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    The title says it all. 100% REAL 100 likes and I will -
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    Gang Injunction - Crimstone Gang

    Andrew Jackson Court House Official Press Release Injunction - #107 AIMS OF THE GANG INJUNCTION Reduce the rate of criminal and weapon offenses. Reduce the visibility of the Crimstone Gang. Reduce resident intimidation and fear of confrontations with the Crimstone Gang. Increase residents' sense of control over their community; and Provide an excuse for some members to get out of the Crimstone Gang. AREAS OF GANG INJUNCTION AFFILIATED GANG PERSONS INCLUDED IN GANG INJUNCTION *Pictures for the people whose names are listed below would be present in conjunction with the names.* Elijah North LaMonte Jones Diontray Tillman Armani Washington Ja’Taveon Hampton Enzo Reyes Marcel Woods Darnell Hamilton Clevon Hamilton Travis Harvard Jermaine Chambers IT IS ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED THAT: Defendant Crimstone Gang, all of its members, and all persons acting under, in concert with, for the benefit of, at the discretion of, or in association of Crimstone Gang, are enjoined and restrained in engaging or performing directly or indirectly any of the following activities: Do Not Associate Standing, sitting, walking, driving, gathering or appearing anywhere in public view or any place accessible to the public with any known member of Crimstone Gang; No Intimidation Confronting, intimidating, annoying, harassing, threatening, challenging, provoking, assaulting or battering any person known to be a witness, known to be a victim of, or known to have complained about the Crimstone Gang; No Guns or Dangerous Weapon(s) Anywhere in public view or accessible to the public. Possessing any gun, ammunition or illegal weapon as defined in the SALT Act.s Knowingly remaining in the presence of anyone who is in such possession of such gun, ammunition or illegal firearm or Knowingly remaining in the presence of such gun, ammunition or illegal firearm. No Graffiti or Graffiti Tools Damaging, defacing, or marking any public or private property of another, or possessing any spray-paint can, felt-tip marker, or other graffiti tools. Stay Away From Drugs Selling, possessing, or using any controlled substance or related paraphernalia, without a prescription. Do Not Flag Down Cars Approaching or signalling to any vehicle on any street, alleyway, or other areas of public passage, thus causing the vehicle to stop, unless a legitimate emergency so requires; No Loitering Being present, or causing others to be present, or in general, loitering on the private property of others or public property (both residential and commercial),except With the prior written consent of the person in lawful possession of the property, or; In the presence of and with the voluntary consent of the person in lawful possession of the property. No Noise Making, causing, or encouraging others to violate noise restrictions including playing loud music, participating in loud parties, engaging in exhibitions of speed making loud noise, such as roaring engine and screeching tires, etc. No Vandalism Damaging or vandalizing the property of another, including public property. No Fights Fighting in public or any place open to public view or hearing. VIOLATIONS OF THIS GANG INJUNCTION Any violation will result in being charged with MO041 - Contempt of Court and the predetermined sentencing guidelines are as follows *, Fine of Up To $5,000. Imprisonment in the San Andreas Couny Jail for no more than 1 year. ((1 - 2 Days)) * The charge of MO041 Contempt Of Court is not a substitute to other criminal charges, rather an addition. Dated on SEPTEMBER 22, 2018 Chief Justice of the Superior Court For more information: Public Relations Officer Superior Court of San Andreas Courthouse Building, Pershing Square City of Los Santos, State of San Andreas [email protected] (( PM ThatGuy )) Hotline Number: 211 Disclaimer This publication was brought to you by the Office of Publications within the Superior Court of San Andreas. Further updates for additions or removal from this injunction will be listed as amendments.
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    Server Script Update (v6.4.3.2) | September, 2018 Thanks for your continued support everyone! We have a mainly bug fix update as Daniel recently went ham on cleaning up some stale bug reports! That doesn't mean we don't have some great features to show off though either Media Friendly Advertisements for Bus and Taxi Jobs! Changes to the MP3 Player! (Can now be freely moved and has a volume slider) /showinv Changes! Tutorial Script! Features An all new server tutorial is out now to new players! Nearby players can see what you said into your phone Added an "are you sure" check to all ways to pickup storage items Toll gate manager returns! Custom textures for the broadway has been added /delplayeritem added Admins can now enable a simple "beep" for created reports and apps while on duty Adjustments: Added a maximum amount of ranks for factions Disable clicking on gates or showing item tooltips while a GUI is open Removed location from the vehicles tab on the faction menu(unless using the vehicle tracker) Show the item ID in /showinv General improvements to the UI for /showinv including buttons for item functions on a player Allow /enterveh to warp into locked vehicles Spike stripe deployments now automatically issue a /ame Added rolling papers to the general shop Allow drugs to be sold in custom stores Allow item property editing for vehicle interiors /factions now shows the new rank names Volume slider for MP3 Allow the red rose burrito van to have a stretcher Improved design of /check Trials can now forcesell interiors Show the generic item name when showing an item Passengers can now unlock/lock vehicles from the inside Friendly adverts for people doing cab or bus jobs PD now has access to the paintball script Added commands for togglehud and togglechatbubbles so you can hide them Allow accessing mailboxes from the interior marker of the house Block restricted items from being sold in stores Added snake cam to restricted items Alt-Alt checking via RS Haul Prevent locking motorcycles from the inside as players can get locked out Adjustments to /recon to improve muultiple faction support Added a county medical radio channel FTF now has access to the dispatch system Allow multiple restrictions to be created for the same radio frequency Made an impound lot for SCoSA SCoSA can use /togspeed /ticket for SCoSA "Tool Shops" and other shops like it now have a separate inventory for each type of item Behavior changes to vehicle descriptions Fixes: Fix for /sellproperty with factions Fixed an output issue with antifall Fixed a bug with protected faction ranks and /setfactionranks Fix for F10'd admins being included in /staffs Floating glue has been fixed Fixed a superman issue while freecam previewing Resolved an issue with inventory space and cellphones Fixed an issue with the HPV bike preventing you from using other vehicle horns Butterfly doors now work after reconnecting Fixed MDC showing business names Performance improvement to moving items Resolved an issue of duplicate weapons being in the players inventory on some item moves Fix for a recursive interior problem when resolving interior zone names Performance improvement to syncing vehicle distance changes No longer destroy the hitPickup for interiors if someone else walks out of the marker Resolve faction name cache issues when you change the faction name Resolved an issue with the outside time being incorrect on interior changes Resolved an issue when formatting money values Make sirens work even if they don't have the strobes attached Resolved an issue with weather inputs from admins Fixed storing of rotation for textures Fixed an issue needing the interior system to be restarted after a server shutdown Performance improvements for server shutdown Fixed an issue where you are given armor values when given the item Code style improvements Resolved having the wrong skin in jail for your gender Resolve failed calls still costing money Fixed a typo that was causing issues for getting a bikers license Fix for /goto modification for mappers Fixed a warning for speedcams Fixed /pa in airplanes Fixed a drive by bug that let you shoot with an empty gun Prevent reload abuse while being in drive by mode Special thank you to @yannickboy15, @SjoerdPSV, @Unitts, and @Eloquent, for contributing to this update! Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Development Team
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    GAT Update - September 22nd, 2018

