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    Cartel de Sinaloa (CDS) - El Sindicato Vallarino Emerging from the southern Los Santos gang life, a new organization is rising up in the shadows. Starting off as the key leadership figures within the hispanic, Latino community and ganglife in the south of Los Santos - attention from south of the border has merely increased since the beginning. Gaining contacts south of the border, delivering shipments as well as establishing their presence in the San Andreas state, the growth and development of the organization has reached new heights and new eyes. Once key leaders of the Sureño gang Aces Street Familia, working as contacts for the gang to various suppliers below the border, Alejandro Vallarino and his group gained the attention of bigger organizations. Starting off with La eMe, working alongside them, the gang being used as the enforcers and dealers on the street for the mexican mafia, this was merely the beginning for the gang itself. La eMe offered drugs, weapons and most importantly - contacts. This was the start of a major increase in the drug trafficking into San Andreas. Being a sureño gang it was merely natural to work for, and to pledge allegiance to the mexican mafia. The increase in illegal contraband being pushed in through the gang itself only fueled the fire more as the weeks passed. As known already in the gang itself, the top half was already heading down the route of more organized crime, eager to make more, advance through the times and up the structures. (( Taken from the original ASF thread. )) The growth of the gang, the money coming in caused them to develop. Even if unwillingly, police pressure on the areas controlled by ASF as well as the easy access to more advanced methods of smuggling in various drugs and weapons, pushed parts of the gang into way more organized crime. Being one of the biggest drug traffickers into the state of San Andreas - called for the eyes of the Sinaloa Cartel. Always looking to expand their own business and controlled areas, they grabbed the opportunity in San Andreas, as they have before. Having worked with and for La eMe, the cartels influence was not news to Vallarino and his group. The opportunity to grab a rise in both pay and respect within the illegal community within the state was a no-brainer. After all, Vallarino ran a business - this was about making money and having control. Now working as Sinaloa Cartel's middlemen in the state of San Andreas, The Vallarino Syndicate work to supply the gangs, keep the streets fueled with the weaponry and drugs that gets smuggled across the border. Stepping up from the gang life of Los Santos, yet placing leaders in their place to keep their street enforcers and dealers in place offers new opportunities for the syndicate itself. (( To clarify, ASF-13 is still going to run as a subfaction and recruitment process for this faction. Having leadership figures and the organized crime portion being the syndicate itself. The gang will still be ran and function under and within the syndicate. So by all means, this is not a shutdown of that portion of the faction. Merely a developed change being pushed through for the organized crime. I am still very much a fan and eager to keep the street gang roleplay going - including the drug and weapons dealing on the streets. I encourage people to get involved through ASF and enjoy the roleplay we offer through this faction should you enjoy the type of roleplay we specialize in. This development with both La eMe and the cartels has happened over months ICly with the help of the faction team and this change is merely something that has been looked at down the road for a while - finally being pushed through. By joining this faction you automatically agree to a faction CK, meaning that you agree that if murdered by a leader/higher member of this faction you will be CK’d. This topic is somewhat of a work in progress and I will update as we proceed, but the first steps have been taken. Feel free to PM me if there's any mistakes as well, I type too fast at times. ))
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    Server Script Update (v6.1.2.4) | July, 2017 Highlights Notable features New UI design in F3, /check, /history, and F1 MDC APB improvements New chatbubble design and animation Replaced four objects for mapping introducing new walls and doors and windows Ability to /sit on the edge of a sparrow Improved item permissions Faction limited Individual Characters Advanced Query string Character picture in /look Updates to the generic spawner for foods and drinks Paintball event El Corona basketball court Use the imgur API to properly detect the size of the image before adding (Clothes, veh textures, etc) Automated forum threads return Complete rework of the API Automatically generate threads, easy for developers to add [UCP] Support for sentry to improve debugging Report all deprecation warnings aswell [UCP] Added multiprocessing to stripe payments to ensure the user never waits before getting a success/error page Improvements Allow MT leaders to manage their own uploads Added removeWorldObject to map exports Added /exportexteriormap [map ID from /maps] for Senior+ and MT MPH added to the PD speed camera Business key holders can now manage stocks without owning the interior Performance tweaks to carradio Added /moveramp Hide the APB box when HUD is toggled Hide the carradio box when HUD is toggled Performance improvements to chat bubbles New method to handle language differences Automatically remove different types of textures if it fails to get the image file Disable F11 map when blindfolded Major performance improvements to interior and elevator pickups COLSHAPES: 13212 -> 526 Notifies player when an animation bind is made how to use it Turn off the engine when removing the key from the vehicle Return vehicle key to player automatically after a fuel NPC turns off the engine Improvements to /setint and /setdim when inside a vehicle Improvements to Exciter Query String Automatically unlock bikes if the player falls off whilst it's locked Let characters < 16 edit height because kids grow Create a connection log on failed attempts [UCP] More descriptive email alerts [UCP] Improved the text on 500 error pages [UCP] Image optimisations [UCP] Display second in log searches [UCP] Update to ticket markdown formatting, new lines are no longer treated as being in the same paragraph Adjustments Reduced the harshness of /punish Rules in F1 now point to docs.owlgaming.net ASH blip added / CGH blip removed Changed the error message of /ed when the player does not have the key on them Prevent binds in the locksmith GUI SCoSA receives 911 calls Reduced the lower limit of /togspeed to 30 Dynamic Lighting reduced Max FPS reduced Changed the max file size for Dupont AP renamed to 'Armour' in /recon Added back /unjail just in case Add character name to recon notification Disable /c when the player is dead Don't show offline bans if the player has disabled punishment notifications Show username and not character name when using /delramp Rename SACMA badge to LSMA [UCP] Stripe metadata updates [UCP] Disabled bitcoin support at this time as it is only supported out of US banks [UCP] Allow history appeals for /punish, automatically remove the relevant points if it is removed on the UCP Bug fixes Fixed some F3 panel coordinates Prevent double ban entries on /opunish Fixed a bug with interior time settings not updating Typo fix for /dogadd Resolved some saving errors in insurance, K9 and SFIA Resolved a bug with /punish when a player has no previous bans Numerous improvements and bug fixes to the new UI Fixed /ads so you can see your new advertisement without reopening the UI Fixed items deleting when picked up with a full inventory in some situations Fixed an issue with clothing shops Fixed spelling error on F11 street names Fixed spelling error when using /setfactionmoney Fixed a distance issue with RS Haul Money drop bug fix Fixed a notorious /status bug between interiors and dimensions Fixed F10 option for the shaders Removed remnants of old interior fall protection Resolved new UI chat confliction Fixed free bike licenses in some cases Fix for F3 finance last week numbers Bug fixes for multi-floor elevator Weight fix for generic food and drink Fixed the URL copy paster button not working Fixed fakevideo not removing textures when exiting/changing interior Fixed fakevideo/clubtec bugging on resource restart Resolved a debug error from object interaction Fixed the infamous bug when first logging in and seeing all the house icons on your minimap Removed underscore from player names when unblindfolding Fix for shops having some cheap items with the same price as the stock Fix for viozy shops stock price not taking discount into account Fixed cigarette icon duplicating for old HUD users Disallow sitting on chairs when in recovery Fix to allow Leads to promote to FT Added character limit to username changes on the donation feature Fixed an issue where the forum API would include the IDs of players in forum threads Fix for cargo spawning transaction logging Fix for /gotoint and /gotointi not working after being used whilst in an interior Fixed the shotgun shooting nonstop in driveby Fixed languages sometimes showing up improperly when in a vehicle [UCP] Fixed PayPal failing to process [UCP] Resolved an exception when signing up with a referrer [UCP] Catch attribute errors on register [UCP] Catch the exception in the case of an invalid email address [UCP] Fixed inactivity protection for vehicles not being applied in game Server script version v6.0.1.9->v6.1.2.4 Kind regards, - OwlGaming Community - OwlGaming Scripting Team
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- New Bullet-System What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- General What is the suggestion?- During the discussion of the headshot many concluded that the actual shooting-system is also a main problem and that it is not that much realistic. Several things like bullet-drop, recoil, etc. were mentioned. I suggested that the entire system behind it gets reworked and supplied steps to do so Since it somewhat went down during the whole discussion, I set myself to work yesterday and tried to bring the general idea into a script. What are the advantages?- - More realistic gun and shoot-behaviour [see below] - You can actually have more properties assigned to the gta-sa guns ( ie. a deagle can have multiple ranges, accuracies, depending on the ic model) - No more "wallbugging" What are the disadvantages?- - In case of implementations on owl it needs to be done very carefully Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- I explain the script that I wrote in detail below. How would you go about implementing this idea?- Of course the whole script I wrote deals with it in more depth than explained above and there is alot more which had to be taken into account. Features: Bullet-Drop: The following video that I captured demonstrates the bullets exponential path and its fly time. Note how the bullet is not hitting the end position immediatly but is rather flying through the air. Also the subrays which were mentioned can be seen marked with different colours within the ray. Bullet-Penetration Bullets are penetrating through thin walls and even through players meaning that a high caliber rifle can harm more than one player. Also the path is adjusted accordingly after each penetration Recoil-System: I implemented the recoil-system as well which is kind of like in CS:GO where the spray will follow a certain pattern upwards which needs to be compensated by countering this pattern No more wallbugging With the term wallbugging I refer to the behaviour that you can shoot through walls just because your crosshair is not behind the wall despite your guns barrel beeing behind it. New gun-effects I added several more impact effects trying to provide a more realistic shoot-experience. The effects depend on the materials hit ( like the video shows, sand will emit dust and asphalt will cause more sparkles. Also note the crack sound that is caused by the bullets speed and the gas in front of the guns barrel. Suppression-Effect Now I think this would get scraped due to the arcade nature but I implented it nevertheless. If a bullet comes very close to you, your screen will get blurry as this should be somewhat a suppression effect. This only happens when the bullet comes really close to you as demonstrated in the video below. Bullet-fly time alternative video The following video should demonstrate how the bullet flies through the air rather than just popping up which is how it is currently. More explanation on how the script works: So as I already told the whole deal is to have many subrays which improves performance and is also more precise as you can detect many more things than you could with one big ray like it is currently in gta-sa. As for the performance again I implemented other techniques to keep it as smooth as possible. One example is the bulletqueue which only deals with each subray frame for frame as we don't need to calculate any collision for all subrays at once. This is due to the fact that the bullet is flying and giving us time to calculate each subray one by one. The queue itself processes different subrays from sveral shots in one frame and then moves up to the next subray for every shot that is inside the queue at the next frame. NOTE: the above shows two shots and it does not mean that you can only process subray1 from shot1 with subray1 from shot2, because this would make no sense as shots would get delayed due to the need to sync every subray of each shot. It's basically like this Shot1 = { ak47, 18th bullet, 1 mile } * several seconds after * Shot2 = { ak47, 19thbullet, 1mile } * divide shot 1 into many little subrays spanning across 1 mile * * divide shot 2 into many little subrays spanning across 1 mile * <onFrame <... bullet queue check collision for subray3 of shot1 check collision for subray1 of shot2 <.. bullet queue end <on Frame ends The whole script was written in OOP-Style (pseudo-oop rather considering lua and its way to simulate oop). Patterns like the Singleton were realised inside this as well and each "component" of this script can be regarded as an object (ie. calculation-class, draw-class, hitregister-class) Overview ( open in new tab to enlarge it or visit the documentation [To the documentation] )
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    I think the poll is a loaded question but nonetheless I'll explain why I voted no. A player kill isn't the way to go. If you have the option of a PK or a CK, and opt for a PK, it means the reason to kill them isn't that noteworthy and you probably shouldn't do it. If someone stole my car, using your example, I'd murder them and call it a day. In reality, I'd beat the living shit out of them and leave them to live after to spread the word and know now to fuck around with my shit. I wouldn't kill them and throw my entire career and life away over a 50K car, lol. It's silly to me. You don't murder someone for stealing your car IRL. You get into a brawl. People don't think of creative ways to fuck with people anymore. I got reported in PD repeatedly and burned down the house of the guy who I presumed ICly to be witch hunting me. Much more reasonable than murdering him. The issue here is CKs are being accepted (from what you say) unfairly and improperly. This is a band aid fix rather than enforcing the current rules. My 2 cents.
