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    2000 Gamecoins giveaway [Christmas]

    Hey. I don't need them so I'm giving away 2000 gamecoins on Christmas Eve. To enter, you have to drop a comment down below and like this topic If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on discord: Krakkfaen#2366
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    Will you be there?

    Will you be there? Over the past couple months the Upper Administration Team has been working alongside the creators of vG, @cat and @Daniels, to bring you an all new roleplay experience. We will have more details in the near future. However, some answers to a few questions you might have right off the bat. What mod are you using? Currently we are building the server using GT-MP. How will accounts work? Accounts will be shared among MTA, the UCP and V. Bans will also be shared among both games. Admin history is specific to each game, however punishment points will be shared globally across your account. Who's working on it? Myself, Daniels and Cat are working on the programming along with assistance in other areas from the rest of UA. We are looking for designers! We are looking for anyone who is good in HTML, CSS and JS to help design GUIs alongside @tree. Shoot me a PM if you think you'd be a good fit. What about MTA? We have no plans to close the MTA server so don't worry! We can't wait to share more with you about what we have in store, and we hope you come along for the ride in defining serious roleplay on a new platform. Regards, - Upper Administration Team, - OwlGaming Community
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    I Zoe's early life followed the footsteps of many young girls, however, her childhood was established in a different part of the United States Of America. Born in Alaska, Zoe and her parents were settled in Anchorage; living in a family sized cabin was everything a little girl ever needed as her childhood days soared by. It was a place of memories, even if that meant the sun had sunken below the ridgeline of the forest. Her pure soul would be placed on her father's lap, prepared for the daily bed-time story as the fireplace started to glow with warm embers. Both her parents were a symbol of faith and love in Zoe's eyes, having seen them work together to keep the family on the right track. Her father; a local fisherman, he was a hero, without the cape... without any of the special effects and spotlights... just a selfless, hardworking father figure who never let Zoe down. Her mother; she wasn't exactly hardworking like Zoe saw her father as, at least in her childhood. Zoe was puzzled as to why her mother would be at home all the time, however, that didn't stop her from loving both of them equally. II Growing up to her teenage years, Zoe admired her local area within the progressing city of Anchorage. School days would be everything but typical; she didn't have many friends but for the ones that she did, it was a blessing. One friend, in particular, was Eva Colebrooke, adventuring through the woodlands would be the typical thing to do for the young girls; and most certainly the school was an acceptable excuse for them to meander around nature's skyscrapers. Life was set at a comfort level that one could not imagine, her life was a path of straight lines unlike the rivers she would walk past every day. Being teenagers, Zoe and Eva didn't exactly plan to sit around and enjoy life in the woods, something was missing... something lively. III Things were changing, changing swiftly. The city of Anchorage started to deforest the nature around the waterfront, shaping many aspects of life which were too fast for Zoe to absorb. Only the parks were left behind, allowing wildlife to claim land which was labelled to be 'spared'... this was a pushing factor for most of the simple folk. With the change, it came to a time that the small family had to decide their next steps. Zoe had to take a risk by deciding to build her own path. At the age of eighteen, she decided that it was about time to be independent, something her comfort levels weren't prepared for. Being funded by both her parents, Zoe soon moved out closer to the urban environment, deciding to settle down in an apartment complex which was one of many after deforesting the city. She started as a volunteer at Alaska Native Medical Center, knowing that she wasn't destined to work at the nearby Alaskan Zoo nor the Care Home. Zoe didn't enjoy the feeling of using hard earned money to fund her livelihood, it didn't take long before she was hit with a feeling of guilt and vivid childhood flashbacks of her father. She remembered how long her father had to sit on the river bank, seeing what he could catch that the bears haven't snatched already. After a few months of floating around, young Zoe decided that she gathered enough knowledge and experience from volunteering to sign up to the nearby, Alaska Pacific University. IV Through the years of University, she turned a blind eye for romance... although it was for a good reason. Zoe couldn't live with the guilt of her being supported by her parents; sounds like an amazing thing but this isn't the typical white girl story that Zoe wanted to fall under. She was keen to be independent and wanted her parents to live stress-free, knowing that their daughter is able to support herself. Having spent the years in the apartment that was already paid off for, it was a breeze to graduate university when she only had one main target to aim for. She overlooked everything which was an accessory to the outfit, metaphorically being her life. Love, friendship, rivalry or drama? No need, her aim was to get an education and move higher up. Having graduated, she only had to feel guilty one last time because it was time for her to soar high above the mountains and into the warm island of San Andreas. The land of opportunities upon opportunities for individuals as eager as Zoe. V Arriving at Los Santos International Airport was an eye-opener for naive Zoe, although she wasn't alone in this large city. Landing into the city, she already knew why she had come to Los Santos instead of any other place in the United States of America. Upon exiting the arrivals area, Zoe was warmly greeted with a bouquet of flowers rushed towards her, instinctively realising that it was Eva Colebrook. Reunited at last, Zoe knew that Eva hadn't changed much considering she was invited to live in Palomino Creek, knowing well how much it reminded her of our quiet childhood area. VI Zoe's life was everything other than what she came to Los Santos for. Her first weeks in Los Santos were uncontrollable with Zoe and Eva visiting every place which hosted a good time. From club to club, they spent the weeks catching up with each other and having fun. Although it didn't take long before Zoe learned that accepting drinks that were pre-paid for her by a mysterious person wasn't a good idea... at all. Barely conscious from the heavy intoxication, it wasn't hard for a girl her size to be dragged into an SUV that she hopes to never see again; she also thanks her best friend for being there to safeguard her by driving them home... heavily intoxicated through the town. Zoe's last partying days were over when one night at Alhambra, a group of men decided to pick on her for not giving up her seat for them. Of course, not wanting trouble, it was about time Eva and Zoe stormed out the club... only to be stopped by the club's owner of course. After dealing with the thugs and talking to the club owner, Zoe and Eva happily landed themselves bartending jobs where the nightlife in Los Santos was frequent. VII Nightlife in Los Santos started to die off; agencies with bodyguards, bartenders, DJs and event organisers all vanished so quickly. There was little business left for the frequent clubs to even bother trying. Zoe had already formed multiple relationships with people she met as a bartender, of course, having the pleasure to serve the VIP section got her to know people who had higher opportunities. None the less, it was time for her to move on, but she needed a break from her abrupt start to the urban life. Visiting Alaska again got her to feel more at peace from all the loud music and flashing lights. This is where she took her time to finally draw out an idea of her career path, it was time to stop cleaning the bar countertop. Zoe decided that she wanted to go down the medical path by completing her Forensic Pathology Training and soon after finishing another master's degree at University. Having passed all the theoretical understanding of medicine, it was time for her to go back to Los Santos and turn it into an experience. At the age of twenty-one, Zoe volunteered at the main hospital upon returning back to Los Santos, it didn't take long before All Saints Hospital saw potential in her skills, allowing her to fly through the nursing ranks. Months upon years, Zoe was seen as one of the youngest progressing nurses in the hospital, having gone from patient care to advanced nursing as a registered nurse. This is everything Zoe ever wanted, a straight train track with no bumps... just like her childhood memories. VIII With the success at work, she finally had time to look back on these accessories to her outfit which she would brush past her shoulder in her teenage years. Time to meet new people, make friendships, relationships and rivalries. Her first few friends in Los Santos were, in fact, in question her mutual acquaintances. Having worked for the nightclub owner as a bartender, they would often communicate on a daily basis, this is where Zoe's friendship with him started to pick up. She soon found herself getting invited to private hunting evenings, shooting range nights, evening gatherings, simply enjoying the night sky on the roof of the club with a glass of champagne in her hand. Zoe couldn't be more thankful to the very person who provided her with a starting job, familiarised her to the friend circle which soon grew on her. It was at this point that Zoe moved away from her immature, partying days to a more formal lifestyle. This is where each and every person she was introduced to had an opportunity, even if it wasn't of interest to her. IX With mutual respect came tragedy because having built up strong relationships with people, at times it didn't end like a superhero movie should. With Zoe's success in her profession, she was in a stable position where she could send some money back to her parents and have more than enough to support herself. However, putting blood, sweat and tears into everything would never be enough to bring back the people she lost along the way. The girl full of selflessness and love was soon exposed to the chipping of innocence when her friends would be consumed by the disease called 'Crime' that was spreading from the East to the West. X Upon finally settling into Los Santos, Zoe put everything aside for a short time to form more mutual relationships, relationships with individuals that respected her; looked up to her with compassion in dear times; loved her for her character and devotion to helping others; on a more deeper level, Zoe eventually found herself a faithful relationship that would last her a lifetime. The faithful relationship that Zoe and her partner formed progressed into what every woman's dream is from a young age. She eventually flew out to Denmark to get married, having spent her honeymoon in Europe. Her marriage went on a rollercoaster as arguments flew in and flew out; tissues were pulled out and crumbled up; doors were flung open and doors were slammed. In the end, only one thing mattered to her and that was her devotion to her partner. The symbol of peace and innocence always made it through hard times, even in a city such as Los Santos... Please let submit feedback which would help since it's my first time dropping down the history of one of my characters.
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    1000 Gamecoins [CHRISTMAS]

    1000 Gamecoins Last couple giveaways, a few individuals decided to enter and spam the topics with quotations and useless shit, please refrain from doing so because it only makes picking the winner harder, this time around, I won't delete duplicate comments and just overall skip your entry if you derail, enjoy!
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    Vehicle Team - October 22nd, 2017

    VT Update - October 22nd, 2017 Hello, After a discussion within the most recent Upper Administration Team meeting regarding the Vehicle Team and how it functions, both in-game and forum wise. Myself and iV7Z have come to the conclusion to overhaul how the team works. Now, the Vehicle Team will no longer roleplay as the Department of Motor Vehicles. The only time the team will use the faction is in spawning vehicles for dealerships bi-weekly, or if a Dealership wishes to return a vehicle then a Department of Motor Vehicles character will be used. This is to ensure all of our forms are entirely OOCly. The previously called Permit for Modification or Customization is now a request, this is now an OOC request and the word count for the reasoning has been removed. This does not mean effort is not required, we as a team will now overlook the parts and ensure your character is able to do such a thing on the specific vehicle and ensure detailed and proper roleplay is done. This will mainly affect the internal side of the Vehicle Team, but as we wish to be as transparent as possible we should let you know. Every form the Vehicle Team had is now OOC, please be aware of this change and you can follow up the forms link to view the new questions/layouts which may appear new. As for the current ones we have that are being processed, they will be handled accordingly and the new system of OOC will be enforced immediately. TL-DR: Vehicle Team is an entirely OOC team again, we will no longer function as the Department of Motor Vehicles, GAT will now supervise any roleplay involving the Department of Motor Vehicle, this means forgery or license related. The forms are strictly on an OOC basis now and some of the questions have been removed/altered. If there is any issues understanding the following up, or wish to suggest more things towards the Vehicle Team. Please submit a Public Contact(https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/28-vehicle-team-contact-ooc/) or alternatively message me either on the Forums or Discord. OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Vehicle Team.
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    Alhambra Opening Night

    hiya im mario head of dinocos marketing department and what ive done it scrapped together the worst video in my life to keep my job thanks for watching too shit didnt watch: alhambra opens 31st october (hallowween_ haha thts pooky)
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    East Hill Syndicate

