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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

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    Character Kill Appeal - Asani Brooks

    Myself and @Theory were the killing party of @Collis, @Notorious and @Andrew. PD came to a decision on TeamSpeak that we would go with player kills on those who were killed, as Crimstone provides a heavy deal of roleplay for the server and quite frankly, without it, there would be significantly less gang RP. It was just luck that there was a police car outside VGS as they left after robbing it, the police car wasn’t even there for the robbery. They ran out of the gas station masked up and with weapons drawn, they would’ve had no other option but to shoot their way out of the situation. The rules even state not all police situations have to be CK situations, and it’s sad to see that most administrators dont understand this and simply go and CK anybody killed in situations. If all of us, as players, came to a joint decision to go with PKs without any arguments, why should an admin who once agreed with PKs change everything over to CKs?
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    What Requires A Modification Request And What Doesn't? Hey everyone, over the few years and my experience whilst being in the Vehicle Team, I’ve noticed that there’s still a grey area and confusion among players when it comes to the what modifications require an in-game report and what vehicle modifications must go through a modification request. As of now, all this information has been on a private guide, so I’ve re-done it. Here I present the up to date and revised guide: In-Game Report All the modifications that will be listed within this section can be processed through an in-game report. If you’ve RP’ed these modifications, ensure that you have all your RP logs within a pastebin and you have the generics on hand. If you’ve got everything ready, make a report via F1, under the section of Vehicle Build/Import Request so that VT members can see it and get to you. Exterior: Cosmetic modifications such as body panels, widebody kits, car aerodynamic parts and wheels (Actual wheel generics, not wheels purchased from NPCs) can be RP’ed and processed in-game, report once you’ve got the logs and the parts you’ve put onto your vehicle will be added to its notes on /checkveh. (Some of these modifications can result to vehicle stats being adjusted such as the weight of it) Interior: Changing interior components such as the steering wheel, steering wheel adapters/ quick release wheel hubs can be done in-game. These components are only cosmetic, but you can RP them for more realism. Changing the seats from factory seats to bucket seats can also be done in-game via a report, doing this will reduce the weight present on your vehicle’s stats. Handling: All suspension components such as coil overs, lift kits, tie rods, control arms, sway bars, etc can be done in-game via a report. If you’re modifying your vehicle in order to get more angle on your vehicle, the maximum angle you can get through an in-game report is 45, if you wish to get 55 angle, you’ll be required to make a modification request with realistic parts to get you to that stage. All tire changes can be done via an in-game report aswell. (Generics with the names “Universal Tires” or “Drift Tires” are not accepted, the generics used should have actual names including the brand of the tires and the line-up they’re in such as “ Toyo Proxes R888R Summer Tyres” or “Bridgestone Potenza S001 High Performance Tyres”) Brand new brake installation, such as performance brakes can be done through an in-game report aswell. Modification Request All of the modifications that will be listed below, will require you to submit a modification request over on the forums (https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/5-vehicle-team-modification-request-ooc/). Before I start off listing everything, modification requests require you to have 75 hours on your character, this is something that is listed within the modification request form itself. Handling: I’ll start off with the most simple one as I’ve already mentioned it in the previous section. If you wish to get 55 angle on your vehicle, you will be required to make a modification request and have realistic parts such as camber arms, modified knuckles and modified control arms, etc. Interior: The only aspect of interior modifications that requires you to make a modification request is if you’re trying to strip the whole interior or removing parts of the interior such as the rear seats/ passenger seat. Performance Modifications/ Engine: Anything related to the engine, such as an engine swap itself (Even the removal of engines), turbo kit, supercharger, exhaust/intake manifolds, exhaust system, etc will require a modification request. If you’re trying to modify your vehicle for high power figures, remember to have supporting modifications to make it realistic as possible so that your vehicle would be able to handle it all. (One-run builds, meaning high power vehicles that need to be rebuilt every few races on the drag strip due to not having supporting modifications or parts that aren’t capable of handling that power are not allowed, the reason for this is because it leads to really over-powered builds that are constantly used as this isn’t something we can regulate or enforce) ECU: Anything related to the ECU such as making a new tune on your vehicle, using a preset tune from a device or messing around with the factory ECU to remove a speed limiter also require modification requests to be made. Drivetrain: Modifications involving the drivetrain, such as new flywheels, clutch kits, transmissions themselves, driveshafts , axles, differentials, etc will all require modification requests, stats for these will be set accordingly in order to improve the vehicle. Safety: Modifications intended to protect the driver during motorsports such as half cages/ roll cages and harnesses have to go through a modification request. Vehicle Repairs/Restorations We know that there’s a few people that like to roleplay damages of their vehicles correctly or they purchase damaged vehicles to repair/restore them. This section is for them to show them what repairs can be done in-game and what will require modification requests. Body Panels : Like stated above, any body panels such as fenders, bumpers, crash bars, doors, etc can be done through an in-game report as long as you have the RP for it all and have the correct generics. Interior : Putting the interior back together, such as putting new seats in, dash, steering wheel, interior lining, etc can also be done through an in-game report. Suspension : All suspension components can be done through an in-game report as long as you’ve done the RP for it and have the generics, this goes for both factory suspension set ups and aftermarket ones. Engine/Drivetrain/Supporting Modifications: Whole engines, engine parts/components, transmissions, driveshafts, differentials, fuel tanks, fuel pumps, etc will require modification requests as they will affect the performance of the vehicle and they will also make the vehicle drivable (meaning the vehicle is no longer disabled) The only part that will not require a modification request is a battery, installation of a new battery can be done through an in-game report. Hope this guide has helped out a few people and has gotten rid of the confusion that some players have. If you have any further questions, feel free to comment down below and I’ll try my best to get back to you regarding it.
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    South Side Aztecas

