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    Eight Deuce

    Me and Serx in a Hoover faction? Issa wrap.. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Badgers Motorcycle Club

    BADGERS MC Badgers Motorcycle Club is an Outlaw Motorcycle Club founded in Montgomery, Red County by Teddy Stubbs in late 2018. The club is still developing and not much is known about it. 05/10/2018 On the 5th of Octomber 2018, Teddy Stubbs was alone in his bar, wondering what to do. After some thinking, he decided to make an advertisement that the bar is open. He didn't get too many customers but suddenly a group of three people rushed inside the bar, with their guns out, shouting to keep his hands up. The individuals stole Teddy's phone and some money. The customer which was with Teddy called the police which, unfortunately, haven't been able to find and apprehend the suspects yet. 07/10/2018 Jackson Reynolds, a good friend of Teddy's which got released from prison, came to The Honey Badger for a drink, only he didn't know that Teddy owned the bar. When Teddy saw him, he couldn't believe his eyes. Teddy knew that Jack used to ride with a crew before he went to jail, so he invited him to join the club which, Jack accepted. After a talk with the other members, they all decided to make Jackson the new Sgt. At Arms of Badgers MC. (More to come.) Upon joining or being associated with this faction you will fall under our CK clause.
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    [礫岩] [Z] Zaibatsu Corporation [Z]

