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    GTA:V Public Beta Release Date

    GTA:V Public Beta Release Date What is the release date? This is the #1 most asked question we get every day. We have a new answer: watch the trailer above. What is the duration of the public beta? There isn't one. Once we're out, we are out. We'll continue to provide frequent script updates and when we're happy with removing the beta tag, we'll do so. Is there any wipe involved in the transition from public beta to full release? No. Will my MTA/OwlGaming account work for V? Yes, your account is shared across both games. Will there be stat transfers from MTA to V? No. While your core account data is shared (e.g. username, password), nothing else is. The logic behind this decision is that V is a separate universe from MTA/GTASA and it would not make sense that characters/factions exist as is within both, vastly different, universes. Will my GCs be usable on V? Existing donator perks will not transfer over. However, any GC acquired, even prior to release, can be redeemed on V. How do I connect to the server? How do I install the modification? We will be providing a connection guide closer to when the public beta is launched. Can I reserve MTA character names? MTA Characters that have been recently used and have a large number of hours played, will be unavailable to create on V. This is to prevent users from lazily using the exact same characters and character development (which doesn't make sense in a parallel universe) and to prevent trolling. We look forward to welcoming you all onto the V server shortly! Kind Regards, - OwlGaming Game Administration - OwlGaming Development Team
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    MTA Development Blog #1 Introduction Hello and welcome to the first Development Update/Blog post for the Multi Theft Auto server. These development updates will work similar to the V updates where I will showcase features, improvements and some behind the screens stuffs the scripting team are working on for the Multi Theft Auto server. Let’s begin this update with showing off some upcoming features! ANPR System Recently @SjoerdPSV began working on a automatic number plate recognition system. The system adds ANPR checkers at each toll booth and also adds an ‘ANPR’ item which can be placed inside of LSPD cruisers. The ANPR system also adds a new section within the MDC where LSPD Officers can now add plates to which the ANPR scanners will look out for. Here is a screenshot of what the tolls triggering ANPR looks like: Vehicle Library Improvements A few months ago I began working on Improvements for the vehicle library due to the way it grabs the data and sends it to the client. The vehicle library has now been improved and also now has a search feature! Below are some screenshots of the improvement! Election Improvements As of recent there has been some backend improvements to the way the election script works, sadly these isn’t a flashy feature or anything but the new improvements allow the election system to be managed without Scripting Team involvement. There hasn’t been many public interface changes to elections but here's a screenshot of the manager GUI! Wearables The original idea came from Portside to have wearables in OwlGaming. After the split between Portside and the Scripting Team, Yannick decided to pick up the idea. Here’s his story: “After the split, I decided to pick it up. I had to start with clearing all the unnecessary functions and code that was in first. And yes, this was a pain in the ass. After I managed to get some clear sight on the script, I started with new features and upgrades to the code. As I had a lot of other things besides Owl, I didn’t really had the time to do it quick. After I managed to patch everything up, I decided to submit it for review. As I was at that time busy with my university, I didn’t really had the time to look into it. After looking into our Gitlab, I noticed I had over 40 discussions on the script. These were mainly code issues, but bugs as well. As I didn’t have a lot of time, these took ages to solve. Then I started working on it in between my lessons. As I didn’t had bug testers, I got help from DrJoseEvil. He was the guy that helped me out finding bugs and making new wearables, shoutout to him for that! So yeah, we’ve had this up’s and down’s with wearables. Let's say this script took us a year, while it could be done way quicker. Anyway, I hope this can be released soon. It needs a bit more code review before it can be dropped. In the meantime, enjoy the screenshots.” Changes to shops In the background I’ve been working on changes to the way shop system works, this includes how custom shops charge the store owner and also a new feature which allows players to add their own shop NPC’s based on the NPC limitation rule. Custom shops will be changing so you don’t have to pay them an hourly rate, instead they will take a percentage of the item on sale but will also require a minimum number of items within the store. Custom shop NPC’s will also cost a fee to install, this will be handled via the shop manager that I’ve created, I’ve attached a video & screenshots below that showcases this. There will be more media for this to come, there isn’t any new UI changes to the actual custom shop windows as of yet. (Maybe in a future dev update ) Bug fixes While we’ve not been working on features some of us have been working on bug fixes for various bugs found in the server. If you do find a bug on OwlGaming please report it at https://bugs.owlgaming.net OR use the Bug Reporter tab in F1. Looking to contribute? The scripting team is always looking for new talent, if you have a decent understanding of MTASA Lua & MySQL please complete the Scripter Qualification Test and Forum PM it to @Chaos . Final Notes Thanks to @Chaos, @Yannick, @Eloquent and @SjoerdPSV for all contributing to help the continuing development of OwlGaming MTA. Just as a side note the Script Update will be following this soon. Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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    The Jackals Motorcycle Club

    The Jackals Motorcycle Club The Beginning Founded by Douglas "Sully" Sullivan, in March 2019. After leaving Nevada and the US Military behind, Sully discovered Angel Pine - Forming a quick connection with the town. Feeling a personal mission to revive the town of Angel Pine, Sully soon formed The Jackals Motorcycle Club (The Jackals). With his love for Motorcycles, Brotherhood and the road - The Jackals quickly grew, with a solid core of loyal individuals. The Jackal’s initial goals and ambitions were to be a charitable and a non-profitable organisation to put back into the community of Angel Pine; with the likes of charitable events, fundraisers, employment and more. These goals slowly but surely became clouded, with the unforeseen future of illegal distribution of contraband, such as; narcotics and firearms. The money and allurement nature of illegal activities soon appealed to the members of The Jackals. Before long, they discovered themselves travelling down a slippery slope of illegitimate acts. The Aryans Shortly after forming The Jackals, Sully was approached by a familiar face, “Kappi”. The two first met when Kappi was thrown from his Harley Davidson, by a reckless driver. Sully assisted him by the roadside, repairing his bike, and their alliance grew ever since. Being a Councilman for the neighbouring Aryan Knights MC, Kappi approached Sully with a proposition; that the Aryan Knights MC would support The Jackals MC - under the condition that Sully was able to demonstrate his ability to manage and maintain The Jackals fully, along with proving his strengths and competence towards the Aryan Knights. Now under the watchful guard and support of the Aryan Knights Motorcycle Club, The Jackals Motorcycle Club grows stronger and lasting with each day. The Future As The Jackals continue to thrive in the heart of Angel Pine, they have successfully been able to retain their founding and charitable goals in which they first set out to accomplish - however, not without the expense of remaining legitimate. Since their founding days, The Jackal’s have since been intoxicated with the unforeseen, but embraced changes of becoming a strong illegal organisation. With Sully’s family members close to being released from Nevada State Prison, who knows what the future may hold for The Jackals? ((If you’re involved with this Faction, whether that be membership, or prolonged interactions / business - you could be subject to a CK, after being heavily discussed by Faction management))
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    Newsletter - End of February

    March 2019 Newsletter Community & Script Updates We apologize for missing the last newsletter! We'll try to do better :). I will also try to prevent this newsletter from getting too long by just including the most important updates from the last two months. In mid-January we released a MTA update which is detailed here: We are very close with having another V update as well. Over the past couple months we hosted an internal beta with members of staff and community leaders from various areas of roleplay on the server to get feedback on what we are missing. The feedback we have received has been extremely helpful and we are in the final stages of the development cycle at this point. Until the V update, here's a video of @Unitts being run over to tie you over for a bit: During the beta we also added some helpful profiling statistics to help us understand the performance issues that lower end systems might experience. Now let's shift gears and take a look at some general community updates, Three GAT updates have happened since the last newsletter, the most recent one is below. Congrats to the new members joining the team! Two faction updates were posted as well. Continuing their promise to meet more often and update the community. A game night was hosted last month and it was a hit! We can't wait to do one again and we are currently voting on a date here: Community Spotlight News Entertainment Character Stories Really like the formatting on this one Factions Some shoutouts of new illegal factions! A few new legal faction threads popped up as well! Media To have your media featured in the next newsletter, submit it on the #media channel on Discord! Stats 3,167 reports handled in the month of February! (note: this does not include support tickets.)
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    ♣ Sullivan Automotive ♣

    Sullivan Automotive provides extensive vehicle parts, repairs and modifications. Open 7 days a week, we're the leading fast-fit supplier of tyres and carry stocks of over 60,000 different products from leading manufacturers including Dunlop, Michelin, Pirelli, Goodyear and Continental. Established in March 2019, Sullivan Automotive™ is based in Angel Pine, Whetstone and is fully established as one of San Andreas’ premier performance and repair companies, having been servicing vehicles since the company's conception. Working out of a single large industrial unit and having our very own custom built dyno, we are fully equipped to remap virtually any vehicle for you, including cars, trucks, vans, boats, agricultural and even HGV's. Full List of Services Vehicle Repairs Vehicle Service Bodywork, Tints & Custom Wraps Tires & Pressure Monitoring Exhausts Brakes Batteries Electronics Diagnostics & ECU Clutches Air-conditioning Recharge Shock Absorbers Wheel Alignment Emissions Custom Work (Contact us) What can we offer to improve your vehicle performance? With a database covering in excess of 56,000 different ECU types and calibrations, we are sure to have something to suit your vehicle. We also house a large stock of performance modifications ranging from sport air filters, induction kits and more. Visit our industrial unit for a professional opinion. Our Values We aim to provide the best possible service to all our customers. We will: Treat your vehicle with care. Ensure your vehicle is inspected by a trained and qualified technician. Examine the vehicle with you and provide an honest appraisal of the work required. Make recommendations based on our inspections and knowledge. Provide a clear quotation of all findings, work carried out and associated charges. Inform you immediately of any complications or delays. Retain all parts removed for your inspection (upon request). Current Offers Free brake inspection If you are concerned about the performance of your brakes or would like them checked before going on a long journey please book an appointment on [PHONE NUMBER]. Our expert brake technicians will complete a free, no-obligation brake inspection. After the inspection we will provide you with a written brake report and a quote for any work which is required. Free Vehicle Safety Check Your vehicle performs at its best when it is well maintained and taken care of. It can often be tricky juggling your busy lifestyle with looking after a vehicle too! Did you know that some of the most common causes of vehicle breakdowns are caused by damaged tyres and poor performing batteries? These issues can be easily avoided with a regular inspection and other key components on your vehicle. Not sure what to look for? Don’t have the time? Allow our experienced technicians help! To give you one less thing to worry about, visit Sullivan Automotive and our trained technicians will carry out a free no-obligation vehicle safety check and get you ready for the road! Blog 11 easy ways to save fuel Why diesel cars are disappearing 6 brake problems that could spell danger on the roads
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    OwlGaming's MTG Cards

