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    Latest batch 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCrew - $66,106 Information & Spec (click on the picture) 2019 Ford Mustang BULLIT - $58,243 Information & Spec (click on the picture) 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350® - $73,925 Information & Spec (click on the picture) 2019 Ford Taurus - $34,750 Information & Spec (click on the picture) 2019 Ford Edge ST - $52,943 Information & Spec (click on the picture) 2019 Ford Transit Cargo Van - $41,418 Information & Spec (click on the picture)
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    dreams with coherent storylines are COOL.
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    seems like everyone's parents in LS is dead
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    Lochlainn 'Lucky' Foley in Ireland c. 2016 Lochlainn Foley in Angel Pine, 2018 Name: Lochlainn Foley III Alias: Lucky, Lucky 870, L-870, the Irish junkie bastard Occupation: Irish revolutionary, professional robber, trucker killer Affiliation: Irish Republican Army of San Andreas, Shotgun Rebel Mafia K/A/D: 17/3/1 Weapon of choice: Remington 870 Origin: Serbian and Irish PoB: Dublin, Eireland Interpersonal relations: Ivan Dankovsky (Evan Dankovich) - One of the first partners in crime, deceased. Stigr Bjarke (Styx, Viking) - Partner in crime, they committed robberies and shootings together. Chris Edwards - Partner in crime, welcomed Lucky when he got out of prison. Brian O'Neill - Fellow Irishman, Lucky treated his wounds after a negro shot him. Robbie Garth (Supplier) - Lucky's first supplier of guns and a good personal friend. He treated Lucky's wounds after the Irishman was shot. Robbie lied in Lucky's favor on the court. Garland Abermurly - Helped Lucky get the people who robbed him once, deceased. Alfred McCutcheon - Helped Lucky with the robbers. Jessica Gage - Unfortunate female, mother to Lochlainn's bastard son. Paz Dewitt - Partner in crime, Lucky gave him his pistol once at Stacks for free. Clarence Dewitt - Lucky thinks he's a swish, he stole his medicine once. Sjon Hulzinger - Sold a revolver to Lucky, unknown whereabouts. Raven Nick Sezon - Original creator of Lucky's war cry. Darko Mitrašinović - Lucky's distant cousin, partner in crime. Eref Mahjoub (E-Dog, Eref 500) - Partner in crime, SRM gang mate. They killed many people together. Theodore Woodman (Teddy 37) - Partner in crime, SRM gang mate. They met in the woods years ago, after Kir was hiding after stabbing a black person to death in Idlewood. He is now back in town and killing people again with Lucky. Goku 43 - SRM gang mate. Ivan 23 - SRM gang mate. STORY Lochlainn "Lucky" Foley was born in Ireland long ago in a gypsy family. He is partially a Serb from his mother's side. He began consuming cigarettes at young age, which led to his teeth decaying. He is also an alcoholic. His political views are national-anarchist, he hates anything British and likes violence. He is a Catholic and loves Saint Patrick. He character-killed 11 people, robbed and kidnapped many more. More story in the screenshots. SCREENSHOTS 19/12/2017, first crime and first CK Early hours of 21/12/2017, hatred towards RS Haul grows, second CK, bare knuckle brawl Early hours of 22/12/2017, third CK Afternoon of 22/12/2017, fourth and fifth CKs Misc crime, 23/12/2017 24/12/2017, sixth CK Evening of 24/12/2017, Lucky was robbed 25/12/2017, seventh CK 26/12/2017, Lucky conceives a child 27/12/2017, eight and ninth CK, Lucky acquires an AR-15 The next day, Lucky is arrested 26/06/2018, Lucky is out of jail and celebrating 13/10/2018, Lucky acquires a new gun, he meets new friends 18/10/2018, Lucky returns to crime and robbing RS Haulers 06/11/2018, Lucky kills some insolent yokels at Stacks 15/11/2018, crime spree, tenth CK 16/11/2018, robbery 17/11/2018, crime spree eleventh CK Afternoon of 19/11/2018, robbery, murder, kidnapping Evening of 19/11/2018, kidnapping a DPS firefighter ABOUT SHOTGUN REBEL MAFIA To join this group there are two conditions: Your character has a shotgun (if you don't have we can give you one) Your character is a rebel If you want to join, you can PM on forums JayZawack, me. Code names in this group are formed the following way: Usually, the shotgun you would carry would be certain model with a number. First, you put your character's scary nickname, then that number. For example, Lochlainn's nickname is Lucky and he carries a Remington 870, so he's Lucky 870. Automatic weapons are not allowed in this faction. (Only in special cases, for example AK47s for the revolution, but the code name remains with the shotgun number)
