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    I wanted to make this thread as a general catch-all on some thoughts I've been having recently about various concepts or ideas and misconceptions that seem to be reoccurring. Enjoy. The Economy First and foremost, there is a lot of confusion, perhaps purposeful misdirection by subverters or simply ill-informed people regarding the economy. The best thing I can recommend you do, to get some perspective on our economy, is to read my old post linked below. The post is from last year but as a whole, those statistics are still relatively the same considering we continue to lose money in the server's economy through inactivity sales and similar money sinks. The gist of the post for those not inclined to read walls of text is that we, in fact, have a relatively balanced economy in our roleplay world. This is both a product of us purposefully tweaking existing features like bank interest and money earned from scripted jobs to ensure that there is not an unreasonable influx of money coming in the server and ensuring that when a system is created, we do not cause harmful inflation. A prime example of this is token cars and houses. A topic I'll get into after this. Our economy is by no means perfect but compared to previous examples, it is by far and away the best I've seen in my 8 or so years of using MTA; due to a concerted effort by the staff team here at Owl, ensuring there is not too much inflation. The amount of scripting for things like this that is done by Chaos, which are tweaks so small they do not warrant a changelog addition, is huge. I wish more people knew how much tweaking and scripting and thought is put into the implementation of new scripts. Changes that you may not notice but when put together, ultimately affect you. Token Cars & Houses There is a specific contingent of people, albeit small, but existing nonetheless, who vehemently dislike the addition of tokens in the server which I'll address. First of all, they are truly a roleplayers solution to this problem. This means the primary goal with this is to promote roleplay. With this in mind, it's important to realize that they may not be interacted with fully in an illegal sense. To understand why, I would refer you to what I said about the economy, however, simply put; when a new vehicle comes into the server, such as a token vehicle, it is done so free of charge. This means a player didn't have to spend time doing something else to get money and then buy the car. There is no labor to earn the vehicle. If this vehicle were to be chopped or exported and sold to an NPC, which would require an admin to spawn money for the seller, that spawns new money into the server. That money is being spawned from nowhere is inflation. Inflation is bad. Even if we did accept the risk of that extra inflation affecting the economy, there is then the very real possibility of people abusing this so someone could buy the most expensive car they could find with a token then park it and allow their friend to steal and chop it. Because of this, making a profit off these types of cars is a very reasonable restriction. Finally, I would like to remind those of you who do steal cars, to double check with the admin you're dealing with that the vehicle you're stealing is not a token vehicle if you intend on chopping it. To be very blunt, if you're against this, you're against what roleplaying is about at its core. The only argument I've heard against this is people upset more about the fact that they can't immediately identify that a car is a token car, which is being worked on for the next update. Outside of that, anyone who is still upset that something like this exists is simply here for the stats. To steal the car just to make money. They would rather a new player grinds at a script job than start immediately roleplaying. That's a fundamental disagreement in the direction of the server which we are not changing. Roleplay In General The occasional thread will pop up stating roleplay is dead, or some other absurd comment like that. The most common complaint is illegal and I want to state definitively that is just not true. I ran a little experiment recently. The results gave me a renewed hope in roleplay as a whole. I reconned and followed a myriad of illegal roleplayers for a few days. During that time I saw some of the best organic interactions among players in the server I've witnessed in a long time. Most of these players were people with no more than a hundred hours in the server as well; which means that your average player with low hours like that is easily joining the server and integrating themselves into organic situations with other players with not a whole lot of effort, offering an adequate level of roleplay. I saw a criminal, robbing people at random, in both populated and unpopulated areas finding a huge variety of loot. Jewelry, money, cell phones, random personal belongings, vehicles, et-cetera. Nearly all of them role played perfectly without a single hiccup, /b line, or report to administrators. The quality of the average roleplayer was far beyond what I would describe as average just a few years back. Along this same line of thought, being quality roleplay mixed with organic situations I saw truly random individuals meet each other, all with playing hours between 10 to 30, get in a car together after initially meeting each other near Idlewood, go to a house party, participate in it and do a variety of funny scenes related to it, all with long, well thought out /mes and entertaining premises. At this same house party, the owner gave away a cow in their property to a guy roleplaying a Mulsim man who wanted to butcher the cow. He was trying to teach people the word of Islam, having totally random conversations with people; later he would try to hilariously coax this cow into his vehicle. At a totally separate house party I saw a dispute evolve with police showing up to the scene. While they took statements out front from the incident, another player went into the house and took the radios being used for music, then later sold them back to the owner and other random people on the streets they could find. Imagine that. The homeowner hosting the party decided he would rather buy back his stolen radios than get into a fist fight or shoot the robber. A novel concept, huh? All of this transpired without a single out of character dispute, organically. I've seen people meet at bars, clubs, neighborhoods, community events, making friends along the way with players both experienced and new. I have especially seen what are some of the largest criminal networks, ever. In my many years of roleplaying, Khram OPG and the Hornets MC are providing what I believe to be some of the best criminal RP in MTA history. Their networks are vast, interactions interesting, roleplay quality high, willingness to teach new people is outstanding and their concepts are fresh. Not stale gangs who want to do nothing but CK other people, have wars, hoard guns and complain on the forums and cause drama; which hopefully seems to be a thing of the past. Without hesitation I can easily say each of these groups has well over 30 people who are between members and associate, all co-mingling, creating their own networks, crews, criminal operations, controlling an immense number of businesses and directing a vast number of role play scenes, behind the scenes. Just look at the tab menu at times, it seems half of the server has some Slavic name. That is not by accident. Guns, drugs, car chopping connections, general contraband, all easily pass through a large array of people throughout the server, getting distributed to everyone and anyone. Small gangs of two to three people who are friends but decide to do crime together, legal roleplayers who want to get their hands on a gun because they feel their life may be in danger, nightclubs sell said drugs in bathrooms for a little extra profit, etc. The point I'm getting at here is while there is not overt criminal roleplay, there is, in fact, more criminal roleplay happening behind the scenes, all of which connects to many aspects of legal roleplay. Remember, a rising tide lifts all boats. As a regular player, you don't see the things that we as admins do and I can tell you for certain, there is always A LOT of stuff happening. It's up to YOU to have the initiative to be a little more creative, be a little more social and put yourself out there, participate! Herd Mentality There are often cycles in the server where various portions of people freak out and act as if there's a coming apocalypse. Usually dependent on anecdotal evidence or outright lies. Usually influenced by someone who has broken server rules and is attempting a revolution of some type, along the lines of "OMG THE SERVER IS DYING" or "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE AHHHH". Not literally, but you get my point lol I simply want to bring attention to this kind of herd mentality where people hitch their wagon to a flash in the pan type movement or moment and instead I invite you to actually investigate or sincerely address some of the claims people may make. How many times have we heard this type of sentiment...and yet we're still here. As thriving and strong as ever. The UAT and especially Chaos as the owner, taking over from Maxime, are FAR more receptive to criticism, complaints, or issues that you may want to bring up. We genuinely want to help always improve the server and I think if you objectively look back on past iterations of this community, we are in a great place where the average quality of roleplay is much higher. We have many players, especially during that normal summer peak, and a more cohesive ecosystem overall. This leads me to my next point...limitations. Limitations I hear this general concept of "omg RP is limited" a lot and I want to really address it head on. Those who say that must be new to the RP scene, relatively speaking (relative to when MTA RP started). I say this because you have to keep in mind that in past servers or even now, compared to early Owl, the average player has A LOT of freedoms. Much more so than ever before. So when the term limitations is thrown around, they're almost always referring to a limitation based on a totally new freedom. Let me give you some examples. In vG and rG, car thefts were nearly non-existant. Would you believe that? Well, it's true. They were rarely done, there were not very good standard procedures for it. There was no vehicle note system so after it was stolen an admin could note that down, preventing it from being teleported later after a "I can't find my car" report came in. Not only are car thefts a relatively new thing in the MTA world but so are actually chopping those cars for money, or the whole virtual market system in general. Guns, drugs, contraband, etc, all use to enter into the server and the players had to assign a value to them and purposefully put fourth effort to roleplay with drugs. Now, they actually have a value assigned to them because they have an inherent price they can be sold for in the virtual market. An average player can make a complete illegal living off stealing cars, fencing stolen items, being a middle man to sell guns, growing or manufacturing their own drugs, etc. Not only that for the illegal front but for legal factions we give out F3 menus more readily, legal guns are FAR easier to acquire, we have custom mapping for places like Vinewood Gardens, JGC businesses, even car dealerships! No more just plain NPC car shops and not everyone doing their own individual importing. You actually have to interact with an ecosystem for vehicles. It promotes roleplay all around. So in summary, lots of the stuff that people can do with slight limitations around them (usually because rules are required where script limitations are not created, such as with how cars are stolen vs an actual car stealing script.) are things that previously were not even allowed. Everything has to be kept into perspective. Suggestions Finally, I want to note that we want suggestions. We are always seeking criticism, suggestions, ideas, etc. Most of the UAT Public Contacts we get are for approval of various things, not so much your own ideas or input. The reality is every player has a unique experience and may have a different take on how to tackle an issue in the community so don't hesitate to address those issues! We are open ears. Complaining about a problem without proposing a solution is whining. Summary So, to summarize. Hindsight is always 20/20 and usually the past is viewed with rose colored glasses. We forget the bad and remember the good times. It jades our view going forward and can some times negatively affect your opinions about what is happening currently. I want this to be a sort of reminder that things are going well! We are thriving, there is roleplay if you decide to look for it, we have more freedom than ever and we are a mature community capable of regular discussion of ideas to continually improve. Partake and you may just enjoy yourself Go out and have fun!
