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    Punish System and New Ways to Pay Punish We are introducing a new way of punishing players who have broken the rules. Gone are warnings, jails, and traditional bans. We've replaced all of that with a point system, much like any modern demerit point system for driver license holders. When a rule is broken, depending on the severity, it will result in an equating number of points. Every two points results in a corresponding ban length. Repeat offenses have their ban length doubled. Administrators will be giving out verbal warnings more frequently before issuing points which would result in a ban, especially to new players. Two points are removed from your record every fourty five days, resulting in a total of 16 points being removed from your record every year. Currently, there are a maximum of twenty points. Once twenty points are reached, a permanent ban is issued. For example, if Devin Robertson powergames by punching a player, not giving them the chance to respond, an administrator may issue two points for such a minor case. This will result in a one hour ban. If a day later, Devin Robertson comes back and does the same thing, they are then issued two more points and it is a repeat offense. They now have four points on their record and it doubles the default two point ban length for the new punishment, resulting in a two day ban. Additionally, keep in mind that administrators may not punish you immediately to prevent the ban from taking effect from the points so the scene may finish. In the example above, an admin would force Devin Robertson to RP fairly, wait until the scene is over, then issue the punishment, to prevent sudden disappearing or voiding of a scene needlessly. Also note that having history removed from your record reduces your active points. Currently there is no way for a player to view their active points on record, but we plan to change this based on feedback from the community. Number of Active Points Length of Punishment 2 1 Hour Ban 4 6 Hour Ban 6 12 Hour Ban 8 1 Day Ban 10 2 Day Ban 12 3 Day Ban 14 4 Day Ban 16 5 Day Ban 18 6 Day Ban 20 Permanent ban Rule Broken Points Issued (Range Based on Situation) General Non-RP 2-4 Metagaming 2-6 Powergaming 2-6 Failure to RP/Logging 2-6 Deathmatching 2-8 Revenge Killing 2-8 Hacking 20 Bug Abuse 2-20 OOC Insults 2-4 Lying to Administrators 2-4 Mixing OOC and IC 2 Failure to Obey Admins 2-6 Trolling 2-6 Alt - Alt 20 We are open to feedback on these lengths and punish scale. It should also be noted that with more banned players means a smaller playerbase but of higher quality. Stripe We are now introducing a new way to pay. You can use Stripe to pay with many different card types from around the world and it also accepts BitCoin. You can see it in action here: https://i.imgur.com/apohW8w.gifv It really makes it easy to pay and get on your way. As always, payments are processed immediately by the service. You can use PaySafe Cards by converting them to BTC very easily and safely online. I recommend doing so and then you too can buy GCs as I know that was a wall for a lot of players. Unlike PayPal, I believe Stripe supports Turkey so that opens up a new avenue for turkish players. I recommend using Stripe over PayPal. Thanks I would like to close by just saying thanks. Specifically to everyone who participated in the script update, @ThatGuy @tree @Hurley @cat and @Exciter. Hurley has really been helping us out with making scripts lately and I can't thank him enough. We are always a community and I hope everyone has been having fun here. We do our best to make sure you, the players, are having a good time and your feedback plays a huge role in that. Regards, - OwlGaming Upper Administration, - OwlGaming Community
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    UA Meeting - April 2017 Heya, this meeting was mainly regarding our rules and the discussion that was had here: Thanks to everyone that participated in the discussion there we got valuable feedback. Today I'd like to announce the move of our rule documents to: https://docs.owlgaming.net/ From here you will be able to search rules and get a more organised view. Every rule has been rewritten to be straight to the point, without the filler of the previous rules. You can view all changes to the rules here: https://github.com/OwlGamingCommunity/docs/commits/master Changes When rule discussions are implemented we will post a link to the commit so players can view the direct change. I'm going to take some time to highlight some major differences now. https://docs.owlgaming.net/rules/criminal.html#restricted-areas Criminals can now commit crimes at high profile areas with adequate law enforcement on duty. Understand that you should always be following the rules against PG and you better have a plan together if you attempt criminal activity at these high profile locations. https://docs.owlgaming.net/rules/criminal.html#vehicle-robbery Government vehicle thefts can be handled by regular administrators now instead of being only UAT. https://docs.owlgaming.net/rules/criminal.html#character-robberies You can now kill a player after a robbery as long as it is not considered a petty robbery. Meaning that high value robberies between factions is now possible to kill players involved. Typical street robberies are considered petty for low to moderate value items(for example: thousand dollars on a person is petty, a 30k rolex isn't). Thanks The rules are meant to be clear enough that common sense should take over. We can't hope to explain every situation and have a rule for it. It is up to players and administrators to use their heads and follow our most basic roleplay rules. Regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Upper Administration
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    Server Script Update (v6.0.1.9) | May, 2017 Highlights Notable features More descriptive hotline responses (https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/73603-general-hotline-fix/#comment-486740) Disabled Extra Air Resistance (https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/75143-general-disable-extraairresistance/?do=findComment&comment=498622) /movenpc and /nearbynpc are now available to players in interiors they own SAN now has access to /dep Target players are now accepted on /gotointi and /gotoint for faster report handling [UCP] GC perks are now gathered from the live server [UCP] Automatically deny processing purchases with elevated chargeback risk and email the user Improvements 911 calls in the MDC will let you see the full description of the call (owl.pm/b/1072) Added the PIzza Stack ID card and hotline (owl.pm/b/1123) Added the basketball script to the liverpool project (owl.pm/b/1124) Added bank transaction logs when restocking a NPC and paying with debit (owl.pm/b/1139) Updates to the bcrypt module for performance and stability Updated to add water to the workout interior Added the LSMA hotline phone number (owl.pm/b/1141) More interior logging added Added an additional alt-alt detection method (owl.pm/b/1079) Merged removedshop and delshop to remove soft deleting Added a confirm prompt when removing a custom shop to prevent mistakes Added the /faction command so you can rebind it Bank hour corrections for in game transaction logs /me and /do now logs the interior they happened in Async queues of remote image fetching to allow for faster downloads Performance improvements to item textures and vehicle textures Performance improvements to fakevideo textures Performance Improvements to interior changing Performance Improvements to vehicle selling Performance Improvements to PD lasers Performance Improvements to K9 dogs [UCP] Multiple changes to make the site more mobile friendly [UCP] Pagination for logs to prevent users browsers from dying when searching a lot of logs [UCP] Made the filters look more organized on the ticketcenter search [UCP] Create a purchase history entry for uploading an avatar [UCP] Added a purchase overview menu to manage failed purchase processing [UCP] Added the option to middle click the rows in the ticket center [UCP] Made it easier to create purchase packages [UCP] Added missing character images [UCP] Added a new keyword type 'Log Text w/ Wildcard Matching' [UCP] Changed the log text search to match_phrase instead of just match, provides more accurate results [UCP] Added a "Other" category to the skin list for the dog skin and santa [UCP] Ticket now gets updated when it is assigned to someone [UCP] Image optimisations [UCP] In-Game notifications for ticket replies [UCP] Added image support for ticketcenter comments [UCP] Automatic assigning of history appeals to the admin involved [UCP] Admin history entries are now made for asset transfers [UCP] Added links for authentication apps on the 2FA page [UCP] Create log entries for history removals [UCP] Better sorting of log entries made within the same second [UCP] Create admin history when unbanned from a ticket [UCP] Support for /punish in admin history [UCP] Send an email to the assigned admin when a new ticket is made [UCP] Purchase Management now supports stripe [UCP] Improved Paypal Image [UCP] UA performance view now supports vehicle break in and interior break in report types Adjustments Removed some old unused code Removed BTC history from the donation GUI Removed Investplace Changed Dinco's badge name and hotline (owl.pm/b/1151) Vehicles that are out of stock in dealerships will not show in the UI (owl.pm/b/1118) Changed the opacity of roadblock previews so they are visible at night time (owl.pm/b/1020) Disabled duffle bags from being moved to/from external inventories Removed collisions on item movement and only allow it in interiors unless you're an admin Reduced the model sizes of mods Interior objects are now streamable for performance Made gates unbreakable [UCP] Updated the forum link from SD -> PD [UCP] Changed the 'Buy Now' image for Paypal [UCP] Adjusted the styling of error pages(oh so pretty) [UCP] Small tweak to the user profile gamecoins formatting [UCP] Newest entries first in a log search [UCP] Filter unassigned tickets to exclude staff reports to non-lead admins [UCP] Handle long character names more gracefully in the active/inactive characters view [UCP] Added BOTS to the forum links [UCP] Only update the ticket status if the posted comment is not internal [UCP] Tickets you are subscribed too now also show up in the backend interface [UCP] Redirect a user to where they wanted to go after they authenticated with 2FA [UCP] Adjusted the timezone to UTC [UCP] Increased the valid window of 2FA authentication [UCP] Statistics now only pulls from non-deleted vehicles and interiors [UCP] Removed the ability to swap interior/vehicle/clothing slots Bug fixes Animation Bind Fixes Resolved an issue with sex shops Some zone naming has been disabled due to issues with recursive calls Resolved animations in /animselect only showing to the client Fixes for leaving the Yankee interior Resolved some logs not being shown properly Fixed an issue where people would get frozen when leaving a vehicle interior Fixed a typo on interior pickups Fixed an issue with ramps being a bit into the ground Fixed an issue where you could /r from the character selection screen (owl.pm/b/1078) Fixed some issues with the clothes shop Fixed issue with checking money at the DMV when reconnecting after the theory test is passed (owl.pm/b/1012) Automatically remove /disappear when changing character (owl.pm/b/1144) Fixed a /delelevator issue (owl.pm/b/1146) Resolved some issues with NPCs and government owned shops Avoid anti-fall when using the snakecame (owl.pm/b/1155) Fixes for inactivity scanner not marking the old interior as active as you leave it (owl.pm/b/1185) Fixed updating the wrong label on the staff manager when editing FT ranks (owl.pm/b/1184) Fixed an issue where you could not pick up your own vehicle key when <10 hours on your character [UCP] Fixed item movement log searching not appearing [UCP] Fixed buttons displaying incorrectly on the ticket center if 0 tickets are unassigned [UCP] Fixed an issue where some HTML code would be displayed if a character skin image was missing [UCP] Changed the skin library loading to prevent some images from failing to load when loading so many pictures [UCP] Fix some 500 error on log searching [UCP] Fixed stat-transfers failing with interiors [UCP] Fixed custom interior uploading [UCP] Fixes to mobile view on the ticket center when viewing unassigned tickets [UCP] Fixes for registering on the site [UCP] Fixes for GC amounts for uploading interiors [UCP] Fixed a few bans too many showing up for newly registered users [UCP] Resolved an error when searching for world objects [UCP] Fixes for inactivity protection on protected assets [UCP] Fixed some CSS on the password change form [UCP] Fixed an error when changing to an email that is already in use [UCP] Fix for duplicate tickets [UCP] Fixed statistics returning the wrong character information [UCP] Fixed an issue with referrers when purchasing GCs Server script version v5.9.5.1->v6.0.1.9 Kind regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Scripting Team