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Make it easier to add/remove items from the inventory UI What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- GUI What is the suggestion?- Being a DCS courier gets me to interact with the inventory UI a lot for the items spawning, deliveries and such. It may not be much of a pain in the ass when you're doing like 4 items delivery but imagine doing a 200 items one; how tiring and absurd it is to scroll down the whole list of your inventory to add in an item to the mailbox ( or wherever you're putting that item ) and the script forces you to get back up to the top of the list so you'd have to scroll back all the way down to just add one more item and you keep on doing the same procedure for the rest of 200 items you have in the truck's inventory. So I've thought of three adjustments that may make things way easier: 1 - Make items in UI selectable so we get to add like 10 items at a time instead of doing it one by one. 2 - Add a date filter ( like the name one ) so you can sort your inventory in ascending/descending order based on when they were last added to the inventory - which will actually make it lot easier to just rapid-click your mouse to get the items added/removed. 3 - Stop the script from forcing the list to be scrolled all the way up to the top of it. I'm not sure if anyone has ever made a suggestion for this one but anyways, here I do make one and I really hope it'd be taken into consideration to get it implemented. What are the advantages?- Saves much time and makes it easier and less tiring for people to get their items from their inventory/mailbox. What are the disadvantages?- Can't really think of any. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- No. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Implement one of the methods I've stated in the suggestion.
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    A new beginning - September 2017 / March 2018 After graduating from California State University, he wasn't able to find the suitable job for him. He decided to make an impulsive decision, a decision that will change his entire life. He decided to move to Los Santos. He moved into a small condo in Downtown LS and bought himself a 1988 BMW E30 325i Sedan. He was broke but at least he was learning how to stand on his own.He was looking actively for jobs and found it on a careers website. He didn't even think about a minute before applying. Luckily, he got the job at BoTS. It wasn't the right job for him, but he didn't have any other choice. After a month full of training, Nathan finally got his promotion but at that time, BoTS wasn't doing well because of the fifty grand bonus scandals and protests. Nathan didn't like to take a part in the protests, but he was afraid to lose his job and he was quite scared to stand up against his supervisors. Nathan got a call from Lawson. He wanted Nathan to grab a tow truck and join the protest in front of the city hall. It was a mess. All available tow truck units were in front of the city hall, shouting for their boss. After that protest, government changed the BoTS Management. Nathan didn't get along with the new management and new policies. He instantly made another impulsive decision. He resigned from BoTS. He was having a tough time. Later on, he started to flip cars for living. He was earning much more than his previous job but the income wasn't stable. He wanted a nine-to-five job with stable income. After two months, Nathan gave up. He decided to give another try at BoTS. This time it was lightly different. Instead of the old management, his old friend Thomas Warren and Nathan Moreau were managing the department. He was earning enough money and he was happy until he saw her at a parking lot. Who am I? - March 2018 / April 2018 Nathan stopped by at Los Santos DMV for his new car. At that time he saw two girls sitting on a bench, staring at Nathan. One of them was complimenting to Nathan. One of them approached to Nathan. It was Chelsea Grey. Nathan knew her because of his old friend Chris Hawkins. Chelsea introduced himself and her friend Rachel Monroe. Nathan was about to make the biggest mistake of his life. They invited Nathan to their house. Nathan couldn't resist their offer. After a short tour of their house, they asked few questions to Nathan like where do you live, what do you do for living. Nathan's answers didn't impress them at all. After a short conversation with Chris, Nathan left their house. After a day or two, Nathan was chilling at the beach after exhausting day at work, he received a call from Chris.He wanted to hang out with Nathan. Nathan invited him to the beach. They had a short conversation about Rachel and Nathan, then he called Chelsea and Rachel to come over at the beach.Instead of compliments, this time Rachel was acting like an asshole to Nathan. After fifteen minutes Nathan couldn't stand her and left the beach. Was it a some sort of a relationship tactic? Nathan didn't know until he received a call from Rachel. Rachel told Nathan that he got a new job at SEMC and she said "We should celebrate this!" Nathan grabbed two coffees and made his way to SEMC. At first, Nathan didn't want to go but he clearly didn't want to break Rachel's heart, so he headed inside. When Rachel saw