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    Hello, I was told to come here and review this CK, and going from the logs I'll be going ahead and say that you showed disregard of your life. Your behaviour towards a person waving a gun at you and verbal responses to him are just not really showing much care for yourself at any point. I understand you got your reason to RP that way and whatnot, but then RP the result as well. He got frustrated with you and your responses by the looks, which frankly I can see why. And the phones calling ICly and you not wanting to toss them away is just adding onto it. Custom number or not, that's an IC item and it gets taken ICly. I'll refer to the logs Pixelz posted. Your responses and RP towards the male is just not showing much care for yourself and I don't see a reason as to why this should be accepted. 4000 hours or 1 hour, if you disregard your life ICly then you'll get the consequences of it. As much as it sucks. Denied.
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    You can't use the Paul is happy anymore since he's dead, here's the new one.
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    I must've been looking sharp today.
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    Name: christina, daughter of jesus bid: buyout mein neger
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    It's not my fault you PMed me. Pixelz didn't say the situation was ooc, I gave you ample time to type something. Either way, accusing me of that isn't relevant to Paul's CK appeal, unless you want him un-CKed.
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    Custom clothing made especially for you! Quality assured designs with competitive prices; https://goo.gl/forms/zV8sujHeKNcoDEjc2 Gallery ((Please note not all skins are made by me and this project is shared with @AnthonyAT33 and @Novixsus ))
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- No time to wait skins to be uploaded at Dupont. What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Temporarely availability to upload skins without having to wait due to the recent script update everyone losing their skins, it'd only be fair and not having players wait for 2 hours to get their skins back. What are the advantages?- Don't have to wait 2 hours. What are the disadvantages?- Many could be uploaded at the same time, but I guess this could be somehow moderated as well. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- No. How would you go about implementing this idea?- No idea.
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    Name: Private Comment: Oh fuck, too bad i'm a stupid cunt, thanks senpai.
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    Name: Laura Schneider Comment: You always put a dot at the end of the sentence, thanks.
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    Name: Private Comment: the moment when someone thinks every JDM is worth a shitload.
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    looking fly as fuck man love the new hair
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    Nice avatar. Looking slim brother.
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    I just don't understand how the hell can people listen to Drake? Guy doesn't have voice, nor he has stylish melody in his songs, wtf...
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    Name: auctioneer comment : congratulations you have won the auction I'll email you my information
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    Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- Toast Character Name- Paul Parker Date of Incident- 11/11/2016 Supervising Administrator- OhhPixelz Narrative- So, I was driving around with Frank Garnier (Jokerr) in my car, casually cruising around while he was IC'ly on the phone, speaking to Zoe Randall like he has been for the last hour or so((F***boy)), when he tells me to go to -Address-, so I drove us down there. When we arrived, we got out of the car and entered the interior, only to find Jordan Brookes holding a gun to Zoe's head, he then aimed the gun at Frank as Frank entered the interior, so I simply turned around and exited the interior since I was standing in the door-way. Outside, I got back into my car, and pulled my phone out to dial 911, but Jordan Brookes ran out of the house and got into my car, pointed his gun at my head and ordered me to put the phone down, so I hung up, and as I was about to put it down it rang, It was Frank, so I picked up hesitantly, he informed me that Jordan has ran after me, meanwhile Jordan was sitting right next to me, so I replied that I know, because he's sitting right next to me... then I hung up, only to see Jordan has typed out /me shoots Paul in the face. I didn't take it seriously to be honest, and told him let's RP, and he agreed, then ordered me to throw the phone out of the window which I did, ((Notice he didn't say anything about the shooting, we'll get to that later)), so then he told me to drive to -Location #1- so I did just as he asked, he told me not to speed, I didn't. we got to the location, when my other phone rang, I didn't answer and instead gave it to him so he could turn it off himself, which he did. Then he told me to go to another location, all the while he was complaining to me in /b on how I wasn't roleplaying fear properly, and how he was going to report me on the forums and what not because I remained calm, I still did what he ordered me to do IC'ly since he had a gun pointed to my head. I kept talking to him IC'ly trying to ease up the tension, and he took that as showing no fear, so I guess he reported me, because as soon as we got to the second location, an admin showed up (OhhPixelz) and was asking Jordan for