    GAT Update - September 22nd, 2018 Hi, Following the GAT recruitment opening up, we'd like to announce an updated roster as well as the newly inducted members. Applications will remain closed for the time being, but we hope to open them again in the near future. Promotions ItsMelodyy - Promoted to Administrator Aman - Promoted to Trial Administrator Croozerdog - Promoted to Trial Administrator Fritz - Promoted to Trial Administrator Lartsa - Promoted to Trial Administrator Mogs - Promoted to Trial Administrator Notorious - Promoted to Trial Administrator Vubstersmurf - Promoted to Trial Administrator WickJeffe - Promoted to Trial Administrator Departures AnalShipment (Resigned) BusterAces (Resigned) Heaton (Resigned) JohnM (Resigned) JuanTwoThree (Resigned) Keksii (Resigned) Krakkfaen (Resigned) Rauf (Resigned) Restrepo (Removed) Reinstatements CourtezBoi - Reinstated as Trial Administrator Cryotich - Reinstated as Trial Administrator iii - Reinstated as Trial Administrator ItsMelodyy - Reinstated as Trial Administrator All in-game and forum perks will be set as soon as possible. Once again, congratulations to all. OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Upper Administration Team
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    716 Peckerwood

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    82 Records

    Eighty-Two (82) Records is a brand new record label in Los Santos, offering you the underground rap music of South East Los Santos, including El Corona, Idlewood, Ganton, Willowfield and Jefferson. (( Website - https://82records.weebly.com - To contact us regarding feedback or OOC, please forum PM @Serx. ))
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    Badgers Motorcycle Club

