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    VT Dealership Update - March 7th, 2017

    VT Dealership Update - March 7th, 2017 I'd like to announce the welcome of the two new dealerships following the previous announcement. I would like to thank the amount of applications we received, there is a huge interest in wanting a player dealership. However, only one dealership of each type could be accepted. We would like to say to those who haven't made it this time around best of luck next time. To those who did, congratulations. New dealerships: Becca's Bargains (Junker) - @Rinkk, @VladMihai & @Rzinity Rennsport Motorcars (Exotic) - @Swanker & @Law The list of active dealerships are the following: Mercedes-Benz of San Andreas (Brand) - Wright & JameZ Robert's Exclusive Cars (Exotic) - Gazzeh & BusterAces Dinoco (General) - ResidentPeach & Mogs JGC Aviation (Aircraft & Seacraft) - Yannick & BrukONE SL Automotive (Specialty) - Kazang LS Occasions (Junker) - Deuce Liberty Cars (Import) - Benjey & Renegade Dodge of Los Santos (Brand) - AJTPI & BestRiven Kind regards, Vehicle Team.
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    SUPERIOR COURT OF SAN ANDREAS Criminal Arraignment Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos The People Versus Tyrell Clark Subpart 1. Title. In the matter of the Petition of The People, on the 7th of March, 2017, against Tyrell Clark. Subpart 2. Body. The People charge the subject Tyrell Clark with: MO008 - Disturbing the Peace MO001 - Assault ☒ - Are multiple misdemeanors stacked for a felonious conviction? Subpart 3. Request. The People demand of the subject Tyrell Clark to the following: 0 Year(s), 12 Month(s) Fine of $2,000 in accordance with San Andreas Penal Code Subpart 4. Evidence. Exhibit 1. - Officer Narrative The following is the narrative submitted to the DA’s Office by Officer Bruce Iverson of the LSPD regarding the Defendant’s actions and context of the scene: “A phone call was made to 911 about a brawl occurring involving pepper spray. While arriving on scene, Officer's Bruce Iverson, Rick Cole, and Mitchell Godfrey saw the suspect, Tyrell Clark, screaming on the sidewalk because he had been pepper sprayed. We handed him a water bottle to flush his eyes and begun taking statements from those on scene. At first, Tyrell Clark stated he was pepper sprayed at random by Amos Washington (the pizza stack worker). Officer Cole then took Amos into custody and began to take his statement. A worker from Pizza Stack, Flloyd Green, gave a statement stating that Tyrell Clark was the aggressor and began screaming about the price and made a threatening gesture to Amos, which caused him to pepper spray him for fear of his life. After conducting all interviews we discovered this along with our CCTV footage: Tyrell Clark entered the pizza stack and began screaming about the price, approached Amos Washington, and when told he was not the owner, the two exchanged heated words. Tyrell Clark then swung the pizza in a threatening gesture towards Amos' face, but did not strike him, and Amos flinched in the footage. Amos felt his life was threatened by this gesture and reached for his pepper spray and sprayed him. With the Stand your Ground Law, one must act according to how their life felt during the time and not with hindsight. Amos had no duty to retreat and we therefore arrested Tyrell Clark for assault and disturbing the peace. Tyrell Clark wanted court and began to scream that the officers were racist, discriminating, and that he would sue us.” Exhibit 2. - Statements Gathered at Scene Victim: Defendant: Witness Exhibit 3. - CCTV Footage Subpart 5. Narrative. The case against was forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office on grounds that the Defendant had violated San Andreas law including; disturbing the peace and assault. The Prosecution wishes that the court review the evidence held against Tyrell Clark and come to a swift judgment regarding the allegations against him. Subpart 6. Recommendation. ☒ - Issue Parole After Release ☑ - Grant Early Release (Time Served) ☒- Release On Bail Subpart 7. Declaration. I, Steven Spade, District Attorney for San Andreas affirm that the foregoing is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. (( @Franco @ThatGuy @Wright @Express @Tremmert)) (( Can someone please tag the Defendant))
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Drug script, complete make-over What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Items What is the suggestion?- For a long time now, the scripts of OwlGaming have stayed to the regular ideas brought to us by previous roleplay servers. These scripts, much like the NPCs have since been altered, and more appealing to users of the scripts in-game. Although some of these scripts were changed, the drug system remains completely the same with the only thing changed being the addition of drugs, and the removal of the script effects that such drugs had before... I won't get into detail because most of these effects and additions are not of importance. This script that I am suggesting is to bring a little more roleplay with the drug items, when you are using, selling, buying, or in anyway interacting with these items in-character. Much like how you can NOW roll a gram of marijuana into a joint, if you have both the marijuana and rolling papers