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    Express Corporation

    Express Corporation is a company which has been found in May 2016 by two well-known figures from the Los Santos Fire Department, and started to be operated as a gym. The corporation had to suffer an unexpected occurrence where one of the shareholders, passed away which left the lounge with an unpredicted empty spot to assist the previous owner with running her life dream business. After vague nights of combating her loss, she offered an open position, to a man known for serving as a Captain in the Los Santos Fire Department, that was promptly accepted. However, their new partnership didn't last for long and she decided to proceed and expand business to be able to continue a legacy left by her fellow friend and co-worker. Previous owner kept the lounge running for some time which was a great success at a time but then she moved along to start her first dealership by Unity Station ''JR Autos'' and with the profit she made through months of hard work running her lounge and dealership she moved into a better location and started her current dealership ''AutoNation'' which offers a variety of vehicles for reasonable prices by the district of Marina. Eventually, with the outstanding profit she decided to expand her two businesses into a corporation and merging them with two new stores she bought recently. Currently, the corporation is being led by a new investor coming off the middle east with a Main objective to offer the best service in any sectors for fellow citizens of Los Santos. We are aiming to offer you the most comfortable and enjoyable services in Express Lounge, Express Furniture, Express Pharmacy and AutoNation Dealership. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -Express Corporation is currently looking for a qualified general manager who's capable to fulfill the position. -Express Lounge is currently Hiring Bartenders and armed personnel with competitive wages. *Kindly send an email with your information/CV to [email protected] (( @Kozinski )) if you think you're qualified enough to fill the positions above. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *Your donations play a great role on keeping the service we provide within our various companies and it helps us to offer more job opportunities for those in need, Kindly contact us by the mail provided on this page to know more about the process and how to donate. Donor name: Donation amount: -Tyrus Wiggins $300,000 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In a luminary, calm place where the highs of life are enjoyed, our carefully well-prepared food and drinks are impossible to go unnoticed on your table. Recognized for purely utilizing natural ingredients, our hot and cold food and drinks are thoroughly prepared with the utmost care by an extensive number of professionals cautiously hired to provide the best service to its members. Along with a gym located on the second floor of the building where clients may work off their arduous and tense day from work, the lounge also provides a pool area to contemplate its members' absolute best wishes of relaxation. Membership Type Price Access Duration Free Visitors TBA - Gym/Pool/Cafe 1 Month - TBA - Gym/Pool/Cafe 2 Months - TBA - Gym/Pool/Cafe 3 Months - Our lounge will offer you the best service almost daily, employees and security guards are chosen wisely to make sure customers will get the most exclusive service possible.You will no longer struggle to find a safe place to spend your time with your family or friends, A place that offers you various entertaining areas either by eating your snack with a drink or alcoholic drinks down by the cafe, Working out in our gym or you can just relax or swim by the pool. Not to mention that you can unveil your hidden singing talent during a weekly karaoke night, We will be hosting theme nights, Swimming competitions, Nights with your favorite celebrities and much more during the week days. Location: Soho drive, Rodeo Contact: [email protected] (( @Kozinski )) Express Pharmacy is here to offer you all your Health and Beauty needs. We are importing and producing best medicines of Los Santos without damaging the nature and using harmful chemicals! Our products are %100 nature friendly and effective on humans. Medicine Price Usage Prescription Usage in Pregnancy TBA - Lowering Temperature No Yes TBA - Stomach ache No Yes TBA - intercourse protection No Yes Location: Gates st, Beside the bike dealership. Contact: [email protected] (( @Kozinski )) AutoNation is an exotic & luxury brand based vehicle dealership in Los Santos which is currently being operated by Jena Haddad. Main objective of our dealership is to offer second hand exotic brand cars to Los Santos for reasonable price. You can come to visit our dealership in Interstate 425, Marina Beach to see and try out our comfortable cars and services. Location: Interstate 425 West, Marina. Contact: [email protected] (( @Kozinski )) Express Furniture is your number one furniture shop in Los Santos. From cabinets to desks, fridges to TVs, microwaves to ovens, every furniture for your home is being offered in our shop with neat pricing! Location: St. Francis st, Willowfield. Contact: [email protected] (( @Kozinski ))
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    [Youtube] CAM03-CCTV [9/30/2018]