the coffees, she suddenly put the coffees aside and held Nathan's hand and said "Come, I want to show you my workplace. " Suddenly, Rachel gently pulled Nathan inside of an inpatient room and locked the door. You can imagine what happened afterwards. After that, things got quite complicated for them. Rachel was typically expecting a serious relationship from Nathan. That led Nathan to make another impulsive decision. Nathan bought an engagement ring and proposed to her. As Nathan expected, she said yes. After that they headed to Rachel's sister's house. Rachel told that she got engaged. They were not happy and said it was too early for it. They were right, but Nathan and Rachel were dumb and young to realize that. Few hours after, two lads came out of nowhere. Emilio Moretti and James Reed. He didn't care about them at first, they seemed to be decent lads. Until James Reed threatened Nathan in his own flat. To be honest, Emilio and James were the biggest influencers of Nathan's life because Nathan wanted to compete with them. Nathan forgot one thing, he didn't have enough money and they were so rich. At that time, Emilio had a Koenigsegg Agera S, James had a Bugatti Veyron and Nathan had a Porsche 911 991.1 GT3 RS. Nathan was already struggling to keep his Porsche because of Rachel's expenses. He needed more money so he pulled the trigger on a new job. He became a CEO at JGC Logistics. But even that job wasn't able to cover her expenses. It was all for her and money. Nathan has lost himself in a very busy life. He was working at three companies at once. He was making sacrifices and putting his own needs as a person aside. He was under more pressure and stress that his own body can handle and so his body was giving a signal that he is not in balance any longer. He also learned that life worked better if he stopped being his true self for making her dreams come true. Nathan couldn't handle the expenses anymore so he decided to sell his dream car to someone who will change Nathan's life forever. It started with a car, it ended because of a car - April 2018 / July 2018 Nathan listed his car up for sale, meanwhile all of his friends were making fun of him because of the GT3 RS decision, especially the lads in LSMA. Few days after, he received a call from someone named Julie Lawrence.She said she needed a ride because she didn't want to leave her car at Los Santos DMV. Even though Nathan didn't like the idea of picking her up from her place, he went to where she was. When Nathan arrived to Pershing Square, she was standing there with a huge smile on his face. Nathan knew something was special about this person. She was examining the interior of the Porsche like a five year old. She was impressed. Nathan gave her a short test drive and explained why he is selling his dream car. They finished the deal, and Nathan drove her back to her place. She had a 2018 Mercedes-AMG E63 S and she was kind enough to let Nathan to go for a test drive around the block. After that, Nathan got back to his house. After selling his dream car, Nathan bought a Mercedes-Benz GLA45 to replace Rachel's old crappy car and bought a summerhouse at Palomino Creek. Now they had to renovate and buy furnitures for the summerhouse, what a smart move made by Nathan. Few days after, Rachel and Chelsea called Nathan to their summerhouse. Nathan was in a bad state financially back then so he pulled the trigger on a '68 Ford Mustang 302. As he was driving his car, he pulled to the side to pick a stranger who needed a ride. Funny enough, after a minute that stranger stabbed Nathan few times and took Nathan's wallet. Luckily Rachel and Chelsea didn't wait for Nathan to come, and they found Nathan on the way to their summerhouse. He was in a really bad shape. They did the first intervention and took him to the hospital afterwards. Next day, Rachel left Nathan in that condition and went to Paris for a short vacation. When Nathan woke up, he didn't have any idea about what happened.He was mad at Rachel for leaving him behind, especially in that time. Nathan wanted to get a revenge. So he mailed his ring to her office with a goodbye note, and he kicked her out of his house. He decided to move on to bigger and better things. After a week, he got a job in JGC as a Vice President. After two days of being a vice president, they forced Nathan to resign. Being a vice president in such a big company was stressful and Nathan couldn't handle that. He sold his house and moved to that house in Palomino Creek. All he wanted to do is live a simple life with no big expenses, no stress, no nothing. He also resigned from BoTS. He was working at LSMA at the same time, and it was the right job for him.He was earning $40,000 a month and most importantly he was having fun with his friends. Nathan's life was getting better and better. Not only he found the right job for him, he also found his dream woman.Unlike Rachel, she was kind, smart, funny, supportive, and honest. He felt like he would do