    BADGERS MC Badgers Motorcycle Club is an Outlaw Motorcycle Club founded in Montgomery, Red County by Teddy Stubbs in late 2018. The club is still developing and not much is known about it. 05/10/2018 On the 5th of Octomber 2018, Teddy Stubbs was alone in his bar, wondering what to do. After some thinking, he decided to make an advertisement that the bar is open. He didn't get too many customers but suddenly a group of three people rushed inside the bar, with their guns out, shouting to keep his hands up. The individuals stole Teddy's phone and some money. The customer which was with Teddy called the police which, unfortunately, haven't been able to find and apprehend the suspects yet. 07/10/2018 Jackson Reynolds, a good friend of Teddy's which got released from prison, came to The Honey Badger for a drink, only he didn't know that Teddy owned the bar. When Teddy saw him, he couldn't believe his eyes. Teddy knew that Jack used to ride with a crew before he went to jail, so he invited him to join the club which, Jack accepted. After a talk with the other members, they all decided to make Jackson the new Sgt. At Arms of Badgers MC. (More to come.) Upon joining or being associated with this faction you will fall under our CK clause.
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    CPQL - State Housing Facility

    28th of September 2018 Office of The Commissioner CPQL - State Housing Facility _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Recently the Los Santos County Government has noticed a significant increase in homelessness within Los Santos. To help those without the everyday comforts we often take for granted, we would like to begin promoting our state Housing Facility that is located on East Beach. We advise everyone who is homeless to consider going there for free hot meals and health checks with our in-house doctor. The facility has 10 apartments which are all equipped with the essentials for living such as bathroom facilities, kitchen, bed and a small living area within the apartment. Along with this, the facility has a large food court that anyone can use however our priority is aiming at ensuring the homeless/ill can get the full benefit of what we have to offer. We hope to see the state housing facility begin to strive and be used like it once was. Location: Santa Monica Boulevard, East Beach, Los Santos County Commissioner **Heavily monitored comment section.**
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Adding fuel tanker usability What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- The fuel trailer, tanker, serves no purpose currently. This suggestion comes from an issue we've experienced lately at LSIA. In bigger planes, it is impossible to "talk" to the ped to get refueled. But this would also serve any purpose where you need "mobile" fuel. Basically you could fill your tanker (given that you have the key for it!) either at the LV rafinery or some place I'd find in the Los Santos industrial docks. And then when you want to fuel up another vehicle from it, you'll right click the tanker and an option will show up, with the nearby vehicles, to do it. What are the advantages?- - Mobile fuel for any event (I'm thinking here at DPS helicopters, organized race events, aircrafts, etc.) - Just more general fun I guess What are the disadvantages?- - The fuel trailer is not properly synchronized. But I guess I could try to find a way to re-sync it somehow. Would have to think of a way... Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- - How would you go about implementing this idea?- I am willing to do it, if accepted by the community. And for all I care, if UAT wants fuel stations to have a capacity & needing to be refilled, that could also be done.
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    [Miscellaneous] - Custom Anims

    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Custom Anims What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Miscellaneous What is the suggestion?- I’ve compiled over a dozen custom animations all for RP scenarios, such as walking with a pistol, couple sitting anims, hands behind your head while kneeling or crouching and much more. Previews: https://imgur.com/a/0qTw8cK What are the advantages?- Custom anims bro What are the disadvantages?- 1mb download Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- Yes How would you go about implementing this idea?- Vote
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    [SAAN] The Hobo Thief

    The Hobo Thief From the SAAN news desk ''Stop right there criminal scum. You violated the law.'' shouted a civilian trying to stop the Hobo Thief. On the twentieth of September a most heinous crime was committed. A young male snatched five hundred dollars from everyone's favorite hobos' donation crate. One of the homeless sprinted after the thief until he lost sight of him. When the homeless man told our reporter what happened he spotted the thief again. The homeless man rushed after the thief but fell immediately. The thief got away with the five hundred dollar that was destined for the homeless. All hope was lost for the homeless as they went back to their market stall next to pizza stack. The thief returned to the scene of the crime for some reason and the homeless chased after him. The thief ran on the highway and was then stopped by civilians. He gave in and gave the five hundred dollars back to the homeless person. The hobo was furious for what the thief did and wanted more. The thief threatened him for wanting more money. The hobo took the five hundred dollars and went on with his day. The thief claimed he felt no remorse for what he did. If you have some spare change then do head over to Idlestack and give it to those in need. Want more SAAN? click here. saan.news
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    Express Corporation

