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    Welcome to our next Developer Diary. Instead of lots of text, here's a video: Note: The above is a WIP and will change before launch. Certain UI elements will change to be buttons rather than sliders, character heads will not move during customization, and additional customization options will be added. As always, feel free to reach out to us below or via Discord.
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    Newsletter - End of January 2018

    End of January 2018 Newsletter Welcome all, to the first newsletter of the year. A tradition which we plan on continuing as we move forward here at OwlGaming! The structure and goal of this newsletter is to create a central focus point where important and interesting information can be easily found, month to month. Community Q&A When Chaos took the reins of OwlGaming from Maxime, a key point for him was to maintain communication with the community. As some of you will recall, one of the first big things Chaos did was have a large, open, community-wide meeting dedicated to answering the questions of all members of the community that participated. The beginning of this promising year was no different. We, in the spirit of staying transparent and communicative with the community, had another question and answer event on Teamspeak that lasted two hours. We believe it went well and hope you all enjoyed it and had your questions answered! A few of the most common questions and their responses will be detailed below. (lots of V stuff! ) Question: Will we be able to transfer assets from MTA to V? Answer: No, the GTA V server will be a fresh start. Existing official factions will have the ability to transfer though. These official factions will likely have beta access to get themselves situated so we have factions running on day 1 of launch. We are still in the process of figuring out how much of a bonus we want to give players during the first week of launch. Question: Will MTA be abandoned for V? Answer: No. The UAT has not even entertained the prospect of shutting down or abandoning MTA. It will last for as long as the community shows interest in playing it. It continues to receive script support from our staff of MTA scripters who are regularly putting out updates and will always receive critical support from Chaos. For example, Eloquent recently fixed over 80 bugs and the scripters all together have over a dozen features that were added or will soon be added. Question: Is there a release date or estimate for V? Answer: Currently we have no public release date although we do have internal milestones and dates that the developers are working hard to meet. Question: Is the server still updated? We only see script updates posted now and again. Answer: The script is continuously updated on the live server to fix bugs as soon as possible and implement features regularly. Instead of posting every time there is a small change, the development protocol right now is to announce a script update when we have a lot of new stuff. This saves time so a post isn't needed every few days but the server receives the same attention it always has. Observant players will notice new features on the live server or fixed bugs before the official update is posted. Faction Team A lot of hard work has been going on to improve the Faction Team and their interactions with and support for the factions that exist. We've had multiple productive meetings, set short and long-term goals and gotten the UAT directly involved with the Faction Team to ensure that improvements continue. Those of you involved in illegal roleplay especially should already be seeing a big improvement in weapons and drugs bring provided to kickstart many factions in lieu of an official faction like Khram deciding to disband. Faction Team members have been assigned factions and are in the process of updating our Faction Database so we can better track what support a faction receives. (or does not receive, so we can figure out what is lacking!) For faction leaders, please be sure to check your private messages and respond to those inquiries. We've moved forward with assigning members to monitor certain factions so there is a more personal line of communication. With this, we hope concerns or requests or information won't be forgotten about because one or two people are responsible for direct communication with the individual factions. The Faction Team currently has an extensive to-do list they are working on, line by line. from one of our initial meetings where we condensed all of the shortcomings, we identified in the team, processes that should be followed and concerns brought up by the community that should be addressed. With that said, our three short-term goals currently are... Organize a meeting this Friday with the team to tackle the last items remaining on our to-do. Recruit more Faction Team members so that we can be more efficient and reduce the workload of everyone to prevent burnout. Expand on the Faction Rules and publish more public information such as... How to receive Faction Team support. Standards the Faction Team expects factions to follow. Details on how various processes work like the Virtual Markets. Public contacts have been receiving rather timely responses and keeping it that way is one of our long-term goals in conjunction with developing our Standard Operating Procedures further so that individual members of the Faction Team have the capability to handle a public contact by themselves which is ultimately quicker. For more information and details, please check out the main post of this thread and the followup post here as well. Members of the UAT have been working hard to provide a unique experience for the factions in the server through the use of Faction Team Quest Characters. We feel as though there should in some cases, be a more crafted experience, much like a Dungeon Master in Dungeons and Dragons. There has already been LOTS of roleplay because of this and one of the most public results is this article. https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/87520-wp-san-andreas-140000-heist-rattles-local-jewelry-store/ Rule Changes We are always trying to improve and evolve the rules to promote a high standard of roleplay and reduce as many limitations as possible. Some of the most recent changes you may have noticed are... Higher Character Kill Standards As a whole, the standards to character kill someone have been raised. We recognize that many players want hardcore character kill rules because we are a very serious roleplay server and in large, the rules have stayed intact. Some of the changes made though were to reduce the amount of character kills happening for what we thought were very petty reasons. For example, all of the rules under provoking have been removed. We felt that provoking was too broad of a term and character kills should instead be evaluated from a case by case perspective. A hypothetical example of this would be someone going to a gang neighborhood and yelling at them, insulting them. The first option for that gang to retaliate against the person who is being rude in character should not be to shoot them. Other methods of escalation should likely be used first and if they did shoot at them, being player killed and forced to roleplay permanent injuries and being stuck at the hospital should in a lot of cases, be more than sufficient of a "punishment" for that character's actions. Some more scenarios and examples have been put in the rules under the Character Kill section so please read that and familiarize yourself. This thread is a good example of increased standards. Kidnapping Players have brought up concerns of other players abusing kidnapping someone as a way to effectively character kill them without ever having to roleplay past the initial kidnapping event. We change that so the kidnapper has to actively roleplay the continued detainment of the kidnapee. Toxicity & Doxing We've further defined our general misconduct rule to include that being toxic is not allowed. This is common sense but we just wanted to make it as clear as possible. Additionally, we don't allow doxing. This is again, kind of a common sense rule, but we wanted to be sure to include it to protect our players as much as possible. Property Inactivity I've recently submitted a change to the rules which should be implemented soon, allowing administrators to force sell interiors which are kept active by people who do not play. What this means is, unfortunately, some players, without inactivity protection, log onto their characters every 13 days, enter all of their interiors and then log out, keeping them from automatically being force sold, not performing a single line of roleplay. We have received a lot of complaints about players doing this and agree that it is unfair and circumvents the whole point of inactivity protection and the inactivity scanner. Admin Team Meeting At the beginning of the month, we had our regular admin team meeting and covered a lot of topics. In the spirit of transparency, I'll include below a few pieces from the summary that I wrote up after the meeting. Player Kills Character Kills Less Voiding of Scenarios Corresponding Points to Rules Broken These were all of the major topics brought up. There were certainly other less interesting things like how to texture generics and information about our Administrative Handbook, but that's not really important to the average player. Community & Script Updates For those of you who may have missed it, below are the major updates we've announced! Please feel free to go through them and familiarize yourself. We're ever-evolving and try to keep you all up to date as much as possible. The highlighted titles are the especially important announcements. We hear you. Here's what's changing. - January 2018 https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/87247-we-hear-you-heres-whats-changing/ Vehicle Team Update - January 2018 https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/87246-vt-update-january-2018/ Announcement of OwlGaming's GTA V Server https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/85061-will-you-be-there/ Admin Team Update - January 2018 https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/87559-gat-update-january-24th-2018/ Mapping Team Update - January 2018 https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/87755-mt-update-january-2018/ GTA V Server Development Diary - #1 https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/87486-developer-diary-1-welcome-to-paleto-bay/ MTA Server Script Update - January 2018 https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/87584-server-script-update-v6288-january-ii-2018/ Flooding and Fuel Shortage Events We recently polled the community on what server events they would like to see and ended up deciding on a fuel shortage and a flood. https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/87412-poll-server-event/ Currently, we're in the midst of the fuel shortage and just recently finished the flood. We've received a ton of positive feedback about the flood and are glad everyone enjoyed it. @Eloquent spent a good bit of time trying to figure out the perfect level to set the flood to for an optimal player experience. We believe we found that happy medium, roleplaying that the flood was created, thanks to the creative writing of @Wright, from the most recent earthquake that happened off the coast of Alaska. The streets of Los Santos then overflowed with water from the heavy rains and the sewer systems could not drain the water in time, causing a flood! Players were rescued in boats and helicopters, the roads became difficult to drive on and FEMA trailers and emergency supplies were staged up on Commissioner Hill as a point of refuge for the players. This earthquake also in our fictitious world caused damage to the fuel lines providing gasoline to our state of San Andreas. An article was written prior to the event to alert people in character of the potential catastrophe that was on its way. https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/87632-wp-seismic-activity-rattles-west-coast/ The flood is now over but the fuel shortage is not yet, with the government in Los Santos handing out daily fuel rations of two cans per person while all fuel stations have no gas. Emergency services still have gas reserves so there is some order in the city but we are happy with how the event is going. It provides a change of pace in the server while still not being a detrimental inhibitor of roleplay. An interesting outcome of this event I did not anticipate was people price gouging fuel. On my county government character, I drafted a local ordinance to prevent this (based on other real-life laws) so that players were not unfairly being charged for the precious gas in character. https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/87841-anti-gouging-ordinance-of-2018/ Script Previews @Eloquent is working on creating an in-game interior creation script so players can request interiors without having to use the forums making the whole process quicker while @Portside has been assisting with making a wearable items system. Finally, @SjoerdPSV has been working on the long requested shell casings auto-dropping after shooting. Many other things are in the works or have already been implemented from the time these sneak-peaks were originally posted on the donator section such as roads being named out in Palomino Creek, Blueberry, Dillimore and Montgomery for the GPS! Community Spotlight We've seen some great things from our community and want to share a few of them with everyone! Helpful Community Members Players are encouraged to tell the UAT when they have a particularly positive experience with another player helping them or a staff member. Below is a compliment we received about @Salsa and we are very happy the player received the help he needed. @Santeri was also seen helping Dimitri Pitrov (charliefinney2000 in-game) for a long time with his roleplay involving injuries at the hospital. How to use /do to RP doctors if they are not available, structure his /mes and /dos and in general, offering his advice and pointers to make the roleplay as good as possible. The final lines of their conversation is seen below. We're all glad to have such helpful and positive members in the community! Character Story @Gambit recently wrote a great character story and I invite everyone to check it out. Read through some of the other character stories while you're at it, there's lots of inspiration to draw from. https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/87229-garland-neil-abermurly/ Factions To Keep An Eye On There are a couple of factions that look really promising and I would suggest you check their threads out and join them in roleplay! Public Enemy No. 1 Crimstone Hoover Mafia Los Malvados X3 Madmen MC Red County Mob Media & Screenshots For a bit of comedy, check out @Krakkfaen's video. It's the best guide on how to be a criminal roleplayer to date. @klippan also made a great video showcasing some of the roleplay from Crimstone Hoover Mafia. Everything else below the video links are just some screenshots gathered from the forums to show off some of the most recent roleplay. Crimstone Video https://youtu.be/jtTQBcjzlrk How 2 Be Illegal Plz https://youtu.be/jTqgwGjXcOo Upper Administration & Final Notes In the Upper Administration, we've been diligent in dealing with every UAT contact we receive, getting timely answers out to everyone who has made one and refining our internal processes. As of now, every contact has been processed and we hope to keep it that way, processed as soon as it comes in. As we've said time and time again, anyone and everyone is welcome to make a UAT contact if they have questions or concerns in addition to our Discord private messages always being open to the community. We've been focusing on more transparency lately so if you have a question, we most likely have an answer. With the most recent influx of administrators to the team, our in-game report times have lowered substantially. Sometimes all you need is a good boost of manpower. We've been maintaining a very healthy and prolonged server population lately which we are quite happy about, a marked improvement over the past few weeks. Over 5,000 reports in January!
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    Server Script Update (v6.2.8.8) | January, 2018 Highlights Notable features Vehicle Texture Previews! Mapping issues now have a report type sent only to MT members Use /antifall if you fall through your interior, no need for an admin Pakistan Donator Flag Ladder Truck UI Road names expanded to: Dillimore Palomino River Blueberry Montgomery Palomino Payphones return! Improvements MT now has access to /togint Texture links can now be copied by double clicking them VT now has access to /fuelveh and /setvehfaction for requisitions Added some command spam checking MANTIS 1245: Ability to force someone into recovery who does not have the money MANTIS 853: Allow larger text for MDC details tab MANTIS 887: Allow fire department to use /ticket When destroying an item, use it's custom metadata name instead Use a green color for phone text Adjustments Reduced code complexity in the phone resource MANTIS 1332: Made the pizza stack hotline more generic MANTIS 1089: carshop orders are now assigned to the user's account, not character MANTIS 831: Removed "Owned Aircrafts", renamed to "Vehicles" in the MDC Allow owner of a vehicle to /ed without the key on hand Removed the second light stage from vehicles Bug fixes Properly show the name of generics in /showinv Fixed an issue with F3 finances upon new year Hotfix for EQS Fix for the MDC property window being unclosable Fixed an issue where two labels would be on top of one another in the MDC MANTIS 1174: Fixed phones bugging when deleting two contacts MANTIS 935: Fixed a grammar error MANTIS 854: Fixed the left hand cigarette smoking rotation MANTIS 1215: Disallow players from using the radio in prison MANTIS 1251: Fixed a possible money bug with fishing MANTIS 1374: Error text for licenses now uses the target name MANTIS 1291: Fix ability to supervise and disappear at the same time MANTIS 1295: Raised the toll up a bit so players cannot nonrply drive over it MANTIS 1328: Prevent people from buying licenses with GCs while it is revoked MANTIS 1352: Fix fuel cans not being refuelable Fixes for factions that have no duty location setup yet MANTIS 1073: Fix photo updating when button wasn't selected Fixed the fishing command sometimes throwing an error MANTIS 1025: Removed online time for certain cell types MANTIS 1309: Fixed being able to bug out the F3 menu if you tab and exit at the same time MANTIS 1378: Pay shop owners when fuel cans are filled Fixed butterfly and scissor doors MANTIS 12156: Fixed when paying two tickets, it may charge you the cost of the first for the second Fixes for the ladder truck bugging out when changing interiors MANTIS 1376: Account for direction trailer is facing to not glitch into the trailer MANTIS 1353: Fixed not being able to buy interiors without furniture if they are within another interior MANTIS 1349: Make logging use custom item names MANTIS 1338: Take back helmet after completing bike license test MANTIS 1333: DIsable stats if you are not logged in MANTIS 1326: Allow glowstics to be played in interiors MANTIS 1358: Allow shops to hold items with or without metadata Removed underscore in player names in /setjob MANTIS 1054: LV airport teleporting people to RS haul exit resolved Cleaner distance calculations for the RS Haul job MANTIS 1339: Fixed RS Haul not updating progress after missing the deadline of a job Prevent use of /antifall in jail Improved performance of sending notifications I want to give a huge shoutout to @Eloquent @Portside @yannickboy15 and @SjoerdPSV. Without them, this update would not have been possible. They put in some serious work, I can't express how greatful I am for them. Welcome to the team! If you haven't checked it out already, take a look at @Daniels post about GTA:V! A sad goodbye to @tree and @Exciter. Thank you for all the time and effort you've put in over the years. OwlGaming would not have been where it is today without you. You will be missed We are always looking for scripters to help out. Shoot me a PM if you would be willing to help or just do a script suggestion! Server script version v6.2.2.9->v6.2.8.8 Kind regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Scripting Team
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    Public Enemy No. 1

