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    Beware the BLACK SAMURAI
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    Name: Kirstein Comment: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Christmas-Velour-Santa-Claus-Hat-XL-/401607997668
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    An appeal to emotion is a logical fallacy and has no room in this discussion. Are you admitting you're mixing in this situation and didn't want him beat up because he had 2 hours? Should we advocate for your punishment for MG? That seems like your motivation to help and save this guy. Is your argument that you're trying to help a new player and wanted him to win so you did something you normally would not and are using this as an excuse to try and invalidate a legitimate CK reason? You said you shot at us because you felt we were itching for a gun fight but you're the one who pulled the gun out and started firing at us even when we ran off and did not engage you immediately. You're admitting you initiated everything but claim you're not at fault because the player was a new player. You're the one who raised the level of violence across the board and your unfounded and stupid assumptions led to your demise. Either ICly or OOCly driven by these decisions you've proven that you had little reason to pull the gun out and are at fault. He got punched and fell to the ground and was left alone. You came up, wanted to fight 3 guys (vs just you). We told you to leave, you refused. We told you to fuck off, you refused. I tried to grab your arm to lead you away and you ran off behind a car and pulled a gun out and started shooting at us and killed someone who didn't even touch you or take any aggressive steps towards you. You're at fault every step of the way here. You raised the level of aggression needlessly and suffered the consequences because you wanted to be a white knight. A perfect analogy for this situation is the following: you poke a dog with a stick and it snarls at you, then you taunt it and it barks at you, and then you kick it and it bites you and you start crying about it. Topped with the fact you told the faction leader you didn't even know the guy who was attacked.
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    * Auction would be flagged as Scam / Invalid - The report note would mention "No proof of authenticity * (( @Thomaspwn @Script @Tailor @Maikeyy2 @iii - Tagging Auction House Admins so they'll know of the IC Report ))
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    About us. Grand Money Co. was founded in 2018 by Luca Valenti and his team. Their target is to provide a better life for the city of Los Santos. Services. Grand Money Co. is offering lots of customer services to small and medium enterprises and also to private individuals. We are: 1. Accepting deposits. 2. Making loans. 3. Providing safety. Accepting Deposits/Making loans. We are accepting deposits from customers, we are raising capital from investors or lenders, then we use that money to make loans, buy securities and provide other financial services to customers. These loans are then used by people and businesses to buy goods and expand business operations, which in turn leads to more deposited funds that make their way to us. Providing safety. We are also providing security and convenience to our customers, safekeeping for their money, because by keeping physical cash at home, or in a wallet, there are risks of loss due to theft and accidents, not to mention the loss of possible income from interests. With us, consumers no longer need to keep large amounts of currency on hand. We will rent out space to customers, in the form of safe deposit boxes. This allows customers to keep precious or irreplaceable items in a secure setting and give us an opportunity to earn a little extra money, without risk to its capital. How to make money with us? Best way to make money with us is by investigating your money to us so we can loan the money to others. We will grow your money by lending money at rates higher than the cost of the money we lend. More specifically, we will collect interest on loans and interest payments from the debt securities we own, and pay interest on deposits, CDs, and short-term borrowings. How to borrow money from us? When you borrow, you have to pay back the amount you borrowed plus interest. You may also have to pay fees. First of all, you have to contact our loan consultant. Talk about how much money you need, what for and when you're able to give the money back also with our interest. If you need the money for short time - interests won't be that big, the longer it takes to pay us back - the bigger the interest will be. Then you need to sign a contract with us. There will be what is our % of the interest, how does the paying back price grows and the time of giving us the money back that is stated between you and us by an agreement. Contact us now via [email protected] ((PM))
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    Los Santos Auction House - 3x Christmas hat. Item Name 3x Christmas hat. Description Fluffy hat All hats are sold separately, meaning bidding buyout will only give you 1 hat! Please add the number of the hat into your bid. Starting Bid 1,000 Minimum Increase 500 Buyout 10,000 Auction Ends 10/11/2018 Contact Information {field_value-1030} *Comments disabled*
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2018 Vehicle brand: Audi Vehicle make: R8 V10 Plus Quattro VIN: 17471 Mileage: 163 Description: For sale this 2018 Audi R8 V10 Plus Quattro! Mint condition! Been in garage most of the time! Very low mileage! Top speed 248Km/h Not driven the car itself much, a few times to the store and back, and running errands. Car hasnt been abused in its 160 miles. Perfect daily driver for someone who wants great luxury combined with speed and good handling. (( Inactivity protection till Nov. 19th )) Images Starting bid: 100000 Minimum increase: 5000 Buyout: 180000 Auction end date: 06/11/2018 Contact details: 585145
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    Los Santos Auction House - Residential Property Type: Residential Address: Little House - Behind IGS Description: A little place, -can- be suitable for living if worked on Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: $20,000 Minimum Increase: $1,000 Buyout: $50,000 Auction ends: 08/11/18 Contact Information: [email protected] (( forums pm ))
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    Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: Anderson's Pawn & Liquor, San Andreas Blvd Description: Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: $55.000 Minimum Increase: $1.000 Buyout:$70.000 Auction ends: 07.11.2018 Contact Information: 390720
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    Hello, I will be the handling admin of this CK appeal. If you aren't a part of this please do not comment, if you are however a part of this keep the comments civil. Is there anyone who happens to have more evidence, Footage? Screenshots? or even more logs? if so, please send them my way. You'll get the rest of today to forward said evidence to me.
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    Cleaning up the backyard. Target Practicing. Teaching the ropes. A Family! UNITED! For the most part... Unwelcome guests get unwanted gifts... Withdraw and deposit. "No one on the corner has swagger like us. Hit me on my burner prepaid wireless... We pack and deliver like UPS trucks! Already going to hell, just pumping that gas!" M.I.A. - "Paper Planes"
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    October - month of all bad things that could possibly happen. Love it and hate it but it's over now. Court case beat, new car, new job
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    I feel like I raised a child. That child grew up and had children of their own. /mourn I may not be with you guys but I am thrilled and honored to see you guys collectively carrying on the legacy.,
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    When GTASA looks better than DayZ.
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