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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

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    If we had this you’d be getting it on your post right now.
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    [Vehicles] - Disable Pay N Sprays!

    so i gotta report for an admin to fix my car when my window breaks going inside my interior? nty i rather just pay 50 bucks and go on with my day.
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    agreed, This isn't YouTube
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    (( @ThatGuy ))
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    [Vehicles] - Disable Pay N Sprays!

    You know all cars have different costs? Higher end vehicles repair bills are high enough. "Bumper slightly out of place? Okay give me 600" This suggestion would just cause more pain to admins and players. It'd also increase the number of people with mechanic job and just doing quick self fixes.
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    SUPERIOR COURT OF SAN ANDREAS Civil Petition Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos Kenneth Campbell Versus Los Santos Police Department Subpart 1. Accusation. In the matter of this civil petition, Kenneth Campbell on the April 18th, 2018, accuses Los Santos Police Department of: Harassment. Violation of 4th Amendment. Subpart 2. Demands. The plaintiff, Kenneth Campbell demands the following: $20,000 in compensation. Formal letter of apology from the Chief of the Police. Subpart 3. Narrative. On the 17th of April, 2018. Kenneth Campbell was simply standing in public minding his own business, when he was approached by an officer ALEXANDRA MCKENZIE from the Los Santos Police Department. OFC. McKenzie began asking a series of questions to CAMPBELL and accused him of being influenced under narcotics, simply because he was "staring into the abyss". CAMPBELL informed OFC. McKenzie that he took Advil pills earlier that morning after being questioned about it, and proceeded to detain him under what she claimed "reasonable suspicion of being influenced under narcotics" and proceeded to detain him. CAMPBELL then underwent a series of checks to his pupils and whatnot, where he checked out to be clean. OFC. McKenzie then proceeded to pat down CAMPBELL, with no reasonable suspicion to believe that CAMPBELL was armed, he was cooperative during the entire process and showed no signs of resistance. Subpart 4. Evidence. Exhibit 1. Exhibit 2. Subpart 6. Ancillary Information. Defendant Legal Representation: Clinton Jackson Plaintiff Legal Representation: Contact Information: Presiding Judge: X Subpart 7. Declaration. I, CLINTON JACKSON, affirm that the foregoing is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. (( @ThatGuy @Restrepo @Craazy @Urshankov ))
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    Roleplay Recognition Thread

    @LeiFeng - Introduced me to a much higher standard of Roleplay to a point that I start to unintentionally over time strive away from the people that I used to Roleplay with. Taught me the concept of "OOC RP" which made me more self-aware and realize how ridiculous it was since I have been doing that for almost the entirety of 2017. "OOC RP" meaning the intentional or unintentional OOC planning of IC events which makes the RP in the end much more smoother, however, less fun and pointless. Another example would be OOC bias, meaning you become IC friends with someone purely for the reasoning of being good OOC friends and the list goes on*. After RP'ing with @LeiFeng, not only did I start to avoid any type of OOC influences during RP (essentially keeping 100% IC, even though I have to admit it is in some situation more difficult than it sounds), I also started to not get OOCly annoyed at someone about IC occurrences plus learning to take the IC "L", essentially accepting defeat and being involved in situations where I know that ICly I will lose or generally will get a bad effect on my character due to that. Seems like the basics of RP, but I have to admit only since a few months I started to Roleplay like that. Edit: *I formulated it a bit weird, but my point was that I used to "OOCly RP" for quite some time but after starting to RP with LeiFeing I started to realize how dumb and wrong it is. I'm completely against "OOC RP" which is why I wrote "to a point that I start to [...] strive away from the people that I used to Roleplay with" at the very beginning, @FAILCAKEZ @Genocide - Brought in my eyes an extremely positive light onto PD with his small neat RP showcase on the PD's RP thread since from my past there was usually quite a lot of OOC involvement within the PD and actual IC character developments were quite rare. I thought I had some decent IC development by starting to smoke, being less effective due to injuries and being generally much more aggressive than previously, but this just tops it by demonstrating thoughtout character development and willingness to sacrifice their own character purely for character development reasons due to the extreme line of stress and mental effect of being a police officer in such a large city. I for example am not in a state where I could pull off sacrificing a character so easily. I have to say, if this would happen on a regular basis (with thoughout character development), I would be back in PD in a blink of an eye. Either way, always pleasent to see such RP.
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    ** The following subpoenas would be handed to the presiding judge upon them entering the courtroom. **
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    [Vehicles] - Disable Pay N Sprays!

    Where is dislike button? No.
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    [Vehicles] - Disable Pay N Sprays!