    Express Corporation is a company which has been found in May 2016 by two well-known figures from the Los Santos Fire Department, and started to be operated as a gym. The corporation had to suffer an unexpected occurrence where one of the shareholders, passed away which left the lounge with an unpredicted empty spot to assist the previous owner with running her life dream business. After vague nights of combating her loss, she offered an open position, to a man known for serving as a Captain in the Los Santos Fire Department, that was promptly accepted. However, their new partnership didn't last for long and she decided to proceed and expand business to be able to continue a legacy left by her fellow friend and co-worker. Previous owner kept the lounge running for some time which was a great success at a time but then she moved along to start her first dealership by Unity Station ''JR Autos'' and with the profit she made through months of hard work running her lounge and dealership she moved into a better location and started her current dealership ''AutoNation'' which offers a variety of vehicles for reasonable prices by the district of Marina. Eventually, with the outstanding profit she decided to expand her two businesses into a corporation and merging them with two new stores she bought recently. Currently, the corporation is being led by a new investor coming off the middle east with a Main objective to offer the best service in any sectors for fellow citizens of Los Santos. We are aiming to offer you the most comfortable and enjoyable services in Express Lounge, Express Furniture, Express Pharmacy and AutoNation Dealership. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -Express Corporation is currently looking for a qualified general manager who's capable to fulfill the position. -Express Lounge is currently Hiring Bartenders and armed personnel with competitive wages. *Kindly send an email with your information/CV to [email protected] (( @Kozinski )) if you think you're qualified enough to fill the positions above. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *Your donations play a great role on keeping the service we provide within our various companies and it helps us to offer more job opportunities for those in need, Kindly contact us by the mail provided on this page to know more about the process and how to donate. Donor name: Donation amount: -Tyrus Wiggins $300,000 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In a luminary, calm place where the highs of life are enjoyed, our carefully well-prepared food and drinks are impossible to go unnoticed on your table. Recognized for purely utilizing natural ingredients, our hot and cold food and drinks are thoroughly prepared with the utmost care by an extensive number of professionals cautiously hired to provide the best service to its members. Along with a gym located on the second floor of the building where clients may work off their arduous and tense day from work, the lounge also provides a pool area to contemplate its members' absolute best wishes of relaxation. Membership Type Price Access Duration Free Visitors TBA - Gym/Pool/Cafe 1 Month - TBA - Gym/Pool/Cafe 2 Months - TBA - Gym/Pool/Cafe 3 Months - Our lounge will offer you the best service almost daily, employees and security guards are chosen wisely to make sure customers will get the most exclusive service possible.You will no longer struggle to find a safe place to spend your time with your family or friends, A place that offers you various entertaining areas either by eating your snack with a drink or alcoholic drinks down by the cafe, Working out in our gym or you can just relax or swim by the pool. Not to mention that you can unveil your hidden singing talent during a weekly karaoke night, We will be hosting theme nights, Swimming competitions, Nights with your favorite celebrities and much more during the week days. Location: Soho drive, Rodeo Contact: [email protected] (( @Kozinski )) Express Pharmacy is here to offer you all your Health and Beauty needs. We are importing and producing best medicines of Los Santos without damaging the nature and using harmful chemicals! Our products are %100 nature friendly and effective on humans. Medicine Price Usage Prescription Usage in Pregnancy TBA - Lowering Temperature No Yes TBA - Stomach ache No Yes TBA - intercourse protection No Yes Location: Gates st, Beside the bike dealership. Contact: [email protected] (( @Kozinski )) AutoNation is an exotic & luxury brand based vehicle dealership in Los Santos which is currently being operated by Jena Haddad. Main objective of our dealership is to offer second hand exotic brand cars to Los Santos for reasonable price. You can come to visit our dealership in Interstate 425, Marina Beach to see and try out our comfortable cars and services. Location: Interstate 425 West, Marina. Contact: [email protected] (( @Kozinski )) Express Furniture is your number one furniture shop in Los Santos. From cabinets to desks, fridges to TVs, microwaves to ovens, every furniture for your home is being offered in our shop with neat pricing! Location: St. Francis st, Willowfield. Contact: [email protected] (( @Kozinski ))
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    Shalaby Organization

