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    Los Depredadores 13

    "First comes God, then Family, then the Gang." The Past First founded in the middle 1990's, Los Depredadores 13 was the result of various poor Sureno gang members rising up after the power vacuum left by the previously biggest hispanic street gang Los Malvados. The gang seemed to reach it's peak in the late 2000's due to the growing number of hispanics in the area and connections to Mexican cartels. This high didn't last long however. Because of the gang's high notoriety, it attained the primary focus of the LSPD and it's special units. After multiple deaths and imprisonments of key members, most of the surviving parts of the group merged in with various small time hispanic gangs. Lasting for nearly 20 years, the original LD13 is considered to be officially disbanded in the early 2010's. "We live for God. We live for Family. We die for the Gang." The Present The new beginning for LD13 came in the summer of 2018, after the fall of Aces Street Familia 13, when the Hispanic community began to unify once again. Lead by a few surviving, high ranking members of the previous LD13, the new iteration is built heavily on top of the foundations laid by the old one. While it is generally considered to be more tame than the original set, there are a few rumours that the new LD13 deals in a far more wide variety of crime. This includes kidnapping, home invasions, grand theft auto, extortion, prostitution, illegal gambling, racketeering and murder. Despite this, the main source of income for them still seems to come from drug smuggling and trafficking. Although the current organization has no direct ties to any specific drug cartels anymore, they do try to maintain some loose relations with one. Most members are considered to be aged between late teens to early twenties with a few leading members being older. Unlike most street gangs of Los Santos, LD13 doesn't base itself on a strict hierarchy system but rather operates on a seniority setting with two sets of groups, youngsters and seniors. While both groups are part of the same set, they seem to operate individually despite each other, and could almost be considered to be two different organizations entirely. Members of this criminal organization can be identified by their use of light blue bandanas/clothes as well as various gang related tattoos and gang signs. The most prominent gang sign they use is folding one's thumb over their palm, lifting the four remaining fingers up. This signifies "D", the letter being the fourth in the alphabet. The purpose of this faction is to boost illegal roleplay, and drug roleplay especially that seems to be almost non-existent at the moment. We hope to accomplish this by different types of drug roleplay, from muling and general smuggling to creating, boosting and watering down different types of drugs. Although we are a hispanic gang, characters of all races are welcome assuming you roleplay that correctly and live in the El Corona area. And while we try to uphold a good quality of roleplay, don't be afraid to approach us even if you are new to this style of gaming. We try to give everyone a chance even if you are not experienced and we'd be more than happy to help you get started. Also, while we obviously focus on illegal roleplay, we encourage legal characters (such as local business owners) to roleplay with us as well when possible. We try not to force people to roleplay with us that don't want to do it, and we don't aim to character kill characters that don't want to be character killed. Also, while tensions may get high with different illegal factions, we in no way seek to start a character kill war, due to the disadvantage illegal factions have in general compared to their legal counterparts. All that being said, if you choose to join our faction, you accept that a higher ranking member of the faction may character kill you if provided with enough reason to. Don't be afraid to roleplay with us because of this however, since we make a clear point of when your character is officially part of the faction and when this character kill clause kicks in.
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    The Grajales Familia

    "Men do not fear a powerful hostile army as the powers of hell fear the name and protection of Mary." (( REFRAIN FROM METAGAMING ANY INFORMATION FROM THE SCREENSHOTS ))
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    A VM for pilots - doable?

    What I'm suggesting is quite simple and it's something I've been thinking about for a while: A VM for pilots. I know this may sound weird for many but it's one of the only solutions to revive Aviation RP and make it something that's not just "there for the RP". This VM would be similar to the illegal one, pilots of a certain faction will RP piloting and fly to certain destinations with imaginary passengers/cargo and upon completion of a route(s) their faction would be awarded a certain amount of money decided on by the FT. It may not be that easy to implement but I am certain that other aviation enthusiasts would love to see this in-game and it will definitely boost Aviation RP by a notch. Faction-less players may be able to transport passengers/cargo as well as long as they have a CPL (Commercial Pilot License) and they go through the VM process as well. An example would be assigning Cargo routes to factions like SLD, Dinoco (?) and Passenger routes to the JGC Aviation and other private CPL-holders. As I'm seeing it right now it looks like aviation RP is almost completely dead and that is understandable since flying was never actually a necessity or it brought great RP to the players participating in it. I know this suggestion is far from perfect therefore I'm open to any and every inch of criticism and constructive feedback.
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    The Grajales Familia