    Irish Organised Crime Irish organised crime is some of the oldest organised crime in the United States, existing since the early 19th century. In the pre-prohibition era these came in the form of Irish-American street gangs which competed with Jewish and Italian gangs in cities such as New York. Harsh treatment from Americans and discrimination is what pushed many of the Irish immigrants to this life. During the prohibition years bootlegging became a major source of income for many organised crime rings, including the Irish mobs and gangs. However it also led to much violence and conflict between Irish and Italian OC’s. A notable conflict would The North Side Gangs war with the Chicago outfit. Though over time, the Irish influence in America’s underworld would dwindle as Italians would assume control over the underworld in most places. Leaving Irish mobs and gangs behind for the most part. East Hill Gang/Syndicate The East Hill Gang finds it’s origins in East Los Santos, founded by O’Carroll and O’Farrell mostly operating in Loans, Extortion and Labour rackets. They assimilated many of the local smaller Irish gangs into their collective. They found themselves moving into Weapons and drug trafficking once they had planted themselves into Los Santos’ underworld. The first major bump in the organisations history was the arrest of O’Carroll in 2006 during a failed robbery. A minor resurgence occurred in 2016 when O’Carroll came back and assumed leadership once more. Jack O’Carroll moved the organisation heavily toward Weapons and Drugs. Moving them on the streets to lesser gangs and criminals. He had united many of the older Irish gangsters as well as some newer ones. This is where Cullen had joined and quickly made his way up as a Lieutenant. The money was flowing for a while until O’Carroll and O’Farrell were killed by police in a robbery gone wrong. Cullen went under, laying low for a while. The death of O'Carroll and O'Farrell in the Jefferson Motel hostage situation put Cullen into hiding incase any blow back would come his way from the authorities. Modern resurgence It has been rumored that there has been a minor resurgence in Irish Organised Crime. It is hinted that the focus has shifted more to Extortion and Gambling, as well as other rackets that come with those, the focus on guns from the old East Hill Gang has shifted away weapons trafficking for the most part in recent history. More focus has been put on Car Chopping, Extorting local businesses as well as backdoor gambling. Underground fighting as also been hinted at. They have been thought to recruit from the small groups of uneducated Irish-Americans around East LS. But there has also been some people of other western European decent. Recently Cullen has been making moves to set up new rackets with a new crew of people. Ranking Structure The organisation has thought to have been run like many other organised crime rings, using a pyramid structure consisting of associates, soldiers and a few leading roles. OOC Info Leaders have the right to CK your character upon affiliating with the faction, though this will be used as a last resort is most cases. In this faction were prefer IC punishments as we believe that there are many steps that can be taken before CKing someone, so long as they are willing to play ball. If you’re struggling to find an associate PM me on here or on Discord Lemonade319#9289. If you have any issues with the faction PM me again, on here or on Discord. Credit to @Unitts for the logo. Disclaimer: Thread is subject to change over the coming days.
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    Invicto Crew Resurrected

    Invicto Crew Resurrected “It’s not just about speed, It’s about passion.” ((All information in this thread is to get a feel for the faction and to understand the purpose of it, you may not use any information gained in here In-character as it will be considered MetaGame.)) Story It has all started in the early 90's, in Bone County, San Andreas. This whole crew began under the leadership of someone named ''Joe Dixon''. The group back in the day mostly dealt with arms and drugs smuggling/trafficking with some illegal street racing here and there. As years passed, Invicto ended up in San Andreas, under the leadership of Roxanne Fox, in 2002 she eventually disappeared without any trace or news, all that was missing from her house was her money and the keys to her Plymouth Roadrunner and the car itself. After her mysterious disappearance, the members of Invicto had decided to give the leadership to Alexander Rinkk, a young street racer that has been second in command after Roxanne. The Downfall Soon after Rinkk had taken command, the crew had been involved in a lot of activities varying from drug dealing to organizing and participating in illegal street racing events. Fast forwards 12 years later, in 2012 the LSPD had finally managed to find the garage where the crew had stored the street racing vehicles along with the stolen vehicles. Soon after, SWAT raided the place, took about five members in custody and seized all of the cars in the garage, as well as locking it down. The Comeback After the tragic event, the crew had fallen apart.. Most of the members were arrested, gotten huge fines, and put in prison by the LSPD for very long times, including Alexander Rinkk. A few managed to escape, not to ever be found by the Police. They laid low for a few years in a warehouse owned by a lad they had known located in Las Venturas, they worked very basic jobs to regain some money after they had lost nearly everything, took loans from people. In early 2017 they decided to go back to Los Santos and buy a garage to work on cars in, a few car enthusiasts liked their work and decided to join them; but this time under the leadership of Tyler Dixon (known by the nickname Prestige) who was one of the escaped individuals who then decided to lead them all in-order to continue The legacy of the Invicto Crew! RULES (( As much as you are not obliged to respect other members ICl’y, OOCl’y it's a must, always be respectful to fellow members.)) ((NEVER break server rules.)) ((Roleplay every single crash, no matter how minor it is.)) ((Use your common sense.)) ((Never use /district in public unless it’s a MUST.)) ((Always drive your vehicle realistically.)) ((You must have top notch roleplay at all times.)) ((Repeated offences or excessive behavior in violation of the rules may lead to punishments such as removal, blacklist.)) ((By joining or associating yourself with the faction, you are automatically eligible for a CK for any reason.)) Disclaimer "Please note that this is a remastered version of the original Invicto Crew faction, new rules and new ways will be used to lead this faction."
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    GAT Update - November 9th 2017

    GAT Update - November 9th, 2017 Hello, We wish to congratulate the Trial Administrators who have managed to be promoted to Full Administrator and we wish the best to those who have resigned or haven't made it through the Trial Stage. We are also opening the applications again, we wish the best of luck with applications. Application form: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/23-general-administration-application-ooc/ Promotions Andreas - Promoted to Administrator GentleFart - Promoted to Administrator Tailor - Promoted to Administrator Extensions G4mer99x Snap Unitts Departures iV7Z(Removed) Jonthulhu(Resigned) Makefoo(Removed) Squirdo(Resigned) TheRealAgent(Removed) Zyph(Resigned) Zythum(Resigned) All in-game and forum perks will be set as soon as possible. Once again, congratulations to all. OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Upper Administration Team.
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    SCHIAVIDELLAVERITA Slaves of the truth, a code unbroken since formation. (All information in this thread is for the reader to gain a knowledge of the purpose of the faction, and get an overall feel for it. Any information from this thread that is used In-character by any party is considered Metagame.) (CCCV) "It is the part of a fool to say, I should not have thought." Demetrius I Poliorcetes was sent to capture and punish the city of Rhodes. The war was long and painful, the city was surrounded by a tall wall. The attackers used siege towers in-order to attempt to climb over it, wooden structures that could be moved to the defender’s walls so the attackers could climb over them. A tower mounted on top of six ships was used to initiate his attack, shortly after that tower was smashed due to a violent storm leading to Rhodian victory. A second tower was built, equipped with catapults and skinned with wood and leather to protect the troops from archery. When the second attack had started, the defenders stopped the war-machine by flooding a ditch outside of the walls to tangle the heavy monster in mud. Almost a year had passed since this war had begun, it was believed that he was unable to continue this battle and withdrew. A soldier of Demetrius, a self-proclaimed Slave of Truth had deserted the battle, betraying Demetrius. He prayed not to be found by Demetrius’s men after he had fled Rhodes, yet his prayers were not enough. Demetrius’s men had caught him, and quartered him, resulting in a painful death. This was thought to be the first slave of truth, yet before Catholicism the slaves of truth were anything but known or understood. What could it have been? (CXVII) “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” Some trust he fell ill, in the year CXVII. Some believe it was edema, or a stroke, that took his life. Others believe that this is out of question, those whom believe that a Slave killed Emperor Trajan. A Slave of Truth, religious, who dwelled in Italia usually, more specifically Neapolis. Mere rumors among the common-folk, nothing to be noticed. This slave was later poisoned by an acquaintance of his, as per his request for redemption, and punishment, which ultimately lead to his death. This man was one of many, many similar to that of himself. Many that one will not, and did not discover. Those of primary devotion to the Holy Trinity. (CLXXIV) “Faith is to believe what you do not see. The reward of faith is to see what you believe.” Marcus Aurelius, was leading several military campaigns against Germanic Tribes, accompanied by his wife, Faustina the Younger. A soldier among Aurelius’ troops, a survivor under Aurelius’ leadership, and a plebeian, was introduced to Roman Catholicism during these wars. He did not devote himself to the theology at the time, he was a sinner. A murderer, eventually seeking a new beginning. After a travel to the Danubian Frontier leading to a victory in 178, a fellow foot-soldier whom was a self-proclaimed Slave of Truth introduced this man to baptism, with a promise of a new life. Some believe Aurelius died to an illness in Vindobona, yet others believe this foot-soldier murdered Aurelius, seeking initiation after the event. (CDLXXX) “If you build the guts to do something, anything, then you better save enough to face the consequences.” Julius Nepos, who some know as the last Roman Emperor, is killed by his own men in his villa near Salona. Among these men was a catholic soldier, a self-proclaimed Slave of Truth pressured into assisting in such an act. Odoacer then takes Dalmatia, prosecuting those deemed Nepos’ killers. The man flees, running from punishment for his actions as he runs straight into the turmoil as he enters Dalmatia unaware, and is caught and quartered. The man prays, and is killed for his previous actions against Nepos. (MCCLXVI) “War does not determine who is right, only who is left.” Charles I of Anjou’s army has crossed the Alps to fight Manfred of Sicily, and his army has been arranged into three “Battles”. Among the 400 Italian mercenaries in the second “battle” was Girardus Grasipi, who had managed an entire operation of slaves in his Sicily properties, his source of income unknown, and his purpose to fight alongside Charles even more baffling. He lead a secret society known as the Schiavi Della Verita, which was only known by his exclusive inner circle of officers. Grasipi was thought to have been a soldier for Manfred, yet somehow converted before the Battle of Benevento, another theory being he retreated North of Italy after being hunted before the wars, and that Charles took him in. Grasipi and the rest of the second “battle” proceeded to cross a bridge after Manfred’s troops were pushed back, only to be attacked by Manfred’s third “battle”, and ultimately, the 400 Italians including Grasipi were killed. (MDXIII) “The energy or active exercise of the mind constitutes life.” The Schiavi Della Verita grew from the Grasipi’s death. His great grandchildren honored his legacy, all of whom were baptised, often confessing to local priests about their sins. This was not all, though, they had another side to them as-well. The secret organization involved themselves in slave trade, torture, murder, kidnappings, and were responsible for a number of crimes in the Kingdom of Naples. The leader of the organization at the time was a man named Lazaro Pacca, who orchestrated the majority of the crimes through his lower bosses. Lazaro still assured that the members of the organization repented, yet he whipped them into the same routine once more. This happened on a weekly basis, shaming his men for what they have done, and shaping them back afterwards. (MDCCCLXX) “With faith, discipline and selfless devotion to duty, there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve.” The remnants of the Papal States were overthrown by the King of Italy and his forces. The Schiavi Della Verita remained, and continued their practices of Roman Catholicism and crime in Rome, which was now under the King of Italy’s sovereignty. This did not halt the Schiavi Della Verita whatsoever, it remained strong from the beginning. Under the leadership of Simone Quicci, the Schiavi Della Verita remained discreet and without a trace. Several more murders were carried out until Quicci was killed by his own Lieutenant, who was then tortured and held for years after. (MCMXVI) “Always walk away from a fight. Then ambush.” Before the Battle of Asiago, a small amount of troops abandoned their formation and left as a group. These soldiers were self-proclaimed Slaves of Truth. After they abandoned their lines, artillery fire broke out, and hence the combat of the Battle of Asiago begun. The Austrians had begun an assault on the Italian lines, and the few who made it out before the assault had run into a flank of Austrian soldiers. They hid, and to their surprise, they survived. The soldiers hadn’t escaped death, they chose to fight. They opened fire on an Austrian flank from behind, killing and injuring a noticeable fraction of the soldiers before being pushed into a corner, praying for forgiveness before being shot to death. These men were known by the Schiavi Della Verita as the Grasipi’s Descendants, for their death in combat was in a similar way to Girardus Grasipi’s death. (PRESENT) “This does appear to be a secret society.” “Everyone has three lives, a public life, a private life, and a secret life.” “Catholicism is not a soothing religion. It’s a painful religion. We’re all gluttons for punishment.” “The sweat, the time, the devotion, it pays off.” “Life is neither a place for good or evil, but only a place for good and evil.” (Written by @Gambit and @G4mer99x) (Do not approach me pertaining to this matter, the leader of the faction is @Gambit so please forward all questions/comments pertaining to the faction to himself.) ((Upon Joining you give immediate character kill permissions to the leader(s) of the faction.))
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    PRESS RELEASE “OPERATION PEGASUS” _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 13/11/2017 District Attorney's Office District Of Los Santos Los Santos, San Andreas ---- San Andreas State Police, in cooperation with the Federal Task Force, have successfully obtained numerous warrants, seizures and convictions after the deployment of “Operation Pegasus.” Over the course of the last few weeks, undercover State Police Troopers have conducted clandestine surveillance and infiltration of the “High-Performance Vehicle” community within Los Santos, specifically targeting illegal street racing, “Pink-Slip” events, chop shops, street-illegal vehicles and reckless “stunt” driving. In total, the San Andreas State Police, under "Operation Pegasus" have seized seven (7) “High-Performance Vehicles” used in illicit street-racing events, three (3) firearms, and over one-hundred (100) grams of narcotics. The following is a to-date summary of convictions and outstanding warrants; TYSON ABELA - Convicted of: Driving Under the Influence (TF004), Felony Street Competition (TF006), Illegal Drug Possession With Sale & Delivery Intent (DF003), Sale of Illegal Drugs (DF004), Carrying a Unlicensed Firearm or Weapon (WF002), Possession of NFA Items (WF010) TYLER DIXON - Convicted of: Driving Under the Influence (TF004), Felony Street Competition (TF006), Carrying a Unlicensed Firearm or Weapon (WF002) ROXANNE SHEPPARD - Convicted of: Felony Street Competition (TF006) REGINALD LITTLE - Convicted of: Driving Under the Influence (TF004), Felony Street Competition (TF006) DIOGO GOMEZ - Convicted of: Felony Street Competition (TF006) x 2 BOOKLYN LEACH - Charged with: Felony Public Endangerment (TF007) x 2, Felony Street Competition (TF006), Reckless Driving (VC041) x 2, Unregistered Vehicle (VC036), Driving Without License Plate (VC025) AIDEN CROSS - WANTED - Warrants for: Felony Street Competition (TF006)*** ANTONIO BERNARDI - WANTED - Warrants for: Felony Street Competition (TF006)*** *** Guaranteed $5,000 reward for information leading to arrest of. Call 911 if seen. END OF RELEASE (( A Heavily Monitored and Censored Comment Section would be Open ))
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    Brimstone Project Pirus

