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    meme owl video :)

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw6AN-RqMtSFVlZpWG9VeXJyc2s/view cant upload on youtube because of copyright :PPP i made the meme on the turkish movie "Dügün Dernek 2"
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    Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- Cross125 Character Name- Dmitri Nasonov Date of Incident- 08/28/2017 Supervising Administrator- ThatGuy Narrative- Introduction: Around two to three days before the CK I was involved in a Felony stop. To be more precise I received recorded audio/footage of someone with an eastern European/Slavic accent asking a manager, of a Hotel, 10 grand a month for 'protection' and after the earlier mentioned manager denied, the person with the Slavic accent responded with "We'll meet soon". The same day the manager has contacted another person, who at the time was at Santa Maria Beach, asking about their location. After the person told his/her location (not naming names to prevent MG) a black SUV followed the manager's vehicle all the way to Santa Maria Beach. At the time I & two officers were at Santa Maria Beach, out of our cruisers, on break. That's when I saw the manager's vehicle and that black SUV which has honestly caught me off-guard. You can even check logs of how we didn't take the manager seriously what so ever and didn't even believe that a Black SUV occupied times four was following him. The manager jumped out of his car and shouted "That's them", when that SUV drove into the parking lot fairly confident considering the two cruisers at the time were hidden behind a parked vehicle. The SUV drove into the parking lot enough to pass the parked vehicle and saw the two cruisers, when it decided to slam on the brakes, do a 180-turn and drive away going Eastbound, only slightly speeding, pretending not knowing what was going on. I & the other two officers had a split second to think before running towards our cruisers. I was close to mine and was the first one to follow the SUV and the other cruiser with the two other officers following me shortly after. - Evidence of on-going extortion of the manager. - Recorded indirect threats that they will "meet again soon". - Black SUV occupied times four following the manager after passing by his business slowly. - Black SUV leaving the scene after what looked like he noticed the cruisers. Which is enough for 'Reasonable Suspicion'. The Reasonable Suspicion alongside the circumstances justifies a felony stop. It was never "illegal" how Hurley claimed at the time. Let me further elaborate this. From the LSPD Handbook; "Felony Stops: A Felony Stop or "high-risk" traffic stop occurs when there is a strong reason to believe the vehicle contains a driver or passenger suspected of having committed a felony/serious crime, especially of a nature that would lead the officer to believe the suspect(s) may be armed (such as an armed robbery, assault with a weapon, or an outstanding felony warrant for the registered owner)." We had a reasonable suspicion that the SUV was involved in extortion which according to the penal code is a felony and punishable up to 5 years in prison. (5 days OOC'ly.) If needed, I also got a recording of a Sergeant (who now got promoted to a Lieutenant) and 3 other officers talking with Salsa that the felony stop was absolutely justified. I was also not scene-command during the felony stop. There was a Sergeant with a 'Sergeant'-Badge on the scene the whole time who was scene command. _____________________________________________ The CK: It was around 22:20 when I decided to hop InGame to get one or two more tickets for a ticket quota. I drove out of the PD's garage when I responded to another officer's location who was involved in a traffic stop with a wrapped BMW. We were west of DB, just next to it. As we all know that part of town is extremely crowded. As a secondary unit in the traffic stop, I was more busy watching my surroundings than the traffic stop itself, which is what you do. It would be impossible to pass the traffic stop in a vehicle or on foot without me noticing it. During the traffic stop of the BMW north-west of DB is when I rolled down my windows to catch what the initiating officer was saying. There was only a single vehicle which drove past the traffic spot slow enough while my windows were rolled down to properly see my face and I even got a screenshot of that vehicle. I got a reason of why I know that the vehicle wasn't involved with the CK but more to that at a later point. The traffic stop was about to end with the driver of the BMW getting a ticket for reckless driving when I saw an RS Haul van racing past me, skipping an intersection later on in the process. Of course, I decided to follow the van and pull it over. The van came to a halt east of the County General Hospital. At this point it is easier to explain with logs: [2017-08-28 00:32:37] [Output] : ✪ Dmitri Nasonov rolls their windows up. [2017-08-28 00:32:37] [Output] : ✪ Doni Provacci rolls their windows up. [2017-08-28 00:33:17] [Output] : * Doni Provacci buckles in their seatbelt. * [2017-08-28 00:33:30] [Output] : [English] ((Dmitri Nasonov)) Megaphone <O: This is the Los Santos Police Department, pull over to the side of the road and tur [2017-08-28 00:33:30] [Output] : n your engine off! [2017-08-28 00:33:50] [Output] : * Dmitri Nasonov reaches his right hand to a chest mounted "Motorolla" radio as he presses on the PTT button, speaking into it * [2017-08-28 00:34:06] [Output] : * Marko Bezruchko takes out his cellphone. * [2017-08-28 00:34:17] [Output] : * Marko Bezruchko puts down his cellphone. * [2017-08-28 00:34:28] [Output] : * Marko Bezruchko removes their helmet. * [2017-08-28 00:34:30] [Output] : [English] [#**] Dmitri Nasonov ((In Car)) says: T-607 to Dispatch, 10-55 on a RS Haul Van, plates reading '..- 10-6. [2017-08-28 00:34:32] [Output] : * Dmitri Nasonov reaches his right hand to a chest mounted "Motorolla" radio as he presses on the PTT button, speaking into it * [2017-08-28 00:34:44] [Output] : * Marko Bezruchko withdraws the Fort-12B from his dufflebag and takes aim with haste. * [2017-08-28 00:34:49] [Output] : * Dmitri Nasonov's head was blown off. * ( Note that the ***'s are there to prevent possible MG of the PD's radio frequency. ) I have already addressed the rolled down windows but I want to point something out. There's almost a 1-minute gap between rolling my windows up and pulling over the van. I already rolled up the windows before even starting to chase the Van. As I said I literally was about to clear from the traffic stop, when the van flew past me. Anyhow, why am I addressing this? Simple. How did Marko knew it was me? I strongly believe that Marko has made a genuine mistake in terms of knowing who I was. Marko wasn't involved in the felony stop, so I'm not quite sure how he knew who I was in the first place and how he managed to know that it was me in that TED-Cruiser. Let me elaborate. I was driving a TED-Cruiser. A different one than the one from the felony stop. We have more than one of the white TED-cruisers. Also, the cruisers are completely tinted especially from the back. Please explain this to me. _____________________________________________ My third point is the fact that the CK-procedure itself was unfair. Let me explain by taking a closer look at the logs. [2017-08-28 00:34:30] [Output] : [English] [#**] Dmitri Nasonov ((In Car)) says: T-607 to Dispatch, 10-55 on a RS Haul Van, plates reading '..- 10-6. You can ask absolutely anyone from the PD and they can confirm that this is not how you radio-in/call-in situations. There was a very good reason why this radio message was so vague. I couldn't read the vehicle's name, nor plate via pressing 'alt'. The driver's name blocked the information of the vehicle. That's why I just said RS Haul Van and didn't specify what so ever. 10-6 means stand-by. Also the same reasoning behind it. I couldn't read the vehicle's plates and was forced to face my camera south, making it possible to read the "alt"-information but also limiting my view, especially what was going on on my left. I also was writing. [2017-08-28 00:34:32] [Output] : * Dmitri Nasonov reaches his right hand to a chest mounted "Motorolla" radio as he presses on the PTT button, speaking into it * This is my bind when I press "Y". Note my RP. I RP'ed having a chest mounted radio which means that I would still be normally sitting in my cruiser and RP'ly just reading out loud the plates of the vehicle. I would have easily seen Marko approaching me from behind through my driver's side side-mirror and reaching for his duffle bag as seen by his /ame. I was typing and not able to physically defend myself. I don't want to sound ignorant but I've been involved in 4 different shootings where I was able to put multiple rounds into suspects without even get hit once. It would be very likely that IC'ly I would have some experience regarding handling a gun and OOC'ly I can more than definitely assure that if I wasn't typing nor was forced to have my camera at an awkward angle, the outcome would be completely different. After my first CK (where I got shot because I decided to think for a second and not to shoot someone who shot me shortly after) I have a tendency to be trigger-happy. Hell, I almost shot two guys with less than 5 hours the other day at RS Haul because they decided to approach my cruiser from behind during a speed trap near some trees. _____________________________________________ TLDR; -What was the actual reason for the CK? -How did Marko knew it was me even though he didn't personally knew me, me using a different cruiser and my cruiser having window tint? -Was the CK situation really fair? _____________________________________________ A couple words regarding the "private" CK application. Is there a special reason why the CK application was "private" through contacting a UAT member instead of through the open-forum-contact when the CK application can be reviewed by multiple admin (UAT) members? I can also recall that on CK applications you have to be somewhat specific on how the CK is going to be executed. Does the CK application really say "Follow random cruisers until Dmitri was found and shoot him on sight"? Because quite frankly that is what has happened in the CK. I also would like to talk about the fact that it was late, 22:30 to be more precise. I do have a genuine belief that the people executing the CK didn't search for me until they most likely used /id (or similar) to find out that I was online. What are the odds that I was found literally 20 minutes after me leaving the PD Garage in such a large city. I even once complained the other day in /f how the town feels so empty even though 130 people were online. _____________________________________________ I would like to thank you for reading and taking your time. Evidence- -Refer to the Narrative. Method of Death- 9mm (?) shot. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes
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    FT Update - September, 2017

