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    A VM for pilots - doable?

    What I'm suggesting is quite simple and it's something I've been thinking about for a while: A VM for pilots. I know this may sound weird for many but it's one of the only solutions to revive Aviation RP and make it something that's not just "there for the RP". This VM would be similar to the illegal one, pilots of a certain faction will RP piloting and fly to certain destinations with imaginary passengers/cargo and upon completion of a route(s) their faction would be awarded a certain amount of money decided on by the FT. It may not be that easy to implement but I am certain that other aviation enthusiasts would love to see this in-game and it will definitely boost Aviation RP by a notch. Faction-less players may be able to transport passengers/cargo as well as long as they have a CPL (Commercial Pilot License) and they go through the VM process as well. An example would be assigning Cargo routes to factions like SLD, Dinoco (?) and Passenger routes to the JGC Aviation and other private CPL-holders. As I'm seeing it right now it looks like aviation RP is almost completely dead and that is understandable since flying was never actually a necessity or it brought great RP to the players participating in it. I know this suggestion is far from perfect therefore I'm open to any and every inch of criticism and constructive feedback.
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- New way of showing "age" in /look What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- GUI What is the suggestion?- Basically, instead of showing the not-so-estimate or the exact age. Or, as it is now, nothing. We could do a system that verbally tells you how old a person looks, as follows. It's just to show what I mean, the scripters can just change the ages and words, ofc. 0-15 - Child 16-29 - Young adult 30-50 - Adult 50-239 - Elderly What are the advantages?- No more MGing about the age and still showing an estimate of how old someone looks. What are the disadvantages?- Can't think of any Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Nope How would you go about implementing this idea?- Not a scripter myself, but should be really easy.
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    Bratva Vostoka

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    The Tragedy Of Norbid [18+]

    This is the beginning of Norbid's journey - - Source - Norbid's Diary 03/07/2004 - Norbid Loses his Innocence Coming Soon
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    rip steven woods

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    rip steven woods

    The only thing more sad than the funeral is you. I think you're just a little jealous that no one cares about your worthless characters dying. Try to put some less salt on your dinner next time.
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    rip steven woods

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    Dont force an age by the look, many people look older/younger rather than what they actually are. For example nowdays a kid whos 2 years younger than me aka 16 years old has a full beard and I still got none.
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    [SEMC] Job Opportunities

    ★ You would find this article while surfing on the internet. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 09 JUNE 2018 SAINT STREET, SOUTH CAMPUS MARKET, LOS SANTOS SAINT ERNEST MEDICAL CENTER PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICE Author: Camilla Monroe (moderator) Job Opportunities Are you currently looking for a rewarding career? The Saint Ernest Medical Center is recruiting in several job positions. No matter if you: → just obtained your High School Diploma/General Education Diploma → just quitted your former job or need a second workplace.. - we can offer you a well-paid job with teamwork in our facility. You can either start from zero as a student or apply here for a specific position which might be one of the followings: Licensed Practical Nurse / Registered Nurse in the nursing field (promotion to Charge Nurse possible) → you work in the Emergency Room and treat upcoming patients → you occasionally check on inpatients Nurse Practitioner in the nursing/practising field → you run the Emergency Room and supervise nurses → you are allowed to prescribe medications Physician Assistants / Medical Doctors in the medical council (promotion to Osteopathic Doctor possible) → you treat patients and perform surgeries → you lead the whole treatment rooms Besides, you can join diverse divisions such as the Public Relations Team, Child Protective Services, Recruitment & Training Division, .. and earn a lot more! Or you join the EMS Air Operations Unit and save lives in the air. Read more here: [HIRING] Flight Paramedics - cause, we are currently expanding our project to provide nationwide and sophisticated First Aid. For more information call our non-emergency hotline 2600 or read this. In emergency call 911. You can also visit us on Findbook. Mail us your concerns and questions to [email protected] (( Forum PM @Alaina )). Blood donations can be arranged at all time as well as money donations to the Saint Ernest Medical Center. We are looking forward to welcome you in our facility! __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ★ The comments would be moderated by the author.
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    Name: private Bid: Buyout
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    I have to agree with these two points, I think it should be something the player has to enter.
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    [SAAN] Don Pinto egged by kids

    Don Pinto egged by kids From the SAAN egg desk? ''Who did this?!'', shouted Don Pinto who just received an egg to his head. The ninth of June was yet another eventful day at Idlestack. A lot of violence and vehicle crashes kept the emergency services occupied. Our reporter found a man lying unconsciously on the street near stacks. Even though there were many people who saw the man, no one called the police about it. This is a classic case of the bystander effect. The man got treated and it turned out he was heavily beaten. The people who did it remain at large. Don Pinto from Action News Around Los Santos also arrived at the scene and started taking pictures. A group of kids looked at him and acted nervously. Then one of them suddenly pulled out a egg and tossed it at Don. The egg went just past our own reporter's head and hit Don's head. The people watching couldn't believe what happend, but most of them could agree on that it was hilarious. The motive of the kids is unknown. The most likely reason is that it was just a harmless prank. Want to read about the latest terrorist attack? click here! saan.news
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    Not really, we do what we can but we maintain a life aswell. If you would have only seen my test server that a few did. @Tidemo for example or @Unittswhere I work nearly every week with for new features. @OhhPixelz your thoughts on this?
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    Vehicle year: 2017 Vehicle brand: Mercedes-Benz Vehicle make: S63 AMG VIN: 27782 Mileage: 681 Description: AMG S-class in new condition. Low mileage and not even a year old. Includes all the options Mercedes-Benz AMG has to offer. Windows are tinted. Images Starting bid: 97,000 Minimum increase: 2,500 Buyout: 112,000 Auction end date: 13th June, 2018 Contact details: 672123
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    Name: JB Comment: Some racism yo, cut that shit we all bleed. Nuff said but if you a vampire hide that shit.
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    The Shadow Syndicate

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    rip steven woods

    tell me why
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    The Tragedy Of Norbid [18+]

    like if u cri evertim
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    I would say YES if it was like this: - owner has to order gas from external company (/orderpetrol or such) with fixed price and set price per gallon that he sells to gas station customers but absolutely NO if this is like free money machine
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    Didn't know a stutter transfers through writing as well.
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    [SAAN] Antifa ruins everything

    Name: Private. Comment: Calling LSPD terrorists because pathetic ricers like yourself don't get their cars back. A pathetic comment from a pathetic man, really.
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    No more naming of your own generic phone.

    dont give phones to newly made characters, so they'd have to buy an 800 dollar phone. simple
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    [Car Chopping Reward] - Revise

    $14,000 for the parts isn't a bad deal, they're black market parts; you're not going to get the car's MSRP for stolen parts... Hell, when you got $14,000 for the parts, you got nearly 45% of the car's MSRP anyway. -1 from me, if we boost the amount thieves get; car thefts are gonna soar even higher than they already are... Cops don't do shit about thefts. I had a car stolen from me once, called 9-1-1 nearly ten times to report it and no cops showed up... It took me nearly three days to even get a response from the lazy cops...
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    Deals on Wheels

    Inventory: EMPTY Sold:
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    The Grajales Familia



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