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    im not good at introductions. Alrighty, so first time I making a post like this. To start off, I'd like to make it clear I genuinely care about Owl and it's players. Despite what people may think of me, I like playing on Owl and I like playing with everyone, I normally try to avoid legitimate quarrels as well since strung out fights ruin the fun for everyone. I'm sure a majority of you care in some way, or else you would not be playing here, a long with the staff members. During my time at Owl for the last two years, I've been on both sides of arguments with various staff members, players and what not, I've heard both sides of other people's complaints as well. What disappoints me is that many people tend to give up quite easily when they encounter a issue on Owl, this is understandable since our player base likely does not surpass the age of 20-24, and likely averages around 14-20. Younger individuals tend to break down quicker when dealing with issues, so this is the most logical explanation I can think of. Any who, I don't want to stray to far from my point and the topic at hand. I see people jump on band wagons, throw around crap like "dead server" "uat circle jerk" or whatever, they're easy things you can resort to and various factions, staff members or players turn into scapegoats. What I don't see, and what disappoints me is I don't see people trying to make concerted efforts to actually try to improve anything, people just complain, do nothing or straight up leave, they expect things to change immediately without providing more depth into their issues, so a lot of complaints seem very one sided, which makes it hard for the staff as a whole to improve on these things. We get threads where people rant, but rants don't really solve anything. Typical rant threads happen because someone disagreed with the outcome of a situation, they explain why its sucks, etc etc, they don't offer much constructive solutions other than what MIGHT seem like a personal bias because they're upset at the time of the thread being posted. I consider myself a dedicated individual, I take pride in helping others and putting effort into my work. Many people may not realize that the staff teams are actively doing their best to try to fix things, and regularly work with each other to try to over come serious issues. Players in the past have came to me personally, despite me having not the best personal relationships with them, or not really knowing them at all, asking for my opinion or assistance in their issue, and I've always fulfilled their requests and do pretty much everything in my power to help them with their staff reports, CK appeals, FT contacts, or merely asking for a second opinion on another admin's judgement. As of yesterday, a official thread has been posted in the private Faction Team section regarding improving illegal roleplay, because of numerous complaints about it being "dead"(?). I myself, PERSONALLY don't know how it is dead, or how such claims come to fruition, but I'm always open for criticism, and I do not shy away from a constructive discussion. Now, here is the good part. I went to Chaos and with his approval I've made this thread. I wan't to make it clear that this is NOT a thread for RANTS, this is for legitimate concerns on how we can fix things. I'll act directly as your pipeline of information, conveying your concerns and suggestions directly to the faction team. I don't want to see cancerous Khram conspiracies or some dumb shit like that, it is honestly a dead meme at this point. With all this being said, I'd like to list a few things below that the community might want. I have a few ideas about FT and non-FT related things, that new and current players might use from time to time. 1) A chain of command thread. A thread detailing how staff teams interact with one another, who handles what issues/requests, and how you should go about reporting a particular staff member. 2) How to deal with a decision/outcome you disagree with. Similar to the chain of command, a thread like this would be useful. If you happen to disagree with a decision, a thread like this would be useful to look up so you know who or what team to contact, how you should word/detail your request, and understanding certain things. 3) How FT/Admins deal with particular contacts/tickets. I'm sure this could be merged with #2, but we'll see. Some players are not fully aware of how certain types of FT contacts or UCP tickets are dealt with, knowing this information would likely clear up some general confusion. 4) Faction and FT contact expectations Occasionally, we'll get people trying to request some overzealous contact where they'll want a drop containing a dozen M4's and Uzis, on top of 50 kilos of Heroin and Coke, the whole nine yards. People likely aren't aware of the standards such as those outlined in the Faction Statuses thread, admittedly it does lack certain bits of information such as expectations, but I believe the point of the thread was to basically outline faction progression from starting out, leading up to official. This thread in particular would help new faction leaders, and ones that have been around for a slightly longer period of time understand how they can progress from being confirmed, all the way up to official, and what you should expect with each tier. If people wan't this, I'll get @ThatGuy and myself to do some touch ups on it. I believe independent operations should be outlined as well, for people who want to run solo drug ops, or some shady business practices. 5) The "web" connection. Many people likely haven't heard of this term, I picked it up once I joined FT over a year ago, and I applied it to practices I've already been doing. Whatever thread this is included in, it would explain how higher status factions, should (from an OOC point of view) cooperate with one another, such as Official Factions working with lower tier factions, and why neutrality is important. This one may seem a little biased if you haven't been in one of my factions before, but I have always strived for diplomacy, which is what a official faction should do. I prefer long term and stable business over fast cash and starting unnecessary trouble. Leading The Yokel Mafia/Red County Mob for over two years, I understood how important alliances were ICly fairly quickly. Part of the reason why TYM has been successful this long is because we always try to remain neutral with everyone, we're always open for business despite who you are or what your organization is, as long as you don't cause trouble, betray us, or our allies. Being an official faction does not mean you have to accept hostility and allow your shit to get kicked in, TYM has always had a strong code of loyalty, showing no mercy for people and groups that have betrayed them or lied to them. 6) Updating/Adding/Defining/Clarifying Rules Title pretty much says it, what rules do you think need to me more clearly defined, changed or added? These will likely stem into a rule suggestion but we'll see how things go! These are all the things that I could think of whilst writing this thread as 10 PM. If you're not comfortable with posting your suggestions/concerns publicly, please feel more than free to directly PM me on Discord or Forums, I'll be sure to respond once I'm able to. Please be sure to keep the public comments fair and on topic, admiration is appreciated but I wan't to be sure that our main focus is solving issues, not spiraling off into random arguments. yeet if there is any major spelling errors I'll probably find them. I'm gonna go make some food now.
