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    What happened to me?

    On the 3 october my door was knocked by Turkish police. They told me that they are going to seize all of my phones and computers. Shortly after they told me that I am needed for questioning. We went to police department and detectives asked some questions to me. I stayed in PD cell for a day then they send me to courts. The Judge send me to prison, I stayed in prison for 28 days. I am currently released but I still have trial. I was innocent. Whatever, I wish you all a safe one. Trust me people It's not worth going inside, no matter what. I am proud to be back. I will also thank to people who contacted my IRL friends on instagram and asked about my status IRL. I once again understand owlgaming is not only a game, It is also a community where real friends take care of each other. Again, I am so happy to be back.
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    The Multi-million Dollar Swedish Accessory Now, to fully understand what I’m about to say, a brief history lesson is needed. In 1859, Charles Darwin published a book titled ‘On the Origin of Species’. In this, he details the conclusions he drew from his research in the Galapagos Islands regarding evolution and genetics. One of the phenomena mentioned in the book is ‘natural selection’, where those not fit to survive will naturally have their genes removed from the species’ gene pool. This has since evolved to be called Darwinism, and has inspired the Darwin Awards, where those who die idiotic deaths (for example, one award has been given to someone who attempted to rappel from a 9th story window with an ethernet cable) are honored in thanks for removing themselves from our gene pool. Furthermore, sometime along the line, we humans developed a little thing called ‘fear’ to prevent us from getting ourselves killed. The Koenigsegg Agera S is one such culmination of the human need for speed versus every instinct we’ve developed in our time, and also a middle finger to natural selection. That is, if you survive the wreck. (The Agera S was wrapped to cover up the carbon fiber and have the appearance of a normal Agera/Agera R featuring the iconic blue pinstripe) When I started the car, it’s twin-turbo 5-liter V8 didn’t lope and hop around the tachometer like the typical American V8s, products of rage and automotive anger. Instead, it hummed right at 950 RPM. In that moment, I truly realized what I had gotten myself into. A short drive found myself, the car, and its owner parked on the side of the highway in Las Venturas, with nearly 1100HP of Swedish engineering humming no more than a foot behind my head, simply lying in wait. “This is a 1.7 million dollar car, it’s one of five in the world, and I want you to go as fast as possible.” I was spectacularly underdressed for the occasion. Next to me was a multi-millionaire CEO, around me was an Agera S, and then there was me, wearing a t-shirt, slacks, and Converse. Before the introduction of every MGM movie a massive, powerful lion roars. That’s the sound that came to mind when I shoved the pedal to the floor. A guttural, howlish roar of a sound, accompanied by the whistle of two massive turbos gulping in huge amounts of air. As we broke 150 or so KM/H, I quickly realized that these cars have little to no sound deadening. The winds of Bone County roared and rippled across our carbon fiber frame as that beastly motor kept howling in my ear, begging for more; more revs, more throttle, more power: all things that I was more than happy to feed it. After about 9 seconds of full throttle rowing through the gears, the g-forces pulling me back slowly dissipated, leaving a brief trance where I simply looked at the road, all the scenery blowing past us. I wagered a glance down at the speedometer: 317 KM/H. I couldn’t have looked back up any faster: we were traveling at a rate of 88 meters a second; time was not a luxury, the speed was. As a previous owner of a Kawasaki H2R, the big 3-0-0 on the speedometer wasn’t new to me. However, what was new to me was the experience of it all. On the H2R, you’re hanging onto a rocketship, straddling a 300 horsepower, thousand CC, supercharged engine, and towards the end of your top speed pulls, your eyes are closed. Not in fear, not in please. Just so if and when something comes at you, you won’t have to see it before it kills you. The Agera set a new standard for going 300 KM/H for me. In contrast to hiding behind a miniature windshield in full leathers, I was sitting in a climate controlled, or heated if I so wished, leather and quilted suede seat. I had ABS, a backup camera, electric power steering, power brakes, dual airbags, satnav, USB connections, and even a Mp3 player. I felt like I was in a Bentley or Maybach, except I was also going beyond 300 KM/H. After about thirty seconds of breaking every speed law outside of the Autobahn, I let off the throttle. Without the roar of the engine behind me, I truly realized just how loud going fast can be. Wind rippled, wind sheared, wind cracked, wind tore. Setting cruise control back to the limit of 120 KM/H, the owner of the car had one thing to say to me: “That’s all?” I wasn’t one to disappoint, especially in the circumstances I found myself tangled in that moment. Flicking the left paddle three times, I curb-stomped the gas pedal, lighting up the rears as we were forced into our seats not unlike the interception scene in Top Gun. 1.4 bar passed through the turbos as we rapidly threw ourselves from check our wallets speed to check our dental records speed. Only in our world today can this car exist. The Communists and Socialists have no need for such things; that’s what the Trabants and Ladas are for. The third world countries have no need either; they need to carry things, move people more than two at a time at speeds certainly under than what this thing is capable of. This car is indeed a trophy piece. It’s not a daily driver, it’s far too small in terms of storage. It’s not a playboy’s prized piece, its brand doesn’t hold the recognition of marks such as Lamborghini or Ferrari. It’s not a racecar either, its got too many accessories. What it really is is just a giant, flashing with neon signs, held up over our head ‘fuck you’ to every instinct and quip we’ve evolved to protect ourselves. This is how we rebel once we move out from our parent’s. We’re not fighting bed times and homework, we’re fighting instinct and common sense. - Article written by Bodhi Ryan (( @OfficeFax)) , Editor in Chief of FastLane Car Magazine
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    [General] - Immigration Status Script

