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    Server Script Update (v0.1.2b) | November, 2019 This update adds the tagging system, a new job, a new extended phone, new animations & various other improvements. Check out the media at the bottom of the post! Next up we are working on custom radios, furniture & weapon customization. Tagging & Graffiti Cleaner job: Spray can items are now available in general stores for $50 Each spray can provides 25 tags You can create your own tag as shown below, by using the spray can item The editor has 1194 sprites available for use! Tags can also be shared with other players using the spray can item You can tag a wall by using the spray can item and finding a suitable surface If you get interrupted, you will be able to return later and resume tagging Spraying a wall and later changing your tag, will not update the existing wall tags Added a graffiti cleaner job (spray can icon on map) This job has no level cap You are paid $25 per tag cleaned Circles on the radar show the (rough) area where a tag is located New Phone: Redesigned phone with realistic UI + flow Added functionality: Texting Contacts list Notifications on phone Unread texts Call / text from contacts list Phone is turned off by it's button on the right. New Animations: Added /smoke Added /sit Added /clipboard Added /drinking Added /jog Added /lean Added /flex Added /strip Added /pushups Added /weed Added /crouch Added /lay Added /removehelmet Added /pullups Added /dance Added /dive Added /guitar Added /picnic Added /drums Added /maid Added /guard Added /clap Added /blowjob Added /celebrate Added /cook Added /dig Added /yoga Added /wait Added /blowkiss Added /cop Added /injured Adjustments: 4K scaling support for chatbox Mouse wheel scroll now works on chatbox /ad now only shows character names to admins to prevent metagaming Advertisements can be set to an unknown phone number by using -1 in the command: /ad -1 John doe is indeed unknown. Fixes: 0003235: LS Customs glitch 0003230: Bank world interior isn't accessible 0003229: X, Y, and Z command Locked some LSPD doors that were incorrectly open Fixed a bug where mods would not reset correctly when exiting the mod shop without making changes Fixed a clientside crash Fixed a bug where world prompts would flicker Various bug fixes around calling players Media: Using a Spray Can Tagging the LSPD Sharing a tag Creating the tag for this threads header New phone Tagging a wall Partially tagging a wall and resuming to tag it Tagging the LSPD Cleaning a tag Preview of new phone in action (Note: This was captured at 4K resulting in the small size, on 1080p etc it is more reasonably sized) Be sure to thank @Yannick for his hard work on this script update! Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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    The Vinewood Mob

    The Vinewood Mob is a collection of organized crime groups located in Los Santos, San Andreas dating back to the 1930s and ‘40s. The groups are largely composed of Italian-American, Irish-American, and Jewish gangsters from the Vinewood district of Los Santos. Originally led by Aldo Ricci, and later by feared mob boss Frank “The Undertaker” Udinesi, the Vinewood Mob is thought to be responsible for over 2000 contract killings, racketeering of hundreds of businesses, drug and gun smuggling and various legal fronts since their inception. The Pirozzi Crime Family Michael Trentino was the son of the former Fillipelli caporegime, Benicio "Benny" Pinto. He was the brother of mobster Valerio Capon, a former underboss of the family. No other details of his early life are available. On March 4th, 1989, boss Joseph Pirozzi was shot at an Italian American restaurant, Pizzeria Roma. Pirozzi survived, but in a vegetative state. Joseph De Luca and his family essentially took control of the family after the Pirozzi shooting. However, unlike Pirozzi, De Luca preferred to hide behind figurehead bosses. At this point, De Luca designated Trentino as the front boss for the Pirozzi family. On June 5th, 1996, Trentino was convicted of perjury in state court. Prosecutors had charged that Trentino lied to a grand jury when he claimed to have not visited a Pirozzi family safe house in Spring Valley, Las Venturas, before the murder of Emelyan Demidov. He was later sentenced to seven years in state prison; however, his sentence was cut short after rival gang member Artem Shubin strangled him in his bunk. It is speculated that the Pirozzi Crime Family is still in operation to this day; however, the identity of any leader(s) is currently unknown. As this is a new faction on a relatively new server, we are currently accepting OOC membership. Please message me if you are interested in becoming a member or starting your own affiliate crew in the faction. Any person or group willingly associating with the Vinewood Mob, whether by membership, repeated interactions or prolonged business arrangements can be subject to a CK at the discretion of the groups leadership.
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    Server Script Update (v0.1.2) | Welcome To Los Santos | November, 2019 This update adds support for Los Santos and improves the chatbox. As this is a major change, locations may change or be added to in the coming days. If you spawn in LS, you can use /stats to get your vehicle ID and then use /getpaletoveh to get the vehicle into Los Santos. Adjustments: Los Santos is now supported Chatbox now has a toggleable background Chatbox background transparency can be modified Existing players will be offered a new skippable LS tutorial Existing players will be given a new LS property token Existing players can select to spawn in LS or Paleto New characters now offer the option of selecting your spawning Updated chatbox font to be more readable Fixes: Fixed bug where PD MDC would show hash instead of name Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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    Faction Team - Virtual Marketing Guide