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    there’s no encouragement for some criminal rpers to roleplay, because it’s the same formula all the time (vm, car chopping u name it) but take a step further and offer something unusual and u will be waiting for UA to sort their shit out for half a year before anything can be hammered into motion (a great example is the vehicle export scheme)
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    It hasn't even been more than 3-4 months or so since illegal RP was booming. Gangs flourished and even Bratva was active. The reason why it's dying now is that there is a certain UA supported gang that want to, at all costs, take out every other gang or control them. That's a partial reason why ABZ was L&A'ed. As well as the fact that most of the good gang RP'ers have taken their leave now due to a new server coming up, and most will not come back unless Owl's playerbase goes up drastically and somehow illegal RP gets revived. It's an endless, possibly impossible to close loop as nobody wants to return to start it up again themselves, so nobody else is couraged to do so. P.S: nothing is wrong with the VM system lol it already pays a fuckton but yeah gangs should be encouraged more to find real players to sell to
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    A middle income family raised Keith as an orphan a few blocks away from Oakhaven in the south area of Memphis. Seeing opportunity in the criminal underworld’s culture that his household got influenced by, it was only a matter of time before his point of view towards life altered to thrill his street activities. As a juvenile, he became affiliated with a petty street gang called BSG, from which he learned valuable knowledge about narcotics. ==== http://linkbook.thomaspwn.com/index.php?do=/codeinepromethazine/
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    No logs. I'm tired. xo
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    '' I'd rather die like a man, than live like a coward. ''
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    Hold my lean, this is a summary I'm not going to go into detail "As of yesterday, a official thread has been posted in the private Faction Team section regarding improving illegal roleplay, because of numerous complaints about it being "dead"(?). I myself, PERSONALLY don't know how it is dead, or how such claims come to fruition, but I'm always open for criticism, and I do not shy away from a constructive discussion. " I get the topic, but this is the wrong approach, just because you personally get to roleplay with your crew doesn't mean that the illegal RP on the server is booming, there hasn't been a drug scene in the server in ages, brearly any street dealing, people buy drugs to VM and that alone is not fun. I haven't seen a gang prosper in the server in ages becuase there's the mentality of Gangs can't be official because they're gangs and are unorganized. Things like this discourage people from playing. People have to wait for hours to do robberies or even petty shit that is on par with the development of their characters, a few people also complain about their ideas being shut down by FT or taking ages to get accepted or responded to. Gang VM should be different, gangs should be allowed to be on the street and /me selling to someone in their hood without being in one area, it shouldn't be a one-hour thing either, this idea needs to be worked on obviously in detail but, the fact that a gang would have to do /mes for an hour to VM will never add up, they should be able to freely walk around their hood and roleplay selling to local fiends ETC. There should also be more money rewarded for VM, it's motivation to do it frequently. The police should not try to crack down on gangs and essentially shut them down completely. That's not realistic, groups like the rolling 60s and Fruit Town Piru have been around for ages, there have been a lot of arrest and deaths, yes but they've never been fully shut down, we gotta understand that this is owl, a gang will never have 100 members so allow the 20 to have enough time to do shit before trying to eliminate them. Stuff like ATM and other related scams should be more accessible, methods of generating illegal income is limited on the server. I'll stop there because I don't want people to skip over stuff. Short and sweet. There may be typos im not gonna read over this
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    Incorrect. FT is always easy to reach. I've always had my answers when I private message or faction inquiry them. I'd personally thank to @Vubstersmurf @DrJoseEviI And @FAILCAKEZ who always tried to be helpful towards my person and my faction issues.
