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    *Comment would be posted anonymously. "It's a government agency that has to pay employees. That's how it works, there's a loss. Would you rather they make quotas for arrests and fines so they make a profit? Profit off misfortune? Medals are given for distinguished service. The Lt. has served the department for years, there's nothing wrong with that. If they were doing something wrong they would have hid it, not announce to the public how proud they were of their officer. Your blog post is shitty and you should feel bad." (( Everyone knows you rage quit the PD and had a hissy fit so try not to make the hunting too obvious. ))
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    Little Moscow. The mecca of Los Santos' Eastern European population. Home to dozens of ethnic businesses and a refuge many of this city's recent immigrants. It is also one of the poorest areas of the city. A working-class neighborhood struggling to stay afloat. Crime is rampant. Life is cheap. And many struggle to make ends meet. The area is infested with many small gangs and local thugs competing for power which often puts them at odds with the more law-abiding residents. These gangs are Eastern European, Hispanic, and African-American in racial composition due to neighborhood's history. This violence expression of the culture clash between these various populations, that can be felt by the everyday citizens. The ethnic tension can feel tangible at times, as these very different people try to assimilate to living in such close quarters. Under such dire conditions. Due to it's history and reputation as one of the most dangerous places in Los Santos, it is often under-serviced and neglected by the systems in place. The community often polices itself to a large degree with local figures replacing the city's officials as authority figures. Various community organizations, for example: SLAM, have been created over the years. Often times these organizations are better suited to represent the concerns of the neighborhood's occupants. This has also resulted in an amount of distrust for the government and especially, the police. Residents of the area would rather handle their own problems than resort to calling the police to do it for them. Because of cultural factors and the prevalence of organized crime in the area this practice is still maintained to this day. The area was originally occupied by a Hispanic majority throughout most of it's existence. However, after the fall of the Soviet Union, the neighborhood began to shift culturally. Due to the cheap real estate values and the relative size of the area many migrants from Post-Soviet states began to settle in the locale. The vast majority are Russian-speaking; the majority hailing from Russia itself, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic states. There is also a large minority of those from the Balkans, which principally are Serbian in origin. As gentrification began to hit Idlewood and Ganton, many African-Americans sought to move into the area as well. Cheap rent and cost of living being the prevailing factors for their arrival. (Credits to @zollarr for the lore and content of original text: Original) --This is a community project in which the city's massive Eastern European population can congregate for the benefit of centralized RP. We welcome legal, illegal, and government roleplayers to join us. Russians will likely be the majority of the Eastern Euro population. We also welcome Ashkenazi Jews, Caucasians, and Central Asians. The primary requirement is that you be Russian-speaking. We would also welcome Hispanics and African-American characters as a minority in which to provide interesting RP dynamics. Over the next few weeks, there will be an increase in activity in the area. Many new businesses opening, activity on the street, and the forging of a new RP hub that caters to a specific type of roleplay. We welcome all who are interested and are open to any sort of input or collaboration with any players who want to get involved. I want to encourage all that are involved to post screenshots and share stories of your experience.-- Little Moscow Community Directory To those who wish to participate in this Community Project please PM LokiHavok or any number of people associated with this. We also have a Discord group which we will be using to coordinate this project.
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    What does our taxpayer money go to? Yes, of course we all know that the taxes we pay as citizens of Los Santos goes to some sort of cause. Though, have you ever thought where a majority of it might be going, or if any of it is being put toward unnecessary cause? As citizens of Los Santos, most of us who own properties pay taxes. Some of these taxes may be small in amount, or may be out of control. In order to have a decent house that is fit for a family, it will take a decent chunk out of your paycheck. Most of us probably know that this money goes toward the government’s economy, in order to keep it running. Every now and then, budgets are set and money is sent to the Law Enforcement Agencies, Hospitals and Fire Departments to keep them on track, employees paid and what not. That is only a fraction of the taxpayer money, though. Another sum of that amount may go into the Public Works, which is most definitely a good cause. Keeping the city clean, the roads clear and the city safer is most definitely a good cause. There are obviously a few more good causes which our taxpayer money is going into, that have not been mentioned. Either way, Los Santos citizens pay their taxes, which go to the government directly. Depending on whom the person is and what they own, a sum is taken from their daily paycheck. Now, let’s take a minute to think. Much of that money that is deposited into the Los Santos Government’s bank is actually used on city causes, in order to help the people of Los Santos. What about the other amounts, and whom is it used on? By now, most of us know that the recently appointed County Commissioner is Thomas Mengele. In the period that Thomas Mengele has been Commissioner, changes have been made. Most of these changes being helpful to the citizens of Los Santos, at least in most people’s eyes. Public Works has been more active than ever, weapon permit regulations have been modified. Let’s not forget the part about the new mansion, too. Let’s rewind a little bit. Upon Erp Road, otherwise known as Commissioner Hill, the Thor Askeland Memorial was built. The Thor Askeland Memorial was originally meant to honor those whose lives have been taken whilst protecting civilians as a law enforcement officer. This property was a sanctuary that should not have been disturbed, and was perfect the way it was. This has changed. Commissioner Hill, instead of being a memorial for the respected officers and deputies who risked their lives, has been gutted from the inside to make room for Mengele’s new home. That’s right, the place to honor dead officers is now your County Commissioners house. Upon seeing that the place that was originally meant to honor dead law enforcement officers is now the Commissioner’s house, what irrational decisions can be made next? Is this really what our money is going toward? Transforming a respected memorial into a mansion for someone whose term is hardly extensive? It’s time to open our eyes. Let’s revise. We all pay taxes and this money goes to the government. The money is mostly or at least meant to be used for our departments and agencies, as well as keeping the city clean, safe and better for the people of Los Santos, most of which is being fulfilled. It is absolutely disgusting how a possible sum of that money, is going toward what used to be the Thor Askeland Memorial in order to make it a home for the Commissioner. Even if our taxpayer money hasn’t gone into that project, it is horrifying that a memorial, originally made to honor officers who risked their lives for other citizens, passing away in the process, has now been made into the Commissioner’s house. Once again if our money is not being put into the renovations for this place, why should our taxpayer money be going into keeping it up? After all, the property is owned by the government. Are we really paying taxes for the Commissioner’s unnecessarily large abode? It doesn’t shine a bright light upon Mengele or the Government in itself. After all, who needs a giant mansion for a term that is hardly extensive? Comment your thoughts. -NiceGuy ((No OOC on this thread, thanks.))
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    Almeida left because he lost motivation and his alt had murdererd three people. The people that left with him were all indicted on charges and decided to leave the department. Drake Carson was made Chief, refused to comply with a court ordered subpoena and when he was informed he was under investigation for contempt of court, he left. With him his friends left too. Typical clique of friends. Don't worry about it. We have a better chief of police now who is getting the ball rolling already. This is similar to the situation two years ago where the same thing happened and everyone said the pd would die but it turned out to be the best one yet. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
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    Could we try and brainstorm a method to eradicate these dumb questions please? Every vehicle I have advertised and sold since my return, the first question about the vehicle has been... "What's the top speed?" Whether it be a casual daily driver or a collectable sports car, it seems as though all that matters is how fast it goes? Yes it's cool that we have custom handling etc and cars are all different, and I'm glad Maxime allowed me to form the VCT 3 years ago and script us the vehicle library, but never in my entire life have I been to buy a car, or even had someone buying a car, turn around and say "Look mate what's the top speed? Only 150mph? Fuck that mate I'm not interested."
