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    Another Nametag With Videos In It

    featuring... @remolten @ToastyBud @Salsa @MissAnachronisms @Wright @Stabby @Hurley @Unitts @Zyph @LikeMike @LokiHavok @ThatGuy @Lemonade319 @jonthulhu @Potato @TPG @Brandon @Flluroz @Serx honorable mentions: @SantaMariaPierBomb
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    PRESS RELEASE 05/29/2018 #1, Pershing Square, County of Los Santos Commander Bruce Iverson ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Los Santos Police Department, in cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, have successfully obtained numerous search warrants and seizures after a month long deployment of "Operation Desert Napalm". After an extensive month long investigation, the Street Anti Crime Taskforce (LSPD) has managed to identify an extremely violent street gang located in Ganton between Liverpool Road and Grove Street, who participate in drug and firearm trafficking, murder for hire, home invasions, vehicle thefts, and other related crimes, through the use of confidential informants, the help of the public, and anonymous tips. The investigation into the gang began when a Detective with the Los Santos Police Department was ambushed south of Idlewood Pizza Stacks during a routine traffic stop. The murderer, Josiah Webber, was caught on camera and was sentenced to First Degree Murder and is currently serving a life sentence. Josiah Webber was identified to be a member of this street gang and thus due to his blatant attack on police and the public, an investigation was launched. In total, "Operation Desert Napalm" seized 13 handguns, 1 shotgun, 2 sub machine guns, 2 assault rifles, 4 flashbangs, 1 molotov, and 2 chainsaws. Accompanied with the firearms was over 200 rounds of 9mm ammunition, 60 rounds of 5.56, and 20 shotgun shells. Additionally, police seized 3097 grams of cocaine, 66 grams of heroin, 230 tablets of ecstasy, 5 grams of marijuana, and $10,000 in cash. A majority of these items were discovered hidden in safes within the respective wanted peoples homes along with an array of burglary tools such as crowbars, blowtorches, screwdrivers, masks, gloves, lockpick sets, re programmable keys and computers used to breach modern day vehicles. Law enforcement would like to thank members of the public who aided enormously during the course of this investigation. Without their help, this operation would not have been successful and drugs and guns would continue to plague Ganton and terrorize its inhabitants. The following is a to-date summary of convictions and outstanding warrants: SAMUEL ANTOINE - Warrants for: Possession of Burglary Tools (MO013), Conspiracy to Commit Grand Theft Auto (GF021), Drug Trafficking (SF012), Possession of an Illegal Firearm 2x (WF009), Possession of Destructive Devices (SF013). TRAVIS HARVARD - Warrants for: Illegal Drug Possession (DF002), Drug Trafficking (SF012), Possession of NFA Items (WF010), Possession of an Illegal Firearm (WF009). OSKAR ALMQVIST - Warrants for: Possession of NFA Items (WF010), Possession of Illegal Weapons (WF009). TOREY BENTON - Warrants for: Possession of Burglary Tools (MO013), Identity Theft (MO021), Possession of NFA Items 2x (WF010), Possession of an Illegal Firearm (WF009). MELQUAN WILSON - Warrants for: Illegal Drug Possession With Sale & Delivery Intent 2x (DF003), Carrying a Unlicensed Firearm or Weapon 2x (WF002). JAYDEN CRAWFORD - Warrants for: Possession of Burglary Tools (MO013), Felonious Burglary (GF022), Drug Trafficking (SF012), FIrearm Trafficking (SF015), Possession of NFA Items (WF010). XAVIER PERKINS - Charged with: Drug Trafficking (SF012) and Possession of Illegal Firearms/Weapons (WF009). *** GUARANTEED $5,000 REWARD FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO ARREST. CALL 911 IF SEEN. *** ARMED AND DANGEROUS. DO NOT APPROACH. CALL 911 IF SEEN. END OF RELEASE (( A heavily monitored and censored comment section would be open )) (( All faces have been blurred out along with name tags, patches, or other identifying marks ))
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    "Helping the people for a brighter tomorrow." Introduction The San Andreas Peace Affinity Party was founded in 2018 by Nicholas Howard, a long time small business investor, who has lived in Los Santos most of his life. He went to the University of Los Santos in the graduating class of 1980. After finishing his education, Howard traveled to Ghana, Africa, where he partook in various charity projects. Once the charity work concluded in Ghana, Howard returned to Los Santos, investing in small businesses, in order to assist the small business industry. Party's Mission The party's mission is to improve the lives of the citizens of Los Santos by removing unnecessary red tape and restrictions, in order to improve affairs with the community and local agencies. This can be made possible