    Brimstone Project Pirus, is a loosely connected set to the nationwide Blood gang family, located in Idlewood Los Santos, San Andreas County. The set refers to themselfs as B-T0wn Royal Pirus, and often uses the five pointed Crown on their graffiti to claim the alliance of Blood nation. There is little to none documented information about member base or what sort criminal activities they are bonded to other then with a small charge of possesion of illegal narcotics and firearms. The gang is founded in the central parts of Idlewood at the end of 2017 by a small group of African-American teens that had connections to Bloods beforehand. The gang is a multiculture gang mixed with blacks and samoan's. They are known to be a Hustler (Hustla) gang and focuses mainly on making profit on narcotics trade, rather then rivalry and gang shootings. Claiming corners is the most known way for them to sell there narcotics and they will do anything to keep the corners. The set can be identified on diffrent red/maroon colored clothing, everything from shoes, pants, shirts, hats, shoelaces or a red/maroon banadana (flag) hanging out of the back pocket. There is diffrent ways to be initiaded into the gang, depending on if you are a male or female. The commonly is, Beat Down, Jacked in, Blood in, Sexed in. OOC The Thread is a work in progress, I'd rather make my story icly then on the thread. Upon joining this faction you agree to the known CK clause.
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    How to illegal rp

    In this tutorial, I'll show you how to steal something without getting caught! Thank you for watching
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    Hello guys! I hope you all were waiting for something like this, so I'm up to share with owlgaming few of my made skins. Be sure and stay your like over here! Enjoy! If I gonna hit up more than 50likes, then I will make a PART II. Sorry, I fucked up a bit with spoilers, but open them all, so it will be okay, I just dunno how to fix dat. :S
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    The Serano Crew

    "The Serano Crew" __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ History The Serano Crew was formed by Giuseppe Serano The First in the 1960s within the region of Milan, Italy. Milan has been notorious for its high crime rate and extensive record of individuals who possess tendencies to commit serious illegal misdeeds. The Serano Crew was very secretive, Giuseppe Serano The First was accompanied by relatives and close friends in which carried out unlawful acts. The Serano Crew used the Rightist riots in Reggio Calabria against the regional capital being set in Catanzaro in order to hide their delinquency. Whilst individuals were distracted they focused on their middle-man scheme and eventually gained the trust of various illegal street gangs which would purchase firearms, narcotics, and other sorts of 'goodies' from the Serano Crew. After riots started to belittle, The Serano Crew kept going through the motions and were easily caught due to their lack of creativity within their line of work. Many individuals began fleeing the country after the word got around that various 'Made-Men' were being incarcerated for various serious offenses. Many individuals took a plea deal and assisted the police in order have a shortened sentence which then Giuseppe Serano The First was found during multiple police raids and was found guilty to many charges such as Furnishing/Attempting to Furnish Another With a Firearm, Being Armed with a Firearm during the Commission of a Felony, First Degree Murder, Second Degree Murder, Drug Trafficking, and Mayhem. Los Santos & Giuseppe Serano The 3rd After the family name, Serano was cursed down in Milan, the son of Giuseppe Serano The First, Giuseppe Serano The Second decided to move to San Andreas for a better life and a clean slate with his memorial last name. Giuseppe settled down with a wonderful female with the name Scarlett Serano and the both of them conceived a child on the date, May 11, 1986. Following the family tradition, they named him Giuseppe Serano The 3rd. Giuseppe was a young individual when he was exposed to the life of his grandfather. He quickly idolized his grandfather and pertain the skills that he held with him. As Giuseppe grew up he began to follow the certain group most parents would try to navigate their children away from. Twenty-five years later, Giuseppe, The 3rd locates an old friend named Johnny Balistrieri. Giuseppe is recruited by Johnny to work within their family business. Shortly after his entrance to their family, the Ballistrieri Crew died out due to incarcerated members as well as a list of missing people. Giuseppe lied dormant for four years in order to make his return to the life of crime, following the Ballistrieri Crew's fictional footsteps. Thus, The Serano Crew was reborn after two generations. The Ranking System The Serano Crew was attempting to become a full-fledged organization that would soon wreak havoc on the area of its choice. Due to the incline in members, ranks had to be appointed to ensure that respect, leadership, and secrecy was preserved within the organization. The ranks started with the Boss. The Boss was in charge of everything and everyone. Not one individual should disrespect this individual or leak out information containing his personal life. The same goes for the Underboss. The second was the Consigliere rank. This rank was the Boss', right-hand man. They would secure information and relay it to the Boss in order to elevate the aspects and overall better the organization. The third was Caporegime which translates to Leader in English. The Caporegime's job is to keep Soldiers in line and provide them with various items either to sell, exchange, etc. They're workhorses for your errands. Caporegimes report directly to the Underboss or Boss of the organization. The fourth would be Soldier. The role of the solider is to follow the orders of the hierarchy and listen to their designated Caporegime. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CK Clause By partaking in faction activities such as, hanging out with us, faction meetings, the faction discord (FMT is welcome), and committing crimes with the faction you're agreeing to a CK that can be implemented at any time with a proper reason. All faction CK Issues MUST go through the placeholder of the Underboss or the Boss of the faction. If no hierarchy individual is available the individual must go through the current FMT Liason. Discord - https://discord.gg/qMfTm57 With all factions, we decided to use discord. This way we can have a system that basically works as an 'F3'. This allows us to talk about various topics including OOC Matters, General Misc., and we've got a sick music bot. Shout out to Bon Jovi. Upon joining ur discord you will receive the rank TBA this stands for To Be Assigned. PM Giuseppe "Joe" Serano or Antonio "Tony" Cesario for permissions. If you're looking to join as a new member, send us a PM on discord and we'll go from there. As well as we do have an FMT Leader that may be able to help you if you want to go entirely IC about that.
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    Grahan Stonkon v. John Stonkon [11/2]

    SUPERIOR COURT OF SAN ANDREAS Civil Petition Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos Graham Stonkon Versus John Stonkon Subpart 1. Accusation. In the matter of this civil petition, Graham Stonkon on the November, 02 2017 nearly christmas, accuses John Stonkon of: theft Subpart 2. Demands. The plaintiff, Graham Stonkon Here demands the following: $10,000 Subpart 3. Narrative. Basically, I lent my brother John here $10,000 see for him to buy a new car see. Thing is, pretty obvious that he lent it because he has a car right but he doesn't have a penny to his name and the prick doesn't work so you tell me[exhibit a]. I just want my 10 grand back because I'm skint myself and it's wrecking me now. Don't really want to fall out with the bloke but its the way of the world nothing really i can do on my part if he won't pay me back is there. Subpart 4. Evidence. Exhibit 1. Subpart 6. Ancillary Information. Defendant Legal Representation: Graham Stonkon Plaintiff Legal Representation: Contact Information: Presiding Judge: X Subpart 7. Declaration. I, Graham Stonkon, affirm that the foregoing is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. @Bum
  17. 16 points

    Die Kommission

    ~ DISCLAIMER; UPON READING THE FOLLOWING, YOU AGREE THAT YOU WILL NOT USE ANY OF THE VITAL INFORMATION IN-CHARACTER WITHOUT CONSULTING ME FIRST. ~ Die Kommission is a group of adults ageing anywhere between 18-45, mainly consisting of German ethnicity however the crew is known to recruit members of other European, Euroasian, and Middle-Eastern origins. Die Kommission translates into "The Commission" in German, and therefore the crew and its entirety is referred to as "The Commission". Die Kommission base their goals on making money necessary to create order in the illegal underground while spoiling in the profits. This includes partaking in grand theft auto, fraud, extortion, selling of stolen goods, counterfeit goods, and ultimately the trafficking of fire-arms and narcotics. It is rumoured that "The Commission" operates out of the town of Montgomery. Not much else is known about "The Commission" or... Die Kommission. ~ UPON JOINING; MEMBERS WILL AGREE THAT ANY LEADER OF THE FACTION HAS THE ABILITY TO CK A MEMBER DUE TO ANY IN-CHARACTER REASON IF DEEMED FIT. ~
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    VT Update - November 2017