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    It's because VT allows you to buy a fucking shit wagon from the 70s and mod it so that it can go 260 KM/H while holding a double standard to fucking super cars, citing 75% rule on a Lambo or a Ferrari. There is ABSOLUTELY no way that a modded shit wagon should ever go faster than a Ferrari or Lambo or whatever you buy IG that is a super car. There's no appeal to supercars because they aren't worth anything. Why should I buy a Ferrari when I can buy a Benz GT S for example, take the speed sensors off, and go just as fast as a Ferrari does for a fraction of the cost? And don't tell me that it's not true because I've personally test driven multiple cars from the vehicle library. A Benz from the 80s goes faster than my modern S660 or C63 AMG. It makes absolutely no sense. Each vehicles handling is arbitrary and not based upon the model before or after. The same Mercedes-Benz model handles way differently than the one before it a year ahead of time. It drives me literally insane. And don't also tell me that you'll fix the car specifically if I find an issue. It's not the exception, it's the norm. It's also not my job to do yours for you. This whole 75% shit needs to be removed and the entire library re-worked. @Adams /rant over
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    SKULLY'S ULTIMATE GUIDE PURSUITS WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT (And everything in between) _________________________________ After making a report for a vehicle theft, waiting about twenty minutes for administration to finally accept your report and then getting denied because there isn't enough members from the LSPD online for a theft, you make another one two hours later and this time it gets accepted! You've stolen a car and hear the sirens off in the distance, you know they're coming so it's time to take off and set your foot to the pedal because you've just signed up for one hell of a ride. ALL INFORMATION IN THIS GUIDE IS COMPLETELY INFORMATIONAL AND CANNOT BE USED IN-CHARACTER WITHOUT THE CORRECT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT AND ROLEPLAY CONDUCTED PRIOR. Having roleplayed a cop for the last seven years, there comes a point in which getting in a pursuit is no longer fun because it's the same thing over and over again. It may be fun for you, experiencing the thrill of a chase, but it's not everlasting because you will either eventually get away, or get caught. This guide aims to focus in on the aspects of realism, roleplay and immersion when it comes to being in 'the moment' of evading from cops, the adrenaline rush and the fast paced choices you make. There are a lot of misconceptions both criminals and officers have when it comes to pursuits so no matter what side you're on, stick around and you may learn something new! ROLEPLAY, ROLEPLAY, ROLEPLAY. Out of every pursuit that ever occurs, the one main thing that seems to lack is roleplay due to the excessive repetition. This is how it goes (most of the time): Police chase the suspect. Suspect gets placed into custody, charged with crime and handed over to the primary unit. Officer takes the suspect to prison, obtaining all the details he needs for his arrest report. Both parties involved move on with their life and forget what even occurred within the next week. The only place where roleplay is most commonly present is the last pointer made, that being the final interaction the officer and the suspect have before being placed into their cell, and even then it's just the generic frisk search, obtaining In-Character information and transporting the suspect into their cell. The lack of in-depth roleplay from both players results in a repetitive and boring process, so don't be a generic John Doe, do something different, roleplay more in-depth, get involved and immerse yourself completely. The Pursuit In the heat of the moment where you find yourself wanted by the police, and you have taken the sly option to run rather then surrender, there is a few basics you know already; Drive as fast as you can, don't crash, don't get caught. Because of the continuous movement, you don't really have much time to roleplay any emotions, effects or anything at all as that would require you to stop, slow down and type it out which would then give officers the opportunity to move in and contain your vehicle, trapping you and being able to arrest you immediately, so lets exclude this factor, because unfortunately there is no work around to roleplaying during the pursuit, except for moments where you are stationary, like after a collision - so lets move all our focus of roleplay to the end. Here are the possible outcomes of every pursuit that will ever occur: You get arrested. You get away. You get character-killed (CK). You get admin-jailed/banned/forceapp'd. 1. You get arrested! This occurs if you've either you've slipped up, crashed against something or someone and are now left to roleplay the after effects, and will now end up arrested shortly, or if you stop and decide to surrender after being surrounded with no other option left. Realistically in this scenario, you'd be sweating out of pressure and being nervous (unless you're a repeat offender), your heart would be beating quite quickly, and you'll be feeling a mixture of every emotion, especially the after effect of having such an adrenaline rush due to what just occurred. If you find yourself in a vehicle with officers aiming a gun at you, remember to roleplay fear. At the end of the day, it is a loaded firearm with a very pissed off officer holding it who wants to do nothing but fire one off at you in the event you make the wrong move. It is extremely important you roleplay your moves correctly, otherwise you may end of CK'd even if you weren't attempting anything. EXAMPLE: (INCORRECT METHOD) [English] Officer Dave shouts: Get your hands out, keep them visible! [English] Officer Dave shouts: Do it now! ★ Criminal Garry looks back at the officer, reaching down as he extends his hand to the seat belt release button, allowing it to slide off and raising his hands once again. Criminal Garry is now dead for failing to obey a lawful command, and as a result may be CK'd if pushed by officers. Why?: He was ordered to keep his hands visible, and even though he wasn't attempting anything other than to just reach for his seat belt and unbuckle it so he could move around easier and get ready to step out for the officers, he disobeyed the command to just keep his hands in the air. Because he lowered his hands out of the officer's view, it is seen as a threat because they can't see what you're doing with your hand; for all they know, you're about to whip out an MP5 and fire towards them, so they're not going to take any chances. (CORRECT METHOD) [English] Officer Dave shouts: Get your hands out, keep them visible! [English] Officer Dave shouts: Do it now! ★ Criminal Garry looks back at the officer, keeping both hands visible in the air at all times, making no sudden movements as he takes a deep breath. ★ Sweat would be visible on Garry's forehead, running across his hairline and his hands shaking. (( Criminal Garry )) Complying with what the officer said, showing that he is capable of following orders and is surrendering himself over, the officer is is now worried less about that fact that he may attempt to reach for something or attempt something out of his command, and now more focused on getting the suspect out of the car safety to be placed in cuffs. On top of that, due to the second line of roleplay showing visibly that Garry is shaking and sweating, it indicates that he is actually scared, and the officer is less likely to bark orders at him knowing that due to the visible signs of emotional distress Garry is in, he probably won't be doing anything further. Your roleplay is important, how you react to every message, every order and everyone will change the outcome. Being a straight up dick to officers will only give them the more reason to throw another few thousand dollars on your fine, or a few more days on your imprisonment charge. End of the day, here's how much they can charge you up to: 2. You got away! Before we jump right to the point when you've lost the police officers, let's focus on the evasion itself; You're driving at high speeds, turning corners as fast as you can in an attempt to create more distance between the cruiser right behind you. The key focus is to remain calm and not make any stupid mistakes and just focus on driving and driving only. Turn the radio off if you have it on to prevent any distractions (if it's safe to do so), and remember, speed isn't the key. If you think that by blasting through intersections and pulling your top speed is going to help you lose the cops then you are completely wrong. Chances are the cruiser behind you is more than capable of defeating your top speed, or the air unit above is watching down on you throughout - in fact most pursuits in real life are slow paced, rather than the high speed 180km/h thrill that we make them out to be. Check out this video from the LAPD for an example of the sort of speed a pursuit generally upholds. Note how the suspect maintains a stable speed nothing too quick (1:55, 4:30), doesn't even remotely attempt to make contact with other civilian vehicles (1:02), slows down at intersections (1:23, 4:05) and notice how many units are on the pursuit, including the air unit in a real life pursuit (3:21). The next time you're in a pursuit, note some of these features down, and if you feel like you've had enough at any time and want to surrender over rather than continue your wild goose chase, that's also an option. Surrendering in a pursuit may not take your fancy but you're criminal charges and fines should be heavily decreased if the officer is willing to do so, because you surrendered over and refrained from causing further threat to the public. In the event that you do chose to do this, here's how it may play out. If you get away. Now that you no longer hear the sirens, you've moved away to a discreet location where they won't find you, it's time to settle down and calm yourself after what you've just been through. This should lead to roleplaying slowing your breathing down, you may even feel dizzy after such a rush. Contain your emotions and stabilize yourself because it's not over just yet - you now have the whole police department out on a man hunt for you, so you better hope that you've picked a good spot to hide. 3. You got character-killed (CK)! WHY?! There are only a handful of reasons why you may be character-killed during a pursuit, the main one being disregard of life. Taken directly from the official OwlGaming Roleplay Rules: Showing disregard for your life (for criminals, civilians and LEO's); "Showing disregard for your own life should be strictly enforced by administrators. Criminals who intentionally put themselves into a situation where LEO's are forced to use lethal force may be considered a CK situation." Now as stated above, if you put yourself into the position where you act upon something which is unrealistic, Non-RP, or disregard your life by executing an action without regarding yourself, then you will be CK'd by the supervising administrator. Examples of when you may be CK'd: After a pursuit, if you aren't compliant with law enforcement and don't follow their orders, such as the one given in the roleplay example above of how Officer Dave kills Suspect Garry as he reaches for his seatbelt, the officer holds all rights to open fire towards you if he feels that your next action may put his life, or his colleagues in danger. Reaching for something without declaring it first can result in fatalities. Shooting towards officers; you may not know it, but shooting back at cops after a pursuit is considered disregard of life in the event that you are completely out numbered. Alone versus five or six cops has extremely poor odds, no matter how much time you've spent on SA:MP DM servers. Sure you may be able to get two cops at most but with every officer aiming their crosshair over your head throughout just waiting for you to give them a reason to fire at you means you're biting at your odds and it's highly unlikely. Swimming and drowning yourself; This happens quite often with new players specifically, if you drive into the ocean or take the pursuit to foot and decide to jump into the ocean, a police boat unit will begin to make their way to you and it's only a matter of time before they arrive - and if you suddenly then think to go underwater to conceal yourself so they can't see you, you're nothing but an utter twat because at most, you'll realistically only be able to go down about 10-15 feet, which is still near enough visibility at close range and you will have to swim back up to get some oxygen; all of which is a cycle that is completely useless and you may as well just give yourself up. If you think that killing yourself by drowning is going to get you out of the jail sentence, you're wrong there too because it's considered Non-RP and you will be CK'd instantly. In real life you don't see criminals everyday taking to the ocean and going in for a infinite dive until they die. Side note, if you do decide to become an olympic swimmer and take to the rivers or ocean, please remember to roleplay fatigue and the cold temperatures of the water. You can't swim forever so there is no reason it'll be allowed here. Unless you want to roleplay the after effects of hypothermia too, you should probably be in and out within four-six minutes. Roleplaying death; the title says it all, roleplaying death at any point, results in a CK. 4. You got admin-jailed/banned/forceapp'd! Well done! You made a simple mistake which resulted in a much larger outcome. Now why would this occur? Failing to roleplay vehicle collisions; This is the most common reason as to why you may be issued administrative action - you crashed into a lamp pole, another vehicle or wall and continued driving on without roleplaying it. It happens day after day, people think that just because they were only travelling at around 20km/h and hit a pole that it may have gone unnoticed or the effect wouldn't be to deer, but it is. 8 OUT OF TEN TIMES, THERE IS AN ADMINISTRATOR WATCHING YOU. Out of the 25 pursuits that occured last week (Yes I counted); 18 of them had an administrator watching near enough throughout