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    Upon reading the following, you agree that you will not use any of the vital information in-character. Quotes from previous Willowfield related gangs are slightly altered. Quote's timeline does not match that of the Saint Francis Crook Squad due to a fault in the quoting system thingy-majig. The Saint Francis Gangster Crips are the regular street gang on your block, consisting of mainly African-American ethnicity. The street gang is supposedly the successor of the notorious Saint Francis Crook Squad, who's founders were Xavier Barnes and Cassius Higgs. The duo came into power during a crack-epidemic in Willowfield during the late 2000s, and the Crook squad was notorious for cooking and distributing crack-cocaine. After multiple shoot-outs between the Crook Squad, Crenshaw Boulevard Families, and LSPD. The gang was ultimately brought down by law-enforcement, leaving Markeith Knox, Cassius Higgs, Elio Barksdale, and more dead and in jail. In 2015, there was no sign of any Crooks in Willowfield nor the Families in Seville. It was ultimately revived by a younger generation, watching these turf-wars and shootouts unfold before their eyes although they would not adopt the Crook name and culture, fearing they aren't permitted to do so. The area which consists of the Saint Francis housing projects is covered in numerous gang-affiliated art and graffiti. The SFGC are known to commit all sorts of crime ranging from robbery, theft, grand theft auto, murder, and minor arms trafficking. However, the Crip gang and its affiliates are notorious for drug trafficking. In recent months, collaborating with the fall of the Idlewood Crooks on June 21th, 2017, the crime rates involving African-American ethnicity have been on a steady incline within Willowfield. Background: Saint Francis Crook Squad Leonard Stewart, "LS Woodz" Upon joining, members will agree that any leader of the faction has the ability to CK a member due to whatever in-character reason.
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    PRESS RELEASE TWO LSPD DETECTIVES IN CUSTODY, ONE AT LARGE FACING FELONY CHARGES 21/07/2017 District Attorney's Office District Of Los Santos Steven Spade, Attorney Los Santos, San Andreas ------ On the 18th of July, Detective Maurice Davis of the Los Santos Police Department was interrogated by Assistant District Attorney Alisha MacKenzie regarding the fatal shooting of a suspect by the police department. Shortly thereafter being released, Detective Davis re-approached Miss MacKenzie wishing to talk more in depth about the shooting. After presenting himself at the SCoSA building, and being willfully disarmed for safety of all involved, Mister Davis was sat down in Miss Mackenzie's Office. After acknowledging his Miranda rights, Mister Davis began to confess to three separate incidents, starting with the murder of Leon Rudgement, whom he had beaten to death in the woods after volunteering to transport him from a scene to the San Andreas Detention Centre. Mr. Davis continued to confess his part in the torture and attempted murder of a suspect in the LSPD Detective Bureau Office space, implicating two other LSPD Detectives in the process. Finally, Detective Davis admitted to partaking in, and inciting, the wrongful shooting of the suspect from the original interview. Immediately thereafter, Mr. Davis was taken into custody and transferred to the care of the Federal Task Force, and a full-scale investigation was launched into the allegations. Within hours, the District Attorney’s Office was able ascertain evidence that corroborated the confessions and warrants were issued for the two LSPD Detectives implicated in the aforementioned torture and murder. Detectives Samantha Carr (in custody) and Marquis Cortez (at large) are both facing felony charges for their parts in the incident. Updates on the criminal proceedings will be made available as they develop. Anyone with knowledge of Marquis Cortez’s whereabouts or with additional information is encouraged to approach the District Attorney’s Office. In conjunction with the criminal investigations, and in cooperation with the CPQL, the District Attorney’s Office will be conducting a complete audit of the Los Santos Police Department, focusing specifically on the failings of the Internal Affairs Bureau. The District Attorney is expected to meet with the Chief of Police and County Commissioner in the upcoming days to fully address these and other related subjects. The District Attorney would like to assure the people of Los Santos that “[my] Office will continue to aggressively prosecute any corruption, negligence or criminal activity within the State’s Law Enforcement agencies to ensure that justice is sought for victims, and so the citizens of this District may retain faith that their Peace Officers are being held accountable for their actions.” For more information regarding any of the above, or for interview scheduling, please contact the District Attorney’s Office. END OF RELEASE (( There would be NO comment section ))
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    Full name: Wayne Smith Nickname(s): Wazlar, Waz, Specs, Flip Flops Age: 35, Born 23rd July, 1982 Place of Birth: San Fierro Medical Centre, San Fierro Nationality: White American Occupation: Assistant Chief Executive Officer of Dinoco Affiliations: San Andreas Highway Patrol, Luxury Autoworks, Lamborghini Automotives, Cargo Group, Dinoco Early life: Wayne was born and raised in the suburban area of Hashbury, San Fierro. Brought up by Nick and Margaret Smith his two parents. His father Nick was an established mechanic in the area, who bought old unused vehicles for a low price and spent months rebuilding the vehicles into a modified spec and sold them for a higher price. His other worked in the local Hospital as a Neonatal Nurse, working with children. Both of his parents had a steady income, allowing them to spoil Wayne relentlessly with several toys and whatever he wished for. Wayne attended a private school outside of San Andreas, where he came home every six months to see his mother and father for a three week duration. During this stay he would hang around with the local kids, getting up to no good as he'd be chased around the streets by Police for throwing apples and other objects at cars and houses, playing knock-a-door run. Teenage years: In his teenage years he still was attending the same boarding school, getting up to his old tricks. In his years studying he redefined his studying onto a more financial and business scope. Studying Accountancy and Business Studies. After working in the local pizzeria beside his boarding school allowing him to gain some extra cash, he purchased his first car a red 1989 Cadillac Allante. He drove around, spending his time meeting the girls from the area and using his car to his advantage, going on long drives and drinking, going to movies. From one of the daily phone calls he received from his mother and father, he told them about his new vehicle. His dad insisted that he would work on it, stopping it from breaking down and tune it up somewhat. He drove back for the three week duration and for the entire three weeks home, he spent it beside his dad learning the basics of mechanics and helped rebuild his Cadillac. 20 years old - 23 years old: After moving back to San Fierro after graduating from his boarding school, he decided to move out from his parents house. Moving city to the neighbouring one, Los Santos. Here, he bought a small little flat and began working in a bar. He spent hours doing overtime for extremely little pay, still with his nicely modified Cadillac. After a recent advert in the news regarding the Highway Patrol are recruiting, he decided to go for it, he was bored of his current bartender job and was struggling to find anyone recruiting in the Accountancy job profile. This is now where he began the several tests and the academic tests in which he passed flawlessly. Wayne was now a Probationary Trooper, he spent his time going around for a few weeks, understanding the role of his new career. Catching up on the way the Troopers worked and how everything was done, by now. He was somewhat good at his job, he enjoyed it. He usually pulled people over by himself, pretending to ticket them then give them some kind words and let them off, Wayne was extremely laid back, careless about his job because that's what he enjoyed. During his role as a Trooper, he came across Cain Shakur. Who he soon became good friends with. Cain, working in a local mechanic shop called Luxury Autoworks invited him for a little job on the side, minimum wage and he enjoyed it. Having experience from his father back in San Fierro he did this on the side of being a Trooper. After three years of this continuous life style Wayne had a enough. He quit his job as a Trooper, being honourably discharged from the force and pursued his career in mechanics. Learning from Cain and his surrounding peers, learning the more advanced sides of mechanics. Now, Wayne being 23 and performing the basics of mechanics on customers cars was making a large amount of money. It was clear this was a correct decision to do, he continued to work on peoples cars and eventually started advertising himself to perform full car builds, similar to his father. This is where Wayne now decided this was for him, earning an extremely good amount of money for something he really enjoyed. 24 years old - 27 years old: Wayne carried on his role in Luxury Autoworks, becoming best friends with Cain in which they eventually began to share their profits and work together in their roles, earning an insane amount of money. Wayne would usually loan large amounts of money from Cain in order to work around the tax in Los Santos, profiting himself and Cain. The owner of Luxury, Jouvany Antony had enough, he decided to sell his business. He gave us a few weeks notice, this would now leave me and Cain out of work, no sustainable income to help us provide for our house or to put food on the table. Unaware to Wayne's knowledge, Cain bought the business out for an insane 300 grands. Taking it under himself to start it up and make it his own. Wayne began to work harder under Cain, opening up a car dealership inside of Luxury. This is where we began to open several different franchises within the business, employing just over twenty people to work for us who were all well paid. Wayne met someone by the name of Devin Benz, who like Cain became very close very quickly. Devin at the time working in Cargo Group, allowing them to get cheap goods in order for him to sell them for a higher price took this on himself. Like Wayne and Cain, Devin was fortunate enough to be relatively rich. After a couple of years with Devin, he moved into a house with him in East Beach. Introducing himself to his girlfriend and everyone else he knew. Wayne became slowly reluctant to work for Cain, he found it extremely tiring and boring, Wayne didn't turn up to work for days on end, Cain being extremely lenient with him allowing him to do it. Devin managed to get Wayne a job in Cargo Group, he was a delivery driver. It was extremely well paid and was super easy, Wayne used to smoke and drink on the job, swerving his trucks around the street delivering packages for Cargo Group. Here, Wayne quickly managed to make himself up the ranks, somewhat ignoring his career in Luxury. Now, Wayne being the supervisor in Cargo Group, he got Cain a job due to the high paid wage and the low hours, essentially they were claiming to payments for one job. Increasing their wealth extremely well. The CEO of Cargo Group looked down towards the supervisors, eying each. Myself and Devin were candidates for the next CEO role, as she was in fact departing from the company. Fortunately enough for Wayne, she chose him. Now, at just the age of 27 Wayne was a Chief Executive Officer of an extremely large business within Los Santos. Here, he began making thousands upon thousands. This is where he began to spend insane amounts of money on cars and bikes. 28 years old: After spending a year as the Chief Executive Officer of Cargo Group, Wayne managed to become a millionaire. He made his first million extremely quickly. After some of his employees allowing several crooks to order illegal items through the company and sell it to them for a high price, the FBI began to get involved. Wayne took no notice, he was on top of the world, he had over a million and any car of item of his choice in the matter of seconds. He ignored the notices the FBI gave him, being extremely reluctant. One day, Wayne was driving around in his 1930 Ford Model A being pulled over, this was normal. Wayne paid off tickets left, right and centre. He became arrogant and careless. It was the FBI, after a long discussion and somewhat interrogation his business Cargo Group was shut down, and fined over two million dollars. He lose his business, the business' assets as they was seized by the FBI. Wayne, now had to fall back onto his old roots of cars, alongside Cain. 29 years old - 31 years old: Now, back into the mechanic business. He began to work himself up some money again, after losing it due to the closing of Cargo Group. He quickly sold his cars and managed to get himself back on his feet with aid of Cain. They had a brilliant idea, open up a fully functioning dealership. Cain was a huge Lamborghini fan, he owned several in his garage and used to have them for show. This sparked an idea, a Lamborghini Dealership. The idea went through, they contacted who they needed to contact and quickly setting it up, investing their money and time into this project. Luckily, it was a huge success. The other powerhouses of Los Santos began purchasing vehicles from us, with our own rates due to being a non franchised business. The start of Lamborghini Automotives was made, they transformed Luxury Autoworks into Lamborghini, allowing the employees to work in there, customizing and working on vehicles again for their own profit. Wayne managed to reach a suitable amount of money again, in the matter of years. Thing was looking up, this is where he had a change of heart. He began to feel more compassionate and realised money isn't anything to him. It's the people around him that mattered. This triggered something he still does to this day, he goes around the street, offering large sums of money to people, five grand here, ten grand there and so on. Giving it out because he feels it could help so many more people. Around this time, he met someone by the name of Wullie Campbell, a fellow business man within the area who ran Wullie Corporation. They became friends and progressed together. 32 years old - 34 years old: Everything was going well in his life, he was set up and had friends around him with large amounts of money and they all lived a careless life. Driving extremely fast cars, spending money on stupid properties, cars and even helicopters. Flying around drinking, doing whatever drugs they chose. Wayne was loving it, he wanted it to last like this forever. His now, partner Wullie decided he didn't want to be around Los Santos. He needed a break from things, this is where Wayne and his friends Huw, Raymond and Mario stepped in. They offered to continue to run his business. He accepted and allowed us to, after a year break from Los Santos Wullie returned. His business now being ran by Huw and Wayne, this is now called Dinoco. A now transnational business who work in the insurance industry, car dealership industry and many other things. Wayne, now becoming a millionaire for the second time was loving it. He learnt how to fly, gaining all licenses to everything he can get from helicopters to commercial jumbo jets. Things were going smooth. All of a sudden, Wayne began to feel paranoid, was unsure on how he got his money again, felt money was useless. He started giving away endless amounts of money, until the point he wasn't a millionaire anymore, he went from 1.5mil to 600k in the matter of two weeks from giving it away. He stopped wearing his business suits, started wearing shorts and flip flops every day, no matter the weather. Which almost lead to pneumonia from the recent storms, he didn't care. He began drinking relentlessly and taking any drug under the sun. 35 years old: He began to rebuild his money up from a culture shock, his friends around him allowed him to rebuild with their aid and for the third time, Wayne became a millionaire. However, his extremely bad habits continued, he began to crash and destroy his expensive vehicles, from his Lamborghini Aventador to his Porsche Cayenne GTS. He drunk every day without fail. He then met someone by the name of Willow Davenport, someone who is also a drug addict. They both spent time together, doing drugs and spending insane amounts of money on drink and drugs. Wayne wanted to give back, even in this state. He purchased an eighty grand house by the beach in Santa Maria, he opened it up and put a bar inside, he continues to stock the fridge full of beer and leaves the door unlocked at all times. He allows anyone and everyone to have a good time there, it is his deed to give back. He has no plans with Willow to branch out and start things with other people, but now. Wayne continues to take drugs, ranging from LSD to Cocaine to even Xanax and spent insane amounts on it. He's extremely careless but is currently enjoying life to the max with his new friends. To be continued...
