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    (( While looking around on YouTube, you'd more than likely run into this video; uploaded by user LittleNobody. )) (( The only faces highly visible in the video would be that of Trooper Dallas Ward and a civillian who appears to be Adecyn O'Brien. )) (( The person recording would not show their face, but their voice could be heard clearly; those who know him would recognize the voice as Dylan Sanders. )) * The video would start off showing a traffic stop involving a black Toyota station wagon with a Blue San Andreas States Police Ford along with a completely unmarked Dodge Charger white in color behind it... The video appears to have been mostly recorded from across the street. * Video Name: State Trooper Abuses His Powers Video Description: Today I was driving around when I witnessed a vehicle that I recognize as a friend's vehicle get pulled over by a State Trooper. This same Trooper pulled me over earlier today and identified himself as Trooper Ward, with the State Police. I had known he was somewhat a cocky a-hole so I decided I'd pull over at a safe location across the street and proceed to record, just in case he did something unlawful; which he did. Luckily for my friend and her friend who was arrested, I decided to stop and record... During this situation, the Trooper failed to display his Badge Number numerous times, resulting in myself having to record his face and nameplate on his chest. Note: This video is copy-written by my channel, if you wish to use this video; please privately contact me and we can work something out. Other than that, enjoy the video. (( The following logs depict what would be seen in the video: )) * The ability to comment would be enabled!; however, picture comments are not able to be posted; as this is YouTube and you're unable to do so on YouTube. *
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    [YouTube] State Trooper Abuses His Powers

    Name: Ex-LSPD Comment: If you ever show your pasty white virgin face uploader I will PERSONALLY hunt you down and make sure you won't video another officer on duty. I served in the LSPD for ten years and the Marine Core for ten before that. Consider this a warning.
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    Vehicle Team - October 22nd, 2017

    VT Update - October 22nd, 2017 Hello, After a discussion within the most recent Upper Administration Team meeting regarding the Vehicle Team and how it functions, both in-game and forum wise. Myself and iV7Z have come to the conclusion to overhaul how the team works. Now, the Vehicle Team will no longer roleplay as the Department of Motor Vehicles. The only time the team will use the faction is in spawning vehicles for dealerships bi-weekly, or if a Dealership wishes to return a vehicle then a Department of Motor Vehicles character will be used. This is to ensure all of our forms are entirely OOCly. The previously called Permit for Modification or Customization is now a request, this is now an OOC request and the word count for the reasoning has been removed. This does not mean effort is not required, we as a team will now overlook the parts and ensure your character is able to do such a thing on the specific vehicle and ensure detailed and proper roleplay is done. This will mainly affect the internal side of the Vehicle Team, but as we wish to be as transparent as possible we should let you know. Every form the Vehicle Team had is now OOC, please be aware of this change and you can follow up the forms link to view the new questions/layouts which may appear new. As for the current ones we have that are being processed, they will be handled accordingly and the new system of OOC will be enforced immediately. TL-DR: Vehicle Team is an entirely OOC team again, we will no longer function as the Department of Motor Vehicles, GAT will now supervise any roleplay involving the Department of Motor Vehicle, this means forgery or license related. The forms are strictly on an OOC basis now and some of the questions have been removed/altered. If there is any issues understanding the following up, or wish to suggest more things towards the Vehicle Team. Please submit a Public Contact(https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/28-vehicle-team-contact-ooc/) or alternatively message me either on the Forums or Discord. OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Vehicle Team.
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    Verdant Corporation

    ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL AIRCRAFT SERVICE + REPAIR After our first ever service and repair on an aircraft we were contacted once again by LSIA who provided us with another challenge. Last night we were asked to give the Douglas DC3 airplane a service and repair. Now for those who don't know or are unsure of that model, it's quite an old aircraft and as you can imagine fairly large therefore we had to take our tools and go to the airfield to work -showing again how adaptable we are! The Plane itself has the usual wear and tear expected from age, however, a few mechanisms required replacement. We also performed a respray thanks to the technology LSIA provided. This was a huge challenge for us, and one we thoroughly enjoyed. If you have an aircraft that you want servicing and repaired give us a shout! SCREENSHOTS OF THE SERVICE AND REPAIR
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    Elite Corporation

    Who are we? Simply we are a short success story. Previously known as A1 Automotive, we took a slow, but big step further and decided to provide even more services to the citizens of Los Santos. What we do? We are trying to do our best in providing complimentary services to citizens of Los Santos. We specialise in different departments. Main of them being vehicle sales. From now on we are trying to expand. Current Officials have been working in the Vehicle industry for over a year now and are glad to offer more services to You. What do we offer? We are doing our best to offer people different services. From the same-old Vehicle sales, to the brand new Insurance opportunities, alongside with Construction possibilities for establishing your property and making it Trully Yours. Why choose us? Current leadership of the company is well known in this town for providing quality sales experience, alongside pleasant customer service. Here we are once again, trying to provide our services to the people in need, by offering all of the possible opportunities. Check us out on our website for more details and information! Elite Corporation.
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    [Use of /911 for crimes] - Discuss