from start to finish. This being due to the fact you may have been reported already for non-RP driving, or the administrator was called out of safety that you may do something unrealistic, and it's better practice for the PD to have someone reconning before something happens so they have visual evidence themselves. If you crash during a pursuit, stop and roleplay it, if the officer's start moving in on you, kindly ask them to pause momentarily whilst you roleplay and then allow them to resume when you are done. This also doesn't mean you can pull the 'seatbelt got me' card, you stop and roleplay Non-RP Stunting; This doesn't apply to just pursuits but it's most likely to occur during one. Doing a stunt jump or going over some of the conveniently placed objects throughout San Andreas in an attempt to lose the cops will result in nothing but a faster route to getting jailed, and I'm talking admin-jail. It may seem like a wonderful idea at the time but it isn't right after you get frozen by the administrator and realise they saw it. Provoking/Trolling; If you're getting into pursuits just for the fun of it, then it won't be long before officers and administrators catch on to your act and you'll end up jailed for it. Nothing is more clear as day when a suspect is continuously going back towards cops, intentionally slowing down to let them catch up just so they can show off and lose them again. It screams 'provoking' and you will eventually get jailed. Another thing to note that if you are provoking and instead of jailing you, it's taken ICly, then in the event you die, you will be CK'd. What is provoking? Provoking - Criminal Roleplay Rule 9. A word that is commonly heard, 'provoking'. This ranges from making 911 calls asking to be chased, or shouting at cops to arrest you, to taunting gang members. Please refrain from seeking attention from law enforcement. They are busy with serious cases too and letting them handle those will only help increase the quality of our law enforcement agencies. If continued provoking occurs, one may be CKed or punished by admins if deemed necessary. ___________________________________________________ And there you have it! Most of this information is compiled from personal experiences and what I've learnt over the years of roleplaying. I speak mainly from the law enforcement side of things seeing as I've never participated in illegal roleplay before, so I can't narrate much from the opposite side however after some basic investigation into real life events/scenarios, I have attempted and hopefully achieved to provide some sort of insight to how pursuits work. If you find any mistakes, have any corrections or believe any of my statements are incorrect, please feel free to correct me! You may also like.. How To Drive by Skully - https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/65564-guide-how-to-drive/ Understanding Car Crashes by AndreC - https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/942-understanding-car-crashes/ Hot single chicks in your area (i swear real this time) - http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a138/really_hot_chicks.html/ References https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/1722-owlgaming-criminal-roleplay-rules/ https://www.quora.com/Do-people-ever-successfully-evade-the-police-during-a-chase Ed Grabianowski "How Police Chases Work" 13 April 2006. HowStuffWorks.com <http://people.howstuffworks.com/police-chase.htm> 16 February 2017 Criminal Defence Partners 12 July 2011. LACriminalDefencePartners.com <http://www.lacriminaldefensepartners.com/evading-police-officer/> 16 February 2017
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    "What is understood need never be discussed." Los Santos has one of the most vibrant Eastern European communities in the country. Little Moscow is filled with immigrants of all ethnicities; from the former Pale to the steppes of Asia. Russians, Jews, Ukrainians, Central Asians, and those from the Caucus all inhabit this relatively small neighborhood. They bring with them their culture, their cuisine, their clothing, and their religious customs. Something more sinister also comes in tow with these gifts. Their criminal traditions. The area has a long history of street gangs and upstart criminal organizations. Due to the high mortality rate, the culture clash, and the viciousness of the majority of Eurasian gangsters; these enterprises have been rather short lived as compared to groups in other parts of the country. Decades have gone by since the fall of the Iron Curtain, a horde of immigrants flooding the United States from behind it. Still, the streets are in as much disarray as all those years ago. Amidst this chaos, a veteran Vor saw the potential for his imperial dreams. The Man sought to bring order to the pandemonium. Large mobs of each of the major ethnicities in the neighborhood fought for dominance. While the constituent nationalities would work with each other on an individual level there was often conflicts that could not be avoided. This Man knew that because of these cultural differences they would never be united. And thus, The Man put his will into action and the seeds of a new order were born. Meanwhile, in the city's Westside, an associate of The Man would use his connections to the Motherland to exert his control over his dominion. He was former Soviet military. After the fall of the Communist regime, like many others, he took to criminality. This phenomenon was known as the rise of the New Russians. He would come to be known as the Colonel. Many men were imported from Russia. Bending the knee to the criminal boss. And thus, one of the most powerful criminal organizations in Los Santos was born. For whatever reason, after some time only the Man was seen as a legitimate head of this new empire. Many rumours of The Colonels' departure are often whispered amongst those who knew him. There are as many different variations as there are people with the desire to say them. What is certain is that, unfettered The Man began to mold the organization in his image. Soon, the enterprise began to resemble more of a fraternity. The chain-of-command grew to not simply based on power, but on a deeper foundation. New words began to trickle down the neo-feudal structure. Soon the members began to speak in unusual ways. A veneer of esoteric ism began to take hold as ritual and symbolism became common practices,. As from within, so did change come from without. As the organization began to impose it's will on the rest of the city they found their success to be unprecedented. Their numbers swelled and their profits compounded. Arms trafficking, narcotics distribution, auto-theft rings, prostitution, extortion and murder-for-hire became the groups primary source of financial gain. As their influence on the streets grew, so did their reputation. Soon, the group found themselves in positions of power that were unrivaled. Realizing that the underworld was changing around them, The Man opted to mold the organization into a new breed of beast. In doing so, The Man not only created a new type of criminal entity but something that was more akin to an emergent culture. Soon those of various backgrounds began to join. Putting aside their ethnic rivalries for the common pursuit of ill gains, they marched forth into an unknown future. ---The contents of this thread is completely OOC information designed to let the player get a feel for the concept of the faction. Any use of this information not obtained by IC means will be labeled as MG. Any offenses will be pursued, with tenacity, by members and reported to server staff. We appreciate your due diligence in this regard..-- (By associating with members of this faction criminally or interpersonally on meaningful level you agree that a CK may befall your character at the hands of this faction.)
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    This is the end of Khram OPG I want to thank @Caporegime for creating the faction and @XWXY for helping me keep things together throughout the journey. I also want to thank those who really pulled the weight of the faction throughout the majority of it's existence @LikeMike @AnthonyAT33 @jonthulhu I want to thank @MissAnachronisms as a truly maternal figure who leaves trail of dead men in her wake. And all the others who put alot of time and effort into this faction and have @Novixsus @Stabby @Strobe @LeiFeng @Fritz @remolten @isomorphism To the fallen and inactive. Which are too numerous to name! @grapesoda @Lyricist @OhhPixelz @DutchLars @Firebird @Lafuqs @Boody And to the FT, who have helped and championed us along the way: @ThatGuy @Wright @Franco And everyone else that has put your time into this faction. Thank you.
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    We are a non-governmental organization, charitable foundation and political action committee dedicated to uplifting the Slavic-American population of Los Santos. It is a grassroots movement established in the heart of Little Moscow to aid an underrepresented segment of Los Santos’ population. The Slavic League for American Mobility was founded by Kamil Kozlowski, the son of a prominent civil rights activist, with the goal of supporting and helping improve the lives of the local Slavic-American populace, not only within Little Moscow but the whole of Los Santos. It aims to help immigrant integrate into American culture whilst preserving their own. It helps these immigrants have access to basic needs like housing, nutritious food and clean water, and suitable clothing. Emphasis is tied to the Little Moscow community but is not limited to it. It was formed out of the desire to unite the Slavic community in Los Santos into one cohesive organization. The Slavic community has long been viewed as backwards, non-assimilating, and downright criminal by the majority of American citizens. Los Santos has been no exception. The Slavic League was created to mitigate this bias and improve the image of the Slavic people as a whole. As their image has long been tainted, Slavic peoples in Los Santos has long been faced with unfair discrimination at the hands of the city’s institutions. For this reason, the Slavic League maintains a division primarily to fight for equal treatment and the civil rights of all Slavs in Los Santos. It has a well-funded and robust legal team on retainer that has fought in some of the most iconic and noteworthy legal battles of past decades. The League often provides these legal services to it’s members pro-bono or at great discount. With this, the League’s ultimate goal is to leverage itself into positions of political status. The organization works with incumbent politicians and candidates around the city to ensure that the interests of the Slavic people are being represented. The organization is headed by the founder and current chairman, Kamil Kozlowski. The chairman is the chief mover in regards to the everyday operations and expansion of the organization. He is also most likely a prominent figure in the area due to his status, charisma and political sway. Often times, the Chairman is elected according to whomever can best fill the role for the greater good of the League. This remains true to this day with the founder, Mr. Kozlowski. Currently, those beneath him in leadership positions are organized into a steering committee as the group begins to assert itself and its place in Los Santos. It has plans to expand with official positions and a more cohesive structure as time goes on. Right now, the Steering Committee is a group of prominent community leaders whose status affords them the right in directing the affairs of the Slavic League. The group is divided into the Left Wing and the Right Wing. The former being more concerned about direct action within the community. The latter is more administrative in function. Each division works as unit to service the greater goals of their Wing. The leader of each Wing most often times sits on the Steering Committee. As do influential members spearheading each division. Administrative is, as it sounds, the paperwork side of our organization. Starting off we have Urban Development which focuses on the rejuvenation and continued development of Little Moscow and the greater Eastern Los Santos. It negotiates with the government for contracts and requests assistance to bring our community a higher standard of living. We utilize funding provided by our generous members and donators to provide potential property owners with the chance to own and operate local businesses and houses. Furthermore, there is our Public Relations department, which handles all of the public interfacing, marketing, press releases, interviews, public speakers and image consultants. They shape, maintain, and improve the public image of our organization. Lastly, in this wing, is our Civil Rights division. They rigorously fight for our members, combating discrimination at the hands of the establishment; raising awareness about the persecution of the Slavic minority in Los Santos and around the world. This division retains a stable of legal counselors to aid the less fortunate in our community. In conjunction with our administrative wing, we have the action portion. Beginning with our Immigrant Support who works tirelessly to welcome those arriving in Little Moscow and the greater Eastern Los Santos area. These action members aim to provide immigrants with the basic necessities. Shelter, food, water, hygiene, and clothing. Following the immigrant support is our Political Advocacy division, cooperating with county officials whose policies are aligned with the will of SLAM and the collective dreams of its members. They are primarily concerned with supporting existing non-Slavic candidates and putting their own candidates in political positions in order to further their goals. Instead, we will support our own candidates to further our own goals. The final piece of the puzzle to our wholesome spectrum of a loving, supportive community is our Outreach division on the left wing. They are volunteers tasked with recruiting new members for SLAM, keeping track of membership dues, and assuring that contact with SLAM members is maintained. They will organize community events and bring everyone together as well as integrate members of other parts of Los Santos into the Little Moscow and greater Eastern Los Santos area.
