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    cause i'm walkin wit a limp that dont mean i pimp
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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    one ss is missing here.
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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

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    *The Episode would be found on the Team WolfCub main page, uploaded on February 6th 2019.* TWCN - WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE??? *Epic stock music would play, showing Team WolfCub logo and the thumbnail.* *Norbid Bailer would be providing the voice over* Are you tired of being a measly truck driver, earning minimum wage and working overtime? Do you have your eyes set on a hot set of wheels needed to boost your ego and outclass your mates? Trying to get that rap career off the ground to secure that epic vicroy? Do you find it increasingly difficult to purchase the protein and nutrients needed to maintain that lovely Greek god physique? Do you fancy pursuing the life of a vigilante with high tech gadgets and gear, but lack the funding? Do you need that bail money? *It cuts to the studio, revealing a man that can be identified as Norbid Bailer* Well, with what we're offering, you can do all of the above and more! I am proud to present.. The Grand Finale of TWCN! Who Wants To Be A Millionaire! WolfCub and Harlend Edition! Exciting, am I right? The prizes will be worth a total of +$3 000 000 But it may be even bigger, once we announce the date and location of the show. How this will go down: There will be a post by me, with a submission form. You will need to be at least 21 years of age. You will need to give us your first name, though you may come up with a nickname. You'll have to give us some contact info, such as a phone number. There will be 5 questions, if you answer at least 3 correctly, you are may enter. The questions are going to be based around the TWCN Show, The Young Kill and Harlend Who for the most part, so I do suggest you get reading and watching! This may just be the easiest way to become a millionaire in the city to date. It's all in good fun. As said before, the location is yet to be determined. We plan on livestreaming the event and any proceeds will be paid to the crew. I will try to get some interesting guests there, hopefully Harlend himself. If anyone is interested in helping out with that, contact us! I am truly excited for this event! I look forward to seeing all of you there! Remember, there can only be one winner so you better make sure you are IT! Til then, remember to follow us on our social medias for any updates regarding the event. And remember, Keep it fresh! WolfCub out! *The video would end, crediting WolfCub as the Producer, Host, Editor.* *Comments would be ENABLED* V*The video description* ((Commenting format )) ((Yes, this is actually real.))
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    Faction Team Update - February 7, 2019