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    Operation Homeland My fellow Los Santosians, A series of daring raids were undertaken today by the Los Santos Police Department in order to eradicate an armed and dangerous street gang housed in Jefferson. Over the past few days, this gang has targeted government officials and others from the public, brandishing firearms and shooting at police. The police department secured search and arrest warrants and went after the gang today and managed to seize the following items. The seized items are: an M4, eleven handguns and associated magazines, 165 grams of Marijuana, 122 grams of cocaine, and a Mac11. The Los Santos Police Department is working on finalizing a gang injunction to effectively target crime in the Jefferson area. Signed, County Commissioner Thomas J. Mengele
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    "It's the people that matter most." If you've ever spotted Vic in his hometown of Blueberry before, you'll know how much of a hard worker he really is. "If I'm not talking to the people, I'm working for them." For Victor's entire adult life, he hasn't been afraid to get his hands dirty. From landscaping at his father's company to starting his own septic tank service, it's clear what kind of person he has proven himself to be. Vic is not only an embodiment of the middle working class, he is also a solid representation of what Red County stands for. "He really is an upstanding guy. Everyone who knows him, loves him." - Sofia Gasca, Victor's wife of 6 years "He treats all of us like family. The guy's like a father to me." - Francisco Escarra, long time employee of V&G Septic "Victor's a pillar of the community. Our league wouldn't be the same without his contributions." - Edward Gastini, Red County Little League president and friend This wouldn't be the first time Victor has worked with politicians and a government structure. Vic worked with Commissioner Takeshi Mori and fought to secure building permits, jobs and infrastructure; ultimately creating the Dillimore Trailer Park. He still considers this park an ongoing project and wishes to expand on it if elected. Currently Victor is working with County Commissioner, Thomas Mengele, in securing safe and clean water systems for Red County. Victor could potentially save the city and its surrounding areas from a multi-million dollar crisis. Even your city's environmental health is on his mind. Other than keeping Red County's water systems clean and investing in organic fertilizer for its farmers, Victor has an achievable checklist of goals. In order to keep our community strong, we have to be comfortable and connected. Through carefully placed government funding, Vic will be able to kick start a community center where alcoholics/drug addicts anonymous will take place. Public functions and bulletin boards will keep our community feel whole. Military veterans, middle class workers or your average Joe should all have a place to feel welcome in our County. Environmental sustainability is next in line and it can be achieved through a clean energy source. By encouraging solar panel installation with tax credits and rebates, we'll open more windows for the working class and provide homeowners with environmentally friendly alternatives. With an interactive community and healthy environment, Red County can become a much better place. Pick Vic! For more information about our campaign, please contact Benjamin Gamarabes - [email protected] ((forum PM @namecrazycat))
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    March 10th, 2005 Yesterday afternoon, San Andreas State Police in conjunction with the San Fierro office of the Drug Enforcement Agency took down a high yield meth lab in Palomino Creek. According to a spokesperson from the SASP, operation “Shattered Glass” surfaced upwards of 4 pounds of methamphetamine, a pound of marijuana as well as multiple firearms. Three men were arrested in connection with the raid, and the SASP spokesperson claims “We’re not finished. Any person or criminal element producing or dealing drugs in Red County will be caught.” January 11th, 2006 Police responded to a shots fired call in an Angel Pine trailer park late last night where Kirk Goring was found in his trailer suffering from a bullet wound to his head. Goring, 61, a father of two adult children and a lumber worker in Angel Pine’s lumber yard, had appeared as a witness against the multiple Red County men charged with drug trafficking and weapons charges last March. It is unclear yet whether the incidents are related. July 1st, 2008 Vaughn Connolly, the Dillimore man who was arrested in February of 2006 for the murder of Kirk Goring was found guilty of the murder yesterday afternoon. Connolly remained stoic in the courtroom, showing very little emotion throughout the hearing. Connolly, 40, is originally from Fall River, Massachusetts. He moved to Dillimore in 2001 where he began to sell methamphetamine with a band of other men and women. After a police operation that put three fellow methamphetamine traffickers in prison, Vaughn Connolly shot and killed Kirk Goring in his Angel Pine home. Vaughn Connolly was found guilty of first degree murder and conspiracy along with a litany of other charges and was sentenced to death by lethal injection. The Shattered Glass Mafia, the name coined for the otherwise nameless organization operating in Red County and Flint County, is primarily a drug trafficking organization. The group is comprised mainly of adult white men living in various communities across San Andreas state. Though trafficking methamphetamine is the gang’s main source of income, The Shattered Glass Mafia has also been suspected to grow and sell marijuana, smuggle, chop cars and perhaps distill moonshine. The group enforces a strict code of silence, exemplified by Vaughn Connolly who murdered Kirk Goring in 2006 for testifying against members of the organization. Members of the criminal enterprise typically conduct themselves as normal members of the community and sometimes have families and careers to mask their lucrative illicit businesses. ____ A faction CK clause is in effect with this faction. If any leading members deems an established faction member a threat or nuisance, he/she may be CKed.
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    Hello, wow it's been a while since I've done a thread like this. About a year really, but I guess this is my life. I am going to make this as detailed, yet as painless as I can for you guys for you to fully understand my point of view of these things, and why I believe this will be a better solution. Now, some of us remember the old days of Owl when we had the San Andreas Highway Patrol along with the Los Santos Police Department. Two law enforcement factions with one mainly policing the city, and the other mainly policing the county. This system in theory allows officers who are dissatisfied with one department, to transfer to another for various reasons and this has been used by previous LSPD and HP members who used to travel between the two when they felt dissatisfied with the performance on one for whatever reason. Yet in Owl today, this is no longer the case. Now before I continue, I will admit that the SAHP and it's share of problems just like the LSPD, but a lot of those problems were more IC then OOC. I personally remember having to step in between the two as Chief Justice, to create agreements between the two factions due to jurisdictional problems and rivalries which actually brought a lot of interesting roleplay in my opinion and it's sad that this roleplay has been stamped out due to the two no longer existing. Let me give you all some background. The SAHP was originally formed as a second law enforcement faction, intended to act as a balance for the LSPD. This way, if one department happens to go through struggles there would still be another law enforcement faction to pick up the pace. Sorta like businesses in our life, where if you're not happy with one business you go to another. This always ensured the SAHP and LSPD were competing, making them update their standards over the other to try and get the "Best Department." Now, I was around a lot during the days when @Nadr ran the SAHP, and to be honest those were some fun times from what I saw. Constant competition, constant IC interventions, and no always running to Faction Management whenever you had problems with leadership. Competition was the key. However, now we only have one law enforcement faction and if you're ever unhappy with either the amount of paperwork, the members, or the leadership, you either have to suck it up and deal with it to enjoy law enforcement roleplay in Owl, or resign and have no alternative which will possibly make you leave the server once you find you have nothing to do. I'm sorta ranting, so let me get back on track here. Eventually after some time and leadership issues in the LSPD and SAHP, including instances of poor membership and leadership of both factions at one point, I as a member of the Faction Management team decided to come up with a plan to improve both factions. Now, I sadly do not have access to that content anymore as it's archived, but needless to say that although my ideas were originally going to be implemented to fix the problems in the factions at the time, my plans were hijacked. You may all remember this part, as I remember you all voicing disappointment with this decision. After my originally reform idea was hijacked, the Sheriffs Department was founded and lead by @Almeida. Yet, at no time despite my constant assurances and communication I got from the department, none of the original problems I addressed in my document at the time when we were discussing reform was ever fixed. SD was just a massive flop, that inherited the issues of the SAHP and LSPD, mashed into one. A few months after that I left Owl due to life choices I needed to deal with, and when I returned I believe two months ago, I come to find t hat the Sheriffs Department I bitterly opposed along with others was reverted back into the Los Santos Police Department with it functioning as a single faction. Yet again, we're still faced with the exact same problems we had one year ago. And this problem is a server-wide issue, and not simply a law enforcement issue. Roleplay communities are heavily judged upon the factions they found, and the quality of said factions that are around both in the illegal and legal spectrum. Law enforcement roleplay is one of the biggest forms of roleplay promoted in any community, and to see it having the immense problems that are causing members of the LSPD even today to resign with no where else to go, or generally lack interest in being active due to the structure of the department is something that resonates very poorly within a roleplay community. The current LSPD does not have any form of accountability outside of the OOC Faction Management Team, who simply cannot wave a magic wand a fix PD despite the amount of reports may be submitted against the Chief, Assistant Chief, or whatever. And there is no IC way of addressing these problems as the Mayor/Commissioner can't simply dismiss his PD and rebuild it from scratch with new leadership and such, due to the OOC consequences. Leaving players who genuinely want to do this type of roleplay simply unable to do so on Owl. My idea is simple. I wish to found a new faction, the Los Santos County Sheriffs Office. One I plan on spearheading the development of the faction to ensure quality is of upmost importance, while making sure that it becomes some of the most enjoyable law enforcement roleplay experienced in Owl. As said above, competition is key. And having two factions to ensure quality control for a major roleplay element in the server, is vital! After a year, the LSPD still has not developed an active Detective Bureau to investigate State Crimes, leaving the Federal Task Force who can only deal with Federal Crimes to be the main investigation authority in the State which should not be the case. And as I said above with the lack of accountability, there is nobody to force them to improve. You can replace one chief, but yet you simply keep getting the repeating problems that have 0 initiative to get fixed. This is not a problem that can be fixed within PD, regardless of who you put there. You need a new platform, with new direction, with new leadership. Someone on this forum once said in a thread dealing with illegal roleplay, "If you want to show how roleplay in a certain element should be, you should be the model for that roleplay that others can follow." And I want to do that. Now, last thing before I end this. I want to point out one thing. Before, we only had a City Government in Los Santos. One who truly only could police the LSPD icly, and had 0 power over the SAHP. Now, we have upgraded to a County Government of Los Santos, meaning the SD would also fall underneath that spear. So that neither of them would run wild. PD would mainly keep to the city, with SO in the counties, however could assist PD, run the prisons, guard the courts, and County Officials who would realistically be served by the Sheriffs Office. Actually set up speed traps and such on the highways, host community events, etc. You may still be of the opinion that the LSPD can simply be reformed, but I'm telling you from experience of IC and OOC dealing with them for over a year, it cannot. And many PD members are frustrated and I'm hearing their concerns. Please leave your opinion on this below, and maybe we can drum up support for this.
