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    As a parting gift, I want to give something nice to the people of OwlGaming. All of my personal skins. This only includes skins I made for myself or my characters and nothing I made for friends or clients. I began making skins way back in the summer of 2015 as there were no skins on sale that were to my liking. There weren't many helpful tutors or tutorials for me so I basically figured it out on my own. I disliked the thought of bothering people for something and I believed that I could make what I needed the best. These skins were made around 2016 and early 2018. One was for more casual RP, as my character was a Veteran. Danielle Bailer Veteran Skin - Unused Concept There was one skin I made specifically for my militant feminist alt. There were quite a few but I feel like this is the funniest, though I never wore it. Astrid Hornet - Purple Hair Feminist Soldier The rest were meant for a TWCN short film depicting a visit into a war zone that would end with a terrorist ambush. I had all the equipment and I had made plans for it for a few weeks, I got contacts for people but the actors never showed up and kept jumping shit despite me offering to overpay them. It was such a shame but that made me realize that I could never truly make my visions a reality on a roleplay server. Norbid Bailer - With Kevlar Vest A few months after when I started RPing on a new main, I thought of making a PMC type of security faction because I really loved the old USMCR faction and missed military RP but it was obvious that the FMT wasn't interested in that anymore. I had put around 2 Million dollars on the side to buy vehicles and a location out of town for the base. Then my university course started and I had to become inactive and resign from the GAT. Here are the skins I designed. Standard Male Standard Sean Howard Standard Female *FORGOT SCREENS IG RIP* Standard Tactical *NOTE* Some of those skins require UAT Permission. You may do with the textures as you please. Hopefully they go to good use! Which Skinpack you want next? Suits or Memes? Let me know down below!
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    During the 70's, under the Soviet period, many corrupted clerks made connections within the criminal underworld in order to source the black market. But in fact, the elite criminals known mostly as ''Vory v Zakone'', their Code of Conduct strictly forbade them to accomplish cooperation with any kind of the official authorities. Decade later, this led the georgian underworld to divide in two, one half collaborated closely with the authorities meanwhile the other was following the COC(Code of Conduct) strictly. Shortly after, meanwhile Georgia was prospered, it earn a name as one of the most corrupt countries. In the 90's, Georgian government was weak, they had to accept and advantage the nationalist militias formed during the ethnic Abkhaz and Georgia conflict. The militias were pushed into racketeering and smuggling due the lack of funding. With the Rose Revolution which started in 2003, it put Mikheil Saakashvili in power. Saakashvili soon started to implement actions against the high level of crime and corruption. He successfully managed to get many officials behind the bars along with members of the underground authorities in 2005. In order to avoid prosecution, Georgian's ''Vory V Zakone'' emigrated and fled to either Russia or Western Europe, with small gaps in USA. As the arrival of a small ethnic group of georgians in the US, a few personas have established themselves in San Andreas, Los Santos. In a not long gap of time, they managed to create stable business relations around the city, either to invest funds into legal businesses, considered such as legal fronts which advantaged them to avoid the prosecution of their illicit activities for the time being. OOC: With any kind of personal association with the faction, you automatically agree the CK clause and the organization's leadership has the enough power to proceed a CK for every solid reason they have/find good.
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    "They puttin' pressures on niggas.."
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    D1SA Street Legal - An easy way to start competetive drifting Autosport Club of San Andreas is organizing a three round entry-level drifting series in the state of San Andreas! This series is going to be featuring three different kinds of tracks & venues to pull new drivers into the world of competetive drifting! We have kept the rules so simple, that you can basically take part in the series with a street-legal car, thus minimizing the investment required to compete! All cars are going to be running the same sized tires as well as governed steering lock, so it´s going to be solely up to the drivers to make their way into the number one spot! Series Calendar ROUND 1 - 10.3.2019 CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP! ROUND 2 - 17.3.2019 SIGN UP HERE: TBA FINAL ROUND - 24.3.2019 SIGN-UP HERE: TBA D1SA Street Legal - Official Regulations These following regulations are subject to change at any time during the season. TL;DR Version of D1SA Street Legal Sign-up via web before the event. Make sure your car is limited at 500hp or less. Make sure your car´s steering angle is at 45 degrees or less. Make sure your vehicle has the right tires (Valino Greeva 08D 235/45/R17 94W) ((0.6 grip multiplier checked by VT)). Tires can be purchased from ASCOSA Offices @ Pasadena Boulevard, Market. Have any bolt-in or weld-in rollcage with door bars and a bucket seat installed in your car. No, your car doesn´t have to be street legal. It can be an unregistered pro car with 1000hp, as long as you downgrade it temporarily. Come to the event, tech your car. Drive freakin´ HARD.