    Faction Team Update Howdy all, The Faction Team has been hard at work to drastically improve the contact response times. Our number of pending contacts are less than half a dozen at any given time now, due to our changes in streamlining our internal processes and getting more of our policies and guidelines written down so team members are not relying on institutional knowledge to handle certain contact types based on past experience. Instead, a single member can handle a contact easily by themselves most of the time. Additionally, we've started to add some new VM processes and continue to have our monthly meetings. The February one just wrapped up and here are the results. Faction Changes We're in the middle of re-organizing our faction database right now so this is not all of the changes with factions, but a majority of them in the past few months. Going forward, faction changes will be far more detailed and we will publish more regular updates when these changes do occur. Sparta Inc Established to Official Western Solutions LLC Established to Official Convington Trucking LLC Became Incorporated RSR Corp Became Incorporated Southside Aztecas (Formerly Almighty Saints) Confirmed to Established El Sindicato Vallarino Confirmed to Established SS Asian Boyz Became Confirmed L'equippagio di Pasadena (The Braggo Crime Family) Became Confirmed LSMA Official to Incorporated Virtual Market Expectations Now at the top of all virtual market forms, we have a list of general criteria that should be followed when submitting the request so there is no lack of communication about what is expected from the player to have a successful virtual market experience. The illegal virtual market for street dealing is shown below as an example. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with this new information. SAN, Article & Entertainment Virtual Market, and Independent Journalists! With SAN becoming a defunct faction, we want to continue to encourage players to write articles in the form of news stories, satire, or general entertainment and music. To do this, we have created a virtual market form for players to fill out to receive payment for future and past creations. We want to promote high quality news and entertainment in the in-character space of the server and incentivize players to create their own news companies and factions. The more independent journalists the better. Legal Virtual Market After much request, we've put together a legal virtual market. It is very broad in scope and aims to promote more legal roleplay. To evaluate these requests, policies and procedures have been put in place which require several faction team members to perform the evaluation to come up with the best outcome for every individual circumstance. The information at the top of the form really provides a great explanation of what we expect from people who submit the form and how it operates. The TL:DR version is we are going to start paying players who open businesses which creates a social environment and promotes roleplay for others throughout the server. Fencing Stolen / Illegal goods We've recently created a new set of policies and procedures internally for the faction team so that we may begin processing the sale or "fencing" of stolen or illegal goods. There will be a form for this in the near future, however, the general idea is that generic items in game have value. There are a lot of them. Home or business burglaries and player robberies are also relatively common and often result in expensive jewelry, electronics, etc. While it's great that a lot of players can steal these items, there is nowhere for them to go once stolen. Players currently can only really tediously sell them to other players when in reality, there would be a much bigger market for second-hand items that "fell off the back of a truck". We want to simulate this market by letting players sell these stolen goods. Right now, this may only be accomplished by official factions. This is to encourage a chain of custody for stolen goods and in reality, an official faction would have the best contacts for offloading stolen goods. This is subject to change and is currently being considered by the team, but the goal is to create more RP by forcing players to interact with each other to sell these illegal goods by making more connections in the criminal underworld. If you are interested in doing this, until the form is out, you can simply inquire with a regular public contact. Wholesale Buyback of Guns & Drugs If players need cash quick, they can trade their guns and drugs for a direct equivilant in value. Players cannot make money by doing this and the whole purpose is to provide a route for guns and drugs to leave the server instead of just destroying them. A simple example to further explain this would be a player is part of an official faction from 6 months ago. They bought 10 guns and when the faction shut down, they still had those 10 guns from their faction team drop. They decide to play on the character again but this time, they want to join a legal faction and leave their criminal past behind. Instead of having to get rid of the guns by destroying them and effectively losing their original investment, they can simply get the same amount of money back that they originally paid for the guns. We suspect this won't be done very often but enough players have mentioned this in the past which led to the creation of a series of policies and procedures so we can accommodate those players. General Faction Team Support With faction interest gone, the ability to wait, save up money, and purchase faction assets like vehicles and properties is gone. To remedy this, in general, we are drastically increasing our faction team support to those who request it. This has been done in the past and we want to be clear that we still continue to allow this. If you would like an interior or vehicle for your faction to create roleplay, let us know and we'll work with you to provide those assets. A note is put on the interior or vehicle and when it is no longer used, it cannot be sold and is then deleted. This way, there is no financial cost but also no financial gain. It is done purely to create more roleplay. Faction Updates Please remember to regularly send faction updates in. At least once a month. Without a recent faction update, we as the faction team cannot support your faction, evaluate your status, etc. That should be all for now...I think I covered all the bases. You can expect forms soon for the fencing VM and wholesale buyback of drugs & guns. Additionally, expect another update soon about drug production, drug variety, and shop updates.