    Virtual Marketing Guide This guide is for anyone who wishes to get started with VMing whether it is legal VM like selling drinks at a bar or illegal VM in the form of selling drugs. What is Virtual Marketing?: Virtual Marketing also known as VMing is when a player passively sells a product such as drugs, alcohol or other items. There are various ways of performing a VM I will be explaining it below. We have three different VM forms, therefore it is important that you fill out the correct one for the kind of VM you are performing. Drug VM Procedure: Get a Screenshot with the timestamp on before you start roleplaying alongside a screenshot of your inventory which shows the amount of drugs on you. Whilst roleplaying selling the product to customers, ensure you get screenshots/logs of the roleplay. Place all screenshots into an imgur.com link. Open the correct VM form found HERE and fill it out accordingly before submitting. Illegal Virtual Marketing(VM): Illegal VM is where you roleplay selling any type of drug or other illegal items to an invisible NPC. This means you roleplay on your own and passive the NPC characters you are selling to, such as roleplaying their reactions, actions, alongside describing the current situation, although if you see another player walking by don’t be afraid of approaching them and attempt on selling to a real player mid VMing. For this kind of VM you will need to use the Faction Team - Street Dealing VM Contact (OOC) click HERE in order to go directly to the form. Example of VM roleplay: (/me) Mia McCarthy would look around herself as she’d move her left hand into her pocket, - (/do) She’d spot a skinny homeless male, mid 20s with ripped clothes walking slowly down the street - (/do) she would whistle softly to get his attention as she’d waved him over. (/me) Mia McCarthy would send the male a soft smile as she’d wrap her fingers around a little bag she’ll have in her pocket- (/do) before she would pull it out of the pocket, showing it to the man, keeping it close to herself- (/do) the male would look at the bag, as he would get a slight smile across his face. Mia McCarthy says: Interested? It can become yours for only 25 dollars. (/do) She grins at the guy as she’d pay attention to his reaction before looking around the area. (/do) the male nods as he digs into his pocket sliding up a few dollar bills, offering them to Mia. (/me) Mia McCarthy eyes the bills as she’d look at him, taking the bills before she’d lay the bag into his palm. Remember this is just an example of how roleplaying for a VM would look like, obviously it would need to be a lot longer over a period of time (minimum of an hour) for when someone is actually VMing, Please note that you are not allowed to re-use logs in any way. Legal Virtual Marketing(VM): The legal virtual market (VM) is intended to reward players who open businesses or participate in legal roleplay in a manner which promotes RP in a social setting with other players in the server, As we cannot possibly account for every legal business and activity, it is your own responsibility to provide us with enough logs, screenshots alongside names of the players you or your employees sold to. For this kind of VM you’ll need the Faction Team - Legal VM Contact (OOC) or click HERE in order to go directly to the form. Examples of Legal VM Roleplay: Bars Nightclubs Restaurant Fisheries For example, You open up a bar from 7PM till 9PM, and have you have for example 1 bartender and 2 guards working. In the hours you are open have 10 players who roleplay in the bar and buy drinks from you. Once the bar has closed, you can then submit a form for Legal VM in order to gain money for each employee that worked alongside the amount that you may have made from selling alcohol or any other goods. All this is determined by the amount of people who visited, the standards of the roleplay and other factors. You need to post logs in the form of screenshots, alongside who attended the business. After submission a Faction team member will contact you to tell you how much you made during that session. News and Entertainment VM: For this kind of VM you’ll need the Faction Team - News & Entertainment VM Contact (OOC) or click HERE in order to go directly to the form. What comes under the VM: Entertainment Articles News Articles Music Records For Entertainment Virtual Marketing you need to write up an article that covers an event, music or other IC situation, that is then posted on the forums. We advise you wait at least a week in order to gain the most coverage of the article before you submit the Entertainment VM contact form, as the reactions and comments all factor in to how much your article would have made. Signed, OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Faction Team.
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    The survivors

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    Radio Beats FM[SAB]

    Heads up, in game custom radios will soon be a thing on V! Thanks for your hard work on this, it's pretty neat
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    The survivors

    actually,looking to join this
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    [General] - Headphones