by introducing new legislation that does not keep the people of Los Santos from exercising their privileges. Firearm Licenses. With the new removal of the firearms licensing fee that comes when you apply for a firearms license, the length for which you need to renew the license should be extended. This length will be extended from three months to five months, as the Los Santos Police Department will be receiving regular funding from the Government of Los Santos. Crime Crackdown. The current way that mass crime is handled is ineffective and poor. It is a constant cycle, where the police arrest one person, but then another commits a crime. Alternatively, that person is released, and they aren’t rehabilitated or offered the same chances that others are, therefore causing them to commit another crime. The SAPAP believes that instead of using harsh measures such as gang injunctions and new law enforcement units, community outreach can highly effect what happens in poverty struck areas. New programs to help individuals in areas such as Idlewood, Ganton and Willowfield will very much assist in lowering the crime rate. This doesn’t mean that people who commit crimes won’t be arrested, but helping the community instead of going against them will surely have a positive effect in the future. Community Outreach. The CPQL hasn't taken advantage of the community which has been formed in Los Santos and is barely interactive. The SAPAP's solutions to fix this issue is to regularly host Question and Answer sessions at County Hall, along with consistent charity events at County Hall or Commissioner Hill. These events will assist in bringing the community together, making Los Santos a social hub. Rehabilitation Programs. Introducing a system for rehabilitation of recently released prisoners can be highly beneficial to not only the economy, but the community and city as well. Ex-convicts who would like to improve their lives after release, and make an attempt to turn their lives around will be able to get that second chance. These ex-convicts will be offered jobs within the program which will help them get back on their feet. Amendments to existing legislation. The SAPAP wants to reduce restrictions brought upon the citizens. Certain restrictions such as the Security Officer Permit and the Fortification restrictions are disallowing citizens from maintaining the freedom they deserve. These restrictions also limit safety and affect businesses, as well as homes. Revitalization Projects The Government of Los Santos currently owns countless properties which aren’t put to use. These properties are located throughout the county, many of which are located in poverty struck areas. Instead of allowing these structures to sit and decay, they can be put to use and be used in the community connection initiative. These structures will be turned into various poverty awareness projects, such as homeless shelters, community centers, etc. Transparency The citizens of Los Santos are what makes the government what it is. It seems as if the government has lost its connection with the people, and the SAPAP aims to change that. The government and its agencies will be more transparent with the public, supplying accurate statistics and information to all who wish to gain that information. Revival of Inactive Government Sectors Several complaints have recently been brought up about the inactivity of internal and external government agencies. The finance department within the Government of Los Santos, as well as the Bureau of Traffic Services have shown extreme inactivity within the past months, and nothing has been done to fix it. These issues will be resolved, and citizens will no longer have to wait extensive periods of time for their licenses to be accepted, their cars to be towed, and much more. Benefits As said, the people are what fuels the government in Los Santos. Therefore, the people should get what they deserve, and receive higher tax credits, dependant on your social status, living arrangement, occupation, or children. Everyone deserves money back, and the SAPAP wishes to grant that to the citizens. Re-Evaluation of Gov Spendings It has already been stated that multiple properties are owned by the government, and are not used, but are instead being left alone to rot and decay. The SAPAP will instead use those already owned structures, instead of using more government money to purchase new facilities. The people deserve the money. Contact Information: Name: Nicholas Howard Email: [email protected] (( @DylanW ))
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    Posting on behalf of @Craazy featuring... @Luigikuik's faction, @DonTheJeweler's faction, @remolten, @ToastyBud, @Zebulon, @SavageMode's faction, @jayjay''s faction, @jonthulhu's faction, @Craazy's faction, @DrJoseEviI's faction.
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    announcing the john man party