    FT Update - September 17th, 2017 Heya, I apologize for the mix-up with the last update posted by Franco. This is the new official fancy pantsy update for September. New leadership I am now the Faction Team Leader, and will remain as Legal Supervisor as well. @LokiHavok will remain as the Illegal Supervisor. Additionally, we'd like to welcome @Peaky to the team on the Illegal side. Legal Factions (Mis)Use of Faction Privileges The faction team will be constantly monitoring, particularly from now on, for misuse of faction privileges. This will not be tolerated and the Faction Team reserves the right to enter any faction at any point without notice to check for potential abuse. Every interior and vehicle in particular should have a actual tangible use to a faction and doing things such as setting personal cars or interiors to factions to change the interior or avoid hogging a vehicle slot will not be tolerated. This should particularly be noted by those now just receiving their faction status. New Legal Faction System As requested following the previous update, we re-evaluated Legal Factions and their f3 system to lower the barrier of entry. Note requirements such as membership and interior slots can be waived on a case by case basis where a faction needs f3 status to function, i.e, for a Dealership or Property Selling faction The new system is as follows: Incorporated Incorporated, as the name implies, is a base level company for any group of friends starting a business. Incorporated will be available to any group of committed friends starting a business, with the following requirements/benefits: CEO/Owner must have minimum 50 hours, 20 on the character applying. This is to ensure players will stay on the community and not leave and hold up a faction slot. Must have three active members at time of applying. Must have a faction thread. No more requirement for how long it's up. 5 interior slots, 5 vehicle slots (15 vehicle slots if a Dealership) Incorporated status can be achieved via a public contact or being accepted as a Dealership via Vehicle Team. Established Established maintains as before; with several weeks of confirmed activity, a active faction thread and updates, and several members, a legal faction can/will be updated to Established. Granted after several weeks of continued activity with a active faction thread, five active members and no incidents during Incorporated phase. Given 10 interior slots and 10 vehicle slots (again, 15 vehicle slots if dealership) Custom interior and skin uploads. Official After several months of continued activity and contributions to the community legal factions may be bumped to Official. Must be active for several months with a active and detailed faction thread, ten active members, and a positive contribution to the community as a whole. 10 interior slots and 15 vehicle slots. Script support within reason Subforum(s) under Legal Factions Guidance/support from the Faction Team Faction Promotions The following factions have been accepted or promoted. Report in game for a FT leader to set your f3's as needed. Griffin Automotive(Formerly LS Occasions) Dealership > Established @Deuce Petrov Realty Unofficial > Incorporated @Salsa Arkwright Corporation Unofficial > Incorporated @Kaasisbaas Sabzanov Construction Unofficial > Incorporated @LikeMike Verdant Corporation Unofficial > Incorporated @Vubstersmurf M-Corporation Unofficial > Incorporated @OXIGENT Vista Enterprises Unofficial > Incorporated @SazLore Congratulations all around! Illegal Factions Faction Organization Classifications In order to better create a realistic underworld in Los Santos, the Faction Team will be using a new standard in its interactions with illegal factions. Along with the Regular-Establish-Official grading system this new classification will help us better serve the entire illegal RP sphere and the factions themselves. Going forward, this will allow us to have a better grasp as a team on what we can do to create a more dynamic and interdependent illegal RP sector. Tier 1 - Gangs and Cliques: Criminal gangs and local crews whom are confined to a small locality. This includes street gangs sets, prison gangs, and youth crews. Tier 2 - Domestic Organized Crime Criminal organizations that are forged in America. From LCN to homegrown syndicates that have their origins in the United States. Tier 3 - Transnational Organized Crime Criminal organizations that have connections to other more powerful organizations abroad. Capable of complex cooperation that cross international borders. H&O - Hybrids and Other Criminal organizations that don’t fit neatly into the aforementioned tiers. From outlaw motorcycle clubs to political extremists. What does this mean for the illegal player groups? Quite simply this means that now there will be a faction team that can be more understanding of the RP concepts that factions are based around. This also means that certain mechanics involving the Faction Team and the Virtual Market will be catered around certain Tiers. We hope this will encourage more intra-faction dependency and generally a more realistic criminal underworld. Street of Rage V3 Overall, the new VM system that has been rolled out is far superior to what existed before Streets of Rage. However, it has not been without it’s shortcomings. We will be designing a more streamlined version of the street corner VM that will result in a better experience for the elements of the team handling the backend and the player who is participating in the Drug VM. In the coming week, as series of changes to the rules pertaining to the VM will be rolled out in segments to assure a seamless transition from the older method of verification & processing to the new system. Contraband Export System Currently in the works is the Contraband Export System. It will be the crux of a series of modules that will simulate the the domestic & transnational export of various illicit goods from Los Santos. These modules will be mini-systems of their own that are designed to work with the CES to be applied as they are developed. From stolen vehicles to human trafficking. These will be the focus of the coming updates to hit the Virtual Market in the foreseeable future. Here is a little peek: There's no updates for individual illegal factions this update - but stay tuned for our next update! Signed, OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Faction Team.
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    FT Leadership