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    What is the East Los Santos Experiment? The East Los Santos Experiment or ELSE is an alternative to the Go West Project. While the goals of that project are to push commercial interests west of Pershing and have the middle-class and wealthy relocate to more setting appropriate locales, the ELSE project is the other side of that coin. Roleplay is often been too focused on Idlewood and Ganton areas, creating a chaotic cosmopolitan space where all citizens of the city freely congregate. While this is acceptable in practice, those areas never feel authentic as lower-class communities. The ELSE seeks to change that by providing three distinct communities in one for roleplayers who prefer a grittier experience. Who is Involved in the Project? The ELSE is comprised of many prominent members of the the community noted for their high roleplay standards and leadership abilities. We are a group of players that seek to enrich the average player's experience on the server by providing high quality environments that facilitate great roleplay scenes and storylines. The prolific players involved would be too numerous to name. With that being said, we want to personally welcome anyone who wants to throw in their lot with us and help in this initiative. Why YOU Should Get Involved! Have you ever longed for a community experience? Have you ever wanted to experience the struggles of the average person stuck in a ghetto? Do you want to affect the future of an area? On the characters that live in it? Do you want to run a business that feels relevant and needed within a neighborhood? Do you want to experience ethnic tensions so commonly depicted in the pop culture of urban life? Do you want to be a part of something larger? --------------I could go on and on about about the merits of this project, but these all boil down to one question.----------------- Are you ready for something a little different? It is our mission to not only create and develop one ethnic enclave, but three within a wider geographic area. Each catering to a specific type of roleplay whose residents often have overlap and come into contact with one another quite regularly. We seek to create a roleplay environment where players can run businesses, make political changes on a local level, interact with neighbors and friends on a regular basis. Instill a shared communal heritage and solidarity with one another. And actually have an effect on the virtual lives of their neighbors through good works and those less positive. A grand stage for a localized drama. The Neighborhoods of East Los Santos Each of the neighborhoods that constitute the East Los Santos region are Little Moscow, East Los, & Baker Heights. Little Moscow - A deeply impoverished Eastern European neighborhood with ties to Soviet-era immigration. It has found recent interest by outside investors and faces the looming threat of gentrification. Despite it's widespread use of Russian as lingua franca is an ethnically and religiously divided community with an embedded culture of criminality. It has been faced with the age old question of white ethnics in America. Assimilate to the mainstream or declare cultural bankruptcy. This is where most residents find themselves. East Los - An historically Mexican enclave, and the heart of a once proud Chicano Movement. Recently being faced with the arrival of Mexican nationals and Central Americans. These ethnic groups clash with dominant Mexican-American culture. In an area where street gangs and drug violence have been running rampant since the 1970s, this only magnified the violence as competing drug organizations have vied for control of the area as one of the most viable centers of Los Santos drug distribution Baker Heights - A working-class African-American neighborhood, once home to industrial workers. The breakdown of the black American family in the 1960s has left this community in a tailspin. The collapse of Los Santos' native industry has left many without work and on welfare. A culture of desperation and atmosphere of hopelessness has been made worse by the arrival of Middle-Easterners and East Indians who have laid claim to the area. As a new Muslim minority invades East Los Santos, the residents of the Heights feel it. Timeline of the Area East Los Santos has a history that goes back nearly two centuries. From the time that there have been people on the Earth, there has been conflict. East Los Santos is no exception. As the immigrant hordes waxed and waned, so did the traditional power structures of the area. The dominant people were displaced and soon assimilated to the American Dream, paving the way for the next sorry bunch of newcomers to do the same. As with any society so have there been great events and happenings that radically change the very fabric of an area. Of a community. Of a people. Below you will find an index of particularly prominent events that have affected East Los Santos in some way. (WIP) Characters Concepts Unlike most neighborhood RP projects in the past, the stories told from within ELSE are not solely for the criminal roleplayer. We welcome those who play characters of all professions, ambitions, ethnic backgrounds and religions. There is, however, a common theme to each neighborhood as described above. So we ask you to consider several things about you character before you begin you adventure with us: Ethnicity - The biggest dividing factors is race and ethnicity. The Eastern Europeans of Little Moscow, the Latinos of East Los, and the Blacks and Arabs of Heights all play a factor in the American experience of East Los Santos. It is not required that you be of one of these origins but the goals and ambitions of the project do support these far more than any other. Religion - Religion in real life plays a large role in social constructs. A neighborhood is no different. Whilst it is largely ignored by most roleplayers, religious affiliation is very important to the ELSE. In a small geographic area comprised of faithful Catholics, Orthodox, Protestant, Jews and Muslims, it is hard for this not to be an issue. Social Class - East Los Santos is an impoverished area, however, this does not mean that those of higher socioeconomic status do not exist. There are exceptions to any rule. There can be many reasons for those who are moderately wealthy to have an interest in the area. Perhaps: Your family was an anomaly, hiding their wealth from their neighbors. You are a self-made person who came from the gutter to achieve wealth, yet still cling to your roots. Or you are an outsider with interests in the area for economic gain. There are many reasons why someone of higher background would be in the area. Just make sure you have a reason. Ambitions - It's a good idea to have your character have dreams and goals. Whether it's to improve the neighborhood, exploit it, or simply to escape it. A character should always be progressing and have a series of goals in mind. Even if these goals are lofty and not grounded in the world they live in. This is part of being human. Beliefs - In a racially mixed area such as East Los Santos, it's very evident that beliefs and viewpoints between two random denizens of the area are going to be vastly different. Cultural, religious, and social norms all affect the way we perceive the world and each other. Your character is not immune to these biases simply because they are fictional. Embrace the differences and don't allow potential conflicts to prevent you from doing so. Contact & Information If any of this interests you, please feel free to message me on Discord (I can be found on Owl Gaming's Official Discord) Alternatively, you can contact me here on the forums via private PMs. I am looking for people to spearhead the East Los and Baker Heights communities. We also have our own Discord server for this project which will remain private at this time. In order to receive and invite you must express a serious interest in joining. We already have so many players involved that we cannot afford to become disorganized due to sudden influx.