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    Pershing Invest

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    Your Daily Dose of Khram

    featuring... @Wright @Swanker @Lemonade319 @LokiHavok @Hurley @ToastyBud honorable mentions: @Neems
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    May 2018 County Commissioner Elections Los Santos County Supervisor of Elections - Franklin Caverly May 24, 2018 Today, Los Santos County is happy to announce that our County Commissioner elections for will be taking place June 5th and 6th. Candidates, who wish to run for County Commissioner for the next term of 6 months must announce their candidacy to the Supervisor of Elections of the County of Los Santos. The final candidates will be announced June 4th, but candidates are urged to post their campaigns as soon as possible. Elections will occur June 5th and 6th. (( Out of Character Information In order to be accepted for candidacy you must first be OOCly vetted by the OwlGaming Faction Team. You can send your manifestos to the us via an FT Public Contact. All candidates must have a clean administrative record for the last six months and be capable of handling several duties that are covered under the Los Santos County Charter. Only apply if you are serious about running for public office and can maintain activity over the next SIX months after the elections are finalized!)) Credits to: Bartman
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    OOC toxicity

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this you? Nika Petrov: (( I will call an admin, hun x )) ★ Nika Petrov is PGed to do whatever they want. ★ through the magic power of PG, she'd be magically controlled. ((Nika Petrov)) Nika Petrov: (( I wont respond, its PG. )) Nika Petrov: (( Sorry hun x )) Nika Petrov: (( Still calling admins btw x )) Nika Petrov: (( So please do not process before admin arrival x )) Nika Petrov: (( Can you please pause till the admin gets here? x )) 2018-05-31 22:56:58 Nika Petrov: (( Or are you s unreasonable you believe yourself above admins? x )) 2018-05-31 22:57:12 Michael Donnelly: (( By pausing RP I'd believe I am above an admin. )) 2018-05-31 22:57:13 Nika Petrov: (( how long is the jail? )) 2018-05-31 22:57:19 Michael Donnelly: (( I can't pause ropleplay as a player. )) 2018-05-31 22:57:22 Michael Donnelly: (( That'd be against the rules. )) 2018-05-31 23:09:59 Nika Petrov: (( Is that PK reason on Michael? )) 2018-05-31 23:10:21 Rose Cantarella: (( For doing his job? )) 2018-05-31 23:10:22 Michael Donnelly: (( Not my call lol. ))
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    Disregarding life, right?

    We really need to straighten up some stuff, rich roleplayers in Idlewood. Don't care if it's something we been talking about alot. If you roll into the hood with a 2018 Benz, expect to get robbed, and if you stand there threatning gangmembers, it is disregarding life, no discussion, get shit straight, please.. say no more, this is the kind of shit that kills illegal rp. So please consider to make a rule about, the same way it goes as illegal and cops, fuck with gangmembers, expect a ck. It goes that way for illegal and cops.
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    Eight Deuce HGC