    Public Enemy No.1 is a white supremacist semi-organized street gang generic white trash folk, mostly consisting of ex cons and white supremacist thugs. Most of the members were recruited into Public enemy No.1, a white supremacist street gang which has seen fast growth in recent years, both inside and outside of prison. Often they have been known to recruit young white suburban adolescents Into their ranks. The main crimes committed by this group have been noted to drug production and distribution, mostly methamphetamine and Crack Cocaine. They have also been noted to be involved in identity fraud, dog fighting and extortion. The group set up in San Andreas have been thought to have a tight grip in some areas of the County, with small pockets of control within the city of Los Santos itself. Disclaimers Any information contained herein, is for OOC promotional purposes only. Those who are privy to this information IC as members of the faction will be knowledgeable on certain aspects of this thread. Otherwise, all information is to be regarded as OOC until one's character discovers it via IC means. Upon associating with members of this faction, you hereby agree that your character can be CK'd at the discretion of the faction's leadership. This faction is not for the faint of heart. If you choose to join, you will encounter some themes and roleplay that may make you feel uncomfortable. This includes but is not limited to drug abuse, sexual degeneracy, racism, extreme acts of violence, and perhaps even more shocking and vile behavior. You have been warned. Bear in mind that the thread will be under constant work and thus will be updated.
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    [MN] Prick Blows Up

    PRICK BLOWS UP absolute scenes here at idlewood fellas, some cars just gone and fucking blown sky high, prick inside as far as I tell its absolutely manic chances of him being alive are less than zero but ambulance here anyway so fair play to them. not the foggiest as to what caused it, not really my issue either if i'm honest some other prick here on floor as well looks fucked probably mashed by the explosion dunno i'm not a doctor get well soon though mate
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    The Grajales Familia

    The Grajales familia originated from the city of Durango in Mexico, where the family worked in the background for the cartel, doing odd jobs and transporting goods across the country. For most of the familia, life was good thanks to being able to mostly have freedom despite being involved with the largest crime group in the country. However like always with crime, there are consequences and in 2011 the Durango massacres occurred where at least 340 bodies were found in a mass grave. Fingers were pointed towards certain members of other crime groups and was seen as a direct insult to the cartel especially as the mayor of Durango was one of the victims. Thus began one of the nastiest street wars Durango had ever seen for all those involved including the Grajales familia. Now this wasn't typical crime behaviour, none of the family had signed up for hiding in the shadows and face police marking them as targets. So in the end plans were made to escape and start a new life in order to survive and be reborn. Arriving in Los Santos the Grajales familia began making new connections, whilst looking after their own as familia. Now the time has come to rise up from the dust and show the world that familia is everything. “They may separate us, but they'll never be able to destroy us.” ((Special thanks to @Vubstersmurf for helping out with the forum.))
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    Server Script Update (v6.3.0.7) | February, 2018 Flood A flood tore through San Andreas during this update! FBI Truck Interior A new FBI truck interior! Gun Casings Gun casings will be automatically dropped when firing a weapon. These will automatically be cleaned up weekly. Speed Camera UI A speed camera UI for officers, less spam in your chatbox Admin Vehicle Description A community suggested improvement! Other Changes: Removed some cache debug Made /fixveh output text look pretty Adjustments to make some item images more clean Fixed some issues with the username cache /gotocar old and /getcar old will find your last car Allow * as a target for setcolor to set the color of the vehicle you are currently in Lead+ can now delete protected vehicles after a warning Resolved a bug with fuelcans not being properly emptied if you had multiple in your inventory Improved logging for some vehicle commands Internal cleanup of vehicle pricing Automated script that clears the towing impound yard of vehicles impounded more than 14 days ago Fixes for offline punishing and banning Fixed /banaccount not messaging anyone or kicking the player(if they are online) Adjusted /togmytag command to not increase nametag vision Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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    The Stinger Bar

    The Stinger is mostly known for its history in Montgomery, and its status as a most known biker bar. The old club members have helped to reach the status of the most legendary bar in Los Santos. Location 1, Main Street, Montgomery The Stinger
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    Idlewood Ink