    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Immigration Status Script What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- So many people on owl like to RP being immigrants, many of them RPing coming to the country very recently, which would make them non citizens. The general idea is that on the character creation page when you first make a new character, there are three options: US Citizen - This would spawn your character with the regular San Andreas ID as you are RPly an American citizen and a pemanent resident and in the system Legal Immigrant - This would spawn you as pretty much the same as a citizen, however instead of an ID you have some form of Visa or Passport as you are here legally and in the system Illegal Immigrant - This would spawn you with no form of ID and you wouldn't be in the system, however you are at risk of deportation aka a CK What are the advantages?- It could greatly expand RP. This could bring new legal and illegal roleplay to the server. Due to being along the coastline, San Andreas would fall into the US Customs and Border Protection allowing some kind of FT designated faction to set up checkpoints every now and then. Investigations of undocumented residents could be led by ICE members of FTF as well. As for illegal RP, this could allow those roleplaying as illegal immigrants to be out of the system and have a certain thrill aspect to the risk of deportation. It isn't realistic that illegals would be getting caught by law enforcement and simply let go back onto the streets. And typically if legal immigrants face enough charges, they could be deported as well, adding more realism to the server. What are the disadvantages?- None, there is no scenario where this hurts roleplay and doesn't further help players engage in it. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- N/A How would you go about implementing this idea?- Adding a new script to the character creation page as well as new items in game and keeping those designated as illegals off of the books
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    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

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    [General] - Immigration Status Script

    can't wait for the lesbian car enthusiast police officer to "randomly" ask for my ID and deport me simply because my name isn't american
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    For the illegal headcases, spawn them on the ship next to BOTS at the dock and watch them scurry into the city like rats with bad english.
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    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

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    ** Flyers Posted In District 2 **

    Vostok Corporation Social Night Thursday November 1st, 2018, @ 8-11pm The Crux Club (Star Tower) Enjoy an evening of networking, socializing and refreshments among local business owners, colleagues, and neighbors in celebration of our newly elected Council of Supervisors. Please RSVP: GUEST LIST Open Bar & Hors d’oeuvres For more information call #111122
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    PRESS RELEASE Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 #200 Central Avenue, Los Santos Special Operations Bureau On October 30th 2018 at 17:15, Police Officers were conducting an arrest on Pasadena Boulevard with the assistance of the Federal Task Force. During this arrest, two males dressed in black attire snuck up on officers and opened fire, striking Police Officer Justin Stars. In the midst of the gunfire, one assaulter threw a small explosive that landed beside Police Officer Justin Stars as he collapsed to the ground. Police Officer Justin Stars suffered serious bodily injuries and remains in critical condition, whereas one assaulter succumbed to his injuries and another remains in critical condition at the San Andreas Detention Center's infirmary. An active investigation is being carried out by the Department’s Special Operations Bureau in order to determine the motive of the attack, the background of the two attackers, and ways of looking to prevent similar attacks in the future. END OF RELEASE.
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    *You'd notice that this poster would be hanging on several locations across Los Santos*
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    Grupa Baltija

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    Appreciate a Staff Member!