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    Script Suggestion What would be the name of the script(s)?- Enforced /look for permanent facts What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?- GUI What is the suggestion?- In /look you have several areas to describe how your character looks (other than your skin). What if there was a memo box (new section) underneath it, that only admins could edit? I.e. You were kidnapped and your arm was cut off, or you were raped in prison and.. (you know). Or, you have a disability, or whatever. Something -major-. You have a huge car crash and something major happens. Then to get rid of that line in /look, you go to ASH and need to be treated accordingly (i.e. plastic surgery or other). What are the advantages?- - More RP for ASH - More fear for anything that could happen to your character physically What are the disadvantages?- - More work for admins (but meh, if we can do CKs, we can probably do this?) Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?- /look How would you go about implementing this idea?- - Add memobox in /look only editable if admin. I honestly struggled to find good uses of this lmao but I'm so tired, so that's probably why I can't imagine for shit. Maybe like - you are a gang member, and you kidnap some other gang member, and you burn his skin with some insults! Haha!
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    *This petition would be found online when searching for Los Santos related things and politics. There is a Captcha setting to safeguard against faulty votes and spam* 13th July 2017 VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE - COUNCILMAN ROBERT MONDINI - DISTRICT #1 The petition for a vote of no confidence for Robert Mondini is grounded in the fact that he has done nothing for the people of his District in Los Santos, since his election. Councilman Robert Mondini ((@Belgica)) of District #1 was elected over two months ago. He was chosen by the residents of West LS to represent them in the council and supposedly develop their district. Robert Mondini ran on a campaign, promising to develop commerce and bring activity to the district through “events and advertisements” - NONE of which the residents of West LS or any LS citizen in general has seen or heard. In other words, Robert Mondini has done absolutely nothing valuable for his district in the past TWO MONTHS. NOTHING. While claiming he’s been outside of the city, Robert Mondini has been allegedly filmed ‘spending time’ with a prostitute in a Jefferson Motel room. The video of which has been quickly spreading through the internet. 11th of July 2017 DESPITE all this, Robert Mondini has decided to sue three perfectly law-abiding companies, among which is the only functioning news media in our city - SAN - for “image damage”. Among the court victims of Robert Mondini are MPOV and the Well Stacked Pizzastack. Robert Mondini demands $400,000 from each company in his three separate trials - earning him about ~$1,200,000. 11th of July 2017 His failure as a Councilman hasn’t gone unnoticed by the residents of his district and the rest of Los Santos, however. In the last few days, there has been massive uproar against him - with sevaral major protests being held outside the SL HQ, and twice outside the City Hall on two different occasions. As his failure as a politician has been receiving more and more attention, the movement against him has grown stronger - with more citizens attending and speaking out against his corruption. 11th of July 2017 Robert Mondini is a failed councilman who has occupied his seat for over two months. He has not only failed to do his job, but now seeks to shift the blame and to extract over a million dollars for himself from others. We mustn’t allow such an inactive and toxic politician to remain in office any longer. It’s time to take a stand for ourselves and for this city. 13th of July 2017
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    Public Statement regarding County Hall Shooting My fellow Los Santosians, As a peaceful protest was underway today questioning the actions of Councilmen Robert Mondini, a lawful shooting occurred when an aggressive man presented a knife to members of the public and turned to law enforcement, in an attempt to stab officers. The suspect was quickly subdued by police fire and he was treated with medical attention however it was too late. I address the public today to apologize on behalf of the CPQL, and I expect a statement from the LSPD and Chief Melanie Gaines, for the actions of a high ranking police official who acted in an unprofessional manner. I am saddened to see this event occur within Los Santos, but even more so by the officer in question, and outside a place such as County Hall of all places. I will ask that the Emergency Services Oversight Committee and LSPD IA investigate this unprofessional conduct and I would like the County of Los Santos to know that I take this issue very seriously. May God be with us all, Signed, County Commissioner Thomas J. Mengele
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    Name: Fraser Wolfe Comment: What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.
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    The Monty Society The Monty Society is a trailer park group based in Montgomery. They participate in the usual trailer park activities, like drinking and partying. Not much else is known of the group's activities. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The People Name: Sjon Hulzinger. Country of Origin: The Netherlands Province: South Holland Age: 26 Employment: None, former Marketing Manager. Bertus Dekker (left) and Leonard Spreenen (Deceased) (right) Country of Origin: Both The Netherlands Province: Bertus, Groningen. Leonard, Drenthe Ages: Bertus, 22. Leonard, 19 (Deceased) Employment: None. Name: Charles Macomber Country of Origin: The United States of America State: Alabama Age: 26 Employment: None Name: Gazini Coetzee Country of Origin: South Africa Age: 25 Employment: None Name: Darryl Anderson Country of Origin: The United States of America State: Illinois Age: 25 Employment: None, former Bartender at The Wild Stallion Name: Henry van Niekerk Country of Origin: The Netherlands Province: North-Holland Age: 29 Employment: None ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC I got inspired to try and remake some sort of Whetstone Society but then in Montgomery and a tad different. We do have rules that are basically having fun and following the rules.
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    November 1, 1955 – April 30, 1975, a group of fighters from the United States of America stepped foot on Vietnam soil. And on the date of Apr 30, 1975, 58,148 Americans were killed and 304,000 are wounded out of 2.7 million who served. Some of the names from the 2.7 million that survived were Randy Boyle, Clyde Dickens, Jake Bradly, Miguel Coronil all fought and survived. The same names soon after joined in the Afghanistan war that started on Sunday, October 7. And three more name that participated in the war was called "Barry Burns". Barry was a new recruit to the war, fighting in his first ever war. And Ronald Burns, Barry's older brother joined as well and Melvin Smith. These names were the ones that grew closer and closer as time progressed. The date was October, 24th, 2006, Randy, Clyde, Jake, Miguel, and Barry began to hear noises coming out of an abandon building a few feet down north. The duo rushed over after hearing Ronald's voice. The following words were exchanged, "Randy Boyle: GO, GO, GO, enter the fuckin' BUILDING, I'll cover you, Clyde!" Barry Burns: I'm throwin' a flash bang, WATCH OUT!" The duo soon rushed inside the building, hoping Ronald could make an escape, but next thing you knew the duo heard gun shots spreading up on the second floor of the building. Barry walked up the stairs, aiming down his gun, with dirt all over his helmet, and protective glasses. He peered over, seeing a bullet hit on the right side of Ronald's hip. Miguel and Jake sprayed down the enemy, and only Miguel was trained in the Medical field. Miguel looked down at Ronald, starting to put pressure on his hip, with Barry looking out the window. "Jake Bradly: G-- guys, it isn't jus.. just his hip that's shot... " The group looked over at Ronald, there wounded brother that was closest to each of them. Looking down at his neck, seeing it gush out with blood. Squirting all over the walls, the duo had no words. All of them fell on the floor, not able to have a firm grip on their M-16's. The room went dark, no one said a single thing. But somewhere along the line, all of them stood up at once. Angry, pissed off, blood flowing down their limbs, heart beating a mile a minute, veins popping out of their necks, arms. They all stood up, running out of the building, starting to blast their M-16's not giving care to their own safety. Out in the open, blasting the enemies, with recoil spreading like wildfire. Soon after... 2009, June, 5th. Barry Burns had an honorable discharge, leaving the war. Barry found himself on the streets homeless, suffering from heavy PTSD. The rest of his friends he deemed his brothers still remained in the war fighting till they capped out at age 42 and was forced to leave the army too, as an honorable discharge. Before they got discharged from the army, Barry found himself dealing with mental problems with the passing of his brother. He found himself doing a lot of things, trying to maintain himself, trying to keep afloat, doing whatever he could to fund his habit he picked up of doing crystal meth. It soon became an important part of his life but winded him up with a twenty-two-year sentence in Clark County prison in Las Vegas, Nevada. Randy Boyle, Clyde Dickens, Jake Bradly, Miguel Coronel found themselves in the same situation as Barry. Homeless on the streets, unable to locate his friend not knowing he's locked away for a long period of time. The duo stuck together, assuming Barry has passed away. After a long period of time that passed by, Barry was a notorious inmate in Clark County prison. He had tattoos covered all over his face and was apart of the Aryan Brotherhood, a notorious prison gang located in Clark County. Barry got a nick name of "Deadman" in the prison after doctors claimed him medically dead after getting stabbed in the stomach and back twice, during a race riot. Soon after, Deadman found himself leaving prison. He is now an old man and worn out. Barry found himself back in San Andreas shortly after his release. He would still be homeless living on the streets, going back to his youth ways of making money just to sit his hundred eighty pound body on his 03 Dyna that he still has. Barry resides in Los Colinas trailer-park, the same area that the others reside in. Barry managed to spot the duo, decades outside a Pizza Stacks late at night, on a Tuesday, in July of 2017. The duo resides in a small trailer-park community up in the mountains. Raising hell like they did in their youth. On the date of July, 12th, of 2017 inside Clyde's beat up RV, the duo began speaking about change. The group spoke in regards to opening a motorcycle club by the name of Beserkers. Barry bringing up the idea, the group are still working on the idea, to try and bring the idea to life. After days and days of working on the club idea, the club managed to succeed. Generating income to open the club up. On July 14th, of 2017 the club "Berserkers MC" was born with Barry taking on the roll of President, and his right hand man Clyde taking the roll of Vice President. (( THIS FACTION IS IN DEVELOPMENT, MORE WILL BE ADDED ONTO THE STORY, AS TIME GOES. ))
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    Sony Vegas kept crashing on me so I was tired to redo it for the 7th time. Had to censor most the chat out of respect so you may not see some of the text which my character said.
