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    Spotify Wrapped 2018

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    who cares, you hear it for like 5 minutes
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    Padre Benito's Community Outreach Drive

    Mis amigos, The Catholic community of Las Colinas officially endorses our friend, comrade, and loyal supporter, Hector for District 2. We believe he can save our community from the tyrant that currently controls our District. Vote for Hector! Gracias, Padre Benito
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    The Yokel Mafia

    If you're interested within RP'ing a more civilized red-neck that's not anti-social feel free to message me on Discord: Sinkion#5566
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    Some casual gambling going on in free time.
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    Spotify Wrapped 2018

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    [Instagram] roova

    *Updates on roova's story*
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    Atlantica Avenue Crew

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    Kevlar Vest - IV The flow of my city.
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    What's beef? Beef is when you need 2 Gats to go to sleep Beef is when your moms ain't safe up in the streets
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    Lochlainn 'Lucky' Foley in Ireland c. 2016 Lochlainn Foley in Angel Pine, 2018 Name: Lochlainn Foley III Alias: Lucky, Lucky 870, L-870, the Irish junkie bastard Occupation: Irish revolutionary, professional robber, trucker killer Affiliation: Irish Republican Army of San Andreas, Shotgun Rebel Mafia K/A/D: 17/3/1 Weapon of choice: Remington 870 Origin: Serbian and Irish PoB: Dublin, Eireland Interpersonal relations: Ivan Dankovsky (Evan Dankovich) - One of the first partners in crime, deceased. Stigr Bjarke (Styx, Viking) - Partner in crime, they committed robberies and shootings together. Chris Edwards - Partner in crime, welcomed Lucky when he got out of prison. Brian O'Neill - Fellow Irishman, Lucky treated his wounds after a negro shot him. Robbie Garth (Supplier) - Lucky's first supplier of guns and a good personal friend. He treated Lucky's wounds after the Irishman was shot. Robbie lied in Lucky's favor on the court. Garland Abermurly - Helped Lucky get the people who robbed him once, deceased. Alfred McCutcheon - Helped Lucky with the robbers. Jessica Gage - Unfortunate female, mother to Lochlainn's bastard son. Paz Dewitt - Partner in crime, Lucky gave him his pistol once at Stacks for free. Clarence Dewitt - Lucky thinks he's a swish, he stole his medicine once. Sjon Hulzinger - Sold a revolver to Lucky, unknown whereabouts. Raven Nick Sezon - Original creator of Lucky's war cry. Darko Mitrašinović - Lucky's distant cousin, partner in crime. Eref Mahjoub (E-Dog, Eref 500) - Partner in crime, SRM gang mate. They killed many people together. Theodore Woodman (Teddy 37) - Partner in crime, SRM gang mate. They met in the woods years ago, after Kir was hiding after stabbing a black person to death in Idlewood. He is now back in town and killing people again with Lucky. Goku 43 - SRM gang mate. Ivan 23 - SRM gang mate. STORY Lochlainn "Lucky" Foley was born in Ireland long ago in a gypsy family. He is partially a Serb from his mother's side. He began consuming cigarettes at young age, which led to his teeth decaying. He is also an alcoholic. His political views are national-anarchist, he hates anything British and likes violence. He is a Catholic and loves Saint Patrick. He character-killed 11 people, robbed and kidnapped many more. More story in the screenshots. SCREENSHOTS 19/12/2017, first crime and first CK Early hours of 21/12/2017, hatred towards RS Haul grows, second CK, bare knuckle brawl Early hours of 22/12/2017, third CK Afternoon of 22/12/2017, fourth and fifth CKs Misc crime, 23/12/2017 24/12/2017, sixth CK Evening of 24/12/2017, Lucky was robbed 25/12/2017, seventh CK 26/12/2017, Lucky conceives a child 27/12/2017, eight and ninth CK, Lucky acquires an AR-15 The next day, Lucky is arrested 26/06/2018, Lucky is out of jail and celebrating 13/10/2018, Lucky acquires a new gun, he meets new friends 18/10/2018, Lucky returns to crime and robbing RS Haulers 06/11/2018, Lucky kills some insolent yokels at Stacks 15/11/2018, crime spree, tenth CK 16/11/2018, robbery 17/11/2018, crime spree eleventh CK Afternoon of 19/11/2018, robbery, murder, kidnapping Evening of 19/11/2018, kidnapping a DPS firefighter ABOUT SHOTGUN REBEL MAFIA To join this group there are two conditions: Your character has a shotgun (if you don't have we can give you one) Your character is a rebel If you want to join, you can PM on forums JayZawack, me. Code names in this group are formed the following way: Usually, the shotgun you would carry would be certain model with a number. First, you put your character's scary nickname, then that number. For example, Lochlainn's nickname is Lucky and he carries a Remington 870, so he's Lucky 870. Automatic weapons are not allowed in this faction. (Only in special cases, for example AK47s for the revolution, but the code name remains with the shotgun number)
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    Preciso Ink

