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    Good roleplay, especially illegal roleplay is hard to find these days. People don't roleplay anymore, they just get a gun at 5 hours and start shooting at people while it's no development at all. A criminal should start from the bottom, 18 years old and he should do small robberies, like shops. Eventually roll in to a gang or such and do bigger stuff like dealing, but nope that's not how it works here on Owl. If you got friends in a illegal faction, you just roll in automatically like it's nothing. That's one of the big issues with the playerbase. They want to win by having sick cars, a lot of cash and power being the biggest. I'd rather have cyber crime support from FT, as I had this idea for years but was never approved.
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1990 Vehicle brand: Toyota Vehicle make: Celsior 4.0 C Specification F Package VIN: N/A Mileage: 160XXX Description: Despite its simple looks, this car isn't a joke. Relatively good grip due to being slammed, is a fun daily drifter once you get the hang of it. Top speed is 186 KM/h with a 0-100 time of 2.9 seconds. Easily moddable, as well. Images Starting bid: 2000$ Minimum increase: 500$ Buyout: N/A Auction end date: 13/4/19 Contact details: Will be given to the winner.
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    Seville Blvd. Locotes X3

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    Newsletter - End of March 2019

    Host more events!
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    Never understood this, I get people can be scared to report UA but I've infracted UA before, met with players on TS to discuss UA incidents, etc. I look at all UA staff reports seriously and I honestly try my best to be neutral. Would be happy to speak to people on discord if there's a specific situation that they feel I handled wrongly, but I think 90% of the tickets I've handled, usually evidence is presented that makes one of the parties realize they were wrong. A lot of staff reports are just resolving misunderstandings. On topic though, I posted a thread internally in FT last week for improving illegal RP so I'm glad to see it continued here. One thing that was brought up was the IC prison times however I don't see that brought up here on the community thread as much. I figured the IC prison times are pretty fair now and this thread seems to confirm that they are a non-issue. We've been noting down issues to discuss at the FT meeting this weekend (which I invite players to sit in for when this thread is discussed if anyone wants to) some of the following: - Encouraging player-to-player interaction instead of selling to VMs (how can we promote this?) - UA members complained about here haven't been RPing illegal for months now - Jose mentioned an evaluation of some of the FT perks given to official factions over established etc - ATM robbery, banks, etc! We'll continue to be monitoring the thread so keep em coming!
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    Here you will find the majority of the information you will need to learn how to interact with the Los Santos County Government (CPQL) and understand how it functions. This thread is a mixture of knowledge that is both OOC and IC. Use common sense. Information Mega Thread County Charter Sec. 1.0. – Home Rule Charter Los Santos County shall be a home rule charter county, and, except as may be limited by this Home Rule Charter, shall have all powers of self-government granted now or hereafter by the Constitution and laws of the State of San Andreas. Sec. 1.1. - Corporate Body and Name Los Santos County shall be a body corporate and politic. The corporate name shall be Los Santos County, San Andreas. The governing body shall be called the Los Santos County Government, Council and the People of Los Santos (CPQL) whose Latin alternative shall be Consilium Populusque Los Santos. Sec. 1.2. - Construction The powers granted by this Charter shall be construed broadly in favor of the charter government. It is the intent of this article to grant to the charter government full power and authority to exercise all governmental powers necessary for the effective operation and conduct of the affairs of the charter government. Sec. 1.3. - Elected Council and Commissioner Los Santos County shall operate under an elected County Council and County Commissioner. The legislative responsibilities and powers of the County shall be assigned to and vested in the County Council. The executive responsibilities and power of the County shall be assigned to and vested in the County Commissioner, who shall carry out the directives and policies of the County Council and enforce all orders, resolutions, ordinances and regulations of the Council, the Charter, and all applicable general law to assure that they be faithfully executed. There shall be an election held for the elected County Council seats and County Commissioner every quadrennial period (( 6 months )). In the event that no person is elected to fill a County Council seat, a special election shall be held as soon as possible. In the event that no person is elected to fill the County Commissioner seat, one may be appointed by the State Government of San Andreas. (( Faction Team / Upper Administration )) The heads of departments, senior administrative employees, a Deputy County Commissioner, and all other roles not elected by the people within the County Government may be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the County Commissioner and may be suspended or discharged without cause. Bureaus, departments, divisions, boards, and positions may be created at the behest of the County Commissioner as necessary to fulfill and accomplish the goals and duties of the County Government. Sec. 1.4. - County Council Structure The governing body of the County shall be a County Council, composed of eight (8) members. There shall be one County Council member elected per district, for a total of four (4) districts, and three (3) unelected County Council members, held by the respective leaders of the Los Santos Police Department, Los Santos Fire Department, and Superior Court of San Andreas. There shall be one Senior County Council member elected for the entire County known as the County Commissioner. Sec. 1.5. - Compensation Salaries and other compensation of the County Council and County Commissioner shall be established by ordinance, and salary shall not be lowered during an officer's term in office. The County Council may temporarily raise wages of all County Government employees for bonus pay. Sec. 1.6. - Special Elections In the event of death, resignation, impeachment, or incapacity of a member of the County Council, a special election shall be held as soon as possible at the direction of the County Commissioner. Sec. 1.7. - Impeachment The County Council may by majority vote suspend or impeach any county officer, employee, or