    Well, my opinion probably is different from majority's and even will look weird, given what I'm about to say, but... I think car thefts should remain as difficult as possible. I understand that it is frustrating for you to get caught duo to early /911 call, but there's another side of the coin, which makes me write such comment: 1) Unfortunately not all car thefts are performed with enough RP skill from thief. I've heard (and once experienced) situation(s) from friends and from random players on forums where theft was made with barely any RP used. In one scenario few years ago, a brand new lambo aventador was stolen with just about 5 lines of /me's. You can only guess for the RP quality. So it really depends. One more thing is that in -some- cases criminals don't even leave needed amount of notes so it's really hard to understand your car was even stolen and didn't fall through the floor, or not bugged (again, lack of RP). 2) Back in the days (a year or two ago) several staff members went for community's needs and made it easier to steal cars. Within just 2 weeks we had several threads popped up where people complained on amount of vehicle thefts. It simply was unreallistic. I mean I understand where you are coming from and I also understand that current state of things I'm defending is not the best one, sure. But thing is, the first thing to fight, in my eyes, is actual increasing of the RP quality of car thefts and only then reconsidering early 911 calls. Although I am being quite skeptical in regards of rp quality increase, duo to I've been hearing about car theft problem for quite long time, so to be honest I don't think your idea is really necessary...
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    Your survival pack!

    Los Santos Auction House - Items (10x) X MRE Meals 1300XT Single Meal with Heater (Meal Ready to Eat Military Type) - Shelf Life: 5 years - READY TO EAT– SHELF STABLE - PORTABLE - SELF HEATING -TAMPER PROOF – NUTRITIOUS – SAFE - Calories per meal : 1,300+ Cal - Provides the nutrients & caloric value of a complete meal XMRE can be eaten anytime at any place - The food is pre-cooked and can be eaten hot or cold, Flameless Heater included just add water (2x) Datrex Emergency Survival Water Pouch (Pack of 66), 125ml - Shelf Life: 5 years - Emergency purified water for immediate use; lightweight and extremely compact (66 Pack)-125 ml sachets - Loss potential minimized due to individual sachets and ideal for storage - Easy to dispense from a pre-measured sachet; superior packaging materials for optimum durability in your survival kit *You will be getting 2 boxes of the Survival Water, that each has 66 pouches. *You will be getting 10 MRE meals coming in different menu types. > - 3x Beef Military Grade Meal, Ready to Eat - 4x Chicken Military Grade Meal, Ready to Eat - 3x Vegetarian Military Grade - Meal, Ready to Eat Starting bid: $1.00 Minimum increase: $1.00 Buyout: $3,500.00 Auction ends: 26/10/17
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    411 Carson Blvd Crips

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    Vehicle Team - October 22nd, 2017

    Removing the word count is a great thing to do as I know it put a lot of people off applying as 200 words were quite a lot. very nice update.
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    zackh from eccles

    hi its me callum i have just finally got the ubbab i fight for long. first lad to start the club x shooting trend. first person to reinstate for pd when i never had a rank and got accepted for po2. alan jef fre thanks x
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    411 Carson Blvd Crips

    I bet y'all 1 gc that when reapers come back they gonna be piru bloods again and they'll start a war cause why the fuck not.
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    Vehicle Team - October 22nd, 2017

    Or you could've just made a report to have the issue solved, instead of being a complete dunce by complaining here instead for a few likes. It's not going to be any easier, the team still expects a thorough backstory and development that supports the caliber of work the individual character is requesting to administer to their car. The aim is for every single high powered vehicle to have a solid reasoning behind its purpose, that way it's so easy to justify it to people who complain about it.
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    My PC started fucking up, so I won't be on MTA for the next few days, or maybe today. I will see what I can do.
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    1970 Plymouth Barracuda (SOLD)

    Name: Muscle Comment: What's making this car so special? Regular Barracudas go for 20-40 grands and up to 90 grands are HEMI-s. Could you state out why this one costs 100k+? Maybe I would be interested if you explain the price you ask for it. I won't be paying double price for a car that doesn't deserve it.
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    Residential - #1 Rodeo Drive

    Name: Mr. Hikatori. Comment: Once again if you may of missed what I said, property value goes up over time. Only in this town it's the complete opposite where cars are easily bought for the equivalent value of a house in Vinewood.
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    Name: hollowman Comment: why u named title after a fucking porn video man, I was hoping some softcore shit, smh.
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    Appreciate a Staff Member!

