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    The Slavic-American Anti-Defamation Movement (SLAM) is a political group formed in the city of Los Santos. The ultimate goal of the Slavic Anti-Defamation Movement is to secure justice and fair treatment for all citizens alike and to put an end forever to unjust and unfair discrimination against and ridicule of any sect or body of citizens. How do I become associated? To become associated with the Slavic-American Anti-Defamation Movement, or SLAM for short, you just have to be of Slavic descent and feel the need to want to help change how the media, political leaders, Law Enforcement Agencies and the general public sees people who migrate from the Slavic region. Is there a cost? In simple terms no. To become associated, or a member, it costs you nothing. Just your name on a piece of paper and a way we can contact you with news and other information. Our organisation is a non-profit and is run off of donations from concerned individuals. I just migrated from a Slavic Country, can you help? One of SLAM’s goals is to help legal migrants amalgamate into the American lifestyle, so they too can try and obtain the American Dream. If you feel that we can help you, just go to our main offices and talk with one of our many volunteers. I want to help out, how can I? If you’re one of the many potential volunteers out there that want to help bring social awareness to issues which affect the Slavic-Americans, then all you need to do is go to our offices and place your name on a list. You can also spread the word via one of the many communication platforms which we have at our disposal. Show up at a public SLAM meeting and voice your concerns about how Slavs are portrayed in our media, looked down upon by our Law Enforcement agencies and ignored by our politicians. Donate a bit of your earnings to us here at SLAM and help us expand our offices and give back to the communities which have housed Los Santos’ Slavic people. I want to donate, how do I? If you want to donate to our organisation and help with the costs of running a non-profit organisation, then thank you. Just go to your local bank branch and send a money order, cheque, wire-transfer or just cash to our main offices here in Los Santos ((till F3 is obtained, Solomon Vesnik for transfers)). With your donation to SLAM you will be providing help which many of our members need. You also get a great tax break to boot. I have a question, but it’s not listed. If you have a question that isn’t listed here, than feel free to stop by our offices and ask it in person. Or use our e-mail services! A Message from our Current Sitting President Dear Reader, First off, I’d like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my words. I’ll take a couple minutes to explain to you who I am. My name is Solomon Vesnik and I’m the current sitting President and Chairman of the Board for the Slavic-American Anti-Defamation Movement, or SLAM. I immigrated to the United States of America in the early nineteen nineties from the ruined collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, commonly referred to as the USSR. I came to America to fulfill what I couldn’t in the USSR, to live freely and work towards a goal. After spending two decades here in the United States of America, it has become clear that there is a slight against the Slavic-Americans and the culture we bring to these new lands. This is where we, SLAM, come into it. We were founded on the principle of putting an end to unjust and unfair discrimination against and ridicule of any sect relating to the Slavic region of Europe. Our organisation has helped countless immigrants gain employment, the right to proper council upon their arrest and even obtain their green card to become one with the United States. So as the sitting President of the Board of Directors for the Slavic-American Anti-Defamation Movement, I want to thank you for your support; be it a donation or just a kind word. And if you’re someone who needs help and come from the Slavic region, don’t be afraid, send word and we will help. Solomon Vesnik, President Thread Version 1.1
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    We need a city centre. Club X, JGC Mall, etc. are located where they are because Pershing Square was considered city centre. UAT has already asked JGC to move our businesses further west, to the area at Market and Vinewood Blvd. A Verona Mall mod has been requested and planned. But it involves quite a lot of script updates, which will take time. In the meanwhile, I'd like to see some more detailed planning being done about the going west project. MT should be included in that as well. Look at solutions around the Market area for such as parking, public space, public transportation and safe road crossing for pedestrians (Pasadena Blvd.). Maybe we could have some kind of city square there somewhere instead of Pershing if UAT wants to move us away from Pershing? Like a area that works as a public park, for public events and for example where the christmas tree and truck is located in December. JGC Mall is planned to move to Verona Mall (still trying to figure out how to fit it all in), and Club X is supposed to be moved to the area too, but still struggling to find a suitable place due to size and parking. JGC HQ is already moved there, REC and some other dealerships has been there for long, and the hospital has been established there. So we're already getting there I think, compared to how dead this area was before. The scripts, and rest of JGC, will be ready to move in December/late November at the earliest.