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    Upon reading the following, you agree that you will not use any of this information in-character unless you have already been ICly informed of the events that have taken place. All of the following information is 100% true (to my knowledge), and has taken place in-character. •Late January, 2017. After two years of being in the San Andreas Correctional Facility, Leonard "LS" Stewart was released after serving his sentence on attempted murder, and evasion charges. Taking the bus from the facility straight to the Idlewood Gas Station, Leonard began renting a cheap apartment on Mason Street, Idlewood. •Early February, 2017. Browsing the neighbourhood, Leonard walked by the Pizza Stack where he was disrespected by a fifteen year old. After talking back and finally slapping the teen, the teen teared up before biking out of there only to return minutes later with one older friend, ready to kick Leonard's ass. A one versus one, against Leonard and the teen's older friend and Leonard and the friend had two different rounds in which the other was leading, but on the third round, Leonard had taken a massive hit and fell down. After a brutal fight, Leonard dabbed up with the other fighter before sirens were head and everyone ran off. Leonard however, due to his injuries, began limping away when a witness of the fight helped him get to Leonard's apartment where the two talked for a few hours. Having met Aiyden, a local criminal, just hours before, Leonard and Aiyden met up with the person Leonard had fought earlier for business purposes. Followed by a deal, and the departing of this person, Leonard and Aiyden went on the hunt to make some money and finally tried robbing a wealthy male near the lighthouse. Unfortunately, the police were called and both Leonard and Aiyden were arrested for robbery charges. •Mid February, 2017. After being released a day earlier than his jail-mate Aiyden, Leonard settles back into Los Santos, and takes a day off. The following day, Leonard and Aiyden see each other after being released, and quickly they begin hanging around with the new residents of North East Idlewood. After some altercations, Leonard and Aiyden came into possession of two fire-arms and a half-pound of cocaine. Having experience in this field, Leonard offers to take this plan a step further and discusses this with Aiyden, although the duo plan to include their new teenage neighbours. Following the night, Aiyden and Leonard get into a shoot-out after a robbery gone wrong, which then turns into a police pursuit across Red County. Leonard and Aiyden get away, and dash the vehicle but are found as they browsed the city although the duo are found in separate locations. Leonard and Aiyden are charged with evasion, but no firearm related charges. After being released together, and going back to Los Santos, the duo depart for a good night's sleep. Leonard calls Aiyden to find no response. Several times throughout the day, Leonard calls Aiyden to no response however he and neighbour Gabe begin moving forward on their project. At this point, several residents in the North East Idlewood area began pushing drugs for Leonard, and a drug-dealing crew was established in North East Idlewood. •To be continued... •September, 2009. Leonard Stewart, age 13, is casually walking in John Paul Street, Willowfield when his sister Brianna Stewart, age 19, is offered a ride by a local gang member of the Saint Francis Crook Squad. Leonard agreed to stay near the area until Brianna returned however shortly after departing the scene, a police cruiser followed the motorcycle on which Brianna and an unknown local gang member were on. Leonard quickly got on his old bicycle and followed but when he finally caught up, he'd noticed that the motorcycle had been gotten into a very serious accident. He wasn't allowed to see his sister. •Late January, 2011. Leonard had been sleeping on the couch in the lobby of his old complex, after having pickpocketted a key from the manager. It had been about 17 months, of Leonard living by himself. He'd been making friends though, after gaining the respect of Saint Francis Crook Squad leaders Dub, Josh, Big E, and X. He used to do petty crimes, like stealing from cop cars when they were raiding a house in the hood, or shoplifting from the corner store, and even selling weed to his slightly grown up school friends, though he no longer went to school. At age 15, Leonard had become known as a local "degenerate". After Leonard hit the big score, robbing an undercover cop car of about seven pistols in different evidence bags, shotcaller X decided that Leonard's quick thinking and actions were to become great use, so he kept a close eye on Leonard for the following years. Leonard made quick cash by selling these guns, making fast cash. •October, 2013. It finally happened. Leonard spoke with Dub and X who agreed to let him run one of the gang's corners, in order to generate cash. As Leonard agreed, the duo called other members and brought Leonard into an alleyway across the complex entrances, before they "put Leonard on the hood", initiating Leonard into the gang after a bloody fifteen second brawl. After, they all congratulated Leonard and gave him a nickname... L-S, the initials of his full name, Leonard Stewart. Leonard assembled a crew, as he became the youngest street captain. He and his crew would work daily, stepping off to the corner store on the intersection of John Paul and High. •February, 2015. Leonard, Dub, and two girls were speaking until several El Corona locals walked by, complimenting the girls on their figure. One male of course, really wanted some action as he reached forth, getting a handful of that poon before he was punched in the face by Leonard. After the crew and Leonard and Dub began brawling for a short amount of time, one male spat on Dub's face upon which Leonard and Dub ran after him. Leonard detoured into an alleyway before jumping onto a building where he pulled out a snub nose Smith & Wesson revolver, and fired off three shots. Unknown to Leonard, Dub had been on surveillance for several weeks and as soon as this happened, several cruisers pulled in as Leonard ran off, dropping his gun off near some bushes, after wiping his prints off it. The detectives got the CCTV footage of a local bar which caught a glimpse of Leonard, on the roof, shooting the victim. Leonard was found guilty on attempted murder, and evasion, and was sent to the San Andreas Correctional Facility, where he was sentenced to a 24 month sentence. •May, 2015. Saint Francis Crook Squad slowly fell apart, after Dub was thrown in jail (life sentence) for murdering a police officer. Big E was shot and murdered in a shootout at a massage parlour, in East Los Santos. Josh was diagnosed with syphilis, and died days after due to an internal injury. Leonard, one of the only remaining figures of "Crook Town" was behind bars, for the following 24 months to come. Upon joining, members will agree that any leader of the faction has the ability to CK a member due to whatever in-character reason.