    VT Update - November 20th, 2017 Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has shown interest in joining the Vehicle Team. However, to those people who haven't managed to join the team this round we would like to encourage you to try again soon as member applications are now always open. Below are going to be the recent changes within the team. VT Arrivals: N/A VT Promotions: dxrk - Promoted to Trial Supervisor VT Extended Trials: SkiZion - Extension for Trial Member VT Demotions: Cryotich - Demoted to Member VT Departures: EK47 - Removed Squidy - Removed Secondly, the updated list of the dealerships and their owners. Dealership changes: - Accepted Dealership: Price's Specialties. - Aircraft & Seacraft type dealerships per-requisition capacity changed to 7 Aircraft slots and 3 Seacraft slots. - Aircraft & Seacraft tax system internally implemented. - Aircraft & Seacraft price system internally implemeted. The list of active dealerships are the following: Mercedes-Benz of San Andreas (Brand) - JameZ & Nader Robert's Exclusive Cars (Exotic) - Tidemo Dinoco (General) - Mogs, Unitt & Script JGC Aviation (Aircraft & Seacraft) - Conkers & Krakkfaen SL Automotive (General) - Kazang LS Occasions (General) - Jelle & Franco Liberty Cars (Import) - Benjey, Renegade & Maboo Rennsport Motorcars (Exotic) - Swanker & Law Nostalgia Imports (Import) - RileyBaxter, DxRK & Cryotich A1 Automotive (Junker) - Alfredas & Termosas KB's Bargains (Junker) - Kaasisbaas, Krakkfaen & EK47 Price's Specialties (Aircraft & Seacraft) - BrukONE The updated list of our currently banned imports. Although, this is subject to change before the next monthly VT Update so ensure to double check with your dealership you're ordering from, this is just a brief summary. Dealership owners have live updates to this list so be sure to check with them as mentioned. No vehicle bans or unbans have been made this month; the list remains the same which can found be in the previous update: A major update we've been working on will now take effect which includes all vehicles whether stock or modified having significantly slower acceleration in low speed ranges. Due to overall map scaling and how insanely fast vehicles currently are; its a bit of an issue when 2,500KG SUV's get 0 - 100 in 2.5 seconds. This applies for vehicles and as you can imagine or probably seen, sports coupes of all years are even worse and unrealistic. This major change should bring not solidly accurate, but more so accurate lower acceleration times. To clarify, overall acceleration won't be affected and neither will top speeds, only 0 - 100 ranges of acceleration will be. As we did with the update on vehicle taxes a few updates back, this will have the same effect. Any future modified, changed or spawned vehicles will have this change applied to them but obviously we will try to do others as humanly possible. - Suggested by @ResidentPeach. As mentioned briefly above in dealership changes; we have been working on systems for Aircraft & Seacraft type dealerships. There is now internally implemented price and tax systems for Aircrafts. This update will allow significantly more roleplay opportunities for evolving around aircrafts and airports. All types of aircrafts will now be more easily acquirable but will require a lot of capital still to maintain realism but have that freedom for more roleplay experience. The new tax system for them will also work along side with it and should be equally as harsh as the new tax system we have to cars and bikes. Allowing all types for more adaptive roleplay will be there to grasp but mass owning them will be costly as they should be. - Suggested by @tree. Additionally, we've done quite a bit of testing and have worked on legal lower grip limits to be changed. Grip in the lower ranges for legal vehicles has now been changed to be slightly lower. This update should be more realistic for old junker vehicles, degraded tires and the side of the community that are into drifting and such. In some respects us as VT have been a bit too generous when it comes to grip, having the lower grip limit on what it was before made even the shittest of cars handle like they're ready for a track. Braking shouldn't be affected by this change as we have a solid stat limit for that and after testing I found no issues. The update should be nothing but beneficial for lower power drifters as some realistically are, and of course the main aspect; junker vehicles having too good grip. - Suggested by @Jordang & @iV7Z. Following the update made by OhhPixelz in October last month of VT forms now being processed as OOC, we've decided that it'd be beneficial for players to have more freedom when it comes to unsafe builds. Not to the extent of stuff blowing up or overheating without supporting modifications, but more so for character safety and handling power without much handling. This obviously entales Administrator's to enforce character kills more for unsafe build crashes but having the freedom for players to do so isn't an issue. Unsafe builds overall are now a bit more flexible and plausable for people who wish to sacrifice the risk and not bothered to keep it safe. This also falls into connection with how crashes would affect vehicle damage and disabling by a VT Member as we are working to be more supportive with disabling crashes. - Suggested by @RileyBaxter. All changes mentioned above are to be in effect immediately following the posting of this update and will apply to all future requisitions, forms and report handling. Kind regards, Vehicle Team.
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    [LSIA] Bright New Future

    October 28th, 2017 ______________________________________________________________________ Bright New Future ______________________________________________________________________ The Los Santos International Airport is happy to announce the recent changes within their leadership. Kelly Bourke and Ernest Price have been appointed as Administrator, and Deputy Administrator respectively. A new leadership is bound to bring changes within the department itself. The new team plans on revamping the Flight School scheme, making the licensing process for both the student and the instructor a better, safer, and organized experience. New teaching methods will be introduced to ensure all pilots are qualified to fly over the San Andreas airspace safely, while still focusing on providing licenses efficiently and hassle-free. Aside from the Flight School plans, the new LSIA administrators are in the process of changing the ARC protocols, a future mandatory change for all Los Santos pilots which will be presented by 2018. A bright future can also be seen by the Airport Maintenance crew, with a rework on the department being worked on, as well as an inclusion of a new Airport Security team to work under in International Airport grounds. Kelly Bourke & Ernest Price, 2017
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    October 26th, 2017 ______________________________________________________________________ Bureau of Traffic Services Leadership Restructure ______________________________________________________________________ Amid the recent corruption scandal surrounding the Bureau of Traffic Services, the bureau was restructured entirely to provide a more transparent view of how we operate. The Finance Commissioner of the Government of Los Santos, Kazimir Nikolaev, was hired as the Director of the Bureau of Traffic Services. Kazimir has served the city in many ways over the last two decades. Namely, he was a Detective with the Los Santos Police Department and helped improve financial transparency of the government by serving as the Finance Commissioner. We wish Mr. Nikolaev luck during his time as the Director of Bureau of Traffic Services. Within few days of taking control of the bureau, the new management removed the bonus system that was loathed by the taxpayers. This system was deemed a misuse of funds due to the mere fact that individuals that received these fruitful bonuses were simply doing their job. While the new management absolutely appreciates and thanks, all employees of the Bureau of Traffic Services for their hard work, we believe it is unfair to the taxpayers to grant bonuses totaling tens of thousands of dollars. Additionally, the sales lot and auction lot was immediately closed down and the appropriate properties will be auctioned off in coming days. Furthermore, in an effort to reduce the burden upon the taxpayers, the bureau's fleet was downsized by 50% to reduce upkeep and maintenance costs. Finally, wages of employees across the entire bureau, including management themselves, was reduced in order to reduce the burden on taxpayers. The Bureau of Traffic Services is a governmental entity and we feel it is extremely imperative that we do not burden our taxpayers. We thank you for your support throughout this transition. Additionally, we would like to thank our employees for the hard work they do towards ensuring our citizen's concerns are addressed. Bureau of Traffic Services Management ______________________________________________________________________ Director Kazimir Nikolaev Personal Statement: I'm very thankful for the opportunity the C.P.Q.L and Thomas Mengele has offered me since my retirement from the Los Santos Police Department being offered the chance of leading such a renowned company like the Bureau of Traffic Services. It is regretful to see that the previous management damaged the reputation of this company by putting themselves ahead of the citizens of our city. I hope that this fresh change will be the right first step to righting a wrong that many considered scandalous. Myself along with the employees at Bureau of Traffic Services are working an endless amount of hours to offer our services every day, anytime, seven days a week. Luckily, I and the current management are not afraid to step in and assist our operators when calls pick up. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Bureau of Traffic Services, please contact me at my E-Mail: Email: [email protected] Thank you, K. Nikolaev _______________________________ Assistant Director James Campbell Personal Statement: I am a former Deputy Administrator of the Los Santos International Airport as well as a former Police Officer with the Los Santos Police Department. I am glad to have been chosen to serve the city as the Assistant Director by Commissioner Mengele. I have experience and deep understanding of management within both the public and private sectors. The plethora of my experience rests in management of company operators, and thus I am extremely pleased to have been given the chance to serve the Bureau of Traffic Services. I and the rest of the management have been working tirelessly to get the Bureau of Traffic Services back onto its feet. As mentioned earlier, a lot of changes were effected overnight following the transition in leadership. We aim to please and intend on improving the public's idea of the Bureau of Traffic Services and help transform the image into something better than what it was. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Bureau of Traffic Services, please contact me at my e-mail: [email protected] Thank you, J. Campbell _______________________________________ General Manager Mac Tailor Personal Statement: It is a wonderful opportunity to help effect change throughout the streets of Los Santos. I have been doing so since the beginning of my career with the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department over ten years ago where I served as the Lieutenant of Administrative Services Bureau. My experience has helped me take the correct first steps within the Bureau of Traffic Services by restructuring the old human resources system as well as the methods with which we train our operators. Many changes have occurred behind the scenes within the last two weeks, most of which many of our citizens simply do not care for, nor should they. The changes I am referring to are simply to ensure smooth day-to-day operations within the company while providing a much better end result for the city. The most important thing is that we're continuing to assist the citizens and other government agencies, and doing so in an efficient and safe way. I am extremely happy to be able to say that transparency within the Bureau of Traffic Services has become more a priority as well as reducing the financial burden posed by the taxpayers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Bureau of Traffic Services, please contact me at my E-Mail: [email protected] Thank you, M. Tailor _______________________________________ Want to apply for a rewarding career? Apply now CLICK HERE
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    Custom Interior Object Limit

    Evening. For once, I'd like to retain my seriousness on a topic for more than 5 minutes, as opposed to the usual routine. That said, I'd like to talk about a matter that sits heavy on my heart - The interior object limit in Custom Interiors. Now, as a mapper, I've accumulated my fair share of experience and done plenty of maps. Finished my 80th map tonight, in fact. (Probably more if you account for the maps that have been lost and weren't saved), therefore it's a very safe assumption to state that mapping and experimenting goes quite well in hand. Now, the quality of a map rather often depends on not just the objects used, but the amount of them, too, since, as you know, an empty room with four walls, ceiling and no furniture feels rather bland compared to a well furnished and facilitated living room, but to retain the dynamic feeling of an interconnected interior that's not broken up into 3 different teleportation markers while keeping the quality of the interior is rather hard for one sole fact - the object limit, which sits at 250 objects. Why is that, quite simply? We know that MTA can stream up to 500 different objects without any drawing or rendering issues occuring. It is only after this amount of objects is surpassed that any issues start appearing. One of the drawbacks about custom interiors is that any dropped item counts towards the object count inside the interior, therefore if one were to drop a generic item inside an interior with 500 objects in it - the drawing issues would still occur after said action is done. The resolution? Why not raise the object limit to a more optimal number of 400. That's an additional 150 objects to detail your interiors with, which practically makes up for another 66 % of the current object limit and that leaves another 100 spare objects that can be dropped into the interior from the player's inventory. I find it highly unlikeable that someone would clutter up an interior with 100+ generic items, which is what shelves or safes are made for. Anyhow, just my two cents. /discuss.
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    [Western Solutions LLC] SafeStorage

