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    Ford of Los Santos

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    Nathan Gardner

    A new beginning - September 2017 / March 2018 After graduating from California State University, he wasn't able to find the suitable job for him. He decided to make an impulsive decision, a decision that will change his entire life. He decided to move to Los Santos. He moved into a small condo in Downtown LS and bought himself a 1988 BMW E30 325i Sedan. He was broke but at least he was learning how to stand on his own.He was looking actively for jobs and found it on a careers website. He didn't even think about a minute before applying. Luckily, he got the job at BoTS. It wasn't the right job for him, but he didn't have any other choice. After a month full of training, Nathan finally got his promotion but at that time, BoTS wasn't doing well because of the fifty grand bonus scandals and protests. Nathan didn't like to take a part in the protests, but he was afraid to lose his job and he was quite scared to stand up against his supervisors. Nathan got a call from Lawson. He wanted Nathan to grab a tow truck and join the protest in front of the city hall. It was a mess. All available tow truck units were in front of the city hall, shouting for their boss. After that protest, government changed the BoTS Management. Nathan didn't get along with the new management and new policies. He instantly made another impulsive decision. He resigned from BoTS. He was having a tough time. Later on, he started to flip cars for living. He was earning much more than his previous job but the income wasn't stable. He wanted a nine-to-five job with stable income. After two months, Nathan gave up. He decided to give another try at BoTS. This time it was lightly different. Instead of the old management, his old friend Thomas Warren and Nathan Moreau were managing the department. He was earning enough money and he was happy until he saw her at a parking lot. Who am I? - March 2018 / April 2018 Nathan stopped by at Los Santos DMV for his new car. At that time he saw two girls sitting on a bench, staring at Nathan. One of them was complimenting to Nathan. One of them approached to Nathan. It was Chelsea Grey. Nathan knew her because of his old friend Chris Hawkins. Chelsea introduced himself and her friend Rachel Monroe. Nathan was about to make the biggest mistake of his life. They invited Nathan to their house. Nathan couldn't resist their offer. After a short tour of their house, they asked few questions to Nathan like where do you live, what do you do for living. Nathan's answers didn't impress them at all. After a short conversation with Chris, Nathan left their house. After a day or two, Nathan was chilling at the beach after exhausting day at work, he received a call from Chris.He wanted to hang out with Nathan. Nathan invited him to the beach. They had a short conversation about Rachel and Nathan, then he called Chelsea and Rachel to come over at the beach.Instead of compliments, this time Rachel was acting like an asshole to Nathan. After fifteen minutes Nathan couldn't stand her and left the beach. Was it a some sort of a relationship tactic? Nathan didn't know until he received a call from Rachel. Rachel told Nathan that he got a new job at SEMC and she said "We should celebrate this!" Nathan grabbed two coffees and made his way to SEMC. At first, Nathan didn't want to go but he clearly didn't want to break Rachel's heart, so he headed inside. When Rachel saw the coffees, she suddenly put the coffees aside and held Nathan's hand and said "Come, I want to show you my workplace. " Suddenly, Rachel gently pulled Nathan inside of an inpatient room and locked the door. You can imagine what happened afterwards. After that, things got quite complicated for them. Rachel was typically expecting a serious relationship from Nathan. That led Nathan to make another impulsive decision. Nathan bought an engagement ring and proposed to her. As Nathan expected, she said yes. After that they headed to Rachel's sister's house. Rachel told that she got engaged. They were not happy and said it was too early for it. They were right, but Nathan and Rachel were dumb and young to realize that. Few hours after, two lads came out of nowhere. Emilio Moretti and James Reed. He didn't care about them at first, they seemed to be decent lads. Until James Reed threatened Nathan in his own flat. To be honest, Emilio and James were the biggest influencers of Nathan's life because Nathan wanted to compete with them. Nathan forgot one thing, he didn't have enough money and they were so rich. At that time, Emilio had a Koenigsegg Agera S, James had a Bugatti Veyron and Nathan had a Porsche 911 991.1 GT3 RS. Nathan was already struggling to keep his Porsche because of Rachel's expenses. He needed more money so he pulled the trigger on a new job. He became a CEO at JGC Logistics. But even that job wasn't able to cover her expenses. It was all for her and money. Nathan has lost himself in a very busy life. He was working at three companies at once. He was making sacrifices and putting his own needs as a person aside. He was under more pressure and stress that his own body can handle and so his body was giving a signal that he is not in balance any longer. He also learned that life worked better if he stopped being his true self for making her dreams come true. Nathan couldn't handle the expenses anymore so he decided to sell his dream car to someone who will change Nathan's life forever. It started with a car, it ended because of a car - April 2018 / July 2018 Nathan listed his car up for sale, meanwhile all of his friends were making fun of him because of the GT3 RS decision, especially the lads in LSMA. Few days after, he received a call from someone named Julie Lawrence.She said she needed a ride because she didn't want to leave her car at Los Santos DMV. Even though Nathan didn't like the idea of picking her up from her place, he went to where she was. When Nathan arrived to Pershing Square, she was standing there with a huge smile on his face. Nathan knew something was special about this person. She was examining the interior of the Porsche like a five year old. She was impressed. Nathan gave her a short test drive and explained why he is selling his dream car. They finished the deal, and Nathan drove her back to her place. She had a 2018 Mercedes-AMG E63 S and she was kind enough to let Nathan to go for a test drive around the block. After that, Nathan got back to his house. After selling his dream car, Nathan bought a Mercedes-Benz GLA45 to replace Rachel's old crappy car and bought a summerhouse at Palomino Creek. Now they had to renovate and buy furnitures for the summerhouse, what a smart move made by