    This thread is dedicated to the exposure of custom MTG cards directed towards the Staff Team of OwlGaming. Please keep in mind that this thread is satiric in its nature and should not be considered serious by anyone. If locked/deleted, it will merely further the point of AT’s incompetence to take in criticism. Please keep comments to the minimum, don't post useless shit to clutter up the thread. @guntars
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    Wright DTO

    Upon associating yourself with the Wright DTO on an interpersonal or criminal level you automatically agree to a Character Kill clause, the leadership of Wright DTO reserve the right to CKing your character for any reason they seem necessary. You also automatically give consent to all forms of disgusting roleplay.
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    The Costelli Crime Family

    "When a man assumes leadership, he forfeits the right to mercy." - Gennaro "Jerry" Angiulo Gianfranco Costelli, born in 1888, was a man of honor in Sicily. In 1932, Costelli and most of his extended family immigrated to Chicago. The Costelli clan began extorting businesses across their own neighborhood and other neighborhoods in addition to hosting underground casinos across the city. In 1956, with the rise of Las Vegas as the prime gambling hotspot, Gianfranco decided he wanted in on the action. He sent his nephew Dominick Costelli and a small crew to Las Vegas with a large sum of money in an attempt to get in on the mafia’s action in Vegas. Costelli’s crew was able to buy into the operation of a high profile casino in 1957 after a lot of effort and persuasion, as well as 2.3 million dollars, but by the end of 1957 the gangsters controlling Vegas decided to expel the Costelli clan from Las Vegas. This was done with full knowledge that the small and decidedly powerless Costelli Family would not be able to retaliate. Vincent Botini (left) and three undisclosed associates. Captured by an FBI surveillance team, 1983. The Mafia in Las Vegas was correct that the Costelli Family would not retaliate, but instead, an outraged Gianfranco Costelli ordered Dominick and his crew to move further west and attempt to establish a new and better gambling hotspot. Gianfranco decided to establish his “Baby Vegas” in Los Santos, and in 1962, The Bighorn Casino and Resort opened its doors. As the overseer of The Bighorn Casino, Dominick became a sort of boss in San Andreas. Although he still kicked up to New York, he was allowed to establish a few street crews in the Los Santos area that engaged in extortion, murder for hire, loan sharking, and sale of goods on the black market. Gianfranco Costelli died in 1979 in Chicago, leaving his underboss Vincent Botini in command of the Chicago branch of the family. Dominick Costelli controlled the San Andreas operation until 1985 when he died of a massive stroke. In recent years, Botini’s grandson Thomas controlled the Chicago operation and had placed Stogie in charge of the San Andreas operation, including The Bighorn, in 2008. To this day, The Costelli Crime Family continues to engage in illegal gambling operations, vehicle theft, and black market trading, including narcotics and firearms. About a decade after Stogie had taken control of the San Andreas operation, he had piled up a large amount of debt with the Chicago branch, creating a minor tension between the two. In 2014, Arturo was found dead in his home with 8 gunshot wounds scattered throughout the upper-body and head area. It is assumed that his son has recently taken the reigns of operations and some theories within the family have surfaced that it was he who orchestrated the murder of his own father. By joining this faction you automatically agree to a CK clause. Any questions feel free to contact myself, @AlbanianMafia @Kevin or @Immaculate CC BY Image courtesy of The Courtroom Sketches of Ida Libby Dengrove, University of Virginia Law Library
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     A Statement From Your County Commissioner Office of The County Commissioner April 30th, 2019 Greetings Fellow Citizens! I would like to take a moment, to thank all of the citizens who have voted for me. More than two years have passed since that ill-fated day when, when you great people were blinded by promises by several "politicians", the American people lost sight of the most valuable assets of our past and of our County, its honor, people and its freedom and thus we lost everything. Since those days of treachery, these "politicians" have withheld the truth from you people. Dissension and evil have made their way into our midst. In the most profound lies, hundreds and thousands men and women of our fair county fell for these comforting lies, the belief in these lies have caused something to vanish and dissolve in to a puddle of political and egotistical opinions, economic interests and differences. We are racing towards the abyss. But we don’t see it. Because on TV you cannot see the abyss, you see a slack jawed "politician". I will keep fighting against these lies until not only we only see the abyss, but until we overcome it! The County of Los Santos will be overhauled into a new age of modernity. You will see technological and medical improvements all across the county, better care for our public and private buildings, fewer vagabonds on the street, a steep decline in crime and a rocket upwards in security. No more, and I repeat NO MORE will you people suffer. I am here to restore this county and bring it into a new era. In order for us to achieve this new era, I require the faith and support, of you, the American people. The support shown to us by the public, and all those who joined us showed true virtue. It was this virtue which made you, and therefore us, victorious and which in the long run, has saved the County. We have now won power in Los Santos, and it is up to us to win the rest of the people over, to incorporate the trust of the entire County, with the people in power. We must build support from our working men and women of all classes into a strong community. This will be a great struggle which may take years, but it is necessary if we want to excel and improve. Here, too, we know that if we rest, we rust, that if we stand still, we will retreat and once again, the cycle of lying politicians will happen once again. Peasants, workers, and the elites must all join together to provide the foundation for this new Administration. The government will therefore regard this as its first and foremost duty to establish what I refer to as The Hall – a community building which will also serve as a outlet for the unity of spirit and will of us all. The Hall will preserve and defend the foundations upon which the power of our County rests. We will join together at the hall and express our concerns, and protect the basis of our entire morality of our County. It will wake our people up, beyond the borders of rank and class, its sense of national and political unity, and the duties of our government. It will establish the rebuilding of our great past and pride in our old American traditions as the basis for the education of our American youth. It will help end the merciless war of spiritual, political and cultural nihilism that has been waged against us. Los Santos must not and will not drown in anarchistic communism. As I stated on April 14th, I will not back down from my pledges to the people of Los Santos. In the upcoming days, I will be assembling my new cabinet and set of commissioners. I will be meeting with agency and divisional leaders of the County to establish initial communication. In the upcoming weeks, I will be calling the District elections, as we have some vacancies. As soon as the council is full, I will begin executing my pledges to you people, I find it unfair to try to pass legislation on an empty council. I plan to host an inauguration event, it will consist of a grand parade and public affair event. We will have emergency services and myself parade from Commissioner Hill to the Verona Pier. Free food and American merchandise will be available. In other news, I would like to announce "The Fireside Chats" Program. Fireside Chats will be a free to view/listen TV and radio broadcast. Fireside chats will be hosted at least once every two weeks, during the broadcasts, I will talk about my policies and on going events in the government. I will accept questions that will be submitted in an online form to the County Government. I will make it my priority to answer as many questions each broadcast. Submissions that contain profanity and nonsense will be ignored. Klaus Wunnenberg, County Commissioner.
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    Server Script Update (v6.6.1.9) | August, 2019 Media All new Auction System! GPS Interior Locator (/gps) SMS Popup Notifications Features GPS Portable Radar is not toggleable The cigarette icon returns! An all new auction system operated in game You can now toggle the alt vehicle descriptions in your F10 settings SMS notifications pop up your phone: Added a GPS interior locator: Adjustments: Improved speed camera performance by reducing server load Adjusted flood event water levels We are now beginning to phase out the use of Safes Safes are now deprecated and you can no longer add items to them, we recommend using storage generics instead (these can already be purchased from stores) Added SCoSA to the hotline 311 Decreased minimum advert name length to 3 Removed the feature that allowed vehicle and property thefts to be turned off in the report panel Improved performance of interior settings GUI Fixes: Fixed being able to send in a report with over 150 characters Code refactor of the old computer system Prevent /ads from being opened without being logged in Prevent /report from being opened on the login screen Fixed a warning in paintball A special thank you to @Unitts, @SpeedYY and @Eloquent for contributing to this update! Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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    The Pyrite Metal Minds

    Rules Upon associating yourself with The Pyrite Metal Minds on a criminal or interpersonal level you automatically agree to a Character Kill clause. The leadership reserves the right to Character Killing your character for any reason at any time. All ties to the faction should be made In-Character. Don't break the server rules. Screenshot permission is REQUIRED. Faction hoppers are not welcome. If you are not committed to play with us, then don't play at all. During your time in The Pyrite Metal Minds you need to develop your character to the fullest, this is a serious faction. If you intend on shooting and making DM videos, consider joining some other faction.
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    Seville Blvd. Locotes X3

    In 2003 the notorious Guasave Aztecas XIII, led by Ismael “Shadow” Barajas began to push their way into becoming the most feared organisation in Sinaloa. Known for their ruthlessness, the group was suspected to be the cause of over 300 deaths in the space of a three years, 50 of which were Police Officers. The group focused on extortion, gambling along with drug and Weapon distribution, with many members targeting other gangs in order to secure different turfs that they could operate from. Aguayo “Seven” Damian, Ismael's right hand kept the organisation running by being the face of the group, issuing orders and personally torturing those who dared to try betray the group, his most notable method would leave the person with three large cuts on their cheek that branded them as traitor. In 2010 Ignacio "Nacho" Coronel Villarreal one of the leaders of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel was killed in a military raid in Guadalajara's suburbs, Coronel killed a soldier and wounded another before being shot. The Military gave a statement stating that they found guns, two hand grenades and $7 million in cash at the house where Coronel was killed. Due to the death of Ignacio, Ismael decided to attempt to take over his operations, this move ended with Ismeal receiving a promotion within the Cartel and therefore spending more time away from the gang. In 2014 an injunction was placed on the group after several members were caught during a raid on several houses and warehouses that group were operating from. The group lost a good percentage of members who were facing charges ranging from drug trafficking, Vandalism and even murder, with forensics linking other members to many unsolved cases within Sinaloa. After an emergency meeting by the leaders of the group it was decided that Aguayo would move his set to Los Santos with the hope of rebuilding the reputation they once had but under the name of Seville Boulevard Locotes XIII. Seville Boulevard Locotes XIII also referred to as ‘Eight’ had several morales that the members were to follow: Respect every member of the group, no matter what rank they were everyone counted as family. Disputes were to be settled by fists only. Anyone who raised a firearm to a fellow member without having the go ahead from a high up member would face being kicked from the gang and having a cross cut into each cheek to show they were not to be trusted. CK Clause: You are liable to be CK’d by faction leaders (Or upon the orders of faction leaders) if you do the following: Betray the gang and ‘snitch’ on other members. Are seen to cause actual issues within the gang such as robbing other members, threatening them etc. Members are meant to work together, not against. Bring negative attention to the gang - Such as shooting LSPD, doing deals in the hood, or attacking innocent people without a valid reason. (( Shoutout to @Vubstersmurf for helping me set up the faction thread.))
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    Ban Leniency and Reminder of the Open Door Policy Ban Leniency In accordance with our announcement on stream, we are introducing a leniency on current ban records. This means if you are currently banned for any reason (that isn't a blacklist) you are eligible to received a much lighter sentence of a unban on the spot. If you think an admin is still being overly harsh with your ban please reach out to me. I would love to hear it. To give a couple examples, Bob was banned for powergaming after gaining > 20 points on the ban system. Even though his infractions were minor, they built up to a long term ban. Bob is perfectly eligible to be unbanned, today. Peter was banned for alt-alt with a 20 point infraction. He was since unbanned but received a couple of points for MG resulting in a perm ban. This is a misuse of the system if his ban was to be upheld for longer than necessary. Peter can be unbanned after only a couple days or a week. We will be continuing this policy up to the release of V. Open Door Policy I wanted to take a moment to remind players about Owl's open door policy with members of UA and specifically the Head Admins. If you have any concerns of suggestions to bring up to staff, please reach out to myself or another Head Admin. At the very least we can help direct you to where on the forums such an idea could be posted so the whole community can get involved. I have been hearing concerns of corruption within the GAT ranks. I take these seriously, please reach out to me ASAP if you have proof of such an event. I can ensure you remain anonymous in your report and we can look at resolving it. Just to re-iterate, I'm always available on the OwlGaming Discord with my PMs open. I also will respond to any forum PMs I receive. I know many are adverse to creating a formal ticket for complaints, so this is a way for you to write something short and sweet to see immediate results. Thank you everyone, we're a community together. We have to work together, not against one another to improve the quality of the server. You make a difference in shaping the direction of oG. - OwlGaming Community
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    Newsletter - End of June 2019