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    +1, this "certain UA group" basically killed multiple factions and made over 10 players leave. I hope you understand your mistakes.
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    You are able to staff report admins who ignore reports. UA is able to easily check if they did. I encourage you to do so as I don't particularly enjoy being ignored either. Street Gangs normally don't meet the criteria for official status. Official factions are normally organizations who are, or have international ties. They have means of procuring larges products and have connections to out of state and out of country organizations that would be able to supply them consistently and in bulk. I wouldn't mind street gangs getting official status, minus the regular large quantity drops they realistically wouldn't get. The only difference between being a normal faction and being official is your supply connections. Official factions get their product wholesale from FT to then distribute to lower tier factions via the spider web connection. Street gangs are apart of this connection, and they'd still be receiving large quantities, the only difference is that their product isn't mass imported once they first get it, it's already in the the County and ready to be resold in bulk. Of course there are other perks to being official, which I think would be alright for lower tier factions can be able to enjoy once being established for a while. I'll recommend to FT to evaluate some of these perks. You are able to VM whatever drug in any location. Certain areas pay more because realistically the demand in those areas would be higher. I understand what you're saying though. You can sell whatever drugs in your turf, but you run the risk of losing profits if you're selling things nobody buys. I've heard of this complaint before, but I have never seen evidence about it. I actually want to see evidence about it, because it genuinely concerns me if PD characters are targeting factions for no reason. From what I have seen so far in these type of scenarios is that a lot of gangs, don't do stuff the clean way, they commit a lot of crime out in the open and bring a lot of attention to themselves, this would normally attract PD to investigate people who are committing these crimes. I support this 100% and I'm sure many other FT members will too. I agree with this as well, not only having to deal with toxic people who enjoy lying myself but the fact other factions have to deal with it makes it a more widespread issue. You are right that being labeled negatively OOCly repeatedly does cause some negative effect, it puts a bad spot light on factions and people, causing other players to want to avoid them. I'd like to say this is false, but it is true. Harassing others OOCly and flaming/spamming their faction threads with negative stuff causes poor reception to the rest of the community. The other day I actually proposed a fair solution to people being toxic and flaming other factions. “Toxicity and flaming OOCly against other factions rather than posting admiration or constructive criticism can lead to negative reputation from the Faction Team. We encourage leaders to keep their members in check OOCly to maintain positive and constructive exchange between factions rather than trying to offend, discourage or put down. We expect fair play OOCly and will not give extensive support to factions to fail to contribute positively” This more or less falls under one of our already existing rules, but I believe it should be more clearly defined. First rule under the Server Rules page. Faction communication OOCly should be pretty neutral, we should be trying to help each other. FT will know who aren't deserving and who are. Please contact me privately regarding this "UA supported gang", I'd like to look into it personally as this would develop into a staff report. This is similar complaints we have heard in the past such as "UA circle jerks" or w/e, but no one ever really steps forward. I myself have had tickets against UAT Before in the past, and they were handled legitimately, and I have been successful in one that wasn't serious. UAT aren't immune to the rules, what some might think, many people aren't aware of this. This is why I believe a chain of command should be more clearly outlined and how to deal with outcomes/decisions you don't agree with should be knowledge easily accessible to players. In conclusion with this response, I have added #6 to the list of possible improvements to the main post. I will be forwarding these concerns to FT.
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    Fair enough, so basically this is how it goes. When you're repetatively scrutinized out of character for each induvidual interaction you have following a situation you was involved in, albeit usually a negative act towards someone else or another faction that instigated everything. Believe it or not this actually pisses people off eventually, and can also influence in-character actions if the person on the receiving end doesn't want about 6-8 people bashing them again because of the stereotype/stigma held over them. This amplifies when the rest of the faction is involved, that's clearly what happened to Khram when the problem was with a few induviduals and it somehow expanded to the entire faction being the problem. I mean don't you remember when the faction was effectively killed off for the very issues I'm bringing up? That's as brief and articulated as I can put it for you without having to write paragraphs.
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    I did and it doesn't add up, regardless of how someone is OOC, when you hop in game it's IC, you deal with IC characters how should their OOC actions discourage you from roleplaying with your group of people
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    I wouldn't be against suggesting that a ramification should be made for factions whom encourage toxicity. I think as of late the strong amounts of leniency towards toxicity has really fustrated a few people to the point of just leaving the illegal community. I know this is yet again opening the same old can of worms so to speak, but take Khram for example which endured a stupid level of out of character expressed toxicity. All it usually takes is particular members in a faction who've had a stereotype or stigma held over them prohibiting them from actually taking part in absolutely anything unless if they were willing to receive turbo nonces having a go at them somewhere. It's not even about the roleplay anymore, it's about the people behind the characters and their reputation and that's in my opinion what has made it feel shit as of late. People can't help but look beyond the characters, and that really needs to change but it won't happen without this leniency being toned down some time soon. If people had real concerns with other factions, they'd be in reports not on the forum or general Discord and it's all to obviously provoke a reaction or to genuinely sit in an orgy. There's other issues that people will post here, but I don't personally think they're as critical as this one.