inside your inventory, this script is to make sure similar methods are available, after all, not everyone can roll a gram into a joint with just one rolling paper, and not everyone even WANTS to smoke a full gram. So without further ado, here is how the drug script should work, in full detail. ---- Marijuana As described above, the marijuana item can be used when you have a pack of rolling papers and you click on the baggy, in which case your character does an automated /me to roll up a joint with one gram of marijuana. The script that I am suggesting will bring more options to that, it will also utilise another script suggestion made regarding being able to divide drugs into values less of a gram (0.3g, 0.7g, etc). Of course, smoking weed can't be done with just rolling papers so in addition to rolling papers, a new water bong item will need to be created to allow others to smoke "bowls". The maximum allowed within a bowl will be 0.3 to 0.1 of a gram of weed. Smoking any of your weed will have to be done by clicking either the bong item or the rolling paper item which brings up a similar GUI to that of the split function, allowing you to place in X weed into your bong/pipe, or X weed onto a rolling paper or blunt before you smoke your bowl, or roll a joint/blunt. A new addition may include blunts. Blunts are cigars, unrolled of their tobacco and re-rolled with weed. For this reason, the minimum in a blunt can be 0.8g to 2g, maximum. The minimum in a joint can be 0.3g to 1g, maximum. The minimum in a bowl can be 0.1g to 0.3g, maximum. Once you select your amount, a proper automated action will be done by your character to allow others to be aware of your actions in-character. Items to be scripted in, are packs of cigars, and bongs & pipes. Cigars are similar to the rolling package item, and bongs and pipes will need their own little thing scripted in. ---- Cocaine The current script merely does an /ame action anytime you click your bag of cocaine, and the /ame says that you sniffed your cocaine. This, while kind of a light-detailed version of what is actually done, can lead to unrealistic roleplay such as sniffing a gram of cocaine all at once. The script that I am suggesting is to bring you an option of how you enjoy your drug, and it can bring you a variety of roleplay since your single gram won't go to waste as soon as you've roleplayed hitting a line of 0.1g. Similar to that of the bong/pipe system described above, this part of the script can allow cocaine bags to be clicked as regular but instead of it disappearing or decreasing by 1g and an /ame of you sniffing the cocaine, a GUI will pop up just like the bong/pipe and you will be forced to divide your bag of goods into a more realistic amount. A line can still differ from 0.1g to 0.3g, just like the bowl system described above in the marijuana section. Once you select your amount, a proper automated action will be done by your character to allow others to be aware of your actions in-character. ---- Heroin, Meth, PCP The current script merely does an /ame action anytime you click your bag of heroin, or meth and the /ame says that you injected (for heroin), and you sniffed (for meth). First off, these /ames are only one of the methods used to consume heroin and/or meth. Secondly, this can lead to unrealistic roleplay since players may inject heroin without ever having roleplayed a syringe with them, and players can sniff meth when the meth may not be in a form that is smooth enough to actually sniff sniff horay style. The script that I am suggestion is to bring a variety of options to enjoy each of these drugs. It will also bring a variety of roleplay since your single gram won't go to waste as soon as you've roleplayed taking the drug. Before we begin, let's speak about the ways of using heroin and meth. Heroin is commonly injected due to the nature of it's creation, causing it to be more impure heroin. For this reason, impure heroin would be dissolved with a mix of other substances. Pure heroin however can be strong enough to sniff or swallow. Meth is similar to heroin in the same way. It can be injected, sniffed, or swallowed, all depending on how it was made. To properly inject heroin, meth, and PCP, you must heat up the product (most commonly done by heating under a spoon with product being on the spoon), once it has melted, you extract the substance with a syringe, add a needle to the syringe and then inject it into your veins. As explained above, an syringe item will need to be scripted in for those looking to inject their drugs. Due to the many methods to use these products, a GUI will open when clicking on either heroin, or meth. The GUI has three options just like the weapon item GUI however instead of the first being Unload, it is Inject. This will only be available to click if the player handling the item has a syringe in their inventory, upon which you have to select an amount that you are injecting (0.2g, minimum, to 0.6g, maximum), and a proper automated action will be done by your character to allow others to be aware of your actions in-character after selection. The second GUI option is Sniff, which requires no item in your inventory. A line can differ from 0.1g, minimum, to 0.3g, maximum just like the bowl and cocaine system described above. Once you select your amount, a proper automated action will be done