    If you are looking for high quality and personal service, you have come to the right place. The 'Idlewood Ink' tattoo parlor is situated amidst the lively locale of Idlewood and attracts clients from several different locations. After several years of being in the tattoo industry, we provide all the best and perfected methods of tattooing. Known for creating unique tattoos that are done using only highest quality pigments, we guarantee using the best practices; from precision to attention to detail. A sanctuary of creative self-expression, the studio withholds a zero-attitude policy. Each client is treated with integrity and respect, and we do not discriminate against race, nationality, religious background or sexual orientation. Our artists are fully licensed and highly experienced. We offer the best in custom work, black and white color, portraits, cover ups and body piercings. Please do not hesitate to stop by or contact us with any questions ((Forum PM)). We are looking forward to meeting you. The Crew: Fayth Belmont: Originally a Liberty City native, Fayth relocated to Los Santos in 2017. After years of working in her father's tattoo studio and juggling art school at the same time, she is able to do many styles in tattooing and prides herself in not only giving her clients a great tattoo, but a great experience. She focuses on making each piece original for the individual client. Book appointment here ((Forum PM)). Quintrell Chambers: Quintrell, also known as Q-Loc, has first started tattooing at the early age of seventeen by practicing on one of his friends. Ever since then, he has honed his artistic skills and continues to work on several clients. He favors imagery that proposes a creative challenge for him, mainly focusing on black and grey tattoos. Q-Loc is also interested in street art and likes to work out in his free time. Book appointment here ((Forum PM)). Marques Washington: Originally starting out and making his mark as a local underground graffiti artist, Marques learned his trade by the age of sixteen. Since then, he's applied his expertise to the field of inking, mainly specializing in tattoos celebrating the lifestyle that comes within living in Los Santos. Book appointment here ((Forum PM)). Location: 1779 E. Washington Street
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    IF YOU WISH TO ADVERTISE WITH THE LOS SANTOS EXPRESS, CONTACT US AT '[email protected]' (( ThatGuy on the forums. ))
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    Vostok Bratva

    восток братва Vostok Bratva “I have been to the Summit of the Mountain, Veliki. I have heard the words of God. I have mistaken the message. I have brought nothing but misfortune to those souls given to me… In my hubris, I did not consider my mortal fallibility. I was trying to build the Third Temple, as I thought was my calling… But as I sat in the hallowed earth, where the dead lay, a vision came to me. The End of All Things, my son.” Founding The Temple has fallen. Torn apart at its very foundation, through greed and treachery, complacence and neglect. What was once one of the largest and most powerful criminal organisations Los Santos had ever witnessed was now little more than a handful of lost souls. Marat ‘Veliki’ Morozov watched helplessly as the fraternal brotherhood he worked tirelessly to help create was at first picked apart through internal politics and in-fighting, and finally destroyed as those who remained faded into obscurity. Marat thought to himself that it was almost as if powers beyond his comprehension were at work, there seemed little other explanation for this sudden and unbelievable turn of ill-fortune. But Marat would not be cowed into submission so easily. His devotion to his mentor, and to the few loyal men that remained, would never be broken. And so he looked to the mistakes of the past, and returned to Rodina, to Little Moscow. There he established the Vostok Bratva, the Brotherhood of the East. A return to the traditional ways of the Vor V Zakone, to the old ways of the rossiyskaya mafiya. Structure The Vostok Bratva follows the structure of the traditional Russian Mafia, led by the Pakhan with his ‘two spies’ at his sides. Their job is to maintain operational security, collect profits from the Brigadiers and organise the mobs criminal activities. Below them are the Brigadiers (or captains), each one controlling a working unit of men. These working units consist of Shestyorka, the equivalent of an associate in other criminal organisations. They perform all manner of criminal activity, from extortion, to drug trafficking and murder for hire. Each of these ranks are arranged into the following groups: By associating with this faction criminally or on an interpersonal level you automatically agree to the CK clause, and may be subjected to a CK at the leadership’s discretion, for whatever reason they deem necessary. not khram
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    Learn to Code With Eloquent!

    A lot of people have asked me to teach them how to script for MTA. Unfortunately, I don't have that much time to teach every individual person how to script, so I've decided to do a little video series. The first episode is available below. I'll try and get the next few episodes up over the next few days and will share them here! I start out pretty basic, but am really hoping to get into some more fun topics soon. I hope you'll give this a watch, maybe follow it through and give me suggestions for how to improve it. If you get stuck feel free to hit me up with a forum PM or via discord! If this goes well, I may start other series on GTA V scripting or web development, we'll see where it goes! PS: Don't forget to like and subscribe
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    The Los Santos Express

    The Los Santos Express is dedicated to providing timely, independent, and relevant news to your doorstep, phone, computer, or tablet! Started in Los Santos in January of 2018, the company is small but made possible due to a large online presence, with over 80% of the readership being online. The Express has enjoyed large social media outreach with lots of interaction amidst our readers, sharing and promoting our content from the young demographics whose attention we strive to capture. We currently have a small staff of writers and will return your call or email as soon as possible. For more information on advertising, please contact us. We do publicize basic advertising options as seen below. Please keep in mind that not all options are always available not can we publish your advertisement on every paper we release- sometimes the advertisements will be staggered between editions but rest assured; every article will be high quality, sure to garner your advertisement the attention of citizens throughout Los Santos. We survive on support from the community. So advertising with us or donating is greatly appreciated! We take Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, and of course, United States Dollars. Our crypto-currency wallet QR code is below. If you wish to send us cash or wire transfer money, you may wire the money to 24487396473895 (( Wyatt Henderson )). Or mail cash or checks to 4389 All Saints Blvd, P.O. Box 43 (( Again, just wire to Wyatt Henderson)). Please do contact us and let us know what kind articles you wish to see or if you have a story to tell us about. Below is a listing of all of our articles, enjoy! Violent Criminal Hooligans, CAUGHT! | owl.pm/87807 Skinhead Gang Troublemakers! | owl.pm/87847 Jekyll & Hyde DEAD, OFFICERS INJURED! | owl.pm/88103 - NEWEST ARTICLE! Finally, here is a listing of all prior and current advertisers. Skully's Super Store - @DylanW Mercedes-Benz of San Andreas - @Wright Vinewood Gardens - @MindScape00
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    Majestic X8

    UPON READING THE FOLLOWING; YOU AGREE THAT YOU WILL NOT USE ANY OF THE VITAL INFORMATION IN-CHARACTER WITHOUT CONSULTING ME FIRST. Majestic X8 is a multi-ethnic street gang, mainly consisting of Central Americans and Mexicans. The gang was supposedly created near the Park Avenue North and Majestic Street intersection, near Glen Park. It is highly influenced by the 18th street gang culture, and gladly represents Barrio 18. It is unknown how the street gang came to be or was created, although most believe that it was created in mid-2017. Since its discovery in both the underground, and the media... Majestic X8 is known to have ties back to 2014, when violence in Las Colinas was at its all time highest. During 2014, the Watts Riders 13 controlled the area, and the area was the subject of a turf-war between the African-American, Arabic, and Asian organized crime. Hesitant to take sides, the San Pedro Riders chose their own team and ultimately lost the area to Arabs who would allow their Italian allies to control it, despite the majority of the population being of Latino ethnicity. In 2015, the only remnants of the San Pedro Riders were the Colinas Varrio Riders which came into play during April 18th to May 2nd, when leader Fernando Dominguez tumbled out of power, and Las Colinas' underground was soon overrun by members of the Irish mob. The Majestic X8 was ultimately brought into being by a younger generation, watching these turf-wars and shootouts unfold before their eyes, which essentially turned the generation to a life of crime. Many in the area, both knowingly and unknowingly joined the 2017 San Pedro, although when the street gang moved into bigger deals, they lacked the experience and the leaders would end up in debt to the suppliers. For this reason, the San Pedro 13 slowly went inactive but not until the youth of Las Colinas fell into gang life. Eventually, however... another gang would rise and the cycle would continue. UPON JOINING; MEMBERS WILL AGREE THAT ANY LEADER OF THE FACTION HAS THE ABILITY TO CK A MEMBER DUE TO ANY IN-CHARACTER REASON IF DEEMED FIT.
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    How are we doing? 2018