    UPON READING THE FOLLOWING; YOU AGREE THAT YOU WILL NOT USE ANY OF THE VITAL INFORMATION IN-CHARACTER WITHOUT CONSULTING ME FIRST. The Eight Deuce Hoover Gangster Crips street gang was formed in the early 2010s, within the Rev. Charles Jennings and Carson Street housing complexes. It's founders were Lamar Anderson and "Warren C". It was originally a distant Hoover set before it took on the Gangster Crips moniker, similar to gangs originating from Willowfield. Due to the vast Crip culture surrounding Eight Deuce, they never renounced the Crip name like the majority of Hoover sets. The Eight Deuce HGC came into power during a war with the expanding Crenshaw Boulevard Families. The Crenshaw Boulevard Families had consumed most of what is now, Idlewood, Ganton, Willowfield, and Seville while the Eight Deuce HGC remained in their home community of Jefferson. However, after a surge in members, the Eight Deuce HGC rose against all odds, and ultimately eradicated the Families from Idlewood and Ganton and grew into its new territories. After assuming near complete power within Jefferson, Idlewood, and Ganton, Eight Deuce co-founder "Warren C" would be imprisoned for his involvement in the numerous shootouts, giving Lamar Anderson full leadership of the gang. Eventually, on April 19th, 2014... Lamar Anderson was killed by Nathaniel LeBlanc, a member of the organized criminal syndicate known as the "Benjamin Crew". In the aftermath of Lamar's death, the Eight Deuce HGC fell into a power struggle between the Benjamin Crew and their respectable allies. Without the influence and leadership, the Eight Deuce HGC ultimately crumbled into numerous sets. Just one set still carrying the same name and motive for revenge, only to call a truce with the Benjamin Crew in return for Nathaniel LeBlanc's death. Only hours later, Nathaniel LeBlanc would be gunned in Verona Beach on May 7th, 2014. The highest concentration of the HGC gang members reside in the Carson Street housing projects where several sets over the past few years have come and gone, many of them having been imprisoned or killed, leaving a semi-constant need for leadership. UPON JOINING; MEMBERS WILL AGREE THAT ANY LEADER OF THE FACTION HAS THE ABILITY TO CK A MEMBER DUE TO ANY IN-CHARACTER REASON IF DEEMED FIT.
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    *A youtube video uploaded by the user JHTimeTraveler would show a frame of a man at a Tedx Talk, there would be no moving footage, just the one frame, the following audio below would play* [English] John Harlend says: "Hey everybody, how are you all doing tonight?" *silence* [English] John Harlend says: "Nice, nice... I'll introduce myself then" [English] John Harlend says: "My name is John, and I hate every single one of you." [English] John Harlend says: "All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures." [English] John Harlend says: "You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy?" [English] John Harlend says: "I mean, I guess it’s fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook." [English] John Harlend says: "Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I’m pretty much perfect. I was captain of the football team, and starter on my basketball team." *Silence* [English] John Harlend says: "Alright, I guess you're all pussies then." [English] John Harlend says: "What sports do you play, other than “jack off to naked drawn Japanese people”? I got straight A’s in school, and had a banging hot girlfriend. [English] John Harlend says: "You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening." *The video would end*
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    Los Santos Dungeon Masters

    Los Santos Dungeon Masters is a group of seasoned high school enthusiasts of the well acredited Dungeons & Dragons fantasy tabletop roleplaying game, formally known as its common acronym 'RPG' to those who have mastered the craft. The extra-curricular guild was formed by none other than Melvin O'Connor, or Grog The Destroyer as he identifies himself within the D&D universe, a fierce Orc Barbarian who is dominant in his trade and fierce in battle with a passion for leadership. The guild shares common goals, they're all in for the adventure but are all also there to watch each others backs as they venture on forth through the tyranical plains of the Los Santos High school yards; from the Giants all the way to the Kobold's they're slain in battle if they dare pick on this very guild. The guild master often spends his time at the Great Halls of Champions, also known as the school library where each of the members enjoy playing their hobby. Random acts of violance is frowned upon in this guild, it is said that when any of the guild members are venturing around that they only act in self defense though often enough members can be rewarded for gaining intel on any of the monsters and bandits they tend to come across on their journeys although it may come at a risk of a wedgie, swirley or even worse.. being kegged in front of the entire school yard. This faction has a CK clause which can be performed by the faction leader. You will be banished in the form of being grassed on for breaking the schools code of conduct and thus you will be expelled from the school, effectively bringing a demise to your character.
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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