    INFORMATION Preciso Ink is a local tattoo parlor located in Las Colinas. The store was founded in late 2018 by Ramiro Montalvo when he moved to the city of Los Santos after spending years tattooing. Ramiro began learning to tattoo in the Summer of 2014, his career adventure began by making designs, practicing them and showing off his work, eventually, he began gathering customers in his home city of Albuquerque. In the summer of 2018, Ramiro moved to Los Santos and began working on creating his own parlor in Los Santos to which he has now achieved. Prescio Ink prices their work on an hourly scale, this depends on the type of tattoo & how much detail is required. Prices are decided at the consultation appointment before tattooing starts. LOCATION Want a tattoo? Book an appointment today! https://goo.gl/forms/rxbaSr9H9tUmK8iz2 (( Screenshots & Roleplay will be posted below ))
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    I'm Héctor Aguilar Quintana, a Latin-American Catholic at 56 years of age majority of them spent learning and understanding a multitude of different insights from a large variety of people in all working classes gained through a thorough background in entrepreneurship and innovation throughout Mexico's 31 federated states in which have all been touched by my fruitful business ventures as I invest in shares. Being that I'm the first generation of Latin-American in my family lineage to have legally gained permanent residence, I understand the familiar struggles that I find multiple ethnicities endure during the emigration process even if you are of an older generation all the way to a newer generation. With my own personal experiences gained through my residence in District 2 in mind, I plan to use my found knowledge to bolster the fortifications on what I personally believe is one of if not the most culturally rich district in the entire city and rather than be belittled must instead be celebrated as a product of the United States freedom and democracy working at its best. Our District 2 boasts the biggest mixture of ethnicity in comparison to any other district statistically, however through frequent incidents of discrimination and racial profiling it has lead our district into becoming the biggest stereotype for anarchy in Los Santos. Only agreeing with that stereotype, along with making it a focal point in your campaign would be extremely counter-productive as you're not putting any trust or enthusiasm to the very people you're claiming to give a voice to. Now that isn't to say that crime isn't at all an issue within the district, I personally believe that this problem is widely spread amongst all districts; One particular crime that has never receded in Los Santos being petty theft. My aim is to banish the negative stereotype surrounding our district, and to bring prosperity to our culturally rich district and to better yet celebrate it in order to unite our conflicted district once more. This is never going to happen with a councilman who has only through time seemingly served himself, and has only acted upon being challenged for his seat with a quick face play that isn't to everybody's taste; The price you pay for not accommodating your entire district, and pandering to a select community out of racial favoritism. Due to the lack of vitality and vision from our current councilman and prior, public security has been left neglected over the years and as a result I'm choosing to work on discussing with the different communities an efficient solution in which isn't being completely intrusive but an effective enough of a solution that it provides a valuable safeguard to those who feel the government isn't taking their public safety into regard especially when we're a developed city. The solution could either be a neighborhood watch program which is voluntarily established within the multiple communities, or it could be a public surveillance project in which your taxation goes into erecting new high quality devices in areas of significant conflict. Overall this is ensuring that we can all feel safe again in our district that unfortunately has to deal with a high rate of petty theft crime all usually contributed to malfunctioning or vandalized devices, or just 'blackout spots' that're just areas that've been left clean of surveillance devices. The communities in our district from what I've understood from open public discussions in the past, feel unwelcome in their own neighborhoods due to a select few unprecedented actions of the Police Department that has lasted through time, be it particular moments of arrogance to pure recklessness from individuals in the department who are working for themselves. I plan to have much more insight on the matter, and to provide a fair honest opinion in regards to how they're portraying themselves when coming to operate in a district that is already in a poor relation with the very service the community are depending on for their well-being and safety. I will overall act as the liaison to bring a mutual understanding to both the Police Department, and the community of District 2 so we can create a District that we can all appreciate and call ours in full confidence. With my planned requests, this will come to fruition in the form of open days where the Police Department may provide their model employees for a Q&A session in the different communities and perhaps an Internal Affairs representative who could allow people to come and speak to them in confidence about any concerns. I look to correlate the various communities together and to fulfill the goals of completely breaking down racial discrimination, racial profiling and domestic violence. Not enough communities of the district are given a chance to be listened to and are usually only limited to the governments public Q&A events which are hosted by the County Commissioner; A vote for Hector will bring for once a councilman who is willing to host these Q&A events himself to hear of any concerns that particular communities have cherished for a large period of time. In order to support my statement I made above on the districts cultures and ethnicities, I plan to look into establishing government funded culture events that will be hosted throughout the district many different communities to help bring awareness to tradition, values and diversity. All of our communities will have a chance to shine as they celebrate their heritage with the entire city and in effect these days will bring support and recognition to the local businesses and help unify those who hold a stereotype over one another. Let's show the rest of Los Santos that we're a district with plenty to offer over the rest!
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    Name: Clev Comment: ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE
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    Spotify Wrapped 2018