    OwlGaming Summary of Action FT Revision Introduction: This revision is going to be evaluating the position of Franco as the Faction Team leader, finding a new Leader and attempting to fix some controversial actions recently made within the Faction Team. Details: Constant miscommunication within the team, failure to discuss and provide valuable information from the leadership to the members within. Irrational and incorrect decisions consistently being made. Failure to document any changes/updates within the team. Decisions which have recently been made caused disruption within the community, causing issues for a large amount of members. Poor leadership for an elongated amount of time. Proposal: Discuss with Franco and other leading Faction Team members, attempting to fix any wrongdoing in recent updates and keep the integrity of the team. Remove Franco from the Faction Team Leadership, as a result of several mishaps within the team. Evaluate the current Faction Team roster, choosing Bartman and allowing him to have a smooth transition to Leader of Faction Team. Final Notes: We've had several interactions and meetings with Franco about performance and decision making. Allow Franco, if he wishes to remain in the Faction Team as a member. Conclusion: Franco has resigned from leadership, being allowed to remain in the team as a full member. Bartman has been evaluated and chosen to lead the Faction Team, being assisted by the Upper Administration Team for a smooth transition. Any recent updates have been reversed or put on hold by the new leadership, Bartman.
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    The Montgomery Organization

    “Every city in the world always has a gang, a street gang, or the so-called outcasts.” - Jimi Hendrix Drug Lieutenant Sentenced to 30 years By Charles Pafford Published: January 21st, 2010 D’Andre Winslow, 29 of Los Santos SA, a lieutenant in a predominate Los Santos based drug organization was sentenced to 30 years for racketeering and murder on Friday. Twenty nine year old Winslow has an arrest record which dates back to the mid-1990’s and consists of everything from failure to pay child support to drug related charges. Winslow’s last stay with the Government was in March 2000 when he pled guilty to drug trafficking charges. For more than a decade Winslow was one of many violent members of a drug organization that calls Los Santos home. The organization has been connected to gangland murders, prostitution and home invasions. Winslow has been connected to several gangland shootings in and around South Central Los Santos and has been personally responsible for at least four murders. As per the saying goes, things are never personal it’s only business. This was the case for the now incarcerated D’Andre Winslow. The murder which Winslow was convicted was dated in 2008 and the victim was his supposed close friend, William Barclay. The LSPD claim that after a brief altercation at a local Los Santos nightclub, Winslow lured Barclay back to Winslow’s home, where he confronted him about a female which Barclay was seen with the night before. It is unknown what was said, but the end result was the death of Barclay. William Barclay, 30 of Los Santos was found beaten to death near the end of March, 2008. Vargas -- Infamous By Paul Benoit Published: July 1st, 2016 They say being on television adds ten pounds. Armando Vargas, a key figure in Zuquilanda Molinero Organization’s probe into San Andreas and Los Santos, was found murdered last Saturday night. Vargas has been tied to the once powerful Zuquilanda Molinero Organization and was made famous after an investigation into an anonymous recording which was sent to SAN which depicted the torture and murder of nightlife lord and suspected homosexual pornography actor, Louis Arnold. With his fifteen minutes of fame depleted, Vargas developed relationships and acted as the Zuquilanda Molinero’s emissary to local gangs, hispanic and black alike. While acting as a diplomat, he’s also acted as an executioner for the same organization. He has been tied to multiple murders in both Mexico and the United States of America. Late Saturday night the LSPD responded to a 911 call which said that there was a body along the banks of the Los Santos River. Upon their arrival the LSPD deduced that it was a murder and thus their investigation started. It’s been stated that Vargas was found with a single .45 caliber gunshot wound behind his right ear, execution style. Little else has been released and the Los Santos Police Department has been tight lipped on which direction their investigation is headed. Along with the method of murder, they also released that they believe that it’s been associated with ongoing cartel and local drug organization struggles. With the fall of the Zuqulanda Molinero’s San Andreas satellite, other organizations have moved in and staked their claim. It is only gangland nature that the old guard be expunged and the new guard moves in. UPDATED: October 23th, 2016 Since the posting of this article more information has come to light related to the murder of the South Central Los Santos citizen, Armando Vargas. The LSPD released information claiming that a drug organization which Vargas was connected to decided that it was his time. This organization has no ties to any larger Mexican Cartel or their San Andreas satellite drug organizations. Prostitution Ring Collapsed By: Sarah Rowe Published: September 11th, 2016 Sex sells. Last Thursday a large raid was conducted on an apartment building in South Central Los Santos and 15 people were arrested. The sex crimes unit of the Los Santos Police Department claim that an elaborate prostitution ring has been operating throughout the South of Los Santos since early 2008. Also found at the scene was three kilos of uncut cocaine, $95,602 dollars located in a safe and three firearms -- a M93R Beretta, a chromed Remington 870 and a Smith & Wesson model 60 - .38 special. The raid was said to be a targeted at several key individuals who were not at the premises at the time, but this action has netted the LSPD several notable arrests, one being the suspected street level lieutenant, Rasheed Bishop, 30 of Los Santos SA. This isn’t Bishop’s first encounter with the sex crimes unit of the Los Santos Police Department, he’s been arrested several times in the past for pimping and pandering charges. Bishop has been tied to a network of underground prostitution ring which uses the guise of an escort service to wander their way around the grey area of the law. This “escort service” has used different services on the internet to garner a reputation and to recruit potential women. They have also been located on what is called the “Dark web”. Samantha Washington, 19 of Los Santos SA, Lisa Williams, 22 of Los Santos SA, Jessica Martin, 24 of San Fierro SA, Tatianna Jones, 22 of Los Santos SA, Shantelle Jones, 18 of Los Santos SA, Candice Walker, 29 of Las Venturas SA, Krystal Brown, 18 of Los Santos SA, Janice Cribbs, 19 of Los Santos SA, Katina Jones, 27 of Los Santos SA, Karmella Early, 18 of Los Santos SA, Shautaqua Travis, 45 of Los Santos SA, Rasheed Bishop, 30 of Los Santos SA, George Alexander, 22 of Los Santos SA, Lonzie Pullings, 18 of Los Santos SA and Norris Salter, 26 of Los Santos SA are all in the Los Santos Police Department’s custody and are awaiting trial. “Black Bundy” Goes to Trial. By: José Diaz Published: January 3rd 2017 Theodore Howell or as the media has dubbed him, “Black Bundy”, was arrested late last year as a result of a six month investigation into the death of André Luther. Luther, a known member of the predominant drug organization in South Central Los Santos was found deceased in Willowfield with multiple gunshot wounds. As a result of the following six month investigation into the death of Mr. Luther, the LSPD had concluded that Theodore “Bundy” Howell had orchestrated and executed the death of André Luther. Information released through witness testimony at the trial indicated that Howell ordered and executed the murder as a result of Luther having assaulted a nameless individual. It was said that Luther had conducted an unauthorized response to ongoing internal strife and that this single action almost sparked a civil war with various internal factions. The witness, a Mr. George Williams, was present at the murder of Luther and has stated that he physically seen Howell pull the trigger which ended his best friends life. Howell is none too friendly with law enforcement of Los Santos. His arrest record ranges from possession of narcotics to full blown first degree murder. Since the late 1990’s Howell has been suspected to be seated at the number two position to the organization which bares the name of Benedict “Eggs” Montgomery. Howell and Montgomery both have been in the Police lime light, but nothing yet has stuck to either individual. Best friends since childhood, Montgomery and Howell made a name for themselves in the early to mid-1990’s, having developed a network which spanned the entire city of Los Santos. Sitting at the top of their game till the early 2000’s when an internal faction of the organization sparked a civil war which lasted 5 years and has taken, that we know of, 29 lives. During this time Howell developed his reputation as a killer, thus the media dubbed him the “Black Bundy”, after the late serial killer Ted Bundy who was executed in 1989. It can only be assumed that the death of André Luther was to squash another internal civil war. As seen by the past civil war, the organization was left weak and their numbers dwindled. If this was to happen again, the organization itself would cease to exist, so to combat this the death of André Luther was set into motion. The jury is now into deliberations as to the future of Theodore “Bundy” Howell. If convicted Howell can expect to receive the minimum of twenty five years and the maximum, Life in Prison without the possibility of parole. “Black Bundy” Goes Home By: José Diaz Published: January 10th 2017 After seven days of deliberation the jury was silently led into the courtroom where they previously had spent the last two months listening to evidence, witness testimony and the arguments which all led up to this point. With the slam of his gavel, court was now in session and the verdict of The State of San Andreas v. Theodore Howell was to be read. As the judge received the piece of paper from his bailiff, he shook his read and spoke to the defendant personally. Stating that regardless of what was on this paper, that Theodore Howell’s name was now known to authorities and the public. The Judge shook his head with a brief look of disgust on his face and spoke aloud to the first juror. “How does the Jury find the defendant?” “We the jury find the defendant innocent on all counts.” A single, unitary sigh echoed through the courtroom. The defense team stood quickly and cheered. Hugs were given and received, the defense’s family took their feet and celebrated as well. It is unknown to the public as to why the jury opted not to convict Theodore “Bundy” Howell. With all the evidence given to them it was a high probable chance that he would be convicted and would receive life in prison. When asked, the District Attorney stated that he was shocked with the response of the jury and said he wouldn’t give up until justice had been served. The defense’s lawyer, Charles Goldstein, said he was happy with the result of the jury and that it was the appropriate response. He continues to state that his client was innocent of all charges and that this was just another attempt by the Los Santos Police Department to convict another innocent black man. George Williams, the prosecution's key witness has missing since January 7th, four days after his testimony. The Marshall Service declined to respond. Howell was asked about the verdict, he simply stated that it was the right one and that he was innocent of all charges. He was then asked what he plans on doing now that he’s been cleared. Howell responded simply with; “Me? I plan on going back to school, get a degree or something.” With Theodore “Bundy” Howell cleared of all wrong doing, did justice actually prevail? Will we ever find out who murdered André Luther? Drug Violence in Jefferson By: Charles Pafford Published: July 1st 2017 Jefferson has always been a staple in the drug community. Whether it’s the crack epidemic of the 1980’s and the early 1990’s or the heroin epidemic of more recent years, Jefferson has always been at the forefront of the drug scene. With drugs, comes bodies and with bodies comes the Police. While the murder rate of Jefferson has been on a decline in the past few years, the Police still have open cold cases and still continue to find bodies which they deemed related to the drug crime which populations the streets, corners and buildings of Jefferson. Police officials have stated that the majority of the bodies dropping in Jefferson have been related to a home grown gang which have been supposedly controlling the streets since the early 90’s. They call themselves the Grape Street Jefferson Crips. While in gang culture the Crips are known to use the color blue to represent themselves, the Grape Street Crips use the color purple. Like the majority of Crip gangs that control different neighborhoods, the Grape Street Jefferson Crips are no different when it comes to rivalry. Along with the age old enemy, the Bloods or Pirus, the Grape Street Jefferson Crips are also known to have rivalries with other Crip sets that try and move in on their territory. Police are unsure as to the particular reason behind the increase of the neighborhoods murder rate, but they have reassured the inhabitants and the City that the murder rate will decrease and that the majority of Police will focus on street rips in an attempt to get the murder rate and general street crime statistics down in the Jefferson area. Out of Character This thread is completely out of character, the information provided was for entertainment purposes only. This thread also acts as our "flag", indicating to those in charge that we are here and productive. A character kill cause is in effect. You fuck up, we murder you.
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    Need For Speed : OwlGaming