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    Shalaby Organization

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    [Items] - Tents

    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Tents What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Items What is the suggestion?- Replace the tipi tent (model id 3243) https://files.prineside.com/gtasa_samp_model_id/white/3243_w.jpg With this normal tent https://i.imgur.com/gfAen8V.png The tent is unsolid so you can walk inside of it. Throughout my time as admin, I've encountered people doing camping roleplay and its also something I've done occasionally. This will definitely encourage camping roleplay and it will be a unique addition to the server. What I recommend is adding the model so people can order it as a generic through DCS and JGC, etc. What are the advantages?- Camping RP Aesthetic fuck that piece of shit tipi tent eyesore What are the disadvantages?- none really Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- I have the TXD, DFF and COL files which I can provide. How would you go about implementing this idea?- vote on it nigga
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    Latrell "Trell" Myers

    Chapter 1 - Latrell moving to Los Santos Latrell grew up in Las Venturas. His parents were quite successful in their lives, they made a decent amount of money and owned a quite large house. Latrell's passion for hood life started when he was 13 years old and he heard his first rap track ever; N.W.A. - Boyz N The Hood. As a kid, Trell, of course, didn't know what all the lyrics meant but he liked the rhythm and various sounds in the song. When he became older and smarter he started watching various interviews on the Internet about famous gangbangers in that period of time. He saw what those gangsters lived like, the amount of money they made in the streets and the fun that comes with it, knowing he wanted to become just like them. Picture of Latrell Myers to the right and his young friends, Trell being only 9 years old. At the age of 15, Latrell received a phone call on his cell phone, the conversation below was leaked by the Los Santos Police Department, it was a conversation between Latrell and a Police officer informing him. Police Officer: Hello, is this Latrell Myers? Latrell: Aye, yes who is this? Police Officer: This is officer Brown, I'm with the LSPD. I'm calling you because something happened... Police Officer: Do you know when your parents left the house this morning? Latrell: Uhm, around eleven, how do you even know they left the house though? Police Officer: Right, I've got some bad news.. You're parents were in a car crash... They didn't make it out... Latrell: Wai-... what? **Latrell drops the phone and sits back against the wall, wiping the tears away** Police Officer: Hello?! What happened?! Police Officer: I'm sending units to your house right now! **Phone got hung up** Several minutes later the Los Santos PD arrived and took care of Latrell, eventually sending him to Los Santos, where he would live with his uncle Tyree Myers. Chapter 2 - Living in the cold neighborhood Tyree drove up to the Los Santos Airport where he picked his nephew up. Together they drove to Tyree's house in Carson Street. Trell's uncle had a really short temper and he was addicted to crack. He had a really bad reputation in the streets, nobody respected him. Out of nowhere, Tyree pressed the brake and stopped the car, he looked at his nephew and started talking with him. Tyree: Ayo, ya lissen to me, boy. Latrell: What's up, yo? Tyree: You gon be stayin in ma place if you bring sum cash, nam'sayin', I need dat crack money. Tyree: You go out n' make me the damn money fo da crack, we clear? Latrell: Y-yeah... Tyree: You got potential and skills, so ya ass betta earn me some cash. Latrell: J-just drive, please... At that moment Latrell knew that he had nobody, he had to stand for himself, make money to feed himself and make sure nobody was gonna hurt him. He knew exactly what he was gonna face. A few months later Latrell signed up at the Los Santos High School. His first school day there was weird for him, he knew nobody and he had no clue where to go. He left school at the early age just because he didn't understand word teacher was saying. Picture of 17 years old Latrell Myers on the streets of Los Santos. Latrell would be seen on the streets many times, selling everything he can to make some money so he doesn't die of starvation. He wasn't getting along with people in the neighborhood because of his intimidating look and that bossy attitude he was known for. That's where Latrell got into stealing cars and selling parts, he was really careful and never got caught. He proved himself to the bigger guys in the hood easily as he could steal smoothly and stay away from trouble. Chapter 3 - Staying under Eight Deuce Hoovers Even though Latrell had a steady income in the streets he felt like something was missing, the family feeling. He knew his cousin Edward was a gang member at a local crips set called the Eight Deuce Hoovers that were located in the same street he lived in. He heard that Edward was having a wonderful time at the gang, he even called them family multiple times. Latrell ended up getting involved with the Eight Deuce Hoovers. He started to loads of minor crimes such as robberies, vehicle theft, and drug dealing. Of course, his actions came with a price, his girlfriend Tonya didn't like the fact Trell was a gangbanger. She ended up leaving him after she gave him a choice; her or the gang. Latrell felt horrible. He reached a high level of depression which resulted in Trell's first suicide attempt, which he survived. After months of doing various crimes such as doing hits, robberies and weapons and narcotics trafficking on a high scale he gained respect and gained his stripes. He gained "Hoover" status really fast, at the age of 17 he was officially a well-known gangbanger. He lost his cousin Edward, he got a life sentence and never heard from him. Of course, Trell felt horrible, the family member carrying the same blood as him was locked away. However, that didn't stop Trell from being a gangbanger. Latrell got addicted to money, he was making really big money from crimes. He always looked up to Nasir Jefferson, known as Nas. He was like a father to Latrell. That's why he always worked hard to prove himself to Nas, but everything comes to end. Nasir Jefferson got locked up, that really affected Trell. He felt like he was all alone, he had nobody... not even God by his side. Chapter 4 - First blood Latrell Myers was getting along with all the members, high ranked ones and hangarounds. He was ready to do anything to keep his "family" safe. It was September 13, sunny morning, when out of nowhere some black man provoked Trell and his homies, then he called cops and snitched on them by shouting "They are armed!" couple of times. That incident got one of the Hoover OG's locked, Hassan Brewster, also known as Scar. That's when Trell felt like he had to do something, he got on the bike and drove to Nas' house, where he told everything to him. Nas suggested shooting the snitch, of course, Trell accepted and they got on the bike. Latrell grabbed a pistol that Nas gave him and right then he knew what it was to be empty and cold. He knew that was no turning back, young Trell would've never thought that he would take someone's life, just like that. He felt like a God, taking life in a matter of seconds. He actually enjoyed it. As soon as the snitch left the police department, Nasir and Latrell were waiting for him. Right next to the police department. They both saw the guy walked down the sidewalk, Latrell leaned in closer to Nasir and whispered: "That's him." Nas bopped his head and moved his hand down in his waistband, instantly removing a firearm and started spraying the poor guy. Latrell panicked for some time, then he finally realized to pull his gun out too and joined Nasir, spraying more rounds at the guy. The snitch dropped on his knees, but that didn't stop Nasir from shooting, he emptied whole clip right in his head, making sure there was absolutely zero chance to survive.
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    The Forgotten Ones