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    Express Entertainment Lounge, more commonly known as Express Lounge, is a typically contemporary and fashionable cafe, gym and pool lounge intended to provide the utmost dignitary and notable service to the highest figures of Los Santos and surroundings. Based upon monthly paid memberships that provide its members with a vast number of reasons to stop by, the lounge is also strategically located around one of the wealthiest districts in Los Santos, that being Rodeo. In a luminary, calm place where the highs of life are enjoyed, our carefully well-prepared food and drinks are impossible to go unnoticed on your table. Recognized for purely utilizing natural ingredients, our hot and cold food and drinks are thoroughly prepared with the utmost care by an extensive number of professionals cautiously hired to provide the best service to its members. Along with a gym located on the second floor of the building where clients may work off their arduous and tense day from work, the lounge also provides a pool area to contemplate its members' absolute best wishes of relaxation. Originally intended to be opened around the beginning of May 2017, by Kayla Harper and Taylor Marie Parker, two well-known figures from the Los Santos Fire Department, the lounge had to suffer an unexpected occurrence where one of the shareholders, more precisely Taylor Marie Parker, passed away which left the lounge with an unpredicted empty spot to assist Kayla Harper with running her life dream business.After vague nights of combating her loss, Kayla Harper offered an open position, to a man known for serving as a Captain in the Los Santos Fire Department, Bradley Sweeney, that was promptly accepted. From there on, their new partnership has only been getting better and both owners are now extremely happy to be able to continue a legacy left by their fellow friend and co-worker Taylor Marie Parker. Membership Type Price Access Duration Free Visitors Regular Membership $6,500 Gym/Pool/Cafe 1month 0 Extended Membership $11,000 Gym/Pool/Cafe 2months 1 Exclusive Membership $16,000 Gym/Pool/Cafe 3months 2 -Why does it worth to pay $6,500 each month? Our lounge will offer you the best service almost daily, employees and security guards are chosen wisely to make sure customers will get the most exclusive service possible.You will no longer struggle to find a safe place to spend your time with your family or friends, A place that offers you various entertaining areas either by eating your snack with a drink or alcoholic drinks down by the cafe, Working out in our gym or you can just relax or swim by the pool. Not to mention that you can unveil your hidden singing talent during a weekly karaoke night, We will be hosting theme nights, Swimming competitions, Nights with your favorite celebrities and much more during the week days. -Upon submitting your membership request format you agree that you are fully aware of our terms and policies and you accept them : Membership cards availability: Available Express Lounge is now hiring competitive individuals with great wages who are willing to join our lounge team, Please submit your employment request here. Available jobs: - Bartenders - Armed/unarmed Security - Gym Instructors Express Entertainment Lounge is located in a safe, rich and modern district known as Rodeo, more exactly on Soho Drive. (( credits to @Shaderz & @Alfredas ))
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    @Belgica well played... well played.
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    The Democratic Party is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States. Tracing its heritage back to Thomas Jefferson and James Madison's Democratic-Republican Party, the modern-day Democratic Party was founded around 1828 by Andrew Jackson, making it the world's oldest active party. The San Andreas Democratic Party frequently hosts events throughout the city of Los Santos and its counties, such as meetings and discussions with neighborhood communities, rallies, conventions at our Headquarters. We also organize fundraiser dinners & parties, for both political and charity initiatives. The San Andreas Democratic Party consists of both activists and politicians, working side by side to achieve the goals, and agenda, which we all decide on together - democratically through Party conventions. We elect our Party Chairman, and vote on which candidates should represent the Democratic Party in both council and city elections in the near and far future. Party Chairman: Vacant - not yet elected Party Leadership Comittee: - Francis Ford ((@Georgi)) - Edgler Vess ((@Strobe)) - Travis Fallows ((@Danii)) - Michael Ferguson ((@Ferguson)) Although every one of our candidates, running for an elected office under the Democratic Party banner, has his own campaign platform, we all aim towards the following agenda: Democrats believe one of the best ways to innovate, prosper, and create good-paying jobs is to make more in America, which is why we firmly support American manufacturing with a “Make it in America” plan. We must create thriving hubs of manufacturing and innovation throughout Los Santos and its counties - such as car, food, alcohol, furniture and firearm manufactories. We must also invest in finding natural resources in Red & Bone county, to potentially create oil drilling stations, as well as rare earth elements and coal mines. Democrats know that nothing is more important than creating good-paying jobs that can support a middle-class life—from nurses, firefighters, and teachers to construction workers, factory workers, and small business owners. That is why we are committed to doing everything we can to build a full-employment economy, where everyone has a job that pays enough to raise a family and live in dignity with a sense of purpose. Democrats will build strong, sustained, shared economic growth. Democrats are committed to reforming our criminal justice system and ending mass incarceration. Something is profoundly wrong when almost a quarter of the world’s prison population is in the United States, even though our country has less than five percent of the world’s population. We will reform mandatory minimum sentences. Research and evidence, rather than slogans and sound bites, must guide criminal justice policies. We reaffirm our commitment to eliminate poverty. Democrats will develop a state strategy, coordinated across all levels of government and the council, to combat poverty. We will direct more state and county resources to lifting up communities that have been left out and left behind. We must also create programs to integrate former convicts back into society - such as providing them with jobs through the S.A. Trade Union. Democrats have a comprehensive agenda to invest in Los Santos city, grounded on the premise that local community leaders are best equipped to create a better future for their residents—but need the resources and flexibility to get the job done. We also recognize there is no easy way to build strong neighborhoods and strong cities, but rather we must address the challenge across many interconnected fronts—from housing, to schools, to jobs, to transportation, to health. Democrats believe it should be easier for citizens to save for retirement and prepare for unforeseen risks and expenses. We will defend the right of workers, LEO's, EMT's, and all other deserving servicemen to collect their defined benefit pensions. Democrats will fight to enact legislation to create a pension fund, which every man and woman of Los Santos will be eligible to apply for - receiving a reasonable pension each payday. With hundreds of our citizens dying every year, Democrats believe that we must finally take sensible action to address gun violence. While responsible gun ownership is part of the fabric of many communities, too many families in Los Santos have suffered from gun violence. We can respect the rights of responsible gun owners while keeping our communities safe. We will enact legislation to expand and strengthen background checks and close dangerous loopholes in our current laws. We must ensure by all means necessary guns do not fall into the hands of terrorists, intimate partner abusers, other violent criminals, and those with severe mental health issues. Democrats believe that everyone deserves the chance to live up to his or her God-given potential. Being stronger together means reaching communities that have been left out and left behind for too long, from coal country to neighborhoods held back by multigenerational poverty. In America, we do not tear each other down—we lift each other up. Democrats will fight to end institutional and systemic racism in our society. We will challenge and dismantle the structures that define lasting racial, economic, political, and social inequity. Democrats will promote racial justice through fair, just, and equitable governing of all public-serving institutions and in the formation of public policy. Democrats support removing the Confederate battle flag, as well as any racist signs/flags such as swastikas from public properties, recognizing that they are symbols of hate and that they have no place in our present or our future. We will push for a societal transformation to make it clear that all lives matter and that there is no place for racism in our city. Whether you want to run for an elected office under the Democratic Party banner, or you simply want to be a member and an activist of the Party, you’re always welcome to apply, regardless of age or ethnicity, as long as you possess a valid American citizenship. Contact us at our e-mail - [email protected] ((Forum PM @Georgi)).
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    Jackson Law Firm Email: [email protected] Phone number: (666)-422-086 Hello dear reader(s), After a series of unlawful searches, false arrests and harrassment by the Los Santos Police Department to the citizens of this great city. I have noticed that a majority of citizens aren't exercising their rights as they should be, rights that could prevent escalation to the situation and solve it. I'll be addressing a few important points that you should be aware of as a citizen when you interact with the police. 1- Start Recording. You are in full legal bounds to record in public as long as you want. If the police is having interactions with you, you are better with recording it, especially in traffic stops. Maintain your right to record and capture as much information as you can. The police may not search your phone without a warrant, and they do not have the right to take it if you're not committing a crime. 2- Be Respectful. One of the more important procedures you should follow when dealing with the police is to be polite, this does not only leave a good impression, but this might result in a less harsh penalty if you have committed a crime. The police is supposed to protect you, and in return you should be respecting them. 3- Don't make any sudden movements, keep your hands visible. Another important practice is to keep your hands in plain sight, cops could simply use force and make an excuse of fearing for their safety. If you are approached by a cop, keep your hands visible and show them that you're not looking for trouble. 4- You don't have to identify yourself at all times. You are not required to identify yourself whenever a law enforcement officer asks you to. You are only required to present your identity if the police has reasonable suspicion to believe you have commited a crime, about to commit a crime or committing one. Same falls for traffic stops. 5- Fourth Amendment. The Fourth Amendment is one of the more important amendments you should be aware of, quoting the Amendment: The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. It requires governmental searches and seizures to be conducted only upon issuance of a warrant, judicially sanctioned by probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized. (1) What this basically means is. You may not be searched by a law enforcement officer without a warrant being present, or without probable cause. Probable cause is having reasonable grounds to believe that a particular person has committed a crime. For example, an officer has seen a man yielding a knife around and saw them hiding the knife in their waist, an officer in this situation does not need a warrant to search their waist, since they have probable cause. However, people get into tricks when an officer plays with the questions, eventually gaining your consent to allow them to search you. You do NOT have to consent to a search, if you do, then you take the blame for whatever is found on you. Do not fall into any traps, don't give anyone consent. 6- Fifth Amendment. The Fifth Amendment is also extremely important, I'll be quoting it down here: The Fifth Amendment (Amendment V) to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights and protects individuals from being compelled to be witnesses against themselves in criminal cases. The Fifth Amendment basically states that you don't have to unwillingly answer any questions that are asked by a law enforcement officer. Put it this way, you are in a traffic stop and an officer is asking you where you're headed, you don't have to answer them, you can remain silent instead. 7- Am I being detained, or am I free to go? This is one the most important questions you should ask a law enforcement officer when being questioned/stopped. If they do not have any legal grounds to detain you, then you should be set free on your way home. If they tell you that you're being detained, question them under what legal grounds they're detaining you. I've covered several important points that you should be aware of. However, I sadly cannot write every law there is and include it here. If you have any legal questions, feel free to email Clinton Lawfirm to gain the best legal advice you can get. Remember, stay safe!