    epic aston martin pursuit best driver na
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    Faction Team Update - September 2017

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    Faction Team Update - September 2017 Hello, So after some recent controversial actions within the Faction Team, Upper Administration Team stood in and began internal discussions to attempt to resolve these issues. The results of these discussions are the following, Franco has now stepped down from Faction Team Leadership taking a new role as a Faction Team Member. Bartman, the previous Faction Team Legal Supervisor has now stepped in and taken leadership of the Faction Team. As for the recent changes within the current Faction, Petrov Realty and Vista Enterprises are going to be reverted back to unofficial factions without an F3. All of the other factions are going to be reevaluated as a team with sufficient reasoning and evidence regarding the system that has been put in place. We would like to thank Franco for his time leading the Faction Team. Finally, we would like to apologise for any inconvenience regarding the recent update thread and any changes within the Faction Team. We, as the UAT are going to be assisting Bartman into a smooth transition into the leadership. Refer to the incident report for any missing context/full transparency on the situation: https://forums.owlgaming.net/topic/82005-ft-leadership/ A full up to date update will be released within the near future regarding the results of the reevaluation and changes in the roster. Regards, Upper Administration Team.
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    Greetings, I have recently been approached by @Caporegime (who doesn't wish to remain annonymous anymore) who actively fucked with my head and came up with a pretty good idea in order to promote hood roleplay and attract more illegal factions such as gangs and Drug Trafficking Organizations. The idea was to basically transform Jefferson, or at least a few parcels from the district into low-rise housing projects and my inspiration came from the real life Watts neighborhood from Los Angeles. The parcels that would be transformed (Perhaps not all of them) Before people start complaining about running them out of a so called mid-class neighborhood, keep in mind that Jefferson is supposed to be a low income area and not a place for statwhores who buy a 30k house and fence it around with barbwire just to park their multi million dollar cars there. If you want to roleplay rich, there is a Go West initiative in progress. The rich belong in the West, the poor belong in the East. This will elevate the drug game as well, hopefully. Hood roleplayers will know how important it is for a DTO to take control over a parcel like this. Real life pictures for reference: Now, I went ahead and spent a few good hours trying to map out a parcel there to show you how it would look like. Keep in mind that this is only a parcel and that the housing projects will be different for each one, and perhaps I'll try to map a set of high-rise towers as well I can manage to find good objects for it. The map is in a very raw state, I will still work on it to make it look dirty and non-friendly, although this is basically how the housing projects will be displayed. Parcel #1: Parcel #2 Parcel #3/Whole map video: Leave feedback and/or constructive criticism after voting, please. Peace&Prosperity, LikeMike.
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    I finished my briefcase throne

    New spawns keep dropping their briefcases. I collected them ICly ^-^
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    It's called Saint Ernest's Hospital now, so that's powergaming.
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    "Best" of Spring 2017

    made this video back in spring then got shitfaced rest of holidays and forgot it gets less cringy the further you go i hope
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    Appreciate a Staff Member!