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    Коля Болков - Kolya Bolkov

    Due to me being currently unaligned faction-wise, this thread will display Kolya's life before said alignment occurs. Anything posted here is never to be used ICly. (dont MG pls) Basic Information Race: Caucasian Origin: Soviet Union Age: 27 Height: 170 cm Weight: 75 kg Early Life (The Introduction) Kolya Bolkov was born in St. Petersburg on May 10th, 1990. He lived in unruly childhood in the Nevsky District of St. Petersburg, frequently getting into fights or just getting caught up in mischievous deeds in general. He was known by the local kids for throwing empty bottles at passing cars on the street or at the occasional skinhead. Kolya grew up despising law enforcement and bureaucratic figures. His views were shared with two eventual good friends of his, Ruslan Tataryn and Vitaly Kuvshinov. The three got themselves into much trouble and never let each other down. Misery set upon St. Petersburg and the three found themselves with very little time to congregate together like they had used to. Kolya and his family soon moved to Los Santos in 1999 due to unrest in his hometown amidst the growing shortage of food and affordable commodities. In a most coincidental fashion, Kolya ran into his childhood friends a few years later after the move. The laws of the new land were not like they were before in their younger years. They continued to do what they had used to do before in a calmer manner. Or did they? The food shortage and such mentioned in the story is purely fictional (although it did happen in St. Petersburg in the early 90s)
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    Free Taxi Advertisements

    Basically taxi drivers struggle to earn a few bucks and they also have to pay to let everyone know that they are on-duty. I suggest that whoever works at Yellow Cab Co. should have the ability to push a free ad whenever he is available. This would really strenghten the taxi drivers' job and lengthen the variety of roleplay in the server. #FreeAds
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    GAT Update - May 21st, 2018

    GAT Update - May 21st, 2018 Hi, First off we'd like to congratulate the applicants who were inducted and wish the best of luck to the ones who did not make it this time around. Administrative applications will remain open for another week, so we hope to see many of you giving it a try. https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/23-general-administration-application-ooc/ Promotions Krakkfaen - Promoted to Administrator BusterAces - Promoted to Trial Administrator Skateboard - Promoted to Trial Administrator All in-game and forum perks will be set as soon as possible. Once again, congratulations to all. OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Upper Administration Team
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Faction based advertisements What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Advertisements What is the suggestion?- Allow us players to publish faction based advertisements that can be pushed by the members of the faction and would withdraw $100 from the faction bank instead of forcing us players to spend our money on the ads that are actually about factions. What are the advantages?- Allowing different members of a faction to push the same ad without having to make multiple of them. Allowing transaction to be done straight from the faction bank instead of having to pay each player $100 for pushing a faction ad. What are the disadvantages?- Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- I do not, sorry. How would you go about implementing this idea?- I have no idea. Even though my name is Script, I do not know how to.
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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

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    Crimstone Hoover Mafia

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    The Provisional Republican Movement