    1.Basic Information We have the purpose to create a Secret criminal organization - Teaching the roleplay for all the new players and members, which will participate. IN CHARACTER RULES - Keep the secret about the Zaibatsu business. - Show respect and friendship for all members of the family. - Dont kill if you not have a good reason, only for protect a member or your self-defense. - Always respect a order by a leader, if you receive an order or mission, fulfill it with priority. - Always protect your family or innocent civilian, no matter the situation. - Show loyalty to family, not tolerate traitors. - Respect the "Dojo Kun" and the Karate rules. - All Zaibatsu rules and instructions must always be met, or you will be harmed. OUT OF CHARACTER RULES - Respect the Server rules, don't be a rulebreaker. - Never disrespect members or allies. - If you don't keep RP and the Server rules, you will recieve just one warning. The next time, kicked from family. - If you don't show loyalty to family or be a traitor, will Kicked from family and Zaibatsu enemy declared. - All or any promotion will be definity by Roleplay knowlodge, loyalty and commitment with Zaibatsu family. Never ask about promotions. We have started a friendship and association, working together to get money and more family members, contracting many employers and recruiting new members Icly. The first steep showing jobs, items at 24/7 and the basic to regular start in San Andreas. We are teaching the OOC rules. The Begin The “Zaibatsu Corporation” or “Z Company” is a secret Chinese-American organization started out in Chongqing, China. Zaibatsu was founded around 1938 by Fujitsu Takamato and Jair Silveira. Fujitsu was a visionary entrepreneur and old owner of “Kakagawa Co.”, a small rice and natural medicines exporter, was a pioneer in his country's exporting and trading with other nations, which led to a business relationship with many countries in Asia and America. Jair was a great scientist, graduating from college of sciences of Sao Paulo, studied chemicals and mechanic engineering, working with fuel, matinees like coffee, beans and corn. While a business travel to Brazil of Kakagawa Company, mister Takamato meet mister Silveira by chance, showing some tests and experiments with a innovator “Biologic fuel” on the open exposure in Sao Paulo, extracted from corn and sugar cane, at the time the local Brazilian people was considered the idea like a insanity. After some time, Fujitsu believed on the doctor Jair ideas, and a friendship alliance unites the businessmen, funding and sponsoring medical experiments, biofuels and electricity power. Studies about energy engineering and renewable energy were analyzed in laboratories in Silveira's Enterprises, the first and traditional biologic fuel laboratory Brazilian factory; it remains a significant oil producer. Z Market The China country suffers from a severe economic crisis, between 1949, 1980, which affects foreign trade, reaching the new “Takamato & Silveira Ltda” company catastrophically, so that as emergency solution Fujitsu and Jair joins an affiliation, creates a fake pharmaceutical company called “Zaibatsu pharmaceuticals Ltda”, using the herbal medicines knowledge of Fujitsu and the great abilities of the doctor Jair to transforms confidential funds from his build for the creation of sedatives, stimulants, narcotics and industry war for the black market. Business expansion More and more business travels is started around the world, finding stronger good sponsoring to new creations and chemicals analyses, finally meeting the “Carboneto” Italian mafia and the germane “Red Nazis nation”, establishes successfully in April 1939 war business to support secretly for Triangle countries with hard supplies, like a diesel fuel, supplying heavy weapons and adrenaline stimulants, a important participation to restart a new and lunatic World War. “Takamato & Silveira Ltda”, started a organized criminal syndicate called by the enemies like “Zaibatsu”, a Chinese business term referring to many business conglomerates in the Chinese Empire, had great participation and performance in supplying weapons and drugs to the War in Asia, like the “Zoom zoom” energy stimulant to germane soldiers, “Hush” the self reliant sedative to spies apply to enemies, and the powerful “Equanox”, alertness pills to adrenaline effects, intensive results to hard combat and close fights, upping resistance and constitution body. Also, the “Z market” provided heavy guns and supplies to Japan, Germany, Russia and Italy. Since the association made with these countries provided many influences on the Chinese Zaibatsu organization, such as germane sub-machine guns, evading combat strategies, Italian mafia’s customs, black clothes and hats, old and larges vehicles, language, culture and culinary. The Zaibatsu founded your first headquarters in Nagasaki, also having much influence on the economic Chinese power and local sub-organizations, contracting many employers to fabrication of “Trash cheap drugs”, selling and export to Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Taiwan, Arabia and Egypt. The scam was discovered During the Second World War, the Zaibatsu provided potent hallucinogens for Japanese soldiers, starting the project “Kamikaze”; a lobotomy brain process, encouraging much army pilots to mass attack on Peal Harbor, United States. The dark criminal enterprise “Zaibatsu Corporation” worked secretly for Red Triangle and this active was discovered by The Allies Team(the “Special Force”, more called “Commandos”), and infielders a strategy spies to search hostiles and enemies. Counter attack appears fast, with atomic bombings of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, conducted by the United States during the final stages of the war in 1945, to search and destroy the most wanted target of the world, the “Zaibatsu.” Beguine these two events represent the only use of nuclear weapons in war to date on august 1945, the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attack. The war in Europe ended when Nazi Germany signed its instrument of surrender on 8 May, but the Pacific War continued. The company resumption An unknown format skill saves some part of the Headquarter of Zaibatsu, restarting the dark negotiations in 1948. The merger of the companies was a great success, skirting the massive crisis situation, offers hope and a new precious chose to country wake again, supporting with jobs and technology, also works on developing the "Z energy", including hallucinogens and strong doping. Behind much negotiations and business reunions, Takamato and Silveira beggared new alliance and associate with powerful international enterprises around the world. Some years pasted, often dated 1948 and 1950, the Zaibatsu having involvement in supplying heavy weapons in the cold war. World association The great company “Zaibatsu Corporation” was founded a new Brazilian headquarters secretly in July 1953, since the economic glory and expansion of the successfully negotiations of the “Takamato & Silveira Ltda.”, around random enterprises on the Asia, America and Europe continents. Zaibatsu owns the electrical power stations in South cost of Brazil. Actuality the Zaibatsu Corporation' most important assets are secret drugs reserves in Brazil. It’s a massive war industry production in China. Recently has great economic and political power in Japan with branches spread across the country, opened a head office in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They were presumed to be the most powerful criminal organization of all in Japan, living a hard conflict with the Yakuza organization. Currently the Zaibatsu is directed by Koji Takamato, Fujitasu Katamato, direct descendants of Zaibatsu Empire, indoctrinated by the organization and its ideals. The Z Company has association with England, Japan and Australia; Kirito Tsukami is the economist entrepreneur, director of finances and drug dealings on the Zaibatsu enterprise. Fujitasu Katamato is the Industry war director and the head economy leader, doing commercial relations, combat and strategies evading. Honor, discipline and respect Those who are accepted into a Zaibatsu receive training in wrestling and yoga - always in secret locations. The Z men receive complete classes and graduations of Karate techniques, every week. Koji Takamato is graduated in Third Dan of Black belt Karate - Sensei, teaching self-defense, discipline, mind control, body stamina and resistance. The Zaibatsu groups The Zaibatsu is directed by distinct groups: *Shadow Z: Group specialized for missions of kidnapping, murder and extortion. This group is more called as Z Men. *Watchers: These men are assigned to train new recruits and members in the corporation. They also work with business transactions, espionage and foreign trade. *Runners: Responsible for loading and transportation of supplies. -Civilian members : Civilians associates, joined together Zaibatsu for receive protection and escort. Gang wars, enemies and territories control They became embroiled into a violent struggle over control of business interests and gang territories with all other gangs in Beijing, Hong Kong and Macau in China. Other economic skill is directed by Koji, sending some sales representatives for the North America continent, more exactly in San Andreas, to integration of a new and strong headquarters. The commercial expansion of the Z market is hitting strategic locations on the world, to conquer the drugs monopoly on the illegal dealer, with accessible and cheap prices, like the “Baby food”, an artificial hallucinogen like the cocaine, with the reaction and affects power upped five times more potent than cocaine. Jay is the head Leader director of economic conquers planed by Zaibatsu, leader of the operation “The Z cleans”; conquers gang territories and the high expansion on black market. The great plan is coming to hit the most failed economic crises heart of America, at most propitious place of the United States, San Andreas.
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    As you may already know i'm inactive on owl at this moment, I have decided to leave owl plus life is just too busy for me atm
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    Not bad, good luck with this and remember the most important thing is that you and your friends are enjoying it. Ignore the salty people.👌🏻😛
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    [礫岩] [Z] Zaibatsu Corporation [Z]