    A David Berger Western Solutions LLC Product Los Santos has always been known for high crime rates. Lately, home invasions and theft of valuables are rising. Why not store your valuables in a safe place? We have a Western Solution™. SafeStorage We offer the most secure, safe, and private storage facilities in the County. Your valuables are looked after by 24/7 security featuring: cameras, guards, impenetrable doors, heavy duty locks, bollards, alarm systems, gates, and more. We offer 8 standard storage containers and 4 vehicle containers. DADT Policy With our "DADT" Policy (Don't Ask, Don't Tell) we do not enter your storage container ever. You sign a legal disclaimer relieving us of any legal responsibility for what you store, and we don't ask. Prices Storage: $7,500 (bi-weekly) Vehicle: $5,000 (bi-weekly) Dual Package: $12,000 (bi-weekly) Contact You may request to rent space by clicking HERE or contacting 403607. Disclaimer Western Solutions LLC/SafeStorage are not responsible for any stolen items or illegal items stored. Media
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    Avalon 40's Crips

    ★ Roscoe Milburn glances up towards the man as he parts his lips to say. [English] Roscoe Milburn says: Regular Cheese pizza brother. [English] Andre Killion says: Get me... A large peperoni pizza, with a large coke. ★ Andre Killion rests his side upon the counter, as he folds out his wallet, handing a sum towards Benjamin. ★ The man would press some buttons on the machine before he lifts his head up he says: that's 5 dollars. ((Roscoe Milburn)) ★ Andre Killion then turns around, as he leans his back unto the counter side, awaiting his meal. ★ Roscoe Milburn quickly digs his palm into the back pocket of his pants, rustling around some change and drags out an old rolled up ten dollar bill. ((Roscoe Milburn)) [English] Roscoe Milburn says: Keep the change. ★ Benjman would gather Andre's attention, as he would proceed to hand him his pizza, and coke. ((Andre Killion)) [English] Benjamin Lockwood says: Here you are. And.. [English] Benjamin Lockwood says: Thank you, sir. Have a nice day! ★ Andre Killion turns around on his right foot, as he takes ahold of the pizza and large cup, spinning - ★ - towards Roscoe, as he speaks. ((Andre Killion)) [English] Andre Killion says: Wanna eat in 'ere? [English] Roscoe Milburn says: Eat outside. [English] Andre Killion says: Got ya. [English] Roscoe Milburn says: Love getting attention from these young niggas [English] Andre Killion says: Mhm, I see. [English] Roscoe Milburn says: You moody ass bum. ★ The man places the pizza box on the counter without saying anything. ((Roscoe Milburn)) ★ Roscoe Milburn levitates both of his arms towards the pizza box as he curls his fingers around.. ★ .. it to carry it. ((Roscoe Milburn)) [English] Jayden King says: Nigga, you black, he jus' gonna taze you and detain you. [English] Jayceon Campbell says: Skraaah praaahpapap! [English] Jayden King says: Better cooperate. [English] Andre Killion says: My fat is like kevlar nigga, I eat pizza for tactical reasons. [English] Roscoe Milburn says: Pizza for tactical reasons, my nigga. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [English] Jayceon Campbell says: Word, some crazy niggas up in jeffy tho. [English] Jayceon Campbell says: CUHS. [English] Jayceon Campbell says: All the time.. [English] Roscoe Milburn says: Cous cous. [English] Roscoe Milburn says: Isn't that a food. [English] Andre Killion says: Ain't that like some salad? [English] Andre Killion says: I think it is. [English] Jayceon Campbell says: With rice n shit. [English] Andre Killion says: Yeah, I like pizza better. [English] Roscoe Milburn says: They soft like salad too. Good to be back.
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    SAMP to MTA!

    Aren't u technically copying LSRP shit by being a mong
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    American Millions Casino

    Location to reach: Ganton District Liverpool Road 1724 Number for business inquires: 460-440 American Gambling Community Membership Acquire a membership card in our casino to gain privileged access to private parties and events American Millions Casino is organizing. Market shares: Aqcuire 5% of market shares of this business via contract. The contract can be obtained inside the casino.
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    Cliff Town Private Leasing - Gated Country Side Community About Cliff Town Cliff Town is a private residential community located in Red County, Montgomery. Cliff Town is a self efficient small town that has decided to segregate itself from most outside communities so its residents may live in peace, in a safe community. Residents and Tenants of Cliff Town are free to travel in and out of the town as they please, but they must abide by the Cliff Town Lease Agreement while inside of Cliff Town. Cliff Town aims to become a self sufficient community with it's own stores, basic services and much more. The staff and leadership of Cliff Town is dedicated to making a safe haven community for people who seek refuge from the dangers of the modern world, and live in peace with one another. The residential homes of Cliff Town are suited with all basic and modern necessities that a resident would need for any home they live in, and the staff of Cliff Town are dedicated around the clock to ensure all utilities and maintenance is kept in good condition. Cliff Town Location Cliff Town is located in the Montgomery area of Red County, precisely the former Montgomery Farm which has been repurposed for the use of a private gated community. Cliff Town Leasing Cliff Town is currently ACCEPTING leases and mobile home parking In order to become a tenant or Cliff Town, you are to contact us through email or hotlines displayed on our local advertisements. Stepping into Cliff Town to seek tenancy will result in you being arrested for trespassing unless you are invited in by one of Cliff Town's staff. Cliff Town Security & Safety When fully operational, Cliff Town will be actively protected by its staff and security systems put in place to help protect property and tenants of Cliff Town. Cliff Town staff highly oppose trespassing and unwanted visitors, so by setting foot into Cliff Town without authorizations from a resident, tenant or staff member you will be persecuted under law. Cliff Town Investments & Funding Cliff Town is currently self funded by the CEO and his colleagues. Cliff Town is highly appreciative of donations and investments. At the moment, Cliff Town is not accepting share purchasing. Cliff Town Homes & Businesses Cliff Town homes will vary from all private cabins, shacks, caravans, trailes, RV Lots and more. Cliff Town is open for business, we are accepting the construction of businesses and stores by individuals looking to open up shop in Cliff Town, as well as people looking to trade. Cliff Town Trading Outpost The Cliff Town Trading Outpost is located in Cliff Town, it acts as a general store and trading post for residents and outsiders of Cliff Town who wish to buy, sell and trade goods. **Posters you'd find around Cliff Town* Contact Information [email protected] ((Forum PM DrJoseEvil))
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    ERP - ESEX

    (( Removed the rp for safety purposes and my rp's cringe. )) @JuanTwoThree
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    Linn Almqvist Architecture & Design

    BACKGROUND Linn Almqvist Architecture & Design is a Stockholm-based, international architectural company. Almqvist was launched in 2012 by Linn Almqvist as a focus on innovative and contemporary architecture. We currently employ 4 people in our headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. We work extensively with everything from retirement homes to shopping malls, homes, shops, offices, villas and furnishings. The company also works with restorations, refurbishments and renovation of public premises. All kinds of assignments make us committed and motivated. COMPETENCE AND COOPERATION Linn Almqvist Architecture & Design stands for experience and creativity. We work with design at all stages, and as architects we gladly take on the role of consultant coordinator or project manager. We believe that a project is highly dependent on a flexible working method and the ability to communicate properly. We aim to create a good foundation for good cooperation throughout the chain from the manager of the building and to the client / user in each project. A good result does not come by itself but results from good teamwork, clear goals, accuracy / routines, knowledge, responsiveness and hard work. MORE THAN ENOUGH AND GREAT RESULTS We have an ambition to always try to exceed our customers expectations. Usually we succeed. We see new opportunities where the customer may not believe that there were any. And last but not least: We are sure to deliver what the customer wants, and on time. PROJECTS Loft styled living. https://imgur.com/a/vBVaJ More to be added soon... CONTACT Linn Almqvist Educated architect SAR MSA with a degree in 2010 from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. Founder & Chief Executive Officer Number: TBA Email: [email protected] Contact us for an inquiry at [email protected]
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    Diamond Cabs

    Diamond Cabs About Us Diamond Cab Company is a LS based Corporation operating since 1998. We operate in the tri-county area of LS City, Flint County, and Red County. We provide taxicab services in the City and at the surrounding companies. Diamond Cab Company is a company with self employed drivers, you provide the car1, and we'll get you customers. We currently provide on-demand taxi service at RS Haul, for drivers since August 2017, with a 10% discount for drivers. 1We operate by having drivers use their own vehicles, to allow them to customise them, and not worry about other drivers going through their property. We have some regulations on vehicles, so keep this in mind when applying. The vehicle you use to drive with Diamond should be at least 2004 or newer. If you don't have a car right now, that's OK - we can provide you access to rental and finance options via our Vehicle Solutions programme. Vehicle Requirements: Does your vehicle qualify to drive with Diamond Cabs? Most four-door cars do, but requirements vary by vehicle option. Vehicle must be 2004 plates or newer 4-door car with a minimum of 4 seats Good condition with no cosmetic damage No commercial branding Safe Service – Vehicle for Hire Regulations The vehicle shall have passed safety inspections The vehicle shall be properly licensed and insured The driver shall drive in a safe manner taking the best route The driver shall attend orientation/training and be properly licensed Professional Service The company operates a 24-hour central dispatch system The company provides on-going education to its managers The company offers a proactive consumer dispute resolution program The company adheres to a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance program Application Form Link ((IC)) Press Releases 6th November 2017
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    Die Kommission

    Really hope you don't close this one because "PD doesn't let you RP". Otherwise, this sounds neat. Good luck.
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    Character Kill Appeal - Jake Norton

    I have spoken to Snap and Squirdo regarding this CK and we have decided that it should be reversed. At the time of the CK, both administrators were unable to access the logs to verify anything that had happened. The reason for the CK was poor and the situation did not necessarily have to end in a bloodshed, and if it did, a PK would have sufficed. Withdrawing a pistol, turning the safety off, aiming and pulling the trigger within a 1 second time frame is very poor and we expect high standards of roleplay during CK situations. The parties involved can contact Snap or Squirdo for any refunds, such as ammunition.
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    411 Carson Blvd Crips

    Demarcus ''Rack'' ran the Liverpool set of Crips, but he failed. - After talking to some old members, they decided to set business on Carson Street in the district of Jefferson. They had Kyrie in lead, but he had to move away for ''Private reasons.'' Marlon and Demarcus go way back, Marlon was also a member of ''L.S.C.'' DeMarcus and Sony saw potential in him and decided to promote him into a leader. Rack met Fish on Carson and started to co-operate with him, which led to Fish being promoted and a new arms link - they had to brawl for their turf with a rival gang, the street is restless.. The boys started to make money and invest them in semi-legitimate businesses. Unlike in Liverpool, now all the money is the gangs. The gangs steady line of profit is drug trafficking, arms trafficking, kidnapping and various other illegal methods. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Upon joining, members will agree that any leader of the faction has the ability to CK a member due to whatever in-character reason. Using anything you see or read here can not be used in-game.
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    basically me crying about how vct expectations are too fucking high for the tiniest jobs ever, like i understand there needing to be detail when you're doing coilover changes, engine swap, or some other sci-fi next level shit but the VCT expects us to write more than we wrote for our fucking english exam? like are you fucking autistic or what? this is a fucking game, not an exam u dumb ass basic ass white ass bitch. anyway, i think the expectations should be lowered cuz the VCT expect us to write a fucking essay for a simple brake/wheel change which is pure fucking bullshit. I understand that the detail would be needed for swapping an engine or changing coilovers because those tasks actually require a lot more attention, but a simple brake upgrade is fucking nothing, they expect us to rp taking out every single bolt, add the degree of rotation, force applied, dicks sucked, titties grabbed etc. PURE FUCKING BOLLOCKS https://pastebin.com/m2SCGMiz
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    Big C (Caden Peerce)