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    Who is Edison Best? Some may know him, some may know. Either way, the bottomline is: Edison Best is a trustworthy man. He is a known businessman and a previous government employee. Edison has had it own successful business opportunities. From running a simple fishing shop near Marina beach, to owning and running an overhead company. That overhead company had several business underneath it; for example FinalBuild and La Chateau hotel. Edison also ran Bureau of Traffic Services (previously known as Rapid Towing) several times, getting the department back onto it feet and making it successful again. Why District 4? Although District 4 is known as a sparsely populated area, it sure has a lot of potential. It has a great town, Angel Pine, and several small caravan spots around. Together with that, everybody knows Mount Chiliad with it's great view. District 4 has beautiful area's that can be converted in proper living areas. Creating a excellent mixture between human and nature. Giving the great citizens of a break-free of the busy City Life, yet still leaving the creation of mother nature alone. What Edison strives for... The most important part for Edison is, to make District 4 a district we all can be proud off. We are all different people, so we all have different things we are proud off. In order to make District 4 great again, the help of the residents is needed. What would bring you to District 4? What can be improved? What should be done differently? Once, and if, I get appointed as the Supervisor for District 4, I need to get in contact with anyone that likes to help. Road safety is a big issue in District 4. The district has numerous turns and hairpins that are unsafe in certain road conditions. A point on the to-do list is to make sure all roads and turns are properly secured. So incase of a traffic accident or something similar, things are not made worse due to the missing of any railings. This is another point where -you- are needed. Do you see a road that is unsafe and needs to be improved? Or do you see a dangerous tree, causing a potential danger in-case of an accident? Give the office of Edison Best a call.
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    Taking people away from RP would be a downfall to this community imo
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    CEASE AND DESIST DEMAND Pursuant to Title 17 of the United States Code May 27, 2017 Dinoco, Inc. Dear DINOCO, INC.: This law firm represents Disney, Inc.. If you are represented by legal counsel, please direct this letter to your attorney immediately and have your attorney notify us of such representation. We are writing to notify you that your unlawful copying of DINOCO INCORPORATED LOGO AND RELEVANT NAMING infringes upon our client’s exclusive copyrights. Accordingly, you are hereby directed to CEASE AND DESIST ALL COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. Walt Disney Company is the owner of a copyright in various aspects of DINOCO INCORPORATED LOGO AND RELEVANT NAMING. Under United States copyright law, Walt Disney Company's copyrights have been in effect since the date that DINOCO INCORPORATED LOGO AND RELEVANT NAMING was created. All copyrightable aspects of DINOCO INCORPORATED LOGO AND RELEVANT NAMING are copyrighted under United States copyright law. It has come to our attention that you have been copying DINOCO INCORPORATED LOGO AND RELEVANT NAMING. We have copies of your unlawful copies to preserve as evidence. Your actions constitute copyright infringement in violation of United States copyright laws. Under 17 U.S.C. 504, the consequences of copyright infringement include statutory damages of between $750 and $30,000 per work, at the discretion of the court, and damages of up to $150,000 per work for willful infringement. If you continue to engage in copyright infringement after receiving this letter, your actions will be evidence of “willful infringement.” We demand that you immediately (A) cease and desist your unlawful copying of DINOCO INCORPORATED LOGO AND RELEVANT NAMING and (B) provide us with prompt written assurance within ten (10) days that you will cease and desist from further infringement of Walt Disney Company’s copyrighted works. If you do not comply with this cease and desist demand within this time period, Walt Disney Company is entitled to use your failure to comply as evidence of “willful infringement” and seek monetary damages and equitable relief for your copyright infringement. In the event you fail to meet this demand, please be advised that Walt Disney Company has asked us to communicate to you that it will contemplate pursuing all available legal remedies, including seeking monetary damages, injunctive relief, and an order that you pay court costs and attorney’s fees. Your liability and exposure under such legal action could be considerable. Before taking these steps, however, my client wished to give you one opportunity to discontinue your illegal conduct by complying with this demand within ten (10) days. Accordingly, please sign and return the attached Agreement within ten (10) days to Disney Incorporated, Legal PO Box 1488 500 South Buena Vista Street, Burbank, California, If you or your attorney have any questions, please contact me directly. Sincerely, Rudolph Heiselberger
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    May Faction Team Update Greetings, For this month's update, we don't bring you as much as before. We do have quite a lot of new members that have recently joined the Faction Team. We're currently working on many projects to keep bringing fresh things our factions here on OwlGaming. So stay tuned and keep helping us "Make Owlgaming Great Again"! Roster Updates Arrivals @Portside @Resident @FAILCAKEZ @DanielV @WaterMelon @yannickboy15 @Deuce Current Faction Team Roster Franco - Faction Team Leader Express - Legal Faction Team Supervisor LokiHavok - Illegal Faction Team Supervisor Yannickboy15 - Faction Team Member Watermelon - Faction Team Member Portside - Faction Team Member Resident - Faction Team Member & Mapping Team Liaison Failcakez - Faction Team Member DanielV - Faction Team Member Deuce - Faction Team Member & Vehicle Team Liaison SOP and VM Updates We're currently working toward updating a few of our Standard Operating Protocols for the virtual markets and etc. These are our guidelines that help us process your public contacts involving monetary payments such as entertainment, illicit narcotics sales, and etc. We're hoping to release these by July at the latest. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me via a forum PM or Discord. Once again, we would like to thank you all for your patience as we work towards improving and making the roleplay on this server more enjoyable for everyone. If you ever need to reach the Faction Team, please contact us via an FT Public Contact. Regards, Faction Team
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    Board of Supervisor Elections Requirements Board of Supervisor voters must meet the following criteria to vote: Must be at least 18 years old to vote. Must not have a felonious criminal record. Must provide valid photo ID to vote (( Anyone caught smurfing accounts to garner votes, OOC promoting for votes, etc, will be punished severely )) Elections One supervisor will be elected for each of the four districts listed below. The elections will be held from Monday May 8th to Monday May 15th. Contact Please forward any questions or inquiries to County Commissioner Thomas Mengele (( @Wright )). Districts
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    (( Just going to note that since we run Adsense on the forums I'll try and make sure this doesn't get flagged lol ))
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    MPOV Adult Entertainment, the best HD porn site in all of San Andreas! Offering you the most exclusive download-able & stream-able HD adult films on the internet! MPOV features daily updates with the sexiest porn-stars across the hottest sites on the net! You'll have access to all the big tits, sexy asses, and hot anal you could ever dream! Donations can be made to MPOV and it's investors using the following two methods. (1) - Transact [ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY] through the bank to account number (4674 3709 6480 7854). (2) - Contact CEO Pablo Iglesias, to personally greet and donate to the company in person. Our latest scenes! 2015: Couple pulls off a quick fucking in bed! (https://forums.owlgaming.net/index.php?showtopic=35086) My girlfriend deep-throats after shower! (https://forums.owlgaming.net/index.php?showtopic=34720) Amazing Jessa gets fucked so hard, she screams! (https://forums.owlgaming.net/index.php?showtopic=34636) Step-brother fingers sister, and is rewarded with a foot job! (https://forums.owlgaming.net/index.php?showtopic=34921) Middle-eastern teen touches herself for pleasure! (https://forums.owlgaming.net/index.php?showtopic=36313) 2017: https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/75815-beautiful-teen-emma-has-a-rough-ride-xxx-18-viewers-only We are now hiring new staff for MPOV! Female adult film performers - Hiring Female adult entertainment escorts - Hiring Bodygaurds and/or security - Closed To apply, please click the Contact Us section, and make an appointment. All appointments will have a meeting point located at our headquarters, or somewhere in Los Santos. CEO: P.Iglesias | 439-073 | [email protected] ((Forum PM @Craazy)) ---
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    Hi Well, I left over two months ago due to an extremely stressful schedule coincidentally just in time for everyone else to resign/leave too (!!!). I was juggling my studies and a full-time job and had absolutely no time to be a lead admin (even though it was for a week) let alone a staff member. A lot of people knew how stressed I was for weeks before I finally decided to quit. I didn’t imagine coming back to the community, to be honest. Having all of my time consumed by my studies and work basically drained my motivation to log in game, and I found myself staying solely to continue leading MT and to help the staff and the server. It's unfair that I hogged those positions when I didn't have the motive to do my best even though my intentions were to help, but I knew someone that had better activity could do just a good as I did, and probably even better. My schedule has cleared recently and I found myself playing Skyrim basically all day until my eyes dry out of boredom so I think my time is calling, so hi. I’m back, I think. I don’t know what I’m going to be roleplaying so I think I’m going to chill a bit until I figure out what I’m going to do with that. But yes, hello. I missed all of you memers.