evidence of him shooting me, and me not roleplaying fear and stuff, I was shocked because I had done everything he's asked me to do, I was complying, then he went on OOC'ly on how I'm getting CK'd for that. So after OhhPixelz viewed the evidence and all, he asked me to drive back to where I was shot, since we are re-roleplaying, and on the way there Jordan kept talking about how I was getting CK'd, and that I should also be admin jailed, then paused and said something between the lines of "wait nvm, you're already getting CK'd, that's harsh enough", which takes me to my next point, he's been trying so hard to get my CK'd so he doesn't face the consequences of the robbery, a robbery that I wasn't even involved in, the handling administrator himself asked him to "stop trying to get the worst possible outcome. Please." which I'll also include in the evidence. So when we got back to the location of which I was "shot", we re-roleplayed from the point of him shooting me, so I roleplayed receiving the bullet to my cheek, and falling out of the car, to which he responded by taking over the controls of the car, and while I was lying down on the ground in a pool of my own blood, roleplaying my injuries, he turns around and roleplays shooting me in the back of my head twice through the window while sitting in the comfort of MY seat, he was shooting over his left shoulder while wearing a gas mask mind you, I doubt he'll be that accurate, but I didn't stall the roleplay and asked the admin if I can continue roleplaying but he never responded, so I went ahead and roleplayed getting shot in the back instead, and while I was roleplaying that, my character was force CK'd out of the blue, I contacted OhhPixelz and told him that I was roleplaying my injuries and what not, but it didn't matter, I had to make a CK appeal, so here it is. My arguements on why I should be un-CK'd: 1. I complied to his commands, and I wasn't being fearless, or stalling like he was claiming I was. I didn't even have a reason to stall, I never went through with the 911 call, no cops were going to show up, that's for sure. 2. When he shot me, I roleplayed it, and when he got in the car, he could of driven away right then and there, but instead he turned around and shot me again twice, to get the job done, which takes me to my next point, his objective from the beginning was to get me CK'd, instead of getting away, for some reason. 3. I never died script-wise, I wasn't even given a chance to roleplay my injuries properly. Instead I was force-CK'd. Evidence- The logs of the entire situation, organized in order and seperated: http://pastebin.com/ESwpchya Photo to prove that he was wearing a gas mask at the time: http://i.imgur.com/FDTUlQ0.png Method of Death- Shot once in the face, and twice in the back of the head apparently. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes
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    Name: Laura Comment: goes 247 bud.
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    Yeah, no idea why they removed it. #BringBackTheAlmightyWeatherReport
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    Hello, This screenshot here clearly states you being told to get down onto the ground. Read upwards, that's how the log search displays it. However, all of you were made apparent they had firearms which were being pointed at you and they told you yourself to get down, in which you responded to it with "Mhmm". Which, if I must say is pathetic. A person wielding a firearm at you, clearly intruding into someones home and you respond with 'mhmm'. Again, read upwards; at this point he's raising his voice. Clearing showing he isn't joking, he's getting nervous and angry with the situation, still with a gun. He is now keeping the gun towards your face, and your response is "Calm the fuck down". At this point if you valued your life and your 4000 hours, you would be pleading for your life. Asking what you can do to live, obviously people handle situations differently, this isn't one of the main points of disregard. But it is still one. You then have the time to even question the phone. So, after him pointing a firearm at your face you continued to bargain with a masked male wielding a gun at you who's just invaded a property and is raising their voice. This is one of the main areas of disregard, he instructed you to toss the phone out of the window. He even roleplayed having the gun at you, still. Which I'd take as a reminder. "C'mon it's a brand new phone". That is basically saying, you'd prefer a brand new phone over your life. Someone is aiming a firearm at your face and yet you continue to whine about a phone? It's almost like you're geniunely upset instead of scared for you life. "Fine", like it was some effort-some task to drop a phone instead of lose your life? "How about I turn it off", another sign of bargaining with a potential life or death situation. Still, while you started to drive you yet continued to make remarks towards the male who has a pistol towards your head. For example, "That's why you don't rob houses", like he's in the wrong and you're making him aware? Your phone rang again, which you did throw out. He made it clear if you make any stupid moves and he'll 'blow you'. I'd take this serious if it wasn't before, yet "whatever" was the response? How can you justify such an action with a character that you had so much to live for? OOCly as well? 4000 hours yet you fail to understand how much effort you've put into the character? Again, you're bargaining with a potential murderer. He's clearly shouting at you and must I remind you he's still wielding a pistol aimed at your face, he's continuously telling you to throw the phone out of the window. You then ignore his command and