    End of June 2019 Newsletter Community & Script Updates OwlV Stream We recently hit a pretty big landmark and had our first live stream showcasing our progress thus far with the script for our upcoming GTA V server. We think it went quite well and we ask that everyone who is able, fill out the Google Form we have put up on the thread there. We want your feedback! Thanks a bunch to everyone who watched and helped make the live stream a reality. Faction Team Update We've just posted a Faction Team Update, go check it out. There's LOTS to do on the virtual market both legally and illegally. You're sure to find something that suits you and your faction. Cartel De Sinaloa Congrats to Cartel De Sinaloa on receiving official. Everyone should check out their new subforum. Game Administration Team Update Since our last newsletter, we've had two big GAT updates. Congrats @Salsa and @CoronaCanadian on your promotions. Thanks to everyone who left as well for your contributions to the community. Flood Event We had a flood event, eluded to by an article thanks to @Chaos It was a TON of fun and we look forward to more events like this. We always appreciate eveyone's input on what kind of events they want to see. Of course, we cannot have a flood every other month, but if there's demand for something fun, we'll find ways to make it happen! Below you can see lots of screenshots of the event. Community Spotlight Ford of Los Santos There was a great article written by @DxRK promoting the Ford dealership in Los Santos. Take a gander at it. Covington Trucking Update Covington Trucking continues to be unique in their practices and do public press releases as things change in the faction. Something more in line with what companies do in real life. We appreciate the effort and invite you to read their latest publication. Los Santos Government There's actually been quite a lot going on with the government. Their activity shows and they have some good publications about the flood, their elections, new commendations, and the passing of Andy Sims, a councilmember. RIP @dylzion Character Stories There's been a nice influx of character stories recently here in June, check 'em out. @Resident & @Urshankov have written some good stuff! Custom Skins @rainydays is making some really amazing looking custom skins. Media To have your media featured in the next newsletter, submit it on the #media channel on Discord! Stats 2,053 reports handled in the month of June! We're happy to say that player reports still remains a relatively small portion of the tickets! (note: this does not include support tickets.)
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    Chase's Burgers

    Restaurant quality burgers on the go! Chase's Burgers is a popular food truck attraction, serving the community of Los Santos the tastiest gourmet cuisine since 2018. Famous for our burgers, they're crafted daily by hand, using only the best organic, free range, grass fed, ground chuck steak. Enjoy your burger the classic way or toss on a myriad of fresh toppings and make it your own! Our sides are fresh, never frozen, and made to order. We also cater for special events! Common locations are Idlewood, Carpark near FD and any public hosted event! (( I'll post screenshots whenever I can, this is kinda just a thing for me to do on the side and whoever wants to precipitate ))
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    During the 70's, under the Soviet period, many corrupted clerks made connections within the criminal underworld in order to source the black market. But in fact, the elite criminals known mostly as ''Vory v Zakone'', their Code of Conduct strictly forbade them to accomplish cooperation with any kind of the official authorities. Decade later, this led the georgian underworld to divide in two, one half collaborated closely with the authorities meanwhile the other was following the COC(Code of Conduct) strictly. Shortly after, meanwhile Georgia was prospered, it earn a name as one of the most corrupt countries. In the 90's, Georgian government was weak, they had to accept and advantage the nationalist militias formed during the ethnic Abkhaz and Georgia conflict. The militias were pushed into racketeering and smuggling due the lack of funding. With the Rose Revolution which started in 2003, it put Mikheil Saakashvili in power. Saakashvili soon started to implement actions against the high level of crime and corruption. He successfully managed to get many officials behind the bars along with members of the underground authorities in 2005. In order to avoid prosecution, Georgian's ''Vory V Zakone'' emigrated and fled to either Russia or Western Europe, with small gaps in USA. As the arrival of a small ethnic group of georgians in the US, a few personas have established themselves in San Andreas, Los Santos. In a not long gap of time, they managed to create stable business relations around the city, either to invest funds into legal businesses, considered such as legal fronts which advantaged them to avoid the prosecution of their illicit activities for the time being. OOC: With any kind of personal association with the faction, you automatically agree the CK clause and the organization's leadership has the enough power to proceed a CK for every solid reason they have/find good.
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    GAT Update - February 9, 2019

    GAT Update - February 9, 2019 Hello, Following the prior update, we'd like to announce the new trials accepted to the team. Applications for the team will remain open for another week. Application: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/23-general-administration-application-ooc/ Promotions Andreww - Promoted to Trial Administrator Chapple - Promoted to Trial Administrator DxRK - Promoted to Trial Administrator EPICxNUTS - Promoted to Trial Administrator Ixosis - Promoted to Trial Administrator JameZ - Promoted to Trial Administrator Lclasouljah - Promoted to Trial Administrator TheNeonGuy - Promoted to Trial Administrator Departures iii (Resigned) Rauf (Resigned) OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Upper Administration Team
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    Aryan Knights MC

    Founding The Aryan Knights Motorcycle Club was formed by a group of close friends in mid march of 2019. Most of these founding members were involved in various White Supremacist criminal elements across the state, with the majority coming from the now defunct street gang, Public Enemy No. 1 The founding members, now going under the title of "The Council" drafted a set of rules to lay the foundation for the club. These rules are know as "The Ten Commandments". Activities The Club takes part in various Criminal and legal business ventures, most of which were carried over from other rackets the members ran before the founding. These include Vehicle Theft, Drug Production, Drug Sales, Robbery, Petty Theft, among many others. Goals While the Club's main motivation is monetary gain, it's members and leadership commonly take violent and decisive actions to further their ideological goals. While they often openly do business with non-white criminal groups, they see this as simply a means to an end. ((OOC Disclaimers)) Any person or group willingly associating with the Club, whether by membership, repeated interactions or prolonged business arrangements can be subject to a CK at the discretion of the Club's leadership. This faction commonly participates in extremely violent, sexual, and racist roleplay situations. If you are easily offended by such things, then this faction might not be for you. All of the information in this thread is strictly OOC. If you are a member, you'll learn certain aspects of this thread as you RP with us.
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    10 likes and ill personally CK rose cantarelalal
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    Smethwick and Co. The Movie

    Hey, Some punishments have been dished out as a result of the video. Thanks!
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    Newsletter - End of March 2019

    End of March 2019 Newsletter Community & Script Updates Game Night Our last GAT Update carries over for this month since it was posted a bit later than usual. Additionally, our Game Night #4 was a huge hit and we hope to continue having them in the future. If the community expresses interest in doing them, we'll be happy to host! Be sure to show interest in a post below to make your voice heard. Easter Event Around Easter, (April 21) we'll be unveiling a new event script, so everyone look forward to that. The event will be in character and have sponsors much like the Santa Truck during Christmas, @Unitts will be making that in character post to solicit sponsors in the near future. Faction Team The Faction Team as of this newsletter being published will be hosting its regular meeting within the week and vote on members who have applied from within the admin team, so even better response times should be expected with the extra manpower. We've been hearing good feedback for quite a while now about the response times, however, those of you who may have had less than desirable experiences in waiting for a response from the team, don't hesitate to shoot myself or another Faction Team member a PM so we can ensure any complaints are dealt with promptly. OwlV The GTAV project has continued to see progress made in moving our client side code to C#. This has helped solve pre-existing bugs we weren't even aware of with the improved type checking. We expect that this move will also improve our performance and developer productivity. We have expanded on some of the commands that were reported to us during our closed beta as being critical and missing. Commands such as setting HP, setting a player in vehicle and more were added. Scripted jobs have been improved to be easier to create and manage. We plan to release another closed beta with more faction leaders very soon. We specifically want to involve more illegal RPers in our next beta. This will be announced soon™ and community members will be contacted if they are invited. Community Spotlight Ariana Grande Event This past weekend the Ariana Grande concert was a huge success. It was fantastic to see so many people online for the event. Although the event had a small hiccup with RDM, everyone was revived and the event continued as the players involved were blacklisted. Semi Truck Drag-racing Event Today @ResidentPeach hosted an event at the LV Drag Strip, thank you to everyone who showed up! We hope to host many more frequent events and if you're interested in leading an event of some kind please reach out! We would be happy to provide assistance. @Vubstersmurf specifically would like to help anyone that is planning to do an event. Character Stories Factions There was an event hosted by Covington Construction, held just today and there have been a variety of illegal and legal factions popping up. Existing factions as well have been keeping their threads updated and posting interesting content so go check the section out. Media To have your media featured in the next newsletter, submit it on the #media channel on Discord! Stats 2,725 reports handled in the month of March! We're happy to say that player reports still remains a relatively small portion of the tickets! (note: this does not include support tickets.)
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    OwlGaming's MTG Cards

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    GTA:V Showcase Stream

    GTA:V Showcase Stream OwlGaming staff will be hosting a gameplay stream on Youtube next Saturday, July 6th around 21:00UTC. In this approximately 1 hour stream we will be showcasing many of the features that we created to make our server unique. This stream will also give you the ability to give us feedback on areas you think we should expand on before launching. Many GAT members and users with the beta-tester role on discord will be online so that we can create some dynamic RP scenes. You can find the stream on our Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCov1MwxOPcO_Pi_b5JGT_rQ Additionally, make sure you're in our discord to receive a notification in the #announcements channel when we go live! Thank you for your patience in the development of GTA:V, we can't wait to show you what we've created with ❤️. Kind Regards, - OwlGaming Game Administration - OwlGaming Development Team
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    Bandidos MC