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    Press Release - January 29th 2017 'Advancing Progression' "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." -Neil Armstrong ______________________________________________________________________ Ganton Reborn ______________________________________________________________________ As expected, it didn’t take very long for the Public Works Department of the Los Santos County Government to finish the construction of the new housing block in Ganton. Located on the south side of Liverpool Road, the new complex has already attracted many of the local residents of Ganton and nearby neighborhoods who seek, and have every right, to live in better, safer, and more enjoyable conditions. The new complex not only has been drawing in more and more people due to its high standards of living and its superb level of design, but many local residents have begun to welcome themselves into the complex’s courtyard and mingle with other Ganton residents, have a seat on the bench to enjoy the fine Los Santos weather, or to just enjoy a game of basketball with friends or strangers that they have met at the new block. While it may be the first of the current administration’s constructed projects in the area, it will certainly not be the last. Plans are already in the making to continue building up the local areas that have been neglected in the past. In areas that now stand broken down buildings, overgrown shopping centers, and closed off houses, in the foreseeable future are to hold freshly built businesses, shiny new stores, and modern homes and apartment buildings to allow the citizens of the neighborhood to live in the appropriate standards that all of the good people of Los Santos deserve to live in. Two Ganton residents enjoy the new basketball court at the center of the complex The Los Santos County Government are still open to new ideas on how to help improve the various districts. Feel free to contact your local district supervisor if you have any ideas or post a comment below. ______________________________________________________________________ The Future of Progression in Los Santos It is to our best knowledge, that despite recent advances in helping the lower and middle class in Los Santos, that there are still many families that could use a helping hand. Large amounts of residents depend heavily on state benefits and another significant, yet still smaller amount of people are homeless and have been ignored by the government and many of their fellow citizens for years. No longer. The Consilium Populusque Los Santos made a promise upon the election of Commissioner Mengele to revive the county of Los Santos and to protect every man, woman, and child regardless of race, religion, or opinion. The promise made by the new government to the public has not been forgotten and we are pleased to announce the the Los Santos County Government Public Relations Department along with the many of the citizens of Los Santos will be hosting a series of events and charities to assist our fellow people in the county who could always use a little help. These future events will consist of: ✦The potential opening up of a local shelter for the homeless, allowing homeless citizens of Los Santos to receive food and basic care during their stay and helping them search for a career so that they may eventually move out of the shelter and get back onto their feet, working alongside their fellow citizens. ✦More events which allow citizens to come and eat free food with other people, allowing them to mingle, seeing as the New Year's event was such a success. ✦Constructing more parks and other locations where both younger and older generations can enjoy themselves peacefully and safely. Anyone interested in volunteering to help in any of these events are to email kmosley@ls.gov ((Forum PM Scooter)) with their details along with what they would like to do and how they can help out the community. Future Goals of the CPQL "We must secure the existence of our people and the future for Los Santos citizens" -Commissioner Thomas Mengele ______________________________________________________________________ While the CPQL has already achieved so much in its short time as the elected and current administration of the government, there is still much more to do. We are still working at various objectives that we have not fully accomplished. The CPQL believe in very libertarian, yet still nationalistic and populist ideals and are firm believers that all men are created equal by their Creator and have the basic rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. With these beliefs, we are still paving the way to accomplishing some of our original goals and tasks such as providing more assistance to the proud Americans in Los Santos who wish to open up and start their own businesses in a time in our country where large corporations rule over the land. We believe these men and women are very brave, trying to start or make something of their own and we are still working at making it as easy as possible for new business to pop up and capitalize. We are also in the works of creating and constructing new public areas and memorials as well as reviving some of the older ones. The newest memorial in work is to honor the citizens of Los Santos who have made a major difference, both in the county and in our hearts. Many of the citizens on the list are current and former members of the United States Armed Forces, current and former Law Enforcement Officers, current and former members of the Emergency Services, current and former significant citizens in the medical field, significant public servants of the Los Santos County Government, and many more Los Santos heroes both living and deceased who are to be named Honorary Citizens of Los Santos County. While the list if yet to be revealed, the opening of the memorial will be coming very soon and will be available to all members of the public to see and witness. ______________________________________________________________________ Written by Keira Mosley, Public Relations Commissioner, Los Santos County Government With assistance from: Zoe Randall, Public Relations Officer, Los Santos County Government Mason Garcia, Public Relations Officer, Los Santos County Government
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    there's a lot of illegal rp. look at the rs haul drivers breaking every single traffic rule.
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    UAT Update - Valentines Day 2017 Love is in the air for valentines day. Today we unfortunately have to say goodbye to some UAT members that have been with us for a long time. There comes a time when people play for so long that they need to move on. Arrivals OhhPixelz - Promoted to Lead Administrator Departures Almeida(Personal Reasons) Shanks(Personal Reasons, Busy with University) Antonia(Departed during transition phase) We decided to move OhhPixelz up to the position because we feel that he would be perfect for the job of managing GAT. Him along with Swanker are both extremely active in game. OhhPixelz has been proactive with his Senior admin roles and we look forward to what he will be bringing to GAT. Regards, - OwlGaming Community - Upper Administration
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    Name: Guest Comment: As long as she didn't have pineapple on her pizza, I couldn't care less. Pineapple doesn't belong on pizza.
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    hi guys just a short hello ive taken over the development from chaos and will begin working on moving gorillas this afternoon bouncing long live owlgaming
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    Saturday evening musings... After the recent scandal(s) involving alleged corruption at the highest level within the LSPD it would be reasonable to assume that Steven Spade the District Attorney would be keeping a very close eye on proceedings within the department under its new leadership. The District Attorney Steven Spade is somewhat of a public figure within the city, he certainly gives the appearance that he very much wishes to crack down on improper use of government assets, another man who also carries outspoken public views on this very subject is the highly esteemed County Commissioner Thomas Mengele. Not only does he hold steadfast views, he was instrumental in enacting laws to prevent this sort of corruption. Imagine my surprise when I happened stumble upon an LSPD Lieutenant receiving a $50,000 bonus for "continued dedication and loyalty to the department"! This is the same department that consistently costs the tax payers of this city a significant sum of money per week! According to the latest government figures the LSPD is operating at an average loss of $100,000 per week. That is a whopping $100,000 dollars per WEEK. I feel almost obliged to repeat the statement again because of how absurd it is, heck, I feel as though the text needs to be bold and carry an eye catching color too! As of the latest government figures the LSPD is losing $100,000 dollars per WEEK! Yet we see an Officer of the law, no doubt a fine one, being gifted $50,000 of our tax money- for doing his job? This is completely absurd, and arguably is a misuse of government funding. Will we see a response to this flagrant and unashamed misuse of public money? Will the LSPD Chief be held accountable in line with laws that were a backbone of the County Commissioner's campaign? Or will we simply see this buried much like many other situations involving the state government and its agencies. Will the laws be changed behind the scene? Is there anything we can do to stop this rampant corruption? I ask you, my fellow citizens, is giving an Officer a $50,000 bonus when the LSPD is losing on average $100,000 a week "fiscally irresponsible"? Has Melanie Gaines not violated the trust put in her by both the people of this county, but also the government? Should the citizens have to hold the government to account by way of media, or should they be following the laws they are sworn to uphold by default? Perhaps those involved in this disgusting scandal would like to comment below.
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    GAT Update - February 14th, 2017 Hello, As of today the applications are going to be opened for players to apply for the Administrator position. We wish you the best of luck whilst applying. On top of this we are going to congratulate the current Trial Admins who are being promoted to Full Admin, as well as show any other staff updates within the team. Promotions: OhhPixelz ― Promoted to Lead Administrator Express ― Promoted to Senior Administrator DanielV ― Promoted to Administrator iV7Z ― Promoted to Administrator Novixsus ― Promoted to Administrator PixelCreations ― Promoted to Administrator Reinstatements: VitamiN― Reinstated as Trial Administrator Stabby ― Reinstated as Trial Administrator Extensions: Isomorphism TheRealAgent001 Departures: 44Theory(Resigned) Almeida(Resigned) Antonia(Resigned as Lead Administrator) Blanco(Resigned) Tailor(Resigned) Shanks(Resigned) Xocian(Resigned) All in-game and forum perks will be set as soon as possible. Once again, congratulations to all. OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Upper Administration Team.
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    *An article in a small printing local newspaper could be found at several newstands across the city.*
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    Someone hasn't been paying much attention.
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    name:1776WILLCOMMENCEAGAINGLOBALISTS comment: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/District_attorney https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Attorney
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    - Piotr "Barsoi" Sherbakov - [Intro] A poor soul which felt betrayed after the death of his nephew. What would you do if a man takes your beloved nephew away? How can you look into the eyes of your older brother if you did not take revenge for his son. [Arkov Svelok, "He had to be taken out."] Piotr's nephew Arkov disappeared from one to the other day. He started to search him all over Los Santos after finding his dead corpse at the docks. It was a silent pain, he never told somebody about his lost, neither did he speak about Arkov again. He felt ashamed not to know who caused this mess. After four months without any traces, he got the final information which would cause a tragedy. [Prepare the Plan - Gain freedom of thought] ★ Piotr Sherbakov moves the cheap burger to his mouth, chewing it before he swallows the almost raw meal. ★ Piotr Sherbakov picks out a small book with a hammer and a sickle on it before he re-draws thirty years old sketches. ★ Piotr Sherbakov starts to draw Arkov with his father on a couch with a birthday cake on the coffee table. [Prepare the Plan - Clear your head] ★ Piotr Sherbakov would drag on his cigarette for a moment, before he blows the smoke out while gazing at the birds. ★ Piotr Sherbakov would throw his cigarette away before he reclines himself, sitting on the old wood for almost three hours. [Goodbye, never forget what I told you] ★ Piotr Sherbakov enters the bar, gazing at **** as he lowers his voice, speaking rather seriously. ★ **** nods once, lowering his voice while he nods in agreement. ★ Piotr Sherbakov pats **** rights shoulder while making his way to the door, heading out, - a metallic thurd would come from his dufflebag. [It happens] ★ Piotr Sherbakov makes his way out of the bar, giving a long sigh before he takes out a pack of cigarettes, sliding one out to put it in his mouth. ★ Piotr Sherbakov approaches the window, bending down before he opens the dufflebag to take out a Remington 870, pushing himself up. ★ Piotr Sherbakov pulls the trigger in order to blow ****'s head until no ammunition left. [Mission complete] ★ A figure would become visible in the window, holding a shotgun. He suddenly opens fire through the window at ****, dumping the entire magazine. [Every mission has its price] ★ Piotr Sherbakov reloads the Remington, shooting his gaze to the cops before he opens the fire in order to kill them. ★ Piotr Sherbakov gets perforated with .45 bullets, he would be dead immediately. Piotr always knew that this mission is going to be his own death. But, could you sleep if the killer of your nephew is still alive, having a good life? Piotr could not, he might be a traitor, but even a allegedly traitor has his principles. Rest in peace Piotr "Barsoi" Sherbakov, rest in peace.
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    Heya, I like going on YouTube, searching 'OwlGaming' and seeing what feedback I can get and also I just enjoy watching people have a good time. It's refreshing after reading about mainly negative experiences as I try to improve things on the forums. I don't get to see a lot of the stuff we actually do right. When I search up videos about Owl I don't see a lot of them posted on the forums so I end up missing out. Please link videos you want to share in this board so I can view them, like and comment. Hopefully I can use some of the feedback you provide there to help benefit the server too. Thanks guys and let me know if there's something I could do to make your video production smoother.