    How are we doing? We are running another one of these feedback forms. Feel free to leave your responses on how we've been doing recently Loading... https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfNWQCR4Jiz4MPfa35f9xGgWIr-TeKLdvsm6S9gFTZMl6CT_g/viewform?usp=sf_link
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    TWCN - LS GIRLFRIEND - 18+ Blog

    This is Team WolfCub Noose or TWCN for short. Hello. I am WolfCub and this is my story. - in los santos, there is very big problem. and the problem is that the girl are really really bad. we the mens are in constant sadness and depression because the female doesnt want to have sex or to be with me. i am a really nice and handsome guy, i treat women with respect and care for them and make them feel happy. but why the hell dont girls like me??? i am a talented artist that has dedicated his life to creating things but all they care about is just some rich asshole wanting to bang them because they have big vagina and boobs these men are really evil and they usually run big companies with their name in the company names name. they get the woman pregnant and then they have the ungliest fucking baby imaginable and it fucking sucks because the man is ugly and needs to fucking die. i really dont like the way that mexicans and other piece of shit imigrants constantly hit on women in pizza stack because this is where i am and maybe i want a chance but i cant go because a fucking mexican is hitting on a girl i want to get to know and maybe become close friends with and then maybe date and then maybe do other things with like sex and maybe marry and then have family but the mexican always hit on the leaning girl who smokes a lot and is very pretty and all they talk about is bad lingual skills weed and hot he wants to have sex with the ''mammasita'' and basically calling the girl his mother which is really bad because a mother should never be able to have sex. while the homo is a bad word and thing and is what makes people turn virgin there is much worse and that is lesbian! leasbians constantly steal the girl i like and i really dont like lesbians because they taste the vagina and lick eachother in public in their expensive cars and they let everyone know how they are lesbians and that they are normal while driving truck and making money for their house which they never see and adventually have baby which they dont abort altough it was from a black that raped we need to linch the lesbians because they are threat and if we dont act fast they will steal your girlfriend too! but even worse than the lesbian genocidal wants is the black invasion in idlewood and pizza stack they have sex everywhere with beautiful white girl and they trick them into having sex and stealing my phone which is not very nice and i dont like it one time i saw them have sex in public and it was very wrong and i was jealous because i never had dick sucked but i really hated the fucking black because he was so ugly and he shouldnt have such beautiful girl belittle herself for such a bad cause while he makes all sorts of animalistic noises through his fucking toothgap!!! fucking die blackie i am currently looking for a girlfriend, ages 16-20 they need to be white, blonde, have blue eyes and be very beautiful and nice. no fake boog or vagina, only real, because i dont want fake, i want real maybe we can have family and then sex together and that would be very nice be like the lady i drew please because that is the pinacle of beautifulness i think its very pretty and i really want to date you if you look like a pretty lady and think i am also nice and not just friend i am very strong and handsome and i will protect you from all the black and bad things in life i will always support and caress you because that is a mans duty as a husband help me finish thank you for reading my text i put a lot of heart and thought into it and when we finally meet i want to have a daughter after sex. *Comments would be ENABLED* *Description* ((Commenting format )) ((Yes, I just spent like 30 minutes drawing weird ass shit with my mouse xd))
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    Piney's OwlGaming Rewind 2017

    I'm never late. Guess I'll post some late screenshots over here, maybe add some videos later on. Thank you all for making my year. Loved every moment of it. I would need to tag the whole community if I started tagging everyone. These people made this year fun. And I can't thank them enough. @ronnie06 @Rauf @Balloon @Mills @Dimoff @Chillz @Craazy @FAILCAKEZ @BrennanMichael @JohnM @Diogo @Serx @stubby @TPG @Kozinski @Stoned @ToastyBud @Potato @Shanks @Lewis @Humour @Resident @jayjay @Squirdo @Makefoo @Krakkfaen @klippan @senseidoge @remolten @Kockata @Unitts @Daveosfutur @ZythuM @WaterMelon @Machiavelli @Soulcist @xxx @DevilJ screens vids
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    IF YOU WISH TO ADVERTISE WITH THE LOS SANTOS EXPRESS, CONTACT US AT '[email protected]' (( ThatGuy on the forums. ))
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    Whitestone Waste ♻

    WASTE MANAGEMENT COMPANY Whitestone Waste is an independent trash-hauling company which primary goal is to make the utmost effort to minimize the ever-growing flow of trash that accumulates in different corners of the city of Los Santos. WW has been proudly serving Los Santos residents since it began during the early 2000s, providing waste management services and solution for treatment of various types solid waste. SERVICES WE OFFER Commercial waste collection - Wrappings, cardboard boxes, food waste. Festival, event or party litter. Industrial waste collection - Construction and demolition waste, rubble, residual materials excluding materials that are hazardous and unsuitable for incineration. JOB POSITIONS Waste Collector - Performs loading and unloading duties, independently when required. - Operates and ensures the incinerators are running properly. - Ensures the clearance of debris and garbage from sidewalks and roadways. - Properly discards trash from garbage containers and returning them to their rightful place. - Performs work in outside weather conditions. Waste Collector Operator - Performs loading and unloading duties with a wheel loader for processing or transfer of waste at the incineration facility. - Drives an automated rear end loader truck and ensures the safety of crewmembers on the platform. - Must fill out a report sheet. - Operates special mechanism for loading and unloading garbage containers. TRASH PICK-UP AREAS 🔲 AREA 3 (DISTRICT 1) 🔲 AREA 2 (DISTRICT 2) 🔲 AREA 1 (DISTRICT 2) 🔲 AREA 4 (DISTRICT 3) 🔲 AREA 5 (DISTRICT 3) EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION FULL NAME: GENDER: DATE OF BIRTH: PHONE NUMBER: POSITION: PAST WORK EXPERIENCE (job, position, company): Send your applications to [email protected] ((Forum PM @Novixsus)) Management and Business Inquiries: +555 479391 LOCATION Truck Parking Area - Pilon St, ELCW Incineration Facility - 2255 Carson St
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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    IT'S VALENTINES DAY! ★ Roscoe Milburn raises the bouquet of flowers towards Fayth, smiling towards her as he moves his shades.. ★ .. away from his face. ((Roscoe Milburn)) ★ Fayth Belmont struts towards Roscoe as the sight of the flowers conjure a broad smile on her face. [English] Fayth Belmont says: Someone die? [English] Roscoe Milburn says: Your pussy about to die tonight, [English] Fayth Belmont says: Funny. ★ Roscoe Milburn hands the flowers to Fayth, pecking her softly on the lips. ★ Fayth Belmont momentarily hooks both arms around the man's neck to leave a peck on his lips, clutching ★ on the flowers right after. ((Fayth Belmont))
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    [General] - /look age ranges.