    "La Familia es todo." (( This faction has been reopened under new leadership, Any member of this community is free to join this faction and do RP with us. In order to do so contact MrKosm0 ( Kosm0#0150 ) ))
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Remove messages on phones. What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Items What is the suggestion?- Simply remove messages received on phones, there's no ability to actually remove the messages that somebody messaged you for some reasons. Simply add a button next to the messages to remove it. What are the advantages?- If you want to delete messages, you don't need to passive RP deleting the message, than if PD looks through your phone and sees fishy messages, you'd have to look through your logs, when you passive RP'd removing the messages, which is annoying. What are the disadvantages?- Don't see any? Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- No. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Add it.
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- New way of showing "age" in /look What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- GUI What is the suggestion?- Basically, instead of showing the not-so-estimate or the exact age. Or, as it is now, nothing. We could do a system that verbally tells you how old a person looks, as follows. It's just to show what I mean, the scripters can just change the ages and words, ofc. 0-15 - Child 16-29 - Young adult 30-50 - Adult 50-239 - Elderly What are the advantages?- No more MGing about the age and still showing an estimate of how old someone looks. What are the disadvantages?- Can't think of any Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Nope How would you go about implementing this idea?- Not a scripter myself, but should be really easy.
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Fuel type/economy script and raising gas prices What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Vehicles What is the suggestion?- I noticed gas prices in server are lower than usual. This is gas prices of states in U.S.A. https://www.gasbuddy.com/USA . I was thinking of we could work out something by paying attention to those numbers. But if we think of the inflation in server, i am supporting the idea of keeping gas price bit more high. Also, it could be nice if a MPG and gas type script should be implemented in server. Older cars with bigger engines should've worse fuel economy than newer cars with small engines. And by gas type, i am talking about Gasoline and Diesel script. I don't know if both scripts are already suggested by other members (maybe even by me). Don't lynch me. What are the advantages?- +Realism +People might rather buying more eco friendly, usual vehicles. What are the disadvantages?- Couldn't think of any right now. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- nah How would you go about implementing this idea?- idk
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    [BRATVA] Bratva Vostoka

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    GUARD SYSTEMS EMPLOYEE FOUND DEAD *BODY CENSORED* In Idlewood today a woman who would often be seen driving around in Guard Systems trucks was found dead with a bullet wound to the head. We were unable to gather information regarding the death, whether it was self inflicted or a crime committed by another party. We had witnessed the woman driving erratically down Gates St when a large group of Hispanic males chased her car on foot, but we had left the area immediately as we felt our safety was compromised. When we returned to the area shortly after we found the body of the Guard Systems employee laying face down on the intersection of Gates St and Washington St surrounded by a pool of blood. *BODY CENSORED* Police quickly arrived on scene and swept the area of any evidence, looking for cameras and securing the scene. Police had made efforts to speak to the large group of Hispanic men on Gates St but it seemed there was no leads with the conversation. Once police were finished collecting evidence they called in the coroner to take the body away for an autopsy and other forensic investigations. We were not able confirm how the Guard Systems employee's life came to an early end but police assured us a press release would be out shortly. We had attempted to make contact with Guard Systems through their hotline but we were not able to take a statement. If you have any information regarding the incident, we urge you to contact the LSPD on their non emergency line (311). Pictures: Don Pinto Story: Don Pinto If you are interested in advertising with us, please visit our website HERE for more information. Alternatively if you enjoy what we do, please consider donating to allow us to continue bringing you non stop news. You can donate to us through our bank account 129 3992 129929 ((Bank transfer to "Don_Pinto"))
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    The Tragedy Of Norbid [18+]

    This is the beginning of Norbid's journey - - Source - Norbid's Diary 03/07/2004 - Norbid Loses his Innocence Coming Soon
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    rip steven woods

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    rip steven woods

    The only thing more sad than the funeral is you. I think you're just a little jealous that no one cares about your worthless characters dying. Try to put some less salt on your dinner next time.
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    rip steven woods

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    This and the fact you lose 1-2% every couple seconds, not hours.
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    A VM for pilots - doable?

    Kinda, except you have to buy your own vehicle that costs over 100k and you have to RP quite well.
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    A VM for pilots - doable?