    Isolated With No Laws 1989 in Slab City, home to shirtless hippie dudes, rednecks, and morbidly obese men and women. I mean, if you've been there, the amount of colors you'll see from fucking hippie art will make your brain hurt. This, is where Caden and Randy Peerce were born to unknown parents. You see, Caden's father was a skinny Canadian drug addict who likely abandoned his home in Canada to live in Slab City with some young twig-built woman. Well, it wasn't likely, that's what it was. They were poverty-stricken, the family who lived in one mobile home that consisted of Caden, his older brother Randy, his father, mother, his Aunt Porshia, and his Uncle Joe. Family arguments were a tendency with this group, there was no sense of love, and the rats shared a couple swigs of beer with them every night. Overall it was a shitty condition that they lived in, but Caden and Randy were raised to love it. The family had a large arsenal of likely stolen weaponry, and this didn't only include guns. A makeshift axe that utilized a baseball bat as a handle, and restored medieval weaponryl. Some of their guns were even de-activated World War II guns adjusted to function, we can say that Caden's father was quite the mechanic. Hunt Or Be Hunted Caden's father was not only a drug addict, but a drug dealer. He utilized an abandoned 2-story building and created his own bar, with a backroom for his drug business to go unnoticed. This was completely with roof access, and several well-placed objects to escape if need be. Competitors in the drug business included Samoans, other Rednecks, and the Chinese. All of them mainly dealt with Methamphetamine, Cocaine, and good ol' pot. Business was going well for Caden's father, yet something caught his attention. There were meetings with his neighbours and a Chinese man, obviously pertaining to drugs. This man was Su-Tiang, a very successful racketeer and drug trafficker, yet he remained under the radar. Su-Tiang lived in his own Chinese alley-way establishment in San Diego, not far from Slab City, yet his business expansion into Slab City set off several red flags for Caden's father. Caden's father was not a smart man, but he knew one thing, and that one thing was planted in his thoughts. You see, Caden's father was known for his outbursts, he was afraid of nothing, and when it came to desperate measures, oh boy. So he set off to his neighbours' home, bludgeoning them in the most gruesome way possible, raping them, locking their RV, and leaving them for the critters. Liquid To An Ant Colony 1992, their business was expanding, and so was their competition. As far as Caden's father was concerned, he needed to dismantle the entire Chinese operation, person by person if he had to. After three years of him and his associates spying on the group as they expanded their own business, they knew where to hit, and how to hit hard. The Chinese had an estimated 5 acres of land near Ramona, California. They built torture rooms, hangars, clubs, all for Su-Tiang and his clients to hang around in. Caden's father had a lot of loyal workers, but the most trusted to him? His brother, Rex Kronjaeger, a slim man who was often seen wearing military jackets and a Boater. Rex Kronjaeger was not the best on the front lines, but he was a perfect scout. Stationed in the bushes, Kronjaeger reported via radio when Su-Tiang entered the vicinity with his client. From there, Caden led his men around the back of the land, until they found the perfect place to go in guns-blazing. Long story short, they had good timing, and oh boy... It was crazy. Gunshots every fucking second, spraying down windows, cars, and especially, fucking Asians. Su-Tiang looked death straight in the eye on that day, and he flipped him the fuck off. He had gotten away. Han Shin in The Bin Early 1993, Caden and his brother were stealing sips of Booze and sticking their dick wherever it fitted, and when you're three to four years old, a lot of things fucking fit. You see, this was not the end of the "Asian problem" for Caden's father... It was only the beginning. Su-Tiang was a very successful drug trafficker, yet the amount of workers that he had were far less than Caden's father's group, no matter how much money he offered. Caden's father's group was likely built off of the fear that if one of the naive fucks ever left for a dude like Su-Tiang? That Caden's father would find them, stick their forehead in a nail and repeatedly smash it until there's a hole in your brain. Su-Tiang knew that Caden's father would always have more manpower, so he did not wish to continue a quarrel that would ultimately disable his business, and put himself at risk. Caden's father was up for the idea, of course, less competition in your area? At least he thought. Su-Tiang sent one of his representatives, Han Shin, to speak to Caden's father. The thing is, is that Su-Tiang did not know how crazy Caden's father was, and it might sound ridiculous, but this was normal in the drug business that they were involved in. Now, Han Shin proposed that Caden's father could have the areas surrounding the Salton Sea, and that they would take the rest of Imperial County. This was fucking Caden's father over, because the Chinese basically already had the majority of San Diego County with the Samoans as minor competition. Now, imagine bobbing for apples, with a chain tied to your neck and a 100 pound weight tied to the chain. Let's not forget, your wrists and ankles are tied too. Now this was the result of the meeting, but they didn't simply do that and not send Su-Tiang a little present. So, they took an office bin, decapitated Han Shin, and sent the bin containing Shin's head to Su-Tiang. The Su-Tiang Clan Sadly for Su-Tiang, he couldn't do much about anything that Caden's father had done to him or his business. This recent display involving Han Shin shined a light on Caden's father's real personality, so declaring a war on Caden's father would likely mean that violence would follow wherever he went. Su-Tiang couldn't flee, either, for he was the man, when it came to drug trade in the entirety of San Diego County. Su-Tiang was out of options, his advisors, and soldiers, were of no help to his decision-making at this point. Su-Tiang really had one option, to either discreetly kill, or kidnap Caden's father. I mean, if Caden's father wasn't there to strike fear into the hearts of his associates, who would even retaliate after Caden's father's death? This was a good plan, and so it was carried out. A bit of planning later, and the entire thing was orchestrated with Su-Tiang pulling the strings. A stroll to his bar, and he was met with- Wait... Okay, you deserve a bit more of an explanation. Of course, the Asians wouldn't have immediately known that Caden's father had owned or even was associated with the bar. So how did they figure out? Su-Tiang was smart, when making deals, any client, had to be willing to give him information in return for business, and so they did. Those neighbours, that Caden's father had killed, ratted on Caden's father. So, as I was saying, a stroll to the bar, and an opening of the door later, he was met with a cold shotgun barrel to the neck. Boom, just like that. Just like that, Su-Tiang was gone. Little did Su-Tiang or any of his soldiers know, the reason Caden's father was taking a stroll to his bar, was to visit the backroom with Rex Kronjaeger and an associate to secure a business deal. So, whilst the Asians took their time setting up the ambush for Su-Tiang, Kronjaeger was armed with a Bushmaster M175, and his client, a Beretta M9, in the washroom of the bar. A Deal is a Deal 1995, the Asians were now out of the equation, and they could expand their business towards the rest of Imperial County and San Diego County without worry. Meanwhile, Caden and Randy had found women to stick their dick inside, no matter the age, they shoved it right in. They spent most of their time playing sports like lacrosse, soccer, American football, anything they could get their hands on really. Kronjaeger had moved his family closer to Caden's, to ensure both safety and good relations. Caden, Randy, and Kronjaeger's son, Jax, became inseparable. Now, with drug trade comes truces, friends, and foes. There were the Samoans, and the Hispanics, both under the radar, so no-one knew the strength of their business. Caden's father chose the Samoans, and made a deal. Caden's father would receive Imperial County, and San Diego County, except for the major city, being San Diego itself. The Samoans were happy with this deal, and shook on it. If they were to fall out of line and even attempt to expand their business, they were watched by Kronjaeger and Caden's father, killings usually entailing. Yet the Samoan Drug King, known as Mauga, wasn't ready or willing to combat Caden's father over a few casualties. The deal was strong, the deal was upheld. A deal, is a deal. Guerillas Vs Gorillas Now, by the time '97 rolled by, the Samoans and Latinos had gotten into a low-profile yet dangerous conflict. San Diegy couldn't be shared between the two as they were rival drug traffickers. To add onto it? The head honchos absolutely fucking hated eachother, from kidnapping and raping those close to one another, to even killing in some cases, the relationship between the two wasn't well. Now, this affected Caden's father's business, because the Samoans, who basically owned the majority of San Diego's drug scene, were trying to push them into any opposite direction possible. This included Riverside County, Orange County, and of course, Imperial County. One thing to notice was the amount of gang shootings rising in San Diego County, and there was one group responsible. They called themselves the Diablos Blancos, or White Devils. This was likely because they worked under the Spanish drug scene in San Diego County, and cocaine trade was the most popular drug they sold. They were considered Guerillas because of the way they operated. They often used their knowledge of San Diego's layout to ambush, assassinate, or murder Samoan drug traffickers, rarely engaging in firefights or open combat at all. Now, the Samoans used the layout of their name in a mocking way, forming their own group that called themselves the Gorilas de toto, or Blood Gorillas. The main goal for the Samoans was to fight the White Devils openly, so that they would eventually back off from the amount of casualties. They successfully dismantled the White Devils after a year of fighting. Samoans and San Diego By the time mid-'98 rolled by, Imperial County along with the surrounding counties were littered with former, or even falsely self-proclaimed White Devils. The Latinos would do anything to get their business up and running to later combat the Samoans once again, which is why a lot of them lied about being White Devils. Now, Caden's father was no fan of the Samoans at all, their deal was simply business-related, but when the Samoans pushed more competitors into Caden's father's territory? Well, let's say it wouldn't end well for all parties involved. Caden's father wanted to get rid of the Samoans, a mutual interest with the Latinos, so he concocted a plan. He would speak to the Samoans about the issue, saying that he would not deal with the Latinos, sparking a conflict. Behind the scenes, Kronjaeger was making business partnerships with the Latinos, sending his men to keep watch of factories that they supervised. They let the Latinos grow, not enough to surpass or even take on Caden's father's business, but enough to assist in combating the Samoans. When people run you out of your home, that's your prime motivation to rip their toes off and feet it to the dogs, that's what kept the Latinos in line. Broken Promises 1999, and the Latinos were ready to take on the Samoans. Caden's father's business had grown itself as-well ever since the deal was made, of course. Fighting the Samoans would leave Caden's father running San Diego and Imperial County, a big opportunity for his business. So they sent Kronjaeger and his spies to scope out the Samoans, finding several drug labs, but more importantly, the home of Mauga. They positioned themselves on several rooftops, overlooking alleyways, Samoan homes, and the drug labs. Several drug deals were arranged to lure money and power hungry Samoan dealers. From then on, the Samoans were officially fucked in their own territory. At the sound of the gunshots, the Latinos raided the drug labs, killing all inside with several casualties of their own. You see, Caden's father didn't use his resources a lot in these operations, he used the Latinos as his main force with his men backing them. This would not only end Mauga's operations, but leave the Latinos vulnerable. Several drug labs destroyed, several of Mauga's men, murdered, and Mauga, without time. He desperately locked himself in his room with men surrounding him, he had no escape. Claack, the sound of a pin being pulled out of a hand grenade. Lobbed up the stairs, and then the explosion. A half-dead Mauga lays against the wall, covered in shrapnel, only to be taken by Caden's father's men, to be held prisoner. Take Your Vitamins It is now 2001, and Caden has now reached the age of twelve. You might be thinking, what kind of awesome firefights and total Double Action: Boogaloo shit went on now? Nothing, nothing at all. Caden's father was winning the game he was playing. He had defeated all of those who openly fought against him. Who would've thought that his one weakness was his wife's fucking sister. Aunt Porshia, or Porshia Debnick, an Auburn-haired obese woman who usually wore gowns that she grew out of in College. Casually making fun of Caden, and Jax, whilst complaining to her husband about how Caden's father was nothing but trouble. She was full of herself, full of bullshit. Yet on one day she decided to act upon her opinions, to create Cyanide powder, and coat one of Caden's father's gummies in the solution. Now, Porshia had a history of mental illness, yet she was never suspected by anyone other than Caden in this case. This was probably because Caden simply had a hatred for Porshia, as she was the house bully. A gummy down the throat, and he was on the floor in seconds. He stopped breathing, and eventually, he died. An Interesting Proposal Kronjaeger was now in-charge of the business, yet he was not the best leader. He started off strong, assuming that Caden's father would have destroyed the Latino operations, he did just that. Boom, boom, pow, their factory? Dust. They now had Imperial County and San Diego all to themselves, but Kronjaeger had no experience in drug trade either. He was a fucking scout for Christ's sake. So, he did what any person would do in this situation, he cashed out. Sold the properties to one of the high-ranks with a large price tag on it... He also ditched Caden's family and moved out for the betterment of his son, Jax. Caden had lost Uncle Kronjaeger, and one of his best friends. It was now him, his mother, Porshia, and Uncle Joe, all whom hated him relentlessly. One of the worst things that occurred in the personal life of Caden, was the fact that Randy was drifting away from him. He started taking harder swigs of booze and hanging around with the adults, bullying Caden as-well. Now, we'll do a little jump in time, to around 2005. Caden is now 16, a hard-working, and angry man. Striking fear into the hearts of the youth in his area, only to return home to be bullied some more by his family. Now, back to the drug business that Kronjaeger had sold... The person who bought all of the shit, wasn't very good at handling it. The bar that Caden's father built was now a hangout for the re-established Latinos. Caden would often hang there, in the corner, taking hard swigs of alcohol. One day, a man approached him, he was no stranger either. Julian Garcia, the janitor who didn't do shit around the place. He offered Caden a job for one of his