    Bandidos Forever, Forever Bandidos Bandidos San Andreas Chapter on ride to San Andreas from Texas (Grand Canyon stop) Who are the Bandidos? The Bandidos Motorcycle Club, also known as the Bandido Nation, is a "one-percenter" motorcycle gang and organized crime syndicate with a worldwide membership. The club was formed in 1966 by Don Chambers in Texas. Its slogan is We are the people our parents warned us about. It is estimated to have 2,400 members in 210 chapters, located in 16 countries. The club considers itself to be an Outlaw Motorcycle Club. The Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada have named the Bandidos an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang. ________________ The club was formed on March 4, 1966 in San Leon, Texas by Donald Eugene Chambers. Don Chambers, having served in Vietnam as a Marine, modeled the club's colors after the scarlet and gold motif of the United States Marine Corps. After Chambers' presidency ended due to his conviction for murder in El Paso, Texas, Ronnie Hodge was elevated to president ________________ The Bandidos has over 90 chapters in the United States, 90 chapters in Europe, and another 17 in Australia and Southeast Asia. In the United States, the club is concentrated in Texas, but extends into Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and several other states. The Rock Machine Motorcycle club in Canada merged with the Bandidos in 2000; there was a chapter in Toronto, Ontario until a dramatic internal conflict led to their deaths. The Bandidos are also found in Australia; aside from the non-locale-specific Nomads chapter, the chapters are located in Adelaide, Ballarat, Brisbane (Bayside, Centro, City), Byron Bay, Cairns, Geelong, Gold Coast, Hunter Valley, Ipswich, Melbourne, Mid North Coast, Mid State, Mission Beach, Noosa, North Victoria, Northside, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, and Toowoomba, and were acquired with much bloodletting. In recent years the club has also expanded heavily into Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, France and the Channel Islands. Additionally, it is looking into setting up shop in Russia and Eastern Europe and also in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The Bandidos are organized by local chapters, with state and regional officers, as well as a national chapter made up of four regional vice presidents and a national president. Like the Hells Angels, The Bandidos also have a number of puppet, or so-called "support," clubs, who are used as proxies for both legal and illegal activities. These groups usually wear reverse colors (gold border with red background rather than the Bandidos' red-border–and–gold background). They also commonly wear a unique patch (known as the "Heart Patch") consisting of a round patch in Bandidos colors on the front upper left of the colors (vest), as worn by the member. Most of these clubs are regional. Bandidos San Andreas Chapter After intense debate within the Bandidos San Antonio Chapter, it was decided to finally expand the club out into San Andreas. The local Sergeant at Arms, Russell Barlow, of the San Antonio Chapter was nominated to move out to the area and attempt to start the new chapter along with several members from the current San Antonio Chapter. As such and with 10,000$ to start it he arrived with the members who were selected to come along and do this favor for the chapter. They decided to setup in Montgomery while Russell got a house in Palomino to front. The group current are working odd jobs in order to start up a bar for the club to be involved in and run. Due to this the club is looking hard for local members and local people to recruit into the club in an attempt to get things rolling in the area and have a steady cash flow back to the San Antonio Chapter in order to pay for the loan that was given out to start this new Chapter. _________________ The local chapter is currently very open about its self and very proud of its distinctions. As such, members have no problem showing off their affiliation and love to the Bandidos MC. The club also has legal activities, participating in charity runs and regularly donating to local foundations and groups to bolster their public image. _________________ Recently the club has bought a bar on the outskirts of town which to base their rides and hangout spot out of. It's a public bar for anyone to come and attend and have a few drinks and a good time, so long as they respect our rules, our life style, and how we do business. Beyond that, no disrespect will be taken in the place and anyone who does is sure to get a good beating by the guys inside. As long as you follow the rules of the bar, they're friendly people who are easily approachable. _________________ The bar had been going well and business was booming. The club finally settled itself in Dillimore and became friends with quite a few other heads of illegal criminal groups in the city. The Charity run was coming up, until sadly on the night of 5/18/2019 at around 1 AM the club decided to go and practice the route for the charity run which was to be held later in the day. Russell, the President, decided to bring along a new friend and cute doctor who he wished to impress that evening named Mia. They had met up with two other members down at the Traffic Bureau in order to practice the run. Russell had given his helmet over to Mia to wear, as he wanted to make sure she was protected. Running the route caused Russell to want to give Mia the time of her life and show her the beauties of the world and riding on the open road. Sadly though, as they entered the town of Palomino speeding through an intersection, Russell, Mia, and Jett, were T-Boned by an unknown drive who then ran from the scene. All members hit were badly injured and rushed to the hospital. Russell had the worst injuries, wearing no helmet and hitting a concrete wall, knocking him unconsious and causing him to lose many motor functions vital to him as a biker. He remains in the hospital resting and having procedures done to get better. Due to this, the charity run for the day had to be cancelled and pushed back to next Saturday, 5/25/2019. The club had 20k donated to it, which all was now going into paying for Russell's medical bills for when he got out. The club now with 1/5th of its members injured, and their figure head in the hospital, would be bad news. Recruitment is done in game, or by PMing @Sc0ttie Upon joining the faction you agree that your character may be CKed at any time by any faction officer Credit for logo goes to its respectful owner
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    Server Script Update (v6.6.0.1) | May, 2019 Media Please see Unitt’s dev blog for media in this script update! The Wearable script is still in progress as mentioned by Yannick in the post. Features /setwheelstate allows admins to set a vehicles wheel to be slashed/destroyed Paged vehicle library improves performance of searching and editing vehicles Hotline and Badges for Sparta Inc. Pay N Spray now supports ATM cards New bug report tab in the report panel Saudi Arabia typing icon You can now see how much tax you will be charged before registering your vehicle in the DMV window Improvements for monitoring, creating, and managing elections This will make it easier to run elections for smaller events All new ANPR system (see the dev blog post above) Adjustments: Improved aimbot protections Hide some anti-cheat measures we use Use the real item name for logging of generic items in Elasticsearch RC Goblin and RC Raider can now be used with the thermal script Removed 3 unused hotlines Only admins can now see inactivity protection on interiors Autofill the generic spawner with the generic object model by default The generic spawner now outputs a confirmation message Moved the SAN news NPC to a new interior VT members can now use /setvariant to set vehicle variants Added Sparta Inc. to the generic food spawner No longer push adverts when you make edits /togspeed improved to support MPH vs KPH depending on the users setting Added the dufflebag and medical bag to objects that are being “worn” when you /look someone On duty admins can now use the mechanic options when via right-click Wearing a full-face helmet prevents cameras from identifying your person Fixes: Fix for an error in some factions resulting from the tax system Tweaks to getting the snow level Added improved prevention for users getting more vehicles in their F3 than their limit Fixed an error in /makeveh outputting nil data Prevent login music label from appearing in the bottom right if the resource is restarted as the user is logged in Resolved an endless loop when searching for a parent interior Performance improvements in the items system Fix for /opm messaging the whole server Fixed orphaned faction ranks when deleting a faction Security fixes for rogue MTA clients No longer show basketball court messages if an admin is flying over the area Fixed a random backpack sometimes spawning on your ped Prevent /recovery escaping if you use the antifall feature Removed shellcasing for paintballs Fixed an issue where a user could rebuy a drivers license after the payday if it was suspended Fixed a bug where /stats of GCs would not be updated when rewarded for report counts Fixed using snake cams in sub-interiors Fixed a log issue when PD gives a ticket to a player Fixed an exploit where illegal weapons wouldn’t be removed on death if you had a CCWP weapon Prevent locked items from being moved Fixed chatbox reappearing on minimizing and maximizing your MTA window Improved /goto when reconning Moved many resources to the “new" MTA Database functions A special thank you to @Unitts, @Yannick, @SjoerdPSV and @DetectiveSGT for contributing to this update! Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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    County Commissioner Election Results

    County Commissioner Elections Results April 30th, 2019 Finally, the County of Los Santos is able to announce the election results following the polls closing earlier today. We are pleased to announce Klaus Wunnenberg being voted in as the new County Commissioner of the Los Santos County. We'd like to thank everyone for voting, and for the other candidate for running. This was one of our closest elections yet with only a two vote difference in the vote tally's. The length of the term for the County Commissioner will be 6 months. All further correspondence before the next election will be done through the Commissioner and his party team. Thank you,
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    County Commissioner Elections Announcement April 14th, 2019 Today, the County of Los Santos is announcing an emergency election of the County Commissioners office following resignation of James Campbell prior to the end of his term. The County Commissioner elections will be taking place on April 27 and 28th. Candidates who wish to run for the County Commissioner seat must submit their candidacy to the Supervisor of Elections for the state of San Andreas. The length of the term for the County Commissioner will be 6 months. The final candidates will be announced on April 21st, 2019. Each candidate- Must be at least 21 years of age on the date of being sworn into office. Must reside in the district or county they are running for. May not have a felonious criminal record. May only run for one office at a time. (( Out of Character Information )) If you wish to run for the seat of County Commissioner, submit your campaign platform to the Faction Team HERE. Candidates will be reviewed to ensure they have no active or a low number of administrative punishment points and that they meet the IC candidacy requirements. Those who submitted valid campaign platforms will receive a private message with their acceptance and their name will be on a government publication made on April 21st, 2019 indicating that they are officially a valid candidate for the office they are seeking. In advance, the Faction Team asks that only those who are serious candidates apply that are capable of fulfilling the tasks and duties expected of effective government leadership. County Commissioner voting will be done VIA an NPC in-game at the County Hall. Elections will be held on April 27 and 28th to allow ample time for people to vote due to timezone restrictions.
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    ASK4SECURITY is a company of guarding and private security of persons and goods. Specialized in the event industry, guarding and close security, we meet your needs through a range of solutions tailored to your expectations and our know-how and our qualified teams. We ensure a particularly careful follow-up of the construction of the security project of our customers to its effective realization. Because of its concern to adapt to satisfy its customers, ASK4SECURITY endeavors to respond in real time to any additional request, any modification of organization, team or equipment composition. ASK4SECURITY focuses on the individual behavior and image that the security agent returns. An elegant, sober and identifiable dress code adapted to each position. As an agent of action but also of human contacts, the agent must adopt a respectful, courteous behavior, be available, with a non-discriminatory attitude while retaining a certain authority in the exercise of respect and applications of safety rules. He must have a spirit of observation, discernment, analysis, and synthesis to anticipate, prevent or eliminate a particular or critical situation. Our main missions are: Control Protect Filter Our services EVENT AGENT We secure all types of events such as sporting or cultural events, exhibitions, congresses, fashion shows, concerts, parties ... The Event Agent is at your disposal to secure your events. Physicist, he controls access during events. The agent must be rigorous while maintaining a high quality of welcome. It may be responsible for checking the validity of the access titles to enter the site but also between different areas of the site, depending on the contract desired by the organizer. His missions: Prevent and intervene Control access and circulation of the event Monitor and secure the facilities Manage crowd, panic or other conflicts Parking management GUARDIAN AGENT The security guard is responsible for enforcing the regulations of the site he is monitoring. If he notices infractions, his role is to report them, to enter them in a register explaining their terms. It ensures the protection of movable and immovable property as well as that of natural or legal persons directly or indirectly related to the security of property. He can verify the smooth running of his mission through video surveillance. Otherwise, it can intervene or prevent with this tool. In case of major inconvenience, he must appeal to the police. He may have to bring first aid. He works alone or in a team day or night. His missions: Remote monitoring management Round of surveillance Asset and Value Surveillance Welcome and manage traffic Manage first level technical issues Issue badges to visitors and outside companies Check the validity of badges Inform, guide and accompany visitors to the site Manage phone calls for security reasons Ensure the management of keys and means of opening To prevent the rescue PROTECTIVE AGENT CLOSER The Close Protection Officer or Bodyguard is fully dedicated to protecting his client. They comply with the wishes and desires of the VIP while applying the necessary procedures for security in all circumstances. He anticipates and analyzes each trip and meeting while respecting the privacy and privacy of the client! Trained in hand-to-hand combat skills, he is an expert in close combat. It can be armed under certain conditions in a highly regulated environment. Contact For all your specific requests (quote, recruitment etc ...), please fill in the fields below, our sales department will contact you as soon as possible. You can also contact us by phone at (701-456). Or by Email : [email protected] (( @Nikkehd )) © Copyright 2019
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    GAT Update - April 15, 2019