    All of you who's laughing at the thread and leaving negative comments need to grow up LMFAO. He's new to the server, I've roleplayed with him, he's not bad. Not like y'all started from being professional roleplayers. Just give him a "good luck" and let actions speak louder than words. You forget the whole point of roleplaying on this server, it's all about FUN. Ignore all the negative comments, buddy, have fun and good luck! x
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    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

    **Elijah Huston would post this Snapchat story geotagged in Ganton, Los Santos, you would notice that the camera quality would be poor**
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    Appreciate a Staff Member!

    @Aman @Vubstersmurf @iii @ItsMelodyy @Notorious @QueenC
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    Welcome to America, Vlad...

    sCAr RigHT ABovE HIs rIGhT EYe gl
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    S/S Asian Boyz 1226

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    Almighty Saints

    Imagine being recruited into an illegal faction by QueenC
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    [SAAN] Suicide by cop

    Suicide by cop From the SAAN news desk ''No priors from our side, no idea why he did it.'', told a police sergeant to our reporter when he was talking about the reason the suspect was killed. On the sixth of October an police officer ordered a motorcyclist to stop and park on the side of the road when the motorcyclist violated one of the traffic laws. The motorcyclist had other plans however. He raced away from the police officer and the officer called in back up to chase him. The cyclist was driving recklessly through the city with the police on his heels. He lost his grip in a corner on Pasadena Boulevard and fell off his motorcycle. Three units aimed their guns at the suspect and he complied to their orders. He then decided to get up from the ground and take a handgun from his waistline and fired on the officers. One of them got hit on his upper body, luckily saved by his vest. The other officers opened fire on the suspect killing him. The motive of the suspect why he opened fire on the officers is unknown. One of the officers thought that it might be a suicide by cop. Want more SAAN? click here saan.news
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    LSPD 1171 - Captain Michael Donnelly

