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    Server Script Update (v0.1.1k) | October, 2019 This update fixes critical bugs. Adjustments: Mod Shop UI now shows a breakdown/overview of the cost of each mod Mod sub menus now show the individual cost of your change to the current sub category (e.g. spoiler) New interior for the mod shop Fixes: 0003154: Vehicle Mod shop - Bugs 0003148: Vehicle Mod Shop Taking Fuel and Causing Damage Fixed vehicle mods being desynced No mods were lost, if you previously modified your vehicle and could not see the mods outside of the shop, your mods will now appear. Fixed a bug where entering the mod shop would decrease your fuel Fixed a bug where entering the mod shop would increase your dirt Fixed a bug where entering the mod shop would increase your odometer Fixed a bug where vehicles would be damaged when leaving the mod shop Fixed headlights not working Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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     VICTORY! Office of The County Commissioner October 18th, 2019 Greeting, fellow citizens! A few days ago the final candidates and elections were announced. I began my campaign trail quite early, but with the utmost highest levels of confidence and determination. I knew, that I had to be in it to win, to win the hearts and minds of my fellow citizens, and that appears to have been the right way to go about my campaign. I promised you change in my campaign, and that is what is going to happen. My first four initial goals will be tackling the housing crisis, implementing a public forum or outreach program, implementing a anti-criminal property insurance program and constructing a public off-roading drag area that is open to the public and can be used for events. I intend to stay true to all my promises mentioned in my platform, and I will fulfill them with my head held high. Soon, I will be meeting with the other leaders of the County agencies to establish contact with them and introduce myself. Give me some time Los Santos, and I will show you that real change is possible under proper leadership! (Commissioner Turner) God bless America, the State of San Andreas and most importantly, Los Santos! Richard Turner, County Commissioner.
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    The Vikings Motorcycle Club

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    The Vikings Motorcycle Club

    Another day is just another business to attend for Dominic. Starting his late morning with his family, Dominic and Sull' quickly went on the ride, meeting with the crew and attending his first meeting to talk business within their own inner circle... And with others.
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    Future Energy Production. Ministry of Research and Development October 2nd, 2019 Fortes fortuna adiuvat, On Tuesday, September 17, 2019, the Office of The County Commissioner, released information of the newest government entity the Ministry of Research and Development. Here at the Ministry, we conduct scientific research and development (R&D), based on various inquiries made by the sitting political party. It is our policy that all our inquiries are open and releasable to the public. The first inquiry has since been processed and it concerns the future energy production on a regional level and how we can benefit in Paleto Bay. It is an important subject as it concerns our actions against climate changes. I hope to see meetings for allocation of funds to implement if not all but some of the recommendations forwarded in the inquiry. I anticipate excited replies to the information and knowledge that we have hoped to bring in writing this inquiry. If you agree, disagree or wish to learn more you're welcome to leave a comment below. Should there be a great deal of interested citizens I'd be glad to organize a meeting in Paleto Bay. With our recommendations being made, I say, fortes fortuna adiuvat, which means fortune favors the bold. Inquiry 001 released, Alfred Friman Minister of Research and Development ATTACHMENT:
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    (( Thanks @Unitts for the poster)) Event starts at 5PM (( Server time )) at Sandy Shores airfield!
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    The Mojito Inn - New Menu.

    THE MOJITO INN - NEW MENU As part of a new initiative, The Mojito Inn is now opening a dining branch. Our kitchen has been fully refurbished and we have a new cook, our Head Chef known as 'Dan The Man' will be tending to your culinary needs. Be sure to stop by and try some of our cuisine!
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    The Vikings Motorcycle Club

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    NPC Owned Social Spots

    While I don't agree with the police free and criminal free zones because of the RPG elements, the idea of having NPC owned bars is similar to what we advocated for on MTA with admins in the GAT. We would request them to make a character, open a bar for an hour or two for players, close it, repeat if they'd wish. Or perhaps present themselves at a club with an expensive car and throw some money around. I think an NPC owned bar would be alright to begin with but in the long run we should aim towards having them player owned to create more RP. To begin it's a decent idea, personally speaking.
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    It's ya boi

    Should've done this ages ago. So, I am Effect, oldfags from rootgaming should remember this nickname if not, fuck you. Anyway, I've been around for quite some time here and there, done my part as a rebel and as a player. Had a good long break after getting sick and tired of bias and spent my days playing other video games, fixing my real life and such. Half a year ago (give or take) came back to RP scene checking if anything changed and I was pleasantly surprised that it got a bit tad... Relaxing. Currently studying tourism management, still got some decent experience on graphic design and whatnot. So hit me up and glad to be a part of this community.
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    Property activity check.