elected official for malfeasance, misfeasance, neglect of duty, habitual drunkenness, incompetence, or permanent inability to perform official duties, or commission of a felony, and may fill the impeached person’s position by appointment except in the case of an elected official. Sec. 1.8. - Residence The County Commissioner shall reside in the County during their tenure as the County Commissioner. Each elected County Council candidate shall reside within the district from which the candidate seeks election at the time of qualifying to run for that office and during the term of office. Sec. 1.9. - Absence In the event of death, resignation, impeachment, or incapacity of the County Commissioner, the Deputy County Commissioner as appointed by the County Commissioner shall undertake the responsibilities and powers of the County Commissioner for the remaining duration of the term. If no Deputy County Commissioner is available to undertake such responsibilities and powers, a special election shall be held as soon as possible at the direction of the County Council for the remainder of the term. In the event that the County Commissioner is temporarily not able to perform their duties, they may appoint their Deputy County Commissioner to serve as the County Commissioner in their place during such an absence. If there is no Deputy County Commissioner to be appointed or they are also temporarily not able to perform their duties, the County Commissioner may appoint a County Council member in their place during such an absence. Sec. 1.10. - Ordinance, Resolution, Administrative Regulation, and Ratification The County Council may by majority vote adopt ordinances or resolutions. In the event of a tie, the County Commissioner holds the deciding vote. Each ordinance, resolution, regulation, or ratification shall be introduced in writing. The County Council may by unanimous vote amend the County Charter or ratify an ordinance, resolution, regulation, or similar governing document. The County Council shall adopt an Administrative Code. “Ordinance” means an official legislative action of a governing body, which action is a regulation of a general and permanent nature and enforceable as a local law. “Resolution” means an expression of a governing body concerning matters of administration, an expression of a temporary character, or a provision for the disposition of a particular item of the administrative business of the governing body. “Ratification” means an ordinance, resolution, regulation, or similar governing document in question may not be removed, modified, appealed, or otherwise tampered with, without a unanimous affirmative vote by the County Council. Any County Council member may propose an ordinance, resolution, ratification, or amendment. Any County Council member may also propose changes to the County Administrative Code. These proposals shall formally be known as a “motion”. When a motion is made, County Council members have forty-eight (48) hours to respond. The response may be either a vote or a request for delay for further consideration or amendment proposal. After a request for delay has been made, the period for voting shall be extended one hundred and sixty-eight (168) hours so amendments may be considered. A member of the County Council may abstain from voting or recuse themselves for a conflict of interest or may be forcibly removed from voting for a clear conflict of interest. Abstention, recusal, or conflict of interest removal shall not invalidate a unanimous vote. The County Council may prescribe penalties for the violation of ordinances it may have authority to pass, by one or more of the following: imprisonment in the county jail or in any place provided by the county for the detention of prisoners, for any term not exceeding 90 days (( 1 day )); or by fine or by a reasonable period of community service. An ordinance may cover the same violation as a state law provided that the penalty provided is higher than the state statute. An ordinance shall be required for regulating people, regulating property, annexing property into the county, and adopting annual appropriation for subsidiary agencies or departments. A resolution shall be required for adopting county meeting rules and procedures, adopting a county personnel policy, approving a contract, authorizing a schedule of fees, adopting a comprehensive plan, authorizing the destruction of records, authorizing the sale of surplus equipment or land, or authorizing specific budgetary requests or expenditures which are not part of the standard annual appropriation. Any act imposing a sanction for the violation of the act must be by ordinance. The County Commissioner must sign all ordinances, resolutions, and ratifications for them to be valid and may refuse to sign the aforementioned documents, invoking a “veto”. A veto may be overturned with a unanimous vote from the County Council, excluding the County Commissioner’s vote. Sec. 1.11. - Permanently Available Positions Positions within the executive branch of the County Government which must consistently be available for every term by appointment are the Deputy County Commissioner, Chief of Staff, Commissioner of Defense, and Commissioner of Finance. Sec. 1.12. - Municipal Agencies Agencies or subdivisions directly under the control of the County Government and established by this Charter shall be the Bureau of Traffic Services, Los Santos International Airport, Los Santos Police Department, Los Santos Fire Department, San Andreas Public Transport, and a County Coroner Department which may be combined with other medical services or agencies within the County. Sec. 1.13. - Adoption of Charter The adoption of this Charter shall not affect any existing contracts or obligations of Los Santos County; the validity of any of its laws, ordinances, regulations, and resolutions; or the term of office of any elected County officer, whose term shall continue as if this charter had not been adopted. How the Government Works Structure of the Government The County Government, also known as the Council and the People of Los Santos (CPQL), is the main government present in character. They are responsible for passing County ordinances to regulate in character issues such as, but not limited to: zoning, permits, building codes, parking regulations, and other ordinances a County would reasonably dictate. The County Government also ensures the heads of municipal agencies (LSPD, LSFD, BoTS, LSIA) are held accountable through the Government Transparency, Accountability, and Oversight Act. The government answers to a council, making up three permanent council members (LSPD Chief, LSFD Chief, ScoSA Chief Justice) and four non-permanent members. Council elections are held initially at the beginning of each term, and thereafter upon the death, resignation, or removal of a council member. It is the duty of the government to meet with the council at least once per term