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    When new people join the illegal scene, memes start raining on them, when illegal RP dies, everyone goes nuts.
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    MTA Development Blog #1 Introduction Hello and welcome to the first Development Update/Blog post for the Multi Theft Auto server. These development updates will work similar to the V updates where I will showcase features, improvements and some behind the screens stuffs the scripting team are working on for the Multi Theft Auto server. Let’s begin this update with showing off some upcoming features! ANPR System Recently @SjoerdPSV began working on a automatic number plate recognition system. The system adds ANPR checkers at each toll booth and also adds an ‘ANPR’ item which can be placed inside of LSPD cruisers. The ANPR system also adds a new section within the MDC where LSPD Officers can now add plates to which the ANPR scanners will look out for. Here is a screenshot of what the tolls triggering ANPR looks like: Vehicle Library Improvements A few months ago I began working on Improvements for the vehicle library due to the way it grabs the data and sends it to the client. The vehicle library has now been improved and also now has a search feature! Below are some screenshots of the improvement! Election Improvements As of recent there has been some backend improvements to the way the election script works, sadly these isn’t a flashy feature or anything but the new improvements allow the election system to be managed without Scripting Team involvement. There hasn’t been many public interface changes to elections but here's a screenshot of the manager GUI! Wearables The original idea came from Portside to have wearables in OwlGaming. After the split between Portside and the Scripting Team, Yannick decided to pick up the idea. Here’s his story: “After the split, I decided to pick it up. I had to start with clearing all the unnecessary functions and code that was in first. And yes, this was a pain in the ass. After I managed to get some clear sight on the script, I started with new features and upgrades to the code. As I had a lot of other things besides Owl, I didn’t really had the time to do it quick. After I managed to patch everything up, I decided to submit it for review. As I was at that time busy with my university, I didn’t really had the time to look into it. After looking into our Gitlab, I noticed I had over 40 discussions on the script. These were mainly code issues, but bugs as well. As I didn’t have a lot of time, these took ages to solve. Then I started working on it in between my lessons. As I didn’t had bug testers, I got help from DrJoseEvil. He was the guy that helped me out finding bugs and making new wearables, shoutout to him for that! So yeah, we’ve had this up’s and down’s with wearables. Let's say this script took us a year, while it could be done way quicker. Anyway, I hope this can be released soon. It needs a bit more code review before it can be dropped. In the meantime, enjoy the screenshots.” Changes to shops In the background I’ve been working on changes to the way shop system works, this includes how custom shops charge the store owner and also a new feature which allows players to add their own shop NPC’s based on the NPC limitation rule. Custom shops will be changing so you don’t have to pay them an hourly rate, instead they will take a percentage of the item on sale but will also require a minimum number of items within the store. Custom shop NPC’s will also cost a fee to install, this will be handled via the shop manager that I’ve created, I’ve attached a video & screenshots below that showcases this. There will be more media for this to come, there isn’t any new UI changes to the actual custom shop windows as of yet. (Maybe in a future dev update ) Bug fixes While we’ve not been working on features some of us have been working on bug fixes for various bugs found in the server. If you do find a bug on OwlGaming please report it at https://bugs.owlgaming.net OR use the Bug Reporter tab in F1. Looking to contribute? The scripting team is always looking for new talent, if you have a decent understanding of MTASA Lua & MySQL please complete the Scripter Qualification Test and Forum PM it to @Chaos . Final Notes Thanks to @Chaos, @Yannick, @Eloquent and @SjoerdPSV for all contributing to help the continuing development of OwlGaming MTA. Just as a side note the Script Update will be following this soon. Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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     Ep.1 Summary Wooden Cabin of The County Commissioner May 19, 2019 Why, hello there! May 19th, 2019 marks the first broadcast of Fireside Chats. Located in the County Cabin, in the beautiful woods of San Andreas, we had a lovely chat with our fellow citizens. The fireplace was very cozy, and the atmosphere was great. In this installment of Fireside Chats, I spoke about our issues with the Los Santos International Airport, Government security, and the program itself. As soon as our Government Technicians finalize our online form for Fireside Chats, the link will be available here and for all future episodes. You will be able to send in a letter of question or concern, and I will be glad to address them on air. Submissions containing profanity or general spam will be discarded. People caught abusing the messaging system will be blacklisted from submissions. The form will require some information to be filled out, but you may submit anonymously if you are not comfortable with your name being addressed on the show. Summary/Topics Covered: LSIA, new leaders will be announced this week. Government security services reinstated, now known as the Sentinel Division. Fireside Chats contact form. Addressing and congratulating the newest Council members. Klaus Wunnenberg, County Commissioner.