    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Headphones What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Script that integrates into the phone after we get custom radios. Basically, there is a headphones object in GTA5, why not use its functionality and integrate a function where if you have a pair of headphones(from the clothes shop or general store as object), you are able to use the radio from your phone. If no headphones are found, the radio "app" would be greyed out(alternatively just notifies of no headphones found). What are the advantages?- More immersion as this encourages jogging, hiking, and more activities you can do alone if you have noone to RP with What are the disadvantages?- Could interfere with in-car radio possibly? Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- I do not sadly. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Just add a "radio" app into the selectable settings, which then checks if you have headphones in inventory, and then decides if its grayed out or not(Or simply gives notification "headphones not found").
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    mta nostalgia nigga

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    [General] - Emergency Alerts

    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Emergency Alerts What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- We could have some sort of an Emergency Alert system that would be only accessible to emergency or gov factions such as gov, pd, fd, etc that would be essentially used to signal ongoing emergencies of any sort (major road collisions, fires on main roads, public announcements, etc). Basically make it sorta like admin announcements or ads but to be surely utilized efficiently ICly. What are the advantages?- Encourages more immersive roleplay. What are the disadvantages?- Don't see any except for the part where it may sound a bit PG-ish considering the fact that our characters would realistically not be able to hear about those signals but this could be averted by implementing it somewhat similar to this suggestion: https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/109138-gui-phone-ads/ Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Nope. How would you go about implementing this idea?- I wouldn't really know.
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    [GUI] - Phone Ads

    Good plan batman. Unique and makes more sense than seeing an ad pop up in screen.
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    When are we getting a little more transparency on who administrates on either platform if not both? It's one of the few reasons that caused a lot of people to leave the whole MTA development behind in the last couple of weeks, can't be having administrators flip flopping onto either one of the platforms during its least demanding times being a placeholder. P.S - Just so I'm not offending the few people who did make the effort on MTA, you know who you are and it's not about you.
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    mta nostalgia nigga

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    Lynch Mob

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    [General] - Emergency Alerts

    I like the idea, quite unique. Can't promise when it happens as we got other stuff on the roadmap aswell. Waiting on some more votes in the mean time.
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    Thankfuck @Yannick, you are godsend.
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    GAT Recruitment & Update - November 2019

    More info will be in the newsletter being posted tonight. However admins are still free to administer either platform, hopefully with GAT apps open we see players who are more interested in MTA apply so we have more admins that can be active on that platform.
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    mta nostalgia nigga

    sadly not this is the only pitcher i have of a car that James owned good memories as well as Los Santos' smallest ever cop that had no headshot detection
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    Disney Vlog, boi

    trying something new just this once
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    Los Santos Lottery

    Los Santos Lottery is a brand new lottery company that is going to operate in Downtown Los Santos. + Everybody is eligible for participation, all that is required is for you to purchase your ticket(s) and claim your prize if you happen to win. + Prize size is determined by the amount of tickets sold and money amassed. + Jackpots are going to happen every 2 weeks. + Tickets price are 350$/each. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Mister Takejiro, This is an email to inform your business license for Los Santos Lottery (Gambling) is now ACCEPTED! your business can now operate with this approved business license. Please follow the rules & regulations of the Los Santos while operating your business(s)! Department of Licensing & Permitting, Financial Operations Officer _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ((OOC Section)) Make sure you read carefully the rules and information above and below. + Keep and provide proof of purchase. This is done by taking a screenshot and sending me every wired money transfer(s) regarding the lottery to my character Okita Takejiro, do this via the forums messaging system @AlAzeeth. ((Make sure the date and time is visible on the screenshot.)) + I will keep tracks of purchases with an excel document. + Buying more tickets does increase your chance of winning, there's no limit of tickets per users. + If you are buying many tickets, make sure that you buy them at a different time. It'll be easier for me to keep track of the amount you purchased. + There is NO REFUNDS. + Winner will be determined randomly using a Random Number Generator Program. I will be filming and recording myself during the process of randomization. Feel free to give me suggestions.
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    Some Suggestions for Mta apocalypse.

    Joking don't freaking cry. The suggestions made are pretty good.
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    Some Suggestions for Mta apocalypse.

    I believe all of these ideas would be beneficial for MTA in it's current setting. Especially the crafting component, imagine building makeshift shelters during harsh weather, or crafting small melee weapons.
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    The Next Games Night

    Sad Habbo wasn't the one picked.. Bobba UAT gamer Unitt
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    I know you said you like to do a lot of legal type rp, and as Vubs mentioned, as far as FD goes, they are chill with any amount of activity, but, if you don't have a lot of free time on your hands, why not join an illegal faction? Like, okay, you can be on for 3 hours one day, about an hour before you have to go, do something majorly illegal, get away from the cops, and wait the 30 minutes that you need to as required by the rules, and the next time you log on, no matter the amount of time you go inactive, you could have just been "laying low." Don't get me wrong, I like your suggestion, and illegal rp is most definitely not for everyone, but like everyone else stated, most concerns you have can be discussed ICly.
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    The Next Games Night