    RS Haul but with airplanes
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    Dont force an age by the look, many people look older/younger rather than what they actually are. For example nowdays a kid whos 2 years younger than me aka 16 years old has a full beard and I still got none.
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    [SEMC] Job Opportunities

    ★ You would find this article while surfing on the internet. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 09 JUNE 2018 SAINT STREET, SOUTH CAMPUS MARKET, LOS SANTOS SAINT ERNEST MEDICAL CENTER PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICE Author: Camilla Monroe (moderator) Job Opportunities Are you currently looking for a rewarding career? The Saint Ernest Medical Center is recruiting in several job positions. No matter if you: → just obtained your High School Diploma/General Education Diploma → just quitted your former job or need a second workplace.. - we can offer you a well-paid job with teamwork in our facility. You can either start from zero as a student or apply here for a specific position which might be one of the followings: Licensed Practical Nurse / Registered Nurse in the nursing field (promotion to Charge Nurse possible) → you work in the Emergency Room and treat upcoming patients → you occasionally check on inpatients Nurse Practitioner in the nursing/practising field → you run the Emergency Room and supervise nurses → you are allowed to prescribe medications Physician Assistants / Medical Doctors in the medical council (promotion to Osteopathic Doctor possible) → you treat patients and perform surgeries → you lead the whole treatment rooms Besides, you can join diverse divisions such as the Public Relations Team, Child Protective Services, Recruitment & Training Division, .. and earn a lot more! Or you join the EMS Air Operations Unit and save lives in the air. Read more here: [HIRING] Flight Paramedics - cause, we are currently expanding our project to provide nationwide and sophisticated First Aid. For more information call our non-emergency hotline 2600 or read this. In emergency call 911. You can also visit us on Findbook. Mail us your concerns and questions to [email protected] (( Forum PM @Alaina )). Blood donations can be arranged at all time as well as money donations to the Saint Ernest Medical Center. We are looking forward to welcome you in our facility! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ★ The comments would be moderated by the author.
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    We've all probably heard the common warning from our "computer guru's" to not leave your computer on 24/7. And some of us (probably most of us if we're honest) ignore that warning. But it got me thinking. When I'm asleep, and my computer should more or less be idle, just siting there, lights blinking silently, what really going on under the case? Well, for the next 5 nights, I intend to find out. Using a program that is part of Microsoft's Sysinternals Suite, called Proccess Monitor, or ProcMon for short, I'm planning on running a log from the time I go to bed, to the time I wake up. This log will be filtered by any new processes created, any files modified, any files deleted, and any processes that exit. Now of course some of those actions are probably pretty normal, what with updates, and other maintenance I have scheduled at night. But if there is more than 20 entries, then something hinky must be going on. Should be interesting to see what does go on when noone is at the keyboard
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    [SAAN] Dead bodies everywhere

    Dead bodies everywhere From the SAAN news desk "Nope. I was just driving pass and saw something in the water. Parked up, got out and yeah, saw that guy" said James who found the dead body. On 11/06/2018, the emergency line received a call stating that someone found a dead body in the river near to Route 48 west. He said that he called the emergency line multiple times and no one responded. After a long talk with James, he told us "PD slacking off as usual. Literally after Steven O'Reily resigned from Chief of Police, the Department started going downhill like no tomorrow, especially after Murphy. Mate, PD is either corrupt right now, or full of robocops. I literally once sped over the limit, got issued a ticket twice the maximum norm and I still have their crime sheet since I was an officer myself. And when the deal comes to something that matters more, like this in example, "Nope, we are not coming, we are not of the petty level. We are the royal blood". Like literally, it's THEIR job to investigate, see why, how, when. But no, rather go pull over people who are livin' a nicer life or RS Haulers." After a long time waiting for anyone to respond, we found search and rescue team from DPS responding to that call with a marine unit near the dead body. Captain Matt from DPS called the Red Rose department asking for a coroner. A coroner arrived on the scene. The Red Rose department and the DPS took care of the dead body. The Red Rose department stated that it might be a suicide, since that person drowned in the water. We're waiting for to inform us what happened this day. We send condolences to the familily and friends of the victim and we wish everyone in Los Santos to stay safe. Read more saan here! saan.news
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    If this would happend I'd know my next purchase... Really good idea.
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    I'm neutral on this as a dealership owner. VCT has and other staff members have more things to do than spawn ricecans. Say thank you instead for doing that job for free. Better work on something more important.
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    sure its realistic and all but it'd be fuckton of work to get working properly, the VT is still adjusting inertia on vehicles because guess what, people don't like their own cars nerfed. Current fuel economy script works off of an equation involving car's weight and distance travelled. pretty sure both of these things have been suggested in past as well.
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    Cool idea but I'm pretty sure fuel capacity is based off the MTA model and not individual cars
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    A VM for pilots - doable?

    I support this. incoming antifa 9 11 event maybe?
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    A VM for pilots - doable?