    so you gonna remove neon and keep queenc
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    Lunar Rallysport

    Introduction On the 3rd of July 2009, Riley Baxter who’d resided in the outskirts of Manchester, UK, at the time, found herself behind the wheel of an old 96’ Ford Escort 1.6 Zetec. The car was barely together anymore, as it’d sat for years outside rotting away, until the owners decided to upgrade to something newer. Dents along the quarterpanels, rust along the skirts, it’d met the end of it’s 170 thousand mile life. From there it fell into the hands of Riley’s friend, at the time, who’d bought it for £350 to have fun with before it was sent to a scrapyard. It wasn’t at all the prettiest vehicle she’d ever sat in, but it was the first she’d been the driver of, and as reluctant as she was to drive the deathtrap, something about the freedom of driving appealed to her. Taking it for a few laps around a desolate farm, she found herself pushing the vehicle further until Riley found herself laughing, ripping the handbrake around the dirt roads of the farm and barely keeping the car in a straight line. Since that one day, she’d found herself in love with motorsports. Competing in various drift events and becoming the winner of the 2017 Sportsland Tobuku Summer drift elimination tournament, she’d came back to her roots of needing the feeling of pure controlled chaos once more, and found herself wanting to share that feeling with other people. That is where, with the help of Julie Lawrence, on the 11th of March 2019, she found herself forming the organisation Lunar Rallysport, a group of people who have a sincere passion for anything to do with motorsports in gravel, dirt and tarmac appliances. What is Lunar Rallysport? Lunar Rallysport is an organisation aimed at the hosting of any dirt-level motorsport events including motocross, stage rallying, and rallycross. We aim to provide a sport that anyone with a particular skill-level and an adequate car may compete in, and have a great time pushing themselves in a safe and legal manner. We offer the leadership and hosting of events in compliance with safety and legal systems. Our leadership team are all of a motorsport hosting background, and as Lunar Rallysport's goals are first-of-a-kind for Los Santos, we are adamant that this needs to be done the right way, to mark a secure foothold in the history of the Los Santos motorsport scene. How does a typical event work? Motocross, Stage rally and Rallycross are the three types of events we offer. Stage rally is a timed event that may involve any type of ground material, and leaderboard positions are determined by the fastest time around the sprint. Rallycross is a circuit event that is often just involving dirt and asphalt mixed. In every rallycross race, every driver is required to take a joker lap once. This can be a shortcut, or a longer route around the track. There are usually three laps in these kinds of events, and contact with vehicles is allowed, although it should be noted that any attempt to blatantly try and take a driver out of the competition or cause physical harm while racing may result in disqualification. Our Motocross events will be three lap, fully dirt-tracked events with no contact whatsoever. All drivers must be in ownership of the correct physical gear laid out at each event announcement before the start of the event, and pass a physically and mechanical inspection. Would my vehicle be suitable for this? We currently only accept all wheel drive, half or full-cage vehicles with FIA approved seats and harnesses. You may only ride with one passenger, who may act as a co-driver if you request, and they must be seated in an FIA approved seat with the correct harness. This is a dangerous sport, and we need to keep this as safe as possible, on top of that, these are the specific requirements for the types of rally events; Stage Rally - Vehicle must have a designated numberbadge Vehicle must have a mounted fire extinguisher Vehicle must output a maximum of 400 wheel horsepower and no more than 220km/h. Vehicle must have appropriate offroading tires ((No more than 0.7 grip)) Vehicle must have no more than 40 angle. Rallycross - Vehicle must have a mounted fire extinguisher. Vehicle must have a designated numberbadge. Vehicle must output a maximum of 500 wheel horsepower and no more than 200km/h Vehicle must have appropriate tires ((No more than 0.8 grip)) Vehicle must have no more than 35 angle. Motocross - Vehicle must be no more than 450cc and no faster than 160km/h Vehicle must have a designated numberbadge. Vehicle must have appropriate tires ((No more than 0.7 grip)) Am I eligible for this? Of course! We’d love to have as many people as wanting to compete on board. Although to keep yourself, our staff and the spectators safe, we do necessitate some guidelines to who is allowed to drive. You must; Have a valid LS Drivers license Be older than 18 at the time of competition Be physically and mentally fit for competition Be wearing an appropriate helmet Must not be under the influence of any medication / drug or alcohol Be able to comply with event staff Must have a radio tuned to the correct frequency Have full fire-resistant racing suit, boots and gloves. Events when? We still have a lot set out to do. But we’ve already planned a course and are hoping with hard work and dedication to have an event coming very soon to you. Keep informed via our website ((Forums)) for anything new coming from us! Our Intentions. We have no interest in gaining revenue so long as we can afford to keep doing what we are doing. We are just a team of people passionate about this genre of motorsport who have high ambitions to take the fun of rallysport into Los Santos' domain for the very first time. We are here to have fun and as much of a competition as this is, if you're not having fun while barely keeping control of your vehicle, sliding down dirt roads with an engine screaming at full RPM, you're doing something wrong. We have great interest with opening channels of communication from government, civilian and local business, to help upkeep our standards of leading the scene in a correct, professional manor. Thankyou very much for your time and we hope to be serving you very shortly! For any queries, contact Lunar Rallysport employees below. Terms and Conditions For volunteers - I understand that the work I carry out in Lunar Rallysport is entirely voluntary and will do everything within my power to keep myself, my colleagues and site visitors safe. I understand I have to carry myself in a professional manor when representing the Lunar Rallysport brand and any attempt at defamation, injury, illicit activity when representing, or alike, may result in termination of my contract and/or legal action taken. I understand that I need to give full compliance to any governing body as but not limited to PD, FD, or CPQL. I understand I must not carry out any activity I have not been trained to complete.
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    Faction Team Update Howdy all, The Faction Team has been hard at work to drastically improve the contact response times. Our number of pending contacts are less than half a dozen at any given time now, due to our changes in streamlining our internal processes and getting more of our policies and guidelines written down so team members are not relying on institutional knowledge to handle certain contact types based on past experience. Instead, a single member can handle a contact easily by themselves most of the time. Additionally, we've started to add some new VM processes and continue to have our monthly meetings. The February one just wrapped up and here are the results. Faction Changes We're in the middle of re-organizing our faction database right now so this is not all of the changes with factions, but a majority of them in the past few months. Going forward, faction changes will be far more detailed and we will publish more regular updates when these changes do occur. Sparta Inc Established to Official Western Solutions LLC Established to Official Convington Trucking LLC Became Incorporated RSR Corp Became Incorporated Southside Aztecas (Formerly Almighty Saints) Confirmed to Established El Sindicato Vallarino Confirmed to Established SS Asian Boyz Became Confirmed L'equippagio di Pasadena (The Braggo Crime Family) Became Confirmed LSMA Official to Incorporated Virtual Market Expectations Now at the top of all virtual market forms, we have a list of general criteria that should be followed when submitting the request so there is no lack of communication about what is expected from the player to have a successful virtual market experience. The illegal virtual market for street dealing is shown below as an example. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with this new information. SAN, Article & Entertainment Virtual Market, and Independent Journalists! With SAN becoming a defunct faction, we want to continue to encourage players to write articles in the form of news stories, satire, or general entertainment and music. To do this, we have created a virtual market form for players to fill out to receive payment for future and past creations. We want to promote high quality news and entertainment in the in-character space of the server and incentivize players to create their own news companies and factions. The more independent journalists the better. Legal Virtual Market After much request, we've put together a legal virtual market. It is very broad in scope and aims to promote more legal roleplay. To evaluate these requests, policies and procedures have been put in place which require several faction team members to perform the evaluation to come up with the best outcome for every individual circumstance. The information at the top of the form really provides a great explanation of what we expect from people who submit the form and how it operates. The TL:DR version is we are going to start paying players who open businesses which creates a social environment and promotes roleplay for others throughout the server. Fencing Stolen / Illegal goods We've recently created a new set of policies and procedures internally for the faction team so that we may begin processing the sale or "fencing" of stolen or illegal goods. There will be a form for this in the near future, however, the general idea is that generic items in game have value. There are a lot of them. Home or business burglaries and player robberies are also relatively common and often result in expensive jewelry, electronics, etc. While it's great that a lot of players can steal these items, there is nowhere for them to go once stolen. Players currently can only really tediously sell them to other players when in reality, there would be a much bigger market for second-hand items that "fell off the back of a truck". We want to simulate this market by letting players sell these stolen goods. Right now, this may only be accomplished by official factions. This is to encourage a chain of custody for stolen goods and in reality, an official faction would have the best contacts for offloading stolen goods. This is subject to change and is currently being considered by the team, but the goal is to create more RP by forcing players to interact with each other to sell these illegal goods by making more connections in the criminal underworld. If you are interested in doing this, until the form is out, you can simply inquire with a regular public contact. Wholesale Buyback of Guns & Drugs If players need cash quick, they can trade their guns and drugs for a direct equivilant in value. Players cannot make money by doing this and the whole purpose is to provide a route for guns and drugs to leave the server instead of just destroying them. A simple example to further explain this would be a player is part of an official faction from 6 months ago. They bought 10 guns and when the faction shut down, they still had those 10 guns from their faction team drop. They decide to play on the character again but this time, they want to join a legal faction and leave their criminal past behind. Instead of having to get rid of the guns by destroying them and effectively losing their original investment, they can simply get the same amount of money back that they originally paid for the guns. We suspect this won't be done very often but enough players have mentioned this in the past which led to the creation of a series of policies and procedures so we can accommodate those players. General Faction Team Support With faction interest gone, the ability to wait, save up money, and purchase faction assets like vehicles and properties is gone. To remedy this, in general, we are drastically increasing our faction team support to those who request it. This has been done in the past and we want to be clear that we still continue to allow this. If you would like an interior or vehicle for your faction to create roleplay, let us know and we'll work with you to provide those assets. A note is put on the interior or vehicle and when it is no longer used, it cannot be sold and is then deleted. This way, there is no financial cost but also no financial gain. It is done purely to create more roleplay. Faction Updates Please remember to regularly send faction updates in. At least once a month. Without a recent faction update, we as the faction team cannot support your faction, evaluate your status, etc. That should be all for now...I think I covered all the bases. You can expect forms soon for the fencing VM and wholesale buyback of drugs & guns. Additionally, expect another update soon about drug production, drug variety, and shop updates.
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    OwlGaming's MTG Cards