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2014 Vehicle brand: Cadillac Vehicle make: Escalade Esv AWD Platinum VIN: 13900 Mileage: 2500 Description: The Cadillac brute is offered as the standard Escalade, and as the stretched Chevrolet Suburban-sized 2014 Escalade ESV. Available in rear- or all-wheel drive, there's only one engine option for 2014, a 6.2-liter V-8 that makes 403 hp and 417 lb-ft of torque, paired with a six-speed automatic | Towing Capability : 7,700 Pounds Images Starting bid:$15 ,000 Minimum increase:$1,500 Buyout: $45,000 Auction end date: 21/02/2019 Contact details: 713689
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    Already is decent factions doing Private Security work properly @Piney great skins, thank you!
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    From JibZ24's snapchat story
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    open the picture in another tab to zoom in Credits to @Ambidextrous for the picture in the middle
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    SL Automotives is a vehicle imports and dealership company originally founded by SL Incorporated back in 2016. Our goal is to provide the entire state with the highest quality service for acquiring their ideal vehicles. If you're undecided on the type of vehicle that suits you, please feel free to contact any of our staff members or stop by our showroom when open and speak with any of our experienced members of staff, who can also arrange an off-site test drive with you and any vehicle we have on our showroom floor. For more information on importing your own special vehicle, please visit here: https://goo.gl/hGRbyW And if you have used SL Automotive before, please visit here to order a vehicle: https://goo.gl/dEYQCT Employee Contact information: Robert West - [email protected] - (( EPICxNUTS - Epix#9503 )) Brittany Ashwell - [email protected] - (( DiscoPotato - DiscoPotato#8584 )) Richard Hawkins - [email protected] - (( Gazzeh - Gazzeh#8692 )) James Nat - [email protected] - (( Frankie - Frankie#4077 )) Tyler Allen - [email protected] - (( Cryotich - Cryotich#7515 )) * - (( Illuminate - Illuminate#4694 ))
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2004 Vehicle brand: Subaru Vehicle make: Impreza WRX VIN: ***** Mileage: 120000 Description: Clean and its fast YES Images Starting bid: 9,000 Minimum increase: 500 Buyout: 15,000 Auction end date: 21/2/2019 Contact details: Will be given to the winner
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    Los Santos Auction House - SUV Vehicle year: 2005 Vehicle brand: Cadillac Vehicle make: Escalade ESV VIN: 22823 Mileage: 12 Description: Good SUV for daily driving, definitely not fast but has a good handling and a decent acceleration for a big SUV, has been barely used. Images Starting bid: 5000 Minimum increase: 500 Buyout: 8000 Auction end date: 23.2.2019 Contact details: Given to the auction winner.
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    All of them don't need UA perms. I was mainly talking about the one that uses the SWAT model, as it scriptwise allows people to survive at least one headshot. Don't want people abusing it.
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    I love how you are literally posting EVERYWHERE for the posts..
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    hopefully you enjoy for some credits I refer to @Syncer
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    ID 22. ID 21. ID 21. ID 190. ID 7. ID 28. ID 20. ID 2. ID 108. ID 29. ID 29. ID 171. ID 169. ID 102.
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    - ID 28 - ID 176 - ID 22 - ID 128 - ID 124 Note: It's not my designs I just collected it from the forums and I posted it to benefit others
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    Seeing as I quit the server for good this time, I doubt it will ever be done by me at least. I think there are some really good security factions out there, but they don't provide the type of RP I'd like to see. I like the idea of there being a boot camp and a base, etc. My type of RP wouldn't have been really profitable probably, but I wouldn't have minded paying for it out of my pocket as I think fun RP comes before stats any day. And while I became inactive, the amazing plot of land I would have used for the base/boot camp became some ricer drift field again, which I think is air as there are more people who prefer such RP on the sever. Thus I believe currently such RP is not possible. Someone can probably try in the summer tho when there are more players online! Could work out nicely. I'll take a look at the Afro-American skins once I get home, hopefully the files open up properly!