Nathan. Few days after, Rachel and Chelsea called Nathan to their summerhouse. Nathan was in a bad state financially back then so he pulled the trigger on a '68 Ford Mustang 302. As he was driving his car, he pulled to the side to pick a stranger who needed a ride. Funny enough, after a minute that stranger stabbed Nathan few times and took Nathan's wallet. Luckily Rachel and Chelsea didn't wait for Nathan to come, and they found Nathan on the way to their summerhouse. He was in a really bad shape. They did the first intervention and took him to the hospital afterwards. Next day, Rachel left Nathan in that condition and went to Paris for a short vacation. When Nathan woke up, he didn't have any idea about what happened.He was mad at Rachel for leaving him behind, especially in that time. Nathan wanted to get a revenge. So he mailed his ring to her office with a goodbye note, and he kicked her out of his house. He decided to move on to bigger and better things. After a week, he got a job in JGC as a Vice President. After two days of being a vice president, they forced Nathan to resign. Being a vice president in such a big company was stressful and Nathan couldn't handle that. He sold his house and moved to that house in Palomino Creek. All he wanted to do is live a simple life with no big expenses, no stress, no nothing. He also resigned from BoTS. He was working at LSMA at the same time, and it was the right job for him.He was earning $40,000 a month and most importantly he was having fun with his friends. Nathan's life was getting better and better. Not only he found the right job for him, he also found his dream woman.Unlike Rachel, she was kind, smart, funny, supportive, and honest. He felt like he would do anything to wake up to that smile. Shortly after she moved into Nathan's house. They were not in a relationship, but they were kinda flirting time to time. A huge milestone in Nathan's life is getting his dream car for second time. He is a huge Porsche enthusiast. He has had few Porsche's in his life and luckily the 991.2 GT2 RS was one of them. It had every single thing that he wants on a GT2 RS, GT Silver colour, weissach package, and most importantly, it was so cheap that he didn't have to worry about putting miles on it. Before he bought his GT2 RS, he had a Gallardo Superleggera and his daily AMG GT R. End of the day, he didn't think that he could afford a GT2 RS. At the age of 24, he bought his ultimate dream car. At the same time, he bought the cheapest GT2 RS in the world with no issues. What could be worse. He felt like it was the right time to open up his feelings to Julie. Two fast cars, great road trip and at the end of the road trip, he was going tell her right away. Well, things didn't go well at that night. He decided to show her his dream car. They went inside the garage. She said."Oh, is it the same car? Yeah, I think it is." Nathan didn't have a clue about what she was talking about. She added."Nathan, this is my ex-boyfriend's car and I did something bad on its hood." Meantime, inner Nate is like "Right, at the age of 24, you broke up with your fiancé because of your old GT3 RS and here is another one. Thanks god, that's what I absolutely needed."He didn't know what to say. He just took the keys of his GT R and drove away. That was the worst car drive of his life, and he has been in many accidents before, but at least in those cases it was just his car being destroyed, it was now his heart. There was no turning back, after a short conversation with his good old pal Khan, he opened up his feelings to her and he got friend zoned. After that, Khan and Nate headed to LSMA's headquarters to drink something, but things didn't go as planned. Khan had a panic attack. She did the first intervention to Khan. Khan and Julie had a small conversation about Nate. Later on Khan told Nathan that " She loves you dude, but she is not ready for it. " Was it a lie or was it real? Nate still doesn't know. She wanted to stay friends but Nate didn't. Nate wanted to stay away from her for a while. So he came up with a vacation lie. He bought a overnight flight ticket to Paris, France. My calamity is my providence, outwardly it is fire and vengeance, but inwardly it is light and mercy - July 2018 / September 2018 Nate landed in Paris, France, at 02:30 AM. Instead of leaving his bag at the hotel room and get a sleep, he went to the first bar he could find. He was all out of breath. He felt used and brokenhearted for second time. He didn't go back to that house because for him it wasn't his home anymore. Without her everything felt meaningless. On top of that, Nate's bank account wasn't too happy with the unexpected Paris trip. He wanted to stay for a month or two but he wasn't able to afford that. He kept drinking until he blacked out. Next day he woke up in a hotel room with a stranger. She seemed happy about it. Her happiness didn't last long. Nate gave his number to her, left five hundred euros on the bed, and left the hotel room. Nate had no clue about what happened that night but at that night, Nate told what happened about between him and Julie to that stranger. After spending another day at the hotel, he decided to flight back to LS. He saw his BMW F90 M5 in the driveway, his house was empty. Her keys were on the desk. He didn't see her for few months. Nate was still feeling useless. Khan came up with an idea. He wanted to join the Thailand Cave Rescue. After that idea, they packed up their stuff and diving gears, headed to LSIA. Luckily, they were able to find an overnight flight ticket to Thailand. Because of his medical back ground Khan was going to take a part in the medical team and Nate was going to take a part in the rescue team. They landed in Thailand in 8 July at 05.00 AM. After a short briefing, Nate and six divers went into the cave. Visibility was that bad you couldn't see the rocks until you actually hit it. They successfully reached to the flooded part of the cave with a stretcher. It didn't have only one section. There was also sections that they had to improvise harnesses for the children. They spent over ten minutes for just one obstacle and try to find their way out. They eventually got out of the cave but it was a slow process. After Nate and the other two divers came out they took the children to hospital immediately. They didn't let Nate to dive again and they replaced Nate's team with other divers. Nate joined the engineer team after his successful rescue attempt. Few days after they got back in LS with one piece. Where there is love, nothing is too much trouble and there is always time. - September 2018 / March 2019 Will be updated. Why do I do this? - March 2019 / June 2019 Nathan Gardner's death.
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    Adrian ''Blade'' Leon