    I. Introduction The Donnellys are an Irish-American family with members spread across the State of San Andreas and the Republic of Ireland. Patrick Donnelly, a father of two, is a United States Marine Corps veteran that saw service during the Second Indochina War under the 1st Batallion 3rd Marines infantry where he partook in search and clear operations in Vietnam. Patrick returned home safely where he would later start a family with his wife, Lauryn. Michael Donnelly was born on the June 17th 1977 in Dún Laoghaire, Ireland. He grew up with a younger brother who he acted as a mentor to for all of his pre-teen and teenage years. Michael developed the personality of a very shy and timid person through his teenage years, however developed a very confident and somewhat arrogant personality as he grew older. This meant that Michael ended up in the bad books of many, however those he grew close to came to see a different side of Michael that showed a great level of respect and kindness. II. Career By 1999, Michael had finished education and applied for employment with the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department - going against his father's hopes of seeing his firstborn one day join the Marine Corps and follow a similar path to one he once took. Michael, regardless of his former shy persona, saw great success from his recruitment process to the Department, completing his academy and eventually becoming a certified law enforcement officer. Come 2001, Michael was a fully fledged Deputy Sheriff with the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department. From here, his ambitions took him towards the investigative side of the Department where he applied to become a Detective. He was introduced as a Detective-in-Training and was assigned to several medium and low risk case files, most of which being homicide and small narcotic cases. His success in a lot cases caught the eye of then-Detective Sergeant and saw him quickly becoming a certified Detective by 2002. Michael was able to exceed in the Detective Division. His efforts towards gang cases saw him help to bring down big names in the various street gangs across Los Santos, one of which being a huge bust on a gang in Willowfield which saw the street gang eventually crumble and disperse. Seeing great success from his efforts, Michael continued to push himself to his eventual promotion to Detective Sergeant, and later Lieutenant. In 2008, Michael applied for a transfer to the Los Santos Police Department and was successfully transferred several months after, assuming the role of the Commanding Officer of the Detective Bureau. Michael spent several years helping to revitalize the Department's investigative branch, introducing new policies and a new recruitment process to help increase the standards across the bureau. Michael would later resign from the Department in 2011 and return to his home of Dún Laoghaire after his mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness. A year was spent alongside his mother and his close family in their family home in Ireland before Michael chose to return, once more, to Los Santos. He filed for a rehire request with the Los Santos Police Department and packed his bags to move into a new home in the small country town of Dillimore. Michael was reinstated into the Department as a Detective, though would later apply to transfer to the Patrol Bureau to climb up a new ladder away from his Detective Bureau history. Michael made himself comfortable in his new environment under the Patrol Bureau and assumed the role of the assistant group supervisor for his patrol group, getting a taste for the tasks of a patrol supervisor. He would later go on to apply for the Sergeant Training Program and become a Sergeant I, supervising patrol group 6. With little competition and extensive supervisory experience, Michael continued to progress up the ladder to assume the role of Sergeant II, Watch Commander for the reformed Field Operations Bureau. Now a Watch Commander, Michael set about introducing new measures for his Sergeants to ensure high standards across the officers he liaised and forwarded many suggestions to the Field Operations Bureau Commanding Officer to introduce new policies. Not many came to like Michael, however it was clear that many still had respect for him and his efforts to help improve the bureau. He would later go on to see a promotion to Lieutenant and assume the role of the Commanding Officer for the Field Operations Bureau and would begin what would later be a rocky journey in his hopes of progressing further. Michael continued to practice what he had done so for the years prior, introducing new policies and procedures for his bureau and the Department as a whole in a huge push for increased standards. Whilst the Chief of Police at the time came to accept and introduce the policies Michael brought forward, the two would go through countless arguments over considerably petty things. The relationship between Michael and the Chief was not great, but Michael stuck by things until his evaluation at the end of the month. Michael, after his continued efforts, would go on to fail his "probationary stage" as a Command Officer and would later see a demotion. A fresh start was called for and Michael applied for the vacant role of Commanding Officer for the Special Weapons and Tactics, having previously been the Executive Officer for the platoon. Being the more experienced candidate for the position and proposing drafts for changes, Michael was announced as the new Commanding Officer for the Special Weapons and Tactics where he would focus his efforts on introducing a new recruitment