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    @Piney if your plan ever comes true, then I will try to be around. There have been too many factions that make security based companies just because they want CCWP's. Would love to see some afro-American skins.
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    legend, and whoever rejected the military idea issa sado
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    Good luck man, Nice thread you guys got.
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2008 Vehicle brand: Mercedes-Benz Vehicle make: S63 AMG VIN: 22354 Mileage: 61430 Description: تركت زوجتي بارد لي Images Starting bid: one dollar (1 dollar) ($1) Minimum increase: fifty dollars (50 dollars) ($50) Buyout: twenty thousand dollars (20000 dollars) ($20000) Auction end date: feb 21 2019 Contact details: bugger off
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    leading whoever else bid is outbid yeah not tagging people anymore get fucked
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    Name: Bobby Comment: MRSP is $85,000, the vehicle only has 5,000 miles thus the vehicle keeping the value well. If you're capable of finding a better deal, do it, stop bitching here, I'm here for the auction, not a whiny cunt who can't afford it.
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    im only gay till im versace
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    Brick by brick, you have built an enviable new faction. I pray that year after year, you get more and more prosperous.
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    (( AUCTION IS COPY AND PASTED FROM WHICHEVER ASSHOLE HAD THIS PROPERTY BEFORE ME MY DAYS IN SHAMBLES AND I CANT BE FUCKED TAKING MY OWN PICTURES OR WRITING MORE THAN TWO WORDS ABOUT IT ))) Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: Millennium Corporation HQ, White Street, Los Santos. Description: Today on auction we have an astonishing business property. Located in the heart of Los Santos, just next to Club X on White Street, this huge building is up for grabs. Outside features: Property holds: -Huge building with custom designed interior, all kept to a modern standart. -Roof Access with integrated Helipad. -Customer and Client parking just outside the main entrance. Interior features: First Floor: -Main lobby area with a Stand desk, alongside a mini-bar area for refreshments. -Open type design, surrounded by glass, giving a sneak peek on what's happening behind the scenes. -Main hall leading to the staircase, or the elevator. -Two medium sized offices, one is completely furnished. -Meeting room for all of your business talk needs. Second floor features: -Roof access, with integrated Helipad. -Elevator leading to the Underground garage. -Two main offices, fully furnished, both having a top-down view to the first floor and/or second floor hall. -Fully furnished modern apartment with Two bedrooms (One En-Suite), Bathroom, open design kitchen joined with the living room and a nice view through out the window. -One big office, could be used to your personal liking. Garage features: -Two-story design with an elevator sistem for your vehicles. -Showroom-type design on your second floor. -Various storage units throughout the interior, including shelving units, and safes. -Small lounge area with a top-down view to the first floor of the garage, including furniture. -Big amount of parking and storage space. -Ground floor in the garage consists of numerous vehicle lifts if you ever need to work on your vehicles. -Elevator to the second floor. -Entrance to the main underground garage is gate-protected. -Separate Generator room. Overall features: -The property includes all of your High-Tech anti-theft alarm systems, Fire prevention systems. -Property is fully secured with High-Tech CCTV's all around. -Separate Generator room in order to provide electricity for the building if a natural disaster occurs. There are numerous bits and bobs I might have, and definitely did forget about the property. For further questions please contact me personally on my phone 1110111 ((Interior is fully modular. 90% of the furniture is movable, so design can vary on prefferance.)) **IC AND OOC COMMENTS DISABLED** - Exterior Images: Hide contents Hide contents https://imgur.com/a/weQ3wiX Interior Images: Hide contents Hide contents https://imgur.com/a/weQ3wiX Starting Bid: $200,000 Minimum Increase: $5,000 Buyout: $650,000 Auction ends: Feb 22, 2019 Contact Information: Will be disclosed to the winner.
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    on a serious note tho, looking good, you got this.
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    Failure is just a key to success
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    I can be mean as fuck. Sweet as CANDY. Cold as WATER. Evil as HELL. Or loyal like a SOLDIER. It all depends on you.
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    The OwlGaming Administration Team Upper Administration Head Administrators Chaos Daniels ThatGuy Wright Lead Administrators Courtez ItsMelodyy Vubstersmurf Game Administration Senior Administrators Ixosis Administrators Awesome Crane Deez Deuce Express Jer Maxwell25 QueenC ShadowSix Thomasmith Valkyr Trial Administators Piloten Mutt377

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