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    Lochlainn 'Lucky' Foley in Ireland c. 2016 Lochlainn Foley in Angel Pine, 2018 Name: Lochlainn Foley III Alias: Lucky, Lucky 870, L-870, the Irish junkie bastard Occupation: Irish revolutionary, professional robber, trucker killer Affiliation: Irish Republican Army of San Andreas, Shotgun Rebel Mafia K/A/D: 17/3/1 Weapon of choice: Remington 870 Origin: Serbian and Irish PoB: Dublin, Eireland Interpersonal relations: Ivan Dankovsky (Evan Dankovich) - One of the first partners in crime, deceased. Stigr Bjarke (Styx, Viking) - Partner in crime, they committed robberies and shootings together. Chris Edwards - Partner in crime, welcomed Lucky when he got out of prison. Brian O'Neill - Fellow Irishman, Lucky treated his wounds after a negro shot him. Robbie Garth (Supplier) - Lucky's first supplier of guns and a good personal friend. He treated Lucky's wounds after the Irishman was shot. Robbie lied in Lucky's favor on the court. Garland Abermurly - Helped Lucky get the people who robbed him once, deceased. Alfred McCutcheon - Helped Lucky with the robbers. Jessica Gage - Unfortunate female, mother to Lochlainn's bastard son. Paz Dewitt - Partner in crime, Lucky gave him his pistol once at Stacks for free. Clarence Dewitt - Lucky thinks he's a swish, he stole his medicine once. Sjon Hulzinger - Sold a revolver to Lucky, unknown whereabouts. Raven Nick Sezon - Original creator of Lucky's war cry. Darko Mitrašinović - Lucky's distant cousin, partner in crime. Eref Mahjoub (E-Dog, Eref 500) - Partner in crime, SRM gang mate. They killed many people together. Theodore Woodman (Teddy 37) - Partner in crime, SRM gang mate. They met in the woods years ago, after Kir was hiding after stabbing a black person to death in Idlewood. He is now back in town and killing people again with Lucky. Goku 43 - SRM gang mate. Ivan 23 - SRM gang mate. STORY Lochlainn "Lucky" Foley was born in Ireland long ago in a gypsy family. He is partially a Serb from his mother's side. He began consuming cigarettes at young age, which led to his teeth decaying. He is also an alcoholic. His political views are national-anarchist, he hates anything British and likes violence. He is a Catholic and loves Saint Patrick. He character-killed 11 people, robbed and kidnapped many more. More story in the screenshots. SCREENSHOTS 19/12/2017, first crime and first CK Early hours of 21/12/2017, hatred towards RS Haul grows, second CK, bare knuckle brawl Early hours of 22/12/2017, third CK Afternoon of 22/12/2017, fourth and fifth CKs Misc crime, 23/12/2017 24/12/2017, sixth CK Evening of 24/12/2017, Lucky was robbed 25/12/2017, seventh CK 26/12/2017, Lucky conceives a child 27/12/2017, eight and ninth CK, Lucky acquires an AR-15 The next day, Lucky is arrested 26/06/2018, Lucky is out of jail and celebrating 13/10/2018, Lucky acquires a new gun, he meets new friends 18/10/2018, Lucky returns to crime and robbing RS Haulers 06/11/2018, Lucky kills some insolent yokels at Stacks 15/11/2018, crime spree, tenth CK 16/11/2018, robbery 17/11/2018, crime spree eleventh CK Afternoon of 19/11/2018, robbery, murder, kidnapping Evening of 19/11/2018, kidnapping a DPS firefighter ABOUT SHOTGUN REBEL MAFIA To join this group there are two conditions: Your character has a shotgun (if you don't have we can give you one) Your character is a rebel If you want to join, you can PM on forums JayZawack, me. Code names in this group are formed the following way: Usually, the shotgun you would carry would be certain model with a number. First, you put your character's scary nickname, then that number. For example, Lochlainn's nickname is Lucky and he carries a Remington 870, so he's Lucky 870. Automatic weapons are not allowed in this faction. (Only in special cases, for example AK47s for the revolution, but the code name remains with the shotgun number)
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    Morra Organized Crime Group