    @Chaos @ThatGuy @Wright @OhhPixelz @Shanks @Swanker @SjoerdPSV @yannickboy15 @BeyondSalvation @einschtein @Deuce @Franco @Heaton @Hurley @Law @iV7Z @JayKiller @JustJasper010 @Portside @Rauf @Scarlet @Livelethal @LokiHavok @Tremmert @WaterMelon @Weelawn @Vincesportsman2 @bartman @jonthulhu @Krakkfaen @MissAnachronisms @Peaky @Reacted @Salsa @Verisimilitude @Zyph @ZythuM @MindScape00 @Soulcist @Unitts @JohnM @FAILCAKEZ @Keksii @LikeMike @CosaNostra @Belgica @Cryotich @RileyBaxter @EKWorks @Squidy @DxRK @disappoint @Exciter @tree
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    Character Kill Appeal - Manjot Singh

    Nothing like a good CK to bring the community together.
  15. 17 points

    Rollin' Stones

    anyone wanna join my gang we're called guns n roses
  16. 17 points
    name: mollysog comment: haha fire me well next time bitch ass nigga lesbian death to elenaor seaford
  17. 16 points

    [Age Rules] - Revise

    Rule Discussion Subject: Age Rules I want to...: Revise Elaboration: Basically, I'm pushing forwards a potential revise and to reinforce the set of rules which were in place a year or so back, an OOC restrictor of people's age. Only allowing them to be 16 or older, not only does the script not support children, height being less than 150, age being lower than 16 it's simple not a place where people within a game want to see, I personally don't and I want to see the communities views. The people who roleplay children are poor at doing it, it's not immersive when it's done now, it's always the same old same old, parents died I now run away 24/7 and want to live on the streets at the age of 8, but I'll quite happily fight grown men and swear. It's a pathetic excuse of roleplay, portrayed by messed up people. I'm not one to limit roleplay, I'm all down for letting anyone roleplay whatever but there has to be boundaries and I believe this is one of them. Pros: - No more poor roleplay displayed by 'children'. - None of this sick roleplay no one wants to see. - An immersive environment. - Don't have to spend time and effort building around those who want it. Cons: - Lose children RP. I want to see people's genuine thoughts as there has been a series of suggestions around this, maybe a age restriction(16) would solve all issues?
  18. 16 points

    Character Kill Appeal - Manjot Singh

    @Manjot @mahe @Daabas I have discussed this CK appeal and application with @Law and @yannickboy15. We have discussed each argument and the validity of each, so we can come to a swift conclusion so Manjot is not left waiting for days to receive a response for this appeal. Several other administrators have also indirectly given input to this CK appeal (excluding Portside, if you still consider his arguments biased). > Locating and identifying Manjot Manjot was not identified by the killer, but his friend did and was informed of his location via radio. There is no reason to suspect metagaming in this case as Manjot was in a public area, in clear view. Even though it was night time, it was still possible for Tarik's friend to identify Manjot. The mall is a lit up area, as it's used on a 24/7 basis, even during the night. The identification of Manjot is valid from the evidence we have been provided. > Performing a crime in a crime-free zone This rule is in place, however we have discussed whether or not the mall would be classed as a crime-free zone. There is a hospital nearby and there is a bank within the complex. However, the mall is not classed as a crime-free zone itself, therefore we will exclude that argument from the final decision. The hospital and bank were not involved with the roleplay in any shape or form, they were just nearby. They were also given permission from the supervising administrator to perform the CK. > Using a bind for a Tec-9, instead of the proper weapon name We have done some research into the two variants and agreed they are pretty much the same gun in terms of appearance, weight and design. There is no reason to invalidate a CK because the killer had used the wrong gun in his bind. This would not have affected the end result of the CK, if it were deemed valid. However, we do advise that the proper weapon name is used in the future, in case there are clear differences between the GTA model and real model. This argument has been taken into consideration for our final decision, though it's not a deciding factor. > Hiding the sub-machine gun in the waistband Hiding a sub-machine gun of this nature would usually be possible however, not to the point where it would be concealed entirely. Tarik was leaning down on a motorcycle, gripping the handlebars as if he were driving normally. It would not really be possible for him to have a Kimel P9 stashed in his waistband whilst doing so. We will skip this argument for now. > Riding a motorcycle while holding a sub-machine gun In the video, Tarik has ridden up behind Manjot and used a bind for his sub-machine gun. He then continues to spray Manjot down and navigate his motorcycle between the two bystanders and then over the dead corpse. He does all this while still holding his sub-machine gun, as he never put it away. He then proceeds to speed away at a high speed, still holding his sub-machine gun. Tarik would not be able to navigate his motorcycle with one hand, at a slow or fast speed, shooting at his target. This is simply not possible and we have discussed this thoroughly. Tarik drove straight over the dead body, even though this wouldn't really be possible on a motorcycle, especially at a slow speed. GTA physics mean the dead corpse had no collisions, which allowed Tarik to drive through him. This would not be possible either, which also contributes to this situation being unrealistic. The reason the small details are taken into consideration is because we expect CKs to be executed with high standards, to ensure everything is fair and the situation is as realistic as possible. As a result of our discussion, the CK on Manjot Singh will be reversed and the CK as shown in the video will be voided. The events that lead up to the CK will not be voided and everything will remain as is, apart from the CK that occurred in the video. Contact me privately for anything lost because of this CK. Ammunition for example.
  19. 16 points

    Why do you spam "RP it"?

    I understand the crusade against backseat administration but I feel you are going about it for the wrong reasons. Most things you "don't enjoy" roleplaying and refuse to deny roleplay to other people. Every time you say "meh" to a car accident, you deny roleplay to X paramedics and firefighters online. Every time your car breaks down and people just abuse the mechanic function or beg a admin to /fixveh, it denies roleplay to X BOTS employees or a towing faction and a actual roleplay mechanic. Not saying this is you in particular, but the same people who deny these factions roleplay then bitch about why they aren't active enough when they are "needed"
  20. 16 points
    Why are we forcing a CK on someone who was willing to roleplay injuries and even reported to have their vehicle destroyed as a part of said roleplay? This isn't 'kill-off-every-character-we-can' roleplay. It's a game. Calm down. -Was a responder on scene. Am involved.
  21. 15 points

    MT Update - September, 2017

    Mapping Team Update Hello, After a good time of voting and consideration, we are pleased to announce the new Mapping Team additions! Accepted Applicants: @BoBMaRL3Y (Gate Team) @Roi (Gate Team) @SuperM (Gate Team) @Urshankov (Gate Team) @GentleFart (Interior Team) @Mahjarrat (Interior Team) Reinstatements: @ZythuM (Interior Team) Promotions: @LikeMike (Map Management Team Supervisor) @JohnM (Gate Team Supervisor) Departures: Belgica (Removed) Soulcist (Resigned) Failcakez (Resigned) Congratulations to those accepted! Forum, Discord, and In-Game ranks will be adjusted shortly. To revise, our current roster is below. Mapping Team Leader MindScape00 Interior Team Supervisor Gate Team Supervisor Map Man. Supervisor Unitts JohnM LikeMike Interior Team Members Gate Team Members Map Man. Members CosaNostra BoBMaRL3Y Portside GentleFart Roi Keksii Mahjarrat SuperM Zythum Urshankov Regards, Owl Gaming Mapping Team Mapping Team Leadership
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    Ashley Austin v. Steven Spade [9/11]