    Spotted Mr.Orange walking in my neighborhood please contact if you find anything.
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    [Youtube] CAM03-CCTV [9/30/2018]

    name: unknown comment: put him on the gang injunction list
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    Morra Organized Crime Group

    If you have any questions in relation to the faction PM me, Morra or Wright. Recruitment is solely IC but we can give you tips on how to approach us, character development, proper names ETC.
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    Bratva Vostoka

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    [Youtube] CAM03-CCTV [9/30/2018]

    Tracking the post submission by 'Fat Wog' would lead to this location.
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    Name: Fat Wog Comment:
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    * The system would automatically deny the bid since it's below the starting bid. *
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    Eight Deuce

    Posted on behalf of @Craazy
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    Eight Deuce

    I remember jerkin' phones at lunch time now I'm sitting here with food to move Fuck police, they need to free all my jailhouse goons.
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    Happy 10 years, vG!

    Valhalla, Vedic, Arsenic, Root, United... All those spring to mind and there were probably more that I have forgotten about. Dare I say, the 'golden' times of RP on MTA? Now without the unnecessary reminiscing and boring details I can cut it down to that 2009-10 was that time when I joined and 2011 was when I really started to mingle with different factions, rather than doing delivery runs and RPing as my self. Ganton Gardens at the tail end of vG was definitely my favourite faction of all time and introduced me to passive RP, along with general gang RP. I 'member all the passive RP and chop shop RP with paint in Rifa 13. Does anyone remember Ello DDOSing the fuck out of many smaller RP servers including uG at a few points in a year? That shit was genuinely a PITA.
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    bitch in indiana with a 10

    bitch in indiana with a 10
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    Name: Aus Comment: How is the LSFL so sure about the housing being funded by taxpayers? As you said yourself there are no press releases so how is this information correct? Please highlight something I'm missing because right now I don't see any proof that the taxpayers are paying for it. With proof, I'd accept that this is the case. Personally, I don't see the homeless shelter as a way for Mr. Howard to gain supporters, In the previous month I've noticed more and more homeless people hanging about on the street and Howard opening this facility is a good way to keep our streets cleaner and safer. I did notice Endsieg's comment (( @Scooter )) about the difference of when Mengele ran the project to Howard and I would like to talk a bit about what Endsieg has said In my comment. Firstly Endsieg I have to disagree with Howard taking credit, Howard's never took credit for the building and never gave credit to Mengele's administration. Do I fail to see how Howard claimed he built it? Not to mention the final line of that announcement states 'We hope to see the state housing facility begin to strive and be used like it once was.' so its referenced it was there before he was in the position of County Commissioner. In regards to funding, I agree that the facility should be privately funded or if it is going to be funded by taxes there needs to be stricter rules in place for the facility, this is something I'm going to propose to the Government in an Email after this. The rest of Endsieg's comment gave me cancer so not even going to attempt proving him wrong. Lastly, I class the anonymous emails as hatred being spread by people who wanted other candidates to win, being someone who has been on the Board of Supervisors I can say Howard runs the Government correctly in my opinion, if LSFL would like to hear from me you're free to drop me your email I can answer questions you might have.
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    Name: LSFL Comment: Hello JR, We have been making monthly posts since July with the addition of a membership profile of our leader and 'The Liberty Papers' which exposed the wrongdoings of the CPQL in terms of enterprise. I would suggest you visit our website (here) and check out the links at the bottom of the page if you are truly interested. Regards, LSFL
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    Eight Deuce

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    Eight Deuce

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    Eight Deuce

    Posted on behalf of @Craazy
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    CPQL - State Housing Facility

    28th of September 2018 Office of The Commissioner CPQL - State Housing Facility _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Recently the Los Santos County Government has noticed a significant increase in homelessness within Los Santos. To help those without the everyday comforts we often take for granted, we would like to begin promoting our state Housing Facility that is located on East Beach. We advise everyone who is homeless to consider going there for free hot meals and health checks with our in-house doctor. The facility has 10 apartments which are all equipped with the essentials for living such as bathroom facilities, kitchen, bed and a small living area within the apartment. Along with this, the facility has a large food court that anyone can use however our priority is aiming at ensuring the homeless/ill can get the full benefit of what we have to offer. We hope to see the state housing facility begin to strive and be used like it once was. Location: Santa Monica Boulevard, East Beach, Los Santos County Commissioner **Heavily monitored comment section.**
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    Import Request - Dominic Branwen

