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    So over the last year of being a VT leader, I've seen that a lot of people (especially new players) don't realise that there are actually Dealership Types and I'll go over those later on into this post but I'm pretty sure that a lot of dealership owners have received tons of requests every batch for vehicles that were not eligible based on their Dealership Type. In my opinion this is due to the popular term "Import" to the point where all of the dealerships have their request named "Import Request" rather than just having it as "Order" or "Requisition" and I know a lot of people, maybe some dealership owners will disagree with me saying that but out of the 11 (I believe there's still 11 dealerships) dealerships, only two of those dealerships are actually able to Import vehicles. Now what does Import mean? well if you refer to google, you'll find that the term import means : Excluding the two actual Import companies, the remaining dealerships get all their "goods" from the United States of America which pretty much means they're not an import. Now I'm guessing a lot of people are gonna be just saying "Why does this matter, or why should anyone care about this?" Well the fact is and I'm sure there are dealership owners who have experienced this, it's annoying when people make requests for your dealership and then provide ten vehicles which the dealership isn't even eligible to acquire as it doesn't fit the dealership type, at that point you have no requests. Dealership Types So in this part of the post, I'll be giving a brief explanation of what each dealership type is, what player-run dealerships fall under that dealership type and then I'll be trying to provide links for as many of the dealerships as I can. For this part I also tried to find the original post made by @iV7Z to link it to this one but had no luck in doing so. General Now this is the most popular type of dealership as they can acquire the most vehicles from the United States of America (Only the United States). As you might of guessed from the name of the dealership type, they can acquire pretty much any vehicle as long as it's located in the United States and doesn't conflict with other dealership types such as Brand or Exotic. There are three dealerships that fall under the General dealership type and these are Dinoco General Dealership, SL Automotive and LS Occasions. Junker As you may have guessed from the title of the dealership type, these dealerships acquire cheap vehicles which could be considered junk or vehicles that are close to getting sent to the scrapyard. This dealership type has limitations as the vehicle requested has to be made in 2007 or before that year and I also believe they have a price limit. The two junker dealerships are Elite Automotive and KB's Bargains. Brand These dealerships are only allowed to acquire and sell vehicle models that have been made by their brand. These dealerships have a "lock" on the models made by that brand as long as its a model that was made in 2008 to 2018 and this means that they're the only dealership that is able to acquire those models. There's only one brand dealership and it's Mercedes-Benz of San Andreas. Exotic These dealerships acquire vehicles which are considered as luxurious or exotic. If you're looking to acquire a vehicle such as a McLaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, etc or a really rare and expensive classic, you go to these dealerships. The two exotic dealerships are Dinoco Exotics and Rennsport Motorcars. Import All the dealership types before this one are only able to acquire vehicles that are located within the United States of America. Import dealerships are able to acquire vehicles that are located in any country as long as it's not located in the 50 states of America, this means you can order vehicles from any European country, Canada, South America, Africa, The Middle East, Asia, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Import dealerships are not able to acquire any vehicle that is located in the USA and has limitations on what vehicles it can actually acquire. Since all the vehicles are coming from outside the USA, they have to abide to federal laws and this means meeting the 25 year rule. Import dealerships are only able to acquire a car if it was made in 1993 or before 1993. These dealerships also have to pay $5,000 per car that they order as they have an import fee applied to them (They're not vehicles located within the USA so they get a fee). There are two import dealerships and these are Nostalgia Imports and Liberty Cars. The very last dealership type is Air & Sea craft which is pretty much self-explanatory as they're only able to acquire planes and boats. The two dealerships that fall under this type are JGC Aviation (Unsure if Dinco took over) and Price's Specialties (Unsure if its still a dealership as both members running it were banned) Links to all the dealership request forms: I'll be posting all the request links that I can as a lot of dealerships use different methods for requests such as external sites. Dinoco General Dealership - https://goo.gl/3Aobkw SL Automotive - https://goo.gl/dEYQCT LS Occasions - Unable to find link, I think they use their own site Elite Automotive - Unable to find link as they use their own site KBs Bargains - https://goo.gl/iyDoZD Mercedes-Benz of SA - https://goo.gl/K2WSDD Dinoco Exotics - https://goo.gl/3VuT4f Rennsport Motorcars - https://goo.gl/Ptfp47 Nostalgia Imports - https://goo.gl/UQ6hLz Liberty Cars - http://hopwoodenterprises.altervista.org/
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    Legal RP