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    Hi. I map sometimes. I'm not the best, but sometimes I have good ideas. Most of the time I have someone else mapping with me with better ideas though and I just pretend to help, or implement my innate desire to make things 'perfect'. Anyways, check out some of this stuff - not all 100% mine cuz, like I said, I got people to help me, or I use ideas from other people, so yea. I'll try and place credit where it's due. Interior Mappings Exterior Mappings I hope you like all that you see, and I'll probably be adding some more as I find them in my SS's, or down in my map files, or new ones I make.
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    Installing CCTV to your home with all legit wiring and 8 channel recording boxes. Contact for quotes and further information: C.Warren - [email protected] (Forum PM) Phone: 611511 Contact Format: Name: Surname: Address: Contact Nr: Number of Cameras: Notes: ((SINCE EVERYONE HAS NON-RP CAMERAS OUTSIDE THEIR HOUSES, I'VE DONE ENOUGH RESEARCH AND LEARNED TO ROLEPLAY INSTALLING THEM, SO HIT ME UP IF YOU CAN'T RP))
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    Hi. My name is Kavian, but you can refer to me as Master Poon Slayer 4/20. I'm here to teach you the basics of the virtual market on OwlGaming. What is the virtual market? The virtual market concept was brought to OwlGaming in 2015 by the Faction Management Team. The concept of virtual market is selling drugs or making drug sales to the realistic drug abusing "NPCs". In clearer words, it is you, representing your character and/or faction, and selling drugs to passive-roleplayed characters. Similar to the PD's use of NPC 911 calls and NPC witnesses which would be common in a location where the crime is occurring and the NPC is usually roleplayed by an admin... the VM's use of NPCs includes you, the player, passively roleplaying the characters via your own roleplay and therefore, you are the one controlling the character interacting with you. A drug-abuser of your choice can be roleplayed via a /do, and this drug-abuser can be any figment of your imagination, as long as it is realistic of course. This can range from your friendly neighbourhood crackhead, to your daily teen pothead, maybe a hippy, some party fanatics, etc. Alright, now that you understand what virtual market is, the rest of the guide is to help you virtual market successfully and begin making $$$ like a regular. You're going to need the following items... 1. At least a 100 grams of any drug. In the case of pills and hallucinogens, you'd need at least a 100 tabs. 2. A location. This can be on a street or most commonly a street's corner. It can also be inside a house, most commonly a trap house or abandoned house. Or you can even virtual market out of a store. Remember, the amount of drugs you try to sell is determined by you, but the amount of drugs you DO sell is determined by FMT and it is dependant on realistic factors. For example, not a lot of people go inside a store looking for crack-cocaine so you may not make as much sales in a business location than on a street in the ghetto. Be realistic. Okay so now we've got 100 grams of... let's say it's cocaine. And you've also got a location... let's say it's a street. We're going to go ahead and stand on the corner of this realistically popular street, and await. Now the most basic of all plans is to generally wait until you are approached by the characters that you plan to passive roleplay. It is more looked up upon if you create your own unique way of obtaining customers and handling them. Some people passive-roleplay contacting their customers with phones, where a meetup is scheduled. Others who run a "trap house" just wait for their customers to step into the house, and place an order. Now that we're on the corner of the street, we're going to go ahead and begin our journey to virtual market. You'll want to start by writing /time or utilise your watch if you have one in your inventory. You should get something like this... After you've gotten a time stamp, that means you're ready to begin passive roleplaying. I personally enjoy having a few lines of roleplay with your own character before you want to passive-roleplay a drug-abuser to come up to you, but for this guide, we'll get straight into it. Your roleplay with yourself and the passive character should go something like this. Notice how I did not specify the amount I sold or the amount I was paid? It is recommended to be done this way, as the Faction Team determines all your sales and income. Anyways... the roleplay above was completely finished by me after around 6 minutes. You can take a one-two minute break after a roleplay like so, or you can passive roleplay something else while you think of another customer to passive-roleplay approaching you. During this roleplay, you're going to want to take a few screenshots to send along your logs to the FT. After 45 minutes to 60 minutes, you'll have a long set of logs of you roleplaying with your passive customers, and you can finish your session of virtual market by typing /time or utilising the watch if you got one in your inventory. And now, we can move on to getting paid for our virtual market! You're going to want to start by gathering your logs of the entire session. You can find logs up to a week from here (C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\logs) or (C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\logs). Logs may be found from other sources too in the MTA San Andreas 1.5 folder however, C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\logs is a 100% source for logs. You can post your logs into the Faction Team form directly or you can simply place them into a paste-bin at (https://pastebin.com). Then take your screenshots, and place it into any image-sharing website... most people use imgur, at (http://imgur.com) Now save the link to your logs and screenshots and you can go ahead and create a VM contact to the Faction Team using this form. After you're halfway done through the form, it should look something like this... Once you're completely finished the form, you can then go ahead and press the SEND button and that's when you'll begin waiting until the Faction Team responds to you via a Forum PM or other things. And... that's just about it. If you have any questions, feel free to comment on this thread and I'll get back to that ASAP. Hope this helped.
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    GAT Update - May 7th, 2017 Hi, Following the last Game Administration Update, we'd like to announce an updated roster as well as newly accepted members to the team. Applications will remain open and will be handled on a day to day basis, allowing anyone and everyone to apply whenever they wish. Promotions Connor ― Promoted to Administrator Lewis ― Promoted to Administrator LokiHavok ― Promoted to Administrator jonthulhu ― Promoted to Administrator Weelawn ― Promoted to Trial Administrator Reinstatements Shanks ― Reinstated as Lead Administrator Lewis ― Reinstated as Trial Administrator Departures PixelCreations(Resigned) zythum(Resigned) All in-game and forum perks will be set as soon as possible. Once again, congratulations to all. OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Upper Administration Team.
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    mvg represent RS Haul, gang or dont bang.
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    The OwlGaming Development Team Full Developer Full Developers have access to repositories of the latest source code in their respective departments. [ALL] Chaos [MTA] tree [MTA] Exciter [UCP] cat (bug fixes) [MTA] Hurley Trial Developer Trial Developers have access to a repository of older source code versions in their respective departments Vacant - Looking for Members All - Responsible for all OwlGaming projects with full access to all OwlGaming repositories, databases and server infrastructure. MTA - Responsible for the development of the Multi Theft Auto server UCP - Responsible for the development of the User Control Panel We're Always Looking for Talent Interested? Message me on the forums.