    This suggestion isn't really necessary as this is definitely going to be implemented like it was in our MTA server from the beginning. I'm still commenting though in order to persist that we need it now more than ever because of the lack of properties for any recently created characters. I'd go on to also say that eighty percent of the players who own properties on Owl V don't even play anymore.
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    The Ombra Syndicate

    ~Novanard has joined the chat.
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    Gamecoin Sale and Q&A Recap

    Thanks for the endless work. Regarding the players who are complaining about MTA, it is not in Chaos’s or staff’s hand that it is a dead server. We just got bored of it and we do not want to play it, It’s us who make it active or dead.
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    Triage MC

    Tonight's roleplay was really special. Really hard to decide where to roleplay and who to roleplay with. Thank you Owlgaming. It's been a great 5 years.. so many memories.
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    Interested to know what sorta events people would like to have on V. Hit me up on here if you have any ideas.
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    I mean no matter what character you roleplay no one can ever say you don't do anything via Gov. From an FD standpoint and running a legal faction I can say I've had more interactions with you than most other Government leaders. I feel in someway people are hesitant when it goes to the Government because they're concerned it'll somehow have a negative impact on them themselves (since occasionally we do get the occasional policy that makes people question why its happening), obviously that's just like government in real life but I do think quite a few members of the community see Gov in general as a bad thing due to previous experiences which have put people off. However I do have to say and give credit where it's due that there has been a lot of good with Government who take an interest in rewarding those IC for doing certain things and also aiming to improve the community all together with different types of roleplay and so on. Sadly this is the internet and people love to disagree or start a huge random debate for the "lols" or because they're just consistently bored. Just roleplay the way you want to, and continue to aim to improve things for the community and bring further roleplay. I feel those who do that instead of pushing random agendas due to wanting to micro manage everything will always fail in terms of public support. Something which you haven't done so far and is more appreciated by the community.
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    Hello gamers, We decided last night that with less than 24 hour notice, doing it on tomorrow just wouldn’t work and wouldn’t give people an opportunity to show up. Thus we are doing the second best option, Saturday the 28th at 2PM EST! See ya’ll there :)
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    welcome my dear boy
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    The Vikings Motorcycle Club

    omg emo
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    Snowy Maps

    This is already a feature
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    The Redwood Mob