    It's really more of a question (not even really) than a discussion, but I wonder why people want to have a legal faction/company which provides all services at once? Why do you want to run a company that sells cars, houses, has a club, is a security agency, etc all at once? I'm convinced that it's far more profitable for the community and yourself that you specialize in a specific niche! Be a vehicle dealer. Be a security company. Be a real estate agent. Be an entertainment mogul. But don't be everything. The more diversity there is in the factions, the more interaction there will have to be. Because the security company will need cars via a dealership. The dealership will perhaps need protection. The real estate company will want to give a party for publicity. When the club needs a new interior, he'll go look for an architect (hopefully). In the end we're not here to work, we're here to have RP interactions. And you don't get more interaction by being active in more branches. All the big companies in oG started with a specialisation. - JGC: Entertainment Started out very small actually, with little people. Was little known in the start but it lasted long as hell. It grew very slow from a one man operation and a great idea, to something huge for oG. - Bulldog Construction: Construction (obviously) Although the company brought its issues along, it also brought an oportunity for new players to get into the RP. The step to get in the faction was very small. They searched for investments and eventually were able to sustain by themselves. - Mondini Inc.: Investments Started by just investing money in other factions. Then slowly grew into a corporation with multiple companies like REC, Fidelity Insurances,... - Fleming Architecture: Pure interior design Probably one of the only companies that actually sold interiors in a proper IC way and that was specialized in only that! They had a lot of jobs back in the day. - Global Metro Media Specialized in ads, then grew into the news agency. - Cargo Group Importing goods. That interaction lead to great stories and a lot of cash transactions. One great example that I'm personally still proud of, is the one in the spoiler. That shit cost me 150K back in the day. Not worth the while economically, but it turned out to be a good way to get GMM up and running. Anyway... What I'm trying to say is that I have a feeling that a lot of people take an example to companies like Dinoco and RPMF, but they shouldn't. They should slow down and specialize, in order to make Legal RP interesting. And eventually, they'll turn out to be the next JGC or Dinoco. And once you reach that stage... Don't try to get into everything. Give other companies opportunities to grow and develop. I'm sure the people who've actually managed to grow a company to a corporation in oG, will fully agree with what's written here.
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    Eight Deuce

    sixth page YEET
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    I know I'm not involved and I'm willing to take a warning to thank the admins whove been handing out these cks. Hopefully people will show some sort of fear when it comes to roleplaying with gangs or anything related. Everybody can't be mr big boss because you drive a mod car and have 500k in your bank. This goes for the cops who think they're invincible because of a bluename tag too. Show some sort of care for your character's life.
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    Eight Deuce

    tbh I was expecting a shooting when I played the video and that song kicked in 😂
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    Los Santos Auction House - 7x Green iPhone 5c (32GB) Item Name 7x Green iPhone 5c (32GB) Description Seven secondhand iPhones 5c, most of them have no scratches to minor ones. Numbers are: (521315, 526491, 564198, 340227, 847266, 545866, 391465) Starting Bid: $1.00 Minimum Increase: $1.00 Buyout: $4,250 Auction Ends 04/9/2018 Contact Information: Given to the winner.
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    Your actions have consequences, that's what you guys need to understand, it wasn't a 1v1 beef, it was your squad versus mine so if one of you disregards and disrespects Nasir in his own hood, around his OGs, you're all going down and that doesn't take a genius to tell.
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    I did and nothing's changed. You were faced with a scene where a group of gang members were extorting you for cash because they were mad about their car being damaged. You could have; 1. Tried to drive off, still being in your ride out of fear. 2. Comply and be happy that they didn't just pop you on the spot. 3. Comply and then contact the LSPD about the situation. Instead you decided to get out of your ride, throw insults/threats and even pull out a weapon.
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    LSPD Special Operations Bureau