    SUPERIOR COURT OF SAN ANDREAS Civil Petition Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos Ashley Austin Versus Steven Spade Subpart 1. Accusation. In the matter of this civil petition, Ashley Austin on the September 11, 2017, accuses Steven Spade of: Slander Discrimination in the workplace Subpart 2. Demands. The plaintiff, Insert Plaintiff's Name Here demands the following: $80,000 Pay off my mortgage Subpart 3. Narrative. To start off I don't know how this man could still be operating as he is a complete joke. To myself and to multiple mates and generally any tom dick and barry he's been saying some untrue stuff about myself and my family, namely saying that my dad was a fat cunt in front of a group of mates but that's all lies. He told me to my face and through texts that I am a tramp and should be ashamed of myself which isn't true because I've worked my arse litro off the past ten years and have such a discriminative person come ruin it for me is beyond because i've lost my job through this because he said that i raped some girl called betty but that's not true because i have something called morals i wouldn't be here if I didn't so. my demands are simply - I want eighty grand cash in hand and I want him to pay off my mortgage. I will accept a settlement but don't expect anything less. Subpart 4. Evidence. Exhibit 1. Subpart 6. Ancillary Information. Defendant Legal Representation: ashley austin Plaintiff Legal Representation: Contact Information: Presiding Judge: X Subpart 7. Declaration. I, ashley austin, affirm that the foregoing is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief. @Zebby @Bum
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    16th of September, 2017 San Andreas Today: Former Los Santos Deputy Fire Chief's retrial over “wrongfully dropped” felony charges. Superior Court of San Andreas, the location of the trial. LOS SANTOS – Previously dropped felony charges from almost one year ago have come back to haunt Rebecca Zicardi, former deputy Fire Chief and County Fire Marshall of the Los Santos Fire Department. The District Attorney’s Office of Los Santos County has accused the now defunct Los Santos County Sherriff’s Department (where Ms. Zicardi was once a detective sergeant) of “wrongfully” dropping felony charges against held against Rebeca Zicardi during last year’s trial. Now, the former deputy Fire Chief of the LSFD finds herself behind the dock again potentially looking at a seven year jail sentence and a $30,000 fine. The incident both cases revolve around involve Ms. Zicardi allegedly racing a Toyota Supra in her Chevrolet Camaro while being pursued by law enforcement. According to the evidence presented to the court, Ms. Zicardi allegedly managed to successfully evade capture by law enforcement and proceeded to park her vehicle in the parking lot behind the Los Santos Fire Department which led to its seizure. Los Santos Fire Department parking lot, where Ms. Zicardi allegedly parked the Camaro Steven Spade (Los Santos County’s District Attorney) told the accused that “the evidence against [her] is staggering” while responding to a denied plea bargain prior to the case’s beginning that was fielded to the court as evidence. The court currently awaits her plea to the charges. The Los Santos Fire Department has filled the gap within their department with the appointment of Urshankov Ramerov as Deputy Fire Chief. San Andreas Today is a new feature covering goings on in San Andreas. Tell us what you want to see covered: [email protected] (( @Mail )). The San Andreas Today columnist, Jessica Law, is a New York native. She currently resides in Los Santos, San Andreas.
  24. 13 points

    The Montgomery Organization

    To those looking to get involved: Please, unless otherwise discussed with Caporegime, XWXY, or myself; do not attempt joining on a character above the age of 23. We're looking for members interested in joining to create a young character, typically in their late teens to early twenties, who can develop into older characters as their reputation/responsibilities grow in-character. The hierarchy of the faction is aged in such a way as to comply with the historical background of the organization. It's not an expectation of an age group we want everyone to convey. Thank you for your understanding. ---
  25. 13 points

    [Child RP Rules] - New Rule

    There is an age limit for a reason yet you still have autistic retards running around with it on their status' either for the pure pleasure of it or of course just for trolling around on, my latter is on the first one though because we do genuinely have a plentiful amount of freaks on here. If we learned anything from Aiden2000 with his fetish for being raped willingly on the server while of course being heavily underage in character, then we'd all agree that anything below 16 should be off limits.
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    Guap Squad

    Brief introduction of how the squad was thought of and their motive. Guap Squad, thought of by a young teenager by the name of Tayquan Kennedy while sitting in a jail cell for his first time is a small group of African American teenagers who do petty illegal crimes such as breaking into homes, "car hopping" (The act of hopping inside of un-locked vehicles and taking valuable items), selling a small range of illegal narcotics and occasionally robbing people around the projects they live in order to gain money for personal wants and needs. The life of Tayquan Kennedy (2001 - ) Early Life Tayquan Kennedy a young African American male who was in born in Los Santos and raised on Grove Street by his father and mother grew up watching his brother and other residents of the Grove Street Neighborhood sell drugs, fight, shoot at each other and rob people to make a living within the ghetto environment. In a way, Tayquan was scared to live in the neighorhood at a young age as he seen his brother get arrested constantly for having drugs, carrying illegal firearms or getting busted for crimes that he had comitted while trying to gain money. Even though this scared him he always looked up to his brother because he was the one bringing food to the table and keeping a roof over his head. Early 2012 A cloudy, snowy day in Los Santos and Tayquan had just been getting off the bus that brought him home from school. He runs inside the house to see his mother with her head in her hands, crying while looking down at a picture of his father. She begins to explain that Tayquan's father had been shot in the chest and that they needed to go to the hospital in order to see him, and that the doctors said that it was a ninety-five percent chance he wasn't going to make it. The two made their way up to the hospital and hurried up to the room, about ten minutes later Tayquan's father took his last breaths and passed away. This left Tayquan in shock and made Tayquan paranoid about possibly losing his own life while living in the hood. Late 2016 Tayquan's brother is arrested for a murder that happened in the sewers behind Grove Street and Tayquan begins to feel like he has to be the person to step up and help bring money into the family. He begins to break into vehicles and steal valuables in order to sell them to the local pawn shops, with this money he buys food, clothing and helps his mother pay the rent and bills. After doing this for a while he saves up enough money to buy a half ounce of weed from one of the local drug dealers, after getting this he tries using the skills he watched his brother use to sell the drugs to the streets, this doesn't work out for him so well and he ends up messing his money up by not being able to sell the weed. After failing he gives up and resorts back to the petty robberies he had been doing before. Mid 2017 Tayquan runs away from home after a huge argument between him and his mother, he took the keys from the counter top in the kitchen and took off with her vehicle without warning during the middle of the night. He finds a place to stay and ducks the car off so it can't be seen by the public eye. After waking up he rolls around the city and plots on possible cars that he could break into, after getting back from doing this he finds a bottle of liquor in the abandoned building and begins to experiment, drinking from it every so often. Finishing off the already 3/4th's empty bottle he decides to hop inside of his mothers vehicle and ride around to listen to music, he ends up feeling the effects of the alcohol way more than what he thought and wrecks his moms car into a street lamp. A by-stander called the police and EMT's to come out and evaluate him, he was then taken to the hospital to be treated. The doctor treating him found alcohol in his blood and realized that Tayquan was also on a missing persons report. After this Tayquan's mom was deemed unfit to take care of him and he was put into Child Protection Services. After being in CPS for about a week a couple, who Tayquan had recently talked to after being out when he was given a curfew came in and decided to adopt Tayquan into their family. They moved out to Jefferson near the projects which is where Tayquan began to figure out more ways of getting illegal money. About a month later after Tayquan was adopted he began to jump into the street life quickly by selling weed and robbing other people of the community. September 22nd, 2017 Tayquan had a aquired a nine millimeter handgun from a friend a few weeks earlier and decided to head off into an alley way to shoot it and sharpen up his aim. After setting up the water bottles he had brought with him he stood back and began to fire rounds off towards them, a local citizen called the police and Tayquan had to run from them in order to get away. After getting away he put the gun away and out of his own ignorance went up to the police station to get his vehicle which was seized after the incident. Police apprehended him and took him to jail for his first time which is where he plead guilty on the charges of evading a police officer and resisting arrest considering there was no evidence against him for the gun. The idea of creating his own group was on his mind constantly after getting settled into his cell, believing that the work he's put in for himself can become very successful if he get's people from the hood to get into it with him. OOC: -CK Clause - By joining this faction you understand that a leader may CK you with valid reasoning (Although this will probably never be the case) - You /must/ RP as a African American between the ages of 13-18 and must NOT come into this faction as a full blown gangster -The aim of this faction is to develop into a street gang, right now we are in the stages of RPing growing up in the ghetto and this faction being a street gang will not come around until I feel my character is properly developed, along with the people around me. -Main place of RP is located within the blue project buildings near the Jefferson Motel, would prefer if you RP'd living there. There is not much information about the faction as of now since it is being developed from the bottom, the life of Tayquan shows how he's been developed. -THIS THREAD WILL DEVELOP AS THE FACTION DEVELOPS-
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    Wah Ching