    The Redwood Mob is a century old organization that is deeply rooted in the Los Santos County, spanning back all the way to the early 1900s. The Redwood Mob was not always a formally organized group, and it was instead formed through dominance, and survival of the fittest amongst several cliques and groups. All those associated with the Redwoods in the early 1900s, their goal was to simply make money. They went by one rule, which was; no snitching on your fellow outlaws. The early years of the Redwoods is known as the first chapter, where the group aimlessly operated. The Redwoods (before known as the Redwoods) consisted of various families and groups of friends who worked on various illegal businesses, mostly disorderly robberies. The Second Chapter of the Redwoods was when the Irvine family entered the scene. The Irvines were a farming family, with over twenty members, fourteen of which were fathered by Leroy Irvine, the head of the family. The Irvines were comparable to the Rothschilds on a local level, rather than oil, their profits were in the farming business. The Irvines owned or controlled most major farming companies within the State of San Andreas, at one point they were literally the major exporter of beans within the state. Leroy invested his profits into the bootlegging business, which turned out to be a smart move, as the Irvine family began to amass unprecedented profits. It is at this time, The Redwood Mob finally gained its name from local law enforcement. Due to brewing in the forests of the Los Santos County (populated by Redwood trees), they were dubbed the Redwoods, because almost all liquor in the local area came from the forest of Redwood trees. The Irvines became the established leading family of the Redwoods, due to their influence and profits. They were good diplomats between the various sub-groups, being able to convince them or intimidate them into aligning themselves with the Irvines. For many years to come, the Redwoods bought out politicians, corrupt officials, and businesses to maintain power. Chapter Three consists of the downfall of the Redwoods in the late 50s and early 60s, prohibition ended three decades prior which was a massive hit to the Irvine's profits. With the downfall of bootlegging, the Redwoods focused on things like cargo theft, drugs and other lucrative businesses. Over time, these businesses became less and less profitable as port security went up and crack downs on drugs became more frequent. Many of these sub groups began to disband, disappear or die out. Without these groups, the Irvines were unable to maintain power for much longer. Profits were seriously dwindling. Chapter Four "The Resurgence". During the 80s, the eldest son of Leroy, Houston Irvine began to take over the family business. He made good attempts to try to revive the Redwoods by bringing back the liquor business. Since San Andreas has no liquor tax, it was the genius idea of Houston to export liquor to other states, which began to pick up the profits again. Low priced corn whiskey and beer, sold to other groups from various states in the middle of the ocean. Houston was proud of his sons, and hope to eventually pass on the family business to them, but things would go down an unforeseen route. Business soon became more hostile as profits began to dip once again, and newer groups weren't interested in aligning themselves with an organization that didn't provide arms and drugs on a large scale. Houston was eventually chased off after repeated attempts by the feds to seize his money, he fled the state with all of the Irvine family fortune. The eldest son of Houston Irvine spent a majority of his time in the San Andreas National Guard, never being deployed anywhere and mostly just training. Earl (the eldest), Preston and Stephen are the sons of Houston Irvine, Earl was serving in the local National Guard detachment for training to utilize in the criminal world, Preston was running a failing liquor business alongside Stephen, who was hoping to get into the used car market. When Earl returned when his contract ended with the NG, he was made aware that Pa had left, the feds were on his tail, trying to seize his money. Whatever money Houston got away with, was the little bit he had stashed for a rainy day, the rest got taken by the feds, and so did the family businesses. Luckily, the Irvine sons were not on the federal radar, so they were never a target of law enforcement. With the eldest son being the wisest, Earl decided to band together with his brothers and take over the family business after laying low for a few months. We are now living in Chapter Five of The Redwood Mob. A group looking to establish as many alliances as possible. The Redwoods understand the true importance of cooperation and teamwork, and they will stop at nothing to rebuild what they once had. From shipping ports, liquor, booze, gun and drug sales, protection rackets and drug production, as well as various legal fronts, the Redwoods have their eyes set on a massive empire in the Los Santos County. Guns, drugs, vehicles, cargo and the whole nine yards, the Redwoods will conquer it all. Preston and Stephen Irvine had mysteriously vanished. Their whereabouts are unknown to this day. Earl has not yet given up hope, and has taken it upon himself to expand the Redwoods' operations.
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    Los Santos

    Los Santos is a bad idea, literally every other server is based on Los Santos, yes it has more buildings housing and all of that, but even with 150 players on it'll still feel EMPTY considering how big it is. Give the developers a chance to get some good scripts running, get a bigger playerbase, add more housing maybe even some custom one considering GTA 5 has a lot of modding possibilities and it'll be better. And if anyone thinks that even with a playerbase of lets say 50 people, that LS is gonna work, means he is delusional. I personally find paleto bay more fun, it offers a great nature vibe with loads of potential for activities, be it offroad clubs, boat clubs, hiking anything really. You can even have bars and clubs considering it has some industrial buildings. MTA also had LV and SF off RP zone and nobody really complained? If you really think that LS is gonna be better you're wrong. It offers more buildings and it'll feel like a ghost town considering its SO BIG. Instead of LS they can slowly integrate Grapseed area and Sandy Shores and even the suburbs of Los Santoy County, wanting to play in LS will make them lose playerbase because everyone without a roleplay group will find himself driving in LS for 20 minutes before logging off because he got so bored. A lot of players dislike Owl as of now due to the lack of features, once the developers make something great, which I believe they will it'll be a completely different story. Also you're delusional.
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    The Ombra Syndicate

    what happens when you fuck with cosa nostra!?!?!?
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    The Ombra Syndicate

    @GioSerpo is having PC issues and I'm having loads of stuff with university, we will attempt to keep this going as much as possible.
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    name: QuinC Comment: Android cameras are shit, go find a real job and buy a better camera.
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    GAT Update - October 2019