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    You mean his cartel leader that also works for SLD, can be seen walking around pizza stacks with an M4 /togattach'd to his chest? His development is on another level.
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    Server Script Update (v5.9.5.1) | March, 2017 Highlights Notable features Added /gotoduty command for admins which teleports to a duty ID for easier access Skinable FBI Truck Added a Yankee vehicle interior Moved our logging system to Elastic Search Silently migrate everyone that logs in to bcrypt encryption algorithms Major TXD optimizations for lower end machines Recon reworked, now works while changing interiors, will automatically switch the admin to the next player they selected to recon once the current one logs out, bug fixes and code cleanup New Business System Stocks reworked entirely. Business owners now purchase stock for each item individually for 4/5 of the sale price. For example a safe costs $500, to stock it costs $400 thus $100 profit excluding tax etc. Business owners can choose whether or not they want to sell a particular item (they don't necessarily have to stock their shop with everything). Items that aren't stocked do not show in the menu. Profits are now consistent as they do not rely on the weight of the item, but instead the price. Eliminates extremely profitable items such as cellphones. Custom shops no longer take staff wages if the business is closed, which prevents unnecessary wages stacking. When stocking a business, half of the items are delivered immediately and half when RS Haul make the delivery. This means businesses aren't relying on RS Haul, but they still have a purpose. Government owned businesses have unlimited stock Suggestions done in this update: https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/62002-general-lower-supplies-costs-thus-raising-profits/ https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/67192-general-cut-custom-shops-wage-when-closed/ https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/70168-store-prices-profit/ https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/39278-general-reduce-supply-cost-or-bring-back-old-shop-system/ Improvements Vehicle keys will now stay in the vehicle if you turn on the ignition When a new player is downloading resources have them look at the vinewood sign instead of just blackness Improved the interior fall protection Added a system check to see if you fell or not, will respawn you back to the top if you did Improved ground snow Added a F10 setting to enable/disable ground snow Expanded MT command capabilities The FBI truck can now be skinned More realistic sinking physics on vehicles Increased performance on dupont clothing Automatically unassign tickets from the admin if they get removed Adjustments Adjusted the spawn point Removed the seatbelt beep, kept the icon Adjusted volume of login music /gotoduty for admins uses syntax color standards Illegal factions do not get bank interest Moved SD badges to PD Updated prison release locations Badge requirements updated for the LEO impound Allow players with under 10 hours to pickup a key to a vehicle they own As long as a key is in the vehicle you can now start it Save deletion date for vehicles and interiors Gave MT access to see interior IDs Removed the supplies section of /checkint as it will not work with the new system Disabled /dropme Bug fixes Fixed advertisements resource allowing the creation of ads while in character selection Fix for speedcam showing the wrong number in km/h Code cleanup in accounts Fix for crosshair's not appearing Fix for /setdob (#1059) Dimension checking for spike strips Fixed window states being opposite at times Chat icon bug fixed where you couldn't see the typing icon unless you unchecked and rechecked the option Fixed a problem with the /bill system Typo fix for removing admin history Removed deprecated logging functions from various resources Removed some unused files in admin resource Server script version v5.8.9.5->v5.9.5.1 Kind regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Scripting Team
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    Willowfield is a district in South-Eastern Los Santos. Located north of Willowfield are the districts of Idlewood, Ganton and East Beach. All four of those districts are known as low-income districts with a high crime rate along with poorly built single-family houses and many housing projects. Due to a high crime rate many young teenagers are attracted to join or create their own gang, defending their neighborhood against rival gangs and outer threats. These young men perform illicit activities to support their families who live from paycheck to paycheck, struggling to make ends meet. The activities range anywhere from the distribution and production of illegal narcotics and firearms, performing robberies on local stores, home invasions, kidnappings, and more. There are a couple of businesses in the Willowfield district, an Ammu-Nation, a gas station, and a handful of grocery stores. However, most of Willowfield is designated for industries as there are many industrial buildings and suitable locations in the area. Good examples of these industries are the many warehouses, vehicle shops and garages found in and around Willowfield. Recently the neighborhood of Willowfield and in particular Tar Street has been awoken by loud motorcycle engines roaring through the area late at night, where groups of Harley Davidson enthusiasts roam around the block. The riders have met a lot of criticism from the discontent locals, angered by the motorcyclists keeping them up at night. There have been multiple incidents with local gangs and riders where people have sustained serious injuries. Although there is no known motorcycle club present in the city of Los Santos, these enthusiasts have reportedly been seen wearing motorcycle cuts (vests) from different clubs, chapters, and organizations. The Gas Town Community is part of San Andreas' biker scene, The criminal activities of individual members range from general to organized crime. Most bikers of the community are 1%er, they live according to their own rules which don't always match those of the law. Some members used to belong to the far right club 'B.A.S.H.' and terrorized Eastern Los Santos residents with their violence. They've however dropped their allegiance to 'B.A.S.H.' and are open for something bigger than theirselves and their old little friendcircle.
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    Date has now been set, please see under the original poster.
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    New Website and Sale! The new website is now live! Make sure to flush your DNS records if you cannot see it. We hope you like the change. I will outline it a bit below. To celebrate the new launch we are doing our first ever, in Owl history, sale on GCs. Buy some here if you like the site and want to support us! https://owlgaming.net/account/purchase/ Redesigned Ticket Center with Markdown support so you can format your ticket replies Vehicle, Skin, and Interior library redesigned with categories and search Statistic Page greatly improved! Avatars working again Admin History view able and shareable View your purchase history We have silently converted everyone password to bcrypt as they login. This is much more secure than what was used before. Much, Much More.. Thank you for the support everyone. Hope you enjoy the new site. Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Upper Administration
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    The Origins of Dyonte and Denzel Dyonte and Denzel grew up near each other in a low income neighborhood on St. Catherine St. As kids Dyonte and Denzel hung around each other without thinking much about it since they grew up on the same block. As far as they were concerned they were brothers off the bat. Although it wasn’t until middle school until their friendship really became a bond of brotherhood. Dyonte and Denzel did everything together from that point on, from smoking their first joint together to hitting their first lick. At fourteen Dyonte and Denzel were hitting a lick on someone and Dyonte was shot, this started the conversion from rascals to thugs, and everything escalated from there. Eventually Dyonte and Denzel ran into a point where they had opposing beliefs, Denzel went out and joined a Blood set, while Dyonte moved in another direction and joined a Crip set. Despite their opposing sides Dyonte and Denzel stayed connected on the low. A few weeks later of minimal contact between the two, the Crip set that Dyonte was part of was involved in a large shootout resulting in the death of multiple members of the set. After that event Dyonte moved back in with his mom and not long after Denzel came back too. The two reunited as if they never separated in the first place, and quickly we’re back to their old ways. It wasn’t long before they made more than their fair share of enemies though, resulting in the duo to have to hide more than they would have liked. So the two devised a plan. They always have loved Miami and have wanted to go their since they were little kids, so that's what they did. The duo put together all of their money and went to Miami for almost a year to let everything die down. The Gang's Come-Up After Dyonte and Denzel’s vacation to Miami was cut short due to lack of funds, they were forced to return home to LS sooner than they expected. Luckily for them most of their enemies cleared each other out, or were arrested. Despite this Dyonte and Denzel knew they needed to stick together, and they knew they needed more than just the two of them if they were gonna keep up their old ways. So Dyonte and Denzel went to Liverpool, a place they both knew very well. Although to their surprise there was an entirely new set there and all the people they once knew were gone. So Dyonte and Denzel tried to fit in but it just wasn’t their style. One night Dyonte and Denzel sat down and discussed what they were gonna do, then the idea clicked. “Why fall in line with other niggas when we can create the line vro” Dyonte would exclaim. Then from that moment on the duo decided to not take shit from anybody and to run their own shit. They went around recruiting people that they knew from their younger days and new people alike. They traveled around from Ganton to Willowfield but in the end they settled in Baker Heights in Los Flores. But to them Baker Heights was a shitty name, so they needed a name for it, and on top of that they needed to know what to rep. So Dyonte and Denzel decided to not fly any colors and to not associate with anyone other than themselves. So the duo took the next most common thing among the group, their Timberland Boots. From that moment on the Timberland Heights were born. OOC INFORMATION