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- DMV Transfer What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- Vehicles What is the suggestion?- Remove the location-based vehicle selling. You should be able to sell your vehicle to anyone, anywhere. No more moving to the DMV. Just fill in the form and done. What are the advantages?- No more /tempsell for admins Less waste of time for players What are the disadvantages?- None Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- - How would you go about implementing this idea?- -
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    Mapping Team Update It's about that time again where we, the Mapping Team, get to bless your precious Announcements & News with an update of our own. To begin, I'd like to firstly announce that MT Applications are open, and then inform everyone of a few changes that we are rolling out, and are effective as of this post: MT Applications are Open Finally, Mapping Team Applications are open! Currently we are seeking to fill several spots to help us better offset the workload put on by the above changes and tasks at hand. We're looking for those that are dedicated to improving the server, via mappings, friendly communication with players when handling their requests, and the desire to give ideas, input, and feedback on future mapping discussions and changes. We are also looking for experienced mappers to work on new interiors as well as work with Factions if they need. We'll be looking to fill three or four positions. Mapping team is open to all members, you do not need to be apart of another staff team to apply! You can apply here: CLOSED Applications will be open until May 12th, 2017, and an announcement for those accepted will be made shortly after. New Interior Naming Policy The first of these is a refresh on the Interior Naming Policy that's been in the background. As of right now, a lot of interiors are named extremely poorly and lack any relevant information on the interior. For example, there are some interiors simply labeled as "Garage", which gives no information on where that interior is, if it's 'part' of another interior (like connected to a house), ect. To correct this, every interior will now have both an address number, and street named in the name of the interior, including businesses. For example, Idlewood Gas Station would have a name similar to such: 'Idlewood Gas Station, 612 San Andreas Avenue', whereas a house down in Rodeo / Marina might be '918 Rodeo Ave'. In order to help facilitate this roll-out as smoothly as possible, we do ask that, if you are in possession of an interior that needs to have it's name changed, please just report in-game via F1 to have someone set it quickly for you. If you do not, you may notice over the coming weeks that your interiors name has been adjusted to fit this policy. You can see the full, official policy here: Revised Exterior Mapping Policy Exterior mappings have always been a sort of weak point for Mapping Team, changing rules between each successive leader of the team, or having no written rules present at all. This is due to the two stances: Whether we should allow personal mappings, or not. The biggest issue is the stress on performance when it comes to implementing a substantial number of changes to the game world. You can already see this in some heavily mapped areas. To try and set a balance, we are going to revising the rules and regulations on Exterior Mapping, and we're going to tie it in with Factions, just as before. The following is the proposal that we are going to be basing off of from here on out (Subject to small changes if needed): Official Factions: Full Exterior Mapping Support - This includes help on mapping from our experienced Mapping Team members, as well as the ability to submit Exterior Mapping Requests for the use of the faction. (Example: JGC's map for their car dealership, REC, and SL Incorporated's Vinewood Gardens Map). Established Factions: Partial Exterior Mapping Support - These factions can request for smaller mapping to be implemented for use of the faction. This is not meant for larger structural changes, but minor modifications to an area. Some exceptions may be made for structural changes if it is light-weight mapping-wise. Please note that these must be approved by FT as well to ensure proper faction-related mapping. Unofficial / Unestablished Factions: No Exterior Mapping Support (Follows same guidelines as Personal) Non-Faction (Personal): Player-personal mappings will be kept at a minimum and only implemented for very small things (such as removing boxes or minor changes to the map) to improve quality of life or to gain accessibility to areas that should be. Please note a major change as well: All Exterior Mappings must be RP'd by a construction company, if one is available. If a construction company isn't available, MT will set a time limit for the construction to be completed, and a price associated with the mapping, dependent on the area that the mapping is situated in. You can see the full, official policy here: New Public Interiors This will be brief as we have nothing concrete to show off yet, but Mapping Team is going to be dedicating several members towards creating a few new default interiors for your use. Over the last few years, we've been mostly stuck with the same set of interiors, with most houses sticking even to the same select few. We'll be looking to create a few more house interiors, as well as some in other sections that have very little variety in them. As a side note, we've also discovered a few default interiors that were already on the server, but hidden away from the Interior Library. They'll be making their way onto the library soon, but here's a sneak peak at them, and you can already use them in a new interior, or interior change request: Interior ID Type Preview 34 Shop 145 Bar 170 Office Regards, Owl Gaming Mapping Team Mapping Team Leadership
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    BlackHawk Tactical Solutions was created and founded by U.S. Army Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret.) James Lockwood who served as an Armor Officer within the 1st Battalion, 77th Armor Regiment. Upon termination of his contract he decided to move out to Los Santos with his wife, after applying in to a position in the government as a security operator he was quickly promoted to Commissioner of Defense prior to leaving due to personal reasons, months after his resignation BlackHawk Tactical Solutions was made, an elite private security firm with militarized operating procedures, thus including training and ranking structure. The company was then sold to RPMF Incorporated. BlackHawk Tactical Solutions is a private security firm which strives to provide the best and utmost professional elite security services to the people of Los Santos, anything ranging from personal security detail to event security, among others. You pay, we provide. The company is divided by three divisions: Special Operations Unit; Standard Security Unit; Specialized Tech Unit. - The Special Operation Unit is specialized in Personal Security Detail which provides full dignitary protection to VIP's and HVT's such as company executives, public figures and other paying parties which require special security. On the other hand, we also handle Cash-In-Transit services and property protection along with over watch. - The Standard Security Unit provides a long range of security services from event staffing to stationary post and mobile patrol through uniformed security officers. - The Specialized Tech Unit provides technical support to the BTS clients, services such as CCTV surveillance and installment, along with the sale of security equipment, safes, firearm holsters, CCTV's and so forth. Our goal is to provide top notch security services to the people of Los Santos, due to the recent raised criminal level in the city we wish to make the city a safer place with our services, whether it's surveillance equipment installment or personal security. We'll be able to provide more work opportunities to the citizens of San Andreas, along with specialized training from our tactical instructors, your security is our concern. Pasadena Boulevard, Market - BlackHawk Tactical Solutions Base. You're able to contact us through email or hotline, we're available 24/7 to take your estimates and or questions. Email: [email protected] Ph: #1055 (RPMF INC.)
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    Name: Cultural Marxist Jew Comment: This is why we can't have nice things, proceed with having no night life please.
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    How 2 fix PD: Lessen restrictions on corruption and illegal alts Lessen required amount of activity on a weekly basis and instead on a bi-weekly basis (people have schools, jobs, etc.. hello?) Fix the Command:Sergeant:Police Officer ratio - there shouldn't be 5 Lt's/Ctp's for 2 Sgt's and 20 P-I > P-III's Less drama (pick up on when there's drama going on in the faction and tackle it (big up shanks for his efforts towards this in hp)) Weekly/bi-weekly reminders to players for what they could be doing if they were serving in the LSPD (such as bureaus, divisions, etc.) Redirect traffic towards the PD forums with press releases, advertisements, etc. Promote faction screenshot threads to show off faction roleplay to the server Remove the /dispatch map icons for the love of god so players are actually required to UPDATE during pursuits (thus pushing for higher standards) magic, doesn't take a whole new faction
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    April 30th, 2017 The CPQL and Commissioner Thomas Mengele hosted a political rally on the premises of Commissioner Hill earlier today with the assistance of Emergency Services. The official heads of the Police Department, Fire Department, and All Saints General Hospital endorsed Mengele in several separate short speeches. *The following would be on the CPQL Official Website in the form of a video* *Keira Mosley would be seen standing in front of the podium, visibly shaking before she begins to speak.* *Keira takes several steps back from the podium before making her way to the back of the stage as Police Chief Melanie Gaines steps up to the podium.* *Melanie turns around, walking back across the stage as Fire Chief Eleanor Swafford takes her place, Deputy Chief Rebecca Zicardi directly to the right of her.* *Eleanor and Rebecca both return to the back of the stage as ASH Medical Director Zoe Randall steps up to the podium.* *Zoe quickly turns and makes her way back to the crowd at the back of the stage, Commissioner Mengele making his appearance in front of the podium.* *Mengele steps aside as Deputy Commissioner James Vandross takes to the podium.* *Vandross heads to the back of the stage as Mengele shuffles back to the podium, pulling out a shiny new badge and signaling Vandross back up front, handing the badge to him.* *All of the speakers and their security detail would be seen leaving the stage, making their way over to meet with the ground before the CPQL logo appears on screen and the video fades and a set of credits roll.* Brought to you by Keira Mosley and Zoe Randall, Los Santos County Government Public Relations Team
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    An actual gang that ain't trigger happy, promotes passive RP, actually interacts with the PD which makes some interesting scenarios and, again - doesn't shoot everyone they interact with. 10/10. Oh, and they don't have a shootout vid in every second post, but actual RP screenies. Juuust gonna put that out there.