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    Spotify Wrapped 2018

    Use youtube more often, usually just turn Spotify on for night or shower etc, don't even like any of the top songs that well lmao
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    Spotify Wrapped 2018

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    Username: nickisntfat Comment: rest in peace harlend
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    happy birthday, friend

    happy birthday, friend
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    ENB Series on Windows 10

    Never personally had any issues with ENBs working. But it lags like hell and really isn't worth it.
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    OwlGaming - Snow Wars

    you'll never guess what happened today
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    dude fUCK FINNS LMAO

    dude fUCK FINNS LMAO
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    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

    -~- -~-
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    Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: Verdant Headquarters Description: One huge building is up for grabs.Also it has couple helipads. (( All comments would be disabled )) Images: Starting Bid: $50.000 Minimum Increase: $5.000 Buyout: $195.000 Auction ends: 5/12/18 Contact Information: Will be given to the winner.
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    Genghis Rashid - District I

    Name: PingPongSong Comment: Please add me on Facebook and I'll vote for you!
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    [LSFL] Election Address

    Election Address We would like to take this opportunity on the eve of the upcoming elections we at the Los Santos' Friends of Liberty wish to thank those who were supportive of our efforts to encourage healthy political discussion over the past 5 months we have been operating. Whilst there has been several minor controversies between ourselves and opposition we would like to take the chance to recognise the civility and humanity of each and every person we interacted with as previous experiences in local councils across these United States have been hostile, with this being present on both extremes of the political spectrum. We have remained true to ourselves and hope that others do to, whether they agree or disagree with us on every aspect, representing the true political system our Founding Fathers intended ~ a Union of States comprised of unique individuals, each with their own separate skills and thoughts. It is imperative that in such a tense political climate across the nation and globe that we drop party lines and those who are reasonable will be able to compromise amongst one another. No matter the result of the election. "Cultivate Peace and Harmony with all" ~ George Washington ~ With that in mind, we would like to wish each and every candidate the best of luck for election occurring between tomorrow (5th of December) and the 6th and hope that each and every eligible citizen exercises their right to vote, something that not many across the globe are afforded. Upon the formation of this Government, we shall work towards representing every constituent, whether we are elected to Office or not. Yours Faithfully, James Bradford Candidate for County Commissioner
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    I try to include chat, tbh if MG happens its easy to spot imo
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    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

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    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

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    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

    - Thread rework. -
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    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

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    Iron Giants Motorcycle Club

    Archived for inactivity. PM one of the FT/FAT guys to bring this back once you are back active (seriously).
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    Vehicle year: 2016 Vehicle brand: Nissan Vehicle make: GT-R Nismo VIN: 19499 Mileage: 19245 Images Starting bid:80,000 Minimum increase: 5,000 Buyout: 175,000 Auction end date: 18/12/2018 (( Comments disabled ))
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    Car - 1997 Honda Japan [ENDS: 08/12/2018]

    Los Santos Auction House - Car blob:https://imgur.com/115c33a0-6cab-44c1-a05a-c219aa71c71e Vehicle year: 1997 Vehicle brand: Honda CR-X Del Sol Vehicle make: Japan VIN: 2XXXX Mileage: 4XXX Description: *Nice car, you can toggle the roof, new rims and a new paint, a good price.* Images Starting bid: 7,000 Minimum increase: 500 Buyout: 12,000 Auction end date: 08/12/2018 Contact details: Will be given to the winner.
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    Los Santos Auction House - Business https://i.imgur.com/Z8Zv8ME.jpg Property Type: Business Address: Veronica's Local Store Storage Description: could be used as a garge Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 30,000 Minimum Increase: 250 Buyout: 35,000 Auction ends: 6/12/2018 Contact Information: Will be given to the winner
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    Business - Market Gas Station

    Los Santos Auction House - Business Address: 1013 N. Rodeo Drive, Market Images: Hide contents Starting Bid: $350,000 Minimum Increase: $5,000 Buyout: $850,000 Auction Ends: 18/12/2018 (( Comments disabled))

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