    Long as Jake mass is there.
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    The Next Games Night

    Dope city goodness.
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    mta nostalgia nigga

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    Howdy, An awful lot of factions - the Fire Department included, don't have an activity quota. We understand everyone has University/School/College/Work among many other curlballs life throws at us. Obviously those who provide more activity often see themselves going faster rank wise HOWEVER, as a Faction leader myself I prefer quality over quantity in terms of activity. End of the day this is a game that we all do to enjoy ourselves and often to take a break from real life. I don't feel anything in a game should amount to work (Unless you enjoy that of course). With that in mind I don't think you would really face any issues in terms of activity - a lot of faction leaders are pretty chill and prefer people to enjoy playing. As someone who helps run FD we have a lot of employees who come on as and when they can or when an event is on, essentially like a reserve role but they often do forum work on the side. It's still people in the faction who can join in, and something I think is far more beneficial. If you do face any problems (and this goes to anyone), in regards to concerns that you won't find roleplay due to not being so active, feel free to hit me up and I'm sure we can work something out. End of the day this server is designed for people to have fun in their own time without having to stress about amounting to quotas - Some factions do have activity guidelines in order for people to progress, however more often than not there's a 'reserve' position people can join at their leisure. Hope that helps resolve your questions, quite like your idea about being an inspector, you should certainly contact Gov about it
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    OwlGaming Newsletter - November 2019

    Good newsletter and a warm welcome to the new admins
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    I'm afraid Owl MTA already died. We tried our best but it just wasn't fun without admins and the constant angry reactions when we asked for admins to come ingame. Me and @Luigikuik gave up on it and we were leading the only active remaining faction. Just focus on GTA V Owl.
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    Triage MC

    being one of the most active factions felt the need to let everyone know we are pleased to welcome @Livelethal to the team. More screens to come
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    Lynch Mob

    Good luck!
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    GAT Recruitment & Update - November 2019

    Swanker - Removed
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    Hey there I'm here to acompany you on the GTA V server!
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    Welcome! Any questions feel free to hit me up
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    Show yourself!

    This is daddy
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    Official suggestion for the MTA server

    @Chaos read
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    [General] Boxes, safes and stashes.

    Can certainly say this is in the pipeline, then people can stop holding 30 clothing items on them. +1
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    Saint Ernest Medical Center ____________________________________________________________________________ Come down to the Paleto Bay Hospital, Wednesday the 13th of November 2019 between 7PM to 8PM in order to participate in the Blood Donor event. We are paying each blood donor 150$ for being their generosity of donating their blood, The Hospital will be serving refreshments free of charge for any donator. So come on down, and help us saving lives. #BeAHero #BeADonor Please be aware that if you got any disease that would be blood born or effect your blood you might not be able to donate your blood. ((OOC INFORMATION)) Hello, due to people not having knowledge of their blood type nor would be able to pick their own blood type realistically this is how it will go down. You go to the hospital, and when you donate your blood the SEMC staff will roll a dice and they got a scale so they can take the number the dice land on and compare it to their scale and tell you what blood type you'll have. If anyone got any questions feel free to PM me on discord @QueenC#0200 or Forum PM me. Credit for the event goes to @Valkyr
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    The survivors

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    Lynch Mob

    Eyyy more factions popping up. Wishing you best of luck and looking forward to interact with you and your group IG o/
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    u either got kicked or left, both ways are wise asf
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    Would allow poor roleplay and could be easily abused. Not all cars can be hot wired and I think this will unfortunately be used too much for the wrong reasons.
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    A Move to LS?

    He'd rather with an administrative role diminish your opinion and encourage you to leave because you don't play, instead of actually sitting there trying to encourage you to share your criticisms so you would feel more inclined to return and play once those criticisms have been handled.
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    The survivors

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    The Ombra Syndicate

    El Italianio pepperoni pasta The Ultra Cosa nostra capo was in trouble, he had a five star wanted level on his name. So he went around for some legal job to get rid of some stars. Ps; great work guys i love this faction and its stability, keep it up even El Capo himself might fall in love with this one
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    Cordell Malcolm (RIP)

    Full Name: Cordell Malcolm Alias: Dell (called by hoover gangster crips affiliates). Age: Died at the age of 17. Siblings: Alyssa Malcolm (mother), Patrick Malcolm (father), Isaac Banks (step-father), Armani Washington (deceased cousin). Affiliations: Hoover Gangster Crips Criminal Record: None as of yet. Current Savings/Earnings: ~$2,000 Cousin Manny (RIP), part I Cousin Manny (RIP), part II Homie Abdo, part I Cousin Manny (RIP), part III Hoover Gangster Crip, part I Hoover Gangster Crip, part II
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    Show yourself!

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