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    This thread is to promote decent discussion in order to improve things for Illegal factions. Arguing and targeting each other just isn't constructive whatsoever and comments will be removed.
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    Sorted, gave @Deepzone dinoco perks. @Chaotropy
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    How does that have anything to do with illegal RP and the illegal RP scene, how does someone hurting your feelings ooc stop you from going IC and creating RP?
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    That's the point, gangs sell stepped on coke, pills, hero to an extent and weed. Regardless of the area, they're selling it to fiends, they'd still make cash. You can't expect a gang to go to Marina to sell drugs
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1994 Vehicle brand: Acura Vehicle make: NSX VIN: Given if requested. Mileage: 82XXX Description: A sleek classic sports car from the 90's, a true classic. Fitted with nice alloy colored rims, tinted windows and custom license plate, in great condition and tops out at 203km/h, tested on a closed course. Handles like a dream, it is an NSX after all and has a great exhaust note! (( Also has inactivity protection until June 15th, 2019 )) Images Starting bid: 40000 Minimum increase: 1000 Buyout: 60000 Auction end date: 11.4.2019 Contact details: 892510
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    213 Hoodlums is a long-standing African-American street gang founded during the late 1975 in the southern district of Los Santos, San Andreas. Vol I. About The 213 Hoodlums. The 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood claims Metropolitan Ave, Verdant Bluffs and shows their activity and attendance nearby districts, even though they're situated in a tight rough spot due to the fact their gang is entirely surrounded by neighboring gangs. Without uncertainty, The 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood was a figure in gang violence that increased crime rates around Verdant Bluffs, Idlewood and Commerce in the late 1980s. Residents affirmed that the gang-affected the neighborhood so critical, that it shifted the homicide rate to proportions unheard of in Los Santos. An extensive portion of 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood affiliates was promptly incarcerated in the late 90s due to the rising tensions. How the conflict sprouted is unknown to many, including the modern-day members of the 213 Hoodlums Neighbourhood. Most of those who were interned were within the ages of 13-17, they hold an, even more, greater residence in Juvenile Institutions, and Juvenile Camps across the state of San Andreas as a result of the heavy embroilment in poverty-riddled activities. Vol II. Metropolitan Ave, Verdant Bluffs Riots. SOUTH CENTRAL Contrary to widespread belief, the Verdant Bluffs District drew a low number of visitants and civilians throughout the early 1960s and 1970s. Residents at Metropolitan Ave claim that the area is hard to live in, while others completely stay away from the area. Verdant Bluffs' history dates back to 1953, at that time Metropolitan Ave, Verdant Bluffs was a multicultural neighborhood Metropolitan Ave packed with a heavy presence of Hispanic Americans, with a minority of African Americans, Caucasian, and a few others mixed in between. Even then in the midst of the early-late 60s, Idlewood possessed a very high crime rate, because of the war against the Black Panthers and the government. Prostitution, robberies and car crime (especially carjackings). In the 1980s drugs (especially weed-cocaine) became the main issues. The area is deeply under scrutiny by Police aviation, aka "Ghetto Bird" or "The Bird." Manufacturing jobs were popular during the 1950s and 1960s. However, an unplanned reduction in jobs around 1963 also helped The Metropolitan Ave Riots. Once jobs caused began declining, this depressed the area; at the same time, the concentration of poverty-stricken residents, blended with a pervasive feeling of disenfranchisement and official indifference or hostility, caused the housing projects to become a breeding ground for criminal activities. Verdant Bluffs Riots In the implacable & black southside region of Metropolitan Ave, the racial tension stretched to another level after a fight between African-Americans and Caucasian residents of the Glen Park Homes. Law enforcement arrived at the scene of the riot, and Gerald J' Henry, a Caucasian police officer interlaced in an uproar with an African-American mechanic speculated of elevating the fight. However, as a crowd of Metropolitan Ave, Verdant Bluffs onlookers watched the brutal & dishearten death of Lamar Harrison (20) conflict spread & a riot roused by residents of the neighboring housing projects, and houses who were angered after years of unfair economic and political treatments. The Home Street District Riots was privately filmed by a helicopter, footage showcases how pedestrians & Law enforcement brutally terrified the streets of Verdant Bluffs and Commerce. Multiple people were shot, beaten or arrested, individuals in those riot events eventually ranged a bigger area of Verdant Bluffs, looting stores, torching buildings and markets, brawling police and firefighters. Around 120 rioters were injured, 10 were injured. Vol III. Neighborhood. As of 2016, the 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood is still an infamous and prominent African-American street gang. Most new affiliates of the street gang who have become known to the police through monitoring and arrests are within the ages of 14 and 24. 