    @Swanker @Snap I love these two to death. Fantastic roleplayers and always manage to make shit fun. Probably two of my upmost favorite staff members. Much love you two xox
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    Get fit! (Gym equipment)

    @DylanW time to start working out x
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    411 Carson Blvd Crips

    Better put my projects to good use.
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    Address here:
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    Rule Discussion Subject: Use of /911 for crimes I want to...: Discuss Elaboration: I think it's worth speaking about admins and the use of /911 for circumstances such as vehicle thefts, robberies, break-ins etc - and before I start yes I'm aware that there are rules stipulating that a call must be made if the RP is conducted before 9PM (though why this would happen in dead end alleyways/concealed spaces is beyond me) and I understand why but whatI am trying to address is at what stage the calls are being made by the supervising admins. Don't get me wrong, I think /911 is a useful tool and it makes sense that the police are called, but literally straight at the moment RP starts (ie before the guy would resaly be noticed)? Or, as some accounts have told it, before this - and it's a bit ridiculous when you see two PD SUVs rolling into a dead end alleyway in Willowfield searching for a guy who barely had time to stick the slim jim in the car before the apparently long arm of the law caught up to him. I might understand if one were in Vinewood breaking into a sports car but when you're in the middle of nowhere or in a quiet back alley in a ghetto neighbourhood it beggars belief that the PD are able to be alerted near instantaneously. As a side question, is there a way to distinguish between regular 911 calls and those made via /911?
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    1967 Plymouth Barracuda

    Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle Year: 1967 Make: Plymouth Model: Barracuda Images Starting Bid: $10,000 Minimum Increase: $1,000 Buyout N/A Auction ends: 25/10/17
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    its a fucking mess
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    zackh from eccles

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    Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle Year: 1970 Make: Plymouth Model: Barracuda VIN: 5655 Mileage: 58494 Description: This fantastic 1970 Plymouth Barracuda is perfect for any classic car lover or for someone who wants to roam around the city in a unique vehicle. Top speed 119mph, 190 Kmph. MTA Model: Sabre This car has also had modifications completed: 970 Plymouth Barracuda TVS Lowering Kit. http://goo.gl/2vSaU3 1970 Plymouth Barracuda HQ Series Rear Coilovers. http://goo.gl/Gg89ia 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Performance Series Shock Absorber. http://goo.gl/r6cNQR 17' Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R Tyre. http://goo.gl/X2dWgW 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Willwood Street Performance GT Brake Kit. http://goo.gl/6KFiv7 FASTER THAN A FERRARI! *If the Ferrari is travelling at 50mph and the Barracuda is at 65mph.* MORE ROOM THAN A PORSCHE! *Meaning more room for the ladies or men you pick up. * Happy to respray to the winners chosen colour at no extra cost! Images https://imgur.com/a/pbk72 Starting Bid: 100,000 Minimum Increase: 10,000 Buyout 300,000 Auction ends: 28th October, 10PM Server time. Contact Information: Contact Information will be given to the winner!
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    1970 Plymouth Barracuda (SOLD)

    Name: Private Comment: Go to the forest, find a stick, stick up your arse. If you don't like her prices you can peacefully fuck off.
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    Junker Dealers

    no shit sherlock, i need a way to contact them tho
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    1996 Toyota Supra RZ Twin Turbo

    Name: FTF Comment: Time to seize
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    1996 Toyota Supra RZ Twin Turbo

    Name: TotallyNotACop Bid: Buyout Comment: here i go spendin' again (( i'll be on later today at 5 PM GMT+0 to pick it up ))
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    Vehicle Team - October 22nd, 2017

    Lets hope the modding doesn’t get any easier. Don’t want the economy to fuck up..
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    Vehicle Team - October 22nd, 2017

    Arab build incoming!!!!
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    411 Carson Blvd Crips

    And again I give you two minutes until someone approaches you with...Ouh wait it happened already
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    sad cunt only has owlgaming on his desktop now
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    I forgive you

