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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Inactivity Protection Revision What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- So as of currently the inactivity protection is character and account bound, meaning if you do not keep your properties and vehicles active for 14 days they are automatically deleted on the first payday on the 14th day of its inactivity. As for account bound inactivity, even if assets are kept active by someone else they are deleted no matter what, to the best of my knowledge this is 4 weeks before properties are force sold and vehicles are deleted. This is incredibly inconvenient for those who obtained themselves stolen vehicles and actively use them for activities or whatever else it may be. The suggestion is to amend the current inactivity system and simply remove the account bound inactivity to assets, since this only causes an inconvenience and is pretty much redundant. What are the advantages?- Vacant properties could be considered abandoned and used for whatever purpose. Stolen vehicles won't be deleted if the player is inactive account wise. No more headaches of having to report for said vehicle to be restored and only to have it deleted the next payday. What are the disadvantages?- None to the best of my knowledge. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- No How would you go about implementing this idea?- Amend the current inactivity script to disregard account inactivity.
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    "They will go through bone like butter"
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    [English] Symere Thornton says: I don't fucking care what she did. [English] Symere Thornton says: She did not deserve any of this. [English] Warren Clifford says: As you can see, your angel wasn't as innocent. [English] Warren Clifford says: I told you to stay away from there. [English] Warren Clifford says: Yet you went against my word. [English] Warren Clifford says: For a bitch. [English] Warren Clifford says: A dirty mexican slut. [English] Dijon Biosah says: You put pussy above the patch. [English] Warren Clifford says: You know what Shorty told me two days before we met her? [English] Warren Clifford says: She sucked off everyone to get a seat on that sofa. ★ Symere Thornton looks at Warren with an angered face, spitting towards Warren, aiming for the face. ★ Able? ((Symere Thornton)) ((OOC Chance at 70%)) Warren Clifford's attempt has succeeded. ★ Yeah. ((Warren Clifford)) ★ Dijon Biosah's facial expression flinches for a brief moment before raising his gun, emptying a few- ★ rounds towards Symere's center torso. ((Dijon Biosah)) ★ Warren Clifford wipes the spit off with his sleeve, chuckling. District IC: You'd hear a series of loud pistol gunshots echoing throughout the vicinity [English] Dijon Biosah says: Fucking rat.
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    ((didnt see it on my screen bro))
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    In other news, the Iron Giants welcome a new prospect.
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    @creamy I have never had to regret performing a character kill till now. Good roleplay, hope to see you in-game soon.
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    How about this, go crash your car in real life the same way majority crashes in OwlGaming are caused, then tell us what your injuries were and I'm sure the admin team will implement a system for proper roleplay.
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    Even though you are killing the faction I was about to join, deeply respect the activity and roleplay you guys put into this faction. Hope to rp with you guys a lot more.
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    @TPG Give more passeeeve arpee to the server, please. It's Saturday.
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    @creamy goddamn bro with that music and those black and white screens going by - almost fucking teared up good rp brother
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    The administration team does enforce this. But the administration team isn't always involved due to not everyone reporting said incidents.
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle 1 Vehicle year: 1973 Vehicle brand: Datsun Vehicle make: 240Z Starting bid: $10,000 Minimum increase: $1,000 Buyout:$35,000 Vehicle 2 Vehicle year: 1991 Vehicle brand: Honda Vehicle make: NSX Starting bid: $25,000 Minimum increase: $1,000 Buyout:$50,000 Vehicle 3 - SOLD Vehicle year: 1990 Vehicle brand: Toyota Vehicle make: Mark II Wagon Starting bid: $5,000 Minimum increase: $1,000 Buyout:$12,000 Vehicle 4 Vehicle year: 1990 Vehicle brand: BMW Vehicle make: E34 M5 Starting bid: $18,850 Minimum increase: $1,000 Buyout:$28,562 Vehicle 5 Vehicle year: 1992 Vehicle brand: BMW Vehicle make: 850CS Starting bid: $19,250 Minimum increase: $1,000 Buyout:$29,000 Auction end date: 12/09/18 Contact details: Given to the winners
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    @BboyEnzo Yeah, I actually teared up cause I was listening to the song while editing those pics. Thanks for the rp brothers.
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    if you consider 400 to be expensive, billed someone for $8,800 or something and they said they only lost $400 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ that's dumb, what happens when you get a fourth reich running the faction we only charge for medical shit now, if i recall traffic cones were never related to your health so idk whose smart idea it was to start to charge for that
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    @creamy I love the flashback thing.
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    it really be ya own niggas https://streamable.com/s/6laa0/ybxglj?autoplay=1#
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    The problem a lot of times is that this is a 14 year old game, so you're literally having to deal with the physics of a 2004 video game. It's not always going to be realistic. I've legit been rear ended several times and the only damage that appeared on my car was on the front bumper. Also, you have to consider that this isn't real life. It's a video game. There may be a legitimate reason why somebody may not be able to stay and RP a car accident. Some examples may include real life work or school, family, or other circumstances that are out of their control. My main PC got struck by lightning the other day while I was on owl dealing with a MT issue. Shit happens. My thing with car accidents is, as long as both parties can agree OOCly on what to do, we can move forward.
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    I hear SEMC's bills are expensive... One reason I try not to get into crashes with anyone.
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    Gooood shit, best of luck to y'all.
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    tomorrow is my bd, mans wnets sum chewing gum
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    That is also another common issue, and take this from someone who's been in PD for years. When we get that call of a vehicle accident, it can get annoying because of recent experiences with people who aren't deemed fit on the server and it causes paused RP, so PD barely even wants to respond, but EMS, on the other hand, my god, it does not matter how many times DPS changes leadership, no one can do anything about activity but tbh, while being in PD in the recent months, I've seen decent activity. My point is understandable, people try to take it above and beyond to the point where PD and EMS are called, but its either no one shows up or the only PD, so you result to minimum roleplay then get in your car and go. I still stand by my point, no one knows how to roleplay an exact car crash, but then you get criticized for the way its roleplayed.
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    Unfortunately the only method to combat this is record and report. Its a shame when people don't roleplay a crash, because it deprives people of roleplay too. Traffic officers don't get a crash to investigate, firefighters and EMS don't get victims to rescue and treat, hospital staff don't get patients and tow truck drivers don't get vehicles to tow.
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    Normy yesterday at 03:58 im surprised matey didnt record the shooting and made a clip with rap songs about the time
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