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Giving access to reach /checkint for Mapping Team Members What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Admin What is the suggestion?- Making Mapping Team members usable when there is no admin. Filling reports and having correct information about the interior. What are the advantages?- Admins wouldn't do Mapping Team job anymore. Saving the time. What are the disadvantages?- Nothing. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- N/A How would you go about implementing this idea?- It would be nice for Mapping Team members. (Not for MT Admins.)
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    Every end is a new beginning
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    Name: Nial Benson Comment: (( This is an IC comment section you freak ))
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    The One-Off Super Car Nobody Wants Lets set the scene, it's the 90s and some of the best music, movies and trends are popping up but lets not forget the car industry during this decade. During this decade, we had a lot of super cars come out, pushing the technology to the limits and this led us to seeing cars such as the McLaren F1, the Ferrari F50, the Mercedes CLK GTR and many more to list. Now, lets put you into the shoes of a wealthy oil baron who has a tycoon, living in the United Arab Emirates, you're able to purchase any supercar you want but you want to stand out from the crowd more than you already do, so what do you do? You go to a German company which built race cars and began manufacturing performance parts for Mercedes-Benz, clearly. This is where the story of "Nobody's Car", the ugly duckling begin. The car was finally built in 1995 and had a hefty final price of $3.4 Million USD which would be $5.6 Million today. The car had a 5.6 litre V8 from Mercedes-Benz and came equipped with two turbochargers, giving out the final output of 1000HP, hence the name, C1000. To put that into perspective, on the 31st of March 1998, the McLaren F1 set a record for being the Fastest Production Car in the world and that only had 627 horsepower. The car has received the nickname of "Nobody's Car" and there's a reason behind that. The very first owner, the oil baron that got the car specifically built for him, gave the car away in 2008 for the price tag of $243,000, ever since then, the car has been popping up all over auctions sites, mainly seen in America. Now I got the chance to try this car out for myself, being behind the wheel I was mentally prepared to drive it and no matter how many times you exceed 180MPH, it never loses the thrill and this car was perfect. It handles like the cars we have today, it's smooth on the steering, the brakes work when they need to and everything put together gives you a nice enjoyable drive on the road. I tested out everything I could whilst on my test drive and the car itself managed to easily hold up. I've driven a lot of cars in my time, all ranging in horsepower from multiple different decades but this car felt perfect, it felt better than most and this brings me to my question regarding the car. It's "Nobody's Car" and I cant see a reason as to why it's went through that many owners with barely any of them keeping onto it for longer than a year. It's an amazing car with a lot of power with the ability of keeping up with today's standards and not a lot of cars can say that, it's truly special. The car even has a faster top speed than most performance cars you see coming today, the needle stops going any further as soon as you hit 192 MPH and I'm amazed by it, it honestly doesn't feel scary going at that speed as it does in a lot of other cars going at a slower speed. The wheel doesn't shake, you don't hear odd sounds coming from the car and your seat doesn't throw you around, you just sit still and drive as if you were on a highway. Now to conclude the experience that I had with this car, I want to address the appearance of it. No matter how long I've known about the car or how many images I've seen of it, I can never fully decide if I like it or not, I'm just always on the fence about it and the current owner of the car even commented on that by comparing the front end of the car to Jumba Jookiba from the cartoon, Lilo & Stitch but I will say one thing about the car, it gives me warm memories of my childhood where I would play with Hot Wheels and that's what the car reminds me of it, it's a futuristic looking car made in the 90s where the futuristic look was all the craze, seen in the designs of products, fashion and cars. Sure there's a lot of iconic super cars you can buy from that era but there's only one thing stopping you from owning this, it's a one off car which makes it unique and a huge collection piece. On that very same note, the current owner has put the car back onto auction for unknown reasons and if you're reading this now with a loaded wallet, feel free to check it out and pick it up because it's honestly a car you wont regret having as it does everything correctly.
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    Character Kill Appeal - Mitchel Martinez

