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    [FEDERAL] The People v. Stefan Lowey

    Stefan Löwy while sitting in his wheelchair „ehh wuaaa wiii ohhh hehe“
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    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

    9th page
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    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

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    Fuck The Population

    The needle in my veins, I'm falling asleep King of the dead, I sever your head When shit touch the river my reign will be fed I touch the sky and bring life to the dead
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    El Rosas Clothing Store

    El Rosas Clothing Store We are a small Clothing Store who does some quality clothes for affordable prices, we do all outfit designs you could E-Mail [email protected] ((@Fuzion or @Xanthoerythrodermia)) to request your own designs or ask questions and inquire. Some designs that we've made. We are just taking orders for now since we are currently looking for a place to buy. More expected in the future!
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    Rule Discussion Subject: VT Supervised Automotive Exporting I want to...: Discuss Elaboration: So, I have been pondering with this idea for a while and I feel it would be something cool to bring to the community... In small detail, my idea is to allow players to export their own vehicles through the Port of LS with DMV (VT) supervision in the form of export paperwork... You wouldn't get exactly what your car is worth; however, you would get more than you'd potentially get when auctioning it off for half of its real-life value... This could help with many problems the server's car scene and even non car-related economy is having... Lately I have been seeing tons of cars that are listed on auction for FAR less than they're truly worth in real life, sometimes they're even listed for their real-life values... In both cases they *rarely* ever sell for even half of what they're truly worth unless they're extremely fast vehicles... This mostly happens with exotics, luxurious cars, and classic cars... I feel this really kills the the immersion of people who are roleplay'ing within the automotive enthusiast realm, such as myself and a ton of other members of this large community. One vehicle in which I would like to pull up as an example is @ResidentPeach and his 1984 Peugot 205 Turbo 16... In real life, these are pretty much worth every penny of the $295,000 he is trying to get for it; however, in game nobody is going to pay that much for it because it's a slow vehicle that really holds no value in a city full of modified rice buckets that go 286 km/h in a matter of 10-15 seconds. Here's his auction, for reference: https://goo.gl/Y8uMbc I believe with the implementation of some sort of "exportation" system we could cut-down on the amount of supercars being sold for pennies on the dollar and thus cut-down the amount of people who are living in Idlewood yet they daily drive and store their $350,000 Lamborghini in their ghetto house's garage just because they got the car for less than $80,000 to $100,000 and don't care much about it getting stolen as they managed to get the cash for it fairly quickly from RS Haul driving for hours a day... I see this happening way too much... I even managed to find a 2018 Audi R8 V10 parked in the heart of Idlewood, just sitting there for two days now... I feel that allowing people to export their vehicles for at least 65% of their real-life value could help cut down this plague of a problem some. How do all of you feel about it? I'd like to hear the opinion of other members of the community. Maybe someone else can come up with some ideas to build on my rough idea. The way I suggest handling situations of Legal Exportation is placed in the spoiler... Read it if you'd like.
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    Who is Magnolia?

    Who is Magnolia?
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    Eight Deuce

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    There are way bigger issues at the minute than a top speed percentage rule, which might I add has consistantly balanced an entire range of vehicles on San Andreas unforgiving map scale for years now. I'd see this thread to be fitting if you discussed the lack of transparency from the team if nobody demands it, or perhaps the strict standards for a team that cannot afford to act snobby when it comes to evaluating potential membership intake.
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    Formation of New Executive Detail Unit Office of The County Commissioner December 18th, 2018  Greetings Fellow Citizens! The Los Santos County Government (CPQL) is proud to announce the formation of a new security detail for the County Commissioner and respective Commissioners' security. In conjunction with the Los Santos Police Department, Commissioner of Defense Thomas Mengele and other government officials have been working vigorously to create the framework for this detail, which will be officially named the "Executive Protection Detail", otherwise known as "EPD". The unit is comprised solely of qualified Law Enforcement Officers who will undergo a strenuous process before being eligible to enter this unit, which is under the Special Operations Bureau, currently directed by Captain Michael Donnelly. The Executive Protection Detail (EPD) is going to serve as a protection detail to the County Commissioner and his cabinet,which will be used during heightened security risks such as public speeches, events or large meetings with heads of government agencies. Administration of staffing, resources, operational assignments and directives are going to be under the purview of the Commissioner of Defense, working in close cooperation with the Chief of Police and the designated Supervising Officer, ensuring continual communication and consultation between each other. Kindest Regards, James Campbell, County Spokesman. James Bradford, County Commissioner.
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    Fuck The Population

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    Fuck The Population

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    Fuck The Population

    @GamerX27 found a faction for you
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    Fuck The Population

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    Go away snow you have no good use

    Go away snow you have no good use
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    [PRESS RELEASE] LSIA Temporary Suspension

    LSIA Temporary Suspension Office of The County Commissioner December 17th, 2018  Greetings Fellow Citizens! The Los Santos County Government (CPQL) would like to announce that the Los Santos International Airport is going under a temporary suspension of all non-essential flight operations for seventy-two (72) hours. Travel, Commerce and Emergency Service operations will still be allowed however, and arrangements shall be made to staff the LSIA Tower, with at least two (2) members at any one time (( NPCs )). The decision has been made after a performance review of the LSIA executive staff, which clearly indicated that the airport has been severely mismanaged. The CPQL has already began it's own investigation in-order to identify all existing problems, in addition to a full review being made to investigate the airport's management, finances and performance. The suspension shall last for a period of 72 hours, which an announcement would be made afterwards declaring the outcome to provide full transparency. Kindest Regards, James Campbell, County Spokesman. James Bradford, County Commissioner.
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    Eight Deuce

    "Spend it in health." Extra:
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    The Yokel Mafia

    If you're interested within RP'ing a more civilized red-neck that's not anti-social feel free to message me on Discord: Sinkion#5566
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    [Script] Graffiti System

    Then make it so that you can toggle the feature on or off from the F10 settings and you'd see the graffiti as a default one, and the other player still could place a note incase another player has disabled this feature.


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