    11 05 1999 El Corona Adrian Leon Father:Raul Leon (Deceased) Mother:Garmina Leon (Deceased) Adrian Leon was born in Los Santos. He comes from a very poor family, his father always struggled to pay the legal taxes to government. His father was working as janitor in a local bar in El Corona and his mother was un-employed. Adrian was a different child of his peers he wasn't into playing basketball, football, computer games or such things. Due to the place, he was living at crime territory he hanged out with the boys at corners. He was only at age 13 when he took his first toke from the joint. He always had interest for guns and drugs and of course the dollar. He was only 15 years old when he quit the high school. As a child, he involved himself in too much crime hence he was put in jail for few months when he aged 16. Through the months, he was released at end of summer and he went to his hood. He couldn't find any of his friends around, all vanished or moved out. That was when he realised things aren't same as it used to be in the past. Living in poverty, his mother couldn't hold herself from suiciding. After few months, his father followed her. He was all alone, was forced to move out of his house because he couldn't pay the rent. He went through a lot of depression, that's when he met Luis Trejo at basketball courts. Luis offered him a joint, he took a poff and looked at the sky, releasing the cloud out of his mouth. Luis was the Street Captain of El Corona, he gave Adrian few small crime task which Adrian did sucesfully. Adrian was back on the game, selling goods at corner. He somehow managed to save up some cash and rented himself a house from El Corona Housing Projects once again. Adrian is currently working for Luis and could face death for him. He currently only aims for money and power, and of course he learnt from his mistakes a lot. Adrian Leon, SADC. Photo taken by Corrections officer. Adrian and his friends rollin around the hood.
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    Alejandro "Amado" Quintero