by your character to allow others to be aware of your actions in-character. The last option will be Close, and it will obviously be to close the GUI menu. ---- Ecstasy, Xanax, Oxycodone, Ketamine, Rohypnol, Crystal Meth, Unprocessed PCP Due to the lack of these items, I do not know what /ame is made when clicking on this item in your inventory however, these drugs are generally swallowed. Reacting to most of these drugs would take around 30-40 minutes. All of the items should be calculated in tabs, except for unprocessed PCP and crystal meth. Similar to the GUI described for the drugs in the paragraph above, clicking any of the drugs listed here would open up a GUI with three options. The first would be Swallow. This option works with all of the above, however /ame actions that pop up will have to differ depending on the drug. If it's a pill, you can swallow it without necesarry but if it's a powder, you can swallow by pouring the product onto a tissue or rolling paper (it'll dissolve), and then eating the paper or tissue with the product within, this would take some time (30-40 minutes) for it to kick in as it'd have to be digested first, it can also be put inside digestible capsules, easily purchased realistically from supermarket or most health stores. Any of these drugs crushed into powder, can also be mixed into water, juice, or drinking liquids, and the drug can be drank that way. This brings us to the second GUI option. This would be Drink, and is only available if a corresponding item like Softdrink, Bottled Water, etc, is in your inventory. After clicking this, an /ame action or two would appear to allow others to be aware of your actions in-character. Roleplaying drinking the mixed item would then be upto the player, and creates the /ame we all see whenever you drink something. The drinkable item does not require a name change. ---- Crack-cocaine (new item), Crystal Meth, Unprocessed PCP, Xanax The current script merely does an /ame action anytime you click you crystal meth, or unprocessed PCP, and the action is most likely based on smoking, or sniffing however as described in the paragraphs above, these two drugs can be swallowed and drank which is why the two drugs were added to the list above, however alongside these two methods, crystal meth, unprocessed PCP, xanax, and crack-cocaine CAN be smoked for a quicker, immediate high and is generally done with a pipe (except for xanax which may be mixed in a joint but that's TOO much scripts fam). To avoid interfering with any of the script suggestions I made above, this part of the script will work with a Crack Pipe item (that needs to be added). Similar to that of the marijuana pipe, when clicking this pipe, a GUI pops up however due to the different items you can place in the pipe, the GUI will be blank and have clickable buttons based on what you have in your inventory. For example, if you have just a crack pipe and NOTHING else, then the GUI is blank but if you have crack, a crack option is available in said GUI, if you have crack and meth, both are available, and if you have all, they're all available, and so and so. This can avoid interfering with the script that causes a GUI to pop up when clicking Crystal Meth and Unprocessed PCP, however can still allow us, the players, to function with both methods properly. After clicking your drug item in the GUI, an /ame action will say that you have packed your Crack Pipe with the item that you clicked on. The GUI menu will inform that you have placed your drugs in the pipe, in-character and another button to smoke the drug, upon which the GUI closes, and a proper automated action will be done by your character to allow others to be aware of your actions in-character. Due to the nature of this method, you cannot chose how much you pack into your pipe, and the amount is always at 0.2g as that is how much can fit within. ---- LSD, Lysergic Acid, Shrooms LSD and Lysergic Acid tabs are similar small pieces of paper that you lay under your tongue, until it dissolves and your tongue begins feeling numb. Not much is needed to change about the script as it already does an /ame that eats the item, which is close enough to what you have to do to take the drug. Not going to say anything about Shrooms because you do need like one or two grams to get you, and you just really need to eat it, an /ame that already happens when you click the item in your inventory.Thanks for the long read, if you did read. +1 from me to you, bbys. What are the advantages? +More legal roleplay for law-enforcement. +More illegal roleplay for players, and illegal roleplay. What are the disadvantages? -Can't see any but any script can be abused if you abuse hard enough. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion? None. Effects couldn't hurt but don't make them unrealistic as balls like they were before. How would you go about implementing this idea? Will need a lot of change in the current drug script, or a complete removal and make over although I think that would waste more time. I already altered the list of items in the administrator menu, into a list that's more appropriate for this list including new items, removed items, and etc. List of new item additions, item name changes, and item removals - http://pastebin.com/NmP1fFDH When mommy and daddy love each other, they make scripts at night time.