    *Chinese American triad society and street gang originated in Los Santos. Wah Ching (A.K.A. Dub C) is a Chinese American triad society that originated in Los Santos during the early 1960s, exploiting and controlling Asian American communities across the city as one large group of gangsters. Backstory: During the wave of immigration of people coming from foreign countries to the U.S., the Chinese immigrants who were among those foreigners fled political persecution and wanted more in life than to work in an oppressive and dangerous climate of the recently formed Chinese communist government. These Chinese immigrants sought freedom in the land of opportunity in the United States, most of them ending up in the state of San Andreas, coming through illegally by boat, smuggled into the country. As the years passed, with Los Santos having as much crime as it did, with one of the highest crime rates in the country and one of the highest police officer mortality rates, some of the Chinese decided enough was enough and that the only way to survive would be to band together under one group. This group would be known as Wah Ching or Dub C, a group of Chinese triads who sought to defend themselves and each other and to make a living at the same time. OOC Information: *Will be adding screenshots in thread Entry: Must meet in-game in-character (Preferably accepting young Asian characters) Leader: Steven "Uncle" Yeung (Imprisoned) This gang is currently involved (and not limited to) in criminal activities such as: Smuggling of illegal goods Illegal gambling Extortion Upon joining the Wah Ching triads, you understand and agree that any high ranking member can CK you within their reasons.
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    Elegance Drivers Club

    ESTABLISHED 17 SEPT, 2017. Elegance Drivers Club is an national community, which unites owners of all types of luxury vehicles in order to provide an opportunity of meeting in themed gatherings around San Andreas. Every event is created to provide a formal and informal relaxed environment where people of similar interests and social class could freely and openly communicate with each other. It all started when owner and founder, President Ricardo Pinto (C.E.O of RPMF Incorporated) began drafting ideas for a local club which gave access to the rich population of San Andreas, therefore, attempting to eliminate low-end vehicle meetings at dangerous and poor areas, with ''riced'' vehicles. The Club's goal is to boost the social class and to organize weekly events due to the lack of entertaining activities in San Andreas. The Elegance Drivers Club offers plenty of activities and events which involve the gathering of members, key officials of the city of Los Santos among company executives from multiple major companies within San Andreas. However, we focus mainly in the vehicular aspect of the club, but other aspects are also considered such as Gala Dinners, and others which are listed bellow. Vehicle meets and shows; Country side cruises; Track races; Special Gala dinners; Charity events; Elegance and beauty contests; Rallies; Golf games; Parties (nightclub, festivals); Etcetera. All events are invite only, and can only be enjoyed by club members unless scheduled otherwise (eg. public events). All invites are done through letter, all members should follow the rules of conduct in order for the event to go smooth as possible. The club has an invite only policy, so if you so wish to join the group, you must be within our requirements and enriched social class. The club seeks important people, which benefit the society and economy of San Andreas and city of Los Santos, people such as key government officials, company executives of successful major companies and so forth. However there is an exception to the rich percentage of people, if you, are interested in joining the club, you'll need to send an interest letter to the President of the club, stating your full legal name and age, along with your professional occupation, possibly your net worth (optional) and a list of vehicles which you'd like to register within the club, preferably vehicles which meet the club's requirements, if any questions arises please contact the President's Assistance Office for more information (more information down below). There are two membership types, each belongs to a rank and place in the club, not to mention the different perks, however, we have a paid membership, this keeps the club up and running, covering maintenance and staff costs. Gold Membership (fee: $5,000/month); Platinum Membership (fee: $15,000/month). Gold Membership, allows you to partake in the multiple events and activities of the club, with the bonus of one (1) free drink of choice per event. Platinum membership, allows you to partake in all of the club's events, however, this membership package let's you in the V.I.P sections, whether it's taking front row of the vehicle cruise or park, or partake in special club meetings, therefore being able to provide feedback and innovative ideas to improve the club. Vehicle Requirements: Prior to sending a letter of interest, you must make sure you have the necessary vehicle requirements to join the club. We have separated the luxurious vehicle types in to three (3) categories, they are the following: Classic (Old Porsche's, Ferrari's, etc..) Super/Sport (Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Bugatti, etc..) SUV (Mercedes, Porsche, Jaguar, etc..) There are other non mentioned classes as well, such as executive vehicles, convertibles and so forth, although we prefer, rare and exclusive luxury vehicles. We haven't found a property worth of a club house yet, however we are still on the hunt, one will be announced very soon! In this section you will be able to see our member list and how to reach out to the club's key members such as the President. If you have any issues, concerns or questions, please reach out to the contacts bellow. Executive Staff President Ricardo Pinto Phone Number: 804-712 Email: [email protected] Registered vehicles: 2016 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S, 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB, 2016 Ferrari F12 TDF, 2015 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, 2010 Ferrari 458 Italia, 2015 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. President's Assistant Riley Baxter Phone Number: 420-000 Email: [email protected] (( @RileyBaxter )) Registered vehicles: 1989 Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary Edition, etc. The Elegance Drivers Club is officially sponsored by RPMF Incorporated.
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    Bl4ACK 53P73MB3R