    Alejandro "Amado" Quintero ** Friday night at "La Bodeguita" bar. Ale is smoking an Habano when two crime group members come in ** "Ale Ale" they both said. "We gotta go hermano, those pigs found out about the dirt runway and the warehouse". Ale, fixes his gun holster, keeps his Habanero on his mouth and turns around. "Where is el Patron? asked Ale. " He's waiting for you at the runway, we already packed up the product and we are ready to leave." Ale walks towards the men, interrupting his way there several times, dancing with different women as he moves through the crowd, gifting one of them his Habano. The three men walk out of the bar, surrounded by people dancing salsa and smoking like chimneys. They drive to the outskirts of La Habana, through dirt roads and lots of plantations, the illegal runway as destination. They arrive, "jinetes" can be seen smuggling bottles of rum and boxes with drugs inside the plane. Quintero quickly runs to the cockpit, preparing the plane for inmediate takeoff. "It's enough, it's enough!" he yelled. "We are gonna drop like a stone if you keep pushing that mierda inside". Cuban authorities start swarming the place, and the chances of getting out of there are closing in. El Patron quickly shuts his door, buckles up. Ale turns the landing lights on, releases the parking brake and moves the throttle to 100%. ** Near the coast of Las Tumbas, Cuba ** Both of them blast off from there, heading towards Cancun, Mexico. Hours later they land at Cancun's International Airport. El Patron and his men, helped by local corrupt cops, move out, transporting the cargo out of the airport. "Now what? says Ale. "It's on you, we are stablishing ourselves some business here in Cancun, then see what we can do next." said El Patron. "How do you think they found the runway? They totally know about me, the planes, la mercancia, our operations, senor. It's my time to go away for a while." El Patron nods, walks away with his bag and the other men. Ale walks towards the terminal, searching for any flight leaving in the next hour. "Los Santos, boarding starts in 30 minutes." Backstory Alejandro Quintero, born in May 21st, 1988. Raised by his mother, Roberta María Rodrígez and his father, Guillermo Quintero, in Santa Cruz, Cuba. His mother, an unemployed woman at the time, taking care of Alejandro and the house. His father, a pilot for the Cuban Army. Alejandro, a lovely and responsible child. His father used to let him sit at the cockpit of his plane, letting him enjoy it and by so, putting every piece in place so Ale could follow his dad's carreer. Ale, the other way around, liked cars and action figurines more than little toy planes and jets. Years later, Ale struggled with his education. He got instructed by his father, and learned to fly "crop-planes" to help his community with the plantations around it. From there, things started to collapse. His dad, because of his age and medical condition, died. The main income for the family is gone, and it's time for Alejandro to take care of his mother and be the man of the house. Due to his skills as a pilot, a local drug lord contacted him. He made an offer, one he couldn't deny. Her mother's health, a new house and other things important for Alejandro by that time. He got hired as a trafficker, an air trafficker. Alejandro visited and risked his life around Central and South America. He went down to places like Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Northern Mexico and others, including Los Santos once, a place he really found interest on. Alejandro is currently in Los Santos, building himself a new life, a good one. To be continued.
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    Tatiana Francine Leon

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    Klippan's showroom

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    The Pine st. Hoods

    Craig Sweeney makes friends with Lou Canicatti.
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    The Pine st. Hoods

    stop RS hauling and take a few notes from the real man up the ra "The only reason for an Irishman to be near RS Haul or a British embassy is murder" - LF
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    Appreciate a Staff Member!

    @Vubstersmurf. Nuff said, 11/10.
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    The Pine st. Hoods

    Here's a little treat for everyone. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT. 😁
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    Tatiana Francine Leon

