orders of a total cost more than ten thousand dollars (>$10,000): 10% For orders of a total cost more than or equal to fifty thousand dollars (>=$50,000): 7.5% For orders of a total cost more than or equal to hundred thousand dollars (>=$100,000): 5% Failure to meet said criteria will result to a strike (out of 2 strikes) given out to the customer/account holder before being blacklisted from Dinoco Cargo Services temporarily, or in some cases permanently. Order Collection Policy For customers who ask for their freight to be Collection, please be aware of the following: The order shall be placed in the collection box the delivering courier has mentioned on your invoice; however, failing to collect your items within Ten (10) days of their arrival at our depot will result to Dinoco Ltd. taking said items into their possession. More policies to be added on a later date. Useful Information & Guidelines Current active discount codes #EMPLOYEEDISCOUNT #LOYALTYACCOUNT #BUSINESSACCOUNT #ORDERTHROUGHDCS - 10% off (only applicable to orders >= $3,000) Business Accounts In order to have a Business Account associated with Dinoco Cargo Services please follow the instructions on the following link: However, if you're looking forward to having a Business Account established, you are expected to transfer $5,000 to Dinoco Ltd.'s bank account for your account to be fully active and functional.
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    Username: Klaus Wunnenberg Comment: Captain O'Wan Golden literally stole a vehicle from the LSFD headquarters, and totaled it. You are telling me that is not an act of corruption? The efforts done to expose this corruption is very well deserving of a medal, such as those given to Antonio Johnson and Steven O'Reilly. Golden was under investigation by the Emergency Services Oversight Committee, and he was fired by myself because of the clear cut evidence. O'Wan Golden claimed to have been assigned a 2017 Mercedes-Benz G550 SUV that belonged to the department, by Chief Steven O'Reilly, O'Reilly directly denied these claims, and because there was zero evidence of O'Wan being assigned this vehicle, it was obviously a case of vehicular theft. It's like being found driving a car that does not belong to you, and the owner clearly states he never gave you permission to drive it. During the unauthorized usage of the vehicle, O'Wan had severely damaged it, leading it to written off and sold by the department. You're also implying, that a high ranking member of a government agency, should be let off with a warning, just because of their rank...? That is corruption itself, everyone is held to the same standards. If you are implying that this is not an act of corruption on behalf of O'Wan, then you are a Anarcho-Communist. Where have you even obtained these inferences of precedence, you aren't employed by the LSFD, nor any form of government agency, due to your name missing from their public rosters. Do you even live in the Los Santos County? If you did, you would know the DPS was renamed to the LSFD many months ago. You're not even a proper journalist, due to your lack of research. You're a stooge.
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    Server Event - 2019

    only real mfs remember the toxic gas having to go to country side hiding tec9s with the national guard
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    Bandidos MC

    @Freebird Thanks for the great passive RP tonight.
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    Additional Images: https://imgur.com/a/y70Xo14 McLaren Newport Beach is pleased to present for sale this stunning brand new 2019 McLaren Senna. The McLaren Senna has been designed, engineered and devleopted to be the ultimate road-legal McLaren track car. With 789BHP and 590lb-ft from its 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 - McLaren's most powerful-ever internal combustion engine in a road car and the ability to generate a staggering 800kg of downforce, the 1,198kg McLaren Senna delivers the purest possible connection between driver and car, and one of these can be yours to own! Its staggering performance means the Senna can cover 0-62mph in a mere 2.8 seconds; 0-124mph is achieved in just 6.8 seconds and a standing quarter-mile in only 9.9 seconds. Impressive though the straight-line acceleration and maximum speed of 211MPH (( 159MPH in-game )) are, the true depth of the performance credentials of the new Ultimate Series McLaren will be revealed when it calls on downforce of up to 800KG on a circuit, against the stop-watch. With only 500 examples of the McLaren Senna built, each hand-assembled at the McLaren Production Center, this can be the one and only opportunity to own a McLaren Senna for your own. Starting Bid: $837,000 (MSRP) Minimum Increase: $10,000 Buyout: N/A (( OOC & IC Comments are disabled, so don't bother even TRYING. )) Auction ends on the 18th of May, 2019 at 00:00:00 (( Server Time )) For further information on the McLaren Senna please contact Phoebe Rutherford ([email protected]) (( Forum PM ))
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    Smethwick and Co. The Movie

    Hey, Some punishments have been dished out as a result of the video. Thanks!
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1986 Vehicle brand: AM General Vehicle make: M998 HMMWV VIN: INQUIRE Mileage: ~7750 something Description: Obviously not a tank, but still an collective item. Images Starting bid: 50000 Minimum increase: 5000 Buyout: ~ Auction end date: 09/06/2019 Contact details: N/A ** COMMENT SECTION IS OFF **
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car https://imgur.com/a/eJtxpcB Vehicle year: 2005 Vehicle brand: Hayabusa GSX1300R Vehicle make: Suzuki VIN: *given to winner* Mileage: 11xxx Description: Nice aceleration, fast bike, goes 231. 0-200 quickly. Images https://imgur.com/a/eJtxpcB Starting bid: 15000 Minimum increase: 1000 Buyout: 20000 Auction end date: 6/6/2019 Contact details: *given to winner*

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