    Favorites: @Chaos @QueenC @Script @Vubstersmurf Secondary Favorites: @Portside @EvilScotsman Honorable Mentions: @DrJoseEviI
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    Name: Leon Comment: Thoughts and prayers to the family.
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    Name: MAGA Comment: About fucking time.
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    Grupa Baltija

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    Then you take it to the UCP with proof and get that person removed from PD.
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    Join ma club

    Where the E-Thug club at?
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    [LSPD] October 2018 Monthly Bulletin

    **The page would instantly redirect you to the following link.**
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    What happened to me?

    didnt you took off to work with your dad
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    What happened to me?

    We thought you suicided LOL Welcome back lad and don't drive with a phone in your hand
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    Rule Discussion Subject: Invisible/Automatically Installed CCTV Cameras (GOV, LSPD, LSFD, SEMC, etc.) I want to...: Revise Elaboration: Throughout the past few weeks, my activity has been dropping at an alarming rate. I cannot say that it is the server or the community to blame, but a mixture of my passion and the current rules. Due to some recent events, I personally was forced to roleplay an INVISIBLE CCTV camera. You're probably thinking "Care to elaborate, Jamie?" Well, I will! So, there is this rule that involved government buildings and CCTV cameras. Every government-owned buildings and gas stations are to have to work CCTV cameras in every position, thus allowing everything to be seen around them. On top of this being highly non-up, they also don't have to be roleplayed. As my time progressed throughout OwlGaming, I've just recently become a Mapping Team member. I've read through several thousand lines of logs and I believe many things should be roleplayed properly. Why do Civies (Civilians) have to go all out on their roleplay in order to install CCTV cameras, but every government faction gets them for free? Isn't that a little bias? That also gives all those government agencies a large advantage on the illegal and legal RP scene. You could say that they are an LEO faction and they have enough on their plate, but so does everyone else. They're here to roleplay, but have to conform to OwlGaming's weird society and regulations. Alright, let's say the two statements above have not been said and everyone is fine and dandy over government agencies receiving favouritism by the administration and the faction team. Let's say that this rule is currently in place like it is now. At this time, very few people know about this rule and when your character is committing a crime, I imagine he will be scouting out for cameras. These government agencies are receiving this favoritism, but their cameras are also invisible and undetectable. Therefore you cannot roleplay removing them because you have no idea where they are. All in all, I enjoy roleplaying here and there are specific rules that need to be revised in order for myself and others to have fun. How are you about to tell someone after they've thought out a master plan, "Oh yeah bro, there's cameras check this one insignificant rule on the.do cs" Like come on, I understand we're here to have fun, but I hear UAT and GAT always stressing for realism. This rule is the exact opposite. It reveals biases and favoritism among all the factions as well as with other stuff along those lines. So let's revise this rule, shall we? To cap this off, the revision should be like this. NO GOVERNMENT AGENCY SHALL RECEIVE A WORKING CCTV CAMERAS UNLESS THEY PROVIDE A GENERIC ACCOMPANIED BY PROFICIENT ROLEPLAY LOGS OF INSTALLMENT. Can't believe this a fucking rule, lol.
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    31/10/2018 ~ DISTRICT 2 SUPERVISOR INTRODUCTION & COMMUNITY FEEDBACK FORM Greetings Fellow District 2 Residents! My name is Zinvor Razmik, and I have the honor and pleasure of serving "Eastern" Los Santos following my appointment (uncontested running) to the Council of Supervisors. To start; a little but about me...I was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia and emigrated to the United States after the fall of the USSR, settling in Brighton Beach, New York, where my family operated a funeral home for many years, and where I got my first taste of business. Moving to Los Santos nearly two decades ago, I have been lucky in my business successes and a part of numerous entrepreneurial ventures including, The Gambler Casino, founding Red Rose Funeral Home, and serving as Chief Operations Officer, of Vostok Corporation. Having seen 'East LS' as my home for almost half my life, I have dedicated my time to creating financial opportunity for others, such as hosting job fairs at the Little Moscow Community Center, and employing countless people over the years as a part of my many business operations. I am a strong believer in diversity, and a staunch supporter of Constitutional Rights. I looks forward to ushering in an era of prosperity, to historically, one of Los Santos' most under-valued districts. Below, you will find my platform on a variety of important topics. Additionally, you will also find a community feedback form; acknowledging the fact that my running was not contested, I feel it is only right to maintain a close relationship with my constituents, in order to represent them fairly. Increased Social Assistance Programs Small Business Tax Credit Emergency Services & Healthcare Community Safety Government 'Cleanup' Community Feedback Form Best Regards, (( A heavily moderated comment section would be open ))
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    RR Logistics