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    *Alisha MacKenzie enters the court room and stands next to Jay Knight, whispering into his ear so that only Jay Knight can hear. "Hello, Mr. Knight. I hate to see a lovely business such as the Pizzastack be destroyed by a corporate welfare company abusing the justice system and tormenting the little man. Consider this case a pro bono on my end." (( @GentleFart ))
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    (Keep in mind that after searching for this video, you may find replicas titled "Robert Mondini" or "Councilman Robert Mondini" on PornHub and/or YouPorn) THE FOLLOWING VIDEO IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE WELL STACKED PIZZA COMPANY. ★ Selena pushes the man onto the bed in a sitting position. ★ Selena unzips Robert's pants and takes out his hard cock. ★ Selena lets out a sigh, closing her eyes. Clearly she's not doing this for fun. ★ Selena sucks on Robert's penis, squinting her eyes as she chokes. ★ Robert holds the top of her head, running his fingers across her hair. [English] Robert says: Oooh, baby. [English] Selena says: Gghhgllhg... ★ Robert slowly pushes his right hand down, forcing Selena down further. [English] Robert says: That's it... ★ Selena chokes on it, and pulls away. Saliva would fall from her mouth. ★ Selena's eyes would tear up as she goes back to sucking Robert's cock. She'd close her eyes. ★ Robert reassumes the same position, sliding his hands onto her head. ★ Robert then slowly begins trying to force Selena down, using her mouth to stroke his penis. ★ The screen fades out to other footage, featuring Robert and Selena in a different position. ★ Robert extends his left hand out, aiming his penis as he fiddles it lightly, extending his hips - ★ - forth slowly. ((Robert)) ★ Robert spits down slowly, trying to spit on his penis before extending his right hand out, - ★ - jerking his penis around the base to lube it. ((Robert)) ★ Robert pressures the tip against her asscheeks as he jerks himself off, before gripping it as he aims. ★ Robert slowly pushes forward, fiddling the tip of his penis inwards Selena's asshole. [English] Selena says: OH!!! YOU'RE HURTING ME... ★ Selena grunts as she would shut her eyes. ★ Robert lets go of his penis as he slowly pressures it further within Selena, groaning in pleasure. ★ Robert extends his hands out, placing them on Selena's hips. [English] Selena whispers: Go a little slow... please... [English] Robert whispers: Sh, sh, sh... it's okay. ★ Robert slowly begins gyrating his hips, fiddling his penis inside her lightly. ★ Robert now thrusts his hip forth lightly, trying to penetrate her asshole further. [English] Selena whispers: Uh-- Ouch! ★ Robert tightens his hold around Selena's hips, before slowly extending his right hand out - ★ - as he raises it, gripping a hold of Selena's left breast. ((Robert)) ★ Robert fondles her left breast as he slowly pulls his hands back, trying to pull her on - ★ - further onto his penis. ((Robert)) ★ Robert holds Selena tightly in one spot, as he begins to slowly thrust in and out lightly, - ★ - proceeding to penetrate Selena's asshole. ((Robert)) ★ Robert pacens up lightly, using his hands to pull Selena back as he pushes forth with thrusts, - ★ - pacing up thrust after thrust as he attempts to slide deeper within. ((Robert)) [English] Robert whispers: Mhm. [English] Robert says: Yeah, right there, baby. ★ Selena bites her bottom lip. ★ Robert leans in lightly, extending his left hand down, towards her crotch. [English] Selena whispers: Y-Yyeah! ★ Robert places his left palm directly inbetween her vagina, covering her vagina as his penis - ★ - remains within her ass. ((Robert)) ★ Selena would be panting heavily. She groans in pain as her asshole is rammed with Robert's penis. ★ Selena burries her head into the bed covers, as her eyes start running with tears. ★ The screen fades out to other footage, featuring Robert and Selena in a different position. ★ Selena would groan as she's flipped. She'd hold down onto the covers. ★ Robert groans loudly in pleasure, pushing forth as he holds her hips forcefully, starting to jab - ★ - his hips up and down repeatedly, clapping his thighs against hers as he rams his penis in and out of her vagina. ((Robert)) [English] Robert says: Mhm! [English] Selena whispers: Oh! Oh. [English] Robert says: Yeah! [English] Selena whispers: Shit! [English] Robert says: Shut up, bitch! ★ Robert quickly extends his right hand out, raising Selena's left thigh, trying to get closer - ★ - as he thrusts in and out. ((Robert)) ★ Selena pants heavily as her body is being pounded. ★ Robert pacens up, holding her in one spot as he begins swinging his hips out widely, back and - ★ - forth, as he deeply smashes his penis inside her repeatedly. ((Robert)) [English] Robert says: Ah!, fuck! ★ The screen fades out to other footage, featuring Robert and Selena in a different position. ★ Selena would massage his ballsack with her right palm. ★ Robert ejaculates on her face, covering it up with sperm. ★ Selena coughs slightly. She'd squint her eyes and push herself up to the ground. ★ Selena heads to the bathroom to clean herself up - clearly disgusted. ★ The screen fades out to a black screen.
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    Author: Sofia Andrada Another star is shining down onto Los Santos' multifaceted face as successful celebrity and actor Channing Tatum announces his arrival in Los Santos for his movie anniversary at IMAX. It has now been more than seven years that the movie "21 Jump Street" was aired, yet the movie continues to capture generations' hearts with its plot and enthralls its viewers with a scintillating performance by the two amusing main characters. The rules that underpin most American high school comedies have barely changed over the last three decades, even though the high school experience itself has altered almost beyond recognition. The laws set by eighties movies at the movie theaters are still in full effect. While jocks are hot, nerds are not, and by taking off her thick-framed specs and shaking out her hair, a wallflower can become the prom queen. In reality, girls go for geek glasses and tie their hair in buns when they want to go glam, and the male heartthrobs don’t play sports, but the ukulele. The surprisingly perceptive, uproariously funny high school comedy 21 Jump Street might be the first film to acknowledge, and even savor, the disconnect. It turns adolescence into an alien landscape that makes sense only to the natives, and nostalgic adult trespassers will come hilariously, unstuck. In order to celebrate the success of this movie, San Andreas Network has invited the famous cast to the city of Los Santos. While Jonah Hill had to decline the offer due to a busy schedule, Channing Tatum's manager has accepted it and agreed to visit Los Santos for the movie anniversary that's taking place on Wednesday, the 12th of July. Mr. Tatum will be welcomed Wednesday morning at the Los Santos International Airport and safely escorted to the movie theater 'IMAX' by the Los Santos Police Department, where he will watch his movie with the people of Los Santos. After the movie, he will be available for questions and discussion with Los Santos. Everyone is cordially invited to attend the event and meet famous actor Channing Tatum.
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    “If you don't get caught, you deserve everything you steal.” ― Daniel Nayeri, Another Faust Marko sees an advertisement in the newspapers about a jewelry store. Marko buys a ring and scopes the joint out for their security system. Marko develops an evil plan. .... ONE WEEK LATER .... (( @xxx ))
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    OPERATION: Hang Up Greetings everyone! Tomorrow, the LSPD's Traffic Enforcement Division will be launching a 7-day operation which will be titled "Operation: Hang Up". The goal of this operation will be to crack down on cellphone usage while operating a motor vehicle and dealing with them in the way of absolute strictness and no leniency. For Traffic Enforcement Officers on patrol, you are expected to watch proactively and attentively for any drivers operating their vehicle and a cellphone simultaneously, therefore defecting their attention on driving and ultimately endangering not only themselves, but their surroundings. At the end of the operation, statistics will be collected and publicized. STARTING DATE: 14/07/2017 ENDING DATE: 21/07/2017 Regards, SGT Malcolm Carruthers TED Command
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    A whole 1 year and 7 months and yet many can still relate. Pretty surprised that you're surrounded by LSPD, ricers, lesbians, statwhores, and Khram? I didn't calculate the Khram but I predicted the rest, nonetheless. I didn't want to be the one who made a discussion about this again, but someone has to. The OOCly limited CK rules, robbery rules, and property rules... and just the general "push 4 da max" attitude of PD, these are some of the reasons that ruined PD and illegal RP some time ago, but I get a real kick out of this part. It's how the faction team and UAT members repeatedly recognise this issue and claim they will fix or are fixing or a fix is on the way but this is almost never the case. As mentioned in the quote, the CK rules were never changed although slightly altered. This was since then reversed to the same exact rule however, and CKs on cops remain the same. You might ask me "but crazy wat so important bout cking cops", but you've got to understand that without a constant way to remove old officers and introduce new officers through character-kills, players in the PD will add up as they have. Most of these, aware that it's hard to get CKed, eventually evolve to robocops... that's a fact. And eventually over time, they react unrealistically to those involved in illegal RP and eventually ruin their roleplay, because someone decided "ayo lets place a warrant on that guy who went 10km over the limit" or some shit, no offence Dianne. We could begin fixing these problems by enforcing CK situations way more than often. These situations would be almost every shootout and every scenario (if it's not DM or RDM or bug related, that is), and therefore cause for more PD to get character-killed and lower the population of PD. Of course, however this could cause issues with more than stupid CKs on PD however like a wise man once said, you shouldn't even be dying or getting PKed as a cop because if you are, then you're not a good cop, are you? However, we can take the other route and simply place many restrictions to have players involved with PD. These restrictions would include no rulebreakers allowed, maybe an age specific requirement, etc. That should get rid about 75% of PD. In real life, you'd see 50 cars pass by before you see a cop car... let alone an obvious detective. In Owl, you'd see 4 cop cars and a detective before you see a regular car. I'm also proposing that the use of weapons like M4s, flashbangs, and other military gear be permitted but only used after two written /me or /do's, or two binds. Said weapons should also be restricted to law-enforcement members above a medium rank, such as a Sergeant or Lieutenant, or that sead weapons can be restricted to large duty vehicles such as Ford Explorers, Chevrolet Tahoes, Chevrolet Suburbans, SWAT vehicles, or you know, those slick Mercedes G Class PD has, for some odd reason. Further more, there is also other issues I have noticed. Officers are focused on action, rather than roleplay and as the myth goes, most are roleplaying to win. Now you may say "oh crazy das just an myth". No my child, there has been one too many incidents where a cop is stabbed from behind and the result is powergamed completely. Some of these incidents, the cop even receives a punishment for powergaming yet they remain on LSPD to this day. Faction team and other UAT insist that they are "working on it" but doesn't that result in progress or improvement? Oh and who could forget that famous incident where a lone cop got shot with two .45s in his leg and chest, falls down, roleplays injuries properly, but as soon as crime happens he becomes superman, stands up, perfectly fires his pistol across the street, falls down in pain, roleplays more injuries as someone roleplays stabbing him in which case he "blindly" fires back and accurately kills this other man. Or the one the cop got stabbed in the neck, in an alleyway, takes 3 seconds, then turns around and beanbags everyone without roleplay... Anyway, that's the end of my rant however I'ma go ahead and drop some advice for y'all illegals. If you're getting arrested, peep this and ensure you're being jailed for the lowest time possible. If you're still being hit with a long jail sentence, ask for a court case. Some cops will tell you that asking for a court case would result in more time than the quickjail. Do not fall for this, these cops just don't want to deal with the paperwork. Ask for the lowest time, or ask for court. Chances are, the district attorney or cop will mess up your court case and forget about it anyways and you'll be released without a charge or fine.