    SWAT Paintball:
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    August Summary ~ LSFL It has been a busy month within Los Santos, and today we shall be looking at all the issues which arose and were concluded within the month, alongside what went wrong, what was right, and what still needs to be dealt with. However, all the build-up began towards the middle of the month, the first incident we shall be looking at is from the 12th of July 2018. LSPD Chief Appointments & Departmental News (16/August/2018) Approximately 2 weeks after the Resignation of former Chief Scott Murphy, following his Public Hearing, the CPQL announced the appointment of two individuals to the Office of Chief and Assistant Chief of Police - with veteran senior staff officer Vincent Bishop attaining the position of Chief, with former CTSOB Lieutenant John Iccarus being appointed Assistant Chief. This was an unprecedented move following the unfortunate passing of Captain Hank Smith. Since then, however, it appears the LSPD has increased it's transparency, with 6 publications from the Department since then - including one adhering to legislative guidelines by publishing IA case results - the full list of their publications can be found below. But until we hear further in the forms of the monthly Press Releases, we would like to remember the service of the 3 Officers who passed through the duration of the month, and wish that they have found eternal peace beside God: Captain Hank Smith Officer Stefan von Alvensleben Officer Matthew Forsberg DPS Event Mixup & More (25/August/2018) In an unfortunate turn of events, the Department of Public Safety scheduled an "Open House" event which coincided with the TWG Foundation's Charity Event which had been scheduled to take place in Angel Pine, 10 days before it was due to take place. Though, upon noticing this mistake, the DPS made a swift apology and stated that they would be rescheduling their own event for a later date, which is to be confirmed. We do commend the Iron Giants for hosting such an event and are deeply saddened that none of our Delegates were able to attend, but we wish them the best of luck with any future events (of which we will try our best to attend!) whilst finding it unfortunate that it has become the job of private individuals to care for their fellow Citizens who have been abandoned by the CPQL. At this moment in time, the trial for the previous head of Department, Kevin Taylor, is still ongoing and we will bring news as soon as the trial concludes - but it appears that the Departmental activity has increased significantly, potentially under a new Chief (CPQL is yet to announce anything at this time) - a full list of their recent publications can be found here. Although, a shooting rampage conducted by a DPS employee sent the Department into disrepute, we wish those injured a speedy recovery and hope that the Department itself will also be able to move on and introduce measures to make sure that such events do not happen again. Tyranny of the CPQL! (Entirety of August) As those of you who have been following closely may know, last month we published a list of criticisms of the CPQL alongside some advice as to how they could counteract the issues, this can be found below for those of you who were not following us: One such criticism was the failures to follow Ordinance which had been made by the CPQL itself, but we are happy to announce that CPQL did follow our advice and publish the relevant information within 24 hours, and then releasing information on the Council of Supervisors a few days after. Later in the month of August we deemed it suitable to publish the wrongdoings and hostile tactics of the CPQL when it came to Business Licencing under our new report-style publication 'The Liberty Papers' where we urged the people of Los Santos, and the wider San Andreas to remain vigilant against these fines, which were borderline violations of the 8th Amendment in our eyes. Until just over an hour ago we, the People of Los Santos, had heard nothing from the CPQL in relation to our allegations, which may be a sign of the pure unorganised state of the CPQL's current Administration. Did they fear that the issue would be revisited within this very update? The publication in reference is as follows: Their 'solution' is more of an admission of guilt than anything else. However, this include no apology to those who were truly wronged, only offering private settlements with the slim potential of a reimbursement of funds - the typical signalling of a money-grabbing Department, and yet they have no comment on the employee who cause the incident within the first place - surely this would be the biggest issue to address? It appears that they live in a fantasy castle, or a heavily guarded compound on top of a hill for the sake of this argument, but this does not return food to the mouths of those who starved, it does not return the livelihood of workers who lost their jobs due to this crackdown, and it certainly does not distinguish the burning anger, desire and passion within the hearts of the everyday citizen, you and I. As our 1st President, and Founding Father, George Washington once said: "It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one" and that "99% of failures come from people who make excuses" LSFL Announcement Although our aforementioned hero wished against party politics, we observe that these are dire circumstances, and hereby announce that we will be fielding candidates in Local and County Elections under the banner of LSFL, which we trialled earlier this year in San Fierro to great success. Those who would be interested in standing, or simply joining the party. please make contact with [email protected] ((forum PM @Urshankov )). We shall also be announcing and holding a public rally on the topic of Liberty this month where we will be announcing candidates, our platform and then partnerships. Those who have more questions and enquiries, or would simply like to find out what they can do to promote Liberty in San Andreas are encouraged to contact the LSFL through either emailing [email protected] ((forum PM @Urshankov)) or by vising our Headquarters which is on the corner of Pine Street and Metropolitan Avenue (directly South East of the Government building). Until then, we hope that you read the following biography on our Founder and comment any direct questions you have to James on that thread: Thank-you for reading, please do not forget to visit our website or comment any of your concerns below so we can look into them for you! Regards, LSFL
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    Eight Deuce