    @Chasee this is the best news i've had all year .. i just hope you don't get swamped with ig admin reports x
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    GAT Update - October 2019

    Thank you mates
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    GAT Update - October 2019

    @QueenC - QUINCY, CONGRATS! you got admin back x @KingZ - shook u made it x but congrats bby @Chaotropy - MY MATE SAM, KYLE, DALE CONGRATS ON BEEN A ADMIN FINALLY! @Vubstersmurf - Finally, was taking too long, glad u finally got it gurl x
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    GAT Update - October 2019

    About time QueenC
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    Snowy Maps

    What he said, it's already a weather feature that you can select through a /setw command. There's even a blizzard setting so there's intense fog as well as the snow.
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    I think what a lot of people are referring to when they bring up the potential abuse that can come out from the use of lock-picks, are the cases that happened with the door ram back in MTA. Door rams would instantly unlock an interior if you used it and these were rare as only a set amount of people had access to this item but people outside of that group still managed to get a hold of the item and if I remember correctly, that led to two separate cases (Maybe more) of people going around breaking into as many interiors as possible and stealing the generics from inside, I believe one of the cases included 40-100 interiors that were broken into on the same night by the same group of people because they managed to get a hold of a door ram. Now I understand that you said the lock-picks would have their own success rates but even then, people would get a hold of these and spam them until they unlock what they're trying to without ever calling for admin supervision and limiting the amount of lock-picks on the server doesn't seem realistic either, it would ruin the economy and in real life, you're actually able to buy various lock-pick sets online, physical security conventions and would even be able to purchase them in stores if they didn't have the stigma of being burglary tools surrounding them. A lot of people who have the hobby of lock-picking either buy the kits online or make their own (There's tons of guides and tutorials online on how to make your own kit out of various objects). I reckon the best way to go about this is by just having the ability to buy lock-picks in-game (Definitely not sold in the gas station and 24/7s) and just having an admin observe your RP before having them do /chance and /luck to see if you would be able to pick the lock. This also helps as in real life, you wouldn't be able to pick the lock on modern cars, this includes both doors and the trunk of the vehicle. Secondly, with vehicles, only a small amount of cars can have their ignition switch turned on through the use of lock-picks which means that most of the time you'd have to unlock the door of the car through lock-picks and then use different tools in order to turn the car on.
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    Irvine Fishers

    IRVINE FISHERIES - ANNOUNCEMENT Good day everyone, today we are proud to announce the relaunch of Irvine Fisheries! Looking to sail the seven seas, catching all kinds of sea creatures? Well look no further as Irvine Fisheries is looking for people like you! Irvine Fisheries exclusively supplies fish to the local populace and businesses of the Los Santos County, be sure to apply here today!
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    NPC Owned Social Spots

    I do get your point tho, hopefully if this is accepted, other businesses and areas won't be too affected. Like I said, it's perfect for new players.
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    [General] More Jobs

    Against it. Get RP jobs. This is a RP server not a grinding server, and there's already plenty of jobs EDIT: Now that I think of it, I'd be supporting deleting every single scripted starter job, and just increase general paycheck or lower general price levels that way people stick to roleplay and we'd cut off grinding
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    Valkyr Media Hall

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    The Ombra Syndicate

    @DrJoseEviI My request is out, I'm waiting for someone to contact me. I have a few needs, and I think we are going to change the diner idea, just because it's too cliche.
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    Zancudo Ave Mob

    Nice to see a well thought out thread, I look forward to seeing you taking this far.
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    The Ombra Syndicate

    One of the quality cosa nostra organised italian mob high quality faction can't wait to see how this goes
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    Gabriela Ramirez