to approve the necessary budget and to vote on ordinances. After the budget is approved, the County Commissioner delegates tasks to his respective heads of Departments (Commissioners) to carry out their duties. Additional duties may be created by ordinance that is passed, such as the Emergency Services Committee under the Government Transparency, Accountability, and Oversight Act. County Commissioner Oversees all aspects of County Government. Tasked with signing legislation and is bound by the Charter. Deputy Commissioner Aids and advises County Commissioner, undertakes his roles when not present. Chief of Staff Oversees day to day operations, ensures Commissioners are held accountable and doing their job, advises County Commissioner. Commissioner of Defense Leads and supervises protection of government officials and property, oversees recruitment and training of Public Security Services (PSS). Commissioner of Finance Leads the Department of Licensing (DoL), tasked with over viewing licenses, government finances, business permits, and other financial affairs. Commissioner of Public Works Leads the Department of Maintenance, ensuring city is kept free of garbage, graffiti, general maintenance, oversees government construction projects, and recruits to their needs. County Spokesperson Leads the Department of Public Relations, recruitment and supervision of government press conferences is one of the key tasks performed by an individual within this position. Public Works Supervisor Tasked with assisting the Commissioner of Public Works in recruitment and supervising the Department of Maintenance, thus aiding with operations related to DoM. Public Works Technician Tasked with various clean-up and construction operations around the County of Los Santos. Business Licensing Officer Tasked with assisting the Commissioner of Finance, handing out and supervising multiple types of permits, business licenses, audits, etc within the Department of Licensing (DoL). Elections Elections Within Government There are two types of elections within the County of Los Santos. The first being the County Council elections which was explained in How the Government Works above. The second being the County Commissioner election. Both elections are to be held every 6 months and as necessary during vacancies, known as special elections. These elections will dictate who the County Commissioner and Council Member are, who then in turn make up the elected executive and legislative parties of the government. They are the heads of government (CPQL). The County Charter expands on the powers, function, and election parameters of the County Commissioner and County Council. To run for County Commissioner, you must first send a platform to the Faction Team VIA Public Contact. If accepted, you will then be able to begin campaigning and run for office. To run for election as a Council Member, you must first send your platform to the existing County Commissioner. Good luck! Publications The government publishes many types of documents, which can range from resolutions and announcements to ordinances and internal mandates. They may be found here and here. Contacting the CPQL Ways of Contacting the Government By Phone: #511 (In-Game Hotline). By E-Mail: [email protected] (( @DrJoseEviI )) By Mail: 1, Pershing Square, County Hall By Contact Form: HERE History of the CPQL The Re-Branding of the Los Santos County Government Los Santos was once a home to a series of failed governments and victim to widespread corruption and neglect. It was time for a change. After retiring from a career of law enforcement, Thomas J. Mengele, the founder of the Council and the People of Los Santos (CPQL), grew tired of the abuse of Los Santos citizens and founded a government on the principles or transparency, liberty, security, and justice. Feverishly opposed to corruption and crime, Thomas Mengele rid the government of corruption and called for the resignation of municipal heads of agencies that failed to perform. Soon after replacing them with effective leadership, the County of Los Santos saw a boost in productivity and now prospers as a County of law and order. Inspired by Libertarian and Conservative views, the CPQL has brought glory and honor to the government of Los Santos. After four terms, Thomas J. Mengele stepped down due to health issues and his long term confidant and Deputy County Commissioner, Keira Mosely, oversaw the remainder of his term. Nicholas Howard ran for the office of County Commissioner, in opposition to Keira Mosely and won. While initially opposed to many of the views and policies of the CPQL, Nicholas Howard grew to accept and appreciate what the CPQL had done before him and continued on with many of the same policies. Throughout his term, Nicholas Howard would wind up working with many of the same people originally hired by Thomas J. Mengele to assist him in running an efficient government, enacting extensions of policies and ordinances passed before him to continue with the tradition and spirit of the lodestar government before him, the CPQL. Business Loans Financial Aids for Businesses in Los Santos The County Government (CPQL) offers financial aid to businesses looking to get themselves off the ground. Simply head to this website and fill out the requested information. Employment Employment with the County Government (CPQL) If you are interested in joining the government, send your job resume to the respective Commissioner you wish to work for. They will soon after be in touch. Licensing and Permits Respective Licensing and Permits A business license is required for all businesses with no exceptions. A hunting permit is required for hunting with no exceptions. Also required to access a Tier 2 for hunting purposes. An event permit is required for all events with no exceptions. If you wish to apply for a business license, please visit this link. If you wish to apply for a hunting permit, please visit this link. If you wish to apply for an event permit, please visit this link. Salary Disclosure County Commissioner $250,000 a year (( 1,500 )) Deputy Commissioner $240,000 a year (( 1,400 )) Commissioner of Defense $110,000 a year (( 1,110 )) Commissioner of Public Works $110,000 a year (( 1,110 )) County Spokesperson $110,000 a year (( 1,110 )) Assistant Commissioner of Defense $95,000 a year (( 950 )) Public Works Supervisor $90,000 a year (( 900 )) Public Works Technician $80,000 a year (( 800 )) Council Board Member $50,000 a year (( 500 )) ES Oversight Committee Member $50,000 a year (( 500 )) Agencies Under CPQL Municipal and County Agencies under CPQL Bureau of Traffic Services Los Santos International Airport Los Santos Police Department Los Santos Fire Department San Andreas Public Transport District Supervisors District 1 - Vacant District 2 - Vacant District 3 - Andy Sims District 4 - Vacant
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    Car - 1993 Toyota Supra [SOLD]