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    Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- EDR Character Name- Alyssa Williams Date of Incident- 03/12/2017 Supervising Administrator- Zythum Narrative- On the unfortunate hours of 17:51 my character ‘Alyssa Williams’ was CK’ed for the sole purpose of committing the unbearable act of disregard for life. Though I can argue the situation that took place and the severity of introducing a Character-Kill situation for either parties under certain circumstances. First and foremost, I’d like to narrate the events that have taken place prior to the Character-Kill of my character ‘Alyssa Williams’ and then proceed with my own personal opinion of why this Character-Kill should be reverted and generally revised for future occurrences. On the 12th of March between the hours of 16:00 and 17:00 there was the grand Angel Pine Ammu-Nation heist which consisted of 4 individuals, this heist was attempted once then reverted to the beginning where it was attempted again due to handling administrators discretion. I was not present nor responding to the first attempt of the Angel Pine Ammu-Nation heist. When I returned to my desk I have only found out that the second attempt of the Angel Pine Ammu-Nation heist was to commence and thus was waiting on stand-by when it was a go. As a Law-Enforcement Officer you’re obligated to respond to such severe situations, so within the Los Santos Police Department the entirety of the available members have deployed and were en-route to the robbery in progress. I really had no other choice and didn’t attempt to wuss out, saying in faction chat I had to go somewhere etc. I stuck around and made it worthwhile. Though that’s not my argument to this Character-Kill appeal, of course it’s not. Fast forwarding into the situation. Bad guys make an escape in their sedan, nose dive it into water nearby their getaway boat and proceeded to board it in a hurry. Realising their intentions we’ve come to the decision to discharge our weapons at the boat and disable the engine and overall delay their escape. Some stray bullets were caught by the other party, to my knowledge only 2 were struck with high calibre weapons (5.56 or .45 ACP). The escaping party bailed ship to endure a treacherous journey through cold and unbearable ocean water whilst wearing heavy-duty clothing along with headgear such as helmets, gasmasks or respirators (whatever they were roleplayed) as well with other concealing features (bandanas or ski masks). The original pack of 4 that I mentioned split off into 2 groups and went their separate ways, eventually we’ve managed to locate a group of 2 where the Los Santos Police Department’s finest attempted to apprehend them. Other group of 2 was not to be seen anywhere until a colleague nearby said “ I got them, I got them, I got them! “ in a frantic tone. Upon leaving my vehicle and proceeding to advance towards the edge of the road I perfectly aligned in the sights of an armed and dangerous suspect who’s ruthless and trigger happy with full intentions of busting my brains out. But hey.. was a bit too late to think about that before I stepped out. Now to the part where I share my own personal opinion and perspective from the entirety of the situation. First thing I see wrong is the fact that the individual who fatally shot me, was later discovered to have been shot in his left leg and still proceeded to make a marathon, record breaking 1km splash and dash through unbearable cold ocean water. I’d expect some sort of difficulties to arise during the escape, though of course not, how typical. I cannot exactly blame the players, if anything it’s the administrators task to pick up on these things and enforce appropriate roleplay standards for both parties involved. At the end of the day I wouldn’t have died from that specific case if the administrators acknowledged the fact that; Heisters worn heavy duty clothing which had dense and rigid materials and wouldn’t exactly be the most suitable clothing to go for a swim in. With addition to the heavy-duty clothing, the heisters chosen to wear headgear during the heist such as a biker helmet, gas mask and bandanas during the whole situation. Two of the four heisters suffered from gunshot related injuries, individual who performed the fatal shot on “Alyssa Williams” was found to have his left leg hit by a bullet earlier. To my knowledge, the individual who fatally shot my character ‘Alyssa Williams’ possessed no more than 30 hours on his character, afterwards performing the act of /selfck after murdering a law-enforcement character to not face the consequences of murder. To make this long story short, I wouldn’t even be in this position of filling out a Character-Kill appeal if the situation was supervised better, along with better communication and mutual agreements to be established between players and administrators. What I’m essentially trying to say is that; I don’t feel you have to be told “ Take it up to the CK appeal section “ when it can clearly be negotiated and re-done in the same hour, instead of basically prolonging a chain of events which leads to irreversible actions and decisions. As such in my case where a funeral was thoughtfully planned and to be taken place on the 18th of March, along with the Los Santos Government making the honorable decision of naming a newly founded public park after my character ‘Alyssa Williams’ in memorial as a peacemaker. Now to explain why I believe my character should be not Character-Killed, and instead reversed to a PK instead. As I explained myself several paragraphs ago, we as law-enforcement officers are merely doing our jobs and have no other choice. Of course you are signing up knowing there are risks of being shot, injured and generally killed. It sounds silly and basically like I’m trying to make PD seem immune from Character-Kills and generally can act like robot-cops. But that is not true, there is times where you should and shouldn’t declare a CK situation for either parties. Of course it adds some tension and changes the game plan a tiny bit, but if you think about it.. it merely causes stress on both parties and mistakes can be evident. One simple thing that irritates me the most and the administrator allows this to slip right under the filthy rug. Is that the individual who fatally shot me had no more than 30 hours invested into that character and was involved in a dangerous heist. To just about get snagged by a power-gaming offence, but only to limp away. Enduring a kilometre splash and dash in cold unbearable ocean water with a gas mask strapped around his face. To know that my character ‘Alyssa Williams’, a Staff Sergeant within the Los Santos Police Department, whom led the Air Support Division and generally was a decent character of mine. That I thoughtfully developed and created several friendships with, is to be annihilated by some person who barely accumulated no more than 30 hours to later commit suicide after shooting a cop dead. May I ask where the character development is in that, to wilfully take their own life without a single thought or struggle in making the decision. Pressing that cold barrel against his cold, wet head without a single shiver or a whimper.. creeping his finger over the trigger to just yank it back and bust his brains wide open. Evidence- Log query of Andrew Halynn (Individual who performed the fatal shot on me) being shot in the leg. https://i.gyazo.com/7b9e6b6c1bd0ff15ad5818cd8b15b901.png Incredibly long distance of cold, unpleasant ocean water to be covering whilst paddling with a injured leg. https://puu.sh/uHpsr/8ff3eaf268.jpg https://puu.sh/uHpAN/6b4326fd82.jpg The sloped angle of the rocks that a suspect (Later identified as Andrew Halynn) to be shooting from, while suffering injuries from his leg and enduring a cold swim in ocean water. https://i.gyazo.com/bea2405276489633a7264ba96932e589.jpg And here is something I'd like to question, or base off my scenario. When being shot in the left arm, does that suddenly cease the ability to use your right arm/hand in order to operate a handgun/weapon immediately and shortly freeze you for a brief moment to essentially impede movement by crouching, running away or generally moving. Method of Death- Unpredictable, and incredibly lucky stray .45 bullet lodged in the cranium. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes
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    Introduction This post is meant to give players an idea about the shady underbelly of Little Moscow. How this sphere of play interacts with the larger and more law-abiding members of Little Moscow and the wider ELSE. And how you can become a part of this budding new form of localized criminal culture. Below you will find small write up on several things that make the area unique in regards to criminal roleplay. We want to urge players to come and RP within this sphere that is only marginally connected to Khram. Illegal RP and Legal RP are outdated distinctions that we in ELSE are working towards dismantling. Blurring the lines between illegal and legal RP is what this post and ELSE aims to do. Code of Silence As an immigrant community, like many others before it, residents are often reluctant to seek out assistance from entities outside of the neighborhood. Most are especially reluctant to cooperate with law enforcement in regards to criminal occurrences. Due to the neighborhoods' tight knit structure and the speed at which gossip travels, many fear that their cooperation with authorities will lead to retribution at the hands of criminals. Their fears are justified, as there have always been heavy dangers associated with cooperation with the police in the neighborhood. Many informants have been found in the streets with their tongue removed over the years. In the end, most simply choose to keep their mouth shut in regards to their problems with crime. This leads to a pervasive atmosphere of depression and isolation that is found in many ethnic enclaves across the world. However, most in the neighborhood regard this as a simple fact of life and a normal part of their daily existence. Law and Order Members of the community often seek to dole out retribution themselves in lieu of contacting outside authorities. This has led Little Moscow to be one of the most violent neighborhoods in Los Santos. Often times, those who are in trouble seek assistance from SLAM and other charitable organizations within the community. Prominent community leaders also act as a sort of alternative police force that seek to mitigate the LSPD's involvement in the neighborhood where it is unnecessary. Where the government fails to garner support, the local criminals exploit. Instead of going to the local precinct or their representatives in government, many common people choose to deal with gangsters. These gangsters will