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    Back again!

    Howdy everyone! Some of you people already know me as O'Shea Jefferson or Andre 'Fish' Troutman. I've been playing in owl since summer 2016. Been away from owlgaming few times, but now I'm back once again. Came back here around two weeks ago. I were planning to make comeback along with @smirklis, but seems like he haven't really been around. Well, I made come back alone then and damn it have been good time! Damn it feels good to be back here, Once I found passion to RP again. I don't have much to say, I quess. But just wanted to say hello!
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    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

    You better delete that, or we'll have ourselves a happy little accident
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    Sol Colinas Construction LLC

    Cleaned up a whole bunch of tags, emptied out some trash, pressure washed, and picked up trash. Mexicans doing Mexican things. Carry on. With one quick and easy spray from Sol Colinas branded "Tag-Be-Gone" you too can clean up your 'hood in no time!
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    Western Solutions LLC

    Had some meetings with some customers, picked up cargo, delivered cargo, checked out the new facility, witnessed some memes. Good fun. I'm quite proud of my Photoshopped tire at the end. 10/10.
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    CPQL - Road Safety Initiative 2018

    December 6th, 2018 With the massive amount of money saved through the CPQL's tremendous expenditure cuts, we are once again able to carry on Commissioner Mengele's 2017 Road Safety Initiative. The Road Safety Initiative was recently protected in a resolution proposed by Councilwoman Keira Mosley of District 3 and will continue to exist every winter from here on out. The Road Safety Initiative is simple. Our citizens come first and their safety is key. Simply fill out the form with your information and the snow tires will be shipped straight to your residency, courtesy of Western Solutions LLC. The CPQL wishes everyone a wonderful, safe, and Merry Christmas!
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    Show yourself!

    Public Works Technician IC & OOC lmao.
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    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

    Sorry we cleaned up all of your tags. It's not personal, it's just business.
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    Klippan's showroom

    last skin with this head i promise
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    Double Ice Macks

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    Some casual gambling going on in free time.
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    VeX you're one annoying cunt

    VeX you're one annoying cunt
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    who cares, you hear it for like 5 minutes
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    Almighty Saints

    (UPON READING; YOU AGREE TO NOT USE ANY OF THIS INFORMATION IN-CHARACTER UNLESS APPROVED BY MYSELF OR OTHER LEADERS) Back in the 1990s when the notorious Ace Street Locos XIII held power over the El Corona district, Carlos Flores was a high-ranking member of the gang. He ran a little group under ASL13, called the El Corona Aztecs. After the collapse of the Ace Street Locos XIII by the will of law enforcement, the El Corona Aztecs came into more and more power. Even though shotcaller Armando Montez had died from a drive-by and other notable leaders were dead or incarcerated, the ECA13 still pledged allegiance to Armando Montez and the ASL. El Corona Aztecs later developed into a street gang in the early 2000s, fractions of what they had come from. It was led under the command of Carlos Flores, who's ultimate goal was to keep the culture he believed in, alive. Under a gang injunction enforced on the Ace Street Locos, the El Corona Housing Projects were raided by the Special Weapons And Tactics unit of the Los Santos Police Department. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of weapons and narcotics, seized and loads arrested. Included in the list of perpetrators, was one Carlos Flores. He was charged and incarcerated for a total of six years, in 2012. Without the appropriate leadership and literature previously provided, both the Ace Street Locos and El Corona Aztecs ceased to be and ultimately split off into numerous sets. Throughout the years, these street gangs would come and go, some dismantled by their bitter rivals, others dismantled by the long arm of the law. The most famous of these gangs would become the Ace Street Familia XIII who's reach supposedly passed that of the Ace Street Locos XIII, but like all things, the Familia too, came to an abrupt end. In August 2018, Carlos Flores was released from the San Andreas Detention Center prison with high hopes of finding the remnants of his friends and family although when he arrived, he was disappointed at what he saw. There was no correlation between El Corona and the Ace Street Locos. No correlation between El Corona and Corona Aztecs. Nothing of relevance. Just another neighborhood with what appeared to be meaningless graffiti, and rundown projects. At that moment, Carlos had promised himself that he would continue what his friends had started. THE BEGINNING After Carlos arrive to the barrio, Everything was unorganized, people didn't quite know who to call a leader. That was when Shorty ( Carlos ) came back to the place where he belonged and reinstated peace and calm for everyone in place. A group of people was often seen playing basketball or just chatting on the benches or around the neighborhood. As time flew the gang grew up in membership and with it, attention spiked around the gang within each side of the law and as relationships rose and were beginning to rise in importance and convenience as the gang saw a short period of time where everything was going right. THE OBSTACLE As the gang saw a period of prosperity, they began aiming higher and higher but with recognition, Comes the unwanted attention. The gang saw it's path blocked by PD when they were involved in a situation which was nothing but a really awkward and stupid situation but that lead to multiple members being arrested due to one running his mouth. The gang saw it's dream of a peaceful and prosper life being taken away from them on a blink of an eye as multiple members were arrested, other wanted. It is rumoured that they have not yet given up and that they are taking chances somewhere else, in Los Santos. Today As the Cartel De Sinola Los Santos Connection saw a period of prosperity on the gang and the El Corona itself Cartel De Sinaloa decided to take over the El Corona vicinity, doing a peaceful transition between two organizations. The gang is now aiming for higher, and gain their reputation back they've lost in the streets. Due to the gang had so many internal issues and fights between the high-ranking leaders, resulting in a power loss comes along with minus respect. With the CDS involvement and their support, the El Corona community is hoping to take back what belongs to them. UPON JOINING; MEMBERS WILL AGREE THAT ANY LEADER OF THE FACTION HAS THE ABILITY TO CK A MEMBER DUE TO ANY IN-CHARACTER REASON
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    Atlantica Avenue Crew

