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  1. Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Spectator mode for the playing card system. What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- GUI What is the suggestion?- Spectator mode for playing cards, for example when someone is playing Blackjack it would be hard to track who's paid and who is simply watching when dealing with the cards. Allow another tab when you right click a player instead of asking them to play, it would allow them to spectate GUI. What are the advantages?- Enables people to follow along at the table on how the car
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  2. We hear you. Here's what's changing. Faction Team The Faction Team has not been operating at all in the capacity it should have been. The team is too important to roleplay, and the server to be running poorly. Myself and the rest of UA are now taking direct control of FT and working alongside current leadership while we work on some major restructuring. You can expect better faction support, better response times, and more transparency. We are reevaluating the current factions and reaching them to determine how we can further aid and support them. New factions should find i
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  3. Name: Mine Bid: Withdrawn.
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  4. i never said khram should have taken other's benefits into account. i said uat/fmt should have. i think i was very clear. edit: lmao @ the highlighted bit. it's such a fascist statement. oh, yes, please do tell a business owner not to let his customers give feedback over what they want. please, do tell him to "grow some balls" and "shut them up" because that's such a good move. hahahahaha, what's next, force them to log on & prevent anyone from responding to any of his replies? maybe just turn the forums into a blog & have no account system anymore. such a naive s
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  5. mate you could have a roleplay server set in a basement interior with text and emotes and still be able to create better roleplay than a lot of people here who have the entire town and a wide-array of assets and scripts - having the freedom and the tools to do whatever you want doesn't mean that better roleplay is gonna come out of it. you need a common thread to give roleplayers safety and some common ground for them to create shit that isn't radical different from each other - you don't see people on WoW roleplaying aliens. plus this whole "you can't ask players who o
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  6. this shit is a real life groundhog day.
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  7. We've got a lot of suggestions ready, including automation as @dusty mentioned as I am a huge fan of that. They are all in the testing mode now
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  8. Congrats, you won. Contact me through phone number 800801
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