solve the problems of the residents to the detriment of other gangster. There seems to be a pecking order in the underworld of Little Moscow. Some say that the criminals maintain order much like the police, in a different manner, however. This leads to conflicts within the underworld when different factions or individuals oppose each other. Most interactions, however, will usually end up with the dominant gangster maintaining order and gaining submission from the other. This leads to a sort of self-regulating criminal underbelly, which has been witnessed in the past. Politicians and LEO's of Little Moscow often seek to integrate Little Moscow and it's residents into the wider systems of Los Santos. This, however, is an uphill battle as many are openly distrustful and sometimes downright hostile to this. SLAM and other neighborhood outreach organizations seem to be bridges between the establishment and the local populace. Their goals are integration and ultimately assimilation and upward mobility for the people of Little Moscow. The Shadow Economy Just like in the Soviet Union, the majority of people in Little Moscow have no desire to distinguish the illicit from the legal in regards to commodities. Due to their clannish nature, there is a cultural dissonance from what the common Los Santosian and the Little Moscovite finds taboo. The average resident has no problem interacting and trading with criminals in order to get what they want. Due to their inability to integrate into mainstream society and use the normal means of mobility offered to citizens at large, the residents of Little Moscow have sought other means in which to get their goals accomplished. This, of course, leads to the average citizen interacting with shady and illicit people at a higher frequency than those outside of the area. This has led to contraband and other illicit items being found on even the most mundane and law-abiding citizen. If there's a market for it, it will be obtained The Gangs of Little Moscow The criminal underworld of Little Moscow is comprised of many small groups all vying for dominance. These small groups range from youth gangs to small cells of experienced criminals. The average age of most criminal gang-members in Little Moscow is 20-30, with the leaders being quite older than this. Typically their members range from a few to a dozen, each with their own goals and specializations. These groups will often time collaborate together due to shared ethnic bonds or religious affiliation. Often times these groups will share members and influence overlapping spheres of crime with one another. As Little Moscow is a large place with heavy commerce, despite it's impoverished roots, this often means multiple gangs may be active at the same time in the area with enough to go around. Until it isn't... This makes the criminal scene in Little Moscow a constantly changing and evolving beast. Groups are usually very fluid in terms of longevity and structure, with some groups being more hierarchically rigid than others. Many of these gangs operate informally and their allegiances and relationships are constantly in flux. Those with more structure and solidarity will often last longer, but may find themselves at odds with established criminal gangs should conflicts arise. Many gangs and gangsters who find themselves successful may gain the attention of gangsters of a higher caliber. Thus Little Moscow is often referred to as the University of EOC. Transnational Organized Crime While some of the gangs of Little Moscow do show elements of organized criminal behavior, there is a growing threat to the well-being of the enclave. Powerful career criminals of foreign extraction who seek to exert their influence on the community. These include members of large criminal organizations in Eastern Europe; the Oligarchs, the Comrade Criminals, the Sportsmen, the old Vory. The largest threat to the neighborhood is these type of criminals. They have adapted and evolved to the harsh conditions of Eastern Europe and have thrived and excelled at their chosen profession. They often act as stand-over men and use the smaller gangs of the area as farm teams. This makes them and their cronies, the most viable threat to the well-being of Little Moscow. Summary Little Moscow is a mixed community full of civilians, businessmen, politicians, LEOs, public servants, and of course: criminals. Every community has it's criminal element and Little Moscow is no exception. I welcome those who are looking for a more organic criminal roleplay experience to come to Little Moscow and create their own groups and individual criminal to add some vibrancy and nuance to the ELSE. If this interests you, please contact me on the official Owl Gaming Discord or PM me on the forums.
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    Every time I go hunting, I too remember to put my suit on.
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    That's enough autism for now. Locked.
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    Mapping Team Update Hello, As opposed to our previous update, we've decided to go ahead and release an announcement for the new additions to the Mapping Team. We've done this because we wish to not only congratulate them, but also let the community know who they can turn to if they need assistance with an interior, gate, or any mapping questions. We'll keep it brief from here on: Accepted: @AmericanDuck @Boody @CosaNostra @LikeMike @Razvanjmen Once again, congratulations to all the new members - Forum and in-game ranks will be set shortly. Regards, Owl Gaming Mapping Team Mapping Team Leadership
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- 20 floor Skyscraper in Glen Park What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Properties What is the suggestion?- I think we should have a custom modelled Skyscraper next to Glen Park, which has a working elevator and the ability to travel to 20 seperate floors. The skyscraper can be used to rent out apartments, offices or other types of properties. I think this decision should be up to the Mapping Team, although the skyscraper can be a very nice location to furnish your own penthouse. Each floor can be passworded if needed, so only the owner of the floor can travel to it. This prevents random players from travelling to somebody elses apartment without permission. What are the advantages?- - The download size for the modded building, textures, collisions and scripts are only 1 megabyte. - It replaces a building that has been disabled for a long time. It could actually put the building to use. What are the disadvantages?- - The value of each floor/apartment would probably be expensive, which could be unrealistic, because realistically every skyscraper should have this feature. - The script is only dedicated to the one building and needs to be maintained for the one building. - The skyscraper could end up privately owned and not used very often (this can be prevented if the Mapping Team make sure the apartment owners remain active and the skyscraper is used on a regular basis). - Each floor will require mapping, which will have to be limited to a small amount of objects at the discretion of the Mapping Team. Although if these disadvantages do outweigh the script, it can be removed easily. Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Yes. How would you go about implementing this idea?- -
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    Username: 1488 Comment: pretty historic given hes the only county commissioner to not get arrested for kiddy porn & being a kiddy diddler or corruption like the glorious other ones, or resign because the going gets tough. fuck off with your religious gibberish. Fuck off you cultural marxist jew piece of shit. i bet you love cuck media, socialist scum. you want the government to take care of you and dislike success because you want free hands outs like a fucking animal aka nigger on welfare
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    March 14, 2017 It was with deep sorrow and sadness that the Los Santos County Government learned of the recent loss of Staff Sergeant Alyssa Williams of the Los Santos Police Department. Many times, we too easily forget the amount of work and dedication that each and every one of our heroes put into each and every day. All of Los Santos' Police Officers risk their lives everyday and unfortunately in cases such as Staff Sergeant Williams, brilliant and wonderful lives are lost. We believe that not only as a government, but as fellow citizens of Los Santos that it is our duty to not only recognize, but honor fallen officers and do what we can in our power to make sure that they are never forgotten. As many already are aware, the Public Works Department recently finished a very beautiful and graceful new park. While the park may be very appealing to the eyes, until now it has remained unnamed. Because of her noble and ultimate sacrifice, we as a government have agreed that the new and peaceful area be named the Alyssa Williams Memorial Park in her memory. Alyssa served the LSPD with great honor and was known throughout the community for being very respectful and well-mannered as well as being a very exceptional Police Officer. As well as being immortalized with the park in her name, Williams will also be inducted into the Jane Marie Adams Public Servant Memorial later this month where she will be honored with her fellow officers who too paid the ultimate price for the safety of the people of Los Santos. “The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.” -Abraham Lincoln ______________________________________________________________________ Keira Mosley - Commissioner of Public Relations - Los Santos County Government
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    (Treasured Girls) A womans role in Khram is vastly different from men. They aid members by whatever means, be it sexually or in any other manner bar violent crime. This gives them a modern form of a handmaiden, they have their own roles with a matriarchal structure within this small sphere on the edge of Khram. Some women are beaten and abused, others held in high regard and respected somewhat but their role is still diminished by the male orientated fraternity, most women come into the sphere by working in the sex trade, though women with other talents can be taken under the matriarchs wing if they’re loyal and trustworthy enough. If a woman is to threaten the integrity and structure of Khram, which has happened in the past; punishment is severe. They are treated no better than dogs and are looked upon with great disgust by both the men and the matriarch. Women taken into the sphere are usually of Slavic background but any woman willing to work under the Matushka with loyalty to her and her superiors is welcome. Version 1.0 Will be updated in the near future.