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    February 2, 2017 The Los Santos County Government's Financial Department has released the latest statistics for the Government along with statistics from audits of the Police Department, Fire Department, Los Santos International Airport, and the Bureau of Traffic Services. ---The financial report may be found here--- The purpose of this is to allow citizens to see how money is being spent and what it is going towards, every citizen of Los Santos deserves to know what they are paying into and how the money is being used. The Los Santos County Government thanks you for reading and is open to any and all feedback from the people. Statistics Provided by Commissioner of Finance: Oswin Sherman Published by Public Relations Department
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    Hello, After a break from MTA for more than a year, I have decided to come back. Glad to see some of the old gang still here. And hi to the new guys in the community. See you all in game.
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    United States District Court District of San Andreas Criminal Arraignment United States District Court, District of San Andreas United States Versus Cameron Spencer Subpart 1. Title. In the matter of the Petition of The People, on the 6th of February, 2017, against Cameron Spencer. Subpart 2. Body. The People charge the subject Cameron Spencer with: 1 x First Degree Murder ( Handgun “Execution” of Kyrie West ) 18 U.S. Code § 1111 (a) 2 x Second Degree Murder ( Two Rifle Slayings of Joel Collins & Colton Townley) 18 U.S. Code § 1111 (a) 1 x Obstruction of Justice (Obstruction of DA/FTF Investigation) 18 U.S. Code § 1510 ☒ - Are multiple misdemeanors stacked for a felonious conviction? Subpart 3. Request. The People demand of the subject, Cameron Spencer, the following: To be put to death by lethal injection. Fine of $250,000 Subpart 4. Evidence. Exhibit A. Exhibit B. Exhibit C. Evidence from LSPD DB Holding Cells implicating Sergeant Spencer's willful obstruction of Federal Agents and the investigative authority of the District Attorney: Subpart 5. Narrative. At 00:52, hours on February 5th, a shout was heard coming from the LSPD Detective Bureau (DB) holding cells. Lieutenant Michael Donnelly responded in full patrol gear, and shouted “Ey!” at the suspects before entering the cell with his gun still in his holster. Lieutenant Donnelly then proceeded to promptly withdraw his X-26 Taser and fire it directly at Joel Collins, causing Collins to collapse to the ground before holstering his taser once more after clearly shouting the words “Move back!”. Upon falling to the ground as a result of the taser Joel Collins shouted out the word “Fuck!” whilst Donnelly withdrew a pair of handcuffs from his duty belt. As he does this, the other two suspects in the cell, begin to grapple with Donnelly, and as a result, end up in a pile on the ground, near the far corner of the cell. At this point in time Lieutenant Donnelly is obviously struggling for control and attempting to call for backup on his radio. Jordan Westbrook shouts out “C’mon! Let me back to my cell!” just before Lieutenant Donnelly manages to call out over the radio “L-14... 11-98! DB!”. In this callout Lieutenant Donnelly stated his callsign (L-14), his need for immediate backup in the office (11-98), and his location (DB). Almost immediately after making his call for backup over the radio, Colton Townley succeeds in prying the radio from Lieutenant Donnelly’s hands. All the while, Joel Collins begins to slowly crawl towards the wall as he tries to recover from being tazed. Backup finally arrives as Sergeant Cameron Spencer charges into the room with his Heckler and Koch HK416 D10RS rifle in both hands. Promptly opening the cell door and opening fire on Joel Collins just as Collins manages to get himself up off the ground, using the wall to assist him. Joel runs out in front of Sergeant Spencer, charging towards a bed in the cell. However as aforementioned he is fired upon by Sergeant Spencer, who briefly follows his target (Joel Collins) firing countless rounds, fully automatic, into Collins’ upper back and left shoulder. Collins collapses to the ground as a result. Sergeant Spencer then proceeds to shift his aim to the right (left from camera angle), towards Colton Townley promptly firing numerous rounds into Townley’s head causing instantaneous death. After doing so Sergeant Spencer turns his attention towards Kyrie West, aiming in his direction only briefly before lowering his weapon and switching instead to his Kimber Custom II 1911. Sergeant Spencer brings the handgun into aim, firing a single round into the back of Kyrie West’s head, effectively executing him. Sergeant Spencer proceeded to shout at Joel Collins, ordering him to “Stay the hell down!” calling out “Shots fired” over his radio, and “Get your hands where I can see them!”. Collins cooperates to the best of his ability, bringing both of his hands into view. EMS was called and Joel Collins would later die of his injuries. Subpart 6. Recommendation. ☒ - Issue Parole After Release ☒ - Grant Early Release ☒ - Release On Bail $ Recommended Amount Subpart 7. Declaration. I, Steven Spade, District Attorney for San Andreas, affirm that the foregoing is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. (( @Almeida @Vincesportsman2 @Wright @ThatGuy @Franco @rentation @Maxwell25 ))
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    Roleplay revolving around illegal drugs has become very, very absent in the recent years. Why? It's outdated, boring, and been the same for a long time. So how can we work to fix it? I've come up with a few ideas myself and if it goes well with the community I'll be happy to compile them into a script suggestion. 1. Allow the splitting of drug items into decimal values. For instance, 0.3, 0.8, rather than an integer value like 1, 5, 10 etc. This allows for drugs to be broken down further, be used more sparingly, dealers competing to give fiends better bags than the next block etc. And also, no-one will bang a gram of heroin at a time, you cut that shit down into smaller hits. 2. Add 2 new values/entries to drug items. One being potency, one being something along the lines of "Name" or some shit. Potency would be the potency of the drug from say 0% to 100%. This figure would be used say... When someone cuts coke with a mixer like laxatives or baby powder, it would bring the potency of the coke down but you would end up with more in quantity. Or for instance, a gang faction has got a grow house going on, they tend to it bla bla, time to crop it and hang it ready to dry and cure. Once the process is completed use a process similar to /chance or /luck w.e to work out the potency of the weed from 50% to 100%, so you could end up with some DANK, or you could flop and end up with a shit crop that no-one wants. But although there's a element of skill to growing weed there's also a lot of luck in it. The "name" field could be used for many things, but not mandatory. For instance, you could use it as a field for the strain of weed, "Strawberry Kush", "New York City Diesel", "Northern Lights", "Blue Cheese" etc etc. You could also use it for prescription drugs that would have labels, and could state the mg/ml of the drug. So morphine, 15mg/5ml etc etc. So if you do a pharmacy over then you can either get some weak shit or some gooood shit. The potency percentage would be in OOC brackets in the inventory mouse-over for clarity, 9 times out of 10 you can tell a shit drug from some good shit, so you have to allow for a chance for people to spot that they may be getting ripped off, otherwise you'll end up with gangs selling 1% potency coke and no-one knows any better. Potency would be tied into the visual effects of the drug. Higher potency = denser visuals. 3. Add more items. Add more items that revolve around drugs, paraphernalia and shit. Scales, crack pipes, baggies, bongs etc. Yes, this means adding more "objects" to the server, but don't mention that just yet as I have a suggestion for that already SON. Just be patient. So add more items than players can interact with. At the moment dealing is a very basic process. Carry it all round with you, shift click and split it down to what you want. NAAAAAAH SON. You want to weigh something up? You better have some damn scales and a sack of baggies, what are you going to do, give them a gram of yay in the palm of their hand that you eyeballed the weight of? Pffft. These items have their pro's and con's and will add roleplay for PD, allowing people to get busted for intent to supply or whatever because they have their dealers arsenal on them. It gives PD a little more to look for. And also more items to add a little more risk to illegal roleplay, because so far there's not much. And of course, it adds more game interaction without having to roleplay them out of thin air every now and then. You actually HAVE TO HAVE THEM. My item suggestions so far are: Herb Grinder Rolling Papers(I think these were added?) Rolling Tobacco - Links with this, people could roll ciggies, people could roll joints, nobody knows. Baggies - For bagging suitable drugs. Scales - For weighing drugs. Crack Pipe - Smoking crack, heroin, meth whatever. Hypodermic needles - Injecting drugs, this could also allow for the introduction of steroids. Snorter - For snorting drugs, otherwise allow a player to split a $1 note out of his cash stack and use that. Any other ideas anyone? 3a. I had an idea a very long time ago, where-as we could compile many models/objects into one file and thus only replace one object for multiple objects. The way it would be done would be to have all of the models in the same scene, then depending on which object you would like to use out of it you apply a 1x1 transparency .png to all of the unused models, thus making them invisible and will not appear. This way you could have scales, coke bags, weed bags, bongs, grinders, needles etc all in the same object file at your disposal by a simple use of shaders. I am also happy to model and texture these objects, anyone that knows me well knows that I am a very skilled modeller and modder. 4. Addiction. This has been tried, tested and failed plenty of times because it hasn't been thought through well enough. In the real world hard addiction will take over your life, and so it should in the game too. Whether that be hallucinations, lack of energy(No sprint stamina), random /do's of the character saying they would twitch, slurring speach(like the alcohol) and also playing with your controls(again, like the alcohol). Addiction should be a steady build up, a scale of say, 0-10. 0 = never touched it, 10 = completely dependent on it. Further into the addiction you should be at risk of overdoses too. Addiction will allow a constant stream of supply and demand. Addicts demand it, dealers supply it, and it just goes round in a circle till all the nittys die of an overdose. 5. Plugging. HA, yep I said it. In my honest opinion, you should be able to plug packs in... Yes, your arsehole. Stop and search me pig, you ain't finding shit, but you will find shit if you find the pack because it's in my arsehole. Yes, you can say /b You won't find it, it's in my arsehole. But if they've handcuffed you and searched your inventory and see it sitting there, they're going to check every orifice on your body because THEY KNOW IT'S THERE. Plugging is a very common practice amongst dealers and nittys alike because they can't make you squat and cough during a strip search. 6. Allow for dufflebags, backpacks etc to have items stored in them. This allows for drop offs of drugs, money, guns etc without players actually needing to be there and could also add anonymity to dealers and in fact, any criminals, any characters even. Who doesn't leave shit laying around in bags? We can store in safes, why not in inventory storage items? Rather than just "expanding" the inventory space, actually turn it into real inventory space. So what else could we do? I really want to compile a massive list for a script suggestion, and if I have to I'll model it all, texture it all, and even script what is possible to script without me having access to the server.