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Back Story The Republican Movement is that of a dissident gorilla group from Ireland. The Irish Republican Army (The Provisional IRA) is the spine to the PRM. Following the troubles which ended in 1998 due to The Peace Process many dissident groups assembled after the disassembly of the Provisional IRA. Some groups used Ireland's cause and its flag for a flag of convenience; others were in it for money and drugs. The entirety of the Provisional IRA was to ensure Ireland's cause was just, the killing of British forces (UDR, SAS, RUC, UVF & BAF) along with many more were to blame for the creation of the gorilla group. The Irish Republican Movement was created by Seamus Lyner and Patrick Kelly who reside in Los Santos to gather as many resources as they can to help Ireland be freed from British power. Their battalion works with close criminal organisations within the city as a resource; to help their cause for Ireland's foreseeable future. Sanctioned by the Army Council itself, the Provisional Republican Movement operates under the infrastructure of The Provisional Irish Republican Army who back the PRM's political and revolutionary means. The PRM are also a political group who are closely bonded with Sinn Féin in Stormont. Albeit their political agenda is to free Ireland from British rule, they will do anything to ensure that their dream becomes a reality. The main objective of gathering resources (guns, ammo and money) to fuel their comrades back home is going to be tough, a struggle. However, with almost 90% of the world being very sympathetic towards the Republican movement they shouldn't find much difficulty with allies who are willing to help them as long as they return the favour. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hierarchy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ranking System The known ranking system of the PRM is as follows (from leaders to affiliates); 1. Officer Commanding (OC) 2. Assistant Officer Commanding (AOC) 3. Quartermaster General 4. Head of Operations 5. Head Operative 6. Operatives 7. Recruitment & Training 8. Commanding Officer of Soldiers 9. Foot Soldier 10. Contributor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ((OOC Ranks)) 11. In Hiding 12. Suspended/Medical Leave ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Known Members According to the hierarchy (shown above) The OC is UNK; AOC - UNK Quartermaster General (on left) - Aiden McGinchey Quartermaster General (on right) - Dominic O'Leary (Head of) Operations (on right) - John McDermot (Head of) Training (on left) - Barry McKearney (Head of) Training and Operations (middle) - James Murphy Solders - UNK Contributors - UNK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES ((IC)) Each member will be given a small book with the following rules; *Each member must contribute to the cause equally. *Each member must not speak of affiliation to the PRM. *All members should not talk to anyone about the organisation without conducting with the OC or the AOC beforehand. *All members should not carry anything that would otherwise give away their position/affiliation with the organisation. *Each member will be subject to interrogation if intel were to be leaked to any governmental authority. *After being sworn in by a senior member to the organisation he/she will give their all in providing the contribution to the cause. *After being sworn in each member will not do unjust to the cause or turn Supergrass. *Each member will be entitled to protection if he/she feels as if though they are in immediate danger from anyone. *Members must consult if he/she has a suspicion that a follow comrade is doing unjustly to the cause. ((rules are subject to change)) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RULES ((OOC)) *Anyone who has knowledge of the faction and is contributing (though does not have to be within the F3 is exposed to CK clause. *Anyone who joins the faction and otherwise turns supergrass (informer) to any governmental body (but not limited to) is exposed to CK clause. *Any member who leaves the F3 unto bad terms (leaves within notifying and talking to the leadership) can be exposed to CK. *Anyone who makes it clear that they are leaving the faction upon good terms is obliged to keep everything top secret and must not share that knowledge. *The rules above does not mean you need to limit your roleplay with the knowledge you may have gained within the faction. *Unsanctioned operations or actions against governmental bodies could result in FMT intervention (due to the severity and realisation of the gorilla group). ((rules are subject to change)) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More to be added as time goes on.
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    MASSIVE DUMP TRUCK - BECAUSE WHY NOT In Idlewood a massive yellow dump truck was spotted driving about, not long after the truck was found in Ganton stopped by police. The officer had concerns that the dump truck wasn't road legal, but after a chat with the occupant who assured the officer it was road legal the truck was cleared to go, with a warning to be careful of course. We went up and asked the driver why he was driving the dump truck around the city. It turns out he is part of A1 Automotive and the truck is a marketing campaign of sorts. And if you ask us, a brilliant one at that. After the police left two other members of A1 Automotive came by and we had a talk about the truck and they had mentioned they are planning on getting an even bigger one, something like fifteen meters tall. Crazy stuff, but a sight to see. If you'd like to have a look into the boys at A1 Automotive, or get a car off them at some point, you can check out their website below. www.A1Automotive.com Pictures: Don Pinto Story: Don Pinto If you are interested in advertising with us, please visit our website HERE for more information.
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    Interior is oversized. Auction is stopped and suspended by Mapping Team.
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    Name: V Comment: You just got this from me for $15,000. Could've at least done some changes to it before trying to make profit.


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