    An Introduction Tatiana Francine with her distinctively youthful considered mixed complexion is a French-Mexican in her late thirties. Her families origins beginning in the coastal state of Veracruz, which through history has been significantly recognized for its French colonial settlements. As for her own origins, Tatiana was born in the Hôpital Bichat Claude-Bernard located in the capital city of France in 1982 during the month of May making her zodiac sign a Taurus; This goes to confirm her personality traits, often being found to be materialistic, yet reliable and devoting while sometimes being rather stubborn or possessive almost fooling people into believing she suffers from a bipolar disorder especially with her volatile tempers. She's held a solid academical background at the Université Sorbonne Paris Cité USPC, a bright student with her interests lying in the medical sciences which has contributed to her recent career as a general practitioner. Overseas Love Ties Heroica Veracruz was a frequent vacation spot for Tatiana Francine, often being visited to keep in touch with her distant relatives who remained in the country. For the most part of her young life she enjoyed the shift in societies each time she visited, finding that she wasn't being judged by her socioeconomic status like she had been in her home country through bullying or racial exclusion. Despite the continental transition her parents committed to in order to search for a better quality of living following a discovered pregnancy, work was very hard to find for each of them contributing to the family leading on a lower class living which is again looked down upon as a racial stereotype for any foreign citizens who emigrated over. She eventually found her first and only love in her eventual husband Santiago Cadaval. A native of the state of Jalisco, west of Mexico which was home to the Mexican criminal group Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación who had strong ties with the bigger Cártel de Sinaloa whom he was connected with. He had an eye for exotic women, intrigued by Tatiana's mixed nationality and his role as an established sicario had him spoiling her greedy materialistic desires. They eventually married much to the disdain of her family and most of Tatiana's fortune consuming endeavors were supported by her husbands corrupt income, be it her high level curriculum in one of France's most prestigious Universities or even her taste in expensive designer fashion and accessories; Santiago was expected to support it despite the growing distance between the two, the pressures coming from other colleagues who only competed with each other using their women. Tragedy Brings Change Tatiana was one day informed by three different sources that Santiago had unfortunately been caught by the Policía Federal Preventiva, she was further informed that her husband had ignorantly taken on a task that ultimately set his course for this sort of demise. He had to fill in for a former polleros (Coyote) that was caught on a previous run while traveling down one of the cartels routes in the Tijuana state. He made up for it when he took the spot by preventing any major monetary loss considering the human smuggling rings were one of the more profitable incomes as opposed to any of the other markets, it promised him a big payout with very little cuts being taken out. After a few days more information came out, eventually making it to news outlets around the border as they used the massacre to bring attention to the cartels activities and deadly nature. It turns out Santiago was never put into federal custody, he was instead killed after he attempted to flee in a Chevrolet Tahoe once killing two Policía Federal Preventiva operativos that tried to search his vehicle under suspicion of human trafficking. This came as a massive shock to Tatiana who now found herself widowed from her only love, after shaking off the emotional heartbreak she found it only just made space for guilt. She often blames her lack of presence by her husbands side, believing that she was a compass that prevented Santiago from being so careless in his illegal activities. Years later to Tatiana's surprise she was offered a proposition, her identity clearly not forgotten by the ties that Santiago left behind for her. This proposition was significant enough that it could bring her about the wealth she lost with her husbands death, something that could make up for the loss that burdened her guilty conscious. It was going to be a tough pill to swallow, potentially bringing her the same demise as her husbands however the rewards overshadowed the ramifications as it would bring back the necessary fulfillment she has longed to retrieve again. With this in mind she immediately liquidated her assets that couldn't be transitioned, taking the next international flight to the state of San Andreas with mixed feelings in mind.
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    Name:Good Comment:Idiot I offered you 35 K earlier and now you lower it to 30 k? Last offer, 25 k AS BUYOUT.
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    Harlend INCORPORATED Studios

    (poster design by Lord Bartholomew VI, Harlend INC Studios - Senior Graphics Designer) TURNCOAT VICE TURNCOAT VICE is the first non-sci-fi Harlend INC Studios motion picture. This is a announcement for the film, production will begin in the upcoming weeks. The film is expected to release this year. The genre of the film is crime/action, set in the 1980s Vice City. NOTE FOR HARLEND WHO FANS: Season 3 production is still ongoing, production has not stopped. TURNCOAT VICE is a separate story from the Harlend Who series, meaning there is no cross over or connected stories. The production of TURNCOAT VICE will run alongside Harlend Who, albeit at a much slower pace. ((also if any nibbas want to voice act, hit me up on discord or forum PMs. You’ll get IC and at your own choice, OOC credit for your assistance. I’ll make a proper ad soon for “acting” roles.))
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    Sims Auto's