    Black September (stylized as Bl4ACK 53P73MB3R) is a controversial hacktivist organization that emerged from the depths of the murkyweb into the public light after a series of high-profile attacks on American corporations and publicity stunts that earned them a spotlight in both national and international media - they describe themselves as "robin hoods" of the digital age hellbent on fighting both government and corporative control on the Net and on private life. Rumors and self-styled experts claim that Black September isn't a real organization but rather a conglomerate of several cliques that use the image and the resources of the group to further their own individual goals (only in a few occasions did the several cliques work together towards a common goal) - three major factions within the movement have been identified so far. The "Lolseekers" who conduct raids purely for the purpose of creating chaos (destroying servers and vandalizing with no clear goal) and are thought to have been the founding members of the group in the early 2000s - they've been losing terrain recently but are still one of the most popular and yet more controversial faces of Black September which brings them to clash with both the Hacktivist and Stickmen although they tend to cooperate more frequently with the first rather than the second. The "Hacktivist" who conduct raids on targets who have (at least in the eyes of the organization) contributed to wealth inequality or increasing control of government or corporations over the private life of citizens through cyber espionage or government acts restricting web freedom - they're the most vocal and the most present faction outside of the computer screens and frequently clash heads with the Lolseekers by deeming them immature and harmful to the movement's cause and cannot stand the Trigermen for their intention to profit from hacking. The "Highwaymen" are a small and yet important fraction of the movement represented by hackers who conduct raids on targets for the sake of profit (ex: stealing corporate funds or sensitive information to later sell black to their rightful owners or use it to blackmail them) which they justify by placing the Internet on a dog-eat-dog logic or simply by donating a part of their funds to other more legitimate causes - they frequently use Lolseekers for their technical skills (despite dismissing them as childish clowns) and have a reluctant relationship with the Hacktivists (Highwaymen often donate funds to Hacktivist cause in exchange for the use of the Black September moniker for good PR). These three groups represent 10% of the suspected membership of the organization - the other 90% is taken by a miscellaneous group of people that can't be considered true hackers and often boil down to simple aspiring script kiddies or normal men and women who support Black September through other simpler means - the 10%ers (but more often the Lolseekers) look down upon them and bully some of the most active ones but also often recruit their members from this pool.
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    [General] - /ame backup

    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- /ame backup What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- Change the /backup from a /me to /ame. What are the advantages?- Reduces MG. What are the disadvantages?- Stops criminals headshotting you ;) Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- None. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Scripter.
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    GAT Update - September 8th, 2017

    GAT Update - September 8th, 2017 Hello, today we will be sharing the internal promotions with the Game Administration Team alongside the reopening of the GAT application! We wish all the best to the administrators who have left us, been promoted and soon to join us. For those who are applying, we wish you the best of luck! Game Administration Team Application: https://forums.owlgaming.net/forms/23-general-administration-application-ooc/ Promotions Hurley - Promoted to Senior Administrator Law - Promoted to Senior Administrator Bartman - Promoted to Administrator Jonthulhu - Promoted to Administrator Krakkfaen - Promoted to Administrator MissAnachronisms - Promoted to Administrator Peaky - Promoted to Administrator Reacted - Promoted to Administrator Salsa - Promoted to Administrator Verisimilitude - Promoted to Administrator Zyph - Promoted to Administrator Zythum - Promoted to Administrator Demotions SjoerdPSV - Demoted to Administrator(Resigned from Senior) Reinstatements TheRealAgent01 - Promoted to Trial Administrator Departures DanielV(Resigned) All in-game perks and forum perks will be set as soon as possible. Once again, congratulations to all. OwlGaming Community, OwlGaming Upper Administration Team.
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    [Child RP Rules] - New Rule

    this shit should just be banned all together doesn't remotely fit the setting of what we're doing here and it's just creepy as fuck.
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    Basically put, if F3's are now a purchasable entity it's going to be of heavy worth as it reflects on the meager amount of F3's that are given out. You can bitch in one breath that cars in the server are absolutely awful in that retrospect when they've been modified into rice buckets, but then in the other breath how pathetically hypocritical can you be to say comfortably that F3's are a completely different story? Whoever thought that was a good idea, is an absolute sponge and needs clipping on the back of the head with an Adidas flip flop pronto.
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    Why is this not documented anywhere? I have never heard of such a thing. Sounds like a strange policy to me, giving the people with IC money an OOC advantage over people with dedication, experience and alot of effort.
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    Aces Street Familia 13

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    100 Gamecoin Giveaway [ENDED]

    100GC Giveaway Basically I was given 100 odd GC's for nothing, I don't use GC's so giving them away. To enter just drop your username in a comment and whatever else you may want to add. All names will be put in a generator and called. You must enter before the 31th of August 2017. Good luck to you all. @Manjot Congratz you won.
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    [Literary skills] - New Rule

    Disagree, I have met many people who have learnt a lot about the English language just by playing on this server. I believe punishing people because they weren't born in a country that has English as a primary language is ridiculous, and that we, as a community, should encourage them to learn more, and even if it required us setting up a scheme to assist those who aren't the best with English, I would happily volunteer and help out with that. Its often easy for people to forget how hard learning a language actually is, and I fully support anyone who tries.
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    Owlgaming criticism thread

    You make a criticism topic but can't take criticism, ironic.
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    Little Moscow Gang

    Robberies, thefts, home invasions. Murder for hire.
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    The View-Restaurant & Lounge

    The View is a luxurious Restaurant suited in plain Down Town Los Santos, located in the famous Star Tower, it invites you to feast in a sumptuous atmosphere accompanied by a magnificent panorama over Los Santos! In our Menus, you’d find dishes elaborated by our grand star-awarded chefs from the finest, rarest and freshest products whose freshness is one of the corner stones of the prestigious reputation of this luxurious restaurant. The Restaurant dispose of a luxurious lounge as well serving the finest drinking and providing the customer with the utmost care and entertainment as our moto states "spera , curae , dicta”.
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    Mapping Team Update Hello, Upon being appointed as the new leader of the Map Management Team, I want to point out the policies that we have been working on in order to keep unrealistic mapping to a minimum. To start off with my area of expertise, exterior mapping will become very limited from now on, therefore I want to provide the community with a list of exterior-related policies, so take a brief look over this list prior to submitting a request to ensure its eligibility. Exterior Mapping Policy: From this list, we felt like certain regulations had to be highlighted and displayed here for the community to see: Given that we have received many complaints about them from people who have been denied on multiple occasions, we are happy to announce the 2017 Owl Gaming Exterior Mapping Purge meaning that every implemented map that does not fit in the criteria mentioned above will be disabled and further on, premises fenced around with generics will also disappear. We are aware that this will raise even more complaints, but this is how it is going to be from now and whether whether it is welcomed or not we will not allow players to turn their properties into federal prisons. Interior Policy With the influx of unrealistic interiors that have flooded the server recently, we want to share the current policy that we have on interiors. Apart from that, myself and the other members of the Mapping Team will start working on more default custom interiors for players to pick from the library when making a request, in order to fit the current buildings better and improve the roleplay experience further on. Interior Naming/Adress Policy From now on, we will do our best to add complete addresses for every interior in the County, thanks to @MindScape00's script which will be implemented soon. Further information here: Gate Policy Thank you for taking the time to read through the update, and from now on please make sure your request fits in with the given criteria for each of the displayed types in order to save time for both parties. Regards,Owl Gaming Mapping TeamMapping Team Leadership
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    I actually had a camera and zoomed in. @bartman can confirm and another admin. I took a photo RPly. @Cross125 peek a boo i ck u
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    RC's Portfolio

    I learned a few things over the years and had a lot of mentors (they know who they are <3) RPMF HQ (Under construction, missing a lot of furniture) (More soon...)
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    Arkwright Corporation

    FIRST STEPS Oh yeah! Finally done after working hard on our first promotional video!

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