    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1993 Vehicle brand: Toyota Vehicle make: Supra VIN: XXXX Mileage: 66071 Description: Great car for its price, comes with a lot of parts including a built 1200hp engine. Images Starting bid: 40.000 Minimum increase: 5000 Buyout: 75.000 Auction end date: 20.04.2019 Contact details: Will be given to the winner. ** OOC AND IC COMMENTS DISABLED **
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    the VM systems obv need to be redesigned - - but the biggest problem isn't really the economy and that's why I've put this under spoiler tags. the thing that sucks for me in illegal rp is that the majority of people in illegal rp are just dicks - dicks to each other, dicks to other roleplayers on the server, dicks to the admins and dickish in general in the way they conduct themselves within the community. years later it's still that same mash of people who spend forum pages arguing about the realism of faction x or y or cry out for detailed roleplay and "faction development" and lash at each other out for ic gone ooc beefs that happened years ago you can see it by the replies on this thread - owl nowadays is fucking riddled with memster incels going around posting trash and being generally annoying to anybody who's really here to fucking roleplay. and some people just don't really wanna deal with all this shit - I stopped roleplaying illegal characters exactly because I was getting tired of being constantly under fire and shelling out both at admins and other illegal roleplayers everyday over almost everything. people still don't take this seriously - and when you find a way to filter out the people that don't and keep the players that do then illegal rp and the whole server will flourish.
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    Seville Blvd. Locotes X3