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    The San Andreas Trade Union Center is a federation of trade unions and represents the interests of the workers in the State of San Andreas VISION A San Andreas in which an honest living with a legal job always seems like the better option. A state in which every citizen gets what they truly deserve, in exchange for their hard labor. A united work force that stands together to achieve common goals. GOALS MEMBERSHIP FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How do I become a supporting member? Click here to send a message to a Trade Union Center Employee. Which form do I use to register as a member? Use this form: First Name: Last Name: Location: Telephone: E-Mail: Profession: Company: Title/Rank: Education: Why become a member of the San Andreas Trade Union Center? Because supporters and Union workers stand for each others' interests and offer support. Because you can help to make a difference and to improve the working conditions of yourself and others. Because you assist in the struggle for minimum wages and other benefits. (( OOC )) The goal is to have a faction that provides its members and the public with advanced legal RP opportunities. This faction supports legal professions that basically have no way of making a realistic, fair salary in-game. The faction management tries to create scenarios to promote legal RP and reward players for their in-game work. Once an F3 Faction Menu is available, Union supporters and members will be able to join without leaving their main factions.
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    June 28th 2017 ______________________________________________________________________ Recent Council Meeting and LSIA Update ______________________________________________________________________ Recently, the Council and the People of Los Santos held a meeting on the 19th of June along with several members of Commissioner Mengele's administration to discuss several topics relating to Los Santos County and government departments. One of, if not the top concern on the mind of the CPQL was the incident that had happened two days prior on the 17th of June concerning the Los Santos International Airport and its involvement with a large transport aircraft being illegally landed on a drag racing strip, almost striking an All Saints Hospital Ambulance in the process and endangering the lives of everyone at the event. In a very short notice and sudden event, the Administrator of LSIA, Michael Artyom along with two of his colleagues were called to the Los Santos County Hall in order to discuss the future of LSIA and the situation that had occurred a couple of days earlier. The CPQL's demands to LSIA were simple: LSIA needed to pinpoint exactly who was at fault for what had occurred along with how incidents like it could be prevented in the future, LSIA needed to issue a public apology to all of Los Santos for their actions and ensure the general public understands that it will not happen again, and to work with the CPQL in order to solve the numerous problems that have faced LSIA for some time now. Unfortunately, after a very lengthy debate, Mr. Artyom only truly agreed to the first of the reasonable demands, and stated that it was his fault for the events of June 17th. Some of the major concerns to the CPQL about LSIA, a government agency were factors such as the lack of any communication between the Airport and the Los Santos County Government for some months, LSIA capitalizing as a public entity by no longer giving free licensing to structures such as the police department and demanding payment as well as running private air businesses on the side, and the CPQL not being allowed even basic access to what is going on within the airport and how money is being used. Due to a conflict of interests and a lack of common goals, Administrator Artyom was asked to resign by Commissioner Mengele by the end of the night along with who he wished to succeed him for leadership of LSIA. Mr. Artyom and his associates left soon after, making their way out of the city hall and allowing the CPQL to further discuss future plans for the Airport and its connection with the government. One idea brought up mid-meeting and seemingly popular was the idea of an airport whose finances and assets were not only available to be seen by the government, but also to the general public, the taxpayers that keep the airport running in the first place. Other talks of further CPQL influence over the Los Santos International Airport or even possible integration of the agency itself into the CPQL as a mini-department within the government was also debated. While the future of LSIA is still unknown and unpredictable, it is clear that the CPQL is determined to creating a safe, reliable, efficient, and most importantly, open airport. Although under new leadership for some time, a formal apology for the dragstrip incident has still yet to be issued by the staff of the airport. Moving on, several other important discussions were held at the meeting, mostly centered upon what makes not only the county, but the world spin, money. Several allocations to departments and teams within the Los Santos County Government were agreed to and put into action. $200 thousand was set aside to the financial department specifically for business loans to help boost and start up small companies across the county, both in the city and out near the county lines. Another $200 thousand was set aside for the Public Works Department for basic county maintenance such and paving and cleaning the roads and paying for fuel. $1 million is to be given to the Los Santos Police Department in order to purchase a new helicopter for their anti-crime unit which is expected to be very impressive in the field. $750 thousand was set aside for a joint CPQL-FinalBuild construction project for a new museum featuring the history of Los Santos and the amazing people who have lived here. The museum is expected to be completed in the near future and the CPQL and Thomas Mengele Administration are very excited to open up a new section of education to today's youth who too commonly forget the struggles of generations before them. $40 thousand was also set aside to the Public Relations Team. The money is intended for government advertising and events, both of which have always been almost entirely paid for by the members of the PR Team themselves. More money is also being allocated to the Los Santos Fire Department as they expand to newer stations outside of the city limits in order to combat both fires and medical emergencies that may be too far away. General Update ______________________________________________________________________ While the CPQL has been rather consistent lately rather than the usual major steps forward that the government took earlier in Commissioner Mengele's first and second term, several substantial and notable occurrences are still happening within the Los Santos County Government. Currently, Public Works is working on a new headquarters for the Public Security Services or PSS for short, the security group in charge of protecting and defending government officials in Los Santos as well as government assets and protecting the CPQL's main structure. The headquarters is being made to be accessible and easy to use for the Security Services themselves, along with various Commissioners and other high ranking public figures who find themselves in the building. The CPQL in coordination with FinalBuild Construction is also fixing up the Little Moscow area of Los Santos, fixing roads and infrastructure along with making the entire neighborhood appear with a much friendlier and overall more aesthetic to the general populace. The CPQL is also supervising and funding a museum of the history of Los Santos which is also being built by FinalBuild. The museum covers a broad history of Los Santos, both old and recent in order to educate us and remind us of the challenges faced by those who came before us in this wonderful county. The CPQL wishes all citizens of Los Santos and the rest of the United States to have a safe week and enjoy their 4th of July Weekend to celebrate the birth of the greatest country in world history. _____________________________________________________________________ Your Weekly Los Santos Government Press Release Article and Photography by Public Relations Team Keira Mosley and Zoe Randall, 2017
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    Feel free to post screenshots involving the faction in this topic. Members or not, if you're involved, screenshots are welcome.
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    * Ricardo Trujillo shows everyone a Travis McKenna's head. * * Ricardo Trujillo shows everyone a Reapers MC - Enforcer (Leather Cut). * never snitch x
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    I N F O Photogenic - Complete design shop is currently the one and only design shop in Los Santos that provides you with highest quality visual end products. We offer wide range of aesthetic design for vehicles, brands, helmets, suits or anything that requires graphical work to be done to it. All of our work is unique and the same design won't be shared nor duplicated without the client's will. Any designs that we sell out to end users are one-piece-only meaning that you won't find another livery like yours if you buy one from our catalog. Any company and/or advertising secrets also stay inside the house confidentially. Our studio is located right behind Verona Mall at Panopticon Avenue. Feel free to come visit us for a quote for your graphical desires! P R I C I N G P O L I C Y Due to our work here at Photogenic is highly respected due to it's unmatched quality and attention to detail, we have priced our high end products into a so called "premium" class. Premium class items unlock the full potential of graphical expressions in regards of any work we do. These are the products that will include the most amount of complex designs and time-consuming workflows, thus increasing the aesthetics of the end product and inevitably it's production cost. To compensate for the premium class designs, our price ranging works the other way too. If you are interested in something simple that is easier and faster to work with, we eventually charge you less! Mind you that simpler designs does not relate to poor quality! Doesn't matter what the job is, we do it to the best of our ability to ensure maximum quality! C O P Y R I G H T P O L I C Y Any product created by Design Shop Photogenic ((or in other words, @MrPinkPanda)) is strictly owned by the creator of the design. When purchasing designs / graphics from Design Shop Photogenic, you by default get a use-only license for the design. You may not modify, re-sell, re-distribute, copy, plagiarize nor claim the design to your ownership without an explicit written permission from Design Shop Photogenic. Any full rights (rights listed on top) purchase made from us shall be discussed separately. Thus us following a very strict uniqueness- and copyright policy, Design Shop Photogenic does NOT modify anyone else's designs / existing work without an explicit written permission from the design rights holder themselves. We do modify our own work and Livrea Speciale Martini's (pre-Photogenic company name) work for the stated prices. P R I C I N G Vehicle Wraps (design & application) Ordering may be done by e-mail or by calling/visiting us! Helmet Wraps (design & application) Logo & Brand Design C O L L E C T I O N S Our past work presented in it's full glory. (( All work done by @MrPinkPanda if not stated otherwise. )) Collection #1 - Power & Glory Classic touring car liveries from DTM, BTCC & other touring car leagues. C A T A L O G U E Designs by Design Studio Photogenic that are currently ON-SALE/ON AUCTION!!
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    Los Santos, 10th of June 2017 Author - Adrian Reyes Citizens protesting against Councilman Robert Mondini A group of residents of Western Los Santos have gathered today in protest against the inactivity of their district representative – Councilman Robert Mondini. The residents are demanding the councilman’s resignation, on the basis that he hasn’t done -any- council work for the past two months, since he got elected by the same residents. Mr. Robert Mondini ran on a campaign, promising to bring activity and commerce in District 1 – which is Western Los Santos – through “events and marketing” – which none of the locals have seen or heard anywhere. In fact, locals and officials within the Government claim that Mr. Mondini hasn’t been showing up to work at all. Yesterday, an alleged sex tape of Robert Mondini has been leaked. In it, the councilman is filmed having a sexual intercourse with what is believed to be - a prostitute - in a room at Jefferson Motel. The source of the tape is unknown, and the councilman has not yet commented on the matter. Robert Mondini has been in office for more than two months, ever since WE elected him, and he has done absolutely NOTHING. He hasn’t proposed a single legislative bill, construction plan or initiative in our district, as he PROMISED.” Commented one of the citizens who attended today's protest. The locals have begun gathering signatures in demand of Mr. Robert Mondini’s resignation. So that, they claim, they may elect a new and honest representative, who keeps his promises and actually shows up to work. Robert Mondini has not yet commented on the matter, as he could not be reached on his cellphone or found anywhere near his office.
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    Los Santos, 4th of July 2017 Author - Adrian Reyes Massive explosion in Idlewood Last night on the 4th of July it was quite peaceful and everyone was having a wonderful time at the beach with their close friends and family or at home enjoying their time when a horrifying accident happened at Idlewood. Around 20:00 on the north side of Pizza Stacks there was a huge explosion in one of the alleyways. After a minute the Police Department and the Fire Department arrived on scene. (FULL ARTICLE ONLY AVAILABLE ON THE OFFICIAL SAN WEBSITE. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE.)