    RR Logistics is a small logistics company ran by its CEO Rasheed Rehman We own a medium sized storage garage in which our fleet and your items are stored securely For any questions about our company please contact us Phone Number: 672-106
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    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

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    [Wiki] HarlendWho.fandom.wiki.harlend

    ((Each spoiler would be its own page on the Harlend Who Wiki, sub spoilers, aka spoilers within a spoiler are considered normal spoilers. There would be no edit button. There would be a link to a Harlend Who IRC chat page for fans and other people to chat on.)) The Official Harlend Who Wikipedia (old season 1 logo) `Harlend Who' is a classic science-fiction programme with a cult following. John is called a `Time Lord', a time-travelling scientist from a far off planet, who travels through time and space in a box known by the acronym R.E.T.A.R.D.I.S (Relatively Extreme Time And Relapsing Disillusion Interstellar Ship). A RETARDIS is a machine that is larger on the inside than the outside and is supposed to change its appearance based on its surroundings. John is also able to evolve his biology, so he appears as many different people throughout the series. John loves Earth but hates niggers, so he makes many trips here to save the planet, or to enlist earthlings to help him with tasks to protect the galaxy from the Big Gay. John also have a close friend who accompanies him in his many travels known as Buchada. Buchada is also a Time Lord, his RETARDIS was stolen by a black man after playing a game of pool at the pub. Buchada also suffers from 'Reverse Michael Jackson Disorder', a skin disease that makes you look like a nigger. Characters Time Machines Episodes & Films(Top to bottom)
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    Character Kill Appeal - Justin Stars

    Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- George Character Name- Justin Stars Date of Incident- 10/30/2018 Supervising Administrator- Unitts Narrative- I was CK'd once, I got unCK'd because the method of performing the CK was poor, still not knowing the reason./ Today, I'm on a routine stop with a kid stealing ,000 from an FBI Agent, another FBI Agent pulls up, a Detective is on scene as well, making that 2 LSPD, 2 FBI. All of a sudden, gun shots from behind me, a Colt 45, bang bang bang, then this one dude just chucks a grenade over towards me and all three of us end up dead. Now the performance of that was whatever considering a player with 60 hours has the development to be a suicide bomber all of a sudden and shoot a cop in front of 2 FBI Agents and 2 Cops. I spoke with the player who I had suspected created the CK Application, Jason Mccoy/OXIGENT and upon speaking to him, I received the reason shown in evidence #1. I'm going to explain the reasonings Jason Mccoy provided as to why the CK app was 'valid' and accepted. In evidence #2 I provided a contract he made on behalf of my purchase to buy his faction which is now known as Stars Corporation. If you look at the 3rd last agreement "If Los Santos Custom ( Name can be changed ) fails to bring any profit to Jason Mccoy or Marty Shelby withing two months, 15% of M-Corporation shares will be given to one of them." basically speaking he worded this wrong believeing every two months, he's supposed to receive at least some profit, however with the wording its at right now, it states within the 2 months, if they don't get money, they get the shares in the corporation, however we agreed that for both himself and Marty Shelby, they'll both receive 50k extra on top of their 10% in the corporation for the first 2 months, and after that it had stopped because Los Santos Customs was A) Disbanded and B) Not even a functional mechanic garage due to the nature of my employees bailing on me. So long story short, part of this was his reason to believe he's supposed to be given over one million dollars as he owns shares in the corporation which is known as Stars Corporation. Another situation was on the first week of opening Stars Autos, Jason Mccoy comes into my business and starts demanding one million dollars and yells at me in front of customers that I owe him money, and that he owns shares so then I had asked him to leave, upon failing to leave I took upon myself to escort him out and as I attempted to, he hit me so I had him arrested so apparently having someone arrested can have you CK'd. The final situation of what really triggered Jason Mccoy apparently was I tried to give him an opportunity to make money from the useless shares he owns from Los Santos Customs to pay him and Marty Shelby and take the shares back so I called him and told him to meet me at my HQ. He made it there quickly so I had radio'd my corporation frequincy that I need people to meet me there in case he's going to try and shoot me, rob me, or stab me, doesn't matter, fact is I had people in Tier 1 guns show up to protect me and one of the dudes that showed up was Martin Cunningham with a Canine who was a gun-sniffing dog. He approached Jason Mccoy and cleared him, so I had began chatting with him, long story short, he refused the amount I was going to pay and I had him permantly tresspassed from my properties and properties owned by Stars Corporation, before he left, he began to stalk me, threaten my corporation building, my dealership, and myself. So I had called the cops to get him moving from stalking me which worked and he left me alone. What's odd is that I had filed a CK Application as well on Jason Mccoy, but supposedly his was accepted, and mine was held back even after reminding the Senior Administrator (Unitts specifically) in case he forgot. So my question is, why is it valid to CK someone because of their own fuck-ups, and why is it that his CK Application was accepted, and mine was just ignored? Evidence- Evidence #1: https://gyazo.com/f3fb895267af8045bcfebe360d2de644 Evidence #2: https://i.imgur.com/sx7ii26.png Method of Death- Grenade/Shooting Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes
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    Raphael Valenti

