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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Realistic Gas Pumps What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Vehicles What is the suggestion?- Create a script similar to the ATM script for Gas Pumps, and remove Gas NPCs completely. You would have to exit the car, right click on the gas pump to bring up a UI where you can choose how you want to pay. After paying, a progress meter would fill at a certain speed depending on your tank size. What are the advantages?- 1. Deters player's trying to fill a $100,000 sports car at a gas station in Willowfield, due to the risk of being robbed or carjacked. Going to gas stations in shady areas is risky IRL, I think this might simulate that some. 2. Would create more RP interactions at gas stations between patrons or bystanders. 3. Would prevent criminals from quickly filling their tank up when running low in a police chase. 4. Would create more opportunity's for criminals to rob, carjack or just harass patrons filling their tanks in low income areas. What are the disadvantages?- 1. Might be hard to script filling the car while being outside and not interacting with it directly. No real IG disadvantages I can see. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- N/A How would you go about implementing this idea?- Removing all gas NPCs and adding the script to each gas pump that is currently usable to fill your tank.
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Admin CK control panel. What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- GUI What is the suggestion?- So usually when someone is CK'ed, they get a very very short description of what killed that person. Not only does this limit things, it never gives enough information. So I am suggesting adding a panel to where admins can type detailed reports on the CK that way if an admin is called to the scene so cops can investigate, any admin can pull up this box and be able to give information needed to investigate. The box can have: Bullet Stats (if the person was shot, was it a thru and thru or is it still in the body? If the bullet left the body, trajectory can be determined and the bullet may be able to be found. If the shooter left casings, and if those casings has finger prints on them. Other stats on the bullet would be put here as well.) Body Stats (Time of death, any markings on the body, tattoos, or anything else the investigator should know.) Environmental Stats (Body degrade if not found instantly. Admins could add environmental markers in the panel to show that the body has degraded.) And any other stats useful to the death of said person. What are the advantages?- -Detectives have a better chance at investigating. -Any admins can give details on a CK instead of having to hunt down the admin that completed the CK to get the information. -Improves Roleplay What are the disadvantages?- -Might take up data and time having to fill something like this out. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Sadly, No. How would you go about implementing this idea?- If it can be scripted, all an admin would have to do is right click a body or use a command to bring up the box to edit/look at.
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- The Morgue What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- When you get CK'ed, your body is shortly investigated and then sent to the morgue ICly. OOCly, it's just "/bury"ed and never seen again. This is very unrealistic and knocks out a big portion of roleplay needed to be done. Yes, we could roleplay the body, but it's very hard to keep up with because the current system we have... kinda... sucks. So, what I am suggesting is a better morgue system be in place where instead of /bury we can do /transportck (or something like that) to which the body would be moved to a morgue. From there, the body could be deleted or kept. If deleted, all the information about the body needs to be obtainable. Adding a command to /lookupck (or something like this) that way an investigator or doctor can review the body ICly is prefered. If kept, the body could be stored in storage until needed, to which the doctor/investigator can RPly pull it out and investigate. After the body has been investigated, doctors/investigators can then /bury the body. (Honestly, I prefer cremation.) What are the advantages?- -Makes the current system realistic. -Adds a way for CK's to be properly investigated. -Adds another job to the medical profession. What are the disadvantages?- -A building or interior may need to be scripted in with freezers and a table. (Most likely this interior would be placed in the hospital realistically.) -Script might use a lot of Data (Keeping the data of the CK'ed people) Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Sadly, no. How would you go about implementing this idea?- As stated in the suggestion, a command would be used to RPly transport the body to the morgue. From there, commands and roleplay would be used to investigate the body. After that, the person in the morgue would decide what to do with the body.
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    Anyone in the community is welcomed to work on this script, moved to accepted.
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    fmt only causes limits. f3 doesn't mean success, its just structure and ease.
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Legal faction making from city hall + Payslip Incomes What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Faction What is the suggestion?- Legal faction making from city hall: I don't understand why do we still have to wait more than few weeks for a faction. It's not how it supposed to be IRL. My suggestion is, everybody will be able to create legal faction by paying cash in city hall. But it will require activation from GAT. The person who is going to apply for legal faction should have enough requirements for the faction. Example, if he makes a pizza deli, he has to get scooters with the building. You have to select atleast one building for the faction. Vehicles are optional. When you select them, VINs and IDs will appear on activation GUI of GAT. They will decide if this faction should be created or not. Once the faction loses it's last building, GAT will receive an alert about the faction and they can shut it if they found something not legit. Payslip incomes: When you own a shop, you will earn cash from each payslip. The cash you are going to earn will be random and depends on the price of your company. Sometimes the owner will have profit, sometimes not. Also if you want to earn cash from payslip, admin has to check the place out and make a simple command like /businesspayslip 1-0 (1 for activating, 0 for.. you know) so some business properties like personal garages or even garages won't earn cash from payslips. If a business interior is garage interior, they won't be able to earn cash. Some personal garages are being made as business property and it will cause moneyfarming. UPDATE: Those suggestions will be under control of GAT or FMT, you decide. What are the advantages?- + People will make companies and businesses more easily. + Hopefully, it will be a solution to high amount of business properties for sale. What are the disadvantages?- - Some more moneyfarmers may be suspected, admins has to be careful while accepting payslip from businesses. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Nope How would you go about implementing this idea?- I don't know. sori for bed england
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    (( must've read over it, don't be a incompetent little kid please.. you can talk with more sense if you're an admin rather than saying 'can't you read ' ))
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    I'd love this small script addition, it'd be great to take players out of their cars for literally a few seconds so that they can actually socialize also as noted it takes away the old fashioned script that creates some moments of unrealism especially surrounding high value vehicles being refueled in bottom class areas.