    About Us: Sims Auto's was founded in May of 2019 by Andy Sims. Andy has been a vehicle enthusiast all his life and has dreamed of running a dealership, that'll fit his style. Sim's Auto's is focused on selling used vehicles that are very affordable for everyone who's after a reliable vehicle. The vehicle's you'll find on our lot won't be any newer than 2007 but will be checked over professionally and any mechanical issues before the vehicles sold will be fixed. What You Can Expect: Sims Auto's will do it's best to stock the most affordable vehicles in San Andreas along with making sure they're completely road-worthy and offering other services on vehicles purchased from our lot. Sims Auto's plans to not sell vehicles for over the price of $7,500 due to seeing that as reasonably high. Location: Sims Auto's is located: 817 S. Mayor Street, Dillimore Contact Information: Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM)) Phone Number: 872-631 ((Thread will be updated over time. Credit to @ResidentPeach for the logo.))
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    Adrian ''Blade'' Leon

    Can't imagine Norm handling anything but hispanic illegal chars and FD. Fire though 🔥
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    Sims Auto's - Buying Used Cars!

    Are you looking to sell a used vehicle? Sims Auto's is looking to purchase used vehicles for our sales lot. We're looking for affordable vehicles that are completely safe to be re-sold. Requirements: 2007 or Older. No mechanical faults. Certificate of Road Safety. (Vehicles safe to be on the road.) Have a vehicle that fits the requirements? Contact us on the information below. Contact Information: Email: [email protected] ((Forum PM))
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    Nice to see a fellow Indian. Ya got discord?
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    Lowered starting bid to 35,000$
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    Name: UwU Bid: 10000 Item: Anime helmet
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    GAT Report Rating

    fiver and i'll grass, got a lot of dirt on that troll admin @Mogs
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    The Morra Crime Family

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    Name: Auction Webmaster Comment: According to the auction house's rules and regulations, it is forbidden to offer the auctioneer a buy-out. Once a buy-out was set, the auctioneer may not lower or raise it. You are only to offer the auctioneer a starting bid. (( Also please the proper format if you want to bid or offer a bid. ))
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    Sims Auto's

    Good luck x
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    Name: ^w^ Bid: 4500 Item: Custom Anime Helmet
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    Name: UwU Bid: 4000 Item: Anime helmet
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    Sims Auto's

    Good luck, love the location you chose, used to do the same in the same place years ago.
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    Bandidos MC

    Black Betty Gone Wild
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    Sims Auto's

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    Sims Auto's

    I really dig the concept. Sometimes you can't go wrong with cheap 'n reliable. Good luck!
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    Sims Auto's

    Good luck my friend!
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    Sell it and offer money.
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    A new era has began.
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    VT Update - April 2019

    VT Update - April 2019 Hello, We hope you've had a decent few months since our last update. During our meeting we discussed various topics, of the most important were various revisions to what vehicles are imported and how activity within dealerships is upheld. We also spoke of new dealership slots and positions within the vehicle team and you may find out more about these topics below. Dealership updates We will be implementing a dealership infraction system to uphold activity within our list of dealerships. Dealerships are limited and will be granted only to the people who are willing to put in work for them, so this system will ensure such. This system itself is currently in the works and will be presented eventually. We'd also like to announce the opening of three dealership types : 1 Junker Dealership 1 Brand Dealership 1 Import Dealership These are the only currently open types for and anything out of the list will be instantly denied. Apply for this if you feel you have both the backing and dedication to run a dealership. The applications will close a week from today. Application: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/42-vehicle-team-dealer-application-form-ooc/ The current list of banned vehicles has been revised and you may find that along with all current rules for dealerships here. We have also restocked new vehicles into the NPC dealerships to provide some variety. Team updates Applications for the team are still open. We encourage anyone with interest and the proper knowledge to submit an application as we could always use additional help. Application : https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/22-vehicle-team-member-application-ooc/ The current vehicle team roster is - Nachtfalke DylanW EPICxNUTS Illuminate We've also made a new DMV auction for the chance to own a 2019 McLaren Senna and you may find that below. Thank you, Vehicle Team
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    eoozy's shit skins vol 1

    Credits to @klippan for the face
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    Ricsow‘s Introduction

    Hello mate! Feel free to bug @Script if you got questions. xo
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    Klippan's showroom

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    Klippan's showroom

    updated with
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    Klippan's showroom

    welcome to klippans thread of perpetual mediocrity, more ivy league textures
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    Klippan's showroom

    posting more skinmods just because i can
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    Klippan's showroom

    last member of the one eyed toe sucking hoover crip order
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    Klippan's showroom

    child of da trenches
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    Klippan's showroom

    old and new shit
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    Klippan's showroom

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    Klippan's showroom

    ''Ivy League''
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    Klippan's showroom


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