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    Hello! I'm new on the community and I thought I'd come into the forums to say hi to everybody and introduce myself. My name is Mario, I'm 18 years old and I'm from South America. Spanish is my native language, but I'm also completely fluent on english as I've been learning it since, more or less, the age of five, which is one or two years after I played a videogame for the very first time and got completely hooked up. The very first GTA title I played was Vice City, which I absolutely adored, and eventually I found out about San Andreas. Little did I know it'd end up being one of the games that was going to stick with me for so long, winning a warm place in my heart. Some time later I discovered San Andreas Multiplayer, and I immediately started playing on roleplay servers. For some reason, I absolutely loved the gamemode. During the end of 2008 I kept playing in different servers to see which one I liked most and eventually, on 2009, I settled down on a specific server with a community I loved, and I'd stay there for a good amount of years, became a Moderator, and ran a few factions, until the server closed down because of some economical problems between the lead admins. After that, I've bounced back and forth through different servers, but none convinced me, so I left the roleplay community for a while. Now recently I've returned, and to try something different, I decided to come to MTA, and this community was the one that convinced me the most from all of the ones I saw on the server browser, along with its high roleplay standards, so here I am, and I hope to have a good time! Currently I'm just roleplaying with the few people I meet and making some money through the scripted jobs, and I'll probably join a faction at some point in the near future. I've noticed that this community lacks a good italian-american faction, so I'd love to start one once I'm more experienced on how the server works, unless someone makes one before that happens and it has the standards it should have, then I'll gladly join it (: A little bit of personal background; I like reading, writing and gaming, and I'm currently doing my last year of college studying computer programming, and writing a couple of fiction books which I hope to publish someday soon. And that's that. See you in-game.
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    Press Release - March 26th 2017 'Place in the Sun' "Accept the challenges, so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory." -George S. Patton Sunday, March 26, 2017 ______________________________________________________________________ Ganton Commercial Lot Lease Finalized Towards the beginning of the administration of Commissioner Mengele, and affordable housing complex was finished in Ganton, becoming a popular area in the neighborhood for residents and visitors alike. While many Gaton-area residents were satisfied with the new block, things didn't feel just nearly complete. An empty lot sitting adjacent to the Liverpool housing block symbolized an unfinished project to the general public. When asked, many people living in the area recommended that something be placed in the lot, such as a general store or miscellaneous company. Until now, that wish was never fulfilled. Recently, the Financial Department of the Los Santos County Government was contacted about the public lot and an agreement was set upon the lease and the lot was purchased by the upper management of Dinoco. While Dinoco is also paying for the leasing of the lot, another fraction of their payment is going towards the resources and costs for the Public Works Department to construct the building itself. The establishment that is still in the works, is set to be a shopping center for the whole of the Ganton-Idlewood area and is predicted to bring in many customers who will now have the benefit of getting groceries close to home, rather than driving across Los Santos. While the expected date that the Public Works Department will be finishing construction as well as the planned opening day for the store itself both remain unknown, this is a very crucial step in fulfilling the promises that Commissioner Mengele made upon his election in December. Time and time again it is very apparent that the neighborhoods and districts that were once neglected and abused by previous administrations and being lifted up from the dust along with the rest of Los Santos so that they may prosper again. This is also a very key piece of evidence that the CPQL is paving the way for small businesses to start back up and flourish again in the city, no longer chained down by previous politicians and their corporate lobbyists. ______________________________________________________________________ Government Feedback/Complaints In order to ensure that there is no corruption or any individuals in government that would be deemed as unprofessional, the CPQL is looking to seek out, eliminate, and prevent corruption within the government at all costs. Any complaints or reports from the Public about government members can be sent to Public Relations Commissioner Mosley by emailing the complaint to KMosley@ls.gov ((Forum PM Scooter)) Additional feedback, suggestions, and complaints can filed on the government feedback form which is still open and running. -The form is located here- ______________________________________________________________________ New Changes in the Fire Department As of recently, the Los Santos Fire Department has been stepping up their game and expanding their operations, going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure a better and safer life for the citizens of Los Santos. "The city deserves a professional Fire Department," stated Fire Chief Eleanor Swafford, who, along with Deputy Chief Rebecca Zicardi have been striving at a larger, stronger, and more effective Fire Department. Recent changes within the department include the development of new roles wining the department and even new designs for their vehicles. With spring here and summer coming right behind it, the Fire Department have revived their lifeguard operation, thus steering up more and more public activity on the beach. According to Swafford, while they may have only about five people on the team so far that is based out at their station on Pier 45, they have gotten hundreds of visitors who have come to kick it in the sand over the past few days. "We've got a bunch of specially assigned vehicles coming in to make our lifeguard duties more suitable," according to Zicardi, "The interest on spending your afternoon at the beach is really comforting." Thanks to the Fire Department, it appears that the amount of beach-goers is growing by the day as more and more families, friends, and couples make their way down to have a safe and enjoyable time out in the sun. "We're also working on our HAZMAT team currently," announced Swafford, "It's main goal is to deliver a proper HAZMAT response to any chemical, biological, nuclear, radiological, and explosive related situations." That isn't the only new thing happening at the department either, they've also gotten their new fire engines in with slick new paint-jobs that were designed with the help of Rebecca Zicardi. According to Swafford, their ambulances and other vehicles will be done soon and we will see them in action in the near future. Both women seemed very excited about the new vehicles which are sure to look amazing while they are out saving lives. Or as Miss Zicardi put it, "It's going to be a whole new department, LSFD in a new jacket." With all of these new changes, the Fire Department are looking for heroes and well-rounded individuals to step up and join their ranks in keeping Los Santos and its people safe and well. In Miss Swafford's words, "We're overall aiming to get a lot more firefighters in general, both career and volunteers." They are looking for individuals who have the heart to run into a burning building to save a fellow person in need, be the one to save someone who is bleeding out, or even rescue someone out in the sandbar at the beach. -Those interested in joining the Fire Department should apply here- ______________________________________________________________________ Your Weekly Government Press Release Created by Keira Mosley and Zoe Randall, Public Relations Team, Los Santos County Government
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    It's the Owlgaming equivalent of cosmetic items for TF2 or skins for CSGO. It does nothing but it's nice to have if you want to chip in and help keep the server running.