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    FMT has more jobs than making legal factions, such as looking after VM reports or controlling factions. FMT part sounds logical. I will leave the FMT or GAT part to community and staff of OwlGaming. Updated the topic.
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    So basically you want to render the FT useless, I mean I know they've been presumably slacking as of late and I'm only going off speculation and word of mouth but it's still a vital staff team that has proper oversight of quality and development. This wouldn't be a bad idea if it wasn't given to the GAT to handle, giving it to a team in which has plenty of times showcased various episodes of individualized incompetence through history in comparison to the low levels of incompetence the FT has had isn't going to improve the quality of the list of factions with a menu on the server. I'd say yes like I said, if FT are the moderators of this.
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    Yes, registering a faction (legal company) at the Government would be a big plus 1 from my side!
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    Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle Year: 1971 Make: Nissan Model: Skyline 2000 GT-R KPGC10 VIN: 19891 Mileage: - Description: A lovely Hakosuka for sale, tops at 275. Selling it since I am looking to expand my garage. It has an RB26DETT engine with a single GT35 turbocharger. (( Comments are disabled, please do not comment. If you have OOC questions, PM me instead. )) Images http://i.imgur.com/AxteDCk.png Starting Bid: $1,000 Minimum Increase: $5,000 Buyout N/A Auction ends: 21/01/2017 Contact Information: Phone: 341012 E-mail: (( Forum PM ))
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    Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle Year: 2016 Make: BMW Model: X3 xDrive28i F25 VIN: 10908 Mileage: 734 Description: Lovely luxury BMW! Images http://i.imgur.com/mbkkdSp.png Starting Bid: $1 Minimum Increase: $1,500 Buyout $25,000 Private Offers: [email protected] (( Forums PM )) Auction ends: 25/01/2017 Contact Information: Email: [email protected] (( Forum PM )) Comments: *DISABLED* (( OOC & IC ))
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    (( Comments are disabled, can't you read? ))
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    Name: N/A Comment: A ruined classic going for this much.. the fuck has this city come to.
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    Joe Winters, [email protected] (( @TIkemaro ))Head of Design & Development, The Media Group™
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    Name: Charles. Comment : For fuck sake. ain't got time for this... Bid: Buy out
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    Its not so much useful, its detailed. Could be made so you can steal petrol and drive off without paying (Would have to self NPC call doe)
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    Los Santos Auction House - Business Neptune Automotive Property Type: Business Address: Neptune Automotive Description: Today I decided to sell my beautiful garage It comes with 5 lifts for storing cars, a storage and a store with 3 staff. Oh I have to mention it also contains a huge apartment with all the space you need and basically every room overlooks the amazing sceenery of your cars. I will also leave the current stock (bunch of car parts, electronics, security items) and mechanical tools. The place also has a valid business license. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: $70,000 Minimum Increase: $2,500 Buyout: $110,000 or Best Offer. Private Offers: [email protected] (( Forums PM )) Reserved Price: $105,000 Auction ends: 25/01/2017 Contact Information: Email: [email protected] (( Forums PM )) Comments: *DISABLED!* (( OOC & IC ))
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    yes please as an administrator it is a pain when you handle multiple CK situations a day and then you have to remember for each individual one what happened when you get questioned by the Fire Department and the Sheriff's Department detectives
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    I like this idea. Wouldve helped me when I was the county corner. Pming everyone on the SD side and such was a pain because they either forgot or didn't care too much as I'm trying to fill out my own report.
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    Name: Sjonnie Bid Amount: $13,500 Contact: phone
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    Name: Sjonnie Bid Amount: $11,500 Contact: Phone ((Forum PM for details.))
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    Holy shit! Great fucking idea mate
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    Name: M Comment: A full body kit with a luxury electric crossover SUV? I feel like this city's population becomes worse and worse by the minute.
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    Yes please, it's way better than the dirty mouthed NPC who tells you to get lost
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    Yeah, I don't like talking to some NPC everytime I want to fuel my vehicle, and it's been the same for years.
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    Name: RBarbero Bid Amount: $8,500 Contact: 856238
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    Name: RBarbero Bid: $12,000 Contact: 856238
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    Name: RBarbero Bid: Starting - $70,000. Contact: 856238
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    Updated the thread. FMT or GAT will control it, community should decide it. Nobody said i and you know better than FMT tho' just saying.
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    Name: Thomas. Comment: Offer DECLINED!
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    Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle Year: 1992 Make: Ferrari Model: 512TR VIN: 20276 Mileage: 35 Description: This beautiful 1992 Ferrari 512TR is for sale by second owner. I took possession of this vehicle a few months ago and had it imported from a private seller in Canada. Current top speed is a little over 130MPH (little over 214KM) This vehicle has extremely low mileage and will be sold as is. At this time only cash will be accepted, no other trades. Current retail price for this vehicle is upwards of 0,000!! Don't miss up on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Images Starting Bid: 100,000 Minimum Increase: 1,000 Buyout 150,000 Auction ends: January 20th, 12pm Contact Information: 570470 - Cellphone [email protected] - Email ((forum PM here)
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    You obviously don't understand the purpose of the suggestion. What he is trying to say is they should merge the existing languages due to the fact that they're so similar and those who speak these languages in real life typically find themselves able to understand eachother. Right now they're all totally seperate, so regardless of how similar they are people who speak Serbian are totally unable to understand people who speak Bosnian, regardless of the fact that this is highly unrealistic.

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