    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- /look age ranges. What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- When you /look someone, it gives their exact age. It should be within a range of a few years either way. What are the advantages?- Decreased amount of MG. Advantage for both Police and Security to be checking ID's of those that look underage, rather than looking at their /look and acting on that information because it's 100% correct. What are the disadvantages?- You might e-sex a minor because it says 15 - 21 but they're really 15. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- No How would you go about implementing this idea?- No
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    How are we doing? 2018

    I @ResidentPeach am dedicated to seeing Owl Gaming Roleplay succeed, and am willing to deal with the low or high playerbase until it becomes as successful as I believe it has the potential to become.
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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

  27. 16 points

    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

    [English] Raphael Marchesi says: I've heard around that some group of competitors is planning to harass your business [English] Raphael Marchesi says: To increase their profits [English] Raphael Marchesi says: As you do own a huge store in a populated area. [English] Raphael Marchesi says: My buddy told me to give you this information. [English] Raphael Marchesi says: We can help you to avoid all this. [English] Raphael Marchesi says: If you can afford to give 500$ we can sabotage this process. ★ Malik Douglas runs his hand through his beard, showcasing a somewhat confused expression on his face, as he - ★ - looks over to Roscoe, listening to Raphael. ((Malik Douglas)) ★ Roscoe Milburn swiftly spins on his heel, attempting to pick Fayth up by her thighs, wrapping her legs ★ around him. ((Roscoe Milburn)) ★ Fayth Belmont lazily buries her head in Roscoe's shoulder once she's swept off her feet, locking her legs ★ around the man's body. ((Fayth Belmont)) ★ Roscoe Milburn spins around momentarily as he cackles audibly.
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    Council of Supervisor Elections Results Candidates District 1 Bryson Silverman District 2 Peter Bauer District 3 Logan Graves District 4 Roy Harlan Results District 1 winner - Bryson Silverman District 2 winner - Peter Bauer District 3 winner - Logan Graves District 4 winner - Roy Harlan Information Due to a lack of applications to each district being ran for (uncontested), each applicant has automatically won their district. Districts
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    TWSPC News Update: 19/02/18

    Monday 19th February Comments Enabled The Well Stacked Pizza Company has traversed through a variety of changes this week, this includes a change of ownership and management as well as a completly new envisionment of a business model providing more multi-ethnical variety in terms of our products and services. Through the changes the property and business will now be on a temporary hiatus to ensure that the reformations are promptly met without any interuptions, more details on the direction the company is heading in will be provided in later news updates but until now this is more so a notice for customers and previous employees. Previous employees of the company were unfortunately removed by previous ownership and management, this is a problematic issue as we do have these employees returning and expecting to work during our hiatus however we have a resolution for this. In retrospect this has helped prevent any interruptions from taking place, however we're deeply saddened that it had to result in unemployment for so many people; Previous employees who choose to applicate for their prior roles will be prioritized when the new business model is up and running with all the reformations complete. Any further concerns that were not covered by this news entry, can be sent as an email to the new owner themselves which the address will be provided below. We're also in search for interior designers, and architects who have a keen eye for progressive and qualitative change as they're going to receive a quality monetary payment for credible drafts for our property. Thank you, we hope you all understand that change is necessary. [email protected] The Well Stacked Pizza Company Owner
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    Madmen MC

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    Palomino Community Center

    Palomino Community Center 74 Bottom St, Palomino Creek Why Palomino? Palomino Creek has long been a hub for a peaceful suburban lifestyle, away from the big city that is Los Santos, with all of it's crime and drama. We aim to bring together a community of like minded people seeking this lifestyle to enjoy each other's company. Membership Join today to receive community updates and be invited to community events at the center. Rent The Facility Rent the Palomino Community Center from just $250 an hour for your own events. Move To Palomino Our commitment is to make it as easy as possible for people to move to Palomino who will enrich our community. We have several homes for sale in Palomino! Browse our inventory below. 2286 N. Elm St. $75,000 188 E. Main St. 74,000 137 E. Main St. 80,000 93 Crest Dr. 83,000 Get in touch Josh Baker - Owner 674523 [email protected]
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    GAT Update - January 24th, 2018

    GAT Update - January 24th, 2018 Hello, We as a team have been overwhelmed with the amount of exceptional applications that have been sent through to us this time around so it's been difficult deciding between each of the applicants. We thank everyone who applied showing their interest and wish those who didn't manage to make it this time around good luck with the next. Promotions Jayjay - Promoted to Trial Administrator Kaasisbaas - Promoted to Trial Administrator Keksii - Promoted to Trial Administrator Mowafy - Promoted to Trial Administrator QueenC - Promoted to Trial Administrator RayPayne - Promoted to Trial Administrator Script - Promoted to Trial Administrator Spektrum - Promoted to Trial Administrator TheMaster - Promoted to Trial Administrator Zebulon - Promoted to Trial Administrator Weelawn - Promoted to Administrator Departures Aman(Removed) Andreas(Removed) CuckusMaximus(Removed) Franco(Resigned) LokiHavok(Resigned) Rauf(Resigned) The amount of reports has dropped quite significantly this starting month but yet, since the 1st of January we are nearly breaking 4000 reports. We wish to thank all of the current administrators for continuing to do these reports to their best abilities and I hope it creates an insight to what the administrators have to deal with whilst online. All in-game and forum perks will be set as soon as possible. Once again, congratulations to all. OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Upper Administration Team.
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    Bradford Architecture

    About us We are the design and architectural agency that shows the world who you are. Small, curious and flexible, but big enough to accommodate a whole host of architects, designers, artists, project managers and economists under one roof. The combined competence and our personal energy is our asset. The ability to see the values a distinctive personality creates is our unique strength. Our whole splash helps you all the way. Your dream home, business office or whole property is as much a place to live in or to work on, as a way to summarize your lifestyle or brand. Architecture becomes an identity. A distinct impression that is best achieved through personal and close cooperation between you as a customer and us as creators. Bradford Architecture works with everything from property development to furniture design. Founded in 2013, we have our headquarters in Los Santos. Selected Work Contact us Warren Bradford [email protected] 536-503
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    CSMD News Update: 21/02/18