    ** Mugshot of Raphael Valenti in 2004, 3rd of November. Newark's police department, state of New Jersey. ** First name: Raphael Last name: Valenti Date of birth: 27th October, 1984. (34 years old) Place of birth: New Jersey, New Ark. Charges: Armed robbery, charged in 2004, 29th of November.
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    Car - 1967 Volkswagen Type 2 T1 [SOLD]

    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1967 Vehicle brand: Volkswagen Vehicle make: Type 2 T1 VIN: 15120 Mileage: 13465 Description: This Volkswagen Bus, is no ordinary VW Bus. I've owned this just shy of 4 months now I believe and it has never let me down. This vehicle in particular's history I'm unaware of, however the vehicle does infact have different suspension and a Naturally Aspirated Subaru Engine from a old model Legacy I think. I'm not too sure on the numbers this car has but I think it should be capable of a decent top speed. (170km/h-ish). Images https://i.imgur.com/VeUAGGy.jpg Starting bid: $45,000 Minimum increase: $2,500 Buyout: $95,000 Auction end date: 03/11/2018 Contact details: Given to the auction winner.
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    [General] - Immigration Status Script

    Everything around the script has to be set up/drafted before we make this. Not hard at all it's just that it has to be worked out with every other person that will be involved in this.
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    What happened to me?

    I was arrested by Cyber Police for qualified fraud. That's why my phones and other equipment was seized. They accused me of cyber crimes which I never committed. lol
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    [LSCDPS] Hiring!

    *Another advertisement is published, advertisements would be posted throughout the city.*
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    The Hub

    I see you get inspired by the Continental, definitely would be a cool thing
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    What happened to me?

    Welcome back, hope you're always okay.
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    Name: pain Comment: lmao ok
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    Username: JHTimeTraveler Comment: why the fuck would you write an article about a car, what are you, fucking stupid?
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    Name: Ricerboi123 Comment: This is a scam people this car is not worth that much, here's one for 18,79$ on ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Koenigsegg-Agera-R-Model-Cars-1-32-2-doors-can-bounce-off-Toy-Gift-Alloy-Diecast-/252690574821 Also if you lads want to review the best and most expensive car/R33 in los santos, hit me up.
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    @Serx is rock @Flluroz is dot

    @Serx is rock @Flluroz is dot
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    Dinoco Perms