    The faction was originally just a thought in my head for quite a few years, I'd lurk on the forums and bring up the idea in general on making a real La Cosa Nostra faction. I never went through with the idea because the support I had was limited for a brand new player as well as those that wanted to join had a TON to learn. However, this go around was completely different. I had an amazing line up of roleplayers that were not only capable but for the most part knowledgeable. However, I regretfully inform that the day has come for us to shut our doors and make our way to the archive. A majority of the leadership left for their own reasons that I completely respect and understand, currently, the faction does not have the membership numbers to afford moving people into those key positions nor do I have the individuals that are currently suited for set positions. I'd like to make one thing perfectly clear and that is (without tooting my own horn) that this faction from every Italian-American mob faction I've seen here on Owl Gaming, this one is without a doubt the highest quality of roleplay and realism this server has ever seen from a faction of this genre hands down. I'd like to give a massive thanks to both Wright and Yola as without their time, dedication, and attention to detail when I wasn't around this project would have died months ago. Our inducted members deserve a massive thanks as well for carrying the torch with limited information from the end of the leadership, it did not go unnoticed. Ultimately we want to close our doors before running it into the ground, leave on a good note. If this makes anyone upset (which I doubt) we apologise, perhaps when schedules align better we'll be able to return with something even better in the future, but until then on behalf of all 32 characters who have ever roleplayed within the faction I'd like to thank everyone who has looked at the thread, commented, or roleplayed with us.
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    FastLane - East Coast Born M3 Leaves its Mark

    East Coast Born M3 Leaves its Mark In order to truly understand what kind of refined brawn and brashness this E92 M3 is, a small anecdote should help. On the test drive, I dipped the rear left into the sand whilst exiting a corner. The burly, supercharged V8 screamed up to seven thousand as the car flicked sideways. However, instead of panicking or freezing up just a bit, I felt as if I could pilot the car to do exactly as I needed or wanted it to. Stabbing the brake pedal, the weight shifted forward, and I could feel the lateral weight shifting in my hips as the car corrected its course. Or, it would have, had I not slammed back on the gas. The steering wheel's alcantara trim freely glided against my open palm as the rear end kicked back the other direction; my other hand wrapped in a death grip around the shift knob. Looking back on it now, I can recall videos of turbocharged Hondas making pulls in the way that despite the limiter slap, their speedometer still rises. Except instead of a hopped up B16 with some headwork and a 800 dollar turbo, I was doing that with a supercharged 4 liter V8. Finally, the wide, wide, and wide Michelins caught grip on the pavement, cutting that slide short. It was then as the exhaust popped and crackled, the sound bouncing off the nearby cliffs, that I truly realized what I had gotten myself into. Only 200 Lime Rock Park Edition M3s were produced. While not the most expensive or hard to find car I've driven (seriously, doing the Agera first may have been a mistake), it's still nothing to scoff at, especially once you learn it's had plenty of work done. Full exhaust, supercharger, coilovers and swaybars, wheels and tires, the full milhouse, so to say. Pushing 650HP, this thing really is a curious case. It's not grippy like the Koeniggsegg or my old time attack AE86; yet its not slippery either in the veins of the Solar Yellow IS300 I had before my current Sportcross. What this thing really is is snappy. Like my ex-girlfriend, this LRPE M3 will happily pull a G or two in a corner, but if you choose to egg it on, either hover over the brake or make peace with the fact that the count will be 199 Lime Rock Park Editions as a result of your actions. This M3 really feels like a Bond villain in a way. It's flashy, loud, and maybe even ferocious. However, the strength and brutality is frighteningly refined and precise. I'll be sticking to my R33, but I'll certainly have an eye out for E92s the next time I go car shopping. - Article written by Bodhi Ryan (( @OfficeFax)) , Editor in Chief of FastLane Car Magazine
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    Eight Deuce

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    Sad to announce my farewell from the faction. On 19 November by this night, I was DM'ed by JoseEvil and his friends for actually no reason. When they couldn't win against me even tho they were outnumbering me they appereantly got Aman on their side to ban me. I find this whole situation funny as hell. I actually appreicate the people who was with me since the start of this faction. I also wish luck to people whoever will contuine this. That was all from me, Owlgaming, never forget 19.11.2018!
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    [Items] - Silenced Firearms