anything to wake up to that smile. Shortly after she moved into Nathan's house. They were not in a relationship, but they were kinda flirting time to time. A huge milestone in Nathan's life is getting his dream car for second time. He is a huge Porsche enthusiast. He has had few Porsche's in his life and luckily the 991.2 GT2 RS was one of them. It had every single thing that he wants on a GT2 RS, GT Silver colour, weissach package, and most importantly, it was so cheap that he didn't have to worry about putting miles on it. Before he bought his GT2 RS, he had a Gallardo Superleggera and his daily AMG GT R. End of the day, he didn't think that he could afford a GT2 RS. At the age of 24, he bought his ultimate dream car. At the same time, he bought the cheapest GT2 RS in the world with no issues. What could be worse. He felt like it was the right time to open up his feelings to Julie. Two fast cars, great road trip and at the end of the road trip, he was going tell her right away. Well, things didn't go well at that night. He decided to show her his dream car. They went inside the garage. She said."Oh, is it the same car? Yeah, I think it is." Nathan didn't have a clue about what she was talking about. She added."Nathan, this is my ex-boyfriend's car and I did something bad on its hood." Meantime, inner Nate is like "Right, at the age of 24, you broke up with your fiancé because of your old GT3 RS and here is another one. Thanks god, that's what I absolutely needed."He didn't know what to say. He just took the keys of his GT R and drove away. That was the worst car drive of his life, and he has been in many accidents before, but at least in those cases it was just his car being destroyed, it was now his heart. There was no turning back, after a short conversation with his good old pal Khan, he opened up his feelings to her and he got friend zoned. After that, Khan and Nate headed to LSMA's headquarters to drink something, but things didn't go as planned. Khan had a panic attack. She did the first intervention to Khan. Khan and Julie had a small conversation about Nate. Later on Khan told Nathan that " She loves you dude, but she is not ready for it. " Was it a lie or was it real? Nate still doesn't know. She wanted to stay friends but Nate didn't. Nate wanted to stay away from her for a while. So he came up with a vacation lie. He bought a overnight flight ticket to Paris, France. My calamity is my providence, outwardly it is fire and vengeance, but inwardly it is light and mercy - July 2018 / September 2018 Nate landed in Paris, France, at 02:30 AM. Instead of leaving his bag at the hotel room and get a sleep, he went to the first bar he could find. He was all out of breath. He felt used and brokenhearted for second time. He didn't go back to that house because for him it wasn't his home anymore. Without her everything felt meaningless. On top of that, Nate's bank account wasn't too happy with the unexpected Paris trip. He wanted to stay for a month or two but he wasn't able to afford that. He kept drinking until he blacked out. Next day he woke up in a hotel room with a stranger. She seemed happy about it. Her happiness didn't last long. Nate gave his number to her, left five hundred euros on the bed, and left the hotel room. Nate had no clue about what happened that night but at that night, Nate told what happened about between him and Julie to that stranger. After spending another day at the hotel, he decided to flight back to LS. He saw his BMW F90 M5 in the driveway, his house was empty. Her keys were on the desk. He didn't see her for few months. Nate was still feeling useless. Khan came up with an idea. He wanted to join the Thailand Cave Rescue. After that idea, they packed up their stuff and diving gears, headed to LSIA. Luckily, they were able to find an overnight flight ticket to Thailand. Because of his medical back ground Khan was going to take a part in the medical team and Nate was going to take a part in the rescue team. They landed in Thailand in 8 July at 05.00 AM. After a short briefing, Nate and six divers went into the cave. Visibility was that bad you couldn't see the rocks until you actually hit it. They successfully reached to the flooded part of the cave with a stretcher. It didn't have only one section. There was also sections that they had to improvise harnesses for the children. They spent over ten minutes for just one obstacle and try to find their way out. They eventually got out of the cave but it was a slow process. After Nate and the other two divers came out they took the children to hospital immediately. They didn't let Nate to dive again and they replaced Nate's team with other divers. Nate joined the engineer team after his successful rescue attempt. Few days after they got back in LS with one piece. Where there is love, nothing is too much trouble and there is always time. - September 2018 / March 2019 Will be updated. Why do I do this? - March 2019 / June 2019 Nathan Gardner's death.