    Atlantica Avenue Crew Atlantica Avenue Crew is a small group of Italian-American friends, who are born in America, but their parents or grandparents are coming from Italy. Members of this organization are 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation Italians that are born in America. This organization, crime group, 'family' does every type of business that can earn money for them, starting with legal business and ending with lots of different illegal crimes. Mostly, the legal business is for making them ''clean'' on people, to be so-called ''business men'', businesses are used to launder the illegal money they earn. Illegal crimes that are done by this crime group is starting from small drug sales, small weapon sales, prostitution and ending with contract kills, racketeering, kidnapping and other types of serious crimes. In eyes of society, these people try to show themselves as regular business people, honorable men and they remain silent about the existence of this organization to people who don't need to know about it. These well-dressed men can be seen at clubs, bar's, and another type of their legal business. Organized Crime Crimes that are done by organized crime groups are mostly robberies, bribery, assaults, money laundering, illegal gambling, loan sharking, illegal weapon sales, drug sales, racketeering, buying and selling stolen things as jewelry, electronics, prostitution, pornography and so on. Italian-American criminals started to get their fame around streets in the early '20s in ghettos and working-class neighborhoods of USA, Chicago, and New York. The first person that has been called ''gangster'' by the government was Lucky Luciano who made the Cosa Nostra and good known council of 5 families in New York. Legal side. Leo's Tavern Out of Character Information By joining this faction you automatically agree that your character can be Character Killed at any time and any reason by anyone of the Valenti Crime Group leadership. If you want to be part of this organization, invite me on Discord @Brodyaga#3928 or PM me on forums.
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    Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Residential Address: #6 Maple Street, Palomino Creeek Description: a nice house for any season of the year with a modern family interior, includes a fireplace, an underground garage, etc. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 50000 Minimum Increase: 1000 Buyout: 65000 Auction ends: 9/12/2018 Contact Information: Will be given to winners
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    Show yourself!

    Sadly 'Fish' is inactive. RIP Carson times.
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    Show yourself!

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    Almighty Saints

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    Chaos hiding from OwlGaming players demanding snow (2018 Colorized)
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    Newsletter - End of November 2018

    October 2018 Newsletter Community & Script Updates As promised with the last newsletter, a script update was released for November. It was praised as the "best script update yet" and the "best script update in months" by two community members (who are most likely fans of the new Fortnite animations!). You can take a look at the update and decide for yourself what you think. We would like to give big thanks to @yannickboy15, @SjoerdPSV, @Unitts, @Sergeant, @DrJoseEviI, @FAILCAKEZ and @Eloquent, for helping make this update possible (and we can't forget @Chaos too). Furthermore, the Santa event has started. Be sure to head to Verona Mall to purchase a set of winter tires, visit Santa for a gift, try to win one of the vehicles on display, and possibly score some hot chocolate from @Krakkfaen. Additionally, if you are affected by a drop in FPS be sure to use /groundsnow or /snow to adjust accordingly to improve performance. Additionally, a mandate for administrative teams has been put into place by UAT. Leaders of each team are expected to host a meeting on the first of every month and discuss a list of topics gathered the previous month. These staff meetings are intended to better solve and discuss issues and ensure everyone is on the same page. The meetings of each minute will be posted in the teams sub-forum for review in the future by UAT or members of the team. Rule Changes Be sure to review the update on arson after a community vote was held regarding the outdated rule. https://gitlab.com/OwlGamingCommunity/docs/commit/b7d9700d40ea0eca270cd23f5428125779487de4 The addition allows for "small fires" to take place on small structures, vehicles, and sheds if no one is inside. A change was also made for "large fires" where the number of fire fighters was lowered from 5 to 2. This update was intended to provide more RP to those who wish to commit arson and to emergency services. Community Spotlight County Elections The County Commissioner and County Council elections are currently taking place from the 5th to the 6th. You can vote for the future County Commissioner at County Hall, and vote for the Council on the forum thread. Please read the rules carefully so your vote isn't discarded due to a technicality. Be sure to check out all candidates and vote for the one you feel most strongly for! Firearms Ordinance The County Commissioner has released an ordinance regulating firearms discharge in city limits. Idlewood Gas Leak (Event) A gas leak occurred in Idlewood and engulfed three homes before fireworks and ammo cooked off within the home, terrorizing much of the residents nearby and emergency services. Check out what DPS and the LSPD has to say! Entertainment Lots of press releases here concerning the elections and recent events involving PD, DPS, etc. And of course, always some fun with DrJoseEvil's videos. Character Stories Continued character development is something the administration team and players like very much so please continue to do so! This month we are giving a shout out to two new stories. A man with a rough past arrives to Los Santos @MikjeliS A robbery detailed in a news article which leads the story thereafter of this character @Oskars Factions Updates from government agencies in the form of releases or screenshots/media can be found below. Be sure to also check out aspiring factions as well! Media To have your media featured in the next newsletter, submit it on the #media channel on Discord! Stats 4,548 reports handled in the month of November! (note: this does not include support tickets.)
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    [SAAN] The final article

    Name: Yuuuu Comment: That name is cringe as fuck


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