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    Cartel de Mazatlán It is unclear how many groups colluded with the Mazatlán Cartel. The Pacific coast sea route is essential to drug trafficking shipments from Colombia to Mexico and the United States. It is possible that the branches of the original Mazatlán cartel worked together or operated in different regions while contributing to the same drug trafficking operations. A connection with Guadalupe Cardona Pena is highly likely as he was known to operate in the Southern coast receiving shipments from Colombia and via sea transporting cocaine to Mexico and then Los Santos. Guadalupe was a major player in drug trafficking from South America to Mexico and the United States; he was arrested in July 2012. It is unknown who has taken over for the Mazatlán affiliates and who will take over. RISE AND DEMISE OF COLOMBIAN CARTELS, 1973-95 Before the 1970s, Colombia played no systematic role in South American cocaine trades, though the country had a tradition of entrepreneurs, regional smugglers, marijuana exports from the Caribbean coast, and a legacy of everyday violence from the 1950s. Cocaine’s politics-driven shift to Colombians came during the Nixon era (1969-74). Two more Cold War events propelled cocaine’s geographic presence to the north. The first, related to Nixon’s anti-communism policies, was General Augusto Pinochet’s September 1973 military coup in Chile. By 1970 some low-level Colombians served as mules for Chileans. Pinochet, to win favour with Washington and the newly-formed DEA, launched campaign in late 1973 against Chilean traffickers, most of whom were quickly jailed or expelled. The impact was to swiftly push routing of peasant coca-paste from the Huallaga and Bolivia north, via the Amazonian border-town of Leticia, to Colombia. Pioneering Medellín smugglers like Pablo Escobar and the Ochoa brothers restructured the trade and dramatically expanded its scale and reach. The second political event was Nixon’s 1969 declaration of ‘war’ against drugs, aimed primarily against marijuana and heroin. Crackdowns on these drugs – the 1970s’ Operation Intercept sweeps of the Mexican border, and the squeeze against the French Connection heroin pipeline - made a perfect market opening for Andean cocaine. This hit 1970s American culture as a glamorous and pricey soft-drug. Cocaine was easier, safer, and lucrative to conceal, and weed suppliers from Colombia to Mexico quickly switched product lines. Much has been said about the Colombian cartels, an official misnomer for such robust regional and family market enterprises. Once propelled to Colombia, cocaine thrived in places like Medellín, the nation’s declining entrepreneurial city. Empresarios like Escobar, Ochoa, and Carlos Ledher took advantage of Caribbean islandhopping wholesale transport routes, Colombian workers in places like Miami and Queens, and the 1970s lag in DEA attention, which deemed cocaine a rich man’s vice. By 1975, the Colombian trade passed the four tonne mark and by 1980 some 100 tonnes of cocaine entered the United States. Exporters concentrated in three regional groups: Medellín, Central (Bogotá), and Cali (del Valle) – the latter a bustling new city near the Pacific port of Buenaventura, promoted by clans like the Rodríguez-Orejuela and Herreras. However until the early 1990s, Medellín, under Escobar’s charismatic lead, handled some 80 percent of the trade, mostly from coca paste made in Peru’s Huallaga. By the mid-1980s, cocaine had some twenty-two million American users. Sliding prices and racially-tagged discount markets (such as crack), together with the drug’s growing aura of violence, transformed cocaine into the top target of American drug warriors. Under Republicans Reagan and Bush senior, this extended drug hysteria around cocaine led to a sharp militarisation of the overseas campaign against the Andean coca bush. CARTEL VIOLENCE Violence is an intrinsic feature of the trade in illicit drugs. As in other criminal endeavors, violence is used by traffickers to settle disputes, and a credible threat of violence maintains employee discipline and a semblance of order with suppliers, creditors, and buyers. This type of drug trafficking-related violence has occurred routinely and intermittently in U.S. cities since the early 1980s. The violence now associated with drug trafficking organizations in Mexico is of an entirely different scale. In Mexico, the bloodletting is not only associated with resolving disputes or maintaining discipline, but it is directed toward the government and the news media. Some observers note that the excesses of this violence might even be considered exceptional by criminal market standards. TRAFFICKING ROUTE OOC We want to maintain a good reputation, therefore we won't tolerate any trolling. Character development is necessary. Posting screenshots is desirable but not a must, you should contact the leaders before posting screenshots. If you have any concerns or questions about the faction feel free to contact me or @Boody. When you join the faction you accept a ck clause which says that you can be CKed at any time if the leaders deem it necessary.
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    The Well Stacked Pizza Co. IC Information The Well Stacked Pizza Co. (better know as Pizza Stack) is one of the best-well known fast food restaurant in Idlewood. We serve the finest Pizza, Sodas and Coffee along with various other food items such as Sandwiches & Pancakes. Here at pizza stack; stock replenishment is out number one priority to ensure that hot food is always available. We offer a clean and safe environment for people from any walk of life to stop by and grab a bit to eat. The well Stacked Pizza Co is here for you 24 hours a day and 364 days a year. We have recently began doing pizza delivery straight to your front door on a trial basis, We dream of a world where pizza hot cheese pizza is available to everyone across Los Santos. We are currently working on expanding our fleet of delivery vehicles and expanding out delivery routes. (Please note: Times of operation may vary depending on how busy we are.) OOC Information What is our goal? We are attempting to turn Idlewood Pizza stack into a more interactive roleplay experience for both new and experienced players on the server while also maintaining realism and immersion, we realize and understand that Idlewood pizza stack is based in a low-income area of the city. To accomplish this we have set into place a few changes to the shop without changing the way players are affected by these changes. 1) We have began stocking actual pizza box generics with out logo and branding on it for you and your friends to share, Eat in or take away. 2) We are working hard to make home pizza delivery a legitimate venture in an attempt to help break new players into the world of legal factions. 3) We recently have changed the interior of Idlewood pizza stack to its GTA san andreas conterpart which boast more seating and nicer aesthetics. 4) We now set aside set amounts of money for people who wish to rob us to promote a real low-income area (although we'd prefer if you didn't) 5) we aim to turn Pizza stack into a 90% player-run business, only relying on npcs in the event that there is nobody avaliable to man the registers. How do I join you? If you've ever applied for any legal factions before you'll know the annoyance of having to fill in a terribly long and intrusive application form. We do all of our recruitment In Character as we understand that filling in application forms sucks most of the fun out of joining legal factions. We do not recommend approaching the counter and asking for a job outright as it puts us on the spot and creates an awkwardness about it, instead we will usually post up advertisements via /ads when a vacancy is available. We offer full time and part time work on a flexible basis. Although we are a legal faction we do not discriminate those who have past criminal records / felonies. Why limit people who wish to work? So you're making a faction that sells pizza? Cant anyone do that? We are one of the few legal factions who do not care about money or assets, We simply wish to create RP for the low income areas of Ganton, Idlewood and Surrounding areas. We hope that other people will also try to do similar types of things to bring the community together, Not everyone wants to roleplay as a race car driver or a millionaire businessman. We offer realistic wages that are realistic (roughly $15 per hour plus bonuses) for those amazing individuals who dont want to earn too much money and ruin their immersion. Rules 1) Treat everyone with respect regardless of any issues you may have with them Oocly. 2) Trolling / Disruptive behavior / Ruining other peoples RP is unacceptable and will be reported. 3) We expect all employees to act in a professional manner Icly like you would do in a real working environment. 4) Inactivity will have an allowance of up to 7 Days before you will be kicked and Icly fired for not showing up to work. 5) You must have acceptable english (both reading a writing) to be considered for employment with us. Rules will be updated regularly. (i am aware the current rules are fairly weak)
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    The Quartz Hand is an organization based in Los Santos composed of ex-drug manufacturers and distributors from all over the United States. their new mission being riddling the streets of San Andreas with hard drugs and getting out richer than ever, and that using all the methods they have accumulated over the years, which include but are not limited to kidnapping, murder, stealing, torture, and good old drug dealing. As The Quartz Hand lacks the structure to properly deal their product, they are affiliated with other notorious gangs capable of such task. Their location is undisclosed, as they change their hideouts every so often. Last seen in : CK clause :
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    We're in a bit of a cycle. A certain group of people want to bring the PD back to the former glory it once had, which arguably wasn't that great. This has been happening through the means of being utterly cancerous to the leaders in an attempt to force them out to get someone they want in (and have been doing so for a long time). The problem is no one seems to realise that the MTA player-base as a whole is nowhere close to what it used to be in terms of roleplay capability, or even basic English skill. Those of us that have been around for many many years often lust for times of the past. To recreate the days of old, the fantastic days that they were. Yet the truth is MTA as a whole has changed, we're now dealing with a new breed of players, the old guard are slowly slipping, because as many times as everyone comes back it's not the same as what it once was. The reality is fixing the PD isn't as simple as a leadership change. That'll become readily apparent to all involved when they go through the countless applications knowing that the top notch roleplay standards a PD should be held to have to be lowered in order for there to actually be a department. Then the cycle begins, you get people that refuse to join because of how awful the department looks, the people that are there and capable of fantastic RP get frustrated and leave. As a result the department only gets worse. Times are changing, they have been for a very long time now. I think a great number of people are starting to realise that roleplay isn't as good as we once thought it was. This isn't to say the PD is doomed to fail, or that the server is dying. Things are simply changing.