    no dirt, but worth a card
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    Blueberry Truck Plaza

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    Photogenic is an exclusive supplier of quality automotive- & interior design in the city of Los Santos. Our roots go hand in hand with the automotive culture of the city, as many of the most recognizable competition liveries has been designed by design shop Photogenic. To create these art pieces, we strive to produce undeniably aestethically pleasing products time after time with the greatest focus on our client´s wishes and preferences. Lately we have included a new area of expertise in our line up of high-end services. We offer exquisite interior design solutions for the most demanding arcitechtural projects without sparing any quality. We can handle anything ranging from industrial layouts to nightclub set-ups. Our pricing range starts at $25,000 dollars for an automotive designwork, and $60,000 for interior design. Please contact us with your brief and wishes, and we´ll get back to you with an quote as soon as possible. Please note, that we do not do any sort of replicas nor copies of work. Re-designs are negotiable. Contact the following address for any quotes/orders: ((PM @MrPinkPanda )) Please see the attachment for our portfolio pieces.
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    Los Santos Police Department "to protect and to serve" Pursuit Policies & Procedures Recently there have been an abundance of situation reports and undocumented pursuits where the fleeing suspect is lost, injured or even killed as a result of the actions by members of this department. This document will outline new policies which each officer must immediately adhere to, and will contain information on how to properly conduct a chase and what to do once you lose visual of a fleeing suspect, as well as any other relevant information. First of all you should all be aware that there are audio and video equipment installed in all LSPD cruisers which will record the entire duration of the pursuit. Officers should ensure that this equipment is recording until the pursuit ends and the suspect is detained. There are no exceptions to this. If an officer fails present any pursuit recordings when requested, they will face disciplinary action. Officers engaged in pursuits should also have their blue lights and sirens on at all times. It should also be noted that officers involved in continuous pursuits that enter other jurisdictions (Las Venturas and San Fierro specifically) are authorised to enter these jurisdictions to pursue and effect an arrest on a suspect. Procedures for Emergency and Pursuit Driving When engaging in a pursuit or responding to a pursuit, you will always drive with due regard for the safety of the public. When an officer exceeds the speed limit under the exemption for emergency vehicles, it does not protect the officer from any consequences of reckless driving and disregard for safety. Therefore the officers driving and speed must be reasonable given the circumstances, and the officer should take into consideration: Seriousness of the offender and the knowledge of previous incidents. The road speed limit. Pedestrians and traffic. Road conditions, weather and visibility. Type of vehicles already involved in the pursuit, and the state of those vehicles. Officer's capability to drive at high speeds and their familiarity with geography. When engaged in a pursuit you must operate both blue lights and sirens. An officer who heavily exceeds the posted speed limits must have reasonable justification to do so. Officers engaging in and responding to pursuits will take due care with approaching intersections, and must reduce their speed until the intersection is clear and all traffic has yielded right of way. Vehicles not equipped with blue lights or sirens will not be operated in pursuits, and should not respond to pursuits. They must also always obey all traffic laws. Procedures for Pursuits - Primary Unit From this point forward, only sworn officers are able to initiate and lead pursuits. This means that any rank of Police Officer II may do so. It is important that throughout the pursuit the lead unit or scene command (Scene command takes superiority) should weigh the need to immediately apprehend the suspect against the dangers the pursuit is causing to civilians and property. The danger itself that is caused by the pursuit is not justification as to why the pursuit was continued. The lead unit should take into consideration the threat to life, and damage to property. If a pursuit is stopped at any time, all responding units should work to obtaining evidence to submit an arrest warrant on the fleeing suspect. The responsibility for the decision to engage or continue a pursuit is on the lead officer. Before engaging and during the pursuit, an officer will consider the following factors: The seriousness of the crimes committed by the suspect; The danger the pursuit and/or the suspect presents to the officers and citizens; The location of the pursuit and the general traffic (Residential neighbourhood, busy street, open highway etc); Traffic conditions and the weather conditions. Speed limits. The use and involvement of weapons (more specifically firearms). The condition of the LEO vehicle (I.e the damage sustained; is it functional for safe operation?); Whether the suspect can be apprehended at a later date with less risk, and less potential violence or danger to the public. The leading officer engaging in the pursuit must immediately notify dispatch that a pursuit is underway. The officer should state their call-sign, the reason or suspected offenses for the pursuit, location and direction of travel of the suspect, the suspect's vehicle information, the number of occupants and whether there are weapons involved. Procedures for Pursuits - Secondary Units A secondary unit is any unit that is actively engaged in a pursuit, after the primary unit notifies dispatch that they are engaging in a pursuit. The second unit in the chase will assume responsibility for radio communications. At no time will police vehicles pass each other while engaged in a pursuit unless vehicles are required to change position, and it can be done safely. Changing positions must be clearly communicated between officers, and they must acknowledge the intended actions. Secondary units will maintain a safe distance from the primary unit to avoid any accidents, but they should remain close enough to attend as backup assistance when required. If the primary pursuit unit becomes disabled, then the second unit in the pursuit will become the primary unit. Procedures for Pursuits - Unmarked Vehicles & Off-duty Officers Any unmarked vehicle that is equipped with sirens and blue lights are authorized to engage in a pursuit if there are less than three marked units taking part in the pursuit, or if they receive permission from a supervisor or a higher ranking Command Member, or if the primary unit requests more officers. An unmarked unit may initiate a pursuit, and therefore may remain in the pursuit until the suspect is apprehended or the pursuit is called off. Under no circumstances should any officer engage in a pursuit whilst off-duty. Any on-duty officer cannot engage in a pursuit using a personal vehicle and any unauthorized plain clothes officers should not engage in a pursuit. Procedures for Pursuits - Helicopter and Motorcycle Units Once a helicopter unit has visual contact of the fleeing suspect, they may assume the responsibility as the primary unit. All ground units should continue their pursuit on the suspect, whilst the helicopter unit relays regular updates on the suspects location and direction of travel. The supervisor in the pursuit should regularly evaluate the risks and hazards relating to the pursuit, and decide whether it is worth disengaging ground units. Motorcycles are authorized to initiate a pursuit, however, they cannot engage on an ongoing pursuit unless the pursuit involves a motorcycle. If a motorcycle initiates a pursuit, the motorcycle should allow a marked unit to take the primary position when possible. The motorcycle must then disengage from the pursuit all together unless instructed otherwise by a supervisor. Procedures for Pursuits - Dealing with fleeing Motorcycles Dealing with a fleeing motorcycle can be difficult, and can end up in serious injuries if not correctly done. Officers should exercise due diligence in these situations and seek appropriate methodology and tactics to bring the suspect to an eventual stop without causing any serious bodily harm. If the suspect is a risk, and their name and vehicle descriptions are known then officers may opt to stop the pursuit in order to file warrants on the suspect and apprehend them at a later date. This should be done if there is considerable risk involved. Intentional ramming and spike strips will not be used on motorcycles unless deadly force is authorized. Officers should allow for a motorcycle unit to engage in the pursuit, and allow for them to take primary unit in order to maintain the pursuit when the fleeing suspect takes routes that are otherwise imposed. Procedures for Pursuits - Use of deadly force When dealing with a pursuit on an offender who has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a life-threatening felony then there could be justification for deadly force in the apprehension of a fleeing offender. Deadly force should only be used when threat to life is obviously existent. Officers should consider before using deadly force that the death of the violater will prevent immediate serious bodily harm, or immediate death. When using deadly force, an officer may use a firearm or uncontrolled contact to neutralise the suspect. An example where this can be used is if the fleeing suspect has assaulted an officer or civilian with a deadly weapon during a pursuit, or there is actual assault with their motor vehicle. Supervisor Responsibilities In a pursuit, the highest ranking supervisor should be taking command over the pursuit, and thus has responsibility for the pursuit and will ensure compliance with all policies. A supervisor is anyone above the rank of Police Officer III+1. When deciding whether a pursuit should continue, the supervisor should consider: The seriousness of the crimes committed by the suspect; The danger the pursuit and/or the suspect presents to the officers and citizens; The location of the pursuit and the general traffic (Residential neighbourhood, busy street, open highway etc); Traffic conditions and the weather conditions; Speed limits; The use and involvement of weapons (more specifically firearms); The ability of the pursuing officer to keep control of the their patrol vehicle; The speed of the pursuing officer and that of the suspect. The supervisor should only allow the pursuit to continue only after the risks created by the pursuit are carefully weighed against the need to continue the pursuit. A pursuit should not normally involve more than three units. The supervisor may request for additional units if deemed necessary after evaluating: The nature of the offense. If you're dealing with a felony then it's more likely that more units would need to be requested; The number of people involved and the possibility of weapons involved; Whether the pursuing units are on Lincoln or Adam patrol. Whether clear facts would warrant additional units, or if the involved units request additional units The supervisor may maintain a pursuit as long as it is reasonable to do so. However, a decision to terminate the pursuit may be the best course of action. The supervising officer and the officers involved in the pursuit should continually question the risks involved in the pursuit, and with the supervisors final call the pursuit can be terminated. A pursuit will be terminated: If, in the opinion of the pursuing officer, there is unreasonable danger to any officer involved or the public which is as a direct result of the pursuit. If prevailing traffic, roadways and any environmental conditions create unreasonable danger if the pursuit is continued. If the fleeing vehicle's location is no longer known, or if the vehicle is travelling an increasing distance ahead of the pursuing police vehicle and there is no reasonable means for the primary unit to keep up. When notified to do so by the supervisor or any Command Member. When communications with the supervising unit is lost. Officers will not pursue a fleeing vehicle that is travelling into opposing traffic. Officers can continue if there is no opposing vehicles in the oncoming lanes of travel. When the identity of the suspect is known, and he does not present an immediate danger, a supervisor will consider terminating the pursuit. The supervising unit will use discretion and sound judgement to determine whether or not to continue the pursuit. If the pursuit is terminated officers must immediately notify dispatch and officers must be given the last known location and direction of travel, as well as all known descriptions. The termination of a pursuit does not prohibit an officer from following the vehicle, as long as they are complying with all traffic laws. Spike Strip Usage Officers may use department issued spike strips in order to prevent a pursuit or to intercept a pursuit by slowing or stopping the suspect. An officer, with permission from the Supervisor in charge of the pursuit or a higher ranking Command Member, is authorized to intercept the pursuit by deploying a spike strip at a safe location before the pursuit arrives at the officer's position. Officers shall not attempt to outrun a pursuit or pass the vehicle being pursued to achieve this. Officers are, however, authorized to use all emergency equipment to respond to the spike strip location quickly. The supervising officer shall monitor and assist all units in coordinating the deployment of the spike strip. Prior to deploying a spike strip, officers will consider the following factors: The proximity and danger of the public; The position of the spike strip and near-by property; The proximity and danger of officers and police vehicles and equipment. The deploying officer should also be able to, from his position, clearly observe any vehicles involved in the pursuit and any other traffic as it approaches. In addition, the officers must also be in a position where they can maintain cover from the moving vehicle. Spike strip should not be deployed: Close to major intersection; On motorcycles, or vehicles with two or three wheels (Unless deadly force is authorized); On streets with heavy traffic; On streets with heavy pending construction; On bridges or an overpass; On a wet or loose surface. When an officer deploys a spike strip, they must immediately inform dispatch and the pursuit supervisor with the location of where the spike strip was deployed and advise units involved to continue the pursuit following the deployment. Controlled Contact If pursuing officers are involved with a fleeing offender that is causing some level of danger to the public, they may use contact in an attempt to stop or slow down the offender. This can be done by ramming or PIT maneuver. All sworn officer should be able to correctly PIT a fleeing offender. Ramming and a PIT maneuver must be executed on an open road where there is NO risk to any persons or property, and it cannot be executed at high speeds. When either are executed, officers should box in the suspect immediately after to prevent the suspect from fleeing once again. Hot Pursuits Hot pursuit is a pursuit by a law enforcement officer and implies a pursuit without any reasonable delay. The purpose of a hot pursuit is to prevent the suspect escape, prevent destruction of evidence or effecting arrest of a suspect. It should be common knowledge that entering private property during a hot pursuit is NOT exigent circumstances. When chasing a suspect into private property there are a few things you should consider: An officer can enter a private premises following a pursuit without a warrant if it is likely that someone is going to be injured/killed unless immediate action is taken OR there is probable cause to suspect that the suspect is physically present in the building at that moment in time. An officer can enter a private premises following a pursuit without a warrant if it is likely that crucial evidence may be destroyed, or if the officer reasonably believes that the contraband relating to a criminal investigation is about to removed or destroyed. An officer can enter a private premises following a pursuit if they believe that in urgently doing so they will save lives, prevent serious bodily harm or control public catastrophe. In other circumstances, an officer should file a warrant to enter the private premises. If an officer is unaware of what to do in this situation then they should approach a supervisor, failing that they should secure a warrant to avoid breaching these policies. Officers are expected to exercise common sense and due diligence when engaging in pursuits. Officers will be liable for any unreasonable and careless acts, and will be personally and financially held accountable for any injuries, damages or otherwise sustained due to recklessness or breaching of policies and procedures.
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    OwlGaming's MTG Cards