friends in Mexico, a rich businessman who ran his own private military. He offered Caden 10 years of service, for, well, a wild guess would say around 200,000-500,000 dollars. The proposal was taken into consideration. Death Of The Offer You must be thinking, consideration? Who the fuck would commit 10 years of their life to protecting some rich dude in Mexico for 200,000-500,000 dollars? Well, Caden needed an escape from something he was planning ever since his father's death. His mother would stay at home during the weekdays, and go to the bars on the weekends for sex. This gave him the perfect time frame to go to his closet, take a double headed axe, a re-activated Walther P38, brutally murder Aunt Porshia and Uncle Joe, and then dump them in the Salton Sea. He returned to the same bar within the hour to meet with Garcia, who was ready to smuggle him into Monclova, Mexico. You see, before Julian smuggled Caden into Monclova, Caden agreed to pay a small amount of money before the smuggling. This didn't exactly go to plan, where Caden abruptly told Julian he forgot about it. You see, Julian was a man of his word, and he expected everyone around him to be one as-well. To spill his effort into smuggling someone into Mexico for a total of 20 hours, and not receive a payment that was agreed upon? The offer was over, or so he thought. Boom, 9x19 Parabellum to the head, and Caden didn't give a fuck. He found this businessman, Mr. Pascal Ajanez, and as far as Pascal was concerned, Caden was good to go. Up In Flames It began with several special operations missions: Scrubbing down toilets, and prisoner cells, mopping the floors, cleaning the shit off the walls and ceilings. Like who the fuck takes a shit and just tosses it up on the ceiling? Then it progressed to firefights in Nuevo Leon, burning down buildings in neighbouring cities such as Sabinas, travelling to Durango and bombing aspiring political figures. All because some rich dude with a nice fucking haircut demanded it. You know, Caden was fine with it really, to kill your Aunt and Uncle with an axe, beat up your neighbours no matter the age, and shoot someone in the head who had just helped you secure your new occupation? Killing some strangers meant nothing to him, but when it came to the conditions he lived in, and what he had to go through? He wanted out, he just needed the opportunity. May 4th, 2013... Caden was in his 20's at the time, getting ready to hop on a helicopter, with a bomb attached to it. He didn't know where they were going, and frankly, he didn't care. This was just a regular day for him. From Monclova, to several pit stops owned by Pascal to refuel, and that's when it hit Caden. They were flying to America, more specifically, Odessa, Texas. So he sat, automatic rifle in his right hand, parachute around his back, casually humming to "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. Once it was obvious that he was back in America, he spoke to a few trusted people on board, that he decided to spare. This included a man named Cleetus Buck, and a man named Augustus Ray. They were half-way to Odessa, just having crossed the border. Caden quickly, and swiftly raised his rifle, shooting his targetted comrades on board, Cleetus and Augustus then jumped, as Caden shot the pilot. He then jumped as-well, as the helicopter spun out of control. Tables Turned Motives were unclear, a businessman in Monclova wanting Odessa bombed? It was odd, but something else was quite clear amidst the chaos. That helicopter explosion was a sight to fucking see. Caden had landed not far from the crash at all, yet he slipped the parachute off and began running, wherever he could. Sadly for him, he was no Usain Bolt. Law Enforcement caught up to him, and he served a total of one year for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, they couldn't pin the murders on him, because there was insufficient evidence. He likely bribed the police officers some of his earnings from his occupation, or some money from his comrades' dead bodies. He was booked in the Torres Unit prison, also known as the Ruben M. Torres Unit. He served his time, and was released the following year. A Familiar Setting 2014, and Caden was now free. Free, after he brutally murdered several people including a family member, and illegally traveled to Mexico. He was back home, away from the Latinos, in the United States of America. He had nowhere to go, though. He chose to go back home, to see if there was anything special waiting for him. So he went to the RV, it seemed that his mother had already moved onto another man, a skinny crackhead sporting an unkempt Mohawk and loose wife beater tank top. This was no threat to the now somewhat muscular Caden, who beat the man to near-death and scavenged any money or weapons left for him. Off to the bar, where Caden climbed up several containers and onto the roof, smashing the roof entrance's window with a large rock before shooting anyone present. A visit to the backroom and Caden had scored, enough money for him to move away and begin a stable life. So he patted down the body of the man he had just shot, taking his keys, and eventually finding his car. In the glovebox, a conveniently placed guide of 100 places to visit in America, covered in dust and sand. So Caden examined it, and there he found it. Number 69 on the list, Los Santos. Beautiful beaches, a lot of grassy terrain and mountains to visit, a desert not far from the city, which contained large skyscrapers and it's fair share of low-income neighbourhoods. A few gangsters, which the list described, was nothing to Caden, he was set to leave. Reunited Once More Late 2014, and Caden had arrived in Los Santos. His hair had grown very long over time, and it was quite irritating, so he went to the nearest barber shop and shaved his beard. He also got a stylish haircut, shortening the sides and leaving the top a bit long. Los Santos was not as Slab City, so Caden got rid of his tank top and shorts, adorning himself in a black leather jacket and green cargo pants. He found a nice house to stay in, and a Harley Davidson Motorcycle, the Softail Breakout. He spent most of his days inside, away from any drama, and when he did go out, he was shoplifting from stores. This lasted for a total of 3 fucking years, 3 years of pure boredom, at-least for normal people like us. Early 2017 and he had decided to go out for once, and he found a group of friends. Over the 3 years of isolation, Caden's attitude had piped down, he was closest to normal as he would ever be. He found friends in three African Americans, a man named Valerio, a man named Edmond, and a man named Renzel. He found himself getting involved in shootouts, being hunted, but everything turned out alright for him. One day Valerio was put into critical condition, and the friend group split up. Caden was alone once more. Caden spent the next few months dodging bills, and eventually losing his house and bike. To his surprise, Cleetus from Mexico, that he chose to spare, moved to Los Santos as-well. The two friends were now re-united, and soon after, his other friend, Augustus Ray from Mexico arrived as-well. Augustus eventually strayed away from the group, and Caden and Cleetus had found themselves incarcerated on an Attempted Second Degree murder charge for brutally beating a man who attempted to rob them. Die Down, Rookie Caden got out, and he had completely changed. He was back to his roots, he discarded the haircut, completely shaving his hair. He had changed back into a tank top and shorts, throwing away his old attire. He had found a new crowd to hang around, a crowd no-one really knew much about. Over the next few months, Caden would cause trouble by pissing wherever he felt like it, often throwing up toenails and human thumbs from his previous meaty meals. The cops frankly didn't give a shit about Caden's antics, he even went as far as to robbing an off-duty police officer with knowledge of the man's occupation. Yet he casually continued his day, walking around, nothing to hide, not even his facial features that weren't masked. He killed people, carving into their dead faces until they became unrecognizable. Cleetus Buck had gotten incarcerated for hitting a dead body with a golf club, a $100,00 fine entailed. He had messaged Caden, informing Caden that he was going to commit suicide. He attempted to drown himself in the toilet, yet the guards got to him before he was successful. Something happened to Caden, when he received such a text. He had grown a strong friendship with Cleetus once they reunited in America, Caden had lost his flame. He no longer pissed on the well-known Pizza Stack in the Idlewood vicinity. He no longer beat people up for insulting him. He was no longer the crazy fuck that he was before. Beyond The Past He continued to hang around his new friends, until someone special visited Los Santos. This special someone was Woody Roscoe, a drug dealer from Mexico that Caden often purchased drugs from. He had tolerance for Woody from the beginning, who was not even very compatible with Caden. Caden had saved up money to purchase a truck, a 1955 Chevy 3100. He then purchased an RV, Woody purchasing a GMC truck and a neighbouring RV. They hung around for a bit, until another special someone visited. This was Jax Kronjaeger, Caden's long lost cousin. As soon as Caden got the call from Kronjaeger that he was in Los Santos, as they kept up-to-date with each-other through texts overtime, he went to Verona Mall to pick him up. They purchased a warehouse, got it set up, and did some business. The newly formed trio were making their mark. Soon after, a third special guest visited Los Santos. Randy fucking Peerce, Caden's brother. Of course, this added to the havoc. They had collected several thousand dollars from undisclosed business. A week or so after, they had found themselves in an altercation. This lead Caden on a chase, where he fired several shots into a police vehicle as a spur of the moment decision. He ran out of ammo, so he attempted to run. He got shot twice, transported to a medic in a parking lot as he was about to die. He got saved, put in the hospital to recover, and was given a choice. He could be put in jail for life, or he could take it to court, which he chose. He currenly sits in his jail cell, trying very hard to fight the charge. Yet one of the worst things had happened to Caden in jail, whilst having a call with Jax through one of the jail phones, Jax had broken the news... He was straying away from the criminal underworld, and becoming a good samaritan. Caden knew, at that point, that his cousin Jax was brainwashed.
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    Liquor Control Act Passed by the 72nd Congress of the State of San Andreas, at the third session began and held in the City of Los Santos on Sunday, the nineth day of August, nineteen seventy seven. Chapter I—Foreword Sec. 101—Definitions. (a) For the purposes of this ordinance and all references to this ordinance, "Government Official" shall refer to (1) Law Enforcement Officers (2) Any person appointed by the local government who is entitled to enforce ordinance, by-laws or statutes. (3) Any person appointed by the Superior Court who is entitled to enforce ordinance, by-laws or statutes. (b) For the purposes of this law, “liquor” shall include any liquid beverage with an alcoholic content greater than 0.00%, manufactured for consumption. (c) For the purpose of this law, a “liquor license” shall be documentation, supplied and stipulated by local government, whereby the licensed party meets both state and local requirements to operate. Sec. 102—Short Title and Table of Contents. (a) This act may be cited as the "Liquor Control Act" or the "SALCA" and "LCA". Chapter I—Foreword Sec. 101—Definitions. Sec. 102—Short Title and Table of Contents. Sec. 103—Grace Period. Chapter II— Requirements & Statutes of Liquor Sales Sec. 201. Requirements Sec. 202. Statutes Chapter III—Penalties Sec. 301. Penalties Sec. 103—Grace Period. (a) Upon the adoption of this bill, there shall be a fourteen day grace period for compliance. Chapter II—Requirements & Statutes of Liquor Sales Sec. 201— Requirements. (a) Unless otherwise stipulated by local laws or ordinance, no person shall, within the State of San Andreas, make profit from liquor by means of sale, barter or otherwise whereby material wealth or anything of value is gained, without possession of a liquor license, to be regulated by county governance. (b) Unless otherwise stipulated by local laws or ordinance, no licensed establishment shall operate without a valid local liquor license on display within view of the main entrance, on the interior of the premises. Sec. 202—Statues. (a) Unless otherwise stipulated by local laws or ordinance, no person under the age of twenty one, shall handle liquor unless employed by a license holder, whereby they may handle beer, wine or liquor in sealed containers in connection with, storage, warehousing, placement, stocking, bagging, loading, or unloading, and may handle liquor in open containers in connection with cleaning tables or handling empty bottles or glasses. (1) No person under the age of twenty one shall serve liquor in an open container or over a bar. (b) No person may sell liquor to any person under the age of twenty one, to be verified by valid government issued identification prior to the transaction being made. (c) No liquor shall be sold to any person showing signs of inebriation or intoxication prior to entering the licensed premises. (d) No liquor shall be served on property not under direct tenancy or ownership of a licensed establishment. Chapter III—Penalties Sec. 301- Penalties. (a) Any person who violates Sec. 201 (a) of this act shall be fined under this act, no more than five thousand dollars, or imprisoned not more than eight months, or both. (b) Any person who violates Sec. 201 (b) of this act shall be fined under this act, no more than then thousand dollars for every day in which the establishment conducts business. (c) Any person who violates Sec. 202 (a) or 201 (a,1) of this act shall be fined under this act, no more than one thousand dollars. (d) Any person who violates Sec. 202 (b) of this act shall be fined under this act, no more than two thousand dollars, or imprisoned not more than six months, or both. (e) Any person who violates Sec. 202 (c) of this act shall be fined under this act, no more than one thousand dollars for every hour in which the establishment conducts business outside of regulatory hours. (d) Any person who violates Sec. 202 (d) of this act shall be fined under this act, no more than five hundred dollars for each occurrence. (f) Any person who violates Sec. 202 (e) of this act shall be fined under this act, no more than two thousand dollars. Sec. 302 - Enforcement (a) All establishments licensed to sell Liquor within the State of San Andreas may be temporarily closed at the discretion of a Government Official defined under Sec. 101 (b) if in violation of the San Andreas Liquor Control Act. (b) Any establishment may have it’s liquor-sales privileges revoked at the discretion of local government officials entitled to do so, or in the case of multiple violations of the San Andreas Liquor Control Act as deemed necessary by an Officer of the Superior Court. (c) Any person who violates the San Andreas Liquor Control Act, in a manner which would, upon conviction, result in possible incarceration may be taken into custody by Law Enforcement Officers in conjunction with standard arrest protocol. (( Note: Chapter 1, Section 102, Sub Sec. (a), applies from the date this law was posted. 12:10 UTC on October 21st, 2017. Additionally, thanks to Zebulon for making this law's first draft. Months under penalties is equal to hours just like the criminal complaint format explains.))
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    Avalon 40's Crips