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    i dont understand how people cant run a game that came out 2004
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    Маленькое московское русское братство Los Santos has always had an Eastern population, Little Moscow is a prime example of this with ethnicities ranging from all over the USSR and then some. The youth in these gangs are usually second generation immigrants, born from immigrants who came to the States after the collapse of the Soviet Union. They usually live in cheap apartment blocks. (They are often found around St.Catherine Street in Little Moscow) The gang is a Russian youth street gang, consisting of mainly early/mid teens to early twenties, usually disaffected and coming from poorer families. They tend to stick together, lack of employment and other general socio-economic problems means that they often have to rely on one another. They are known to be very tribal, only tending to mingle with Russians and other members of the Little Moscow community. They have been reported to be racist, referring to African-Americans and other Blacks as “Darkies”, they often refer to those from central asia and the caucasus regions “Chernie”. They often see themselves as morally above these groups. The group focuses on committing low level crime in order to make money, in terms of their activities they are not much different from other street gangs in the U.S. Crimes such as robberies, car thefts and drug crime are common place. They are also known to be quite violent, much like Hooligans from Europe. Said violence is often used as a feat or show of strength above others. The gang often recruits those in their mid teens in the poorer areas. Using them for basic and menial jobs until they prove themselves. These are often called “Newbloods” and will have to prove themselves before becoming full members. The hierarchy of the gang is unknown, but is thought to be relatively basic, consisting of a leader, some right hand men and basic members/new bloods. It is not known, how many members the gang consists of but it’s membership is thought to be in it’s 10-20’s. OOC INFO: Faction has a CK clause, if faction higher-ups have a reason they may CK you. This faction is supposed to represent the poorer youth and younger people in Little Moscow. Because of this it is desired that you character be in their early/mid teens - early twenties.
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    We at Becca's Bargains, specialize in cheap, reliable, US based vehicles. We are based in Montogmery, San Andreas county at the warehouse next to the trailer park. Come check out our stock whenever we are open! Reserve a vehicle! ((WIP))
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    Username: C.Warren Comment: Another dyke reunion, just like the funeral last night.
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    Well done Police Department, certainly on point with licensing as always.
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    GAT Update - March 1st, 2017 Hello, Firstly I would like to thank the amount of applications we received, there is a huge interest in wanting to join the team. However, only a limited amount made it through the applications. We would like to say to those who haven't made it this time around best of luck next time. To those who did, congratulations and welcome to the team. Promotions: Stabby ― Promoted to Administrator TheRealAgent - Promoted to Administrator ZythuM ― Promoted to Trial Administrator Fellengi ― Promoted to Trial Administrator MissAnachronisms ― Promoted to Trial Administrator Portside ― Promoted to Trial Administrator Reinstatements: Jokerr ― Reinstated as Administrator Tremmert - Reinstated as Trial Administrator WaterM3lon ― Reinstated as Trial Administrator Extensions: Isomorphism Departures: Rentation(Resigned) VitamiN(Removed) All in-game and forum perks will be set as soon as possible. Once again, congratulations to all. OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Upper Administration Team.
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    GAT Update - March 23rd, 2017 Hello, Today we are going to congratulate the following admins who have managed to make it through the Trial stage. On top of this we are going to open the administrator applications. We wish anyone and everyone who applies the best of luck and we advise all to make an application. Administration Application: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/23-general-administration-application-ooc/ Promotions: Portside ― Promoted to Administrator MissAnachronisms ― Promoted to Administrator Tremmert ― Promoted to Administrator WaterM3lon ― Promoted to Administrator Zythum ― Promoted to Administrator Departures: Bartman(Resigned) Einschtein(Resigned) Fellengi(Removed) Isomorphism(Removed) Savage(Removed) All in-game and forum perks will be set as soon as possible. Once again, congratulations to all. OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Upper Administration Team.
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    Upon reading the following, you agree that you will not use any of this information in-character under any circumstances without speaking with me. Ace Street Locos 13 are the regular sureno gang on the block, consisting of only Hispanic ethnicity. This street gang was created in Ace Street, El Corona. The founder of the gang was Miguel Herrera, who came to power after the disbandment of the notorious Ace Street Rifa 13. After multiple shoot-outs between the LSPD, ASL13, and SPTMS... The gang was brought down by law-enforcement, leaving Manuel Herrera, Victor Montez, Zane Montez, Hernando Ortiz, and many more in jail or dead. This left the gang crippled up until the recent arrival of Armando Montez. Armando already had many drug distributers within his previous residence of Jefferson. Most of the men in the community began to associate with Armando, due to the many "presents" Armando offered. The ASL13 is known to commit all sorts of crime including robbery, theft, grand theft auto, murder, and drug trafficking. In recent months, collaborating with Armando's arrival, the crime rates involving Hispanic ethnicity have been on a steady incline within El Corona. During a house party in #3 Ace Street, El Corona... an undercover cop was stabbed in the neck by an unknown assailant within the alleyway behind the house. Fifteen minutes after the call regarding an officer down, SWAT raided the house party and few supposed gang members. Armando Montez was taken by SWAT and dropped back after four hours, arriving in El Corona at 5:00 AM in a black van with a detective and a SWAT member. Weeks after this incident, a gang injuction was instated by the Superior Court of San Andreas, and rooms within El Corona complexes were breached repeatedly. As crime began dropping in the area due to the gang injuction, a detective was shot by a sniper, and was pronounced dead on the scene by FD. Rivalry between Willowfield's own Atlantica Avenue Crips and ASL13 grew at large, when a high-ranked Crip member was riddled in the chest with six 9mm bullets. This began a war as the two sides began to publicly drive-by each other. The war concluded with two casualties against ASL13, and three against AAC... however, during a shoot-out against the LSPD and ASL13, there was three more casualties against ASL13. As the war ended ASL began to crumble. Affiliates of ASL began to crumble by being arrested by federal agents. A few days after being released from a federal holding cell Armando Montez, a leading figure of ASL was found dead in his Las Colinas House, His right hand Luis Restrepo found dead the same month holding up a bar in East Los Santos which broke the structure of the gang and eventually caused it to greatly slow down in illegal activities. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Upon joining, members will agree that any leader of the faction has the ability to CK a member due to whatever in-character reason.
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    And when your car gets damaged because of an elevator placment you'll have to go to the PD to get if fixed? Yeah, a no from me.
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    Events like these are what makes Owl Gaming great - just having interactivity with so much people.