    Name: Gabriela Ramirez Age: 21 Height: 5'8 Build: Athletic Gabriela Ramirez is a 21-year-old entrepreneur born in the small country of El Salvador in Central America facing the pacific side. She was the youngest of three siblings that were in their mid twenties. Her family was a typical working family just above the poverty line. Her father worked as a mechanic, while her mother worked as a room-attendant for a motel. Her brothers were involved in illegal activities in Cartels based in El Salvador and neighboring states. However, they always tried to keep this hidden from her. It seemed that every-year in El Salvador the crime-rate was rising and rising. Two days afters her sixteenth birthday, tragedy struck her family. All of her brothers had been killed in Cartel related events. In order to protect Gabriela, her parents made the ultimate decision to send her to live in Mexico City with her aunts. Gabriela was never really fond of Mexico. She worked for a year at a Mercado Supermarket making the equivalent of a few US dollars per-day. However, she also kept on top of her academics. At the age of seventeen, she got accepted into the Autonomous University of Mexico[UNAM]. Here, she excelled in her studies in business finance. In just two years, she was able to graduate early. Gabriela was eager to leave Mexico for good, She applied for jobs in Argentina, Canada, The United States, and even the United Kingdom, but none wanted a girl from Mexico. Therefore, she opted for a job in Veracruz, Mexico working at a Petroleum Company. She worked in the business section of this company making the equivalent of 18,000 dollars a year in the United States. Veracruz is known as a popular tourist town. Because of this, she frequently met tourist. One day, she met a tourist from Vice City. They chatted for awhile and she learned all about the beautiful island of Los Santos. She decided then that she wanted to move to the United States as she was tired of the low wages in Mexico. She applied for a visa in July of 2019, and they finally approved her in August. She then moved to Vice City and landed a job working for a the city government. She was hired as a intern, despite her two years of work experience, in the business section as a procurement agent. Here, she met a intern, that would soon be her business partner, Megan Dolvecci. After a few months of working, Megan and Gabriela discussed about starting a company. She soon found out about Los Santos, the 51st state, and moved. Here, she went right to work forming a new company called Pandora Corp. Thank you for taking the time to read Gabrielas story! It has yet to be fully-written! As in, this is just the beginning. All updates will be posted as posts below, usually in the form of a screenshot.
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    Booty clap shaking dice with the strippers.
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    I look forward to this. It seems quite developed and interesting as I've never seen such kind of RP. Best of luck for your character.
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    Shane Thistle

    Time for a Frosty Logger After finishing up with the new trailer, trucking for a few days, and finally starting to feel a bit more settled in, Shane decides to go out for a well earned drink and try to meet some of the locals.
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    that wont revive MTA but ok, banned players are banned because they don't care and break rules hence why they're banned.
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    Luciano Crime Family

    Luciano Crime Family Backstory: following a large RICO case, several members were convicted of Gambino Genovese Bonanno Lucchese and Colombo Crime families in the early 1990s several of the members were sent to Rikers Island, and there they decided to start a new family and move from New York to Los Santos to get away from all the cops and rats Now: Now most of the members have been released, and moved to Los Santos to start the thing of ours. We own a few bars and resturants in Litle Italy and work from there. (More will come soon) Mafia rules and customs: 1: Omertà" – is the oath or "code of silence", never talk to the authorities. 2: "Ethnicity" – only men of Italian descent through their fathers' lineage are allowed to become full members (made men). Associates, partners, allies etc. have no ethnic limits. 3: "Family secrets" – members are not allowed to talk about family business to non-members. 4: "Blood for blood" – if a family member is killed by another member, no one can commit murder in revenge unless the boss gives permission. 5: "No fighting among members" – from fist fights to knife fights. 6: "Tribute" – every month, members must pay the boss, also giving the boss a cut on any side deals. 7: "Adultery" – members are not allowed to commit adultery with another family member's wife. 8: "No facial hair" – members were not allowed to grow mustaches; Ten Commandments No one can present himself directly to another of our friends. There must be a third person to do it. Never look at the wives of friends. Never be seen with cops. Don't go to pubs and clubs. Always being available for Cosa Nostra is a duty - even if your wife is about to give birth. Appointments must absolutely be respected. (probably refers to formal rank and authority. Wives must be treated with respect. When asked for any information, the answer must be the truth. Money cannot be appropriated if it belongs to others or to other families. People who can't be part of Cosa Nostra: anyone who has a close relative in the police, anyone with a two-timing relative in the family, anyone who behaves badly and doesn't hold to moral values. OOC: As soon as you associate your character with this faction, you'll accept that you might fall under our CK clause which allows leaders to CK you if seen needed.
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    The Vikings Motorcycle Club

    Really loving the vibe of the faction. Those screenshots are $$$. Keep it up for sure.

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