    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Silenced Firearms What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Items What is the suggestion?- Since scripting in a silencer for a country rifle, AK47, MP5, etc. would be a bit difficult (by a bit, my best assumption is quite difficult), I've a simpler solution. Instead of trying to script those in whilist changing the sound, I'd like to suggest for a sound change only. Implement a script where the firearm sound can be set as "+" (surpressed) or "-" (standard). Make it so only an admin can change the setting itself by reviewing a report of someone with the generic item applying the silencer and change the setting. A quick preview of the firearm details I've made in a quick minute: What are the advantages?- - More abilities to assassinate someone i.e. from a rooftop and/or distance without being very much heard; - More use of a Country Rifle, M4 or AK47 for such jobs, instead of resorting and risking it on a way closer distance with the Silenced Colt; - Easier assassination jobs rather than having PD on the way either if you're shooting from distance with a rifle or shot someone up close. Either they'll scout the area where the shots were heard from or you'll have a very limited time window to escape the scene you're on spot of. What are the disadvantages?- - Possible abuse. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- N/A How would you go about implementing this idea?- However the scripting team would
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    Eight Deuce

    ★ Quashawn Harvard gets jailed on multiple gun charges. ★ He is prisoner 9835, in cell 4A. ★ Quashawn Harvard slowly lets the weights down, grunting. [English] Quashawn Harvard says: This shit heavy as a motherfucker. ★ Quashawn Harvard hits the punching bag repeatedly, breathing heavily as he does so. [English] Quashawn Harvard says: Call me Mike Tyson. ★ Quashawn Harvard rubs his stomach. [English] Quashawn Harvard says: This food is fuckin' garbage.
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    [REL] Cholo Banger

    ID 176
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    [Items] - Calling to payphones

    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Calling to payphones What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Items What is the suggestion?- We currently have possibility to use payphones to call numbers, but why there isn't possibility to call specific payphone if you know its number? This opens many possibilities to roleplay. Payphones could act like normal phones, around the object you could hear the ringtone and you could go next to it and /pickup or something similiar. What are the advantages?- Good roleplay for characters who don't have a phone, or don't want to use one. Possible to create RP between strangers (a bit overkill but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xY_zQbsE3NE) Realism. What are the disadvantages?- Random phones ringing at sometimes. A bit of work to script this. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- No, I sadly do not. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Script is as said before.
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    [SCREENSHOTS] Vorovskoy Mir

    @Norm The same night, after stealing the SUV, Mirko was shot by an Italian mobster he ran over the same day. Surprisingly, the bloke could run and shoot an assault rifle with no problem after being hit with a BMW sedan at moderate speed while jaywalking earlier that day. Mirko was betrayed by the female he knocked up this week, the one he planned to inject heroin into to pimp her out. She ran her mouth too much. Despite his suspicions, he walked into a trap. Mirko and his distant cousin Kir were shot, operated in the hospital, and the Serb is currently in hiding. He learned the hard way not to trust women, especially blondes. He is recovering and spending his days on painkillers.
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    Eight Deuce

    "It's all in the game."
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    Grupa Baltija

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    Old story deleted, new one to be written. TBA - TBA - TBA - TBA - TBA WIP - WIP - WIP - WIP - WIP
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    Eight Deuce

    Decent situation there, altho I don't like the idea of all of you guys hanging out of the car shooting whilst it's drifting corners and hitting really rough terrain like that. Looks a bit unrealistic and could draw bad vibes towards your faction. Either way, pretty good situation there; well handled.
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    Eight Deuce

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    Car - 2019 Chevrolet Camaro LT [SUSPENDED]

    Name: Private Comment: @VeX this was the vehicle you sold to me? As per auction webmasters request, contact me to get the vehicle back. [email protected] ((Forum PM me)) or Number: 323832
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    **As you browse the web, you'd see a advert to the right side of the screen, displaying the following picture.** **When clicked, the following would show.** Spectators! EVERYONE IS INVITED TO WATCH FOR FREE. After the event ends, you'll be given a 15 minute window to leave the property. Parking spot. Regulation for the spectators: Drivers! Looking to become a human crash dummy? HERE'S YOUR SHOT! For just $500 you get to become a driver of one of the 7 vehicles we have available. And win a PRIZE OF $10,000 How to become a driver? 15 minutes before the event starts. (8:45 PM) be at the gates, and request to become a driver. IF YOU'RE NOT ALONE, MAKE A LINE OF ARRIVAL. Items required by the drivers: Regulation for drivers: 7 CARS IN, 1 CAR LEAVES.
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    San Andreas Mechanics Union