    Tell 'em how we crippin'.
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    Posted on behalf of @Craazy who was involved. You weren't killed simply because your party crashed into us. Clearly, when you guys were driving in the wrong lane and caused the accident, the owner of the car, Nasir_Jefferson, was mad because of the damage done to his front bumper and driver door, and asked you guys to pay up with an aggressive attitude, which is all reasonable considering your party was at fault and crashed into us. As he was asking you for the money, you asked if we were alright twice while he continued to ask for the cash, you then called him retarded and walked up to me, Marwan_Al_Shelby and asked me if I was good, to which I responded aggressively since you had just called my friend Nasir_Jefferson retarded. I then repeated Nasir_Jefferson's demand, telling you to "pay the fuck up" but you instead told me to calm my tits. I spazzed out, talking about the incident, raging out while you kept noting that we were "acting tough" and "talking shit", as your friend Shawn_King took off his backpack and pulled out a bat from within. That's when one of us drew a gun, and the rest followed. As of this point, you still hadn't offered to pay up and were continuing to act aggressively despite the numerous guns aimed at you. Nasir_Jefferson ordered you to get on the ground at this point. You noted that we were robbing the "wrong niggas" and "messing with the wrong people" while Nasir_Jefferson continued to aim his pistol at you and told you to get on the ground. I do not have a video but I recall you then stepping closer to Nasir_Jefferson as you continued to talk, later asking Nasir_Jefferson if he thinks he's tough with a gun. This is when you finally bring up the money, and ask if Nasir_Jefferson wanted the money or not. He agreed, still holding the gun at you before you then asked him to put the gun away, stepping closer as you noted that you weren't scared of the firearm pointed at your head. Last but not least, you said "if you want me to pay, I'll pay" but right after that, you stated "don't talk shit if you expect me to pay". You were not complying one bit, never got on the ground when Nasir_Jefferson asked you, refused to pay up when asked numerous times, walked around rather close to your assailants, and continued to disrespect your assailants throughout the entire situation. For this reason you disregarded your character's life, and were killed which ultimately led to your character-kill.
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    Iron Giants Motorcycle Club

    my SLIME
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    Name: Clev Bid: $2500 Comment: Your bid game weak gucci gang boy.
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    Name: Clev Bid: $2345 Comment:
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    Dinoco recently took over JGC, which is why they have multiple dealerships they also import boats and planes i believe
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2006 Vehicle brand: BMW Vehicle make: E60 M5 Description: Modified BMW E60 M5 Up for auction. Car Is In super good condition. Tops at 250km/h. What's done to It? New transmission, ECU. Starting bid: 50.000 Minimum increase: 2.500 Buyout: 90.000 Auction end date: 02.09.2018 (( 14:00 Server Time )) Contact details: Will be given to the winner. (( IC & OOC Comments Disabled ))
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 2008 Vehicle brand: Maserati Vehicle make: GranTurismo VIN: 17472 Mileage: 103951 Images Starting bid: $46,000 Minimum increase: $1,000 Buyout: $56,000 Auction end date: 4th September Contact details: 635745 (( IC AND OOC COMMENTS WOULD BE DISABLED THANKS ))
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    Name: Auction Webmaster Comment: Hello! According to our database and exact time stamps we came to the conclussion that the winner of this auction is Private (( @Wizzy )) with a sum of $107,000. The auctioneer may proceed and finalize the deal with the above mentioned winner privately. Kindly regards, The Auction Webmaster Team (( The winning bid was made and edited before the day switch, unfortunately for @GeroXy his counter bid was placed too late. - The uploaded screening by @imsilver was confirmed as valid. )) (( @Awesome ))
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    Eight Deuce

    (I'm not the best at screenshots especially compared with the ones above, but I'm working on getting better)
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    [BRATVA] Bratva Vostoka

    Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley.
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    "Every end has a new beginning"
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    Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: Gates St Description: Safe & Secure is a well-known name in the sales of security devices. The store has 3 levels, one being the garage, and two being the shop. All items on sale are displayed in the store. The sotre currently has roughly 40.000$ of sales-value in stock. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 25.000 Minimum Increase: 2.500 Buyout: 70.000 Auction ends: 8/9/2018 Contact Information: Only by mail ((forum PM)). Comments: DISABLED Bids: ENABLED
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    Name: Clev Bid: $2225
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    Name: Cecilio Bid: $1115
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    Name: Cecilio Bid: $777
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    Name: Cecilio Bid: $127
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    Name: Cecilio Bid: $101
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    Name: Cecilio Bid: $26.5
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    Dear Mr. Khan, As clearly seen, you are interested in joining the Los Santos International Airport. Hence, we would like to inform you that your application has been received and processed already. Due to this, we would like to invite you to attend an INTERVIEW. The venue of this interview will be kept at no other location but at the Los Santos International Airport Main Offices. In order to have the interview, you need to call our hotline number at (5555) along with stating your full name with the reason of why you called as soon as you have arrived at the destination. Also, you have exactly seventy-two (72) hours to arrange this interview. Apart from this, two documents are needed to have the interview. They include your Original Identification Card from the State of San Andreas and all of your licenses that you have in your possession. Regards, Alice Grace, Chief of Staff.
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    Such a shame that SLD are now non-existent, right?

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