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    Rebel's Nation is a group of rednecks who are beginning to occupy the Red County and Los Santos area. The Folks of the Nation are strong American patriots who wish to seperate themselves from the United States as can not tolerate "outside" citizens, such as city folk and foreigners. The Rebels typically are portrayed as american-gypsies and farmers as they travel place to place, MAKING MONEY wherever the economy is. The Rebel's Nation are supporters of confederacy and independentism. The current pack of rebels reside in Los Santos, trying to find sources of income while trying to enjoy life. All rebels have their own unique story, but the members of the Rebel's Nation are united under one cause, their very own lawless land, where they can live in peace without the troubles of the outside world, where like minded individuals of the same race can live in peace and support each other. The Rebels attempt to fund their living by committing various crimes such as selling/producing drugs, kidnapping, pandering and other illegal actions. Rules
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    We will work on your personal vehicles. Our offers strive from security equipment to vehicle paints Got a car that you don't need anymore? We are also buying cars that you can not get a good price on, bring your cars here for salvation. Give us a call about your vehicle, and we will come and pick it up ourselves. Going on a extended vacation? Bring your car us for storage, we got the space to fit over twenty vehicles in to your storage. We will take a good care of your cars, when you're out of city. Why choose us? Don't know why you wouldn't. We are located in Angel Pine Junkyard, and our main garage is located in Blueberry. Contact Derrick Kessler – 701811 derrickkessler@whiz.sa Zack Patterson – 805829 zackpatterson@whiz.sa ((Forum PM)) Adverts
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    Fabulous Cleaning Services "We work hard so you don't have to!" Prices: Contact Julia for more information. JuliaFab@samail.sa
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    March 2017 County Commissioner Elections Results Los Santos County Supervisor of Elections - Franklin Caverly March 8th, 2017 Today, Los Santos County is happy to announce that County Commissioner Thomas Mengele has won the election by default, due to no one choosing to run for office. The Los Santos County Government would like to congratulate him for winning a second term in office. (( Out of Character Information Due to no one applying to run for office, @Wright has won by default. If anyone has any questions or concerns, you can contact the Faction Team via a public contact or myself via a PM.))
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    With the new UCP you can launch your game straight into Owl. To do so, simply go to the homepage: Click the button I pointed to, You will get a prompt if you are using chrome to remember your choice and use the MTA:SA Launcher. Once you allow it to continue it will launch your game and connect you to the server right away, Thanks for listening!
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    Oh yes, the classic kill you on sight faction. I remember having a vote to close this stuff with the FMT back in the days.
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    Welcome to the official newsletter of the Los Santos Fire Department, the first official newsletter since we've got our Public Relations unit up again! To start off, we wish you all had a good month! We'd like to inform everybody that our recruitment program is always available. We are looking for civilians that are willing to throw in everything they've got. If you think you've got what it takes to extinguish fires and provide proper medical treatment on scene, don't hold back and send in your application here!However, if you don't want to apply, and wish to see more of the department, feel free to apply for a Ride-Along or apply for a volunteer position! You'll be allowed to go on a ride-along with one of our Firefighters and have a tour through the station, send in your request here! Department History The Los Santos Fire Department has its origins in the year 1871. In September of that year, George M. Fall, the County Clerk for Los Santos County organised an Engine Company (No. 1). It was a volunteer firefighting force with an Amoskeag fire engine and a hose jumper (cart). The equipment was hand-drawn to fires as well. In the spring of 1874, the fire company asked the Los Santos City Council to purchase horses to pull the appliance. The Council refused and the fire company disbanded. Many of the former members of the Engine Company reorganised under the name of Thirty Eights No. 1 in May 1875, Engine Company No. 2 was organised under the name "Confidence Engine Company". Los Santos acquired it's first "hook and ladder" appliance for the Thirty-Eights. It proved to be too cumbersome and was ill-adapted to the needs of the city. It was sold to the city of San Fierro. In 1876, another "hook and ladder" appliance was purchased, serving in the city until 1881. In 1878, a third fire company was formed by the residents in the neighbourhood of Sixth Street and Park. It was given the name of "Park Hose Company No. 1". East Los Santos formed a hose company named "East Los Santos Hose Company No. 2" five years later. The final volunteer company was formed in the fall of 1883 in the Las Colinas area. This company was called "Los Colinas Hose Company No. 3", all of these companies remained in service until February 1st, 1886, when the present paid fire department came into existence. In 1877, the first horses were bought for the city fire department. The department would continue to use horses for its equipment for almost fifty years, phasing out the last horse-drawn equipment on July 19th, 1921. By 1900, the department had grown to 18 fire stations with 123 full-time paid firefighters and 80 fire horses. The city had also installed 194 fire-alarm boxes allowing citizens to sound the alarm if a fire was spotted and in addition, 660 fire hydrants were placed throughout the city giving firefighters access to a reliable water source. In 1955, Station 1 in Mulholland became the first racially integrated station in the city department. Department Notices This month we congratulate and welcome Maverick Phillips and James Scapini into our Command Team, achieving the rank of Lieutenant. We'd also like to congratulate David O'Mara for achieving the rank of Captain, good luck! If you'd also like to check some of our gear used in fires and so, you can visit the memorial building where we keep some of our old and used gear! Furthermore, we'd like to congratulate Fire Chief Swafford on receiving the Consilium Populusque Order of the Aquila award, the highest one can receive from the CPQL. The Fire Prevention Unit is actively receiving Business Inspection requests, if your business hasn't already been inspected, feel free to file for one, make sure your business has a pending Business Application with the County's Business Licensing Department! Business Inspection Request Licensing Department Monthly Statistics Kind regards, The Los Santos Fire Department.
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    VT Update - March 20th, 2017 I'd like to announce we're opening member applications for the VT. We're looking for competent, hard working and reliant new members that will easily slide into our team. Everyone is able to apply and we're really looking for the people who strive and put clear effort into the application. We do like experience as well, so if you were a previous member, feel free to apply! We aren't taking on a set amount this time around, it could even be five people if enough of the applications stand out and show initative. This time around, we're changing our system so VT Member applications will always remain open overtime until we reach a member limit; then they'll be closed. We'll also be tying the updated list on dealerships into the following announcement to try keep it organised into one. The following announcement of the new intakes; changes and dealership list will be made in 7 days being the 27th of March. Player applications will be open from the 20th of March and be open overtime following another announcement on the 27th of March: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/22-vehicle-team-member-application-ooc Kind regards, Vehicle Team.
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    Thread locked. It has run its course. There was no scam. We allow the robbery of CKd bodies so even if Sam hadn't put the money on the table, it would have been taken. The CK was legit. End of story.
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    Username: 1488 Comment: faggot priest will speak no more, bye bye SS. dont question my service to this country. ive done the true gods work *If searched by the police, the post was made from a laptop at Temple.* (( Will give more info later if needed. ))
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    Los Santos, 1st of March 2017 Photographer - Jessica Law Editor - Jessica Law SAN Photos is a SAN News product centered around conveying bite-sized pieces of news via images rather than articles. For our full length articles, check out the SAN website here! Work finishes as unnamed park opens The tall barbed wire fences that surrounded what was the old Glen Park skate-park were removed earlier this week, revealing the local government's latest public works project. The park, which is now open to the public, offers the public a new escape from the concrete jungle that is Los Santos. With its volleyball/badminton court, benches and large fountain, it is a welcome replacement to the underused concrete eye-sore that was the old skate-park, a location used more for car-meets than skateboarding. Unnamed to this day, the park itself went without as much as an opening ceremony and appears overshadowed by the recently opened Jane Marie Adam's memorial building. Jay Knight, supervisor of public works within the local government, told SAN News that the name of the park will be given on a future date. He gave the following statement: "We're very excited about the future of the park. We're renovating it from a fenced off hotspot for crime, cement blandness in the heart of our city into a wonderful green oasis with nature and a soccer field for our community to have more space to join together and enjoy the beautiful Los Santos climate. We hope to see this new park breath fresh life into Glen Park, and benefit our community. The name of the park will be released at a later date, we shall keep you posted." All photographs included are copyright of SAN News.
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    I just played my first session on OwlGaming guys and I must say I never thought I could have so much fun on an old game. The things that have been done to make it as realistic as possible being able to entre every building. Everything you can do to communicate with other players. Also the gadget and weapons you can get on it its just so amazing.
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