    From reading the thread it appears that your character disregarded his life heavily here, by you making the decision to go on pizza stacks roof and discharge a firearm you put others at risk. Ultimately you caused your own death here and I agree with the CKing admins decision. Appeal denied. @GamerX27
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    Bar Association Information

    Updated February 5, 2019 Added Franklin Baker
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    Tuesday, February 5th, 2019. Los Santos, SA 95249. #1, Pershing Square. Telephone, 311. Chief of Police Vincent Bishop, Office of the Chief. LOS SANTOS: The Los Santos Police Department is in deep mourning over the loss of Detective III Richard Carrington. Our sincere condolences go out to Carrington's family and friends, as well as our departmental staff. The Police Department asks for thoughts and prayers for his family, and will be hosting a funeral in his honor this coming Sunday (10th) at 8PM. The funeral will be public, and the LSPD invites anyone that wishes to pay their respects. Detective Carrington was found dead in his office, seemingly having passed away whilst on call in his office. We have been informed that he passed due to severe complications following a recent surgery that he was involved in. Carrington suffered a gunshot to the head and the complications following the incident seemed to be too overwhelming. It deeply saddens us all to lose one of our own in such a way, and Carrington truly gave his life to protect and serve the city. Paying the ultimate cost with his own life. Detective Carrington is awarded the Purple Heart Medal for his ultimate sacrifice. Given to our officers that are injured significantly or killed in the line of duty. https://pd.owlgaming.net/threads/detective-iii-richard-carrington-purple-heart-medal.30964/ It is with a sad heart that we add Richard Carrington's name to the Book of Honor, as well as another star to the LSPD Memorial Wall in his memory. Carrington's death is the first for the Police Department in the year of 2019, and as always we hope it will be the only one. More information may be released when available.
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    Iron Giants Motorcycle Club

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    [NOW HIRING] Assistant District Attorney

    OPENINGS FOR ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ POSITION TITLE: ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEY EMPLOYED BY: DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE OF LOS SANTOS SUMMARY OF DUTIES: To enforce the various laws governing the State of San Andreas, and uphold the constitution of the United States of America. SUPERVISED BY: District Attorney of Los Santos MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES: BASIC REQUIREMENTS (1) Applicant is over the age of majority (21) (2) Applicant possesses a Juris Doctorate from an accredited American College/University and be accredited with the BAR Association of San Andreas. (3) Applicant is a resident in any recognized municipality or county within the boundaries of the State of San Andreas. (4) Applicant resides a fixed address which they can be contacted at. (5) Applicant has spent at least ten months within the State of San Andreas at a fixed residence. May be subject to waiver by District Attorney. ((10 Days on server. And 25 hours IG. )) (6) Applicant does not hold a criminal record consisting of any felony, or misdemeanors against property or person and may be temporarily denied for lesser misdemeanors that have been recorded within the past two years. ((2 months.)) (7) Applicant must complete and submit a detailed Curriculum Vitae, outlining their past work experience, interest they have in the position, and any other relevant information. (( PM @Zebulon & @ThatGuy )) (8) Applicant must undergo an interview and selection phase, at the discretion of the District Attorney. Authorized by District Attorney Steven Spade
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    Iron Giants Motorcycle Club

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    Faction unarchive

    Hello yes can you unarchive Iron Giants Motorcycle Club please thank u <3
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    Iron Giants Motorcycle Club

    Unarchived. Enjoy.
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    Covington Trucking LLC

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    Covington Trucking LLC

    Rough terrain
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    Covington Trucking LLC

    Near miss situation while salting the streets of Dillimore
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    Covington Trucking LLC

    With Goldie First work day with Jerry and Skyler
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    Covington Trucking LLC

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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1981 Vehicle brand: BMW Vehicle make: E12 M535i VIN: - Mileage: 2486 Description: Today I am selling my bagged e12. I imported it 2 years ago and nobody else owned it in that period of time. I got it as a stock e12 M535i which is pretty rare these days and this is the only one in Los Santos. The vehicle is fitted with Air Lift performance air suspension. Everything was done by me and it hasn't let me down in these two years. The car comes with original BBS RS Nogaro silver style 5 wheels and a pretty rare steering wheel from the BMW M1. The interior is full black leather and it is in pretty good condition as it wasn't driven a lot. It's really hard for me to move this car out of my collection but I have to because it's not being driven and I need space for new cars. Images IG: Starting bid: 20,000 Minimum increase: 1,500 Buyout: 55,000 Auction end date: 15.6.2018. Contact details: -


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