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    RIP Fergus Flynn 1989 - 2017 On February 17th, 2017 at roughly around 6:15pm in Verdant Bluffs, a man by the name of Fergus Flynn was hit off of his motorcycle by the police, fracturing his skull and paralyzing him. Shortly after, Fergus passed away with a Springfield M1A and a Silenced Beretta 92FS within his possession. His death was announced to his brother, John Flynn hours after the medics announced his death. John Flynn, Fergus' closest relative traveled from Northern Ireland to help him pursue his dreams of becoming rich. John thought he had failed, for several months John has been coming up with ideas on how to move on after Fergus' death. These past few weeks John caught up with a close friend of himself and Fergus', Willow Davenport. They both was in need of money and like the old times, didn't care how they got it. After some thought, John decided to ring up the others, rounding them about. The return of something special... [English] ((Gareth McGree)) [Cellphone]: Hiya [English] You [Cellphone]: It's John. [English] ((Gareth McGree)) [Cellphone]: Who? [English] You [Cellphone]: You still around in San Andreas? [English] ((Gareth McGree)) [Cellphone]: Who's this? [English] You [Cellphone]: John, Fergie's brother. [English] ((Gareth McGree)) [Cellphone]: Doesn't ring a bell. [English] You [Cellphone]: Give over Gary. [English] ((Gareth McGree)) [Cellphone]: It's Steven speaking. [English] You [Cellphone]: Gary, give over. I have your number saved. [English] ((Gareth McGree)) [Cellphone]: Ow fucking hell John just fucking give away my identity to the police. [English] You [Cellphone]: Yeah, we're not wanted anymore. [English] You [Cellphone]: Where are you? I'm thinking about getting the gang back together. [English] ((Gareth McGree)) [Cellphone]: I'm near RS Haul I am. [English] You [Cellphone]: I've been about with Willow doing small time stuff, reminds me of Fergie and that. [English] ((Gareth McGree)) [Cellphone]: Who the fuck is Willow. [English] You [Cellphone]: We should totally get it going-..remember, the Goth girl Fergie knew? [English] ((Gareth McGree)) [Cellphone]: Oh that slag. [English] You [Cellphone]: That's the one, anyway. Gary, I'll come over to you now boy. [English] You [Cellphone]: Sit tight. [English] ((Gareth McGree)) [Cellphone]: To be honest with you John I'm not exactly arsed. [English] You [Cellphone]: Well, I'll make you. See in ten.
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    The Bauer Private Social Club® The Bauer Private Social Club is a sophisticated establishment located in West Los Santos, on Giggles St. Due to the lack of high class experience establishments in Los Santos, Club Founder Peter Bauer has took action to introduce such into the Los Santos setting. The BPSC will provide luxurious accommodations and fine dining experiences for members of the club. Exotic foods and complementary items such as cigars or cheeses will be available to all members of the club. Membership will be provided on only two options, you are invited by the Club Founder, or you purchase your membership card from the staff that will be manning the reception desk. There are no restrictions as to who may join the club, but it is mandatory that they agree to the rules/terms and conditions that will be available online, and posted in the building. Club Rules Opening Date: N/A Construction of the club is still not complete, but it will likely be finished within the week. Membership Fee: First opening week, memberships will not be put in place. The first week will serve as a public trial period for people to come by and experience the establishment first hand to decide whether or not they will be investing in a membership. Club Founder - Peter Bauer ((OOC)) Basically, this project is 90% done. I already have a well detailed interior made, and a property. Currently the property is being rebuilt and is nearly done being reconstructed. I just need to obtain some miscellaneous items to prepare for the opening date this week.
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    I disagree. The idea of the owner being online is that there's a chance they'd be there. ICly whenever I log out, I log out in my house or wherever I live. Meaning that's where I'd be staying. If someone broke in while I was logged off, ICly, my character is there. But because I'm not online, I can't do shit all about someone breaking in. Which in essence is powergaming. So no, should stay as it is, just be better monitored / opened up by admins or so imo.
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    The Yokel Mafia is a group of vagabonds, convicts, marauders, destitute and poor individuals who have banded together with the cause of wealth, freedom and success. The Yokels wish to pursue the fantasy of having a conventional lifestyle, where they can gain their own wage, settle down and experience the American dream. Given the abuse and history a considerable lot of The Yokels persisted for the majority of their life, they have turned out to be incompetent to ordinary living and have gradually started to lose almost all trust they have in society and the government. The Yokels will do what they must to achieve their goal, and they aren't ready to take jobs from city slickers or the government. Extortion, fraud, dealing drugs and theft are the common crimes performed by The Yokels. The History of the Yokels. Clyde Dickens - 62 Years of Age. Vietnam & Afghanistan Veteran. Former US Military Sergeant. Discharged due to the accidental killing of a member of his unit, and blowing the arm off another because of hesitating while throwing a grenade in a firefight. Suffers from severe PTSD, violent outbursts and anti-social behaviour Clyde Dickens is a sixty two year old veteran, he served in Vietnam and Afghanistan. Due to the violent death of his pregnant wife and pet dog, he has no other living blood relative left, thus feeling hopeless and suicidal at times. Clyde spent nearly three decades of his life (28 years) serving in the military because he refused to retire. The only desires Clyde had prior to the death of his wife was to return home to his new child and loving wife after the war ended, but his only motivation to keep hoping of returning home was completely abolished after his pregnant wife died in a car accident, because of a drunk driver t-boning her vehicle. After the end of Vietnam and the peace keeping period, Clyde would remain as a hermit in his apartment, drinking and abusing medication as he can only wait to be recalled so he may resume service. Clyde refused to accept love after the death of his wife, and he no longer felt welcome in normal society, leaving him with a very small handful of people he can call associates or friends. Due to the tragedies of September 11th, Clyde was able to partake very shortly in the invasion, due to being discharged. During a firefight with enemy forces, Clyde decided to toss a grenade but had hesitated when doing so. When Clyde finally threw the grenade, it detonated once it traveled far enough to kill one member and blow the arm off another member of Clyde's unit. Clyde sustained a concussion, along with some minor wounds. Due to the incident, Clyde was dishonorably discharged, after using the excuse that his sleeve was snagged on a piece of wood, the real incident was kept from the media and the grenade was claimed to be thrown by the enemy forces and not a member of the unit. From 2002 and after, Clyde survived as a homeless vagabond. Clyde would travel by foot, performing crimes ranging from theft under 1,000$ to first degree murder, doing whatever to survive. During 2017, Clyde rejoined with a member of his Vietnam unit, Randy Boyle and a few new homeless friends. Boyle was a childhood friend of Clyde who served with him till the end of Vietnam, and now serves with him as a partner in crime. Randy Boyle - 60 Years of Age. Vietnam & Afghanistan Veteran. Former US Military Combat/Field Medic Dishonorably discharged due to injuries, prescription medicine abuse & PTSD. Suffers from severe PTSD, and anti-social behavior. Randy Boyle is a 60 year old Afghanistan and Vietnam US Military Veteran, who intends to do anything in order to survive. Randy's childhood was filled with abnormal like behavior. Randy was a child which loved and was fascinated by gore and horror, blood, severed body parts and all things alike where a normal occurrence in Randy's childhood coloring books, where he'd depict battle scenes from various war stories he had heard, all gore filled and bloody alike. His relationship between his parents had been very good and his parents cared for him, and loved him very much even though he was indisputably an abnormal child. Randy's love for gore and horror lead him to entering the military as a field medic in Vietnam, where he could get a fix for his anti-social horror filled mind. He was fascinated by the human body, the anatomy of it, the way it worked, and he got to see far too much of it in Vietnam. This lead to him denying his normal self, and caused him to frown upon his former thoughts, although he still loved medicine, and the way the army operated, and was undoubtedly a honest and loyal man he threw away the gore and horror. Getting through Vietnam along with Clyde Dickens, the duo ventured forth and many years later joined in, participating in the war on terrorism in which Randy still served as a combat medic. Randy's love for the military lead him to suffering with slight PTSD, and whilst still in the military abusing prescription drugs. Randy was dishonorably discharged for abuse of prescription drugs. Leaving him on the street, with slight PTSD, injuries and a need for prescription drugs. He and his life long partner in crime Clyde Dickens accompanied him, and they have survived together for the majority of their life, still operating together to this day. Justin Devion (Right) Jack Gabriel (Left) Both former Private 2nd Class of the US Military. Discharged for drinking and getting high on duty. Suffers from anti-social behavior. Justin and Gabriel are both long time friends who came from families with relatives in the military. The two aspired to become soldiers to aid the war effort in Afghanistan, which they managed to achieve by signing up for the military. The duration of the duo's service was short lived after they were discharged for multiple infractions of consuming alcohol and prescription medication on duty. Justin and Gabriel were forced to the streets after their discharge, because their families refused to take them in due to being heavily ashamed of their actions. The two families disowned their sons and kicked them to the curb. For the next sixteen years, Justin and Gabriel lived in multiple homeless shelters and the streets as they tried to get back on their feet. The duo eventually found it helpless on trying to get handouts, and they decided to take a stand and pile their money together to purchase a old rusty van off a scrapyard lot. The van served as a home and business for the two, they sold various items at The Stacks and were doing alright for the time being. Clyde Dickens encountered the duo at Stacks after being released from prison and decided to become acquainted. The relation between the two and Clyde grew strong, Clyde became a great friend and business partner with the two, living on the streets together and making money. Clyde taught the two new ways of gathering food, such as hunting small animals with a pellet rifle. Soon after Randy was found, living in a hole in the sand, waiting for Clyde to return, the trio became a quartet. The four became the best of friends, and to this day they have become the soul leadership of the Yokels. ((OOC))
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    Character Kill Appeal In Game Account Name- Vinceeez Character Name- Elliot Blackburn Date of Incident- 07/13/2017 Supervising Administrator- Law Narrative- With a group of four we decided to kidnap Martin Grain to get answers on a scene that has caused earlier in the day. The Stinger had been shot up and Hornets suspicion had been set upon Reapers as a day earlier they had dropped a body at the reapers bar. Everything goes to plan and Martin Grain has been kidnapped inside his house. This is somehow where the trouble began. As five minutes pass Martin Grain suddenly gets called a dozen times, the reason for that is beyond me as Martin Grain was baited by someone. He thought he was gonna get his dick wet and have sex with a woman he has grown accustomed with. Never the less, can happen right? People get cockblocked everyday.. https://puu.sh/wIaN9/4336634e8f.png This is what Martin Grain answered with. Never the less, we continue with our plan after. We go up and torture him to get some answers, for 3 solid hours we've been torturing him. We hit him several times to break his nose, we cut his right thigh open and penetrated the muscle. As last resort we even cut off his nipple but none of this really matters. As we think we're smart, we go out to muffle Martin Grain while torturing him so people outside can't hear him. Smart choice, right? Except, Martin Grain PGed shouting. (At the time we had not noticed it was in a /s, mind you.) https://puu.sh/wIdMB/06a2bda074.png Ollie however vaguely described it in a /me and soon after corrected it. But that was after the shouting was already done. (We were tired but that doesn't mean a /me that is poorly described doesn't mean the action didn't happen. It only means that we choose a wrong time to do it.) http://puu.sh/wKCkN/360784ebad.png Ollie re-made his /me and a /do to make it perfectly clear. Alternatively, Jakobe Raymond accidently shot and Martin Grain could have replied to that with his shouts. But to give him an advantage, he did it because he was so afraid of the torture. We continue on torturing him and around 2:30 AM we find this shout. http://puu.sh/wL29k/8155140a97.png We don’t know what’s happened and we feared they MGed. Soon after nothing happened so we were like,might just be a random person. However if we go