    image is not dylanw in real life just some random fat dude I pulled from google @DylanW
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    [GIVEAWAY] 3 x Grand Theft Auto V Keys

    Giveaway : Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar Key x 3 With the public beta release date for OwlGaming V getting announced last week, I'm aware that there are a lot of people who are excited and are waiting to try it out but then there are also people who won't be able to try it out due to not having a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V. Since the public beta starts on the 31st of August, I thought that I'd do a giveaway before it so it gives more people a chance of trying it out for themselves (So that they get the full experience and don't have to watch a live stream or watch others play it). A total of three keys will be given out in this giveaway which means that three lucky people will have a chance to try out the beta once it starts. How to Enter? Honestly all you really have to do is just leave a comment on this giveaway and you're entered but there are some specific requirements, Requirements - Don't already own GTA V on PC (Make it fair for everyone else) - Your PC should at least be able to run GTA V / RageMP (After all the whole giveaway is so more people get a chance to try out the beta) - This isn't a requirement but you don't have to be from a specific region, all three keys are global keys. All three giveaway winners will be announced on the 30th of July Good luck to everyone!
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    Players Number - Discussion

    Points to address that I've seen here, sorry if I missed someone or something. Please PM me if I did. - Illegal Rolepaly is inactive: Some people mentioned that it's too difficult to run an illegal faction and get official. What is the area we can improve this? It's basically, make faction reports regularly which details your activity, have a faction thread where you share roleplay. FT will recognize it as you develop and you'll be granted support. I understand I'm making it sound easy but it's also not meant to be hard. There's def illegal RPers that we are missing, but many just get bored of MTA and there's not much we can do about that. - Corrupt admins Please report them, I've seen no evidence of corrupt admins. I'm swift to handle them if they are. - Lack of events We do a lot of events. But we had a GAT meeting today and spoke to admins about creating their own roleplay scenarios with other people playing to help eliminate the ghost town feeling. We also need the players help here to create events too. - Too many bans As mentioned on stream, we are going to do a very slack unbanning process leading up to V. However, if there are some overly harsh bans made, please staff report so we can investigate. - Too many trollers Sort of conflicts with other reports made here about too many bans. We are doing our best to find a balance but harmless trolling is usually ignored among friends. If it is really affecting RP we will and do take that seriously. The OP requested this be closed, so it will be. If there are specific suggestions to discuss then please make rule discussions, script suggestions, general discussions, or staff reports. There are so many avenues we have for discussing new ideas and we ENCOURAGE them. Thank you for making this thread, it does show there are many people here that care about the longevity of Owl, as do I.
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    The Pine st. Hoods

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    PRESS RELEASE Thursday, May 23rd, 2019. Los Santos, SA 95249. #1, Pershing Square. Telephone, 311. Chief of Police Vincent Bishop, Office of the Chief. ONE POLICE PLAZA: On May 2nd the Chief of Police got a visit from the newly appointed County Commissioner, Klaus Wunnenberg and his associate, Harold Brandt. In this meeting there were serveral topics being discussed, regarding the future for the government, as well as the future for Los Santos Police Department. Chief Bishop signed his first contract when he was appointed by former County Commissioner Nicholas Howard back in August. The terms of the contract leaves him to lead the Los Santos Police Department for another year, meaning his contract expires in April, 2020. "It is a pleasure for me to see that the new Commissioner takes initiative to meet with me personally and to show such dedication and care for the county and the work myself and others have done for the department. Usually it is me that would have to ask for a renewal of employee contracts, but not this time around. It was a pleasure meeting with Commissioner Wunnenberg and I am pleased to say we could come to an agreement so quickly. I'm glad we share a common interest in the improvement of the county and all that comes with it. I am thankful to get to serve another year for this great city." - Said the Chief after the meeting with the County Commissioner. LSPD Website - LSPD Press Releases Published by: Commander Charlie Webber, On behalf of the Public Relations Division.
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    Mia Sullivan The Los Santos War Doctor *** Contains gore! *** Despite the occasional differeces of opinion, practising emergency medicine in war was revelatory. It has long been recognized as a driver for technological progress, as combatant governments plough resources and expertise into trying to give themselves an edge over their enemy. But there are other, more benign, side-effects as well. One of them was the major impact war had on was the development of what is known as "damage control" surgery, from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mia found herself inexperienced when compared to the other surgeons, who routinely volunteered at various organizations, all over the world and had been doing so for a very long time. War was nothing like home, she found. Syria, first day: Second day: Start of week 2: The hospital had moved about 5 miles south-east, along the main-supply-route (MSR), as the front had advanced. The hospital's capacity for housing casualties had improved significantly as they set up their theatre, recovery and admission rooms in a school. It appeared eerie to Mia. Besides the obvious fragmentation damage to the structure and bullet holes. It was an abandoned school. Children had gone to school here and now they were all gone. The other surgeon, Henry al-Hajez, a British national, who had arrived to Syria with Mia, was seen leaving the hospital with his camera in the early morning. Before the casualties used to arrive en masse. He told Mia, staff and the security officer, that he was going for a walk. Apparently, he wandered down a road and directly into the hands of the Syrian govenment forces. After he was reported missing his mother moved heaven and earth to try and locate him and he was reported to be in a prison in Damascus, far away. The security officer disclosed to Mia post-humously that they received unofficial assistance from the Indian and Russian embassies. All of their attempts to get him released failed and then, after Mia had returned home to Los Santos and enjoyed the full-time employment as an attending general surgeon, found that he had been murdered by the Syrian regime. The regime denied this, of course, claiming that he had hanged himself, but Mia nor anyone else belived it. Henry al-Hajez was married and had two children. Mia never met them. But she learnt that al-Hajaz's name was inscribed and revered in the halls of the King's College of London, where he had been a medical student. A medal in his name was established in 2019 and so; he is remembered. "The Dr Henry al-Hajez Medal was established in 2019 to provide a lasting tribute to the extraordinary humanitarian contribution of alumnus Dr al-Hajez. Dr al-Hajez graduated in medicine from King’s in 2006 and went on to become an orthopaedic surgeon. He tragically died in 2018 after he was detained for undertaking humanitarian work in Syria. In his honour, the Dr al-Hajez medal is awarded annually to a King’s medical student or recent graduate, who has made an outstanding contribution in the service of society, either in the UK or overseas. The medal will typically be awarded to someone who has shown courage in their humanitarian work, contributed over a number of years whilst a student and ensured that the work will be sustained." Week 2, day 3: There was no news of Henry, nobody knew anything and their work continued. Just before lunch, eleven civilians shot by snipers were brought in. With varying priorities. The leading cause of death, was exsanguination (bleeding out), from gun-shot-wounds. This was often taken care of in the field with relatively good reslts. Survival often depended on how quickly the casualty was transferred after the time of injury. Sometimes a sniper would maim a civilian. Pregnant women and children were ideal targets by snipers as bystanders or military forces would try and rescue them, only to get shot themselves. A consequence of this tactic was that most casualties bled out before arriving at their hospital. Mia found this to be heart-breaking and felt physically nauseous upon being informed on the history of events on her casualties but also that this was routine. One critical casualty was admitted into the operating theatre, by the triage officer and at this point Mia was allowed and trusted to run her own theatre. The casualty, a pregnant woman in her twenties, had received a gun-shot-wound to her abdomen. Upon exploration, the bullet had missed the baby, but gone through the placenta. The woman was quickly sedated by the anethestist on the teacher's table, that had been covered with surgical drapes, after approximately thirty (30) minutes plus time of injury. Mia decided to deliver the baby via a lower segment incision, but the placenta had been completely destroyed by the high-velocity round. The consequence of a ruptured or shattered placenta is that the the oxygenation of their fetus ceases and this was the case for the casualty's baby-boy. Mia quickly clamped the cord and gave the infant to one of the nurses to resuscitate, but she was unable to revive and reported. Mia carefully sewed up the mother's uterus in the hope that she would be able to have another baby in the future. She was determined to ensure her fertility in defiance to what the snipers had tried to take from her.
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    Additional Images: https://imgur.com/a/y70Xo14 McLaren Newport Beach is pleased to present for sale this stunning brand new 2019 McLaren Senna. The McLaren Senna has been designed, engineered and devleopted to be the ultimate road-legal McLaren track car. With 789BHP and 590lb-ft from its 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 - McLaren's most powerful-ever internal combustion engine in a road car and the ability to generate a staggering 800kg of downforce, the 1,198kg McLaren Senna delivers the purest possible connection between driver and car, and one of these can be yours to own! Its staggering performance means the Senna can cover 0-62mph in a mere 2.8 seconds; 0-124mph is achieved in just 6.8 seconds and a standing quarter-mile in only 9.9 seconds. Impressive though the straight-line acceleration and maximum speed of 211MPH (( 159MPH in-game )) are, the true depth of the performance credentials of the new Ultimate Series McLaren will be revealed when it calls on downforce of up to 800KG on a circuit, against the stop-watch. With only 500 examples of the McLaren Senna built, each hand-assembled at the McLaren Production Center, this can be the one and only opportunity to own a McLaren Senna for your own. Starting Bid: $837,000 (MSRP) Minimum Increase: $10,000 Buyout: N/A (( OOC & IC Comments are disabled, so don't bother even TRYING. )) Auction ends on the 18th of May, 2019 at 00:00:00 (( Server Time )) For further information on the McLaren Senna please contact Phoebe Rutherford ([email protected]) (( Forum PM ))
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    Next big chapter in my life