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    Press Release - February 6th 2017 'A Great Awakening' "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill Meeting With the New District Attorney ______________________________________________________________________ As many of the citizens of Los Santos County already know, the position of District Attorney was recently re-opened and has been filled by a fresh new individual. Steven R. Spade was nominated to serve as the District Attorney for the District of the State of San Andreas on February 3, 2017 by the combined Justices of the San Andreas Supreme Court. Prior to his nomination, Mr. Spade served as a court-appointed Defense Attorney within the State of New York, having been appointed by District Court Chief Judge Curtis V. Gomez on September 7, 2009. The District Attorney is the chief law enforcement officer within the entirety of the state of San Andreas. He is responsible for coordinating multiple agency investigations and supervising the prosecution of all federal crimes and civil cases in which both the United States and the County of Los Santos are parties. Before undertaking criminal law, Mr. Spade began his legal career as an associate at the law firm Jones Day in Washington, D.C., which is also where he is from, where he specialized in civil rights. District Attorney, Steven R. Spade “Being the District Attorney is a wonderful experience,” commented Spade, “After leaving my old office, I knew that the opportunity was not one I could ever turn down.” According to Attorney Spade, “The mission of this office is to prosecute criminals and represent the interests of the people of the United States, and the citizens of San Andreas in a fair and just manner.” The future looks bright for the new District Attorney and the the rest of the legal system in Los Santos. Being a graduate of both Tulane University and Stanford Law School, it is clear that Spade is quite the professional and knows what he is doing. Everyone is very eager to see all of that knowledge and experience be put to use in hopes of a more just and fair Los Santos. Los Santos Police Department Situation: Update ______________________________________________________________________ Recently, there has been concern due to a number of situations with the Los Santos Police Department and how the Los Santos County Government aims to respond to these situations. Currently, the various departments within the government are still looking into the matters, but we as an open government would like to address what we know so far and what the public needs to know. First off, recently there was a horrific and terrible situation which took place in a holding cell for the Police Department's Detective Bureau. The Los Santos County Government does not condone any and all unnecessary, unprovoked, or unjust violence towards others. Condolences go to the family members and loved ones of those who were killed and anyone possibly effected in any way, shape, or form. A trial is being held for the officer that committed the atrocities and the best hopes for everyone can only be that justice is served in the court of law. We as a government will be keeping a very close eye on the situation as it unfolds so we may understand not only why this event happened, but how it may be prevented in the future. Workers and public servants will be monitoring each and every detail that occurs as well as prepare to begin a follow up project to avoid any further violence. A review is to be conducted of the Police Department and all of its employees in order to ensure that Los Santos will never have to witness such tragedy like this again. Secondly, there have been rumors and concern over the recent resignation of the now former Police Chief, Justin Almeida. Whatever the speculations may be, whether he is looking to simply retire or has other plans for his future in mind are his own personal choices and are up to him to be shared if they are at all. The new Chief of Police, Drake Carson, will do a fine job at filling the boots at keeping Los Santos County and its citizens safe. There is nothing to worry about. Weekly Updates ______________________________________________________________________ East Los Santos ______________________________________________________________________ The Public Works Department of the Los Santos County Government have recently finished renovating the housing blocks that are currently located in East Los Santos. The goal of the renovation was to bring up the living standards and comfort of citizens living in the area. This project was just one of many plans to continue to improve the life and well-being of people living in areas that were formerly ignored by previous administrations. Now, more than ever, the government is building, cleaning, and fixing the areas of the county whose call for help has long been overdue. Anyone seeking improvement in their neighborhood or district is free to contact the government with their idea which may indeed pass and move on to becoming a Public Works Project. Shelter Progression ______________________________________________________________________ Many are already aware of the future plans that the Public Relations Department and the rest of the Los Santos County Government have for helping the poor and unfortunate people of Los Santos get back on their feet with a new project for a homeless shelter in the city. While the idea has been floated around for some time, we have very pleased to announce that this is no longer an idea but a reality and is now actively being worked on and pursued by the Public Relations Team. A building on the far east side of Los Santos has been recently acquired by the government and work is being done on the interior of the building it order to make it a spacious, secure, and comfortable temporary living quarters for those who are not fortunate enough to be able to afford their own homes. While the project is very much underway, volunteers to help out at the shelter are still needed and we would appreciate anyone who would be able to give even the smallest amount of time in order to help these too often ignored people. Memorial Almost Finished?! ______________________________________________________________________ That's right! The various teams and designers employed by the government have almost finished the memorial which seeks to commemorate and remember great Los Santos citizens who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in an effort to make Los Santos a more better and safer place. This includes the heroes of our armed forces, both current and former and members of Emergency Services that have done great deeds or have fallen during their time in their respective departments. The finishing touches are being put onto the memorial so it not only looks as best as possible to the public, but so that it may also look beautiful to remember the amazing people that the entire building it dedicated to. Keep an eye out for the soon to come announcements of the opening of the memorial. "We owe them a debt we can never repay. All we can do is remember them and what they did and why they had to be brave for us." -Ronald Reagan ______________________________________________________________________ Written by Keira Mosley, Public Relations Commissioner, Los Santos County Government With additional information from District Attorney's Office, San Andreas
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    Username: SewingMachine Comment: You're right, the PD is working on negatives. Officers should be mandated to issue maximum fines for all moving violations and criminal offenses in order to boost income. Oh wait? Another libtard would complain of a police state. Can't please stupid. (( Ridiculous that you had the audacity to mention "friend circles" when Carson (butt buddy since forever) promoted you to CS when you couldn't get past Sergeant under previous leadership ))
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    GAT Update - January 23rd, 2017 Hi, As we come along to the end of the first month in 2017, we'd like announce a new Game Administration Team update. Applications will be closed until further notice, but we hope everyone is having a great year so far. Promotions SjoerdPSV ― Promoted to Senior Administrator 44Theory ― Promoted to Trial Administrator Blanco ― Promoted to Trial Administrator TheRealAgent01(Delgado) ― Promoted to Trial Administrator iV7Z ― Promoted to Trial Administrator Nanokiller ― Promoted to Trial Administrator Novixsus― Promoted to Trial Administrator Xocian ― Promoted to Trial Administrator Demotions JameZ ― Demoted to Trial Administrator Reinstatements isomorphism ― Reinstated as Trial Administrator PixelCreations ― Reinstated as Trial Administrator Departures BrianJ(Resigned) JameZ(Resigned) Lafuqs(Resigned) Machiavelli(Resigned) Stabby(Resigned) All in-game and forum perks will be set as soon as possible. Once again, congratulations to all. OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Upper Administration Team.
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    #FreeMyManGary #SpeedingInSanAndreasGoesWrong
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    Just started mapping recently. Have made a few, but thought I'd post them for some feed back and whatnot. Here are a couple, still working on a few :P. Interior 1: Brick house / 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom | http://imgur.com/a/L5pIG Interior 2: Two story / 1 bedroom / 1 bath / home office | http://imgur.com/a/DaOMM Interior 3: Two story / 1 bedroom / 1 bath | http://imgur.com/a/DibVc Interior 4: Low income office / two desks / waiting area | http://imgur.com/a/vPIoi Interior 5: Brick house / 1 bedroom / 1 bathroom / fireplace | http://imgur.com/a/PkdjT - Interior 5.5: Two story version | http://imgur.com/a/qVwBF
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    Does lightning mcqueen get health insurance or car insurance?
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    You have no idea what is going on with the server right now. You're trying to act like you know something, but you actually don't. Ricers and lesbians? You're going by a stereotype that you see in the shout box and status updates since you have no actual feel of what's going on. You claim the server is better when Maxime ran it, but you're not pointing out actual issues.
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    L&A this thread please. There's no point in me trying to do something on an already dead server. This place is full of communists who wouldn't accept anything else but their own views on Roleplay and life. This place used to be fun, filled with open-minded, mature people, not degenerate attention-seeking kids. I'm truly disappointed to see this community dying. Have fun! Edit: I would also like to thank the people who've supported the idea of a different faction, you're the only people left here with a democratic ideology. The only mature people whom I'd like to meet in a different place, at a different time.
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    Murk robs a classy joint in Rodeo but it goes sour.