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    **Across your screen, the above image would come into play with a small drum-line theme of a bad joke playing, before being given a live feed. The video would appear to be in good quality, with good sound and little to no static from the microphone.** "Welcome one and all to the Windell Report, I'll be your host Victor Windell and boy do we have a lot to talk about. Although this is a new channel with little to no recognition, we would like to-...enjoy some of the calmer days of the internet before we divulge right into the topic at hand." **The screen would switch from Windell, the following clip.** **The clip would play for approximately fifteen seconds, before the screen would return back to Windell who would be smiling in content.** "Now I know what you're thinking. What the hell have I just wasted thirty seconds of your day going on about, and I believe you deserve an answer. So tonight, we will be going deep into a topic that is both alarming, and in the words of a certain political candidate, an issue that and I quote, "people are afraid to advocate for themselves in fear of persecution." To which I have to reply, that the levels of persecution in Los Santos is actually much lower then the rate of the very issue we are both speaking out about. Now, if you haven't already picked up on it, the issue I'm talking about is the Crime Rates in the State of San Andreas, and how not only has the Department of Justice as a whole been silent on the issue, but what measures are being used to combat it. And if you are of the opinion that Crime Rates are normal, I would like to introduce you to a little section of the city called Idlewood." **A picture of Idlewood would be displayed next to Windell, as he would continue to speak about the area.** "Now Idlewood, is located in the central to eastern portions of Los Santos and that's not saying much considering how most of those areas are at higher rates of poverty and crime, then the rest of the state. But what makes Idlewood so unique, is it seems to be the American Dream, gone rogue. And no, I don't mean that in a manner of Hispanic illegal immigrants coming into the country and taking valuable jobs as the media would put it, although to be fair, the amount of Hispanic violence in the area would make any sensible american from both sides of the isles to seriously consider the aspect of increased militarization. Idlewood is simply the case of a mixture of various races and identities, that cannot seem to keep the peace despite having more then enough economic opportunities to advance in society. Now if this is all due to the fact that these gangsters are simply wanting to act like a twelve year old teenager, with no sense of respect or duty, or if there is a legitimate system in place that is disfranchising these various groups, what is seen from a birds eye view is a murder rate that surpasses most of the States in the Union, making San Andreas the most deadliest state in the United States of America." **The picture of Idlewood would switch with a picture of the Los Santos Police Department, on a crime scene.** "What you're seeing now, is the Los Santos Police Department dealing with yet another call from Idlewood. Some of these officers have been conducting special patrols within the area, armed with higher-calibre weapons to ensure the safety of other officers, but even this may not be enough. For some reason, the Los Santos Police Department does not seem to have the means to actively crack down on criminal gangs and activity that is plaguing our streets. Whether this is due to a low department budget, or simply poor leadership has yet to be seen. Yet, over the years the Los Santos Police Department has been embroiled in scandal after scandal, with various Chiefs of Police coming in and out of the department faster then Kim Kardashian has an orgasm. And yet despite the changes administration per administration, the Los Santos Police Department still does not seem to have the tools to combat this crisis. And even more shockingly, the current Chief of Police Melanie Gaines, doesn't even make public appearances of reassurance that the department is capable of handling such a massive rise in crime which in many other cities like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles would see as standard practice for a Chief of Police. But okay, let's not blame the department fully. Maybe it's a budget issue, and if that's correct then the City of Los Santos is to blame for both the poverty and poor policing that we've seen, so I take us now to City Hall." **The picture of the Los Santos Police Department would change to Commissioners Hill, to a town hall meeting of Commissioner Thomas Mengele.** "Commissioner Thomas Mengele, a previous Chief of Police of the Los Santos Police Department who was one of the more successful chiefs, later ran for Commissioner of Los Santos County and won and during his term we have seen some striking changes from previous government administrations. Mengele has made a point of regularly hosting press conferences, cooperating with the Department of Justice by announcing initiatives such as Operation Homeland which is a task force of various federal agencies and local law enforcement to combat crime, and has shown to possess a record of charitable developments such as Homeless shelters to help ease the burden of Los Santos citizens. Now, I cannot speak for Mengele. But as from what I see, Mengele seems to be very serious about fighting crime in the streets of Los Santos, and with the budget of the county publicly available, has plenty of money to make some of these changes happen. Other administrations have either been arrested forcefully by the Los Santos Police Department due to corruption, or simply disappeared without a trace, so having someone to actually stand up for anything is a change for Los Santos, but we must wonder if this change will actually change the mentality of how citizens view certain topics. The Crime Rate, is an issue that could be simply due to sheer poverty, or outright defiance of traditional business strategy. It is in my view, that the average criminal in Los Santos isn't doing it for poverty unlike what many liberals may say. No, they're doing it for power. They're doing it because they can't be told no. Because they can't face the consequences of life, and feel the need to enforce themselves onto others. This insanity, needs to stop. The Los Santos Police Department needs to begin to equip it's officers with more higher-end equipment, and the penalties for weapon offenses and other crimes to be increased. These criminals don't need help, they need order. They need to know that consequences to actions, are real. And that we will not put up with it any longer. Los Santos, enough is enough. Let's show these criminals that we are not afraid, and that their bullshit ends. And if they resist, well we have plenty of ways to execute people within the confines of the Justice System. This has been the Windell Report, and I thank you all for joining." **The video would soon go black, indicating it's over as other videos of personalities like John Oliver, FOX News, would pop up. Comments would be enabled as well, and the description would read as follows.** Victor Windell, journalist from FOX News who later moved to SAN News to cover the Donald Trump visit into San Andreas. Now works on his own project the Windell Report, delivering fair and balanced views to combat political correctness, or unjust restrictions that hinder the free movement of capital, freedom of expression, or freedom of choice in our society. I am not a republican or democrat, I am an Independent. And the truth will be what I speak."
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    Apply now for a rewarding career - www.fd.ls.gov/apply Hello, people of Los Santos! As you may have seen in previous newsletters and in the advertisements, we've been running the beach actively with an organized set of Lifeguards and with Paramedics and EMTs. If you still haven't seen it, then go ahead and go to Santa Maria Beach! We're always there, enforcing the swimming regulations and the safety of everyone. Moreover, our applications are open. You can apply here www.fd.ls.gov/apply However, if you aren't fully sure and still want to assist, you can apply for a volunteer position. You can apply here www.fd.ls.gov/apply. We also have permits that you can apply for in order to gain knowledge about certain things, such as First Aid and the use of a Fire Extinguisher. If you've recently got your business application accepted you can apply for the inspection at www.fd.ls.gov/inspect.
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    Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- SjoerdPSV Character Name- Robbie Mason Date of Incident- 05/05/2017 Supervising Administrator- Express Narrative- So there was a situation where an armed suspect called Mario Nunez was being searched for. I found him and chased him, and ended up getting out of my car and aimed my M4 at him to get him to surrender. At some point he started to aim his gun and I started to shoot, I hit him twice (according to the script) before he hit me. Which can be seen in the first part of the evidence. Express dealth with this by doing a /luck 25 and a /chance, to decide whether or not the shot of Mario would have shot me in the head and I would die. Now the issue I have with this CK is that this was never declared a CK situation and right after I was shot Express mentioned that he's thinking about declaring it a CK situation, since SWAT was deployed. I wasn't in full gear, I was using a SWAT vehicle, but yet I wasn't on SWAT duty, I was on a normal patrol but using SWAT equipment. I'll not share those logs here since it was mentioned in the admin chat. I would have clearly agreed with a CK if the situation was declared a CK sit for both sides, but it never was. Another thing is that the player didn't even want me CKed, he mentioned that multiple times but that was ignored, see the logs. Evidence- Logs of the shots. https://pastebin.com/YrT8Ycbs Player mentioning that he didn't feel the need to get me CKed. https://pastebin.com/h6L0tpkg Method of Death- Was shot. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- No
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    was bout to post what the fuck the lime boy doing down here. guy needs a new wardrobe.
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    Operation Homeland My fellow Los Santosians, It is with great pride that I announce our war on crime has been a major success thus far. Since the beginning of Operation Homeland, we have taken down a major gun trafficker in the Idlewood region. We have now also managed to dismantle a large scale drug growing operation that will surely deliver a lethal blow to crime in Los Santos. Through the use of our federal task force and local police department, yet another array of weapons and drugs were seized this week. Below are the details. The task force has seized: 1 Mossberg 930, 1 KG-99, 30 grams of Marijuana, 413 grams of crack cocaine, 416 grams of cocaine, and 36 marijuana plants. Also seized are various 7.62 magazines, grow op paraphernalia, and two burner phones. A raid was also conducted today on a home in Idlewood and 7 grams of marijuana were seized. This is a war that the authorities are winning. May I also remind every citizen that if they come forward with vital information we will give cash rewards if the information leads to noteworthy arrests. Signed, County Commissioner Thomas J. Mengele
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    Apply now for a rewarding career - www.fd.ls.gov/apply Hello and welcome to the April issue of the Los Santos Fire Department newsletter. All of us from the Los Santos Fire Department appreciate the time you're taking to read our monthly newsletters and want to thank you for supporting the hard work of the Fire Department. We would also like to announce that the Los Santos Fire Department are recruiting. If you're looking for a rewarding career saving lifes, you can find our application at the following link: www.fd.ls.gov/apply Thomas Mengele Political Rally On the 30/04/2017 Thomas Mengele and the CPQL hosted a public rally to support Thomas Mengele re-electing as county comissioner. All government organizations were involved in the planing and execution of this public rally and hats off to all of them, the event went off with no issues. The CPQL were the heart of the event and organized the whole event, the Chief Eleanor Swafford fully supports them on their re-election campaign. Below are some photos that were taken by the Los Santos Fire Department's public relations office: All organizations performed their duties wonderfully and the rally was a success! Monthly Statistics Thank you From all of us here at the Los Santos Fire Department we would like to thank you for taking the time to read April's issue of the newsletter. Like stated before we're always looking for new recruits to join, you can apply at the link provided above. Newsletter bought to you by the Los Santos Fire Department Public Relations.
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    **Justice Greg Joplin would look over the case, and quickly discards it.** "Who the hell do they expect me to charge? Slenderman?"
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    UNKNOWN BLACK MALE Four Counts of Attempted Murder DESCRIPTION Aliases: UNKNOWN Race: Black Date(s) of Birth Used: UNKNOWN | Appears to be in his early twenties. Place of Birth: UNKNOWN Eyes: Blue Weight: Predicted 144 to 155 pounds. Hair: Black, short and "stumpy" hairstyle. Height: Predicted 5' 8" to 6' 0" Sex: Male Scars and Marks: Black tattoos all over the back of his head. Upside down crosses tattooed on both the left and right sides of his neck. REWARD The FBI is offering a reward of up to $50,000 for information leading to the arrest of this individual. REMARKS This individual is armed and dangerous, do not attempt to apprehend him yourself. DETAILS This individual is wanted for his involvement in a shooting which took place on the 24th of May, 2017. A shooting in which a total of five (5) LSPD Officers were brutally gunned down by this individual along with his affiliate Omar Parker. THIS INDIVIDUAL IS ARMED AND DANGEROUS
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    @Belgica if you've got an issue with people doing this, report them via the UCP or contact a forum administrator if breaking the rules. No need to cause controversial and argumentative topics. Locked.