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    Dinoco Perms

    Need perms for @cod3oz to review the DCS orders and reply and such.
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    ResidentPeach easily summed it up here. Pre-modified cars prevent a lot of things and one of the biggest issues was pointed out, it prevents every single person on the server from owning a modified car which means it becomes basic and it's no longer a unique concept. Everyone goes on about how the server should influence roleplay yet they want to avoid vehicle roleplay completely by buying already modified cars rather than having something to work towards and have a sense of accomplishment. Everyone goes about saying how hard it is to actually get through the modification process yet its not that hard to meet all the criteria needed and I've seen peoples modification requests which were utterly awful yet they go around complaining saying it's extremely hard to get past it. Pre-modified vehicles have come up in discussions multiple times and each time it ends with the same answer, its not getting removed, which is the correct answer. To anyone who has searched for cars for sale in the past, you know that once in a while you come against a modified vehicle which has no information regarding the car itself, or the modifications on the car, this would lead to people receiving these "modified" vehicles and then complaining saying they want it to be more powerful even though there's no information about the modifications or power input of the car (This used to happen a lot, listings would state there are modifications installed yet they wouldn't provide any information to back them up or show proof of power output such as a dyno sheet which makes it hard to determine the HP of the car) which is another issue as this means VT have to spend a lot more time, putting their focus on one "one modified" car which leads to vehicle spawns taking longer. The economy: I'm sure a lot of people will know that in the real car market, a lot of people generally prefer vehicles which are completely bone stock and pay more for clean examples opposed to those which have modifications done to them. But what does this mean? It means that users would be able to purchase a modified vehicle for cheaper than a bone stock example and this leads to more issues. Linking back to Ben's statement, everyone would opt out for buying pre-modified vehicles as they'd generally be cheaper and would be more powerful or have better handling which means the server is filled with modified vehicles. This can also lead to people flipping these vehicles and abusing the "modified" status even if the modified vehicles arnt cheaper than the stock example. They'd specifically aim for modified vehicles, they would order them and then sell them off to someone who is none the wiser leading to large profits. I'll be using a Mustang as an example for this: Here is a 2007 Ford Mustang GT Convertible that is completely bone stock, has a manual transmission and 41,XXX miles. It costs $16,000 Now here you have a 2007 Ford Mustang GT Convertible which has a Stage 1 Roush Supercharger kit with a price tag of $20,500 which is only $4,500 more than the bone stock example. Which one do you reckon people would go for? Another Example : Now finally for the banned vehicles, There's a reason vehicles that can be ordered and purchased from player owned dealerships get banned and unbanned, this is the same reason NPC dealership stock gets switched around, for balance. When the Honda Prelude was added to NPC dealerships, those were the only cars you'd see on streets because everyone would get one with a token and this would lead to everyone having the same vehicle which means there's no variety. When Hellcats were unbanned, the server was instantly filled up with them and if I remember correctly, when they were banned, the joint total of them in game came up to about 25. When I banned R32s and MK4 Supras, there were 15 and 13 respectively. When Disappoint banned R33s, there were around 10 of them which shouldnt be the case considering the vehicle was only legalized two months ago, there shouldn't be 10 examples of the same car in such a small area. And yes, people will argue that "Oh, you see a lot of these in the US anyway" That's true but you have to remember that Los Santos isnt on the same scale as the entire US, Los Santos doesnt have a population of 325 million people or 50 states. You shouldnt see a Hellcat on every single road you drive down. Once again, its about balance, once the number of examples of a specific vehicle drop, they're unbanned. The number of R35s in-game dropped and they were unbanned, within the first few hours of them being banned, the only dealerships that were able to acquire them, Rennsport and Dinoco, they filled up around three batches each which means there were around 12 ordered within a few hours. To anyone wondering what the banned import list is, here you go: (This information shouldnt be used IC'ly as only dealership owners would be aware of this, this shouldnt be used to a financial advantage by selling a vehicle and stating that its import banned on adverts/auctions) TL:DR Ruins the economy, waste of time on vehicle spawns and imbalance.
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    premium hub access

    @ItsMelodyy did i just get mugged by an owl gaming admin?
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    Character Kill Appeal - Justin Stars

    For the record, my character did not have 60 hours. And I had plenty of reasoning to do what I did.
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    CPQL - Official CPQL Commendations

    Los Santos County Distinguished Service Award Thomas Warren - dedicated service to CPQL and longstanding BoTS Managing Director (( @Thomasmith )) Los Santos County Entrepreneurship Award Namira Carter - awarded for exceptional dedication to creating Job opportunities to the Citizens of Los Santos, Sparta Inc. (( @Vubstersmurf ))
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    [General] Re-Add Dynamic Lighting

    Script was improved. Accepted and waiting for merge.
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    [BRATVA] Bratva Vostoka

    конец The time has come for me to leave the faction and OwlGaming. Due to some changes in my life and sadly losing all motivation for roleplay, I have decided to hand the faction over to Zebulon. I've had a blast growing the Bratva into what it is now and I never expected it to be as successful as it is, so a massive thank you to everyone that has contributed to its success so far: @Zebulon @FAILCAKEZ @remolten @Devonshire @Ambidextrous @Kockata @Fallschirmjager @loggi @Dawkins And thank you to all of the new members who have shown an interest in what the faction has to offer. Also shout out to my Khram OGs @Ant @MissAnachronisms @LikeMike @Salsa and of course the God of Illegal Roleplay @LokiHavok. I'd like to wish the Bratva all of the success it deserves (I'm expecting to see an official thread up soon) and I'm excited to see what the future holds for it. I'm a little surprised to be leaving OG on such positive terms, but hey I'll take it.
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    Single shot per one click.

    Yeah like I didn't even know it shoots when you keep holding wtf
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    Is this about the incident where you chased someone into the hospital parking lot with no masks on and kidnapped them with your own car? @Jamie

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