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    Barsotti's Circle.

    The Italian-American mob is one of the oldest organized crime groups in the United States. The organization is often referred to by members as Cosa Nostra. The Mafia in the United States emerged in impoverished Italian immigrant neighborhoods or ghettos in New York. It also emerged in other areas of the East Coast of the United States and several other major metropolitan areas during the late 19th century and early 20th century, following waves of Italian immigration especially from Sicily and other regions of Southern Italy. Today, the American Mafia cooperates in various criminal activities with Italian organized crime groups. Criminal activities done by these mobs mostly are racketeering, smuggling, fraud, counterfeiting, robbery, bribery, assault, money laundering, illegal gambling, loan sharking, weapons trafficking, drug trafficking, extortion, fencing, murder, prostitution, pornography, and theft. History of the Barsotti's Mob. Angelo Barsotti, 1997. Angelo Barsotti was a member of an Italian-American criminal organization located in New York's East Harlem or also known as Italian Harlem. The Mob was a group of Italian-American criminals, the group had somewhat about sixty members, they were doing all type of illegal business - robberies, loan sharking, drug trafficking, murders and so on. Barsotti's Mob had ties with Sicilian Mafia, South Brooklyn Boys, and Jewish Mafia. Angelo Barsotti also had a son that has been born in 1995, Vincent Barsotti. Barsotti's Mob has been controlling the biggest part of the New York, everything was doing good but the biggest Mob's problem was FBI. They investigated a lot about the Mob, in 1997 FBI made criminal cases up to 40 members of the Mob as there was an informator. Angelo Barsotti faced 30 years imprisonment for third-degree murder. Vincent Barsotti. Vincent Barsotti didn't know his father, because of father's imprisonment. After Angelo got imprisoned, Vincent was living with Angelo's right hand, Lucas Sinatra. Sinatra was taking a good care of Vincent, but he did not limit Vincent on anything. Vincent was growing up around bad guys that did teach him a lot of things that he should know in this world. Vincent has seen doing them criminal activities since he was a little kid. He was going to the school, he did graduate. Vincent's first crime done was when he was just 10 years old, he had to go to the local store with a baseball bat, tell the shopkeeper that he is from Barsotti's, beat the shopkeeper and take money from him. Lucas told him to do so because the shopkeeper did owe money to their crew. Vincent was growing up and so was growing his mind in the criminal world. Lucas did see a big potential in Vincent, he knew that he will be a big man around the city. In 2018, Vincent already faced a lot of hard times in his life. He already formed his own crew of young soldiers, all of them moved to Los Santos to make a new line of the crime. Legal side. Out of Character Information. By involving yourself into the faction (Joining the Discord group), you automatically agree on that your character can be Character Killed by anyone of the leadership in the faction for any reason. If you're interested in joining this faction, add me on Discords Brodyaga#3928 Will be edited and updated. Credits for gangster art goes out to 2minello.
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    Shalaby Organization