    Well, after 4 years..... sorry, 4 amazing years, I decided it was time to take that next step with the love of my life. When you find someone you have so much in common with, its easy to see why some people fall really hard. Don't know how many people here believe in fate, or a higher power, but I no longer have any doubt. Let me explain why. I'm not what you would call a maverick when it comes to the fairer sex. I've only ever had 2 girlfriends, and the first one didn't end up so well. Then I met the most incredible woman you could ever meet. We have so many of the same interests, but even scarier though, was how many times we crossed paths in our lives, and had no idea. We went to the same elementary school and had no idea, went to the same high school and never knew it. Then I started at the Community Living London support program, and she caught my eye. As I have *ahem* confidence issues, I decided to ask one of the staff if they knew if she had a boyfriend. At the time, she did. But that didn't deter me, because when we were together that day in the program, I could sense something between us. Honestly I wasn't sure what it was, but something told me to not give up. A year later, I learned that things didn't work out between her and her previous boyfriend. I knew it was now or never. So I asked her if she wanted to go to the movies. Now here we are, 4 years later, and I couldn't imagine being with anyone else, or being without her for that matter. I believe from my very core that someone up there wanted us to be together. Theres no other way to explain it. So, on April 18th, 2019, I asked her if she'd marry me. I didn't really have to wait for the answer, because I knew it would be a resounding yes. I know she won't see this post, but I'm just to happy not to share this with all of you, because even though we've never met, and I've had my differences with some of you, I consider each and every person on here a friend. After 4 years, here we are. Starting our life together, not knowing what this world has in store for us.
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    Eastern European Organized Crime (EOC) in today's America (OVERSIMPLIFIED) Due to the recent spike in Eurasian illegal roleplay in Owlgaming, I've decided to write a short beginners guide to understanding EOC, as there are several misconceptions regarding the subject. This guide will not be a handbook for creating a character, but to better understand the difference between modern EOC groups and more familiar criminal groups like La Cosa Nostra organizations. Origins EOC groups are extremely diverse and have always consisted of very mixed members from different countries in the former Eastern Bloc, from Russia, Baltic States, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, ex-Yugoslavia, central Asia, Czech Republic and the Caucasus. (Probably missed some countries and regions, soz) Following the international condemnation of the Soviet reaction to Dymshits-Kuznetsov hijacking affair in 1970, the Soviet Union temporarily loosened emigration restrictions for Jewish emigrants, which allowed nearly 250,000 people to leave the Eastern Bloc as an effort to escape antisemitism. A sizable percentage of the emigrants fled to Israel, but the majority went to the United States where they received the status of political refugees. It is important to know that the immigration waves have since drastically died down, and for the majority it'd be wise to roleplay a 2nd Generation Russian, since the last large immigration wave ended in 1992 after the fall of The Soviet Union. With EOC being so diverse, grudges between cultures as old as time came with, i.e. Nagorno-Karabakh War (conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan) and both Chechen wars. Certain groups just don't mix well together, although Chechen's tend to work with Russian's on some level, the Chechen's are known as the professional killers in the EOC culture, and to quote @LokiHavok, they are usually kept at an arm's length and only used when needed. In short, EOC groups tend to be very diverse even though there have been numerous conflicts between different cultures within the EOC countries. When enough money is involved, old grudges will be put aside. Structure The structure within EOC groups usually confuse people who are new to this subculture of criminal phenomena, since in reality EOC groups actually lack structure. Most organized criminal organizations are expected to have strict and complex ranks, for example, the LCN organizations have the Boss, the Underboss, the Captains and so on, while the EOC's often form Ad Hoc groups where professional criminals band together to form temporary criminal cells to make money. These groups are usually created within EOC communities, as the EOC network (sometimes referred to as the Vorovskoy Mir, "Thieves World") is extremely large. They are based on experience, there is always a leader, usually the one with the most respect from his peers or experience. Crude image by the author to display an example of a temporary EOC cell. Obviously, gangs exist and they will always exist within the EOC community, but these gangs tend to be small in numbers and usually specialize in certain fields, these gangs are kept in harmony by the most respected members of the community, in example, the Vor V Zakone are seen as the absolute leaders within EOC communities. Modus Operandi Everyone has their bread and butter, for LCN it's labor racketeering, gambling and loan sharking, for EOC the textbook operations include Medicare/Medicaid fraud, credit card fraud, identity theft, money laundering, counterfeiting, welfare fraud or other schemes that target government sponsored programs. "The Russians didn't come here to enjoy the American dream, they came here to steal it." - New York State tax agent Roger Berger. Eurasian groups have gained a lot of notoriety for ATM skimming and medicare fraud. The EOC groups blend financial sophistication with stomach-turning violence, they are known for being ruthless to whoever stands in their way and for not following any "rules" like the LCN groups do. For example, the American Mafia tends to avoid murdering civilians to avoid attracting heat, whereas the EOC groups don't have a code that prevents them from doing so, the EOC groups maintain their position in the underworld with fear. Violence is a very important tool in the EOC culture, it can be used to boost ones reputation within their peers, it can be used to victimize people and to extort, it's a multi-tool that is a necessary part of EOC groups. Tips for beginners I encourage people interested in the subject to read "Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America" I discourage people from roleplaying as communists, the era of communism resulted in millions of innocent civilians getting murdered and wrongfully imprisoned. If you have a proper reasoning to roleplay being a communist, have at it, but like I've stated in the beginning, majority of the Russians that arrived in America were capitalist Jews. I encourage people to roleplay as second generation Russians as the major immigration waves have ended a long time ago. Don't use Wikipedia as a guide for modern EOC roleplay, it is extremely inaccurate. Vodka is not the only thing that Russians drink. Gopniks have nothing to do with Eastern European Organized Crime. Eastern Promises does not portray a Russian Organized Crime Group at all. Mark Galeotti's "In Moscow's Shadows" blog is very informative on Eastern European Organized Crime.
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    Howard for CC

    Howard Sweeney is an independent who currently represents the people of District 4. Graduating from law school, Howard made his way through various careers, from a private lawyer, to working in the Superior Court of San Andreas. He also takes part in managing Covington Trucking Company and takes heart in helping others. Howard’s Platform, Ideas and Plans: Number One: In depth financial oversight and increased government transparency. Howard believes that the government must be one with the people. In order to achieve this, the government must do its best to inform the people as to what is happening, especially when it comes to tax payer money. In Howard’s time as a councilman, he has seen in audits that money is being distributed, but no explanation as to where it is being spent. It is Howard’s plan to once again introduce budget publications as well as consistent publications which note exactly where government funds are being spent, and what they are being spent on. Number Two: Safety and surveillance. The current city surveillance system is both ineffective and outdated. Howard will make it his plan to invest money in implementing a more detailed and improved city surveillance system. This will mostly consist of higher definition cameras on government properties as well as the streets of Los Santos. Additionally, Howard would like to improve the presence of the Public Works, in order to ensure that the public sees that the government is doing its best to improve the environment that they abide in. Number Three: Give money back to businesses. The business owners of Los Santos work hard in order to earn their pay, however when setting up businesses it is difficult to do so properly with the extreme cost of expenses. Howard would like to implement a system that adapts to small and large businesses, which would allow said businesses to request money back for assets that are taxed by the government, such as vehicles and buildings. Number Four: Insurance for criminal damage. Those who are affected by a crime that has occurred on their property which resulted in property damage should not be responsible for the costs of repairs. Howard would like to implement an additional system that would allow for these individuals to contact the Los Santos County Government and receive funds back for repairs, or have Public Works fix the damage cost-free. Number Five: Community outreach and events. In order to allow the government to be one with the people, connections must be made. Howard would like to have the government host public events to raise money for those who are affected by poverty, as well as general events that the public will enjoy. To do this, public polls will be made in order to decide which event will occur next. Howard for CC. Vote for Howard.

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