    In a realistic manner? A pilot VM could work for both sides, legal and illegal.
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    I have to agree with these two points, I think it should be something the player has to enter.
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    [SAAN] Don Pinto egged by kids

    Don Pinto egged by kids From the SAAN egg desk? ''Who did this?!'', shouted Don Pinto who just received an egg to his head. The ninth of June was yet another eventful day at Idlestack. A lot of violence and vehicle crashes kept the emergency services occupied. Our reporter found a man lying unconsciously on the street near stacks. Even though there were many people who saw the man, no one called the police about it. This is a classic case of the bystander effect. The man got treated and it turned out he was heavily beaten. The people who did it remain at large. Don Pinto from Action News Around Los Santos also arrived at the scene and started taking pictures. A group of kids looked at him and acted nervously. Then one of them suddenly pulled out a egg and tossed it at Don. The egg went just past our own reporter's head and hit Don's head. The people watching couldn't believe what happend, but most of them could agree on that it was hilarious. The motive of the kids is unknown. The most likely reason is that it was just a harmless prank. Want to read about the latest terrorist attack? click here! saan.news
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    Not really, we do what we can but we maintain a life aswell. If you would have only seen my test server that a few did. @Tidemo for example or @Unittswhere I work nearly every week with for new features. @OhhPixelz your thoughts on this?
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    [Items] - Remove messages on phones.

    Yes, I need to get off that FBI watchlist on Norbid lol
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    [Items] - Remove messages on phones.

    This is only brought up now? I want those messages Destroyed.
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    Furniture, electronics & more! Claude's Auctions brings you the best of furnitures, electronics and a lot more! Today, we have the following list of items available for sale! Starting Bid: $10,000 Minimum Increase: $1,000 Buyout: $35,000 Auction Ends: 17th June, 2018 | WBO Contact: [email protected] (( @Script ))
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    Name: Max Comment: Can I buy these from you? Waste Bin Blue Wooden Door Chloe Fabric Upholstered Armchair. Padlock with chain.
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    Name: me Bid: Offering 10'000$, you won't get a better one.
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    Vehicle year: 2017 Vehicle brand: Mercedes-Benz Vehicle make: S63 AMG VIN: 27782 Mileage: 681 Description: AMG S-class in new condition. Low mileage and not even a year old. Includes all the options Mercedes-Benz AMG has to offer. Windows are tinted. Images Starting bid: 97,000 Minimum increase: 2,500 Buyout: 112,000 Auction end date: 13th June, 2018 Contact details: 672123
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    People leaving their /looks blank is a whole problem on itself, really annoying, but the removal of the age made it so much worse Added a poll!
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    The Shadow Syndicate

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    Why not just let the person enter his look that would be displayed there? For example, as someone said, I'd be 30 but I would look like a 'young adult', so I am able to enter it instead of the script deciding stuff for me.l
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    [No stealing textures] - Revise

    I was failing to understand what this suggestion was but I'm just gonna throw in something to clear up the confusion if I understood this correctly. At the moment, there is a rule where you're not able to steal private custom clothes unless given permission by the player. This is because if you want to free up a slot in Dupont, you have to delete the custom skin; of course being unable to do so because it's stolen. You may not rob / steal: Private custom skins (unless the player agrees). I'm guessing it's suggesting to apply this to custom helmets and vehicle wraps but unlike clothes, you can get another custom helmet and vehicle wrap without having to delete the previous one like custom clothes. Other than that, there is no rule to suggest texture stealing as it's hard to enforce on who the original owner of the texture is. I've personally had this issue before where my helmet textures were used for a pawnshop but even with photoshop files and dates provided in a support ticket, apparently, nothing could be done. EDIT: Also not sure what rule you've pulled from the doc to revise if you can show me, thanks
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    I would say YES if it was like this: - owner has to order gas from external company (/orderpetrol or such) with fixed price and set price per gallon that he sells to gas station customers but absolutely NO if this is like free money machine
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    Name: AA Comment: Do you have an IQ below 20?
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    Didn't know a stutter transfers through writing as well.
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    Name: Anonymous Comment: What crippling disease do you suffer from? Jesus.
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    [SAAN] Antifa ruins everything

    Name: Private. Comment: Calling LSPD terrorists because pathetic ricers like yourself don't get their cars back. A pathetic comment from a pathetic man, really.
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    Name: Private Comment: 60.000? on mental health care.
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    [BRATVA] Bratva Vostoka

    Wheelin' and Dealin'
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    Deals on Wheels

    Inventory: EMPTY Sold:
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    The Grajales Familia

    @DrJoseEviI @Heaton @jayjay
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    The Grajales Familia

    Looking forward to the upcoming screens, supporting.

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