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood appear to have a higher interest in recruiting young men and young women who are in their late teens and early 90s rather than youths who are still in childhood or early adolescence. It stands to reason that the street gang, through recruiting this relatively older age group, are looking for more experienced and seasoned members. Their territory extends a larger amount than before.Metropolitan Ave is still known for its density, as such, it should be no surprise that many of the local youth are affected by this culture either through acquaintances or family. The latter being the case for many, be it an older brother, father or uncle that had ties to the Neighborhood. Not only that, but the 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood still remain strong within the area and kept it that way for almost 45 years. The 213 Hoodlums Neighborhood is one of the most murderous gangs in South Central, according to law enforcement. Upon entering and conspiring with 213 Hoodlums you automatically agree to a Character Kill (CK) Clause upon departure of 213 Hoodlums or betrayal against 213 Hoodlums.
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    Good luck, looking forward to seeing where you go with the development of this character.
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    He started playing earlier 2018, he probably didn't get what you meant by Illegal RP school. He was taught illegal RP by Diego in Liverpool KFC Crew. Don't mind him.
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    Read it then I'd be encouraged to respond if you still don't understand it.
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    Yeah that’s true but recently the drug prices have gone down in some LS areas due to IC reasons. Weed obviously doesn’t sell for much regardless cus it’s weed. Meth on the other hand is a cheaper drug. Imo cocaine should be the most expensive drug. All the prices change depending on the location but the prices went down in east ls due to ic events. For example, angel pine, blueberry, dillimore. Places in the country side where there are more hillbillies etc. Those are areas where you may see heroin or meth have higher prices for example.
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    VM can actually be very rewarding it all just depends on what you’re selling and where you’re selling it.
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    Innovative thread. I hope it leads to discussions we've needed for a long time. Best of luck with what you have going on here.
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    Would you be able to elaborate a bit more? I think I understand what you're trying to get at (sort of). Vehicle exports are already a thing, and have been for a while. Edit: I also have plans to suggest regular monthly "events" for factions, that revolve around selling contraband.
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    oh i see u baby. how u doin
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    All gang banger RP is retarded
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    We do actually care about the roleplay, because if it's not done correctly the car wouldn't function.
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    Good luck mate, just stop making like those comments, be useful and help people, you may need their help some day.
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    /me takes out screw drive /me uses screw driver to take out engine (don't forget to countdown from 1 to 10 in a /do e.g 1/10 2/10) /me put new one in and screw in bolts ??? A nice, new block you can add some power to. Sweet.
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    Los Santos Auction House - Aircraft/Cars 1997 Bell HH-1K Vehicle year: 1997 Vehicle brand: Bell Vehicle make: HH-1K VIN: - Mileage: +/- 4500 Images: http://prntscr.com/moqsz0 Starting bid: $200,000 Minimum increase: $5,000 Buyout: $320,000 2018 Bentley Bentayga W12 Signature Edition Vehicle year: 2018 Vehicle brand: Bentley Vehicle make: Bentayga W12 Signature Edition VIN: - Mileage: +/- 3750 Images: http://prntscr.com/moqvde Top speed of 242 kmh. Starting bid: $150,000 Minimum increase: $5,000 Buyout: $210,000 2018 Bentley Bentayga W12 Signature Edition Vehicle year: 2018 Vehicle brand: Bentley Vehicle make: Bentayga W12 Signature Edition VIN: - Mileage: +/-10000 Images: http://prntscr.com/moqvde Top speed of 242 km/h. Starting bid: $150,000 Minimum increase: $5,000 Buyout: $210,000 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Vehicle year: 2015 Vehicle brand: Dodge Vehicle make: Charger SRT Hellcat VIN: - Mileage: +/-13000 Images: http://prntscr.com/mor0v3 Top speed of 285 km/h. Starting bid: $300,000 Minimum increase: $5,000 Buyout: $500,000 Auction end date: 1 MARCH, 2019 Contact details: - COMMENT FEATURE DISABLED.
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    i actually disagree, @Serx has matured as an rper and is no longer ur typical cops n robbers.

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