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    Actor: Actress: THE FOLLOWING VIDEO IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE WELL STACKED PIZZA COMPANY. ★ Pablo turns on the camera, aiming it at Emma. ★ Emma smiles. [English] Pablo says: Glad to have you here... [English] Emma says: Thank you. [English] Pablo says: Alright, what's your name sweetie? [English] Emma says: I'm Emma. [English] Pablo says: Ooh, that's a pretty name. ★ Emma speaks in a polite manner, smiling. [English] Emma says: Thanks darling. [English] Pablo says: Alright, Emma, say hello to the viewers. ★ Pablo chuckles. ★ Emma waves at the camera. [English] Pablo says: Right, let's get started. [English] Pablo says: Emma, why don't we start with seeing those uh... [English] Pablo says: Lucious breasts of yours. ★ Emma holds her breath for a second, before nodding. [English] Emma says: Sure. ★ Pablo smirks. ★ Emma places her hands on her breasts, jiggling them. [English] Emma says: You like them, huh? [English] Pablo says: Sure do. [English] Pablo says: Why don't you go ahead and remove that coat for me, beautiful. ★ Emma extends her fingers firmly around her jacket, gripping each side. ★ Pablo casually stares at Emma's breasts. ★ Pablo ensures the camera is pointed accurately at Emma, as he extends his right hand out - ★ - zooming in on the camera to focus on the breasts. ((Pablo )) ★ Emma slowly removes her jacket, revealing her breasts. ★ No bra. ((Emma)) ★ Emma wiggles her chest, leaning forth as she shows off her breasts. ★ Emma licks her lower lip. ★ Pablo zooms out of her breasts, adjusting the zoom with his right hand. [English] Pablo says: Some excitement right there... [English] Pablo says: I love it! So, Emma. [English] Emma says: Yes, hun? [English] Pablo says: Why don't you come over here... [English] Pablo says: And show our friends on the internet how you work that mouth of yours. ★ Pablo chuckles, reaching his hands around the camera as he grasps it, raising it. [English] Emma says: Sure thing, hun. ★ Pablo keeps it focused on Emma. ★ Emma stands up fully, letting the coat around her shoulders to fall to the ground. ★ Emma pushes herself up off the couch, stepping infront of Pablo as she drops to her knees. ★ Emma stares at Pablo, only wearing her panties. ★ Pablo reaches his left hand out, slowly unbuckling his belt. ★ Pablo's penis would be semi-erect, creating a bulge over his jeans. It is erect. ★ Pablo extends his right hand out, tilting the camera to get his lower-body and Emma's face - ★ - in view of the camera, recording. ((Pablo )) ★ Pablo unzips his pants, his penis immediately browsing it's head out - ★ of his boxers and zipper, revealed as it stands at around 6 inches tall. ★ Emma starts rubbing Pablo's penis, using her hands. ★ Pablo chuckles. ★ Emma starts to move her head towards Pablo's penis, slowly jerking it with her hands. [English] Pablo says: Mhm... ★ Emma gasps lightly, as she parts her lips. ★ Emma slowly licks the tip of Pablo's penis. [English] Pablo says: There we go. [English] Emma says: Oh my godness. It is so nice. ★ Pablo bursts into a chuckle. [English] Pablo says: Why thank you. ★ Emma starts licking Pablo's dick, while eyeing him, smiling a bit. ★ Emma slides her tongue under his penis, as she then wraps her lips around his penis. [English] Pablo says: Aaah... There we go. ★ Emma starts moaning as she extends her left hand down to her vagina, rubbing it. [English] Emma says: Ahhh. ★ Emma continues moaning as she is sucking on Pablo's penis. ★ Pablo chuckles, holding the camera properly in his right hand as he casually extends his left - ★ - hand out, placing it behind Emma's head. ((Pablo )) [English] Emma says: Ah ah ah... ★ Pablo begins pushing his left hand up and down, forcing her on a faster pace. ★ Pablo groans lightly in pleasure. [English] Emma says: *gags* ★ Emma quickly takes her mouth off Pablo's penis, rubbing her vagina afterwards. ★ Pablo extends his right hand out, placing the camera facing more towards the duo, on the couch. ★ Emma eyes Pablo. [English] Emma says: You like that, huh? [English] Pablo says: Mhm... just a little more, before we get started, beautiful. [English] Emma says: Alright. [English] Pablo says: Here... let me. ★ Pablo now uses his free right hand, extending it as he places it on the left side of Emma's face. ★ Pablo places his left hand on the right side of Emma's face as he leans himself forward. ★ Emma moans loadly as she parts her mouth, placing her mouth half-way on his penis. ★ Pablo holds a firm grip on her cheeks as he begins to slowly force her deeper in her actions. ★ Pablo moves his hands closer to himself, attempting to slowly pressure his penis deeper in - ★ - Emma's throat. ((Pablo )) ★ Emma groans loudly as his penis is forced deeper. ★ Pablo lets go of Emma's head, as he then leans slightly backward, smiling. [English] Pablo says: Aahh... There we go. ★ Emma lets go Pablo's penis, gasping with a smile, as she eyes Pablo. ★ Pablo extends his left hand out, grabbing a firm hold of Emma's breast. ★ Pablo begins flipping his fingers up and down, wiggling her breast. ★ Pablo chuckles. [English] Pablo says: Alright. [English] Pablo says: I think our audience wants to see some action... [English] Pablo says: And I'm not one to deny them. Are you? ★ Emma eyes Pablo while he is wiggling her breasts, she remains quiet. ★ Pablo bursts into a louder and fake chuckle, standing up slowly as he lets go. ★ Pablo steps into the back bedroom, taking out a condom as he walks back. ★ Pablo takes off his shirt and jacket, tossing it aside. ★ Pablo casually unwraps the condom, struggling as he drops the wrapping, holding the condom steady- ★ -as he aims it near his penis, slowly trying to slip it on as he struggles. ((Pablo )) ★ Pablo continues numerous times, finally slipping the condom over his wet and erect penis. [English] Pablo says: Looks like we're lubed up and ready to go. [English] Emma says: Mhm. ★ Emma lighty bends over the couch, placing her knees on it. ★ Emma then extends her left hand down, rubbing her pussy. ★ Emma now slides her hand under her panties, moving them to reveal her vagina. ★ Pablo casually extends his right hand around Emma's hip, trying to move her closer. ★ Emma moans and gets closer to Pablo, looking straight towards his face. ★ Emma arches her back as she bends further, holding the couch tightly. [English] Emma says: Ah get it in! ★ Pablo steps forward, placing his right hands around his penis as he aims it. ★ Pablo slowly moves in, aiming as he attempts to pressure the tip of his penis alongside Emma's - ★ - vagina. ((Pablo )) ★ Pablo wiggles his hips about slightly, as he penetrates Emma, slowly moving forth as he pushes - ★ - his penis deeper, groaning loudly in pleasure. ((Pablo )) [English] Emma shouts: Ah! ★ Emma squeels loudly as Pablo slides his penis in her vagina. [English] Pablo says: Aah... Yes. ★ Pablo begins slowly moving back and forth, slowly thrusting in and out of Emma. [English] Emma shouts: Ahhhh! ★ Emma holds the couch tighter as Pablo begins moving back and forth. ★ Pablo extends his left hand out, taking the camera as positions it upwards lightly to capture the ★ - duo. ((Pablo )) ★ Pablo now extends his hands out, wrapping them rather roughly around Emma's hips as he holds - ★ - a firm grip on Emma. ((Pablo )) ★ Pablo suddenly pushes his hips in completely, trying to place his entire penis inside her vagina. [English] Emma shouts: Oh my, fuck! ★ Pablo begins moving back and forth at a fast pace, beginning to rapidly smash his penis inside - ★ - Emma carelessly. ((Pablo )) [English] Emma shouts: Harder! ★ Pablo holds a firm grip around Emma's hips, starting to move her body with his actions. ★ Pablo rapidly swings his hips back and forth, penetrating Emma deeply and rapidly. ★ Emma extends her right hand towards Pablo's left thigh, tapping it twice. [English] Emma shouts: Aeh! ★ Pablo continues thrusting into Emma, groaning loudly in pleasure. [English] Pablo says: Aaah, fuck! ★ Emma moans loudly, shouting after as she gets rammed by Pablo. [English] Emma shouts: Aah harder! Fuck! ★ Pablo quickly lets go of Emma's hips, extending his left hand down as he places it inbetween - ★ - her thighs. ((Pablo )) ★ Pablo quickly tries lifting her left leg up high, his penis still inside her. ★ Emma gets lifted easily, her right thigh shuddering from pleasure. ★ Pablo wraps his hands around Emma's left leg, firmly holding her steady. ★ Pablo begins swinging his hips back and forth widely, starting to penetrate Emma's vagina - ★ - deeply, rapidly, and with slight force. ((Pablo )) ★ Pablo groans loudly in pleasure. ★ Emma sucks on her lips, trying to keep silent. ★ Pablo holds her left leg with his right hand wrapped around. ★ Pablo stops moving as he keeps his penis deep inside Emma, extending his left hand out as he - ★ - grips a firm hold of her left breast. ((Pablo )) ★ Pablo begins thrusting back and forth slowly, gyrating his hips as he does so. ★ Emma 's mouth pops open as she suddenly lets out a loud moan. [English] Emma shouts: Aaaahhhh! [English] Pablo says: Mhm! ★ Pablo pushes his hips back, taking his penis out. ★ Pablo lets go of Emma carelessly, no longer touching her as he places his hand onto his penis. ★ Emma gasps as Pablo takes his penis out, turning around quickly, eyeing him. ★ Pablo slowly rubs it before holding the tip of the condom, removing it as he drops it onto the table. [English] Emma says: You are a beast. ★ Pablo focuses onto the camera, extending his left hand out as he angles it. ★ Pablo rubs his penis with his right hand. ★ Pablo continues rubbing his penis, before jerking it at an intense speed. ★ Emma opens her mouth a bit, smiling. ★ Emma extends her right hand around her breast as Pablo ejaculates. ★ Pablo groans loudly as he releases a large spew of sperm onto Emma's nose. ★ Pablo misses the mouth. ★ Pablo aims his penis slightly lower, jerking it slower as he groans in pleasure, dropping - ★ - little semen droplets onto her mouth after. ((Pablo )) ★ Emma moans. [English] Pablo says: Aaaaah... Fuck. [English] Pablo says: There we go. ★ Pablo captures the cumshot, zooming on Emma's face before turning off the camera.