process and improved procedures for his newly obtained division. III. Personal Life In 2010, following his return to the States and his reinstatement to the Los Santos Police Department, Michael was on his meal break at the JGC Mall alongside his patrol partner where had stopped to get a coffee and grab a bite. Whilst outside, Michael and his partner bumped into a female driving a security cart. Michael and his partner approached and quickly broke into conversation. Michael and his partner were a sociable duo and it wasn't out of the ordinary to approach random people at places such as the mall and joke around. The group got along really well and would exchange numbers. Michael would come to understand the lasses name, knowing her only by "Aileen." Michael and Aileen would continue to socialize afterwards, arranging to meet up for coffee and get to know one another later. The two met and would get to know each other really well on a personal level and would share stories and rant to each other about their work experiences, their pasts, etc. and would discover that the two share something in common with them both deriving from Irish backgrounds. Aileen introduced Michael to her daughter, Ciaira. Her daughter was an extremely hyperactive social butterfly and was seemingly struck by Michael's thick moustache. This earned Michael the nickname of "Moustache", which he would continue to referred to by both Aileen and Ciara. Michael developed a friend in Aileen that he could trust and rely on. He would continue to consider Aileen as the first person he'd go to for advice and would often rant to her about his ups and downs about work, his family, and everything - and Michael would return the favor to Aileen. Over the years, a relationship continued to develop between the two, however somewhat unofficially. Michael helped to raise Aileen's daughter, Ciara, in the absence of her father who went without mention at all to Michael. Michael understood that Ciara's father's departure was a sensitive topic for Aileen, and therefore Aileen wanted his name to be kept out of mention around Ciara. Michael assumed a fatherly role to Ciara, and Ciara would often, by mistake, call Michael "dad." This meant a lot to Michael as he was in his mid-thirties and was without a real family and was finally coming to form one. As Ciara grew older she became increasingly troublesome, running from home countless times. She would eventually be sent to Ireland to continue her schooling overseas with Aileen's family whilst Aileen remained. Aileen continued her career with JGC where she was the Director for JGC Mall. By 2017, Aileen had stood down from her position in JGC and joined the Los Santos Police Department to become a Detective. Sharing completely different work schedules, distance grew between Michael and Aileen and countless arguments broke out between the two. Come 2018, Aileen submitted her resignation with the Department and would return to Ireland to see her daughter and family as well as to take a small break from the drama between her and Michael. Michael still continued to make an effort towards the relationship, as did Aileen. Things were somewhat patched up and communication was kept high between the two. IV. Interests & Hobbies Michael has a growing interest in motorcycles with an increasing collection of Indian motorcycles. The first motorcycle Michael obtained was a 2016 Indian Motorcycles® Jack Daniel's® Chieftain Vintage, a rare collectors motorcycle of which only 100 models were made. The second motorcycle Michael would add to his collection was a 2016 Indian Motorcycles® Chief Vintage White Snake Edition, another collectors motorcycle. Michael treasured these two motorcycles and housed them inside of a small workshop where he would maintain the two. Screenshots Near-Fatal Vehicle Pursuit The Masterful PIT Manoeuvre to End 50 Minute Pursuit Shift Change Prayer Stabbing Investigation Stabbing Investigation Continued Robocop (random screens) Kidnapping & Torture Chaotic City Up and Up Get Mag Dumped Evening Disturbance Back Again Keeping Busy Friendly Neighbourhood Door Buster (More to come)
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    Name : NB Comment : Watch the auctioneer up the price even more for "Unique weight reduction"
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    Badgers Motorcycle Club

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    [SAAN] Suicide by cop

    Name: Gibber. Comment: Do I need to keep repeating? Welcome to Los Santos, city of the mentally insane.
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    GAT Update - September 22nd, 2018

    Congrats everyone! Well deserved and welcome to the team
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    GAT Update - September 22nd, 2018

    @JohnM - was actually alright lol @Krakkfaen - good riddance @WickJeffe - who @Vubstersmurf - grats sir @Lartsa - get in there lad and the only one that actually makes this whole update worth it @Mogs - will be gone in two weeks lol
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    ELS would be pretty nice, seen it done before on MTA and have to say it looks pretty cool
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    Game Administration Team Roster

    The OwlGaming Administration Team Upper Administration Head Administrators Chaos Daniels ThatGuy Wright Lead Administrators OhhPixelz Shanks Swanker Game Administration Senior Administrators EvilScotsman SjoerdPSV Unitts Administrators Destroyed DrJoseEvil FAILCAKEZ iii MrFocus Notorious QueenC Script Vubstersmurf Trial Administators Cryotich JohnM Rauf


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