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    We can prosper, even with nothing...
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    About Almighty Black P. Stone Nation. I-The Almighty Black P. Stone Nation, or BPSN, is an American street gang founded in Chicago, estimated to have about 30 members. The gang was originally formed in the late 2001s as the Blackstone Rangers. The organization was co-founded by Melvin Carpenter and Marcus_Malone. II- Almighty Black P Stone Nation, a motley group of poverty-stricken teens transformed into a dominant gang accused of terroristic intentions. Interwoven into the narrative is the dynamic influence of leader Melvin Carpenter, who—despite his flamboyance and high visibility—instilled a rigid structure and discipline that afforded the young men a refuge and a sense of purpose in an often hopeless community. Details of how the Nation procured government funding for gang-related projects during the War on Poverty era and fueled bonuses and job security for law enforcement, and how Melvin, in particular, masterminded a deal for $2.5 million to commit acts of terrorism in the United States. Almighty Black P. Stone Nation background: Considered by law enforcement authorities to be Chicago's most powerful and sophisticated street gang. The BPSN finances itself through a wide array of criminal activities and is part of the large Los Santos gang alliance known as the People Nation. Under Melvin's command, the BPSN assumed an increasingly revolutionary outlook as it became associated with the black nationalism movement. HISTORY: The Blackstone Rangers were founded at the someplace for Troubled Youth by Melvin Carpenter and Marcus Malone as a community organization for black youth in the Woodlawn area of South Los Santos. Between 2009 and 2011, they evolved into one of the most dangerous and powerful gangs in Chicago. Melvin seized upon the gang's changed mission, renaming it the Black P. Stone Nation. He transformed the BPSN into a black nationalistic group, and continued to involve the gang in street crime and drug trafficking. BPSN Co-founder Marcus Malone was incarcerated on drug charges in June 2012 as he was released in 2014. Melvin was arrested for mismanagement of government grants totaling $100,000 from the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity in March 2010. Melvin was released in 2013, but was later re-incarcerated on drug charges in the early 2016s. At the same time he was released from prison, so. nowadays this gang's members decreased until they became about thirteen-twenty members due to the obstacles that they passed, some of them got died, life imprisonment, nowadays they presented at Fame St in Los Santos.
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    Uhhh why does it say Chicago all over the place?
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    absolute madman snorting on a coke, thread looking good take it far boys yada yada yada
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    me gustas cocaina, me gusta tu hagamos la paz, no la guerra locos.
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    Good luck fellas, work on development and shit would be neat and clean.
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    Bet you like these then.
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    Nostalgia Imports are proud to announce we are under new leadership. With this, we have decided to start a giveaway with a 1991 Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R Now could be your chance to own a Japanese legend. Sporting a twin turbo, six cylinder RB26DETT and an intricate All wheel system, the R32 dominated every motorsport competition it joined, with the Calsonic R32 being the Nissans' flagship motorsport creation for the longest time. This particular model is finished in a gunmetal grey, completely original and taken care of. It spent most of it's life in Japan, before being shipped into Cypress, California. This vehicle has recently gone through a full service and has no mechanical or visual issues whatsoever. To enter this competition, Please transfer "$500" to Evolve LLC and attach your proof of payment to the form below. We will collect the results and the winner will be announced on Friday the 31st May. Please note we will only communicate within Email; phonecalls will be a last resort. Number of entries are limited to 5 per person*. As a reminder, Nostalgia Imports can handle any vehicle import you need so long as it is 25 years old and outside the US. We've succesfully handled a variety of cars and we are not limited to just JDM. Feel free to take a look at what we can do for you! Best of luck to every participant and we thank you for continuing to support our business! -Nostalgia Import Administration Enter here! - https://forms.gle/xqqQjWqraK5XAgjm8 *One entry costs $500 each.
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    Join a faction before you decide to make one strictly applies to this faction, good luck though fellas.
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    Much to do... Yet we are only a few.
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    welcome to klippans thread of perpetual mediocrity, more ivy league textures
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    DCS Perms to be set for @rosemarie & @Frankie please.
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    that's why I don't work in the field on direct customer service. It's your own choice to be an admin so yeah. It's no argument to say "WELL DUH SPEND A DAY IN MY BOOTS". no I don't because I know it's shit.
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    well, you did a big one here unitts. good one. i am proud of your square head
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    https://register.ubisoft.com/steep-giveaway/en-GB class game enjoy x 
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    Same day... Different year

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