    Wednesday 21st February Comments Enabled Changes continue as we're now ready to present to everyone the newly reformed company which will be formally known as Casa Tijuana Mexican Diner, a multi-ethnic dining choice of quality fast food products that all suit different hours of the day from breakfast to supper as we'll offer a well run twenty four hour service. All the recipes are considered traditional coming down a line of experienced Southern Californian fast food workers, guaranteed to satisfy the tastebuds for the smallest of fee possible, promising a day of good eating for our dedicated customers. During this whole transition we're more desperate than ever to receive your point of view and opinions, especially if critical as we'd love to orchestrate our business model around the Idlewood community who are considerably the most important target audience for us at Casa Tijuana. Comments will remain open, and our owners email address is still publicized for anyone demanding a much more personal conversation with their concerns in mind. To finish off with this news update, we've attached blueprints of our newly envisioned site in Idlewood. Currently we find that the building we have right now is way too big and rather unnecessary as it takes up space that can be allocated towards other more focal facilities. This takes into mind our now public car park, a new basketball court and plaza and finally a more suitably sized building for our business. Construction will shortly take place, being if our planning requests are accepted and hopefully we can provide the Idlewood community with a new burst of life and flavor. [email protected] Casa Tijuana Mexican Diner Owner
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    [Verse: Bankroll Baby] [00:26] whip a lil 4 to a 50 pack lil nigga what you gone do with that Whatever you want back I'm cool with that long as all y'all niggas movin that Now I'm finessing and flexing and dressing i got these lil bitches like who is that I'm whippin in space you know thats that wraith I'm on the southside you ain't new to that Came in the game now I'm fuckin shit up, Hit the work with the soda and double it up Feeling like raw i can't leave the pot alone, if You don't want dope then stop calling my phone The block can see Bankroll that nigga right now, You don't want smoke so lil nigga pipe down Went grab that dope and i flooded my town, King of the South so i need me a crown [Verse: Bankroll Baby] [00:54] I done bossed up then i got sauced up, Now I'm having that check when i walk up Now these niggas can't keep they bitch off of me, Better come get her for that hoe get tossed up CHM them Ape niggas blastin, Please tell somebody come capture this madness Op nigga come cross the block and he through, Give a fuck who your kin to we stainin them too Don't fuck with fuck niggas I'm running up figures and i been that nigga so my pockets got bigger Came in with gang and we fucked up the streets, this gang shit only bitch I'm still dropping heat They Wonder How Bankroll crush every beat, Stay humble go hard cause bitch i gotta eat See me winning now these niggas dry hating but all that dry hating gone get your life taken If you come from the bottom and never had nothin and now you got cake better flex in they face Fuck the hate go run that guap up, Internet beefing be on that same shit when i pop up No the police can not stop us, Pop up we shaking your spot and 'Lando lighting your block up Bankroll Baby:Brrt? Ky $avage : Hello? Plug called told me that he got us, he told he just got a lot of product time to go flip it and make a lil' profit [Verse: Bankroll Baby] [1:34] Came in the game now I'm fuckin shit up, Hit the work with the soda and double it up Feeling like raw i can't leave the pot alone, if You don't want dope then stop calling my phone The block can see Bankroll that nigga right now, You don't want smoke so lil nigga pipe down Went grab that dope and i flooded my town, King of the South so i need me a crown [Verse: Orlando] [1:48] Arrived with the fucking money, hoes, bottles and all the fucking motha fuckin' rollies Shit get too heavy to crown me, Pull up with chop servin' everything around me Think I'm in the fucking illuminati cause I brought up the shit, no wonder you niggas is so fucking stupid I been around for this shit I'm a monster at this I decipher the shit then I break down a brick. Bitch you can't fucking play me, I run the show like Picasso, Running through the hood in a Tahoe. Been a badmon since my incarnation, got the sixth sense I can tell a pussy nigga when he faking some of my niggas they blooded and hatian, some of my hoovers they gutter they staining some of my crips they muggin' they'll shank you, run up on me and this choppa gon' thank you. [2:15] [Verse: Ky $avage] [2:28] I'm whippin', i'm whippin', i'm whippin' it up, I got my youngings, they flippin' these packs, Trapline ringing 24/7, I ain't got time to relax, In the booth with Bankroll, young nigga just keep getting these stacks, I'ma stay on my grind, I feel like i'm in my prime time, i'm keepin' it hunnid, i'm keeping it max, These niggas is pussies and that shit is facts, Kill a nigga then forget about it, leave that in the past, Try some funny shit on my block and you pussy niggas will get whacked, If you talking hot, my lil' niggas got your ass tracked, Lando pull up with the choppa' leave all of you niggas clapped, I swear most of you niggas like to just act, Pull up in yo' hood shoot yo' goofy ass in the back, I swear you will never catch me on a lack, I got that thing on me, I'm always strapped, Got my young ones hitting stains for the cheddar, My young ones always stay packed, [3:02]
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    Dziewięć załatwić

    History: Dziewięć załatwić was first an official mafia in 2002 when Pikjaz Nowskitinski got enough people interested in his plan. Pikjaz wanted Dziewięć załatwić to own illegal market in Poland, and he had plans on expanding out worldwide within ten years. In 2010, Dziewięć załatwić was the biggest mafia in Poland. They sold everything from guns to drugs. Pikjaz made around 500,000$ daily and he had everything he needed. The same year he forced his son, Adam Nowskitinski to be a part of the mafia. Adam started at the bottom and made his way up the two years he was a part of the mafia. Pikjaz passed away two years later. Adam was at school when his mother picked him up and told him the bad news. This was a really rough time for Adam and the rest of the mafia. No one knew what to do, so the mafia went down and no one heard from it after that. New start: Adam moved to Los Santos some years later and had a great time there. He got some new friends and met other Polish people there. It was in early 2018 Adam decided to go illegal again. He talked to his friends and they were cool with it. Their goal once again is to sell guns and drugs to other people. (Updates TBA) Disclaimer: Upon joining this faction you may be character killed by a leader of the faction any time. This is a work in progress, but I would love to hear your feedback.
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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

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    TWCN - THE YOUNG KILL - Volume 2 - [18+]