    San Andreas Mechanics Union Who are we? We are a union of mechanics, dedicated to helping independent, and individuals who offer mechanical services across San Andreas. We offer a range of benefits, varying from discounts on 100,000+ parts, personalised job offers, and exclusive events. What are the benefits? We offer a huge range of benefits, including discounted ordering of parts* (Upto 25% off list price.). We also work with the public to find them the best mechanic for their desired work, increasing profits by on average 25%. We also work with local garages to source specialist mechanics should they be required for a certain task, benefiting our specialist individual members, aswell as garages by finding work for individuals, and allowing garages to get work completed. We also hold giveaways, competitions and a monthly raffle for our members, all of which are free to enter. How much does membership cost? Individuals pay $1,299 per month, which includes all above benefits. Garages pay $1,999 per month, which includes all above advantages, aswell as the ability to hire mechanics through us, and receive ratings on our website. How can I sign up? We are currently in the process of creating our new website, however you can register your interest by emailing Head Office at [email protected] ((Forum PM @Maximas)) If you have any enquiries, contact Head Office.
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    I wanted to mention all of my skins are skin-textures, the ones you can use in game. I don't do skin mods, just textures.
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    always thought Lochlainn was a woman
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    is this uhhh spongebob gang v2?
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    [Items] - Silenced Firearms

    " More abilities to assassinate someone i.e. from a rooftop and/or distance without being very much heard; " ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ really niche and I think not needed.
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    Eight Deuce

    Keep it up boys.
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    [FEDERAL] The People v. Stefan Lowey

    "Are all parties present? If so, opening statements may begin with the plaintiff." (( @Wright @LeiFeng - Apologies for the delay, I didn't realize I was the only judge who could take this due to other involvement. ))
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    Name: Cleav Comment: Thank you all for showing up! It was a blast! WE WILL TRY AND DO THE SAME NEXT WEEK! *A link would show you footage of the demolition truck event. ((i have placed a real life one, since nobody recorded it with shadow play))
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    Morra Organized Crime Group

    Good run gents but I'm throwing in the towel (at least on Mike).
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2009 Vehicle brand: Lamborghini Vehicle make: Murciélago LP640-4 VIN: 13036 Mileage: Less-than 5,500 Description: Lovely grey-color Lamborghini Murciélago, vehicle is an LP640-4 meaning it has 640 Horsepower and is All-Wheel-Drive. Vehicle tops out around 158 miles per hour, or 255 kilometers an hour... Great vehicle for cruising the streets in, or taking out on a circuit track for a quick lap or two... maybe even more... Images https://imgur.com/a/9td7Uvv Starting bid: $110,000 Minimum increase: $2,500 Buyout: $185,000 Auction end date: November 21, 2018 @ 01:00 ((In-Game Watch Time)) Contact details: [email protected] (( Forum PM )) (( No IC or OOC Comments allowed. ))
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    Do I smell Stigr coming back?
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    yooo cousin motherfuck haha TOTOTO WOOOoWOWOWOw
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    IRA of San Andreas, fighting for Irish republicanism in San Andreas??
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    Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: 2681. Pine St Description: 4 Story Licensed, Secured and renovated superstore with all your needs and more, Comes with quite a bit of stock. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 15000 Minimum Increase: 1 Buyout: 40000 Auction ends: 2018-11-22 Contact Information: #10001
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    @Norm, @DrJoseEviI This is a faction thread. If you two got any issues with each other please take it somewhere else. I am not gonna have this faction thread clogged up with arguments and whatnot simple as. Both are welcome to pm me if you got an issue with this message point being take your argument to PMs or UCP.
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    Name: Auction Webmaster Comment: This auction ended for not being bid on for more than 3 days. (( @LeiFeng ))
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    [SAAN] The final article

    Name: James Sullivan Comment:
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    Accepted. Informations will be sent via e-mail.
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    Eight Deuce

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    I say we just merge all factions into PD that way we'll actually have active firefighters, but also firefighters who can arrest you yes all factions every single faction including the illegal ones yes even CPQL yes
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    CPQL - Official CPQL Commendations

    Los Santos County Entrepreneurship Award Huw Edwards - awarded for exceptional dedication to creating Job opportunities to the Citizens of Los Santos, Dinoco Ltd (( @Mogs ))

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