    Abolish RS Haul and it could be considered.
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    Los Santos Auction House - Aircraft Vehicle year: 2010 Vehicle brand: Robinson Vehicle make: R44 Clipper II VIN: XXXX Mileage: XXXX Description: Worth at least $250,000. Selling because of departure Images Starting bid: $100,000 Minimum increase: $2,500 Buyout: $200,000 Auction end date: 20/04/2018 Contact details: Will be given to the auction winner
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1995 Vehicle brand: Eclispe RS-T Vehicle make: Mitsubishi VIN: 10249 Mileage: 104870 Description: Classic Mitsubishi Eclipse RS-T with wraps, Robo Car Aero Armor Eclipse Body Kit, APR two level GT2 style wing, 1997 spec Eclipse headlights, Carbon Fiber Front Splitter, GT Roof Scoop, Carbon Mirrors . Can reach 186 km/h with decent acceleration and a uber body for drifting, brakes are strong and the handling is really good. The repair in P'n'S is super cheap. The winner will choose how the car will look, that means i'll take off the wrap and repaint it. Images Starting bid: 15,000 Minimum increase: 500 Buyout: N/A Auction end date: 20.04.2018 21:00 / 09:00PM Contact details: Phone number 817442 and email. (( Messages ))
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    we already have the sad reaction no need to be harsh and dislike
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    only positive vibes
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    Vostok Corp vs Martin Shelby

    (( @Urshankov @Unitts @Zebulon ))
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    [Vehicles] - Disable Pay N Sprays!

    Useless, not enough mechanics, waste of time in matter to fix those issues as we also have lifes -1
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    My chauffeur was at gun point when I called but still answered the phone and then picked me up within a few minutes. Also has a nice car. 5/5
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    Large vehicle repairs (which often see vehicles disabled), get repaired via mechanic rp anyway - I've done many. You also have to think that minor damage such as broken window and such, last thing people want to do is go searching for a mechanic when they could just go to a paint n spray - especially true during hours where there are hardly any players on. Makes no sense. -1
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    [Vehicles] - Disable Pay N Sprays!

    Wouldn't really make sense, why would a company reject an opportunity to gain money from your misfortune? :thinking:
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    Vostok Corp vs Martin Shelby

    *Marty Shelby stands up as he begins to speak* Your, honor I would like to settle and pay what the plaintiff is asking. *Marty Shelby slowly takes a seat* (( @Urshankov @Unitts @Zebulon ))
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    absolute freak for even thinking of that
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    [Vehicles] - Disable Pay N Sprays!

    Will only increase reports for accidental vehicle damage, such as entering a garage and the door breaking, or broken object collisions. On top of that, there aren't enough willing mechanic role players who have garages that will fix vehicle damages. I support the idea, but the suggestion just creates more of a hassle for everyone. No.
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    Milk before Cereal or Cereal before Milk?

    cereal & beer
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    Auctioneer. Reply: I will onces the winner collected tbe vehicls.
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    Name: Auction Webmaster Comment: Update the auction title if this has already been SOLD. (( @DeeDev ))
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    Vostok Corp vs Martin Shelby

    *Vova Koltsov taps on to Demyon's shoulder, and points towards the door, signalling smoking a cigarette as he would attempt inviting Demyon with him and then stand up and make his way towards the courtroom doors quietly.* ((@Devonshire))
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    Juana Rodriguez v. Charlie Peters

    "Mister Peter's is quite evident that you, after all this time cannot understand that. The Plaintiff will be granted the restraining order against the defendant. The distance shall be set at two hundred yards which is to be upheld at all times unless by exigent circumstances. Failure to uphold will be met with a criminal charge of Contempt and, or Stalking" *Justice Ross bangs his gavel, dismissing the courtroom.* (( @ResidentPeach @LeonShaw ))
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    Noted, contact info will be sent.
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    *Steven Spade enters the court room, sitting on the side of the Defendant.* (( @ThatGuy @bartman @Urshankov @Craazy ))
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    4 YEARS AGO...