    Hello! The faction's doors are always open for everyone, whoever is interested upon joining this faction hit me up on discord (Mahmut#6236) I will guide you and give you tips about how to approach us (if needed). (rasmus is the real leader, he's kinda inactive so I'm gonna do the recruitment for now)
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    - VM encourages player to player interaction more than expected, leave it be and add more options to it (illegal weekly routines or events, idk) , automatise the system to keep people interested in the quick money illegal life brings without killing the faction team brain cells with every form we send in - There's no options but some bureaucracy for money, see first phrase - add a stock market already, millionaires actually exist in real life don't believe what communists say and work on your marketing, you're losing players sadly for lack of innovation make an investment, hire people for the work edit: add some damn casinos scripts, i want to lose my virtual money not real money anymore
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    213 Hoodlums

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    Newsletter - End of March 2019

    Great stuff. Glad to see more events are taking place. Perhaps I shall host a tuners event at the drag strip?
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    Roleplay Recognition Thread

    @Illuminate my best mate--his rp of clotheslining women down the stairs is top tier
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1995 Vehicle brand: Nissan Vehicle make: 240SX SE VIN: XXXX Mileage: 72474 Description: Great platform for drifting, has coilovers installed and it has 42 in angle. Images Starting bid: 40.000 Minimum increase: 5000 Buyout: 90.000 Auction end date: 20.04.2019 Contact details: Will be given to the winner. ** OOC AND IC COMMENTS DISABLED **
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    Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: MH - Automotives | Rodeo, Royal Street Interior Images: Starting Bid: 50,000$ Minimum Increase: 5.000$ Buyout: 200,000$ Auction ends: 14.4.2019 Contact Information: Will be given to the winner.
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    Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: Ocean Docks Warehouse, Harbor RD. Interior Images: Starting Bid: 160.000$ Minimum Increase: 5.000$ Buyout: 300,000$ Auction ends: 14.3.2017 Contact Information: Will be given to the winner.
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    [BoTS] Recruitment Information

    Recruitment Information SPACER The Bureau of Traffic Services is the primary parking enforcement arm of the Los Santos County Government (CPQL). Along with impounding vehicles found to be breaching the Vehicle Code of San Andreas, general vehicle towing and recovery services are provided by the bureau. If you're the kind of person who has a strong will to deal with the transportation of vehicles and parking enforcement, you've come to the right place. SPACER SPACER Application Requirements SPACER All applicants: Has a strong will to deal with the transportation of vehicles and parking enforcement. No felony on criminal record. No traffic infraction within the last year ((10 days)). (( No admin record for a serious offence within the last 30 days. )) (( Your forum username on this website must be your character name. Request a name change here. )) (( Has at least 10 playing hours on character applicant. )) Former employees (Reinstatement): Has not been an employee of the bureau within the past 30 days. An employee who had left the bureau as a probationary traffic operator is ineligible for reinstatement and therefore must go through the recruitment process once again. SPACER SPACER Are you interested in a such a career and wish to join us? Don't hesitate and apply for us now Here! Read the original thread on our forums for more information!
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    Los Santos Police Department - Vehicle Auction Year: 2017 Make: Mercedes Benz Model: G65 AMG 4MATIC Mileage: 874 Starting Bid: $220,000 Minimum Increase: $1,000 Buyout: N/A Auction Ends: 17th February 2019 Contact Info: #311 or EMAIL [email protected] (( @Mogs ))

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