attempt to make him feel better about the situation, "I'll drop you off and head on my way", whilst potentially losing your life over a phone? If that is not disregard, I'm unsure what is. Moving on wards, he called you out OOCly. Telling you to RP Fear, which you clearly wasn't doing at this point. You then responded about a unique number, you would prefer your unique number over your characters life? This shows the disregard OOCly as well, it's a phone at the end of the day, it's that or your characters life. Yet, you fail to understand that. He's still telling you throw the phone out ICly within the /b nonsense. For this next screenshot, you're seen to still be debating with the person who is shouting at you as the person is clearly angry and anxious about potentially being caught for the theft and is now potentially being chased/wanted by the police. He stated that after, he was unaware that it was Frank on the phone and thought it was the police, as two and two go together. Again, this is where the OOC sparks. He's telling you to RP the fear, again. You respond "Paul's not your everyday citizen". Regardless of being your normal person, you've got a pistol put against your head with a person who's wearing a gas mask who has just been caught intruding into a property with loaded firearms. You then continued to make more remarks towards the masked male, "Quite risky" and "Not really a good way to make money". This is just asking to be killed if I'm honest, you're provoking him ICly, questioning his ability still with a firearm at your head. I understand when you said you're trying to make conversation, calm him down however when he's refusing this and constantly shouting, it would be smart to listen to what he says. You did drive where he wanted, correct. But you disregarded much before and within the car by not following all commands. He also roleplayed the same line stated previously, "Still has aim at Paul's head". Almost reminding you of the situation you're in. All of this disregard and the situation it self is enough in my eyes to character kill someone, regardless of 4000 hours or you're not a normal citizen. You've got a crazed male with a loaded firearm to your head, who is wearing a gas mask shouting at you to do things yet you still fail to do so. That is a good enough reason to CK someone. Unless you can provide anything else I don't see this as wrong and your CK will remain. " 1. I complied to his commands, and I wasn't being fearless, or stalling like he was claiming I was. I didn't even have a reason to stall, I never went through with the 911 call, no cops were going to show up, that's for sure. " - I've proven this wrong, with the several screenshots above and the explanations behind it. " 2. When he shot me, I roleplayed it, and when he got in the car, he could of driven away right then and there, but instead he turned around and shot me again twice, to get the job done, which takes me to my next point, his objective from the beginning was to get me CK'd, instead of getting away, for some reason. " - I called him up on it himself as he was attempting to push for OOC actions. However, we do not limit peoples roleplay and if he wishes to finish you off he may, he knew it was going to be a CK. I understand your point, but he was willing to kill you before with a clear line of roleplay before I turned up, which is below; I was not there at this point which clearly shows he had all intent to kill you. The RP is too a poor standard, but it does get the job done. I'm not sure how you can elaborate on a single action. " 3. I never died script-wise, I wasn't even given a chance to roleplay my injuries properly. Instead I was force-CK'd. " - The reason why you wasn't killed scriptwise is because I told Jordan Brookes to shoot his bullet randomly, ensuring a bullet is missing after he roleplayed the actions. The only reason you wasn't killed scriptwise is because he didn't aim at you, in which he can't aim within the vehicle so I made him get out and shoot, in which he did and I created a district IC. He then RP'd shooting two more bullets, making that 3 to your head. You are dead after that. As for DejoPejo's response; " 1. Since when he can CK you without having CK app on you. " - You can be CK'd for disregard of your life, which it was in-game and look at the response Deuces gave, it does not matter how many hours your character has, if you dis-regard you've dis-regarded. " 2. His rp was poor. " - Paul's RP was extremely poor, not performing gun fear or fear RP in general. However, just because it was either structured poorly or to a poor standard it still happened, there is no doubt about that, unless he power gamed or broke a rule, in which he didn't. His roleplay is legitimate. " 3. Breach of golden rule? ( [2016-11-11 19:04:06] [Output] : Jordan Brookes: (( fucking rp fear )) ), I got ajailed for saying ''dont tell me to fucking rp becuase Im rping it''. " - I take things case by case, fucking rp fear is frustration. I don't see that negatively towards him and if Paul thought that he could of reported there and then. " 4. He bitched OOCly alot, where's ''rp now, report later'' thingy. " - He did report, the admins were busy until I managed to take it. But he was attempting to fix the non-rp from Paul in /b before an admin came. Overall, I see this is a valid reason to CK someone and the evidence is provided. Logs, screens and videos have been provided and I'm sure @AkhiXena would not mind if I showed the video, this shows the RP and the first starting scenes of the situation. In which, you still have your phone out.
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    Name: Private Comment: Most over priced vehicle i've seen so far, you're lucky if someone pays 30 grand.