    https://imgur.com/a/gGl4h Oh, I was here too.
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    Dear Community, I figured that I would explain what exactly this faction aims to do, and what exactly our future plans are with this faction. This message should also clear up some misunderstandings some might have on what exactly this is. Because "are we a normal motorcycle club?" no we're not. And everything shall be explained better in this message. And to players having concerns that this large blob of text is about a lock and archive, it is not, so no need to read the entire thing. You could if you wanted to which I'll encourage. Enough with the introduction, I'll get right into things. Before this faction started myself and Sadisticwolfiod were having a conversation on discord. Our topic was about motorcycle clubs, and how there never been a lasting, proper motorcycle club for a long period of time. Got us thinking of the amount of potential there could be for motorcycle clubs on a platform such as multi-theft-auto. How IF both minds connected we could bring something proper to the server, and make it something that will last. A large conversation broke out, an hour each day just talking about it until we came to the conclusion that we should make a motorcycle club on the server. Now Owl Gaming the script is wonderful, furthermore the script favors motorcycle clubs. You run into a lot of issues with inactivity on a platform such as san andreas multiplayer with motorcycle clubs. Due to the fact that there aren't many things for motorcycle clubs to do other then roleplay the same stuff and ride. On Multi-Theft-Auto there are a lot of things you can do, you can dive into a lot of things. Hence we decided to bring this project to life. Before launching this faction we had a lot of thoughts running around in our minds. One of them being one of the biggest motorcycle club factions on the history of any roleplay server that's text-based whilst holding quality. We vision this club to keep growing in the future and to eventually branch out into other towns when the time feels right. And branching out into other chapters hasn't been done since 2010 on san andreas multiplayer. Our platform is so good here, the script doesn't have limits, the script is literally meant for motorcycle club factions. What we want to do here is bring a proper motorcycle club to the server that's here to stay. There is a lot of things behind the scenes that you're not aware of. A lot of conversations for the future of the faction, a lot of work. We want this motorcycle club to be recognized from other communities and be a staple in how a M.C should be. Day by day myself, and other management on this faction are working incredibly hard to bring you this M.C, an M.C you'll see now, and a M.C you'll still be seeing in the near future. Let me tell you something, it hasn't been easy, nor has it been too hard. We are seeing a lot of growth in the faction not in numbers, rather in development. We're aiming to do multiple events each month, encourage people to create there own roleplay, encourage people to get into this sort of roleplay, and lastly for you the community to keep encouraging motorcycle club factions. Go show your support to the Reapers, go show your support to any other motorcycle club faction that comes to the server in the future. Motorcycle Club factions "ARE" the hardest factions to run on any roleplay server. We have already covered what our plans are with this faction, how we want this faction to stay, how we want this faction to expand into other areas, what we haven't covered is what this faction really is about. And the simple two answers to this is to bring a realistic faction that emulates a real motorcycle club to the best of its abilities. And to bring a safe environment on an out of character level. Out of character-wise, I pride our faction on having high levels of respect to each other. It's like a virtual family, we play this game have fun playing it with your friends. You know, this faction has only been around say two weeks? Yet the amount of support, the amount of warm comments is astronomical. And I will promise you that we aren't your one-month faction (not disrespecting any factions in previous times who were only around for a month, I know it's hard) we plan on staying, and we plan on growing. IF you were crazy enough to read threw this blob of text I know this is fictional, and it's a roleplay server, but from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for supporting this. After all, this faction is here for people looking to dive into motorcycle club roleplay, and for people to join the family we have out of character. We love your support, we thank you, we will keep developing this faction with an iron fist and we wait to see you in the future. I hope this message cleared up what we're about, what we plan on doing, and everything else. Thank you, and have a good night! Sincerely, Head Management Of Psychos/Deranged/Devils
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    [GUI] - Better health recognision

    I think that we should replace the heart with emojis instead. = 100% = 99-75% = 74-50% = 49-30% = 29-1% = 0%
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    World end at 24.04 or fake ?

    It's fine, I'll just press respawn
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    Milk before Cereal or Cereal before Milk?

    I think we've closed the discussion here.
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car https://i.imgur.com/BWlNJVJ.png Vehicle year: 2018 Vehicle brand: Chevrolet Vehicle make: Convertible Corvette Z06 3LZ VIN: [redacted] Mileage: 3xx Description: Fancy, convertible sports car. Tops at 245 km/h. Fast acceleration. Perfect combination of reliability and elegance. Car is black, with custom red rims. Windows are tinted. It also has a nice spoiler, which makes car more controllable. Images https://imgur.com/a/PksNB Starting bid: $110,000 Minimum increase: $1000 Buyout: $140,000 Auction end date: 21/04/2018 Contact details: given to a winner (( Comments are disabled! ))
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    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle year: 1999 Vehicle brand: Kenworth Vehicle make: T600B VIN: 11925 Mileage: 1000076 Description: Can fit up to 4 cars. Images https://i.imgur.com/FwW1S7M.jpg Starting bid: 26.500 Minimum increase: 1.500 Buyout: 60.000 Auction end date: 20.04.2018 Contact details: Will be given to the winner.
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    Cars - 3 Vehicles [ENDS 20/04/2018]

    Los Santos Auction House - Car Vehicle 1 - 1984 Mazda RX-7 FC Vehicle 2 - 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Final Edition (1 of 1600 in the US) Vehicle 3 - 1994 Mazda RX-7 FD3S Auction end date: 20/04/2018 Contact details: 680090 OR [email protected] ((Forum PM))
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Dislike button for forums. What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Miscellaneous What is the suggestion?- The ability to dislike a post on forums What are the advantages?- Dislike the bullshit. What are the disadvantages?- Trolls. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Nope, you kno da wae How would you go about implementing this idea?- Vote maybe?
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    A quick survey!

    make it 100 x

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