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    We don't have a rule called OOC insults. It was all combined under general conduct which says don't be a dick. So there's nothing to change here.
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    Fortification of Land and Buildings Passed by the Consilium Populusque Los Santos (CPQL) of the State of San Andreas, at the second quarter held in the County of Los Santos on April, the twenty third day of April, two thousand and seventeen. Chapter I—Foreword Sec. 101—Definitions. (a) For the purposes of this ordinance and all references to this ordinance, “City Building Inspector” means a Public Works Technician of the Los Santos County Government appointed by the County Commissioner or the Commissioner of Public Works to enforce this ordinance. (b) For the purposes of this ordinance, "County" means the County of Los Santos. (c) For the purpose of this ordinance, “Construct and Construction” means to do anything in the erection, installation, extension or material alteration or repair of a building and includes the installation of a building unit fabricated or moved from elsewhere. (d) For the purposes of this ordinance, “Emergency Services” means police, fire and ambulance services. (e) For the purposes of this ordinance, “Land” means land, including buildings, mobile homes, mobile buildings, mobile structures, outbuildings, fences, erections, physical barriers and any other structure on the land or on or in any structure on the land. (f) For the purposes of this ordinance, “Person” means a natural person, an individual, a firm, a corporation, an association or partnership and their heirs, executors, administrators or other legal representative of a person to whom the context can apply according to the ordinance, and includes an owner, lessee, and tenant of land within the geographic limits of the County of Los Santos. (g) For the purposes of this ordinance, “Protective Elements” means objects, material components, excavation, or any contrivance designed to control, restrict, or render injury to lawful access to or from land or premises, and for purposes of this ordinance shall be deemed to include, but is not limited to: (1) protection plates made of metal or any material and installed inside or outside a building or; (2) laminated glass or any other type of glass or material that is bulletproof or difficult to break in the event of a fire, installed in windows or doors including protection shutters or; (3) armored or specially reinforced doors made for resisting the impact of firearms, battering rams or explosives or; (4) grills or bars made of metal or any other material installed on doors, windows and other openings that limits the quick entrance or exit from a building or structure in an emergency situation, except for those installed at the basement or cellar level or; (5) substantive bricking over or infilling of windows and doorways or; (6) the obstruction or installation of secondary walls in front of landings, doors or windows or; (7) concrete, metal or any other material installed as pillars or barriers prohibiting or hindering access onto any land through conventional means or modes of transportation or; (8) fences and gates constructed, installed, maintained or reinforced with metal or like materials in excess of 3 (three) millimeters in thickness. Sec. 102—Short Title and Table of Contents. (a) This ordinance may be cited as the "Fortification of Land And Buildings (LAC) Ordinance of 2017". Chapter I—Foreword Sec. 101—Definitions. Sec. 102—Short Title and Table of Contents. Chapter II—General Prohibition Sec. 202. Building and Fortification Regulations Chapter III—Exemptions Sec. 301. Building and Fortifications Exemptions Chapter IV—Power of Entry Sec. 401. Building and Fortifications Entry Limits Chapter V—Orders Sec. 501. Building and Fortifications Orders Chapter VI—Penalties Sec. 601. Building and Fortifications Penalties Chapter II—General Prohibition Sec. 201—Building and Fortifications Regulations. (a) No person shall fortify or barricade any land, building, or structure or other area or part thereof for the purpose of, or which would have the effect of, restricting or hindering access by emergency services onto that land, building, structure or other area. (b) No person shall construct any land and/or premises so as to restrict, obstruct or hinder any person, including emergency services personnel, from accessing and/or exiting in a timely manner, any land, property, building or structure appurtenant to property. (c) No person shall assemble, install or maintain, nor permit to be assembled, installed or maintained, any material element which is intended to reinforce or fortify land, or which does reinforce or fortify land. (d) No person shall construct, assemble, install or maintain, nor permit to be constructed assembled, installed or maintained, any protective element on land. Chapter III—Exemptions Sec. 301—Building and Fortifications Exemptions. (a) The following shall be exempt from the provisions of this ordinance after they have received the required permitting as per the Los Santos Permitting and Zoning Ordinance (LSPZO). (1) financial institutions zoned for such use or otherwise permitted by law or; (2) detention centers, prisons, county jails, or any other forms of buildings built to house prisoners zoned for such use or otherwise permitted by law or; (3) security service businesses zoned for such use or otherwise permitted or; (4) buildings given explicit written permission from the County Commissioner or; (5) all other commercial, business, industrial or institutional establishments as determined by the County Commissioner where the nature of the undertaking necessitates particular elements of fortification or protection and where such use is permitted by the County or provided such use is otherwise lawfully permitted. (b) An exemption noted in Sec. 301, Sub Sec. (a) may be requested when registering a business. Chapter IV—Power of Entry Sec. 401—Building and Fortifications Entry Limits. (a) An emergency services member or City Building Inspector may, at any reasonable time, enter and inspect any land to determine whether this ordinance, or an order under this ordinance, is being complied with if the owner is present. Any time entrance is made to property for the purposes of this ordinance and the owner is not present, a warrant must be filed to gain access to the property. Furthermore, an emergency services member or city building inspector shall: (1) make a reasonable attempt to request the presence of at least one law enforcement officer should it be necessary to perform a forced entry or entry without the owner present and; (2) they shall make a reasonable attempt to enter the building or premises in the county through non-damaging means before resorting to possibly damaging methods of entry and; (3) before entry, emergency services member or city building inspector shall make a reasonable attempt to contact the owner of the building or structure to be entered by sending written notification at least 12 hours prior to entry. * (( * Send a forum PM to the owner at least 12 hours ahead of forced entry and or send an in-game PM if they are online, especially if you cannot ascertain their forum name to PM, roleplayed as an e-mail or letter. )) Chapter V—Orders Sec. 501—Building and Fortifications Orders. (a) If an emergency services member or City Building Inspector is satisfied that a contravention of this ordinance has occurred, the emergency services member or city building inspector may make an order requiring work to be done to correct the contravention and the order shall set out: (1) the municipal address or the legal description of the land. (2) reasonable particulars of the contravention and of the work to be done and the period within which there must be compliance with the order. (3) a notice stating that if the work is not done in compliance with the order within the period it specifies, the county may have the work done at the expense of the owner. (b) The period described in Sec. 501 (a) shall not be less than one week if the fortification or protective elements were present on the land on the day this ordinance is passed. (c) If the work required by an order under Sec. 501 (a) and (b) is not done within the specified period, the emergency services member or city building inspector, at any reasonable time, enter upon the land with the owner present or may make arrangements for municipal employees or a contractor retained by the municipality for that purpose, to enter upon the land to do the work, given law enforcement is present at the time if the property owner is not. Chapter VI—Penalties Sec. 601—Building and Fortifications Penalties. (a) Every person who contravenes any provision of this ordinance is liable to a fine in the amount provided for by the emergency services member, city building inspector, public works commissioner or county commissioner, not exceeding $20,000 USD, for each week the ordinance is violated. If this violation occurs on a piece of property related to or being used by the business, the business registration may be revoked.
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    I'll respond to this like I did elsewhere. To fix issues with a faction, you go to the actual faction. Creating somewhere for people to flee and seek shelter and RP elsewhere is gonna damage the currently one big LEO faction we have. This is not a thread that we need to have and discuss this on, but it pops up every other month so I guess we respond once it shows. If Pd is suffering, offer your help within the faction. Making something new will obviously take away members whether you wish it to or not. Solve the issues at hand instead of pushing them aside and try to make something that put yourself in a better position, or offers better terms for people at the time. What should be the focus - is to fix what is broken, not jump around from faction to faction. Take your concerns to PD leadership, if there's no ear listening, take it to FT. You know, there's ways to go about this other than trying to go back to making a different faction itself. I don't mind topics like these too much, but people go off topic and discussion goes out of hand. And in the end we will say pretty much what I said above. LSPD issues will not get fixed because you offer another faction for people to check out or go to. It's really redundant, specially now. It would only take away more members from PD and have them suffer and eventually suffocate on the lack of people, no doubt. In that situation you got this new faction supposedly take over and then new people will be in charge with rather little effort due to what has happened. I suggest you offer your help and ideas to PD, chip in and do your best to support them instead of doing so for yourself and another faction, I've said this plenty of times to so many people as well. You say you've had your share of power, yet eagerly suggest this and put your own name in the hat as mentioned above, Brett. But at the end of the day - why not put your name in the LSPD and help from within? I don't support two factions, and I won't at this point. Time has passed and if there's issues faction-wise, solve them with the faction instead of these massive topics and forum uproars.
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    First off, big shout out and thank you to everyone RPing within and with the faction. Without you guys this wouldn't be half the fun it is, nor would we be where we currently are, keep it up and thank you for your efforts. Really amazing to see how many people want to get involved with it overall. Couldn't be doing this without you.