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    Don't blame it on GAT yo, in my humble opinion it's just the playerbase QQ'ing and complaining about. They don't want to lose and when they lose they just cry out to GAT. All in the players yo
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    [SAAN] DPS falling apart

    DPS falling apart From the SAAN News Desk ''You have until tonight to resign or the three of us are resigning'', was the ultimatum send to Fire Chief Keller by her assistants. The three assistant chiefs of the DPS resigned due to being unhappy about Keller's leadership. The comment section of the last SAAN article certainly showed that there is unhappiness about the current state of the DPS. People resigning left and right ,arguing with each other online and no solution to everyone's problems in sight. The assistant chiefs had enough of the lax leadership of Keller and demanded her to resign. They reported that Keller has pushed her work onto the assistants while doing almost nothing herself. She did nothing of the work that a Chief should do and used Fire Department documents about regulations and policies without even bothering to change the name from FD to DPS. She also intervened with the work of the assistants and she has overruled majority votes, showing that she is more like a dictator than a leader. They also stated that Keller doesn't have time to lead the department in the first place. A firefighter stated that he hasn't seen Keller for at least three days now. Keller didn't reply to the ultimatum and is now without any leadership in the department. The future of the DPS is now uncertain. The resignation email will speak for itself. Want to read about what happened before this click here! saan.news
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    Newsletter - End of June 2018

    This server deserves 300-400 players daily. Amazing Staff and Community !
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    So basically in the last 3 days, I have seen / been involved in 6 situations involving shooting, I noticed the following. 1. 5 of the 6 situations required admin intervention. 2. All 5 situations were paused for at least 30 minutes up to more than an hour by the admins. 3. 2 of them were voided after the admin paused it, the 3rd one was voided a few hours later. What is interesting about these situations, is that when admins intervene the situation most probably reaches the point of no solution to satisfy all parties and gets voided. Looking just from statistical perspective it is safe to assume that just avoiding getting in those situations is best at this point to avoid having to waste all that time in ooc debates and risk even having to be told to forget about the last few hours of rp as it was voided. What do you think is the cause of this ? I dont think admins are not good enough or something it is something else.
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    Newsletter - End of June 2018

    June 2018 Newsletter This newsletter comes a bit later than usual (which isn't such a bad thing, we've been busy busy busy with MTA! ) but nonetheless is full of information that we want to share with the community, showing what's been going on over the last month or so. Rule Changes Clarified Break-in Rules Recently a warehouse was broken into and there was some apparent confusion regarding what residential means, so that was clarified. What this aims to do is make it so that houses, apartments, and other things of that nature, which people live in, fall under the break-in protection while other more commercial or non-residential places do not, because realistically of course, you would not live on a concrete floor and hear someone breaking in. https://gitlab.com/OwlGamingCommunity/docs/commit/b80d05197576e80b78ff93f163efade2b90e4ece Clarified Robbery After PKs There was some confusion regarding the interpretation of no PKing after petty robberies. In general, this is still not allowed, to prevent abusing the amnesia effect that occurs with PKs, however, this change makes clear that if you already have justification to PK the person before the robbery, then you may rob them and then PK them. Two examples will be given below. Example 1: Player A gets into a fistfight with Player B over a dispute between the two. Player A pulls a gun towards the end of the fight because he starts to lose and PKs Player B. There in this case is justification for the PK and thus, if he robs the person's body after, it is valid. Example 2: Player A runs up to Player B and robs them of their cash, shooting them afterwards, PKing them. This is still not allowed and is an invalid PK because there was no justification for the PK. If Player B on the other hand tried to fight with Player A who was robbing them for their gun, this becomes a disregard scenario and while there was no PK justification before the robbery, in the middle of it there is one, and Player B can still be robbed after they are PKd if they lose the fight over the gun. Admins will be keeping a close eye on scenarios that fall under this new change to ensure that poor PK reasons are not used. The PK justification beforehand (or if one is generated in the middle of the RP scene) must be very clear. https://gitlab.com/OwlGamingCommunity/docs/commit/269b6ddf4a074d2b551d253f04192c6dfac2fd86 Sale of Impounded Vehicles An out of date provision in the rules that allowed factions to sell vehicles that are impounded is now removed. The Bureau of Traffic Services for a very long time now has been banned by the Government from selling the vehicles they impound, but the OOC rule was never removed when that happened. It was a simple oversight. The reason for this is to remove as many vehicles from circulation as possible from the server, to reduce inflation and help the longevity of the economy. Vehicles seized through law enforcement are still treated the same as they always have been, they're able to be used for undercover operations and transferred to the PD, but cannot leave the possession of the PD. https://gitlab.com/OwlGamingCommunity/docs/commit/c2b2bfcca9e2ddab68728b69eafe2f3c9806a18d Community & Script Updates Mapping Team Update - June 2018 Mapping Team Update - Late June 2018 Vehicle Team Update - June 2018 GAT Update - June 2018 Developer Diary #5 - Burning Down The House Community Spotlight News Sadly, Don Pinto of ANAL News has been CKd as a result of his rivalry with SANN so those articles won't be appearing anymore it seems as of late, however, SAN has been well at work generating interesting articles for the community to digest. Check a few of them out below. https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/94759-san-shocking-suicidal-attempt-ends-heroic/ Character Stories @DanielV has uniquely used video (a far more time consuming medium to create with) to portray his character story. I highly recommend checking it out and giving his thread a like and comment. @Freebird has broken up his experiences in character into interesting little minute by minute snippets with great detail, showing the life of a medical professional. Terrorist Event The terrorism event is now over. The event ended in the arrest of a prominent terrorism suspect who is now serving a life sentence after having a shootout with police. The event created multiple large scale roleplay situations for many members of the server and overall was quite enjoyable. Some finer details that were planned did not quite pan out due to timezone issues but overall it was a success and we'd like to thank everyone who assisted behind the scenes and publicly in the roleplay scenarios that popped up! Factions Check out the factions below, there's quite a variety in the server at the moment. Additionally, be sure to check out https://pd.owlgaming.net/ - Recruitment is open for those that wish to participate in law enforcement roleplay. Media & Screenshots Stats 5,767 reports handled in the month of June!
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    Morra Organized Crime Group

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    Matey's ENB

    snubnose gang
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    Tyrant Brothers Gang

    About time. Good luck with this.
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    The Grajales Familia

    take it far bby
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    Prince Zarbon from Xerios Three

    what the fuck
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    Liverpool Grape Crips

    Take it far boys
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    [Youtube] Lijah Freestyle #1

    Name: Tre600 Comment: G.O.A.T
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    Breaking That

    Good luck my man
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    name; poloboygotti187 comment; 🔥🔥
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    comeback to mta

    PM Sent to (10) Markus Lewis (Friend): what was your reason to kill me? PM Sent to (10) Markus Lewis (Friend): you didnt rp it either. PM From (10) Markus Lewis (Friend): cuz im bored and this serv sucks PM From (10) Markus Lewis (Friend): everyone sucks at rp welcome back man
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    411 Carson Blvd Crips

    like i said im not in the lead anymore so do what you feel like
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    Tiny Lowks 13.

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    The Rumbling Reapers MC

    looking good gl
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    411 Carson Blvd Crips

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    411 Carson Blvd Crips

    other ones we're triggerhappy and most of the members didnt even attempt to develop their characters
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    1 COP V 4 BLACKS!

    with nibbas you must mean one person lol


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