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    Name: CoalRolaingSince1988 Comment: You broke the Auction House ToS, I do hope the previous bidders sue you for your breach in the rules. ** Two previous bidders would be tagged in the response ** (( @Kaasisbaas & @DejoPejo ))
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    Los Santos Auction House - Business Property Type: Business Address: Kennedy Avenue Dealership Description: This property can be used for multiple things. You can either use it as a dealership, as how it was used in the past or bring it back to the state it was before it became a dealership, which will be a mechanic shop. The property is located in Jefferson/East Los Santos, currently not being used. It also has a big underground parking. Exterior Images: Interior Images: Starting Bid: 50,000 Minimum Increase: 1,000 Buyout: 120,000 Auction ends: 15-10-2016 Contact Information: Will be provided to the auction winner.
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    Los Santos Auction House - Vehicle Year: 2008 Make: VOLVO Model: FH13 2500HP AND 3600NM BSR DIESEL DRIFTER TRUCK VIN: 17040 Mileage: Approximately 200 on new build Description: Black Smoke Racing presents to Los Santos, yet another beastmode creation. One and only of its kind in town, built by Dwayne Banks himself. The truck currently has 1500HP and 2600NM of torque at 5.2bars of boost. It can be brought up to 2500HP at 8.5bar of boost and 3600NM of torque. This thing shreds up the tyres for breakfast and chugs down more fuel than you can afford. Custom pumps, custom turbo's, custom fuel pump camshaft and custom made steering by Black Smoke Racing. Goes sideways on its free will. Will top out at 219KM/H, spinning wheels just about the whole time. Images Starting Bid: 100,000$ Minimum Increase: 5,000$ Buyout 500,000$ Auction ends: 31/10/2016 or when buyout is reached. Contact Information: Will be given to winner.
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    Both the auctioneer and bidders have an inherent right to privacy. 'Private' names may be used so long as the true information behind the users is known by Site Administrators, Law Enforcement (should it be required), and both the auctioneer and winner of the auction at the auction's conclusion. OOC Rules: Private bids must be placed by the private bidder. His character name may be left out. I don't see any private bids posted by someone, it only allows them to leave a character name out (which most do anyway)
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    Once an item is put up for sale, the auctioneer may not withdraw the item unless no one has bid on it in within three days. You had a couple bids above the $100,000 starting price, yet withdrew the item from sale. It's not false information at all, perhaps you should read the regulations.
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    I finally got the money to buy the brand new Microsoft Office!! It only takes 24 Floppy disks wow! (Project for school XD)
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    Mate, it's a business area, them buildings can cost more then 5 millions, so there won't be any nigga rp, there would be only real business man rp.
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    Welcome to the information section of SL Automotives. This is where we will go over the in's and out's of importing with the company itself, giving you the knowledge you need before ordering a vehicle with us. Vehicles imported through SL Automotives need to be from within the United States of America. Vehicles can NOT be imported through us if they already have an excisting dealership in-game and they're newer than 2007 model year. (Mercedes-Benz) If the vehicle you are requesting is coming from out of the US it must meet all state laws, DMV rules and not be on the banned imports list. Any cars being requested that are from "Carsforsale.com" - "Craigslist.com" - "Ebay.com" will be DENIED. Minimum amount of a vehicle being requested must be $10,000. (Exceptions can be made at the discretion of SLA management) Link most be a valid and usable link at the time of submission. (Wiki/info links to vehicles, expired/sold vehicles will be denied.) Banned imports list: Ultra-rare Vehicles. Such as a "1 out of 26 made". Hypercars that exceed 285 KM/H ((With the 75% ruling.)) Pre-modified vehicles. All foreign cars under 25 years old, this adheres to the 25 year old ruling. ((also including real-life grey market imports and federalised legal imports that are the production year of 1993 or above.)) All Kawasaki Ninja H2's. All Kawasaki Ninja H2R's. All Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R's (Non-GT-R allowed). All Nissan R35 GT-R's. All Challenger Hellcat's. All Charger Hellcat's. Import form: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/46-sl-automotives-import-request-ic/ - Please Use The Automated Form, Thank you!

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