    I forgive you By @Skippy and Freebird In the middle of an August summer night, they sat out on the porch of Vicki Davidson’s residence in Palomino Creek, Red County. Vicki sat leaned back in her chair, brushed her lips unintentionally with her fingers and squinted at Jane Matthews-Rhodes. Vicki's hand reached for her glass of Jameson whiskey. She raised the glass up to her lips, sipped minimally and cautiously regarded Jane in a reserved fashion in the dim light of the street lamps. The temperature was mellow and the night somewhat foggy. The moon shed some light on the duo as well. Jane eventually leaned forward slowly and looked rather peculiarly at the at ease dressed woman, with loose brown hair who appeared uncomfortable to say the least. “Why'd you come here, Jane?” “I want to get to know something. About what happened.” “When we first met?” Vicki still sat retracted in her chair, on the defensive with Jane leaning forward on the offensive. But Jane resigned eventually, slowly downing a nod in acknowledgement, briefly peering over the moonlit treeline's off in the far distance. “I still remember it.. Quite clearly.. I was suited up in my gear, just outside of the parlor. It-.. It was the first big situation in my career as operative.” Vicki listened, nodding while sucking on her teeth in contemplation. It was quiet besides the lively nightlife and crickets in particular. Eventually she answered. “Yeah, I remember, on, uh... Fame Street. Lissa's Massage. What about it?” “Something.. Something changed.. Something was different.. I-.. I was ordered to stay.” “Yeah?” Vicki answered, still listening intently to Jane’s dwelling. “Outside and all I could do was listen to the radio until they'd eventually bring them outside.” Jane took a pause and Vicki raised her drink up for another sip while Jane nodded repeatedly in rising nervousness. Eventually Vicki interrupted her. “Hey, hey, hey. Relax. Have a glass. Now, go on, what's on your mind?” Vicki prepared another glass of Jameson for Jane, placing it besides them. "There you go, what's on your mind, Jane?" “I wanted. I wanted to help you... But at the same time I was ordered not to. I, uh, I wanted to. To do something, to help, but then all I heard was this explosion, and I…” Vicki grimaced at the conflict expressed in Jane’s dwelling and instinctively extended a hand out to place on her shoulder. A subtle but soothing gesture. “I know, I know.“ “You were taken to the hospital and I was too afraid to talk to you.” Vicki smiled winsomely at Jane. “I don't blame you, Jane. It was too late. Nobody would be normal after that. I broke and I know in my heart that not you r anybody couldn't fixed me.” Jane only peered down at her feet in response. “H-.. How do you feel now?” Jane asked. “That's hard to answer. Because I really didn’t know myself. All I knew was that I was a mess. I got anxious over stuff like doing the dishes. I wanted to and ended up not doing them. Freaked me out. Like I was losing control. You know?” “Yeah. But you always seemed like you were missing something. Did you find what you were looking for? Vicki smiled charmingly back. “I found inner-peace, yes, I did.” Vicki answered resolutely. “You know…” Vicki mumbled. “Mh?” “So much happened to me lately that I no longer feel like myself. I was never the person I wanted to be. Maybe without the darkness I would have been a better person, maybe not. I did try to be a good person, but I realize I never got very far. I'm sorry for the pain this causes. I really am. But... I found peace, Jane, I really did.” Jane caught herself smiling at the idea of inner-peace and the two smiled at each other. “I-.. I'm happy you did. Maybe deep down inside I'm even a little envious of that peace. But.. I'm glad you did.” “I hope you’ll find the same peace I am experiencing.” “H- How... What do I have to do?” “I always thought about how sweet it would be to just let go. But it's not your time yet. Corey and Sara needs you both. They love you.” “I-.. I know they do. But sometimes it just seems like I can't even achieve that.” “Life is hard. Nobody said it was easy, sweetheart.” “Every time I close my eyes. All I think about are the missed calls from home. The ones I was just too late to help at work. And... I don't know how to keep doing this.” Vicki pondered the answer for a moment. “You are afraid that you're gonna figure out what you wanna do. That you'll choose the unforgivable. Can I ask you something, Jane?” “Yes.” “Do you even wanna live?” “Sometimes I wonder. But when I look at my daughter's bedroom door, or I look at Darcey and Sara; or Corey. I know I can't just leave them behind. “... I forgive you,” Vicki retorted and turned the conversation on itself. Jane slowly opened her eyes. Laying in bed, she peered around the dark and held her husband’s hands while trying to remember the half-remembered dream. She felt relieved for now. At ease even. Like taking the kevlar vest off after a long days work. Tragically, Jane was shot and killed by her own colleagues later that year. Survived by her husband Corey two daughters Darcey and Sara. One might hope they met in heaven.
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    1987 Volvo 740 [Swedsled]

    Description: 1987 Volvo 740, tuned for the purpouse of street drifting and for the winter. Welded differential, Soft compound Toyo Proxxes in the rear, Hydro e-brake, more free flowing original exhaust. Engine and transmission working like they should, strong. Body is like it is, old car, rusts a little. Pricing: Starting: $1 Min Bid: $150 Buyout: - Ending date 24 October 00:00 UCT+02:00
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    Name: Just a hospital dude. Comment: Well, then I would beat the shit out of him. Ain't a problem.
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    Elite Corporation

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    411 Carson Blvd Crips

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    1970 Plymouth Barracuda (SOLD)

    @RayPayne Rejected. Car is worth 100k +.
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    1996 Toyota Supra RZ Twin Turbo

    (( Jester ))
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    Your survival pack!

    Name: PRIVATE Bid: buyout yaz. Comment: its mine.
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    Aces Street Familia 13

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    I mean, Richman isn’t used by many so it’s basically abandoned due to high prices so thatd actually fit in technically lol

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