    You're using the wrong form for requesting an import, the car is located in the US like @Weiga stated. Use the link to read up on our rules and get the link for the correct request form.
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    Red Autos

    Nice! another car company, i think we still need like 20 more!
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    TIP OFF LEADS TO FUGITIVES CAPTURE Earlier Today in Idlewood police swarmed on the intersection of Washington St and San Andreas Blvd, sources say that police had received a tip off that one Travis Harvard was spotted in the area. The man was wanted for drug possession, drug trafficking and firearms possession. Police managed to be in and out within mere minutes, showing absolute professionalism and skill. We are unable to confirm whether the wanted man has been sentenced or how long they will be sentenced for but we presume it will be for a long time. Pictures: Don Pinto & Anna Cousland Story: Don Pinto We take credit where we can, as you may have seen in our previous publications police had advertised with us sending in a wanted banner featuring Travis Harvard. Today's events prove that advertising with us works. If you are interested in advertising with us, please visit our website HERE for more information. Alternatively if you enjoy what we do, please consider donating to allow us to continue bringing you non stop news. You can donate to us through our bank account 129 3992 129929 ((Bank transfer to "Don_Pinto"))
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    DCS - How to order?

    "Logistics through innovation, dedication, and commitment" How To Order?- In order to submit an order through DCS, all you will have to do is click onto the order button below. Once you've done this you will have to fill out the appropriate information ensuring it meets our requirements. We would love if your order was detailed and the information entered is correct and up to date. What happens after you submit the order?- Now your order is going to be processed by our excellent and experienced members of staff which will begin working on it right away. This involves pricing your order up and informing you of the amount. You are then expected to pay said amount with proof of payment, receipts and bank statements are accepted. When and how will I receive my order?- Depending on which method you chose on your order form. If you've chosen next day delivery your items will be bagged up and sent to one of our couriers who will deliver your items to the stated address. If you wish to collect your items you will be required to head down to your collection point located in Blueberry where your items will be stored safely and securely. Please ensure you pick your order up within a week, otherwise your items will automatically be delivered to the stated address. Where is the collection point?- Below is a map which shows the general location of our collection point and headquarters. For further information regarding the location of our headquarters please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions. Here you will find a more detailed explanation of our location with street names and more vital information. How to contact us?- Dinoco Cargo Services is going to run through the Dinoco Ltd hotlines so you can call us for any inquiries or issues you have with your order on our hotline, #5500. Alternatively, you can come the DCS Headquarters or Dinoco Ltd's Headquarters beside the DMV.
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    So I wasted weeks on this Ganton project

    I spent weeks on making this Ganton re-mapping, and well from what I heard in the end was that it was not good enough. Too many items apparently or something along the lines. I ended up deleting more then half of the original items then, still not good enough apparently. I never really got a reply from the person I messaged personally which does make me feel kinda shitty but it's all okay I guess. Ended up making next to no profit in the end and didn't even get the quarter of the original promised money, which in fact was lowered by more then half after the new people rose to power. I'm gona put up some screenshots right now and I hope it's not that bad then. I also had to hold back a lot since they did tell me that they had a IC budget, so I couldn't make it as good as I wished, but I tried to make do what I could with the current building models. I also counted on the idea of retexturing the houses the previous Gov leaders told me about, but guess that idea didn't make it across to the new leadership since it was never mentioned. People usually responded in a positive manner to it. But still, if people were more critical from the beginning, it would have helped a ton <3 Now, it used to be a lot better earlier in my opinion, but I had to get rid of such a high amount of items in the end, here's some screenshots Have fun looking at this concept that never was. Was promised 700,000 dollars originally, but then it got lowered to 300,000. Now I had no real problem with that, but the only thing that I found was disrespectful was how I was never personally messaged or PMd by the person I tried to contact, but through other people. The only issue I was told of was too many items, and well, if that was the only problem, I wouldn't have had any trouble deleting the items. Just makes me upset how I spent such a large amount of time on something which so many people who's instructions I had to follow didn't really give anything specific for me to work with. That's quite a lot of weeks down the drain for me.


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