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    Congrats, 'Lou', you have won the auction! E-Mail me at [email protected] ((forum pm)) for my contact number.
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    Are you looking to sell a used vehicle? Sims Auto's is looking to purchase used vehicles for our sales lot. We're looking for affordable vehicles that are completely safe to be re-sold. Requirements: 2007 or Older. No mechanical faults. Certificate of Road Safety. (Vehicles safe to be on the road.) Have a vehicle that fits the requirements? Contact us on the information below. Contact Information: Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM))
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    Nice to see a fellow Indian. Ya got discord?
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    fiver and i'll grass, got a lot of dirt on that troll admin @Mogs
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    I think that this is an extremely naive statement, there will always be corrupt administrators. Most aren't demoted since there is just no solid evidence of them metagaming and such, a great example of an admin like this would be Destroyed, who was an admin for like a year and was recently kicked out due to a ticket on him with evidence that dated back to last year. They are like roaches, you see one and you know there's a million others crawling within the walls and cracks.
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    Dude chill, she still won't e-sex you.
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    Moving on though, in all fairness let's not forget that John Cena was once the real G. The doctor of thuganomics, you wouldn't mess I'm telling you haha.
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    Jeff Hardy is my favourite wrestler, jumps off ladders onto people so he's mad as gays as they say. So cool!
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    Anyone noticed the majority of character stories are just shit childhood, death think everyone is depressed irl Cliche but well structured.
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    next chapter is about how chandans father kidnapped trump and got a 100m ransom
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    Ramadan Kareem brothers!
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    Thanks my mate. You too brother.
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    walden praying to allah be like
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    Some of you may remember me, some not. I decided to take a stroll down memory lane, see how everyone's doing. Mostly here for the V updates. See you soon, somewhere.
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    LUCKY RAN OUTTA LUCK On 20th October 2018, Lochlainn Foley ran out of his Irish luck and met his ultimate demise. The bottom of the Leprechaun gold pot was seen that day. He relaxed too much, and despite Teddy's warnings he remained too calm while a police officer approached, contrary to his usually aggressive nature. However, the police officer realized who the notorious killers were and called a backup unit. Lucky and Ted were then killed in an attempt to escape and murder the officers. Their names shall never be forgotten. In the standoff, Lochlainn couldn't take any lives with his own into the void, because he couldn't run, and that is because Theodore shot him in the foot earlier that morning because he stole his clothes. However, the same day, they didn't leave out any crime either. Lucky and Teddy died as sinners - repeated murderers, thieves, kidnappers and the worst scum you can think of. Sorrowful Eref Mahjoub shot at the police that day, but turns out it was only a dream and that the gods wouldn't allow that. Even though recordings don't exist, straight away after the death of this infamous criminal, a rumor began spreading that his last words were "I will be back." He muttered them as he dropped his breath. "DEFEAT NEVER, VICTORY FOREVER. YOU CAN KILL A REVOLUTIONARY BUT YOU CAN NEVER KILL THE REVOLUTION" Lucky's and Teddy's lives ended, but the legacy of the Shotgun Rebel Mafia lives on. They have martyred for the idea. There is a word that two unknown recruits joined this organized crime group the same day and that they've committed many atrocities. The cousins have been without a doubt avenged. (Later that day) SHOTGUN REBEL MAFIA 2.0 (new character topic and faction topic coming soon, friends)
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2017 Vehicle brand: GLA250 Vehicle make: Mercedes-Benz VIN: 23083 Mileage: 22191 Description: The car has good rims and Megaphone. Images Starting bid: 30,000 Minimum increase: 5,000 Buyout: 60,000 Auction end date: 2019/5/20 Contact details: 343-926 or E-mail [email protected]
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    Los Santos Auction House - [Items] 3 Custom Helmets Item Name [Items] 3 Custom Helmets Starting Bid 3,000 Minimum Increase 500 Buyout N/A Auction Ends 16/5/2019 Contact Information #315595

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