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Shop Hours (Automatic Lock / Unlock on Time) What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Allow shops (business interiors) to have a new setting that allows them to have set hours of operation. I'll explain more in the how to implement, but conceptually it's just a time check that runs with the on-the-hour checks and sees if a Business is slated to close, and then runs a few checks to make sure it's empty and then locks / closes it. It should add another element to stores and their RP, and allow people to set times to open / close even when they're offline. What are the advantages?- +Realistic where every shop is not 24/7 +Allows you to set your own shop hours +Saves shop owners money when it's closed, at the expense of not getting business then +Allows people to sneak in past closing hours by staying inside the interior, but hidden, when it closes (admin spectated as break-in) What are the disadvantages?- -Scripting Time -Could cause a lot of shops to close at off hours, but that's pretty realistic Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- No How would you go about implementing this idea?- Add a new area in /intsettings (or in the shop NPC UI) for business interiors that has "Automatic Hours", where you can set an "Opening" and "Closing" time for the store (In hours, not minutes, thus it can trigger with pay-day tick). The store will auto-unlock at the opening time, and then auto-lock at the closing time, thus not having the pay the custom shop prices because it's closed. If someone is inside the Interior at the time of it attempting to close, it will put a /pa out, "The shop is now closing, please make your way to the exit". Once they've left, it will auto lock behind them. (Assuming they aren't sneaking into the interior, which they can then just report for an admin and they can spectate the break in).
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    The Well Stacked Pizza Co.

    The Well Stacked Pizza Co. IC Information The Well Stacked Pizza Co. (better know as Pizza Stack) is one of the best-well known fast food restaurant in Idlewood. We serve the finest Pizza, Sodas and Coffee along with various other food items such as Sandwiches & Pancakes. Here at pizza stack; stock replenishment is out number one priority to ensure that hot food is always available. We offer a clean and safe environment for people from any walk of life to stop by and grab a bit to eat. The well Stacked Pizza Co is here for you 24 hours a day and 364 days a year. We have recently began doing pizza delivery straight to your front door on a trial basis, We dream of a world where hot cheese pizza is available to everyone across Los Santos. We are currently working on expanding our fleet of delivery vehicles and expanding out delivery routes. (Please note: Times of operation may vary depending on how busy we are.) OOC Information What is our goal? We are attempting to turn Idlewood Pizza stack into a more interactive roleplay experience for both new and experienced players on the server while also maintaining realism and immersion, we realize and understand that Idlewood pizza stack is based in a low-income area of the city. To accomplish this we have set into place a few changes to the shop without changing the way players are affected by these changes. 1) We have began stocking actual pizza box generics with out logo and branding on it for you and your friends to share, Eat in or take away. 2) We are working hard to make home pizza delivery a legitimate venture in an attempt to help break new players into the world of legal factions. 3) We recently have changed the interior of Idlewood pizza stack to its GTA san andreas conterpart which boast more seating and nicer aesthetics. 4) We now set aside set amounts of money for people who wish to rob us to promote a real low-income area (although we'd prefer if you didn't) 5) We aim to turn Pizza stack into a 90% player-run business, only relying on npcs in the event that there is nobody avaliable to man the registers. How do I join you? Our Application Form can be found here: The Well Stacked Pizza Co - Application Form Although we may not always have employment vacancies we keep all of application forms on file to hire at a later date. So you're making a faction that sells pizza? Cant anyone do that? We are one of the few legal factions who do not care about money or assets, We simply wish to create RP for the low income areas of Ganton, Idlewood and Surrounding areas. We hope that other people will also try to do similar types of things to bring the community together, Not everyone wants to roleplay as a race car driver or a millionaire businessman. We offer realistic wages that are realistic (roughly $15 per hour plus bonuses) for those amazing individuals who dont want to earn too much money and ruin their immersion. Rules 1) Treat everyone with respect regardless of any issues you may have with them Oocly. 2) Trolling / Disruptive behavior / Ruining other peoples RP is unacceptable and will be reported. 3) We expect all employees to act in a professional manner Icly like you would do in a real working environment. 4) Inactivity will have an allowance of up to 7 Days before you will be kicked and Icly fired for not showing up to work. 5) You must have acceptable english (both reading a writing) to be considered for employment with us. Rules will be updated regularly. (i am aware the current rules are fairly weak)
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    Rebel Nation

    Rebel's Nation is a group of rednecks who are beginning to occupy the Red County and Los Santos area. The Folks of the Nation are strong American patriots who wish to seperate themselves from the United States as can not tolerate "outside" citizens, such as city folk and foreigners. The Rebels typically are portrayed as american-gypsies and farmers as they travel place to place, MAKING MONEY wherever the economy is. The Rebel's Nation are supporters of confederacy and independentism. The current pack of rebels reside in Los Santos, trying to find sources of income while trying to enjoy life. All rebels have their own unique story, but the members of the Rebel's Nation are united under one cause, their very own lawless land, where they can live in peace without the troubles of the outside world, where like minded individuals of the same race can live in peace and support each other. The Rebels attempt to fund their living by committing various crimes such as selling/producing drugs, kidnapping, pandering and other illegal actions. Rules

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