    This is Team WolfCub Noose or TWCN for short. Hello. I am WolfCub and this is my story. - THE YOUNG KILL VOLUME 2 Click here for Volume 1 this is based on true story of my life. it was 2004, a dark year, a dark time. very many mens had bad times then and they were not too good. it was middle of sex with virgin. i roar like lion and my hair flows around because it is in pony tail and i rock head back and forth while inserting penis into vagina and inserting inside the penis inside the vagina almost peeing. my muslces get big and i touch mias butt with my finger putting 5 finger inside the cheek. i make sweat from the sex and she makes too and we are happy and she screams like during rape but only this is happiness. i always wanted virgin. spark goes out of eye and it goes out of her too. i smile at her boob and it starts moving around like beyblade which was something i liked to play with. i grab hair and open out, my teeth sharp like knife and sword and ice. my area grows pushing her against wall so i can split her vagina. i go inside kill mode and i moan really loud and show teeth since they are well brushed and mia one time said i had good teeth and i wore her clothes and danced around mirror showing muscle and dick smiling happy and she smiled too. sparks go outside eye like lighting bolt since i am very strong and i can rip a lot of rope. i bite into lip and it makes a lot of blood and i make the blood go onto her butt so i slide around with my finger. i start producing heat since hot. eyes are shine and lighting and the burn ceiling and walls with lines of burn. i feel like i am going to pee inside her and she moans very loudly and screams from pain since i start ripping her into shred and we are very happy because we love sex. i finally pee a lot of times and she starts expanding and white pee starts coming from inside butt and making me sticky and then she starts gag and pee starts coming from her mouth and her stomach gets very big since we will have a baby now. i stand back with smile and her fingers start move and she begins to have new boob on chest and spark lines that are red start coming from inside eye and making me burn and blood. her stomach opens and her body starts to pulsate and a lot of zits start to grow from skin and flesh and blod up and a lot of pee comes from her stomach hole and blows up onto ground and her neck starts to grow very large and she starts vomiting pee upside and it shines in red light so it is very nice and it makes penis rise secretly when i watch behind corner. I still hold hair and throw her onto ground since she has woman now and no more virgin and her eye redness goes away. from body something move and then pee shoots out with a ball inside and then ball goes away and inside ball is baby. baby is very nice and she has no hair but her eyes red like moms and that looks sexy and very scary. there is a lot of sperm on ground and some on her and then she takes placenta and eats it. baby calls me father and we stand up and we hug and go outside room and wave goodbye to father and mother because they now have baby and they smile and we smile and we are so happy and there is also rainbow outside and bird sing so it is good day and we go. the baby is big so it needs lot of food and growth because baby is 18 so i dont get police call from Matilda. baby name is Almond. we take supra and go riding around town because i remember something. i looked at baby vagina and smile with happiness because i always wanted daughter because then i can buy dress. we go really fast and pass everyone because the car is good and expensive and even clouds go away. almond and i are going back to get rs haul car because a black ruined my delivery last time and i need more money because i want to buy that 450 thousand dollar house in richman that looks cool and has renovated interior. we arrive and then we look around but we dont find car because i dont know. i am shock and almond is also shock and i get angry and start breaking asfalt with fist because anger. also, the black that called me nigga is gona but that was not possible because i broke foot! something was stinky and it wasnt sex from sweat. only the black with bad remark could drive the car because he was close so must have been trick. we went next to chicken place and look to garbage bin. there we find the biggest fucking piece of shit fucking trash human who fucking lies on the fucking internet and makes fucking horrible articles and is fucking shit and was fucking talking with stolen iphone 5s and eating shitty greasy chicken. you can see his rapist penis outline on his leg cloth. we step and his nipple starts to move since he knows fear and since i and almond are very strong. he has done the weed so his eyes are red but its fake red unlike almond. he tries stand but i step and punsh him inside eyes and he cries and it makes baby laugh. almond bites inside nipple and he starts to move from pain and i am very proud of daughter. i take chicken from hand and his hand breaks backwards and i put chicken inside butt. but almond is hungry so she needs food but since chicken is inside the blacks butt we take feet instead and almond eats and smiles and i smile because i am caring father. he makes blood a lot and then bird comes and makes shit and eats eye and we smile and go other way because we do not like trolls. i look at daughter with proudness and she looks at me and i look at her boob and she is already grown so i smile more. she have very beautiful lips and bald head that is smooth when you touch it and it still shines from pee. almond says father and that makes me excite because i like little girl daughter calling father since parenthood is manly. she have mia eyes with red spark but also mine green and blue since she had my genes on her. we talk and then she understands and she starts to run because she wants to find truck for father because she also hates the blacks and she is smart like mother and strong like me because i was my strongest during the sex so she got strong. she starts run and sparks go from eyes and start breaking window and she has energy around her and a lot of wind and she is super fast and super deadlier. her boobs start moving around and her butt too and i smile because i am so proud to have daughter like that. she must be taught proper education and sex so i need find school and i know perfect place. i also go work and make deliver, so i can buy her cloth and food and beautiful miniskirt and thin panty. inside town there is super academy where lives my teacher who is legend. he has been in city for very long time and he is smart. he will help me with teaching almond and finding black man with bad remark who stolen car because that is the skill of true blacks. he have skill to sense presence of every non gentile degenerate inside world and also he has super strong. strongest inside world and he has power of burn. i drive in front of temple and walk up stairs and inside, nervous because master is known for kill and love. when i approach door i see blue glow and feel heat in air. it is him... KLAUS, he human strongness and pureness process. he have big muscle and i look. he has power of burn inside hand and it is his signature oven level burn power which he only used once against powerful ancient evil. it is final form and i never seen it before with blue flames and light blue lighting from eyes. but he have control unlike me and almond. he has become super. i surprised and not sure why he so strong right now and he say that black evil has been birthted inside world. i ask if it is almond and he say no because almond is not black and he can only sense non gentiles because evil energy. he says he prepare because enemy very strong and it is fight for world. he open eyes and they glow with pure arian energy and lightning and he has shadows and shine and he looks very cool and he also has hot blonde women in darkness who he has the sex and babies with like true man. he serious. meanwhile in... where once was house with ugly blacks there is now hole and a lot of blacks are around crater with smoke and burn and look because they are dumb and too afraid to go check inside. the smoke slowly fade and something very black and sinister inside with piercing eye like tip of knife. the blacks gather closer and start bow as more smoke clears. step and shock can be heard through island of africa. with gust of wind, lightning comes from smoke and very evil and bad man come out... NEXT TIME: MEET THE OMNIGGER - *Comments would be ENABLED* *Description* ((Commenting format )) ((I put in way more effort this time but it still came down to a few hours of work Still using the good old MS Paint and mouse and I will be using it for every IC post, since it suits the character. Hope you enjoyed the maddness xd))
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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

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    Madmen MC

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    Name: Michael Strickland Comment: If you really had any intention of helping citizens, you'd be giving these cans out for free instead of profiteering off the back end of a natural disaster.
  48. 13 points

    Lets MG nametags!

    Nice to see people jumping on the bandwagon as usual. Your entire thought process/argument here is misguided. TLDR; - Be on bail - Drive RV thats not yours - Have no lights/seatbelt on - Yell at cops and refuse to comply when spoken to (would have been let go) - Run into back of RV with a handgun after - Get arrested - Complain he got arrested because he failed to cooperate I like how you leave out all the major details and try to make me look bad. Especially the part where you tell your friend to log off when you get pulled over to avoid arrest.
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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia


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