    @Norm ecib murkeri
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    All the Stars
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    South Side Aztecas

    She don't know why But all she knows Is that her youngest child Is a real gangsta now
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    Twisted Devils Motorcycle Club

    We apologize for the inactivity from our side. All of us are either busy with jobs or study or other real life matters. We will try to bring our activity back up again. If not, we'll be reaching on a decision to possibly archive the faction until all of us can be active again. For now, bear with us.
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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    Should have a lot more SS's but always forget to take them. Anyways RIP.
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    Tankyani Akhperutyun

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    Also when our vehicle was disabled on the beach, we tried role playing surrendering but was shot whilst typing /handsup. I was under the impression due to this we was allowed to RP injuries. I'm a little confused how after almost 3 hours of RP afterwards (hospital, transfer, bookings) we log off thinking positively about the prison development we're going to gain, just to wake up to a PM saying we've been CK'd...
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    My mate being all helpful and shizz.
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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

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    Ready to mess stuff up
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    what a mad lad been wanting one of these FOREVER. any costs for running servers for this game night is on me boys
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    South Side Aztecas

    We made it, thanks to everyone whoever partipicated in this faction!
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    OwlGaming Game Night #3 - Date & Game Poll Hello, Me and Yannick are organising a game night for the community. We've added a poll to the post so the community can decide between the three games and the three dates to when this will be held. Please use the poll feature on the post to vote.
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    District 3 Special Election Office of The County Commissioner January 19th, 2019  Greetings Once Again, As stated in Yesterday's Publication, there is to be a Special Election taking place following the Resignation of Keira Mosley. If you wish to stand as a candidate, you must meet the following requirements: Must be at-least 21 years of age on the date of being sworn into Office. Must reside in the District they are running within. Must not have a felonious criminal record. The Candidates shall be announced on the 27th of January 2019, with the Election taking place on Monday the 28th until the end of Tuesday the 29th of January, with the winner being announced shortly after. To stand as a Candidate within this election, please send your Platform to the Office of the County Commissioner ((Forum PM @Urshankov & @ThatGuy)) for authorisation to be listed as an Official Candidate within the Press Release on the 27th and to have your name added to the ballot. Further information regarding the process of voting will be announced alongside the announcement which includes the candidates. Regards, James Bradford, County Commissioner
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    Effect GFX Design Portfolio

    Hiya and welcome visiting my small portfolio. Here's some of my works I've done in the past... Idk 4-5 years? (I lost the count) but overall, I hope you guys will enjoy it. In regards of requests. I might help if needed. AVATARS SIGNATURES
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    Server Script Update (v6.5.5.2) | January, 2019 Thanks for your continued support everyone! We've been hard at work on GTA:V but that doesn't mean we forgot about MTA! Media AFK status in /admins for VT Auto reply for AFK players MPH zones are now all rounded properly Ice Skating Seasonal Event: Features Major rework of faction wage and interest Faction interest fully removed FT can set an amount of non-taxable asset values, only the amount after this limit will be taxed Factions will only have to pay out of pocket for wage amounts >$150, and only the difference from that value FT can change this value per faction Read this announcement for more information Custom UI expanded to many UIs Promote/Demote Faction members Property Purchase UI /ints /checkint Locksmith ATM windows Toggling login music now saves on the client MPH road limits are now using updated icons and make more sense Autoreply message when a user is AFK UCP perks now only list currently enabled premium perks Ice Skating added as a seasonal event Bike Locks added Windows use /ame now Adjustments: Adjusted the phone GUI for sending messages Characters are now moved outside of an interiors when selling it (regardless if they are online or not) Lots of security improvements ( @Strobe @Eloquent specifically ) Removed some old hotlines from factions that no longer exist DPS renamed to LSFD Added test vehicles to be exempt from snow handling for VT Job vehicles now handle like they have snow tires Sponsor slogans added for xmas as well as some win chance improvements Admin+ can now pickup CCWP's Eggnog can now be drank Updated bone attach resource for some performance improvements Added Western Solutions badges, hotline and object spawner Forum threads are posted for any money spawns now instead of over a threshold When a faction is deleted we no longer delete the interior, instead we forcesell it Can now see AFK status in /staff for VT and Scripting Team Fixes: Fixed an issue with custom interiors not loading on server start Fixed a weight issue on RS Haul exits Fixed some broken english on awaiting your application Fixed some advertising window sizing issues on smaller screens Code cleanup on selling inactive interiors Fixes for /setinttomyfaction Resolved a bug with chatbox disappearing when using certain UIs and minimizing the game When tabbing back into the game we now restore the UIs to custom if needed Fixed the search feature of /ints Resolved a query which was causing vehicle plates to disappear Fixed player faction ranks being updated incorrectly Fix for players bugging when F10ing during a test drive Fixes for speaker and ghettoblaster stream-ins Fix for elevator abuse when you aren't fully in a vehicle yet Fix spelling error on viewing CKed corpses Fix for /disappearing with artifacts on Fix for artifacts disappearing when entering interiors Fix for satchel and flamethrower not being able to be spawned Fix for putting on body armour assuming my gender Fix for players being killed even when in an armoured vehicle Fixed /911 logging Fixed police bike decals on the back Special thank you to @yannickboy15, @SjoerdPSV, @Unitts, and @Eloquent, for contributing to this update! Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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    £5 to the person who fixes my pc for me so i can smash unitts at ttt
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    About time this was properly revised and illustrated, spot on @DxRK
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    South Side Aztecas

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    Evolve LLC

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    Congratulations on the promotion Pedro.


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