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    The Red County Mob

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    26th of October, 2017 San Andreas Today: County Commissioner boycotts SAN after museum opening controversy. Inside the newly opened Museum LOS SANTOS – Ever since taking the spot of County Commissioner last year, Thomas Mengele has had a complicated relationship with the largest of San Andreas's local media firms, SAN. Accusations of bias against the administration have been thrown around several times by Mengele and his staff, most notably during the rise of the now defunct far-right linked San Andreas Socialist Party (SASP). This year alone has had several flahshpoints and the Commissioner has very openly voiced his concerns on multiple occasions. "When I look back on how we've been treated by SAN, it makes me question how fair they're being to us. I think the press should report on everyone, even me, but at least do it in a fair manner. They don't seem to be getting our side of the story a lot of the time." - Thomas Mengele, 1st of May 2017 at the "CPQL rally". But despite the ever changing nature of the SAN team, (the company has had at least five separate CEOs this year alone), the gaping wounds have not healed. In fact, they've only festered over time, becoming gangrenous. Last Thursday saw the Mengele adminstration open its latest public project, the American Museum of National History in Rodeo. During the opening a small ceremony took place, which was televised by SAN. However, while the SAN staff were setting up their equipment, the County Commissioner claims to have overheard member of SAN's staff say to one of her colleagues through the radio that the following speech would be "long and boring", thinking her colleague had an earpiece in. Offended by this, he demanded that they leave and had security escort them out. According to eyewitnesses at the scene, he also called SAN "clowns" and told the woman who he had removed to go "f*** herself". Following the incident, he has vowed he will not worth with SAN going forwards. "SAN constantly are rude and snarky to me and hold no respect for me as a human or the base line of respect, so I refuse to work with them." - Thomas Mengele SAN headquarters in downtown Los Santos The member of staff from SAN who made the comments that offended the Commissioner is respected within the company as an experienced member of the broadcasting crew. When it comes to Thomas Mengele speeches, this isn't her first rodeo (though it is her first in it). It would appear this recognised loyalty to the company seems to saved her job, as she still remains in her current position. "I consider him as a human just like anyone else, I do not see him as being better than others just because he has such a high position. When it comes to respect, usually I respect people who respect me." - SAN staff member Those who have positions higher up in the SAN hierarchy may be wondering exactly what sort of effect will the boycott have on the company. But not all SAN employees are that bothered by it. The member of staff who made the comments didn't appear too moved by Mengele's boycott. "I don't know how much he planned to work with us in future. But I had not worked with him in a long time before this." - SAN staff member David Raphael, CEO of SAN, has yet to make a public statement and this article will be updated when he does. It looks like SAN's troubled times with the Commissioner has reached boiling point. What remains to be seen is whether the situation can be de-escalated and if the heat can be turned down a notch, or if this will continue to bubble out of control. San Andreas Today is a new feature covering goings on in San Andreas. Tell us what you want to see covered: [email protected] (( @Mail )). The San Andreas Today columnist, Jessica Law, is a New York native. She currently resides in Los Santos, San Andreas.
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    *You would see posters all around the city*
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    [DIAMOND CABS] Press Release

    Diamond Cabs Press Release - Partnership with Arkwright. I started working on Diamond Cabs in mid-October, with a vision for a new taxi company, that ensured the best for not only the passengers, but for the drivers. I worked as a cab driver in Los Santos, and the pay was awful. The hours were long, and the money did not make up for it. I quit my job in Late October, after having the idea for Diamond Cabs. After announcing the launch of the company on Friday, I was blown away by the support of the community, being approached in my cab, with people congratulating my efforts. Then, something I was not expecting happened. We were approached by Arkwright Corporation, a large car dealership within the city, to partner up. I cannot release full details of the partnership, but it is not affecting my idea of drivers wages, and if anything, will benefit the drivers. Currently our fleet consists of 3 Ford Focus Estates, these cars are not the most luxury, and we purchased them cheap, because of the space they offer. Arkwright contacted me, announcing that in return for a small percentage of our profits, they will provide us with vehicles, a HQ, and a security team. This means that our drivers will be able to enjoy their job more, as they will have something to be proud of. We will also be keeping the fares the same, as we believe that we are the best, and to be the best, we need to beat the fare prices of our rival company, Yellow Cab Co, which we are doing, and will continue to do. I will be releasing another press release this afternoon, announcing my new company, which will also be partnered with Diamond Cabs. Thankyou for taking the time to read this. Yours Truly, Freddie Connors Founder
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    (( While looking around on YouTube, you'd more than likely run into this video; uploaded by user LittleNobody. )) (( The only faces highly visible in the video would be that of Trooper Dallas Ward and a civillian who appears to be Adecyn O'Brien. )) (( The person recording would not show their face, but their voice could be heard clearly; those who know him would recognize the voice as Dylan Sanders. )) * The video would start off showing a traffic stop involving a black Toyota station wagon with a Blue San Andreas States Police Ford along with a completely unmarked Dodge Charger white in color behind it... The video appears to have been mostly recorded from across the street. * Video Name: State Trooper Abuses His Powers Video Description: Today I was driving around when I witnessed a vehicle that I recognize as a friend's vehicle get pulled over by a State Trooper. This same Trooper pulled me over earlier today and identified himself as Trooper Ward, with the State Police. I had known he was somewhat a cocky a-hole so I decided I'd pull over at a safe location across the street and proceed to record, just in case he did something unlawful; which he did. Luckily for my friend and her friend who was arrested, I decided to stop and record... During this situation, the Trooper failed to display his Badge Number numerous times, resulting in myself having to record his face and nameplate on his chest. Note: This video is copy-written by my channel, if you wish to use this video; please privately contact me and we can work something out. Other than that, enjoy the video. (( The following logs depict what would be seen in the video: )) * The ability to comment would be enabled!; however, picture comments are not able to be posted; as this is YouTube and you're unable to do so on YouTube. *
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    sorry i am testing something

    its ok
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    East Hill Syndicate

    Expect more and more interesting screens over the weekend.
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    Address here:
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    LSFD October Newsletter

    Apply now for a rewarding career - www.fd.ls.gov/apply Welcome to this month's release of the Los Santos Fire Department Public Relation's newsletter. We would like to thank you for taking your time in reading this month's release. Promotions In this section you'll find the department's most recent promotions. Everyone being promoted showed great effort and work into their duties and we'd like to congratulate each one of them. We're sure they'll continue their great work in serving this city. Academy Student ~> Probationary FF/EMT Brian Evans Jim Philips Antonio Beaumont Roxanne Sheppard Vanessa Moretti Casper Newman Nina Crawford Probationary FF/EMT ~> Firefighter II Roxanne Sheppard Firefighter III ~> Engineer I Madison Sanders County Fire Marshal ~> Lieutenant Dante Rivera Awards Command Staff Ribbon: Dante Rivera "We'd like to congratulate Dante Rivera with joining the Command Staff of the department. Dante Rivera has shown great work and dedication so far, we're sure he'll continue doing so." Unit Commander Ribbon: Dante Rivera "We'd like to congratulate Dante Rivera with recieving the Unit Commander Ribbon. Dante Rivera has recently taken the lead of the Fire Prevention Unit and we'd like to wish him the best of luck in his duties." Firefighter-of-the-Month Award: Roxanne Sheppard "The firefighter of this month's award has been handed to Roxanne Sheppard. We congratulate Roxanne and wish that she keeps the amazing work and dedication she showed throughout this whole month." Exemplary Service Ribbon: David O'Mara James Scapini Zoe Randall "We'd like to congratulate David O'Mara, James Scapini and Zoe Randall with recieving the Exemplary Service Ribbon. They've shown great dedication, a high level of exemplary work and represent what the department stands for." High Water Rescue Truck We're proud to present the public with our newest acquisition: the high water rescue truck. This vehicle in particular is specialized in rescue during floods. It can transport up to 17 people, including two crew members. Bellow you'll find pictures of the vehicle. Monthly Statistics Department History Thank you for reading this months newsletter and we appreciate your continuous support.
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    Best movie you've watched.

    pulp fiction is possibly the worst film i've watched. best film: toy story 2
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    411 Carson Blvd Crips

    Better put my projects to good use.
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    Trevor Philips from GTA 5

    Trevor Philips
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    holy fuck she is fit PHWOOARRR

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