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    Yooo that video lit, about as lit as your hood.
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    Hate Avenue Skinheads Hate Avenue Skinheads is a new and unorganized Caucasian and Hispanic street gang formed and located in Las Colinas area. Las Colinas is a lower class area in the East of Los Santos. The area has always been a lower class area, usually filled with Hispanic gangs, white supremacy gangs, and low-income families. The gang is almost entirely Caucasian but there are some members who have Hispanic roots. Their top priority is to become one of the most ruthless and most violent white supremacist gangs in the US. The gang has no ties to Aryan Brotherhood (AB) or Public Enemy Number 1 (PEN1). Hate Avenue Skinhead criminal activities consist of narcotics sales, identity theft, weapon sales, burglaries, and armed robberies. The gang uses the 'Locals Only' lifestyle and mentality. Despite being a gang revolving around white power, the surrounding area of Las Colinas has developed members of the gang's speech, dress, and lifestyle to that of many Hispanic gangs. OOC Information Hate Avenue Skinheads is a faction based on the realistic portrayal of white supremacy skinheads. Hate Avenue Skinheads is not a part of 'Public Enemy Number 1' nor a sub-faction to any other white supremacy organization. Hate Avenue Skinheads is independent and is following its own rules. We expect activity from our members but don't expect to become initiated in this faction in a couple of days because that isn't going to happen. Upon joining the faction you agree to an invisible contract between you and the leaders that you can character killed at any point they feel necessary. LOCALS ONLY!
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    Esex is ok. To an extent Don’t jerk off To it It’s not character development
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2016 Vehicle brand: Mercedes Benz Vehicle make: C63 S AMG VIN: XXXXX Mileage: 22XXX Images Starting bid: $55,000 Minimum increase: $1,000 Buyout: $65,000 Auction end date: 9th January 2019 Contact details: #635745 (( IC & OOC COMMENTS DISABLED ))
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    "I fuck with Asian niggas and I fuck with Migos I fuck with Haitian niggas, all they speak is Creole I said all I speak is real, y'all niggas might hate me" good shit
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    Also known as - The Braggo Crime Family or The Braggo Organized Crime Family. ( Name after the current Boss of the ''Family''. ) ''Chi dorme non piglia pesci.'' About us: - L'equippagio di Pasadena is an organized group of former members of other groups from the Los Santos area - mainly the di'Maggio Sindicatti di Criminale, Beverly Avenue Gang. The group is focusing on operations around the Pasadena Boulevard in Los Santos, and only rarely operate outside their ''turf''. The groups hierarchy resembles to a traditional Italian-American mob structure, however the quantum of members is much smaller, for example like a bigger crew. The group is led by a single person which operates in the background and is rarely seen between his members, he has two men considered as generals operating in the field - they are called classically, Caporegimes and those have the rest of the enlisted members below them, Made-Men who are full time and proven members and of course Associates and other hang-arounds or outsiders. The groups ranking structure. (Names and pictures not included to prevent any sort of metagaming.) The thread is a work in progress, you may see changes in the upcoming days to the main post. Detailed information is not posted to prevent metagaming and any other sort of rule-breaking. Screenshots are due to be added as the faction makes progress. Upon initiating roleplay with this group, with an intention to become a member or be any-how associated with the faction, you agree with the CK Clause. This means, you may get CKed when deemed fit by the leadership of this group - that means, the three highest ranked people of this group. Only the Boss and Caporegimes can mark people affiliated with the faction to be CKed. Screenshots of Roleplay that led to forming of this group. Credits for the graphics go to @WickJeffe.
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    If you have money you can make the devil push a grind stone The Sunrise Connection is a criminal organization of predominantly Asian members. The organization shares many similarities when it comes to rankings as other crime organizations of Chinese-American descent. It's number and powers is ultimately unknown but the rumours have it they have recently moved their base of operations to Los Santos, after a bloody war with the Dub-C located in San Fierro. Starting out slowly in the crime-scene of Los Santos by not stepping on anyones toes, they operate mostly in silence. Altough some recent acts of crime have made it into public's attention. Recruiting fresh blood to the ranks is mainly based on recruiting poor working class teenagers through and right after high-school. The youngsters are shown the lifestyle of the inducted members and thrown onto the wrong tracks. The code of silence and respect is enforced through vicious violence. Mainly The Sunrise Connection deals with various white collar crime including money laundering, extortion, fraud and forgery, but they also engange in robbery, hijackings and murder. OOC Upon association directly with The Sunrise Connection, either criminal or interpersonal, you fall under a CK clause and obliged to roleplay at all times. You will keep the OOC chat to a minimum in game. All and any administratie punishment directed to any of our members can and will result in a removal from our RP as we strive to obtain high standards. Screenshot permission is to be obtained through one of the leaders. During your playtime with The Sunrise Connection you will seek to develop your character, both through flaws and perks.
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    Los Santos Auction House - [ Items ] BIG BLOCK CHEVY BBC 572 ENGINE 752HP, Item Name [ Items ] BIG BLOCK CHEVY BBC 572 ENGINE 752HP, Description 1xBIG BLOCK CHEVY BBC 572 ENGINE 752HP, H-BEAM, HYD ROLLER, CRATE MOTOR Estimated Value : US $8,949.00 Starting Bid 5,500 Minimum Increase 250 Buyout 6,500 Auction Ends 8/1/2019 Contact Information #688278
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    "Someday I may find inner peace. But right now I'm still fighting my inner beast."
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    guess a new video coming soon
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    Two employees of Sol Colinas LLC finishes a job for RSR Corporation.
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    Looks decent! Looks like this will go very far! Good luck with this!
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2019 Vehicle brand: Mercedes Benz Vehicle make: GLC63 AMG VIN: 19XXX Mileage: Unknown Description: Brand new GLC63 AMG from the Mercedes Benz dealership. Barely any miles. Images N/A Starting bid: 65000 Minimum increase: 1000 Buyout: 80000 Auction end date: 1/10/2018 Contact details: Will be sent to buyer
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    Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Residential Address: 21 Maple Street Description: Very nice place, suitable for one person. The reason I am selling it is because I want to move out of Palomino Creek. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: $20.000 Minimum Increase: $500 Buyout: $40.000 Auction ends: 7, January 2019 Contact Information: 771536 or [email protected] ((Razvanjmen))

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