    I remember jerkin' phones at lunch time now I'm sitting here with food to move Fuck police, they need to free all my jailhouse goons.
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    Shalaby Organization

    "Do what you feel like doing."
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    Wheeler McLennan LLP

    Wheeler McLennan LLP is a law firm dedicated to providing quality representation to businesses and individuals in private, public and third sectors. We specialize in all aspects of criminal and civil law, specifically felony & misdemeanor charges, traffic accident claims, family law advice and much more. Our legal services offer individualized attention to all our clients, being a start-up firm we will commit 100% to each case to bring about the best result. It is crucial to seek the guidance of an experienced lawyer without delay if you are facing any legal matters, which our firm can offer. Full list of services: Criminal defense Civil law Accident law Family law Corporate law To get the best advice prior to your case, we suggest booking an appointment without delay. Our dedicated team will respond to your request within 24 hours with a consultation date and time alongside any advice relating to your case. Fees are as follows: Wheeler McLennan LLP began in 2018. Daniel McLennan and Jeremy Wheeler were co-workers at a previous law firm. The previous firm provided little to no attention to its clients with high rates. The representation that the clients received was minimal and the firm was just out to get money. McLennan and Wheeler had enough of this work ethic as they become Juris Doctors in order to assist people out. They took their money saved up across the span of a couple of years and moved to Los Santos where they acquired a building to jump start their law firm. They obtained a Business License from the Los Santos County Government and were approved into the Bar Associations of the Superior Court of the State of San Andreas shortly after. They are driven to deliver the best quality representation for each client by working as partners. Partners: Daniel McLennan ((@Restrepo)) Daniel McLannan is one of the founders and named-partners at Wheeler McLennan LLP. Daniel practiced law in North Carolina mostly representing as criminal defense in large scale cases. Daniel graduated from Duke University from his hometown of Durham, North Carolina. Daniel moved into a large corporation where he met Jeremy. Daniel wasn't to fond of the work ethic at the large corporations as they were out to make money, and not represent each client with dignity. Daniel was looking for new listings but most of them was for large corporations who had the same work ethic. To overcome this hurdle Daniel began Wheeler McLennan with his partner Jeremy Wheeler. They moved to Los Santos as it had the biggest opportunity's in the area. Daniel hopes that Wheeler McLennan stays true to its clients through out its time as that was the foundation it was built on. Jeremy Wheeler ((@Mogs)) Jeremy Wheeler is one of the founders and named-partners at Wheeler McLennan LLP. Jeremy started practicing law in New York, mostly representing large corporations as well as doing smaller pro-bono cases on the side. Over ten years have passed since he first began practicing and he has decided to make a sudden change, taking on more criminal cases and dedicating his time to representing the less fortunate of clients through pro-bono cases. Jeremy is a graduate of Harvard Law School, where he obtained his Juris Doctors. Jeremy Wheeler practice focuses on criminal defense and complex civil litigation, and he has experience in matters relating to contract fraud, security, and other related matters.
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    Shalaby Organization

    I'm really in the field 'cause this is what I want
  24. 12 points
    I feel we should remove the highlight and only show how long it’s protected for only to on-duty admins and the property owner. It should be treated the way last used and owner last seen is
  25. 12 points

    Shalaby Organization


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