to The Reapers MC faction thread, we can find this screenshot. http://puu.sh/wL2bh/5e8cc5e214.jpg We were never notified of any shooting around the house which we could have clearly heard unless Martin installed sound proof foam in his house but that would also stop his (PGed) shout from reaching outside the house. The thing is, if we knew shots were fired outside we could have anticipated, call someone of ours to scope out the place or straight up call the police. Any decision to this could have prevented the death of Elliot Blackburn. Also mentioning they killed two men. We could have clearly heard this. A question of myself is were the police ever called on scene when the duo were CKed? Considering many gangs have been in the area & it’s a ghetto RPly. Normally the police would patrol frequently to try and catch the suspects. Another question: Why were the duo killed? Did the Reapers have a legit reason to kill them beside knowing OOCly that we are inside the house? Couldn’t they have told them to go away? Now going on knowing the location of where Martin was. As we scroll up we can see that he said via the cellphone that he was going to fuck this ‘chicken’. ‘Chicken’ being a code word for being arrested by the police. https://puu.sh/wIhGy/17753acbea.png The thing however is. He said ‘chicken’ so he was having trouble with the police. He never stated where he was nor did anyone know where he went. Leonardo Rhys counter argued with this: https://puu.sh/wIhPl/31e0ad1c16.png Let me get this straight. The police gives you 1 oppertunity to make you a call, right? That’s in the station when you’re getting put in the cell and they’re busy with the administrative stuff they have to do to officialy say you got arrested at this time stamp and you got into the station at this timestamp. What I find most intriguing is that Clay went to the president’s house to ‘find’ Martin however as said earlier, he used a code word for getting arrested. What brings Clay to this house? Maybe Martin has something illegal in his house HOWEVER we never received a knock on the door. We never heard the door open. He couldn’t have stared through the windows because the house has none. (Law can confirm this.) Clay Mayson has shared an imgur that shows him behind the house as if he was hiding RIGHT after the phone call.( http://i.imgur.com/1tZ5iYa.jpg ) I suspect MG as normally in the automated /ame’s you can see a locking /ame and an unlocking /ame. http://puu.sh/wLa4T/bcd39d435f.jpg How come, Clay Mayson can be hiding right behind the house and on the chat it only shows the phonecall, one radio line & auto /ame’s of the phone being used. We have a few options He didn’t RP a single cent as he drove & had a phone call. His bike was already parked behind the house & he was with it. He was in the area on foot and the bike in the screenshot is Martin’s. Those options still lead me to a question. Why is Clay Mayson hiding behind the house on this screenshot? Why isn’t he infront of the house? Why is the bike in the backyard while the driveway has plenty of space? If Martin had something illegal in his house, shouldn’t Clay get inside as quick as possible to remove said illegal item? My guess is that they MGed via OOC ways and out of MTA:SA itself. Think of Discord, Teamspeak, Whatsapp, Facebook and there are countless more programs to do this with. Going back to Leonardo Rhys his counter argument. https://puu.sh/wIhPl/31e0ad1c16.png ‘There are bikes in the vicinity.’ This is not true, the only bike he knew about was in the garages at the broken billboard of Sprunk. (Law can confirm this.) A quick google search on Harley Davidsons sold per year shows us this site. http://www.harley-davidson.com/content/h-d/en_US/home/events/press-release/general/2017/harley-davidson-reports-fourth-quarter-2016-earnings.html In 2016 alone, 26 thousand Harley Davidsons got sold in the USA. If you do the math and go for 51 states (San Andreas being the 51th state). You get 509 Harley Davidsons sold in the state per year. I’d like to argue that we’re here for 3 years now. So 3 times 509 is 1.527 Harley Davidsons in the state of San Andreas. Yet a common motorcycle at a GARAGE in an area of residence only. I’d also like to remind everyone that since recently we’ve had three factions pop up that use Harley Davidsons. The Armada MC, The Coffin Cheaters MC and the Berserkers MC who at the time were Las Colinas Trailer Park Community but used Harleys none the less. However one Harley Davidson at a perfectly normal garage has believed them that the Hornets are behind Martin’s ‘disappearence’. Except, Martin didn’t disappear. He said that he was being arrested by the police. https://puu.sh/wIhiH/2512499f58.png https://puu.sh/wIhji/63e6674924.png https://puu.sh/wIhB5/c9da4e8d16.png But how do they know he is in his house? Normally when the police arrest you, you get taken with them to the police station. https://puu.sh/wLcqM/cfcf5c0d2a.png They’ve killed my character for knowing that I kidnapped their president but they have no evidence ICly at all to know A) Martin is inside. B) He’s being kidnapped. C) I’m the kidnapper. What if I was just a burglar that took his chance to rob a house? They never cared to ask questions. As soon as I got out, they shot upon me. (Take note that they don’t even properly know what the reasoning behind ‘Chicken’ is but they’ve used the police in all examples so there is no reason to let them suspect a rival group.) I come to the conclusion that the Reapers have MGed all the way through and made up reasons to hide behind it. Evidence- Most of it is written with the narrative so you do not get confused. After the phone call which was done at 1:19 AM they've camped the house. 2017-07-13 01:19:41 Martin Grain [Cellphone]: Sup, Clay. At around 2:32 AM they've shot someone outside the house. 2017-07-13 02:32:58 [English] Carl Montana shouts: ey! This means they've camped the house for over a hour without any IC evidence nor did they ever bother to knock the door or try to open it. Method of Death- Shot to death. Have you attempted to resolve this already with the supervising administrator?- Yes @Law
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    Faction Management Team: Best FMT Leader(Including Departed): [eLg] @Shanks Best FMT Member(Including Departed): @ResidentPeach Best FMT Decision of All Time: @ResidentPeach Worst FMT Decision of All Time: @Franco Government Factions: Best Overall Government Faction: Federal Task Force Best Mayor/County Commissioner: @Georgi Best PD Chief: they're all shit Best Chief Justice: @Brett Best FD Chief: @Murf Best Cop: @Uneekthefreak Best Firefighter/Paramedic/Doctor: @stevenaramos Best Departed Gov Roleplayer (Either Departed from Owl, or simply from government faction.): @Ferguson Best Former Government Faction: National Park Service Legal Factions: Best Overall Legal Faction: Hello Masala @Bum Best Legal Faction Leader: @OhhPixelz cargo group was class Best Legal Faction Idea: anything that lasted a day due to lacking support Faction most likely to succeed: Dinoco Best Departed Legal Rper: none because they're all usually un-creative stat scrags or leeches Best Former Legal Faction: Luxury Autoworks @iV7Z Illegal Factions: Best Overall Illegal Faction: Palermo Mob Best Illegal Faction Leader: @benard the "..." were an impeccable faction Best Gangster: none they're all 90s compton stereotypes Best Mobster: @SonnyBurnett Best Biker: @DoPrius21 Best Overall Criminal Rper: @benard Best Departed Criminal Rper: @SonnyBurnett Best Former Illegal Faction: Somalian Pride General Faction Awards: Best Overall Owlgaming Faction: Dinoco Best Overall Faction Leader: @Mogs Best Overall Faction Member: @Bum Best Former Owlgaming Faction: Luxury Autoworks @iV7Z
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    Los Santos, 7th of July 2017 Author - Adrian Reyes Photography competition SAN would like to officially announce that we are hosting a photography competition for all of the individuals who enjoy taking beautiful pictures. The rules are pretty simple, whoever takes the best picture in Los Santos – or the county, will win the competition. Our photojournalists will gather together and vote on each and every picture submitted to our HQ. The first place is $15,000 and Canon camera. (EOS 1D Mark IV) The second place is $10,000. The third place is $5,000. To enter the competition you need to take a picture and post it in the article’s comments. You are allowed to submit more than one picture. Here’s one example how a picture should look: The San Andreas Network wishes everyone good luck! (( OOC information: The picture has to be taken either with the camera or any other way to take a picture, it just needs to be roleplayed of course. The picture HAS to be in game, in-real life picture won’t be considered. ))
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    I RP and lead an illegal faction right now, and I've spent years roleplaying a cop and leading police factions. It's a fine line walking into this area again, and I will likely just repeat myself from some posts I've done before, if so - my bad. I agree with Wright as well, people should jump on it IC more and get on the police. Which I have tried personally, speaking with @Tremmert ICly as well as a few officers that came by El Corona recently. But since we discuss here, I'll post out a few things that I'd like see changed/feel is wrong with PD right now. - You have no ZTP anymore by the looks, I dislike seeing punished MGers and PGers have the power to ICly lock people away for OOC days at a time. Bring that back please. - Some officers love the guns and show-off regardless of situation, the strapped M4 on the chest regardless of what's going on, you tell us to report it ICly, sure we could be better at that - but also have sergeants keep an eye out maybe. You have supervisors in the field, let them supervise the scenes some too, don't just throw them in a position and let them do fuck all. - LSPD has a habit of investigating the crimes they 'see' rather than being able to work on investigating what's more organized. Effectively shitting on any public gangs and such. I don't blame you, easy pickings and easy to spot. But I miss seeing detectives scout areas, make big busts of important figures, reveal the hidden things that goes on - and trust me, a lot goes on. Now all the interaction I have with detectives is the speeding SUV's or the fancy suits and badges at stacks now and then. Let them be a bit corrupt too, work with criminals to create some sort of fun RP for everyone. Be too hungry on shutting dpown every faction you see? You'll end up bored and you'll quit PD. I think DB needs a bit of work personally, but that might just be my external view, as I can't see in that section anymore. - Get personal with people. I have told so many of you cops this Icly, but I'll do it here now too. One cop messes up, acts like a badass and flashes his rifles etc? You all will get that image. UNTIL, you get on a personal level with people around, show them who you are and that you're not like that. We are not actively hunting cops, better the image of yourself by speaking and meeting people rather than flying past in your cruisers and only perform traffic stops and chases. You do it way too little. Don't get scared off by some gangbanger throwing insults, you get those assholes Icly, but we get those cops ICly too. This goes both ways. Create a lot more interaction yourself and trust me - you'll enjoy your time a ton more. I've done this on both sides of the fence, having always RPed corrupt detectives that got in touch with the criminal web and worked favors here and there. Normal officers can and should do this as well. - Don't push people away for the smallest shit. Like has been pointed out, and what I've had happen to my members too. A minor incident gets pushed to the max of what a cop on scene feels, and then throw the guy away for days. This also creates a lot of OOC grudge towards PD which isn't needed. It's cool to be lenient now and then, and it's cool to be harsh. Just don't lock onto the harsh bit every time. You need illegal RP, and illegal RP needs you. Shit on it and you'll be killing any RP for yourself too.
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    Apply now for a rewarding career - www.fd.ls.gov/apply Dillimore Fire Station: We are officially proud to announce the opening of our new Dillimore HQ! Recently the Los Santos Fire Department accquired the old SAHP station within the town of Dillimore and we are in the process of revamping the old SAHP station. This new department HQ will house units such as: Fleet Maintenance, Logistics and a number of vehicles to be manned by firefighters to support faster response times to the country of Red County and Flint County. We will release another article based on this station when it is finished. New Helicopter: Recently the Los Santos Fire Department acquired this new helicopter (2012 Eurocopter AS 332L 1 Super Puma). This helicopter was purchased from the Los Santos Police Department and costed us $700,000. The AS332 Super Puma is powered by a pair of Turbomeca Makila 1A1 turboshaft engines which drive the rotorcraft's four-bladed main rotor and five-bladed tail rotor as well two separate hydraulic systems and a pair of electrical alternators. Fuel is housed in six internal fuel tanks, additional auxiliary and external tanks can be equipped for extended flight endurance; for safety, the fuel tanks use a crashworthy plumbing design and fire detection and suppression systems are installed in the engine bay. The monocoque tail boom is fitted with tail rotor strike protection, the forward portion of the boom accommodated a luggage compartment. The retractable tricycle landing gear is designed for high energy absorption qualities. We have the helicopter configured in a search and rescue configuration, so we can extract people from hard to reach places and transport them. We're currently packing features such as flir, night vision, and radar. Monthly Report:
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