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    Name: T Comment: Christ, you can't sell this car more then 20k.
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    Name: Jack Comment: lol Base model is around 140K, this is the most overpriced vehicle I've seen today
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    When top law enforcement official in server has this on his wall..
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    When you piss Skully off in his office.
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    Everytime I pass in front of this small forest, I'm expecting something like... haha.
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    Career Fields All Saints General Hospital has several fields to progress in available to an applicant, including: Medical Doctor/Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (Currently Hiring) The highest position in the hospital, Doctor's are the highest trained, skilled, and able members of staff. They represent 8-12 years of medical school and experience. REQUIRED EXPERIENCE/EDUCATION: Doctorate/Ph.D. in Medicine or Osteopathic Medicine, nationally certified Doctor ((Substantial real life or game medical knowledge. This position cannot be trained. You are expected to know what you're doing the day you are hired)) PROGRESSION: MDs/DOs can progress to specialties (specializing in a certain field of medicine), and can ascend to Medical Director, the highest position in the hospital. STARTING PAY: $100,000/Year (($1,150/hour)) - If fully progressed $140,000/Year (($1,500/Hour)) Registered Nurse (Currently Hiring) Nurses form the backbone of the rehabilitation and medical arms of the hospital. They are with a patient from arriving at the E.R. to inpatient services to recovery and discharge. They are highly trained and above all, versatile; a Nurse can help in most areas of the hospitals' operation. REQUIRED EXPERIENCE/EDUCATION: Bachelor's degree or Graduate degree in Nursing, nationally registered Nurse. Additionally, you can become a Nurse Practitioner after a long time. ((Decent real life or game medical knowledge. This position cannot be trained. You are expected to know what you're doing the day you are hired, or at the least be a substantial quality roleplayer to be hired.)) PROGRESSION: RN's can ascend in several ways, to a Pre-Hospital Registered nurse (Specializes in pre-hospital medicine; usually flight medics on LifeFlight craft, and can work in an ambulance), to a Nurse Practitioner, who is granted several powers of a Medical Doctor, or the Head Nurse who oversees all nurses on site. STARTING PAY: $70,000/Year (($900/hour)) - If fully progressed $90,000/Year (($1,000/hour)) Emergency Room Technician (Currently Hiring) The entry-level job, E.R techs make the backbone of the Emergency Room. They provide basic triage for incoming emergency patients and stabilize them. This position is similar (and you can work simultaneously as) an EMT or Paramedic in an accredited EMS agency or fire department. There is the opportunity to become a Licensed Practical Nurse, afterward. **This position is automatically open to all DPS, and other agency, EMT and Paramedics** REQUIRED EXPERIENCE/EDUCATION: EMT-B Certificate, preferably EMT-A Certificate or a Associates in Paramedicine. PROGRESSION: This is a good entry position into the field of hospital work, and can be a basis for a degree in Nursing or a Doctorate ((If your quality is good, you may be bumped to RN or even Doctor if you roleplay spending the time to go to school in that field)) STARTING PAY: $34,000/Year (($550/Hour)) - If fully progressed $54,000/Year (($800/Hour)) Prehospital Paramedic (Currently Hiring) Prehospital Paramedics make up the hospital's prehospital workforce. They are nationally credentialed and are the front-line for emergency services operations in the county. All Paramedics operate at the Advanced Life Support level and assist other agencies in day-to-day operations. **This position is automatically open to all DPS, and other credentialed agency, EMTs and Paramedics** REQUIRED EXPERIENCE/EDUCATION: Valid AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers and NREMT or state-equivalent EMT-B licenses. Applicants who possess their NRP must have their ACLS, PALS, and PHTLS valid. PROGRESSION: This position is entry level, and is open to those who possess valid education. Supervisor positions may become available for experienced employees. Transfer programs into Nursing School will be offered to those who show interest. STARTING PAY: $79,000/Year (($1,000/Hour)) - If fully progressed $85,000/Year (($1,200/Hour)) Auxiliary Positions Auxiliary positions, such as security or janitorial staff, may be occasionally needed. See job postings if these positions are available. Open Auxiliary Positions: SECURITY OFFICER I (starting pay $11/hour ((600/hour))) Not hiring SECURITY OFFICER (EMT-B) (starting pay $13/hour (($650/hour))) Not hiring LEAD SECURITY OFFICER (starting pay $15/hour (($700/hour))) Not hiring If you're applying for auxiliary position state which one in your application.
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